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** Implementation of QGb18030Codec template/macro class
** Copyright (C) 1992-2002 Trolltech AS.  All rights reserved.
** This file is part of the tools module of the Qt GUI Toolkit.
** This file may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public License
** as defined by Trolltech AS of Norway and appearing in the file
** LICENSE.QPL included in the packaging of this file.
** This file may be distributed and/or modified under the terms of the
** GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software
** Foundation and appearing in the file LICENSE.GPL included in the
** packaging of this file.
** Licensees holding valid Qt Enterprise Edition or Qt Professional Edition
** licenses may use this file in accordance with the Qt Commercial License
** Agreement provided with the Software.
** This file is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE
** See http://www.trolltech.com/pricing.html or email sales@trolltech.com for
**   information about Qt Commercial License Agreements.
** See http://www.trolltech.com/qpl/ for QPL licensing information.
** See http://www.trolltech.com/gpl/ for GPL licensing information.
** Contact info@trolltech.com if any conditions of this licensing are
** not clear to you.

/*! \class QGb18030Codec qgb18030codec.h
  \ingroup i18n

  \brief The QGb18030Codec class provides conversion to and from the Chinese
  GB18030/GBK/GB2312 encoding.

      \omit Last updated: September, 3, 2002 \endomit

  GBK, formally the Chinese Internal Code Specification, is a commonly
  used extension of GB 2312-80.  Microsoft Windows uses it under the
  name codepage 936.

  GBK has been superceded by the new Chinese national standard
  GB 18030-2000, which added a 4-byte encoding while remaining
  compatible with GB2312 and GBK.  The new GB 18030-2000 may be described
  as a special encoding of Unicode 3.x and ISO-10646-1.

  Special thanks to charset gurus Markus Scherer (IBM),
  Dirk Meyer (Adobe Systems) and Ken Lunde (Adobe Systems) for publishing
  an excellent GB 18030-2000 summary and specification on the Internet.
  Some must-read documents are:
    \i \l{http://oss.software.ibm.com/cvs/icu/~checkout~/charset/source/gb18030/gb18030.html}

  The GBK codec was contributed to Qt by
  Justin Yu <justiny@turbolinux.com.cn> and
  Sean Chen <seanc@turbolinux.com.cn>.  They may also be reached at
  Yu Mingjian <yumj@sun.ihep.ac.cn>, <yumingjian@china.com>
  Chen Xiangyang <chenxy@sun.ihep.ac.cn>

  The GB18030 codec Qt functions were contributed to Qt by
  James Su <suzhe@gnuchina.org>, <suzhe@turbolinux.com.cn>
  who pioneered much of GB18030 development on GNU/Linux systems.

  The GB18030 codec was contributed to Qt by
  Anthony Fok <anthony@thizlinux.com>, <foka@debian.org>
  using a Perl script to generate C++ tables from gb-18030-2000.xml
  while merging contributions from James Su, Justin Yu and Sean Chen.
  A copy of the source Perl script is available at:


  The copyright notice for their code follows:


  Copyright (C) 2000 TurboLinux, Inc.  Written by Justin Yu and Sean Chen.
  Copyright (C) 2001, 2002 Turbolinux, Inc.  Written by James Su.
  Copyright (C) 2001, 2002 ThizLinux Laboratory Ltd.  Written by Anthony Fok.

  Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
  modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions
  are met:
  \list 1
  \i Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
       notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
  \i Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
       notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the
       documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.


#include "qgb18030codec.h"

#if (QT_VERSION-0 >= 0x040000)
#error "move obsolete header <qgbkcodec.h> into the src/compat directory"


#define InRange(c, lower, upper)  (((c) >= (lower)) && ((c) <= (upper)))
#define IsLatin(c)      ((c) <= 0x7F)
#define IsByteInGb2312(c)     (InRange((c), 0xA1, 0xFE))
#define Is1stByte(c)    (InRange((c), 0x81, 0xFE))
#define Is2ndByteIn2Bytes(c)  (InRange((c), 0x40, 0xFE) && (c) != 0x7F)
#define Is2ndByteIn4Bytes(c)  (InRange((c), 0x30, 0x39))
#define Is2ndByte(c)    (Is2ndByteIn2Bytes(c) || Is2ndByteIn4Bytes(c))
#define Is3rdByte(c)    (InRange((c), 0x81, 0xFE))
#define Is4thByte(c)    (InRange((c), 0x30, 0x39))

#define QValidChar(u)   ((u) ? QChar((ushort)(u)) : QChar::replacement)

/* User-defined areas:  UDA 1: 0xAAA1 - 0xAFFE (564/0)
                  UDA 2: 0xF8A1 - 0xFEFE (658/0)
                  UDA 3: 0xA140 - 0xA7A0 (672/0) */
#define IsUDA1(a, b)    (InRange((a), 0xAA, 0xAF) && InRange((b), 0xA1, 0xFE))
#define IsUDA2(a, b)    (InRange((a), 0xF8, 0xFE) && InRange((b), 0xA1, 0xFE))
#define IsUDA3(a, b)    (InRange((a), 0xA1, 0xA7) && InRange((b), 0x40, 0xA0) && ((b) != 0x7F))

typedef struct {
    Q_UINT8 tblBegin;
    Q_UINT8 tblEnd;
    Q_UINT16      tblOffset;
    Q_UINT16      algOffset;
} indexTbl_t;

static uint qt_Gb18030ToUnicode(const uchar *gbstr, int& len);
static int qt_UnicodeToGb18030(uint unicode, uchar *gbchar);
int qt_UnicodeToGbk(uint unicode, uchar *gbchar);

/*! \internal */
00153 QGb18030Codec::QGb18030Codec()

/*! \reimp */
00158 const char* QGb18030Codec::name() const
    //qDebug("QGb18030Codec::name() = \"GB18030\"");
    return "GB18030";

/*! \reimp */
00165 int QGb18030Codec::mibEnum() const
    return 114;

/*! \reimp */
00171 QCString QGb18030Codec::fromUnicode(const QString& uc, int& lenInOut) const
    int l = QMIN((int)uc.length(),(lenInOut<0)?(int)uc.length():lenInOut);
    int rlen = l*4+1;
    QCString rstr(rlen);
    uchar* cursor = (uchar*)rstr.data();

    //qDebug("QGb18030Codec::fromUnicode(const QString& uc, int& lenInOut = %d)", lenInOut);
    for (int i=0; i<l; i++) {
      QChar ch = uc[i];
      int len;
      uchar buf[4];

      if ( ch.row() == 0x00 && ch.cell() < 0x80 ) {
          // ASCII
          *cursor++ = ch.cell();
      } else if ((ch.unicode() & 0xf800) == 0xd800) {
          unsigned short high = ch.unicode();
          // surrogates area. check for correct encoding
          // we need at least one more character, first the high surrogate, then the low one
          if (i == l-1 || high >= 0xdc00)
            *cursor++ = '?';
          else {
            unsigned short low = uc[i+1].unicode();
            if (low >= 0xdc00 && low <= 0xdfff) {
                // valid surrogate pair
                uint u = (high-0xd800)*0x400+(low-0xdc00)+0x10000;
                len = qt_UnicodeToGb18030(u, buf);
                if (len >= 2) {
                  for (int j=0; j<len; j++)
                      *cursor++ = buf[j];
                } else {
                  *cursor++ = '?';
            } else {
                *cursor++ = '?';
      } else if ( (len = qt_UnicodeToGb18030(ch.unicode(), buf)) >= 2 ) {
          for (int j=0; j<len; j++)
            *cursor++ = buf[j];
      } else {
          // Error
          *cursor++ = '?';    // unknown char

    lenInOut = cursor - (uchar*)rstr.data();
    return rstr;

/*! \reimp */
00225 QString QGb18030Codec::toUnicode(const char* chars, int len) const
    QString result;
    int clen;

    //qDebug("QGb18030Codec::toUnicode(const char* chars, int len = %d)", len);
    for (int i=0; i<len; ) {
      uchar ch = chars[i];

      if ( IsLatin(ch) ) {
          // ASCII
          result += QChar(ch);
      } else if ( Is1stByte(ch) ) {
          // GB18030 ?
          clen = len - i;
          uint u = qt_Gb18030ToUnicode( (const uchar*)(chars + i), clen );

          if (clen == 2 || clen == 4) {
            if (u < 0x10000)
                result += QValidChar(u);
            else {
                // encode into surrogate pair
                u -= 0x10000;
                unsigned short high = u/0x400 + 0xd800;
                unsigned short low = u%0x400 + 0xdc00;
                result += QChar(high);
                result += QChar(low);
            i += clen;
          } else if (i < len) {
            result += QChar::replacement;
      } else {
          // Invalid or undefined
          result += QChar::replacement;
    return result;

/*! \reimp */
00269 int QGb18030Codec::heuristicNameMatch(const char* hint) const
    int score = 0;
    bool zh = FALSE;
    //qDebug("QGb18030Codec::heuristicNameMatch(const char* hint = \"%s\")", hint);
    if (qstrnicmp(hint, "zh_CN", 5) == 0){
      score += 10;
      zh = TRUE;
    const char *p;
    if ( zh ) {
      p = strchr(hint, '.');
        if ( p == 0 )
                return score;
    } else {
      p = hint;
    if (p) {
      if (qstricmp(p, "GB18030") == 0)
                return score + 14;
    return QTextCodec::heuristicNameMatch(hint);

/*! \reimp */
00295 int QGb18030Codec::heuristicContentMatch(const char* chars, int len) const
    int score = 0;
    //qDebug("QGb18030Codec::heuristicContentMatch(const char* chars, int len = %d)", len);
    for (int i=0; i<len; i++) {
      uchar ch = chars[i];
      // No nulls allowed.
      if ( !ch )
          return -1;

      if (ch < 32 && ch != '\t' && ch != '\n' && ch != '\r') {
          // Suspicious
          if ( score )
      } else if ( ch < 0x80 ) {
          // Inconclusive
      } else if ( Is1stByte(ch) ) {
          if ( i < len-1 ) {
            uchar ch2 = chars[++i];
            if ( Is2ndByteIn4Bytes(ch2) && i < len-2 ) {
                uchar ch3 = chars[++i];
                if ( Is3rdByte(ch3) && i < len-1 ) {
                  uchar ch4 = chars[++i];
                  if ( !Is4thByte(ch4) )
                      return -1;
                  score += 2;
                } else {
                  return -1;
            } else if ( !Is2ndByteIn2Bytes(ch2) ) {
                return -1;
            } else {
                score += 2;
      } else {
          // Invalid
          return -1;
    return score;

class QGb18030Decoder : public QTextDecoder {
    uchar buf[4];
    int nbuf;
    QGb18030Decoder() : nbuf(0)
    QString toUnicode(const char* chars, int len)
      QString result;
      //qDebug("QGb18030Decoder::toUnicode(const char* chars, int len = %d)", len);
      for (int i=0; i<len; i++) {
          uchar ch = chars[i];
          switch (nbuf) {
            case 0:
            if ( ch < 0x80 ) {
                // ASCII
                result += QChar(ch);
            } else if ( Is1stByte(ch) ) {
                // GB18030?
                buf[0] = ch;
                nbuf = 1;
            } else {
                // Invalid
                result += QChar::replacement;
            case 1:
            // GB18030 2 bytes
            if ( Is2ndByteIn2Bytes(ch) ) {
                buf[1] = ch;
                int clen = 2;
                uint u = qt_Gb18030ToUnicode(buf, clen);
                if (clen == 2) {
                  result += QValidChar(u);
                } else {
                  result += QChar::replacement;
                nbuf = 0;
            } else if ( Is2ndByteIn4Bytes(ch) ) {
                buf[1] = ch;
                nbuf = 2;
            } else {
                // Error
                result += QChar::replacement;
                nbuf = 0;
            case 2:
              // GB18030 3 bytes
            if ( Is3rdByte(ch) ) {
                buf[2] = ch;
                nbuf = 3;
            } else {
                result += QChar::replacement;
                nbuf = 0;
            case 3:
              // GB18030 4 bytes
            if ( Is4thByte(ch) ) {
                buf[3] = ch;
                int clen = 4;
                uint u = qt_Gb18030ToUnicode(buf, clen);
                if (clen == 4) {
                  if (u < 0x10000)
                      result += QValidChar(u);
                  else {
                      // encode into surrogate pair
                      u -= 0x10000;
                      unsigned short high = u/0x400 + 0xd800;
                      unsigned short low = u%0x400 + 0xdc00;
                      result += QChar(high);
                      result += QChar(low);
                } else {
                  result += QChar::replacement;
            } else {
                result += QChar::replacement;
              nbuf = 0;
      return result;

/*! \reimp */
00430 QTextDecoder* QGb18030Codec::makeDecoder() const
    return new QGb18030Decoder();

/*! \class QGbkCodec
    \ingroup i18n

  \brief The QGbkCodec class provides conversion to and from the Chinese
  GBK encoding.

  GBK, formally the Chinese Internal Code Specification, is a commonly
  used extension of GB 2312-80. Microsoft Windows uses it under the
  name code page 936.

  The GBK encoding has been superceded by the GB18030 encoding and
  GB18030 is backward compatible to GBK.  For this reason the QGbkCodec class
  is implemented in terms of the GB18030 codec and uses its 1-byte and
  2-byte portion for conversion from and to Unicode.

  The QGbkCodec is kept mainly for compatibility reasons with older software.

/*! \reimp */
00457 QGbkCodec::QGbkCodec()
    : QGb18030Codec()

/*! \reimp */
00463 int QGbkCodec::mibEnum() const
    return 113;

/*! \reimp */
00469 const char* QGbkCodec::name() const
    return "GBK";

/*! \reimp */
00475 int QGbkCodec::heuristicNameMatch(const char* hint) const
#if 0
    // these are needed so that the X11 fonts behave correctly.
    if (qstricmp (hint, "gbk-0") == 0 ||
      qstricmp (hint, "gb18030.2000-0") == 0)
        return 13;

    int score = 0;
    bool zh = FALSE;
    //qDebug("QGbkCodec::heuristicNameMatch(const char* hint = \"%s\")", hint);
    if (qstrnicmp(hint, "zh_CN", 5) == 0){
      score += 10;
      zh = TRUE;
    const char *p;
    if ( zh ) {
      p = strchr(hint, '.');
        if ( p == 0 )
                return score;
    } else {
      p = hint;
    if (p) {
      if (qstricmp(p, "GBK") == 0)
                return score + 6;
    return QTextCodec::heuristicNameMatch(hint);

/*! \reimp */
00508 int QGbkCodec::heuristicContentMatch(const char* /*chars*/, int /*len*/) const
    //qDebug("QGbkCodec::heuristicContentMatch(const char* /*chars*/, int /*len*/)");
    return 0;

class QGbkDecoder : public QTextDecoder {
    uchar buf[2];
    int nbuf;
    QGbkDecoder() : nbuf(0)
    QString toUnicode(const char* chars, int len)
      QString result;

      //qDebug("QGbkDecoder::toUnicode(const char* chars = \"%s\", int len = %d)", chars, len);
      for (int i=0; i<len; i++) {
          uchar ch = chars[i];
          switch (nbuf) {
            case 0:
            if ( ch < 0x80 ) {
                // ASCII
                result += QChar(ch);
            } else if ( Is1stByte(ch) ) {
                // GBK 1st byte?
                buf[0] = ch;
                nbuf = 1;
            } else {
                // Invalid
                result += QChar::replacement;
            case 1:
            // GBK 2nd byte
            if ( Is2ndByteIn2Bytes(ch) ) {
                buf[1] = ch;
                int clen = 2;
                uint u = qt_Gb18030ToUnicode(buf, clen);
                if (clen == 2) {
                  result += QValidChar(u);
                } else {
                  result += QChar::replacement;
                nbuf = 0;
            } else {
                // Error
                result += QChar::replacement;
                nbuf = 0;
      return result;

/*! \reimp */
00567 QTextDecoder* QGbkCodec::makeDecoder() const
    return new QGbkDecoder();

/*! \reimp */
00574 QCString QGbkCodec::fromUnicode(const QString& uc, int& lenInOut) const
    int l = QMIN((int)uc.length(),(lenInOut<0)?(int)uc.length():lenInOut);
    int rlen = l*2+1;
    QCString rstr(rlen);
    uchar* cursor = (uchar*)rstr.data();

    //qDebug("QGbkCodec::fromUnicode(const QString& uc, int& lenInOut = %d)", lenInOut);
    for (int i=0; i<l; i++) {
      QChar ch = uc[i];
      uchar buf[2];

      if ( ch.row() == 0x00 && ch.cell() < 0x80 ) {
          // ASCII
          *cursor++ = ch.cell();
      } else if ( qt_UnicodeToGbk(ch.unicode(), buf) == 2 ) {
          *cursor++ = buf[0];
          *cursor++ = buf[1];
      } else {
          // Error
          *cursor++ = '?';    // unknown char

    lenInOut = cursor - (uchar*)rstr.data();
    return rstr;

/*! \reimp */
00604 QString QGbkCodec::toUnicode(const char* chars, int len) const
    QString result;
    int clen;

    //qDebug("QGbkCodec::toUnicode(const char* chars, int len = %d)", len);
    for (int i=0; i<len; ) {
      uchar ch = chars[i];

      if ( IsLatin(ch) ) {
          // ASCII
          result += QChar(ch);
      } else if ( Is1stByte(ch) ) {
          // GBK ?
          clen = len - i;
          uint u = qt_Gb18030ToUnicode( (const uchar*)(chars + i), clen );

          if (clen == 2) {
            result += QValidChar(u);
            i += 2;
          } else if (clen == 4) {
            result += QChar::replacement;
            i += 4;
          } else if (i < len) {
            result += QChar::replacement;
      } else {
          // Invalid or undefined
          result += QChar::replacement;
    return result;

/*! \class QGb2312Codec
    \ingroup i18n

  \brief The QGb2312Codec class provides conversion to and from the Chinese
  GB2312 encoding.

  The GB2312 encoding has been superceded by the GB18030 encoding and
  GB18030 is backward compatible to GB2312.  For this reason the QGb2312Codec
  class is implemented in terms of the GB18030 codec and uses its
  0xA1A1-0xFEFE subset for conversion from and to Unicode.

  The QGb2312Codec is kept mainly for compatibility reasons with older software.

/*! \reimp */
00658 QGb2312Codec::QGb2312Codec()
    : QGb18030Codec()

/*! \reimp */
00664 int QGb2312Codec::mibEnum() const
    return 2025;

/*! \reimp */
00670 const char* QGb2312Codec::name() const
    return "GB2312";

/*! \reimp */
00676 int QGb2312Codec::heuristicNameMatch(const char* hint) const
    int score = 0;
    bool zh = FALSE;
    //qDebug("QGb2312Codec::heuristicNameMatch(const char* hint = \"%s\")", hint);
    if (qstrnicmp(hint, "zh_CN", 5) == 0){
      score += 10;
      zh = TRUE;
    const char *p;
    if ( zh ) {
      p = strchr(hint, '.');
        if ( p == 0 )
                return score;
    } else {
      p = hint;
    if (p) {
      if (qstricmp(p, "GB2312") == 0 ||
          qstricmp(p, "hp15cn") == 0)
          return score + 7;
      else if (qstricmp(p, "eucCN") == 0)
          return score + 4;
      // there exists ja_JP.EUC, ko_KR.EUC, zh_CN.EUC and zh_TW.EUC
      else if (qstricmp(p, "euc") == 0 && zh)
          return score + 4;
    return QTextCodec::heuristicNameMatch(hint);

/*! \reimp */
00708 int QGb2312Codec::heuristicContentMatch(const char* /*chars*/, int /*len*/) const
    //qDebug("QGb2312Codec::heuristicContentMatch(const char* /*chars*/, int /*len*/)");
    return 0;

class QGb2312Decoder : public QTextDecoder {
    uchar buf[2];
    int nbuf;
    QGb2312Decoder() : nbuf(0)
    QString toUnicode(const char* chars, int len)
      QString result;
      //qDebug("QGb2312Decoder::toUnicode(const char* chars, int len = %d)", len);
      for (int i=0; i<len; i++) {
          uchar ch = chars[i];
          switch (nbuf) {
            case 0:
            if ( ch < 0x80 ) {
                // ASCII
                result += QChar(ch);
            } else if ( IsByteInGb2312(ch) ) {
                // GB2312 1st byte?
                buf[0] = ch;
                nbuf = 1;
            } else {
                // Invalid
                result += QChar::replacement;
            case 1:
            // GB2312 2nd byte
            if ( IsByteInGb2312(ch) ) {
                buf[1] = ch;
                int clen = 2;
                uint u = qt_Gb18030ToUnicode(buf, clen);
                if (clen == 2) {
                  result += QValidChar(u);
                } else {
                  result += QChar::replacement;
                nbuf = 0;
            } else {
                // Error
                result += QChar::replacement;
                nbuf = 0;
      return result;

/*! \reimp */
00766 QTextDecoder* QGb2312Codec::makeDecoder() const
    return new QGb2312Decoder();

/*! \reimp */
00773 QCString QGb2312Codec::fromUnicode(const QString& uc, int& lenInOut) const
    int l = QMIN((int)uc.length(),(lenInOut<0)?(int)uc.length():lenInOut);
    int rlen = l*2+1;
    QCString rstr(rlen);
    uchar* cursor = (uchar*)rstr.data();

    //qDebug("QGb2312Codec::fromUnicode(const QString& uc, int& lenInOut = %d) const", lenInOut);
    for (int i=0; i<l; i++) {
      QChar ch = uc[i];
      uchar buf[2];

      if ( ch.row() == 0x00 && ch.cell() < 0x80 ) {
          // ASCII
          *cursor++ = ch.cell();
      } else if ( (qt_UnicodeToGbk(ch.unicode(), buf) == 2) &&
                (buf[0] >= 0xA1) && (buf[1] >= 0xA1) ) {
          *cursor++ = buf[0];
          *cursor++ = buf[1];
      } else {
          // Error
          *cursor++ = '?';    // unknown char

    lenInOut = cursor - (uchar*)rstr.data();
    return rstr;

/*! \reimp */
00804 QString QGb2312Codec::toUnicode(const char* chars, int len) const
    QString result;
    int clen;

    //qDebug("QGb2312Codec::toUnicode(const char* chars, int len = %d)", len);
    for (int i=0; i<len; ) {
      uchar ch = chars[i];

      if ( IsLatin(ch) ) {
          // ASCII
          result += QChar(ch);
      } else if ( Is1stByte(ch) ) {
          // GB2312 ?

          clen = len - i;
          uint u = qt_Gb18030ToUnicode( (const uchar*)(chars + i), clen );

          if (clen == 2 || clen == 4) {
            if ( clen == 2 && IsByteInGb2312(ch) && IsByteInGb2312((uchar)(chars[i+1])) )
                result += QValidChar(u);
                result += QChar::replacement;
            i += clen;
          } else if (i < len) {
            result += QChar::replacement;
      } else {
          // Invalid or undefined
          result += QChar::replacement;
    return result;

static const indexTbl_t gb18030_to_ucs_index[154] = {
  /* U+00__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x0000, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x0000, 0x0000},
  /* U+02__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x0000, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0x33, 0x0000, 0x041E},
  /* U+04__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x051E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x061E},
  /* U+06__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x071E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x081E},
  /* U+08__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x091E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x0A1E},
  /* U+0A__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x0B1E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x0C1E},
  /* U+0C__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x0D1E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x0E1E},
  /* U+0E__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x0F1E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x101E},
  /* U+10__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x111E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x121E},
  /* U+12__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x131E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x141E},
  /* U+14__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x151E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x161E},
  /* U+16__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x171E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x181E},
  /* U+18__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x191E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x1A1E},
  /* U+1A__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x1B1E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x1C1E},
  /* U+1C__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x1D1E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1BBE, 0x1E1E},
  /* U+1E__ */    {0xF2, 0xFF, 0x1BBE, 0x1F1E}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x1BBE, 0x0000},
  /* U+20__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x1BBE, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x1BBE, 0x0000},
  /* U+22__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x1BBE, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x1BBE, 0x0000},
  /* U+24__ */    {0x00, 0x02, 0x1BBE, 0x2640}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x23FC, 0x2740},
  /* U+26__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x23FC, 0x2840}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x23FC, 0x2940},
  /* U+28__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x23FC, 0x2A40}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x23FC, 0x2B40},
  /* U+2A__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x23FC, 0x2C40}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x23FC, 0x2D40},
  /* U+2C__ */    {0x41, 0xFF, 0x23FC, 0x2E40}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x23FC, 0x0000},
  /* U+2E__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x23FC, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x23FC, 0x0000},
  /* U+30__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x23FC, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x23FC, 0x0000},
  /* U+32__ */    {0x00, 0xAC, 0x23FC, 0x356E}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x26F9, 0x366E},
  /* U+34__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x26F9, 0x376E}, {0xAA, 0xFF, 0x26F9, 0x386E},
  /* U+36__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x26F9, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x26F9, 0x0000},
  /* U+38__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x26F9, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0x69, 0x26F9, 0x3C77},
  /* U+3A__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x2A6E, 0x3D77}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x2A6E, 0x3E77},
  /* U+3C__ */    {0xDF, 0xFF, 0x2A6E, 0x3F77}, {0x00, 0xE6, 0x2A6E, 0x4079},
  /* U+3E__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x2C45, 0x4179}, {0xBE, 0xFF, 0x2C45, 0x4279},
  /* U+40__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x2C45, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0x58, 0x2C45, 0x447E},
  /* U+42__ */    {0xCE, 0xFF, 0x2DBA, 0x457E}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x2DBA, 0x0000},
  /* U+44__ */    {0x00, 0x09, 0x2DBA, 0x4784}, {0xC3, 0xFF, 0x2F73, 0x4884},
  /* U+46__ */    {0x00, 0x28, 0x2F73, 0x498F}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x3232, 0x4A8F},
  /* U+48__ */    {0xE8, 0xFF, 0x3232, 0x4B8F}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x3232, 0x0000},
  /* U+4A__ */    {0x00, 0x62, 0x3232, 0x9F43}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xA043},
  /* U+4C__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xA143}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xA243},
  /* U+4E__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xA343}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xA443},
  /* U+50__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xA543}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xA643},
  /* U+52__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xA743}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xA843},
  /* U+54__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xA943}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xAA43},
  /* U+56__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xAB43}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xAC43},
  /* U+58__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xAD43}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xAE43},
  /* U+5A__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xAF43}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xB043},
  /* U+5C__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xB143}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xB243},
  /* U+5E__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xB343}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xB443},
  /* U+60__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xB543}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xB643},
  /* U+62__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xB743}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xB843},
  /* U+64__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xB943}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xBA43},
  /* U+66__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xBB43}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xBC43},
  /* U+68__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xBD43}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xBE43},
  /* U+6A__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xBF43}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xC043},
  /* U+6C__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xC143}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xC243},
  /* U+6E__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xC343}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xC443},
  /* U+70__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xC543}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xC643},
  /* U+72__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xC743}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xC843},
  /* U+74__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xC943}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xCA43},
  /* U+76__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xCB43}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xCC43},
  /* U+78__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xCD43}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xCE43},
  /* U+7A__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xCF43}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xD043},
  /* U+7C__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xD143}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xD243},
  /* U+7E__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xD343}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xD443},
  /* U+80__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xD543}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6A8C, 0xD643},
  /* U+82__ */    {0xBD, 0xFF, 0x6A8C, 0xD743}, {0x00, 0x0D, 0x6A8C, 0xE857},
  /* U+84__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xE957}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xEA57},
  /* U+86__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xEB57}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xEC57},
  /* U+88__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xED57}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xEE57},
  /* U+8A__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xEF57}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xF057},
  /* U+8C__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xF157}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xF257},
  /* U+8E__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xF357}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xF457},
  /* U+90__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xF557}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xF657},
  /* U+92__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7B53, 0xF757}, {0xD5, 0xFF, 0x7B53, 0xF857},
  /* U+94__ */    {0x00, 0xBD, 0x7B53, 0xF96C}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7F59, 0xFA6C},
  /* U+96__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7F59, 0xFB6C}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7F59, 0xFC6C},
  /* U+98__ */    {0xC4, 0xFF, 0x7F59, 0xFD6C}, {0x00, 0xE1, 0x7F59, 0xFF04},

static const indexTbl_t ucs_to_gb18030_index[256] = {
  /* 0x00__ */    {0x80, 0xFF, 0x0080, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x0080, 0x0000},
  /* 0x02__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x0080, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x0080, 0x0000},
  /* 0x04__ */    {0x00, 0x51, 0x0080, 0x02E2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x03E2},
  /* 0x06__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x04E2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x05E2},
  /* 0x08__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x06E2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x07E2},
  /* 0x0A__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x08E2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x09E2},
  /* 0x0C__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x0AE2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x0BE2},
  /* 0x0E__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x0CE2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x0DE2},
  /* 0x10__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x0EE2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x0FE2},
  /* 0x12__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x10E2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x11E2},
  /* 0x14__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x12E2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x13E2},
  /* 0x16__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x14E2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x15E2},
  /* 0x18__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x16E2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x17E2},
  /* 0x1A__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x18E2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x19E2},
  /* 0x1C__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x1AE2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x1BE2},
  /* 0x1E__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x1CE2}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x1C3E, 0x1DE2},
  /* 0x20__ */    {0x10, 0xFF, 0x1C3E, 0x1EE2}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x1C3E, 0x0000},
  /* 0x22__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x1C3E, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x1C3E, 0x0000},
  /* 0x24__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x1C3E, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x1C3E, 0x0000},
  /* 0x26__ */    {0x00, 0x42, 0x1C3E, 0x23C0}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x247C, 0x24C0},
  /* 0x28__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x247C, 0x25C0}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x247C, 0x26C0},
  /* 0x2A__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x247C, 0x27C0}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x247C, 0x28C0},
  /* 0x2C__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x247C, 0x29C0}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x247C, 0x2AC0},
  /* 0x2E__ */    {0x81, 0xFF, 0x247C, 0x2BC0}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x247C, 0x0000},
  /* 0x30__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x247C, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x247C, 0x0000},
  /* 0x32__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x247C, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x247C, 0x0000},
  /* 0x34__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x247C, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x247C, 0x0000},
  /* 0x36__ */    {0x00, 0x1A, 0x247C, 0x3292}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x2779, 0x3392},
  /* 0x38__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x2779, 0x3492}, {0x18, 0xFF, 0x2779, 0x3592},
  /* 0x3A__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x2779, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x2779, 0x0000},
  /* 0x3C__ */    {0x00, 0xE0, 0x2779, 0x3889}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x2AEE, 0x3989},
  /* 0x3E__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x2AEE, 0x3A89}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x2AEE, 0x3B89},
  /* 0x40__ */    {0x56, 0xFF, 0x2AEE, 0x3C89}, {0x00, 0x5F, 0x2AEE, 0x3D87},
  /* 0x42__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x2CC5, 0x3E87}, {0x37, 0xFF, 0x2CC5, 0x3F87},
  /* 0x44__ */    {0x00, 0xD6, 0x2CC5, 0x4082}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x2E3A, 0x4182},
  /* 0x46__ */    {0x4C, 0xFF, 0x2E3A, 0x4282}, {0x00, 0x8D, 0x2E3A, 0x437C},
  /* 0x48__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x2FF3, 0x447C}, {0x47, 0xB7, 0x2FF3, 0x457C},
  /* 0x4A__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x32B2, 0x4671}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x32B2, 0x4771},
  /* 0x4C__ */    {0x77, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x4871}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x4E__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x50__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x52__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x54__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x56__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x58__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x5A__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x5C__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x5E__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x60__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x62__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x64__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x66__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x68__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x6A__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x6C__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x6E__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x70__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x72__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x74__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x76__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x78__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x7A__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x7C__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x7E__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x80__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x82__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x84__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x86__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x88__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x8A__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x8C__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x8E__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x90__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x92__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x94__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x96__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x98__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x9A__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x9C__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000},
  /* 0x9E__ */    {0x00, 0xFF, 0x32B2, 0x0000}, {0x00, 0xA5, 0x32B2, 0x49BD},
  /* 0xA0__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x4ABD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x4BBD},
  /* 0xA2__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x4CBD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x4DBD},
  /* 0xA4__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x4EBD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x4FBD},
  /* 0xA6__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x50BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x51BD},
  /* 0xA8__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x52BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x53BD},
  /* 0xAA__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x54BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x55BD},
  /* 0xAC__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x56BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x57BD},
  /* 0xAE__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x58BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x59BD},
  /* 0xB0__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x5ABD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x5BBD},
  /* 0xB2__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x5CBD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x5DBD},
  /* 0xB4__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x5EBD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x5FBD},
  /* 0xB6__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x60BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x61BD},
  /* 0xB8__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x62BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x63BD},
  /* 0xBA__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x64BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x65BD},
  /* 0xBC__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x66BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x67BD},
  /* 0xBE__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x68BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x69BD},
  /* 0xC0__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x6ABD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x6BBD},
  /* 0xC2__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x6CBD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x6DBD},
  /* 0xC4__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x6EBD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x6FBD},
  /* 0xC6__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x70BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x71BD},
  /* 0xC8__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x72BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x73BD},
  /* 0xCA__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x74BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x75BD},
  /* 0xCC__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x76BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x77BD},
  /* 0xCE__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x78BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x79BD},
  /* 0xD0__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x7ABD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x7BBD},
  /* 0xD2__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x7CBD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x7DBD},
  /* 0xD4__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x7EBD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x7FBD},
  /* 0xD6__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x80BD}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x81BD},
  /* 0xD8__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x0000}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x0000},
  /* 0xDA__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x0000}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x0000},
  /* 0xDC__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x0000}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x0000},
  /* 0xDE__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x0000}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x6B0C, 0x0000},
  /* 0xE0__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7A72, 0x0000}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7A72, 0x0000},
  /* 0xE2__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7A72, 0x0000}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7A72, 0x0000},
  /* 0xE4__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7A72, 0x0000}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7A72, 0x0000},
  /* 0xE6__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x7A72, 0x0000}, {0x66, 0xFF, 0x7A72, 0x0000},
  /* 0xE8__ */    {0x00, 0x64, 0x7A72, 0x82A9}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x83A9},
  /* 0xEA__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x84A9}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x85A9},
  /* 0xEC__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x86A9}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x87A9},
  /* 0xEE__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x88A9}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x89A9},
  /* 0xF0__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x8AA9}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x8BA9},
  /* 0xF2__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x8CA9}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x8DA9},
  /* 0xF4__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x8EA9}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x8FA9},
  /* 0xF6__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x90A9}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x91A9},
  /* 0xF8__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8B39, 0x92A9}, {0x2C, 0xFF, 0x8B39, 0x93A9},
  /* 0xFA__ */    {0x00, 0x29, 0x8B39, 0x9494}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8F3F, 0x9594},
  /* 0xFC__ */    {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8F3F, 0x9694}, {0xFF, 0x00, 0x8F3F, 0x9794},
  /* 0xFE__ */    {0x30, 0xFF, 0x8F3F, 0x9894}, {0x00, 0xE5, 0x8F3F, 0x98FC},

static Q_UINT16 const ucs_to_gb18030[28839] = {
  /* Contiguous area: U+0080 .. U+0451 */
  /* U+0080 */    0x0000,     0x0001,     0x0002,     0x0003,     0x0004,     0x0005,     0x0006,     0x0007,
  /* U+0088 */    0x0008,     0x0009,     0x0010,     0x0011,     0x0012,     0x0013,     0x0014,     0x0015,
  /* U+0090 */    0x0016,     0x0017,     0x0018,     0x0019,     0x0020,     0x0021,     0x0022,     0x0023,
  /* U+0098 */    0x0024,     0x0025,     0x0026,     0x0027,     0x0028,     0x0029,     0x0030,     0x0031,
  /* U+00A0 */    0x0032,     0x0033,     0x0034,     0x0035,     0xA1E8,     0x0036,     0x0037,     0xA1EC,
  /* U+00A8 */    0xA1A7,     0x0038,     0x0039,     0x0040,     0x0041,     0x0042,     0x0043,     0x0044,
  /* U+00B0 */    0xA1E3,     0xA1C0,     0x0045,     0x0046,     0x0047,     0x0048,     0x0049,     0xA1A4,
  /* U+00B8 */    0x0050,     0x0051,     0x0052,     0x0053,     0x0054,     0x0055,     0x0056,     0x0057,
  /* U+00C0 */    0x0058,     0x0059,     0x0060,     0x0061,     0x0062,     0x0063,     0x0064,     0x0065,
  /* U+00C8 */    0x0066,     0x0067,     0x0068,     0x0069,     0x0070,     0x0071,     0x0072,     0x0073,
  /* U+00D0 */    0x0074,     0x0075,     0x0076,     0x0077,     0x0078,     0x0079,     0x0080,     0xA1C1,
  /* U+00D8 */    0x0081,     0x0082,     0x0083,     0x0084,     0x0085,     0x0086,     0x0087,     0x0088,
  /* U+00E0 */    0xA8A4,     0xA8A2,     0x0089,     0x0090,     0x0091,     0x0092,     0x0093,     0x0094,
  /* U+00E8 */    0xA8A8,     0xA8A6,     0xA8BA,     0x0095,     0xA8AC,     0xA8AA,     0x0096,     0x0097,
  /* U+00F0 */    0x0098,     0x0099,     0xA8B0,     0xA8AE,     0x00A0,     0x00A1,     0x00A2,     0xA1C2,
  /* U+00F8 */    0x00A3,     0xA8B4,     0xA8B2,     0x00A4,     0xA8B9,     0x00A5,     0x00A6,     0x00A7,
  /* U+0100 */    0x00A8,     0xA8A1,     0x00A9,     0x00B0,     0x00B1,     0x00B2,     0x00B3,     0x00B4,
  /* U+0108 */    0x00B5,     0x00B6,     0x00B7,     0x00B8,     0x00B9,     0x00C0,     0x00C1,     0x00C2,
  /* U+0110 */    0x00C3,     0x00C4,     0x00C5,     0xA8A5,     0x00C6,     0x00C7,     0x00C8,     0x00C9,
  /* U+0118 */    0x00D0,     0x00D1,     0x00D2,     0xA8A7,     0x00D3,     0x00D4,     0x00D5,     0x00D6,
  /* U+0120 */    0x00D7,     0x00D8,     0x00D9,     0x00E0,     0x00E1,     0x00E2,     0x00E3,     0x00E4,
  /* U+0128 */    0x00E5,     0x00E6,     0x00E7,     0xA8A9,     0x00E8,     0x00E9,     0x00F0,     0x00F1,
  /* U+0130 */    0x00F2,     0x00F3,     0x00F4,     0x00F5,     0x00F6,     0x00F7,     0x00F8,     0x00F9,
  /* U+0138 */    0x0100,     0x0101,     0x0102,     0x0103,     0x0104,     0x0105,     0x0106,     0x0107,
  /* U+0140 */    0x0108,     0x0109,     0x0110,     0x0111,     0xA8BD,     0x0112,     0x0113,     0x0114,
  /* U+0148 */    0xA8BE,     0x0115,     0x0116,     0x0117,     0x0118,     0xA8AD,     0x0119,     0x0120,
  /* U+0150 */    0x0121,     0x0122,     0x0123,     0x0124,     0x0125,     0x0126,     0x0127,     0x0128,
  /* U+0158 */    0x0129,     0x0130,     0x0131,     0x0132,     0x0133,     0x0134,     0x0135,     0x0136,
  /* U+0160 */    0x0137,     0x0138,     0x0139,     0x0140,     0x0141,     0x0142,     0x0143,     0x0144,
  /* U+0168 */    0x0145,     0x0146,     0x0147,     0xA8B1,     0x0148,     0x0149,     0x0150,     0x0151,
  /* U+0170 */    0x0152,     0x0153,     0x0154,     0x0155,     0x0156,     0x0157,     0x0158,     0x0159,
  /* U+0178 */    0x0160,     0x0161,     0x0162,     0x0163,     0x0164,     0x0165,     0x0166,     0x0167,
  /* U+0180 */    0x0168,     0x0169,     0x0170,     0x0171,     0x0172,     0x0173,     0x0174,     0x0175,
  /* U+0188 */    0x0176,     0x0177,     0x0178,     0x0179,     0x0180,     0x0181,     0x0182,     0x0183,
  /* U+0190 */    0x0184,     0x0185,     0x0186,     0x0187,     0x0188,     0x0189,     0x0190,     0x0191,
  /* U+0198 */    0x0192,     0x0193,     0x0194,     0x0195,     0x0196,     0x0197,     0x0198,     0x0199,
  /* U+01A0 */    0x01A0,     0x01A1,     0x01A2,     0x01A3,     0x01A4,     0x01A5,     0x01A6,     0x01A7,
  /* U+01A8 */    0x01A8,     0x01A9,     0x01B0,     0x01B1,     0x01B2,     0x01B3,     0x01B4,     0x01B5,
  /* U+01B0 */    0x01B6,     0x01B7,     0x01B8,     0x01B9,     0x01C0,     0x01C1,     0x01C2,     0x01C3,
  /* U+01B8 */    0x01C4,     0x01C5,     0x01C6,     0x01C7,     0x01C8,     0x01C9,     0x01D0,     0x01D1,
  /* U+01C0 */    0x01D2,     0x01D3,     0x01D4,     0x01D5,     0x01D6,     0x01D7,     0x01D8,     0x01D9,
  /* U+01C8 */    0x01E0,     0x01E1,     0x01E2,     0x01E3,     0x01E4,     0x01E5,     0xA8A3,     0x01E6,
  /* U+01D0 */    0xA8AB,     0x01E7,     0xA8AF,     0x01E8,     0xA8B3,     0x01E9,     0xA8B5,     0x01F0,
  /* U+01D8 */    0xA8B6,     0x01F1,     0xA8B7,     0x01F2,     0xA8B8,     0x01F3,     0x01F4,     0x01F5,
  /* U+01E0 */    0x01F6,     0x01F7,     0x01F8,     0x01F9,     0x0200,     0x0201,     0x0202,     0x0203,
  /* U+01E8 */    0x0204,     0x0205,     0x0206,     0x0207,     0x0208,     0x0209,     0x0210,     0x0211,
  /* U+01F0 */    0x0212,     0x0213,     0x0214,     0x0215,     0x0216,     0x0217,     0x0218,     0x0219,
  /* U+01F8 */    0x0220,     0xA8BF,     0x0221,     0x0222,     0x0223,     0x0224,     0x0225,     0x0226,
  /* U+0200 */    0x0227,     0x0228,     0x0229,     0x0230,     0x0231,     0x0232,     0x0233,     0x0234,
  /* U+0208 */    0x0235,     0x0236,     0x0237,     0x0238,     0x0239,     0x0240,     0x0241,     0x0242,
  /* U+0210 */    0x0243,     0x0244,     0x0245,     0x0246,     0x0247,     0x0248,     0x0249,     0x0250,
  /* U+0218 */    0x0251,     0x0252,     0x0253,     0x0254,     0x0255,     0x0256,     0x0257,     0x0258,
  /* U+0220 */    0x0259,     0x0260,     0x0261,     0x0262,     0x0263,     0x0264,     0x0265,     0x0266,
  /* U+0228 */    0x0267,     0x0268,     0x0269,     0x0270,     0x0271,     0x0272,     0x0273,     0x0274,
  /* U+0230 */    0x0275,     0x0276,     0x0277,     0x0278,     0x0279,     0x0280,     0x0281,     0x0282,
  /* U+0238 */    0x0283,     0x0284,     0x0285,     0x0286,     0x0287,     0x0288,     0x0289,     0x0290,
  /* U+0240 */    0x0291,     0x0292,     0x0293,     0x0294,     0x0295,     0x0296,     0x0297,     0x0298,
  /* U+0248 */    0x0299,     0x02A0,     0x02A1,     0x02A2,     0x02A3,     0x02A4,     0x02A5,     0x02A6,
  /* U+0250 */    0x02A7,     0xA8BB,     0x02A8,     0x02A9,     0x02B0,     0x02B1,     0x02B2,     0x02B3,
  /* U+0258 */    0x02B4,     0x02B5,     0x02B6,     0x02B7,     0x02B8,     0x02B9,     0x02C0,     0x02C1,
  /* U+0260 */    0x02C2,     0xA8C0,     0x02C3,     0x02C4,     0x02C5,     0x02C6,     0x02C7,     0x02C8,
  /* U+0268 */    0x02C9,     0x02D0,     0x02D1,     0x02D2,     0x02D3,     0x02D4,     0x02D5,     0x02D6,
  /* U+0270 */    0x02D7,     0x02D8,     0x02D9,     0x02E0,     0x02E1,     0x02E2,     0x02E3,     0x02E4,
  /* U+0278 */    0x02E5,     0x02E6,     0x02E7,     0x02E8,     0x02E9,     0x02F0,     0x02F1,     0x02F2,
  /* U+0280 */    0x02F3,     0x02F4,     0x02F5,     0x02F6,     0x02F7,     0x02F8,     0x02F9,     0x0300,
  /* U+0288 */    0x0301,     0x0302,     0x0303,     0x0304,     0x0305,     0x0306,     0x0307,     0x0308,
  /* U+0290 */    0x0309,     0x0310,     0x0311,     0x0312,     0x0313,     0x0314,     0x0315,     0x0316,
  /* U+0298 */    0x0317,     0x0318,     0x0319,     0x0320,     0x0321,     0x0322,     0x0323,     0x0324,
  /* U+02A0 */    0x0325,     0x0326,     0x0327,     0x0328,     0x0329,     0x0330,     0x0331,     0x0332,
  /* U+02A8 */    0x0333,     0x0334,     0x0335,     0x0336,     0x0337,     0x0338,     0x0339,     0x0340,
  /* U+02B0 */    0x0341,     0x0342,     0x0343,     0x0344,     0x0345,     0x0346,     0x0347,     0x0348,
  /* U+02B8 */    0x0349,     0x0350,     0x0351,     0x0352,     0x0353,     0x0354,     0x0355,     0x0356,
  /* U+02C0 */    0x0357,     0x0358,     0x0359,     0x0360,     0x0361,     0x0362,     0x0363,     0xA1A6,
  /* U+02C8 */    0x0364,     0xA1A5,     0xA840,     0xA841,     0x0365,     0x0366,     0x0367,     0x0368,
  /* U+02D0 */    0x0369,     0x0370,     0x0371,     0x0372,     0x0373,     0x0374,     0x0375,     0x0376,
  /* U+02D8 */    0x0377,     0xA842,     0x0378,     0x0379,     0x0380,     0x0381,     0x0382,     0x0383,
  /* U+02E0 */    0x0384,     0x0385,     0x0386,     0x0387,     0x0388,     0x0389,     0x0390,     0x0391,
  /* U+02E8 */    0x0392,     0x0393,     0x0394,     0x0395,     0x0396,     0x0397,     0x0398,     0x0399,
  /* U+02F0 */    0x03A0,     0x03A1,     0x03A2,     0x03A3,     0x03A4,     0x03A5,     0x03A6,     0x03A7,
  /* U+02F8 */    0x03A8,     0x03A9,     0x03B0,     0x03B1,     0x03B2,     0x03B3,     0x03B4,     0x03B5,
  /* U+0300 */    0x03B6,     0x03B7,     0x03B8,     0x03B9,     0x03C0,     0x03C1,     0x03C2,     0x03C3,
  /* U+0308 */    0x03C4,     0x03C5,     0x03C6,     0x03C7,     0x03C8,     0x03C9,     0x03D0,     0x03D1,
  /* U+0310 */    0x03D2,     0x03D3,     0x03D4,     0x03D5,     0x03D6,     0x03D7,     0x03D8,     0x03D9,
  /* U+0318 */    0x03E0,     0x03E1,     0x03E2,     0x03E3,     0x03E4,     0x03E5,     0x03E6,     0x03E7,
  /* U+0320 */    0x03E8,     0x03E9,     0x03F0,     0x03F1,     0x03F2,     0x03F3,     0x03F4,     0x03F5,
  /* U+0328 */    0x03F6,     0x03F7,     0x03F8,     0x03F9,     0x0400,     0x0401,     0x0402,     0x0403,
  /* U+0330 */    0x0404,     0x0405,     0x0406,     0x0407,     0x0408,     0x0409,     0x0410,     0x0411,
  /* U+0338 */    0x0412,     0x0413,     0x0414,     0x0415,     0x0416,     0x0417,     0x0418,     0x0419,
  /* U+0340 */    0x0420,     0x0421,     0x0422,     0x0423,     0x0424,     0x0425,     0x0426,     0x0427,
  /* U+0348 */    0x0428,     0x0429,     0x0430,     0x0431,     0x0432,     0x0433,     0x0434,     0x0435,
  /* U+0350 */    0x0436,     0x0437,     0x0438,     0x0439,     0x0440,     0x0441,     0x0442,     0x0443,
  /* U+0358 */    0x0444,     0x0445,     0x0446,     0x0447,     0x0448,     0x0449,     0x0450,     0x0451,
  /* U+0360 */    0x0452,     0x0453,     0x0454,     0x0455,     0x0456,     0x0457,     0x0458,     0x0459,
  /* U+0368 */    0x0460,     0x0461,     0x0462,     0x0463,     0x0464,     0x0465,     0x0466,     0x0467,
  /* U+0370 */    0x0468,     0x0469,     0x0470,     0x0471,     0x0472,     0x0473,     0x0474,     0x0475,
  /* U+0378 */    0x0476,     0x0477,     0x0478,     0x0479,     0x0480,     0x0481,     0x0482,     0x0483,
  /* U+0380 */    0x0484,     0x0485,     0x0486,     0x0487,     0x0488,     0x0489,     0x0490,     0x0491,
  /* U+0388 */    0x0492,     0x0493,     0x0494,     0x0495,     0x0496,     0x0497,     0x0498,     0x0499,
  /* U+0390 */    0x04A0,     0xA6A1,     0xA6A2,     0xA6A3,     0xA6A4,     0xA6A5,     0xA6A6,     0xA6A7,
  /* U+0398 */    0xA6A8,     0xA6A9,     0xA6AA,     0xA6AB,     0xA6AC,     0xA6AD,     0xA6AE,     0xA6AF,
  /* U+03A0 */    0xA6B0,     0xA6B1,     0x04A1,     0xA6B2,     0xA6B3,     0xA6B4,     0xA6B5,     0xA6B6,
  /* U+03A8 */    0xA6B7,     0xA6B8,     0x04A2,     0x04A3,     0x04A4,     0x04A5,     0x04A6,     0x04A7,
  /* U+03B0 */    0x04A8,     0xA6C1,     0xA6C2,     0xA6C3,     0xA6C4,     0xA6C5,     0xA6C6,     0xA6C7,
  /* U+03B8 */    0xA6C8,     0xA6C9,     0xA6CA,     0xA6CB,     0xA6CC,     0xA6CD,     0xA6CE,     0xA6CF,
  /* U+03C0 */    0xA6D0,     0xA6D1,     0x04A9,     0xA6D2,     0xA6D3,     0xA6D4,     0xA6D5,     0xA6D6,
  /* U+03C8 */    0xA6D7,     0xA6D8,     0x04B0,     0x04B1,     0x04B2,     0x04B3,     0x04B4,     0x04B5,
  /* U+03D0 */    0x04B6,     0x04B7,     0x04B8,     0x04B9,     0x04C0,     0x04C1,     0x04C2,     0x04C3,
  /* U+03D8 */    0x04C4,     0x04C5,     0x04C6,     0x04C7,     0x04C8,     0x04C9,     0x04D0,     0x04D1,
  /* U+03E0 */    0x04D2,     0x04D3,     0x04D4,     0x04D5,     0x04D6,     0x04D7,     0x04D8,     0x04D9,
  /* U+03E8 */    0x04E0,     0x04E1,     0x04E2,     0x04E3,     0x04E4,     0x04E5,     0x04E6,     0x04E7,
  /* U+03F0 */    0x04E8,     0x04E9,     0x04F0,     0x04F1,     0x04F2,     0x04F3,     0x04F4,     0x04F5,
  /* U+03F8 */    0x04F6,     0x04F7,     0x04F8,     0x04F9,     0x0500,     0x0501,     0x0502,     0x0503,
  /* U+0400 */    0x0504,     0xA7A7,     0x0505,     0x0506,     0x0507,     0x0508,     0x0509,     0x0510,
  /* U+0408 */    0x0511,     0x0512,     0x0513,     0x0514,     0x0515,     0x0516,     0x0517,     0x0518,
  /* U+0410 */    0xA7A1,     0xA7A2,     0xA7A3,     0xA7A4,     0xA7A5,     0xA7A6,     0xA7A8,     0xA7A9,
  /* U+0418 */    0xA7AA,     0xA7AB,     0xA7AC,     0xA7AD,     0xA7AE,     0xA7AF,     0xA7B0,     0xA7B1,
  /* U+0420 */    0xA7B2,     0xA7B3,     0xA7B4,     0xA7B5,     0xA7B6,     0xA7B7,     0xA7B8,     0xA7B9,
  /* U+0428 */    0xA7BA,     0xA7BB,     0xA7BC,     0xA7BD,     0xA7BE,     0xA7BF,     0xA7C0,     0xA7C1,
  /* U+0430 */    0xA7D1,     0xA7D2,     0xA7D3,     0xA7D4,     0xA7D5,     0xA7D6,     0xA7D8,     0xA7D9,
  /* U+0438 */    0xA7DA,     0xA7DB,     0xA7DC,     0xA7DD,     0xA7DE,     0xA7DF,     0xA7E0,     0xA7E1,
  /* U+0440 */    0xA7E2,     0xA7E3,     0xA7E4,     0xA7E5,     0xA7E6,     0xA7E7,     0xA7E8,     0xA7E9,
  /* U+0448 */    0xA7EA,     0xA7EB,     0xA7EC,     0xA7ED,     0xA7EE,     0xA7EF,     0xA7F0,     0xA7F1,
  /* U+0450 */    0x0519,     0xA7D7,
  /* Contiguous area: U+2010 .. U+2642 */
  /* U+2010 */    0xA95C,     0x0A42,     0x0A43,     0xA843,     0xA1AA,     0xA844,     0xA1AC,     0x0A44,
  /* U+2018 */    0xA1AE,     0xA1AF,     0x0A45,     0x0A46,     0xA1B0,     0xA1B1,     0x0A47,     0x0A48,
  /* U+2020 */    0x0A49,     0x0A50,     0x0A51,     0x0A52,     0x0A53,     0xA845,     0xA1AD,     0x0A54,
  /* U+2028 */    0x0A55,     0x0A56,     0x0A57,     0x0A58,     0x0A59,     0x0A60,     0x0A61,     0x0A62,
  /* U+2030 */    0xA1EB,     0x0A63,     0xA1E4,     0xA1E5,     0x0A64,     0xA846,     0x0A65,     0x0A66,
  /* U+2038 */    0x0A67,     0x0A68,     0x0A69,     0xA1F9,     0x0A70,     0x0A71,     0x0A72,     0x0A73,
  /* U+2040 */    0x0A74,     0x0A75,     0x0A76,     0x0A77,     0x0A78,     0x0A79,     0x0A80,     0x0A81,
  /* U+2048 */    0x0A82,     0x0A83,     0x0A84,     0x0A85,     0x0A86,     0x0A87,     0x0A88,     0x0A89,
  /* U+2050 */    0x0A90,     0x0A91,     0x0A92,     0x0A93,     0x0A94,     0x0A95,     0x0A96,     0x0A97,
  /* U+2058 */    0x0A98,     0x0A99,     0x0AA0,     0x0AA1,     0x0AA2,     0x0AA3,     0x0AA4,     0x0AA5,
  /* U+2060 */    0x0AA6,     0x0AA7,     0x0AA8,     0x0AA9,     0x0AB0,     0x0AB1,     0x0AB2,     0x0AB3,
  /* U+2068 */    0x0AB4,     0x0AB5,     0x0AB6,     0x0AB7,     0x0AB8,     0x0AB9,     0x0AC0,     0x0AC1,
  /* U+2070 */    0x0AC2,     0x0AC3,     0x0AC4,     0x0AC5,     0x0AC6,     0x0AC7,     0x0AC8,     0x0AC9,
  /* U+2078 */    0x0AD0,     0x0AD1,     0x0AD2,     0x0AD3,     0x0AD4,     0x0AD5,     0x0AD6,     0x0AD7,
  /* U+2080 */    0x0AD8,     0x0AD9,     0x0AE0,     0x0AE1,     0x0AE2,     0x0AE3,     0x0AE4,     0x0AE5,
  /* U+2088 */    0x0AE6,     0x0AE7,     0x0AE8,     0x0AE9,     0x0AF0,     0x0AF1,     0x0AF2,     0x0AF3,
  /* U+2090 */    0x0AF4,     0x0AF5,     0x0AF6,     0x0AF7,     0x0AF8,     0x0AF9,     0x0B00,     0x0B01,
  /* U+2098 */    0x0B02,     0x0B03,     0x0B04,     0x0B05,     0x0B06,     0x0B07,     0x0B08,     0x0B09,
  /* U+20A0 */    0x0B10,     0x0B11,     0x0B12,     0x0B13,     0x0B14,     0x0B15,     0x0B16,     0x0B17,
  /* U+20A8 */    0x0B18,     0x0B19,     0x0B20,     0x0B21,     0xA2E3,     0x0B22,     0x0B23,     0x0B24,
  /* U+20B0 */    0x0B25,     0x0B26,     0x0B27,     0x0B28,     0x0B29,     0x0B30,     0x0B31,     0x0B32,
  /* U+20B8 */    0x0B33,     0x0B34,     0x0B35,     0x0B36,     0x0B37,     0x0B38,     0x0B39,     0x0B40,
  /* U+20C0 */    0x0B41,     0x0B42,     0x0B43,     0x0B44,     0x0B45,     0x0B46,     0x0B47,     0x0B48,
  /* U+20C8 */    0x0B49,     0x0B50,     0x0B51,     0x0B52,     0x0B53,     0x0B54,     0x0B55,     0x0B56,
  /* U+20D0 */    0x0B57,     0x0B58,     0x0B59,     0x0B60,     0x0B61,     0x0B62,     0x0B63,     0x0B64,
  /* U+20D8 */    0x0B65,     0x0B66,     0x0B67,     0x0B68,     0x0B69,     0x0B70,     0x0B71,     0x0B72,
  /* U+20E0 */    0x0B73,     0x0B74,     0x0B75,     0x0B76,     0x0B77,     0x0B78,     0x0B79,     0x0B80,
  /* U+20E8 */    0x0B81,     0x0B82,     0x0B83,     0x0B84,     0x0B85,     0x0B86,     0x0B87,     0x0B88,
  /* U+20F0 */    0x0B89,     0x0B90,     0x0B91,     0x0B92,     0x0B93,     0x0B94,     0x0B95,     0x0B96,
  /* U+20F8 */    0x0B97,     0x0B98,     0x0B99,     0x0BA0,     0x0BA1,     0x0BA2,     0x0BA3,     0x0BA4,
  /* U+2100 */    0x0BA5,     0x0BA6,     0x0BA7,     0xA1E6,     0x0BA8,     0xA847,     0x0BA9,     0x0BB0,
  /* U+2108 */    0x0BB1,     0xA848,     0x0BB2,     0x0BB3,     0x0BB4,     0x0BB5,     0x0BB6,     0x0BB7,
  /* U+2110 */    0x0BB8,     0x0BB9,     0x0BC0,     0x0BC1,     0x0BC2,     0x0BC3,     0xA1ED,     0x0BC4,
  /* U+2118 */    0x0BC5,     0x0BC6,     0x0BC7,     0x0BC8,     0x0BC9,     0x0BD0,     0x0BD1,     0x0BD2,
  /* U+2120 */    0x0BD3,     0xA959,     0x0BD4,     0x0BD5,     0x0BD6,     0x0BD7,     0x0BD8,     0x0BD9,
  /* U+2128 */    0x0BE0,     0x0BE1,     0x0BE2,     0x0BE3,     0x0BE4,     0x0BE5,     0x0BE6,     0x0BE7,
  /* U+2130 */    0x0BE8,     0x0BE9,     0x0BF0,     0x0BF1,     0x0BF2,     0x0BF3,     0x0BF4,     0x0BF5,
  /* U+2138 */    0x0BF6,     0x0BF7,     0x0BF8,     0x0BF9,     0x0C00,     0x0C01,     0x0C02,     0x0C03,
  /* U+2140 */    0x0C04,     0x0C05,     0x0C06,     0x0C07,     0x0C08,     0x0C09,     0x0C10,     0x0C11,
  /* U+2148 */    0x0C12,     0x0C13,     0x0C14,     0x0C15,     0x0C16,     0x0C17,     0x0C18,     0x0C19,
  /* U+2150 */    0x0C20,     0x0C21,     0x0C22,     0x0C23,     0x0C24,     0x0C25,     0x0C26,     0x0C27,
  /* U+2158 */    0x0C28,     0x0C29,     0x0C30,     0x0C31,     0x0C32,     0x0C33,     0x0C34,     0x0C35,
  /* U+2160 */    0xA2F1,     0xA2F2,     0xA2F3,     0xA2F4,     0xA2F5,     0xA2F6,     0xA2F7,     0xA2F8,
  /* U+2168 */    0xA2F9,     0xA2FA,     0xA2FB,     0xA2FC,     0x0C36,     0x0C37,     0x0C38,     0x0C39,
  /* U+2170 */    0xA2A1,     0xA2A2,     0xA2A3,     0xA2A4,     0xA2A5,     0xA2A6,     0xA2A7,     0xA2A8,
  /* U+2178 */    0xA2A9,     0xA2AA,     0x0C40,     0x0C41,     0x0C42,     0x0C43,     0x0C44,     0x0C45,
  /* U+2180 */    0x0C46,     0x0C47,     0x0C48,     0x0C49,     0x0C50,     0x0C51,     0x0C52,     0x0C53,
  /* U+2188 */    0x0C54,     0x0C55,     0x0C56,     0x0C57,     0x0C58,     0x0C59,     0x0C60,     0x0C61,
  /* U+2190 */    0xA1FB,     0xA1FC,     0xA1FA,     0xA1FD,     0x0C62,     0x0C63,     0xA849,     0xA84A,
  /* U+2198 */    0xA84B,     0xA84C,     0x0C64,     0x0C65,     0x0C66,     0x0C67,     0x0C68,     0x0C69,
  /* U+21A0 */    0x0C70,     0x0C71,     0x0C72,     0x0C73,     0x0C74,     0x0C75,     0x0C76,     0x0C77,
  /* U+21A8 */    0x0C78,     0x0C79,     0x0C80,     0x0C81,     0x0C82,     0x0C83,     0x0C84,     0x0C85,
  /* U+21B0 */    0x0C86,     0x0C87,     0x0C88,     0x0C89,     0x0C90,     0x0C91,     0x0C92,     0x0C93,
  /* U+21B8 */    0x0C94,     0x0C95,     0x0C96,     0x0C97,     0x0C98,     0x0C99,     0x0CA0,     0x0CA1,
  /* U+21C0 */    0x0CA2,     0x0CA3,     0x0CA4,     0x0CA5,     0x0CA6,     0x0CA7,     0x0CA8,     0x0CA9,
  /* U+21C8 */    0x0CB0,     0x0CB1,     0x0CB2,     0x0CB3,     0x0CB4,     0x0CB5,     0x0CB6,     0x0CB7,
  /* U+21D0 */    0x0CB8,     0x0CB9,     0x0CC0,     0x0CC1,     0x0CC2,     0x0CC3,     0x0CC4,     0x0CC5,
  /* U+21D8 */    0x0CC6,     0x0CC7,     0x0CC8,     0x0CC9,     0x0CD0,     0x0CD1,     0x0CD2,     0x0CD3,
  /* U+21E0 */    0x0CD4,     0x0CD5,     0x0CD6,     0x0CD7,     0x0CD8,     0x0CD9,     0x0CE0,     0x0CE1,
  /* U+21E8 */    0x0CE2,     0x0CE3,     0x0CE4,     0x0CE5,     0x0CE6,     0x0CE7,     0x0CE8,     0x0CE9,
  /* U+21F0 */    0x0CF0,     0x0CF1,     0x0CF2,     0x0CF3,     0x0CF4,     0x0CF5,     0x0CF6,     0x0CF7,
  /* U+21F8 */    0x0CF8,     0x0CF9,     0x0D00,     0x0D01,     0x0D02,     0x0D03,     0x0D04,     0x0D05,
  /* U+2200 */    0x0D06,     0x0D07,     0x0D08,     0x0D09,     0x0D10,     0x0D11,     0x0D12,     0x0D13,
  /* U+2208 */    0xA1CA,     0x0D14,     0x0D15,     0x0D16,     0x0D17,     0x0D18,     0x0D19,     0xA1C7,
  /* U+2210 */    0x0D20,     0xA1C6,     0x0D21,     0x0D22,     0x0D23,     0xA84D,     0x0D24,     0x0D25,
  /* U+2218 */    0x0D26,     0x0D27,     0xA1CC,     0x0D28,     0x0D29,     0xA1D8,     0xA1DE,     0xA84E,
  /* U+2220 */    0xA1CF,     0x0D30,     0x0D31,     0xA84F,     0x0D32,     0xA1CE,     0x0D33,     0xA1C4,
  /* U+2228 */    0xA1C5,     0xA1C9,     0xA1C8,     0xA1D2,     0x0D34,     0x0D35,     0xA1D3,     0x0D36,
  /* U+2230 */    0x0D37,     0x0D38,     0x0D39,     0x0D40,     0xA1E0,     0xA1DF,     0xA1C3,     0xA1CB,
  /* U+2238 */    0x0D41,     0x0D42,     0x0D43,     0x0D44,     0x0D45,     0xA1D7,     0x0D46,     0x0D47,
  /* U+2240 */    0x0D48,     0x0D49,     0x0D50,     0x0D51,     0x0D52,     0x0D53,     0x0D54,     0x0D55,
  /* U+2248 */    0xA1D6,     0x0D56,     0x0D57,     0x0D58,     0xA1D5,     0x0D59,     0x0D60,     0x0D61,
  /* U+2250 */    0x0D62,     0x0D63,     0xA850,     0x0D64,     0x0D65,     0x0D66,     0x0D67,     0x0D68,
  /* U+2258 */    0x0D69,     0x0D70,     0x0D71,     0x0D72,     0x0D73,     0x0D74,     0x0D75,     0x0D76,
  /* U+2260 */    0xA1D9,     0xA1D4,     0x0D77,     0x0D78,     0xA1DC,     0xA1DD,     0xA851,     0xA852,
  /* U+2268 */    0x0D79,     0x0D80,     0x0D81,     0x0D82,     0x0D83,     0x0D84,     0xA1DA,     0xA1DB,
  /* U+2270 */    0x0D85,     0x0D86,     0x0D87,     0x0D88,     0x0D89,     0x0D90,     0x0D91,     0x0D92,
  /* U+2278 */    0x0D93,     0x0D94,     0x0D95,     0x0D96,     0x0D97,     0x0D98,     0x0D99,     0x0DA0,
  /* U+2280 */    0x0DA1,     0x0DA2,     0x0DA3,     0x0DA4,     0x0DA5,     0x0DA6,     0x0DA7,     0x0DA8,
  /* U+2288 */    0x0DA9,     0x0DB0,     0x0DB1,     0x0DB2,     0x0DB3,     0x0DB4,     0x0DB5,     0x0DB6,
  /* U+2290 */    0x0DB7,     0x0DB8,     0x0DB9,     0x0DC0,     0x0DC1,     0xA892,     0x0DC2,     0x0DC3,
  /* U+2298 */    0x0DC4,     0xA1D1,     0x0DC5,     0x0DC6,     0x0DC7,     0x0DC8,     0x0DC9,     0x0DD0,
  /* U+22A0 */    0x0DD1,     0x0DD2,     0x0DD3,     0x0DD4,     0x0DD5,     0xA1CD,     0x0DD6,     0x0DD7,
  /* U+22A8 */    0x0DD8,     0x0DD9,     0x0DE0,     0x0DE1,     0x0DE2,     0x0DE3,     0x0DE4,     0x0DE5,
  /* U+22B0 */    0x0DE6,     0x0DE7,     0x0DE8,     0x0DE9,     0x0DF0,     0x0DF1,     0x0DF2,     0x0DF3,
  /* U+22B8 */    0x0DF4,     0x0DF5,     0x0DF6,     0x0DF7,     0x0DF8,     0x0DF9,     0x0E00,     0xA853,
  /* U+22C0 */    0x0E01,     0x0E02,     0x0E03,     0x0E04,     0x0E05,     0x0E06,     0x0E07,     0x0E08,
  /* U+22C8 */    0x0E09,     0x0E10,     0x0E11,     0x0E12,     0x0E13,     0x0E14,     0x0E15,     0x0E16,
  /* U+22D0 */    0x0E17,     0x0E18,     0x0E19,     0x0E20,     0x0E21,     0x0E22,     0x0E23,     0x0E24,
  /* U+22D8 */    0x0E25,     0x0E26,     0x0E27,     0x0E28,     0x0E29,     0x0E30,     0x0E31,     0x0E32,
  /* U+22E0 */    0x0E33,     0x0E34,     0x0E35,     0x0E36,     0x0E37,     0x0E38,     0x0E39,     0x0E40,
  /* U+22E8 */    0x0E41,     0x0E42,     0x0E43,     0x0E44,     0x0E45,     0x0E46,     0x0E47,     0x0E48,
  /* U+22F0 */    0x0E49,     0x0E50,     0x0E51,     0x0E52,     0x0E53,     0x0E54,     0x0E55,     0x0E56,
  /* U+22F8 */    0x0E57,     0x0E58,     0x0E59,     0x0E60,     0x0E61,     0x0E62,     0x0E63,     0x0E64,
  /* U+2300 */    0x0E65,     0x0E66,     0x0E67,     0x0E68,     0x0E69,     0x0E70,     0x0E71,     0x0E72,
  /* U+2308 */    0x0E73,     0x0E74,     0x0E75,     0x0E76,     0x0E77,     0x0E78,     0x0E79,     0x0E80,
  /* U+2310 */    0x0E81,     0x0E82,     0xA1D0,     0x0E83,     0x0E84,     0x0E85,     0x0E86,     0x0E87,
  /* U+2318 */    0x0E88,     0x0E89,     0x0E90,     0x0E91,     0x0E92,     0x0E93,     0x0E94,     0x0E95,
  /* U+2320 */    0x0E96,     0x0E97,     0x0E98,     0x0E99,     0x0EA0,     0x0EA1,     0x0EA2,     0x0EA3,
  /* U+2328 */    0x0EA4,     0x0EA5,     0x0EA6,     0x0EA7,     0x0EA8,     0x0EA9,     0x0EB0,     0x0EB1,
  /* U+2330 */    0x0EB2,     0x0EB3,     0x0EB4,     0x0EB5,     0x0EB6,     0x0EB7,     0x0EB8,     0x0EB9,
  /* U+2338 */    0x0EC0,     0x0EC1,     0x0EC2,     0x0EC3,     0x0EC4,     0x0EC5,     0x0EC6,     0x0EC7,
  /* U+2340 */    0x0EC8,     0x0EC9,     0x0ED0,     0x0ED1,     0x0ED2,     0x0ED3,     0x0ED4,     0x0ED5,
  /* U+2348 */    0x0ED6,     0x0ED7,     0x0ED8,     0x0ED9,     0x0EE0,     0x0EE1,     0x0EE2,     0x0EE3,
  /* U+2350 */    0x0EE4,     0x0EE5,     0x0EE6,     0x0EE7,     0x0EE8,     0x0EE9,     0x0EF0,     0x0EF1,
  /* U+2358 */    0x0EF2,     0x0EF3,     0x0EF4,     0x0EF5,     0x0EF6,     0x0EF7,     0x0EF8,     0x0EF9,
  /* U+2360 */    0x0F00,     0x0F01,     0x0F02,     0x0F03,     0x0F04,     0x0F05,     0x0F06,     0x0F07,
  /* U+2368 */    0x0F08,     0x0F09,     0x0F10,     0x0F11,     0x0F12,     0x0F13,     0x0F14,     0x0F15,
  /* U+2370 */    0x0F16,     0x0F17,     0x0F18,     0x0F19,     0x0F20,     0x0F21,     0x0F22,     0x0F23,
  /* U+2378 */    0x0F24,     0x0F25,     0x0F26,     0x0F27,     0x0F28,     0x0F29,     0x0F30,     0x0F31,
  /* U+2380 */    0x0F32,     0x0F33,     0x0F34,     0x0F35,     0x0F36,     0x0F37,     0x0F38,     0x0F39,
  /* U+2388 */    0x0F40,     0x0F41,     0x0F42,     0x0F43,     0x0F44,     0x0F45,     0x0F46,     0x0F47,
  /* U+2390 */    0x0F48,     0x0F49,     0x0F50,     0x0F51,     0x0F52,     0x0F53,     0x0F54,     0x0F55,
  /* U+2398 */    0x0F56,     0x0F57,     0x0F58,     0x0F59,     0x0F60,     0x0F61,     0x0F62,     0x0F63,
  /* U+23A0 */    0x0F64,     0x0F65,     0x0F66,     0x0F67,     0x0F68,     0x0F69,     0x0F70,     0x0F71,
  /* U+23A8 */    0x0F72,     0x0F73,     0x0F74,     0x0F75,     0x0F76,     0x0F77,     0x0F78,     0x0F79,
  /* U+23B0 */    0x0F80,     0x0F81,     0x0F82,     0x0F83,     0x0F84,     0x0F85,     0x0F86,     0x0F87,
  /* U+23B8 */    0x0F88,     0x0F89,     0x0F90,     0x0F91,     0x0F92,     0x0F93,     0x0F94,     0x0F95,
  /* U+23C0 */    0x0F96,     0x0F97,     0x0F98,     0x0F99,     0x0FA0,     0x0FA1,     0x0FA2,     0x0FA3,
  /* U+23C8 */    0x0FA4,     0x0FA5,     0x0FA6,     0x0FA7,     0x0FA8,     0x0FA9,     0x0FB0,     0x0FB1,
  /* U+23D0 */    0x0FB2,     0x0FB3,     0x0FB4,     0x0FB5,     0x0FB6,     0x0FB7,     0x0FB8,     0x0FB9,
  /* U+23D8 */    0x0FC0,     0x0FC1,     0x0FC2,     0x0FC3,     0x0FC4,     0x0FC5,     0x0FC6,     0x0FC7,
  /* U+23E0 */    0x0FC8,     0x0FC9,     0x0FD0,     0x0FD1,     0x0FD2,     0x0FD3,     0x0FD4,     0x0FD5,
  /* U+23E8 */    0x0FD6,     0x0FD7,     0x0FD8,     0x0FD9,     0x1000,     0x1001,     0x1002,     0x1003,
  /* U+23F0 */    0x1004,     0x1005,     0x1006,     0x1007,     0x1008,     0x1009,     0x1010,     0x1011,
  /* U+23F8 */    0x1012,     0x1013,     0x1014,     0x1015,     0x1016,     0x1017,     0x1018,     0x1019,
  /* U+2400 */    0x1020,     0x1021,     0x1022,     0x1023,     0x1024,     0x1025,     0x1026,     0x1027,
  /* U+2408 */    0x1028,     0x1029,     0x1030,     0x1031,     0x1032,     0x1033,     0x1034,     0x1035,
  /* U+2410 */    0x1036,     0x1037,     0x1038,     0x1039,     0x1040,     0x1041,     0x1042,     0x1043,
  /* U+2418 */    0x1044,     0x1045,     0x1046,     0x1047,     0x1048,     0x1049,     0x1050,     0x1051,
  /* U+2420 */    0x1052,     0x1053,     0x1054,     0x1055,     0x1056,     0x1057,     0x1058,     0x1059,
  /* U+2428 */    0x1060,     0x1061,     0x1062,     0x1063,     0x1064,     0x1065,     0x1066,     0x1067,
  /* U+2430 */    0x1068,     0x1069,     0x1070,     0x1071,     0x1072,     0x1073,     0x1074,     0x1075,
  /* U+2438 */    0x1076,     0x1077,     0x1078,     0x1079,     0x1080,     0x1081,     0x1082,     0x1083,
  /* U+2440 */    0x1084,     0x1085,     0x1086,     0x1087,     0x1088,     0x1089,     0x1090,     0x1091,
  /* U+2448 */    0x1092,     0x1093,     0x1094,     0x1095,     0x1096,     0x1097,     0x1098,     0x1099,
  /* U+2450 */    0x10A0,     0x10A1,     0x10A2,     0x10A3,     0x10A4,     0x10A5,     0x10A6,     0x10A7,
  /* U+2458 */    0x10A8,     0x10A9,     0x10B0,     0x10B1,     0x10B2,     0x10B3,     0x10B4,     0x10B5,
  /* U+2460 */    0xA2D9,     0xA2DA,     0xA2DB,     0xA2DC,     0xA2DD,     0xA2DE,     0xA2DF,     0xA2E0,
  /* U+2468 */    0xA2E1,     0xA2E2,     0x10B6,     0x10B7,     0x10B8,     0x10B9,     0x10C0,     0x10C1,
  /* U+2470 */    0x10C2,     0x10C3,     0x10C4,     0x10C5,     0xA2C5,     0xA2C6,     0xA2C7,     0xA2C8,
  /* U+2478 */    0xA2C9,     0xA2CA,     0xA2CB,     0xA2CC,     0xA2CD,     0xA2CE,     0xA2CF,     0xA2D0,
  /* U+2480 */    0xA2D1,     0xA2D2,     0xA2D3,     0xA2D4,     0xA2D5,     0xA2D6,     0xA2D7,     0xA2D8,
  /* U+2488 */    0xA2B1,     0xA2B2,     0xA2B3,     0xA2B4,     0xA2B5,     0xA2B6,     0xA2B7,     0xA2B8,
  /* U+2490 */    0xA2B9,     0xA2BA,     0xA2BB,     0xA2BC,     0xA2BD,     0xA2BE,     0xA2BF,     0xA2C0,
  /* U+2498 */    0xA2C1,     0xA2C2,     0xA2C3,     0xA2C4,     0x10C6,     0x10C7,     0x10C8,     0x10C9,
  /* U+24A0 */    0x10D0,     0x10D1,     0x10D2,     0x10D3,     0x10D4,     0x10D5,     0x10D6,     0x10D7,
  /* U+24A8 */    0x10D8,     0x10D9,     0x10E0,     0x10E1,     0x10E2,     0x10E3,     0x10E4,     0x10E5,
  /* U+24B0 */    0x10E6,     0x10E7,     0x10E8,     0x10E9,     0x10F0,     0x10F1,     0x10F2,     0x10F3,
  /* U+24B8 */    0x10F4,     0x10F5,     0x10F6,     0x10F7,     0x10F8,     0x10F9,     0x1100,     0x1101,
  /* U+24C0 */    0x1102,     0x1103,     0x1104,     0x1105,     0x1106,     0x1107,     0x1108,     0x1109,
  /* U+24C8 */    0x1110,     0x1111,     0x1112,     0x1113,     0x1114,     0x1115,     0x1116,     0x1117,
  /* U+24D0 */    0x1118,     0x1119,     0x1120,     0x1121,     0x1122,     0x1123,     0x1124,     0x1125,
  /* U+24D8 */    0x1126,     0x1127,     0x1128,     0x1129,     0x1130,     0x1131,     0x1132,     0x1133,
  /* U+24E0 */    0x1134,     0x1135,     0x1136,     0x1137,     0x1138,     0x1139,     0x1140,     0x1141,
  /* U+24E8 */    0x1142,     0x1143,     0x1144,     0x1145,     0x1146,     0x1147,     0x1148,     0x1149,
  /* U+24F0 */    0x1150,     0x1151,     0x1152,     0x1153,     0x1154,     0x1155,     0x1156,     0x1157,
  /* U+24F8 */    0x1158,     0x1159,     0x1160,     0x1161,     0x1162,     0x1163,     0x1164,     0x1165,
  /* U+2500 */    0xA9A4,     0xA9A5,     0xA9A6,     0xA9A7,     0xA9A8,     0xA9A9,     0xA9AA,     0xA9AB,
  /* U+2508 */    0xA9AC,     0xA9AD,     0xA9AE,     0xA9AF,     0xA9B0,     0xA9B1,     0xA9B2,     0xA9B3,
  /* U+2510 */    0xA9B4,     0xA9B5,     0xA9B6,     0xA9B7,     0xA9B8,     0xA9B9,     0xA9BA,     0xA9BB,
  /* U+2518 */    0xA9BC,     0xA9BD,     0xA9BE,     0xA9BF,     0xA9C0,     0xA9C1,     0xA9C2,     0xA9C3,
  /* U+2520 */    0xA9C4,     0xA9C5,     0xA9C6,     0xA9C7,     0xA9C8,     0xA9C9,     0xA9CA,     0xA9CB,
  /* U+2528 */    0xA9CC,     0xA9CD,     0xA9CE,     0xA9CF,     0xA9D0,     0xA9D1,     0xA9D2,     0xA9D3,
  /* U+2530 */    0xA9D4,     0xA9D5,     0xA9D6,     0xA9D7,     0xA9D8,     0xA9D9,     0xA9DA,     0xA9DB,
  /* U+2538 */    0xA9DC,     0xA9DD,     0xA9DE,     0xA9DF,     0xA9E0,     0xA9E1,     0xA9E2,     0xA9E3,
  /* U+2540 */    0xA9E4,     0xA9E5,     0xA9E6,     0xA9E7,     0xA9E8,     0xA9E9,     0xA9EA,     0xA9EB,
  /* U+2548 */    0xA9EC,     0xA9ED,     0xA9EE,     0xA9EF,     0x1166,     0x1167,     0x1168,     0x1169,
  /* U+2550 */    0xA854,     0xA855,     0xA856,     0xA857,     0xA858,     0xA859,     0xA85A,     0xA85B,
  /* U+2558 */    0xA85C,     0xA85D,     0xA85E,     0xA85F,     0xA860,     0xA861,     0xA862,     0xA863,
  /* U+2560 */    0xA864,     0xA865,     0xA866,     0xA867,     0xA868,     0xA869,     0xA86A,     0xA86B,
  /* U+2568 */    0xA86C,     0xA86D,     0xA86E,     0xA86F,     0xA870,     0xA871,     0xA872,     0xA873,
  /* U+2570 */    0xA874,     0xA875,     0xA876,     0xA877,     0x1170,     0x1171,     0x1172,     0x1173,
  /* U+2578 */    0x1174,     0x1175,     0x1176,     0x1177,     0x1178,     0x1179,     0x1180,     0x1181,
  /* U+2580 */    0x1182,     0xA878,     0xA879,     0xA87A,     0xA87B,     0xA87C,     0xA87D,     0xA87E,
  /* U+2588 */    0xA880,     0xA881,     0xA882,     0xA883,     0xA884,     0xA885,     0xA886,     0xA887,
  /* U+2590 */    0x1183,     0x1184,     0x1185,     0xA888,     0xA889,     0xA88A,     0x1186,     0x1187,
  /* U+2598 */    0x1188,     0x1189,     0x1190,     0x1191,     0x1192,     0x1193,     0x1194,     0x1195,
  /* U+25A0 */    0xA1F6,     0xA1F5,     0x1196,     0x1197,     0x1198,     0x1199,     0x11A0,     0x11A1,
  /* U+25A8 */    0x11A2,     0x11A3,     0x11A4,     0x11A5,     0x11A6,     0x11A7,     0x11A8,     0x11A9,
  /* U+25B0 */    0x11B0,     0x11B1,     0xA1F8,     0xA1F7,     0x11B2,     0x11B3,     0x11B4,     0x11B5,
  /* U+25B8 */    0x11B6,     0x11B7,     0x11B8,     0x11B9,     0xA88B,     0xA88C,     0x11C0,     0x11C1,
  /* U+25C0 */    0x11C2,     0x11C3,     0x11C4,     0x11C5,     0x11C6,     0x11C7,     0xA1F4,     0xA1F3,
  /* U+25C8 */    0x11C8,     0x11C9,     0x11D0,     0xA1F0,     0x11D1,     0x11D2,     0xA1F2,     0xA1F1,
  /* U+25D0 */    0x11D3,     0x11D4,     0x11D5,     0x11D6,     0x11D7,     0x11D8,     0x11D9,     0x11E0,
  /* U+25D8 */    0x11E1,     0x11E2,     0x11E3,     0x11E4,     0x11E5,     0x11E6,     0x11E7,     0x11E8,
  /* U+25E0 */    0x11E9,     0x11F0,     0xA88D,     0xA88E,     0xA88F,     0xA890,     0x11F1,     0x11F2,
  /* U+25E8 */    0x11F3,     0x11F4,     0x11F5,     0x11F6,     0x11F7,     0x11F8,     0x11F9,     0x1200,
  /* U+25F0 */    0x1201,     0x1202,     0x1203,     0x1204,     0x1205,     0x1206,     0x1207,     0x1208,
  /* U+25F8 */    0x1209,     0x1210,     0x1211,     0x1212,     0x1213,     0x1214,     0x1215,     0x1216,
  /* U+2600 */    0x1217,     0x1218,     0x1219,     0x1220,     0x1221,     0xA1EF,     0xA1EE,     0x1222,
  /* U+2608 */    0x1223,     0xA891,     0x1224,     0x1225,     0x1226,     0x1227,     0x1228,     0x1229,
  /* U+2610 */    0x1230,     0x1231,     0x1232,     0x1233,     0x1234,     0x1235,     0x1236,     0x1237,
  /* U+2618 */    0x1238,     0x1239,     0x1240,     0x1241,     0x1242,     0x1243,     0x1244,     0x1245,
  /* U+2620 */    0x1246,     0x1247,     0x1248,     0x1249,     0x1250,     0x1251,     0x1252,     0x1253,
  /* U+2628 */    0x1254,     0x1255,     0x1256,     0x1257,     0x1258,     0x1259,     0x1260,     0x1261,
  /* U+2630 */    0x1262,     0x1263,     0x1264,     0x1265,     0x1266,     0x1267,     0x1268,     0x1269,
  /* U+2638 */    0x1270,     0x1271,     0x1272,     0x1273,     0x1274,     0x1275,     0x1276,     0x1277,
  /* U+2640 */    0xA1E2,     0x1278,     0xA1E1,
  /* Contiguous area: U+2E81 .. U+361A */
  /* U+2E81 */          0xFE50,     0x1FC9,     0x1FD0,     0xFE54,     0x1FD1,     0x1FD2,     0x1FD3,
  /* U+2E88 */    0xFE57,     0x1FD4,     0x1FD5,     0xFE58,     0xFE5D,     0x1FD6,     0x1FD7,     0x1FD8,
  /* U+2E90 */    0x1FD9,     0x2000,     0x2001,     0x2002,     0x2003,     0x2004,     0x2005,     0xFE5E,
  /* U+2E98 */    0x2006,     0x2007,     0x2008,     0x2009,     0x2010,     0x2011,     0x2012,     0x2013,
  /* U+2EA0 */    0x2014,     0x2015,     0x2016,     0x2017,     0x2018,     0x2019,     0x2020,     0xFE6B,
  /* U+2EA8 */    0x2021,     0x2022,     0xFE6E,     0x2023,     0x2024,     0x2025,     0xFE71,     0x2026,
  /* U+2EB0 */    0x2027,     0x2028,     0x2029,     0xFE73,     0x2030,     0x2031,     0xFE74,     0xFE75,
  /* U+2EB8 */    0x2032,     0x2033,     0x2034,     0xFE79,     0x2035,     0x2036,     0x2037,     0x2038,
  /* U+2EC0 */    0x2039,     0x2040,     0x2041,     0x2042,     0x2043,     0x2044,     0x2045,     0x2046,
  /* U+2EC8 */    0x2047,     0x2048,     0xFE84,     0x2049,     0x2050,     0x2051,     0x2052,     0x2053,
  /* U+2ED0 */    0x2054,     0x2055,     0x2056,     0x2057,     0x2058,     0x2059,     0x2060,     0x2061,
  /* U+2ED8 */    0x2062,     0x2063,     0x2064,     0x2065,     0x2066,     0x2067,     0x2068,     0x2069,
  /* U+2EE0 */    0x2070,     0x2071,     0x2072,     0x2073,     0x2074,     0x2075,     0x2076,     0x2077,
  /* U+2EE8 */    0x2078,     0x2079,     0x2080,     0x2081,     0x2082,     0x2083,     0x2084,     0x2085,
  /* U+2EF0 */    0x2086,     0x2087,     0x2088,     0x2089,     0x2090,     0x2091,     0x2092,     0x2093,
  /* U+2EF8 */    0x2094,     0x2095,     0x2096,     0x2097,     0x2098,     0x2099,     0x20A0,     0x20A1,
  /* U+2F00 */    0x20A2,     0x20A3,     0x20A4,     0x20A5,     0x20A6,     0x20A7,     0x20A8,     0x20A9,
  /* U+2F08 */    0x20B0,     0x20B1,     0x20B2,     0x20B3,     0x20B4,     0x20B5,     0x20B6,     0x20B7,
  /* U+2F10 */    0x20B8,     0x20B9,     0x20C0,     0x20C1,     0x20C2,     0x20C3,     0x20C4,     0x20C5,
  /* U+2F18 */    0x20C6,     0x20C7,     0x20C8,     0x20C9,     0x20D0,     0x20D1,     0x20D2,     0x20D3,
  /* U+2F20 */    0x20D4,     0x20D5,     0x20D6,     0x20D7,     0x20D8,     0x20D9,     0x20E0,     0x20E1,
  /* U+2F28 */    0x20E2,     0x20E3,     0x20E4,     0x20E5,     0x20E6,     0x20E7,     0x20E8,     0x20E9,
  /* U+2F30 */    0x20F0,     0x20F1,     0x20F2,     0x20F3,     0x20F4,     0x20F5,     0x20F6,     0x20F7,
  /* U+2F38 */    0x20F8,     0x20F9,     0x2100,     0x2101,     0x2102,     0x2103,     0x2104,     0x2105,
  /* U+2F40 */    0x2106,     0x2107,     0x2108,     0x2109,     0x2110,     0x2111,     0x2112,     0x2113,
  /* U+2F48 */    0x2114,     0x2115,     0x2116,     0x2117,     0x2118,     0x2119,     0x2120,     0x2121,
  /* U+2F50 */    0x2122,     0x2123,     0x2124,     0x2125,     0x2126,     0x2127,     0x2128,     0x2129,
  /* U+2F58 */    0x2130,     0x2131,     0x2132,     0x2133,     0x2134,     0x2135,     0x2136,     0x2137,
  /* U+2F60 */    0x2138,     0x2139,     0x2140,     0x2141,     0x2142,     0x2143,     0x2144,     0x2145,
  /* U+2F68 */    0x2146,     0x2147,     0x2148,     0x2149,     0x2150,     0x2151,     0x2152,     0x2153,
  /* U+2F70 */    0x2154,     0x2155,     0x2156,     0x2157,     0x2158,     0x2159,     0x2160,     0x2161,
  /* U+2F78 */    0x2162,     0x2163,     0x2164,     0x2165,     0x2166,     0x2167,     0x2168,     0x2169,
  /* U+2F80 */    0x2170,     0x2171,     0x2172,     0x2173,     0x2174,     0x2175,     0x2176,     0x2177,
  /* U+2F88 */    0x2178,     0x2179,     0x2180,     0x2181,     0x2182,     0x2183,     0x2184,     0x2185,
  /* U+2F90 */    0x2186,     0x2187,     0x2188,     0x2189,     0x2190,     0x2191,     0x2192,     0x2193,
  /* U+2F98 */    0x2194,     0x2195,     0x2196,     0x2197,     0x2198,     0x2199,     0x21A0,     0x21A1,
  /* U+2FA0 */    0x21A2,     0x21A3,     0x21A4,     0x21A5,     0x21A6,     0x21A7,     0x21A8,     0x21A9,
  /* U+2FA8 */    0x21B0,     0x21B1,     0x21B2,     0x21B3,     0x21B4,     0x21B5,     0x21B6,     0x21B7,
  /* U+2FB0 */    0x21B8,     0x21B9,     0x21C0,     0x21C1,     0x21C2,     0x21C3,     0x21C4,     0x21C5,
  /* U+2FB8 */    0x21C6,     0x21C7,     0x21C8,     0x21C9,     0x21D0,     0x21D1,     0x21D2,     0x21D3,
  /* U+2FC0 */    0x21D4,     0x21D5,     0x21D6,     0x21D7,     0x21D8,     0x21D9,     0x21E0,     0x21E1,
  /* U+2FC8 */    0x21E2,     0x21E3,     0x21E4,     0x21E5,     0x21E6,     0x21E7,     0x21E8,     0x21E9,
  /* U+2FD0 */    0x21F0,     0x21F1,     0x21F2,     0x21F3,     0x21F4,     0x21F5,     0x21F6,     0x21F7,
  /* U+2FD8 */    0x21F8,     0x21F9,     0x2200,     0x2201,     0x2202,     0x2203,     0x2204,     0x2205,
  /* U+2FE0 */    0x2206,     0x2207,     0x2208,     0x2209,     0x2210,     0x2211,     0x2212,     0x2213,
  /* U+2FE8 */    0x2214,     0x2215,     0x2216,     0x2217,     0x2218,     0x2219,     0x2220,     0x2221,
  /* U+2FF0 */    0xA98A,     0xA98B,     0xA98C,     0xA98D,     0xA98E,     0xA98F,     0xA990,     0xA991,
  /* U+2FF8 */    0xA992,     0xA993,     0xA994,     0xA995,     0x2222,     0x2223,     0x2224,     0x2225,
  /* U+3000 */    0xA1A1,     0xA1A2,     0xA1A3,     0xA1A8,     0x2226,     0xA1A9,     0xA965,     0xA996,
  /* U+3008 */    0xA1B4,     0xA1B5,     0xA1B6,     0xA1B7,     0xA1B8,     0xA1B9,     0xA1BA,     0xA1BB,
  /* U+3010 */    0xA1BE,     0xA1BF,     0xA893,     0xA1FE,     0xA1B2,     0xA1B3,     0xA1BC,     0xA1BD,
  /* U+3018 */    0x2227,     0x2228,     0x2229,     0x2230,     0x2231,     0xA894,     0xA895,     0x2232,
  /* U+3020 */    0x2233,     0xA940,     0xA941,     0xA942,     0xA943,     0xA944,     0xA945,     0xA946,
  /* U+3028 */    0xA947,     0xA948,     0x2234,     0x2235,     0x2236,     0x2237,     0x2238,     0x2239,
  /* U+3030 */    0x2240,     0x2241,     0x2242,     0x2243,     0x2244,     0x2245,     0x2246,     0x2247,
  /* U+3038 */    0x2248,     0x2249,     0x2250,     0x2251,     0x2252,     0x2253,     0xA989,     0x2254,
  /* U+3040 */    0x2255,     0xA4A1,     0xA4A2,     0xA4A3,     0xA4A4,     0xA4A5,     0xA4A6,     0xA4A7,
  /* U+3048 */    0xA4A8,     0xA4A9,     0xA4AA,     0xA4AB,     0xA4AC,     0xA4AD,     0xA4AE,     0xA4AF,
  /* U+3050 */    0xA4B0,     0xA4B1,     0xA4B2,     0xA4B3,     0xA4B4,     0xA4B5,     0xA4B6,     0xA4B7,
  /* U+3058 */    0xA4B8,     0xA4B9,     0xA4BA,     0xA4BB,     0xA4BC,     0xA4BD,     0xA4BE,     0xA4BF,
  /* U+3060 */    0xA4C0,     0xA4C1,     0xA4C2,     0xA4C3,     0xA4C4,     0xA4C5,     0xA4C6,     0xA4C7,
  /* U+3068 */    0xA4C8,     0xA4C9,     0xA4CA,     0xA4CB,     0xA4CC,     0xA4CD,     0xA4CE,     0xA4CF,
  /* U+3070 */    0xA4D0,     0xA4D1,     0xA4D2,     0xA4D3,     0xA4D4,     0xA4D5,     0xA4D6,     0xA4D7,
  /* U+3078 */    0xA4D8,     0xA4D9,     0xA4DA,     0xA4DB,     0xA4DC,     0xA4DD,     0xA4DE,     0xA4DF,
  /* U+3080 */    0xA4E0,     0xA4E1,     0xA4E2,     0xA4E3,     0xA4E4,     0xA4E5,     0xA4E6,     0xA4E7,
  /* U+3088 */    0xA4E8,     0xA4E9,     0xA4EA,     0xA4EB,     0xA4EC,     0xA4ED,     0xA4EE,     0xA4EF,
  /* U+3090 */    0xA4F0,     0xA4F1,     0xA4F2,     0xA4F3,     0x2256,     0x2257,     0x2258,     0x2259,
  /* U+3098 */    0x2260,     0x2261,     0x2262,     0xA961,     0xA962,     0xA966,     0xA967,     0x2263,
  /* U+30A0 */    0x2264,     0xA5A1,     0xA5A2,     0xA5A3,     0xA5A4,     0xA5A5,     0xA5A6,     0xA5A7,
  /* U+30A8 */    0xA5A8,     0xA5A9,     0xA5AA,     0xA5AB,     0xA5AC,     0xA5AD,     0xA5AE,     0xA5AF,
  /* U+30B0 */    0xA5B0,     0xA5B1,     0xA5B2,     0xA5B3,     0xA5B4,     0xA5B5,     0xA5B6,     0xA5B7,
  /* U+30B8 */    0xA5B8,     0xA5B9,     0xA5BA,     0xA5BB,     0xA5BC,     0xA5BD,     0xA5BE,     0xA5BF,
  /* U+30C0 */    0xA5C0,     0xA5C1,     0xA5C2,     0xA5C3,     0xA5C4,     0xA5C5,     0xA5C6,     0xA5C7,
  /* U+30C8 */    0xA5C8,     0xA5C9,     0xA5CA,     0xA5CB,     0xA5CC,     0xA5CD,     0xA5CE,     0xA5CF,
  /* U+30D0 */    0xA5D0,     0xA5D1,     0xA5D2,     0xA5D3,     0xA5D4,     0xA5D5,     0xA5D6,     0xA5D7,
  /* U+30D8 */    0xA5D8,     0xA5D9,     0xA5DA,     0xA5DB,     0xA5DC,     0xA5DD,     0xA5DE,     0xA5DF,
  /* U+30E0 */    0xA5E0,     0xA5E1,     0xA5E2,     0xA5E3,     0xA5E4,     0xA5E5,     0xA5E6,     0xA5E7,
  /* U+30E8 */    0xA5E8,     0xA5E9,     0xA5EA,     0xA5EB,     0xA5EC,     0xA5ED,     0xA5EE,     0xA5EF,
  /* U+30F0 */    0xA5F0,     0xA5F1,     0xA5F2,     0xA5F3,     0xA5F4,     0xA5F5,     0xA5F6,     0x2265,
  /* U+30F8 */    0x2266,     0x2267,     0x2268,     0x2269,     0xA960,     0xA963,     0xA964,     0x2270,
  /* U+3100 */    0x2271,     0x2272,     0x2273,     0x2274,     0x2275,     0xA8C5,     0xA8C6,     0xA8C7,
  /* U+3108 */    0xA8C8,     0xA8C9,     0xA8CA,     0xA8CB,     0xA8CC,     0xA8CD,     0xA8CE,     0xA8CF,
  /* U+3110 */    0xA8D0,     0xA8D1,     0xA8D2,     0xA8D3,     0xA8D4,     0xA8D5,     0xA8D6,     0xA8D7,
  /* U+3118 */    0xA8D8,     0xA8D9,     0xA8DA,     0xA8DB,     0xA8DC,     0xA8DD,     0xA8DE,     0xA8DF,
  /* U+3120 */    0xA8E0,     0xA8E1,     0xA8E2,     0xA8E3,     0xA8E4,     0xA8E5,     0xA8E6,     0xA8E7,
  /* U+3128 */    0xA8E8,     0xA8E9,     0x2276,     0x2277,     0x2278,     0x2279,     0x2280,     0x2281,
  /* U+3130 */    0x2282,     0x2283,     0x2284,     0x2285,     0x2286,     0x2287,     0x2288,     0x2289,
  /* U+3138 */    0x2290,     0x2291,     0x2292,     0x2293,     0x2294,     0x2295,     0x2296,     0x2297,
  /* U+3140 */    0x2298,     0x2299,     0x22A0,     0x22A1,     0x22A2,     0x22A3,     0x22A4,     0x22A5,
  /* U+3148 */    0x22A6,     0x22A7,     0x22A8,     0x22A9,     0x22B0,     0x22B1,     0x22B2,     0x22B3,
  /* U+3150 */    0x22B4,     0x22B5,     0x22B6,     0x22B7,     0x22B8,     0x22B9,     0x22C0,     0x22C1,
  /* U+3158 */    0x22C2,     0x22C3,     0x22C4,     0x22C5,     0x22C6,     0x22C7,     0x22C8,     0x22C9,
  /* U+3160 */    0x22D0,     0x22D1,     0x22D2,     0x22D3,     0x22D4,     0x22D5,     0x22D6,     0x22D7,
  /* U+3168 */    0x22D8,     0x22D9,     0x22E0,     0x22E1,     0x22E2,     0x22E3,     0x22E4,     0x22E5,
  /* U+3170 */    0x22E6,     0x22E7,     0x22E8,     0x22E9,     0x22F0,     0x22F1,     0x22F2,     0x22F3,
  /* U+3178 */    0x22F4,     0x22F5,     0x22F6,     0x22F7,     0x22F8,     0x22F9,     0x2300,     0x2301,
  /* U+3180 */    0x2302,     0x2303,     0x2304,     0x2305,     0x2306,     0x2307,     0x2308,     0x2309,
  /* U+3188 */    0x2310,     0x2311,     0x2312,     0x2313,     0x2314,     0x2315,     0x2316,     0x2317,
  /* U+3190 */    0x2318,     0x2319,     0x2320,     0x2321,     0x2322,     0x2323,     0x2324,     0x2325,
  /* U+3198 */    0x2326,     0x2327,     0x2328,     0x2329,     0x2330,     0x2331,     0x2332,     0x2333,
  /* U+31A0 */    0x2334,     0x2335,     0x2336,     0x2337,     0x2338,     0x2339,     0x2340,     0x2341,
  /* U+31A8 */    0x2342,     0x2343,     0x2344,     0x2345,     0x2346,     0x2347,     0x2348,     0x2349,
  /* U+31B0 */    0x2350,     0x2351,     0x2352,     0x2353,     0x2354,     0x2355,     0x2356,     0x2357,
  /* U+31B8 */    0x2358,     0x2359,     0x2360,     0x2361,     0x2362,     0x2363,     0x2364,     0x2365,
  /* U+31C0 */    0x2366,     0x2367,     0x2368,     0x2369,     0x2370,     0x2371,     0x2372,     0x2373,
  /* U+31C8 */    0x2374,     0x2375,     0x2376,     0x2377,     0x2378,     0x2379,     0x2380,     0x2381,
  /* U+31D0 */    0x2382,     0x2383,     0x2384,     0x2385,     0x2386,     0x2387,     0x2388,     0x2389,
  /* U+31D8 */    0x2390,     0x2391,     0x2392,     0x2393,     0x2394,     0x2395,     0x2396,     0x2397,
  /* U+31E0 */    0x2398,     0x2399,     0x23A0,     0x23A1,     0x23A2,     0x23A3,     0x23A4,     0x23A5,
  /* U+31E8 */    0x23A6,     0x23A7,     0x23A8,     0x23A9,     0x23B0,     0x23B1,     0x23B2,     0x23B3,
  /* U+31F0 */    0x23B4,     0x23B5,     0x23B6,     0x23B7,     0x23B8,     0x23B9,     0x23C0,     0x23C1,
  /* U+31F8 */    0x23C2,     0x23C3,     0x23C4,     0x23C5,     0x23C6,     0x23C7,     0x23C8,     0x23C9,
  /* U+3200 */    0x23D0,     0x23D1,     0x23D2,     0x23D3,     0x23D4,     0x23D5,     0x23D6,     0x23D7,
  /* U+3208 */    0x23D8,     0x23D9,     0x23E0,     0x23E1,     0x23E2,     0x23E3,     0x23E4,     0x23E5,
  /* U+3210 */    0x23E6,     0x23E7,     0x23E8,     0x23E9,     0x23F0,     0x23F1,     0x23F2,     0x23F3,
  /* U+3218 */    0x23F4,     0x23F5,     0x23F6,     0x23F7,     0x23F8,     0x23F9,     0x2400,     0x2401,
  /* U+3220 */    0xA2E5,     0xA2E6,     0xA2E7,     0xA2E8,     0xA2E9,     0xA2EA,     0xA2EB,     0xA2EC,
  /* U+3228 */    0xA2ED,     0xA2EE,     0x2402,     0x2403,     0x2404,     0x2405,     0x2406,     0x2407,
  /* U+3230 */    0x2408,     0xA95A,     0x2409,     0x2410,     0x2411,     0x2412,     0x2413,     0x2414,
  /* U+3238 */    0x2415,     0x2416,     0x2417,     0x2418,     0x2419,     0x2420,     0x2421,     0x2422,
  /* U+3240 */    0x2423,     0x2424,     0x2425,     0x2426,     0x2427,     0x2428,     0x2429,     0x2430,
  /* U+3248 */    0x2431,     0x2432,     0x2433,     0x2434,     0x2435,     0x2436,     0x2437,     0x2438,
  /* U+3250 */    0x2439,     0x2440,     0x2441,     0x2442,     0x2443,     0x2444,     0x2445,     0x2446,
  /* U+3258 */    0x2447,     0x2448,     0x2449,     0x2450,     0x2451,     0x2452,     0x2453,     0x2454,
  /* U+3260 */    0x2455,     0x2456,     0x2457,     0x2458,     0x2459,     0x2460,     0x2461,     0x2462,
  /* U+3268 */    0x2463,     0x2464,     0x2465,     0x2466,     0x2467,     0x2468,     0x2469,     0x2470,
  /* U+3270 */    0x2471,     0x2472,     0x2473,     0x2474,     0x2475,     0x2476,     0x2477,     0x2478,
  /* U+3278 */    0x2479,     0x2480,     0x2481,     0x2482,     0x2483,     0x2484,     0x2485,     0x2486,
  /* U+3280 */    0x2487,     0x2488,     0x2489,     0x2490,     0x2491,     0x2492,     0x2493,     0x2494,
  /* U+3288 */    0x2495,     0x2496,     0x2497,     0x2498,     0x2499,     0x24A0,     0x24A1,     0x24A2,
  /* U+3290 */    0x24A3,     0x24A4,     0x24A5,     0x24A6,     0x24A7,     0x24A8,     0x24A9,     0x24B0,
  /* U+3298 */    0x24B1,     0x24B2,     0x24B3,     0x24B4,     0x24B5,     0x24B6,     0x24B7,     0x24B8,
  /* U+32A0 */    0x24B9,     0x24C0,     0x24C1,     0xA949,     0x24C2,     0x24C3,     0x24C4,     0x24C5,
  /* U+32A8 */    0x24C6,     0x24C7,     0x24C8,     0x24C9,     0x24D0,     0x24D1,     0x24D2,     0x24D3,
  /* U+32B0 */    0x24D4,     0x24D5,     0x24D6,     0x24D7,     0x24D8,     0x24D9,     0x24E0,     0x24E1,
  /* U+32B8 */    0x24E2,     0x24E3,     0x24E4,     0x24E5,     0x24E6,     0x24E7,     0x24E8,     0x24E9,
  /* U+32C0 */    0x24F0,     0x24F1,     0x24F2,     0x24F3,     0x24F4,     0x24F5,     0x24F6,     0x24F7,
  /* U+32C8 */    0x24F8,     0x24F9,     0x2500,     0x2501,     0x2502,     0x2503,     0x2504,     0x2505,
  /* U+32D0 */    0x2506,     0x2507,     0x2508,     0x2509,     0x2510,     0x2511,     0x2512,     0x2513,
  /* U+32D8 */    0x2514,     0x2515,     0x2516,     0x2517,     0x2518,     0x2519,     0x2520,     0x2521,
  /* U+32E0 */    0x2522,     0x2523,     0x2524,     0x2525,     0x2526,     0x2527,     0x2528,     0x2529,
  /* U+32E8 */    0x2530,     0x2531,     0x2532,     0x2533,     0x2534,     0x2535,     0x2536,     0x2537,
  /* U+32F0 */    0x2538,     0x2539,     0x2540,     0x2541,     0x2542,     0x2543,     0x2544,     0x2545,
  /* U+32F8 */    0x2546,     0x2547,     0x2548,     0x2549,     0x2550,     0x2551,     0x2552,     0x2553,
  /* U+3300 */    0x2554,     0x2555,     0x2556,     0x2557,     0x2558,     0x2559,     0x2560,     0x2561,
  /* U+3308 */    0x2562,     0x2563,     0x2564,     0x2565,     0x2566,     0x2567,     0x2568,     0x2569,
  /* U+3310 */    0x2570,     0x2571,     0x2572,     0x2573,     0x2574,     0x2575,     0x2576,     0x2577,
  /* U+3318 */    0x2578,     0x2579,     0x2580,     0x2581,     0x2582,     0x2583,     0x2584,     0x2585,
  /* U+3320 */    0x2586,     0x2587,     0x2588,     0x2589,     0x2590,     0x2591,     0x2592,     0x2593,
  /* U+3328 */    0x2594,     0x2595,     0x2596,     0x2597,     0x2598,     0x2599,     0x25A0,     0x25A1,
  /* U+3330 */    0x25A2,     0x25A3,     0x25A4,     0x25A5,     0x25A6,     0x25A7,     0x25A8,     0x25A9,
  /* U+3338 */    0x25B0,     0x25B1,     0x25B2,     0x25B3,     0x25B4,     0x25B5,     0x25B6,     0x25B7,
  /* U+3340 */    0x25B8,     0x25B9,     0x25C0,     0x25C1,     0x25C2,     0x25C3,     0x25C4,     0x25C5,
  /* U+3348 */    0x25C6,     0x25C7,     0x25C8,     0x25C9,     0x25D0,     0x25D1,     0x25D2,     0x25D3,
  /* U+3350 */    0x25D4,     0x25D5,     0x25D6,     0x25D7,     0x25D8,     0x25D9,     0x25E0,     0x25E1,
  /* U+3358 */    0x25E2,     0x25E3,     0x25E4,     0x25E5,     0x25E6,     0x25E7,     0x25E8,     0x25E9,
  /* U+3360 */    0x25F0,     0x25F1,     0x25F2,     0x25F3,     0x25F4,     0x25F5,     0x25F6,     0x25F7,
  /* U+3368 */    0x25F8,     0x25F9,     0x2600,     0x2601,     0x2602,     0x2603,     0x2604,     0x2605,
  /* U+3370 */    0x2606,     0x2607,     0x2608,     0x2609,     0x2610,     0x2611,     0x2612,     0x2613,
  /* U+3378 */    0x2614,     0x2615,     0x2616,     0x2617,     0x2618,     0x2619,     0x2620,     0x2621,
  /* U+3380 */    0x2622,     0x2623,     0x2624,     0x2625,     0x2626,     0x2627,     0x2628,     0x2629,
  /* U+3388 */    0x2630,     0x2631,     0x2632,     0x2633,     0x2634,     0x2635,     0xA94A,     0xA94B,
  /* U+3390 */    0x2636,     0x2637,     0x2638,     0x2639,     0x2640,     0x2641,     0x2642,     0x2643,
  /* U+3398 */    0x2644,     0x2645,     0x2646,     0x2647,     0xA94C,     0xA94D,     0xA94E,     0x2648,
  /* U+33A0 */    0x2649,     0xA94F,     0x2650,     0x2651,     0x2652,     0x2653,     0x2654,     0x2655,
  /* U+33A8 */    0x2656,     0x2657,     0x2658,     0x2659,     0x2660,     0x2661,     0x2662,     0x2663,
  /* U+33B0 */    0x2664,     0x2665,     0x2666,     0x2667,     0x2668,     0x2669,     0x2670,     0x2671,
  /* U+33B8 */    0x2672,     0x2673,     0x2674,     0x2675,     0x2676,     0x2677,     0x2678,     0x2679,
  /* U+33C0 */    0x2680,     0x2681,     0x2682,     0x2683,     0xA950,     0x2684,     0x2685,     0x2686,
  /* U+33C8 */    0x2687,     0x2688,     0x2689,     0x2690,     0x2691,     0x2692,     0xA951,     0x2693,
  /* U+33D0 */    0x2694,     0xA952,     0xA953,     0x2695,     0x2696,     0xA954,     0x2697,     0x2698,
  /* U+33D8 */    0x2699,     0x26A0,     0x26A1,     0x26A2,     0x26A3,     0x26A4,     0x26A5,     0x26A6,
  /* U+33E0 */    0x26A7,     0x26A8,     0x26A9,     0x26B0,     0x26B1,     0x26B2,     0x26B3,     0x26B4,
  /* U+33E8 */    0x26B5,     0x26B6,     0x26B7,     0x26B8,     0x26B9,     0x26C0,     0x26C1,     0x26C2,
  /* U+33F0 */    0x26C3,     0x26C4,     0x26C5,     0x26C6,     0x26C7,     0x26C8,     0x26C9,     0x26D0,
  /* U+33F8 */    0x26D1,     0x26D2,     0x26D3,     0x26D4,     0x26D5,     0x26D6,     0x26D7,     0x26D8,
  /* U+3400 */    0x26D9,     0x26E0,     0x26E1,     0x26E2,     0x26E3,     0x26E4,     0x26E5,     0x26E6,
  /* U+3408 */    0x26E7,     0x26E8,     0x26E9,     0x26F0,     0x26F1,     0x26F2,     0x26F3,     0x26F4,
  /* U+3410 */    0x26F5,     0x26F6,     0x26F7,     0x26F8,     0x26F9,     0x2700,     0x2701,     0x2702,
  /* U+3418 */    0x2703,     0x2704,     0x2705,     0x2706,     0x2707,     0x2708,     0x2709,     0x2710,
  /* U+3420 */    0x2711,     0x2712,     0x2713,     0x2714,     0x2715,     0x2716,     0x2717,     0x2718,
  /* U+3428 */    0x2719,     0x2720,     0x2721,     0x2722,     0x2723,     0x2724,     0x2725,     0x2726,
  /* U+3430 */    0x2727,     0x2728,     0x2729,     0x2730,     0x2731,     0x2732,     0x2733,     0x2734,
  /* U+3438 */    0x2735,     0x2736,     0x2737,     0x2738,     0x2739,     0x2740,     0x2741,     0x2742,
  /* U+3440 */    0x2743,     0x2744,     0x2745,     0x2746,     0x2747,     0x2748,     0x2749,     0xFE56,
  /* U+3448 */    0x2750,     0x2751,     0x2752,     0x2753,     0x2754,     0x2755,     0x2756,     0x2757,
  /* U+3450 */    0x2758,     0x2759,     0x2760,     0x2761,     0x2762,     0x2763,     0x2764,     0x2765,
  /* U+3458 */    0x2766,     0x2767,     0x2768,     0x2769,     0x2770,     0x2771,     0x2772,     0x2773,
  /* U+3460 */    0x2774,     0x2775,     0x2776,     0x2777,     0x2778,     0x2779,     0x2780,     0x2781,
  /* U+3468 */    0x2782,     0x2783,     0x2784,     0x2785,     0x2786,     0x2787,     0x2788,     0x2789,
  /* U+3470 */    0x2790,     0x2791,     0x2792,     0xFE55,     0x2793,     0x2794,     0x2795,     0x2796,
  /* U+3478 */    0x2797,     0x2798,     0x2799,     0x27A0,     0x27A1,     0x27A2,     0x27A3,     0x27A4,
  /* U+3480 */    0x27A5,     0x27A6,     0x27A7,     0x27A8,     0x27A9,     0x27B0,     0x27B1,     0x27B2,
  /* U+3488 */    0x27B3,     0x27B4,     0x27B5,     0x27B6,     0x27B7,     0x27B8,     0x27B9,     0x27C0,
  /* U+3490 */    0x27C1,     0x27C2,     0x27C3,     0x27C4,     0x27C5,     0x27C6,     0x27C7,     0x27C8,
  /* U+3498 */    0x27C9,     0x27D0,     0x27D1,     0x27D2,     0x27D3,     0x27D4,     0x27D5,     0x27D6,
  /* U+34A0 */    0x27D7,     0x27D8,     0x27D9,     0x3000,     0x3001,     0x3002,     0x3003,     0x3004,
  /* U+34A8 */    0x3005,     0x3006,     0x3007,     0x3008,     0x3009,     0x3010,     0x3011,     0x3012,
  /* U+34B0 */    0x3013,     0x3014,     0x3015,     0x3016,     0x3017,     0x3018,     0x3019,     0x3020,
  /* U+34B8 */    0x3021,     0x3022,     0x3023,     0x3024,     0x3025,     0x3026,     0x3027,     0x3028,
  /* U+34C0 */    0x3029,     0x3030,     0x3031,     0x3032,     0x3033,     0x3034,     0x3035,     0x3036,
  /* U+34C8 */    0x3037,     0x3038,     0x3039,     0x3040,     0x3041,     0x3042,     0x3043,     0x3044,
  /* U+34D0 */    0x3045,     0x3046,     0x3047,     0x3048,     0x3049,     0x3050,     0x3051,     0x3052,
  /* U+34D8 */    0x3053,     0x3054,     0x3055,     0x3056,     0x3057,     0x3058,     0x3059,     0x3060,
  /* U+34E0 */    0x3061,     0x3062,     0x3063,     0x3064,     0x3065,     0x3066,     0x3067,     0x3068,
  /* U+34E8 */    0x3069,     0x3070,     0x3071,     0x3072,     0x3073,     0x3074,     0x3075,     0x3076,
  /* U+34F0 */    0x3077,     0x3078,     0x3079,     0x3080,     0x3081,     0x3082,     0x3083,     0x3084,
  /* U+34F8 */    0x3085,     0x3086,     0x3087,     0x3088,     0x3089,     0x3090,     0x3091,     0x3092,
  /* U+3500 */    0x3093,     0x3094,     0x3095,     0x3096,     0x3097,     0x3098,     0x3099,     0x30A0,
  /* U+3508 */    0x30A1,     0x30A2,     0x30A3,     0x30A4,     0x30A5,     0x30A6,     0x30A7,     0x30A8,
  /* U+3510 */    0x30A9,     0x30B0,     0x30B1,     0x30B2,     0x30B3,     0x30B4,     0x30B5,     0x30B6,
  /* U+3518 */    0x30B7,     0x30B8,     0x30B9,     0x30C0,     0x30C1,     0x30C2,     0x30C3,     0x30C4,
  /* U+3520 */    0x30C5,     0x30C6,     0x30C7,     0x30C8,     0x30C9,     0x30D0,     0x30D1,     0x30D2,
  /* U+3528 */    0x30D3,     0x30D4,     0x30D5,     0x30D6,     0x30D7,     0x30D8,     0x30D9,     0x30E0,
  /* U+3530 */    0x30E1,     0x30E2,     0x30E3,     0x30E4,     0x30E5,     0x30E6,     0x30E7,     0x30E8,
  /* U+3538 */    0x30E9,     0x30F0,     0x30F1,     0x30F2,     0x30F3,     0x30F4,     0x30F5,     0x30F6,
  /* U+3540 */    0x30F7,     0x30F8,     0x30F9,     0x3100,     0x3101,     0x3102,     0x3103,     0x3104,
  /* U+3548 */    0x3105,     0x3106,     0x3107,     0x3108,     0x3109,     0x3110,     0x3111,     0x3112,
  /* U+3550 */    0x3113,     0x3114,     0x3115,     0x3116,     0x3117,     0x3118,     0x3119,     0x3120,
  /* U+3558 */    0x3121,     0x3122,     0x3123,     0x3124,     0x3125,     0x3126,     0x3127,     0x3128,
  /* U+3560 */    0x3129,     0x3130,     0x3131,     0x3132,     0x3133,     0x3134,     0x3135,     0x3136,
  /* U+3568 */    0x3137,     0x3138,     0x3139,     0x3140,     0x3141,     0x3142,     0x3143,     0x3144,
  /* U+3570 */    0x3145,     0x3146,     0x3147,     0x3148,     0x3149,     0x3150,     0x3151,     0x3152,
  /* U+3578 */    0x3153,     0x3154,     0x3155,     0x3156,     0x3157,     0x3158,     0x3159,     0x3160,
  /* U+3580 */    0x3161,     0x3162,     0x3163,     0x3164,     0x3165,     0x3166,     0x3167,     0x3168,
  /* U+3588 */    0x3169,     0x3170,     0x3171,     0x3172,     0x3173,     0x3174,     0x3175,     0x3176,
  /* U+3590 */    0x3177,     0x3178,     0x3179,     0x3180,     0x3181,     0x3182,     0x3183,     0x3184,
  /* U+3598 */    0x3185,     0x3186,     0x3187,     0x3188,     0x3189,     0x3190,     0xFE5A,     0x3191,
  /* U+35A0 */    0x3192,     0x3193,     0x3194,     0x3195,     0x3196,     0x3197,     0x3198,     0x3199,
  /* U+35A8 */    0x31A0,     0x31A1,     0x31A2,     0x31A3,     0x31A4,     0x31A5,     0x31A6,     0x31A7,
  /* U+35B0 */    0x31A8,     0x31A9,     0x31B0,     0x31B1,     0x31B2,     0x31B3,     0x31B4,     0x31B5,
  /* U+35B8 */    0x31B6,     0x31B7,     0x31B8,     0x31B9,     0x31C0,     0x31C1,     0x31C2,     0x31C3,
  /* U+35C0 */    0x31C4,     0x31C5,     0x31C6,     0x31C7,     0x31C8,     0x31C9,     0x31D0,     0x31D1,
  /* U+35C8 */    0x31D2,     0x31D3,     0x31D4,     0x31D5,     0x31D6,     0x31D7,     0x31D8,     0x31D9,
  /* U+35D0 */    0x31E0,     0x31E1,     0x31E2,     0x31E3,     0x31E4,     0x31E5,     0x31E6,     0x31E7,
  /* U+35D8 */    0x31E8,     0x31E9,     0x31F0,     0x31F1,     0x31F2,     0x31F3,     0x31F4,     0x31F5,
  /* U+35E0 */    0x31F6,     0x31F7,     0x31F8,     0x31F9,     0x3200,     0x3201,     0x3202,     0x3203,
  /* U+35E8 */    0x3204,     0x3205,     0x3206,     0x3207,     0x3208,     0x3209,     0x3210,     0x3211,
  /* U+35F0 */    0x3212,     0x3213,     0x3214,     0x3215,     0x3216,     0x3217,     0x3218,     0x3219,
  /* U+35F8 */    0x3220,     0x3221,     0x3222,     0x3223,     0x3224,     0x3225,     0x3226,     0x3227,
  /* U+3600 */    0x3228,     0x3229,     0x3230,     0x3231,     0x3232,     0x3233,     0x3234,     0x3235,
  /* U+3608 */    0x3236,     0x3237,     0x3238,     0x3239,     0x3240,     0x3241,     0xFE5C,     0x3242,
  /* U+3610 */    0x3243,     0x3244,     0x3245,     0x3246,     0x3247,     0x3248,     0x3249,     0x3250,
  /* U+3618 */    0x3251,     0x3252,     0xFE5B,
  /* Contiguous area: U+3918 .. U+3CE0 */
  /* U+3918 */    0xFE60,     0x3718,     0x3719,     0x3720,     0x3721,     0x3722,     0x3723,     0x3724,
  /* U+3920 */    0x3725,     0x3726,     0x3727,     0x3728,     0x3729,     0x3730,     0x3731,     0x3732,
  /* U+3928 */    0x3733,     0x3734,     0x3735,     0x3736,     0x3737,     0x3738,     0x3739,     0x3740,
  /* U+3930 */    0x3741,     0x3742,     0x3743,     0x3744,     0x3745,     0x3746,     0x3747,     0x3748,
  /* U+3938 */    0x3749,     0x3750,     0x3751,     0x3752,     0x3753,     0x3754,     0x3755,     0x3756,
  /* U+3940 */    0x3757,     0x3758,     0x3759,     0x3760,     0x3761,     0x3762,     0x3763,     0x3764,
  /* U+3948 */    0x3765,     0x3766,     0x3767,     0x3768,     0x3769,     0x3770,     0x3771,     0x3772,
  /* U+3950 */    0x3773,     0x3774,     0x3775,     0x3776,     0x3777,     0x3778,     0x3779,     0x3780,
  /* U+3958 */    0x3781,     0x3782,     0x3783,     0x3784,     0x3785,     0x3786,     0x3787,     0x3788,
  /* U+3960 */    0x3789,     0x3790,     0x3791,     0x3792,     0x3793,     0x3794,     0x3795,     0x3796,
  /* U+3968 */    0x3797,     0x3798,     0x3799,     0x37A0,     0x37A1,     0x37A2,     0xFE5F,     0x37A3,
  /* U+3970 */    0x37A4,     0x37A5,     0x37A6,     0x37A7,     0x37A8,     0x37A9,     0x37B0,     0x37B1,
  /* U+3978 */    0x37B2,     0x37B3,     0x37B4,     0x37B5,     0x37B6,     0x37B7,     0x37B8,     0x37B9,
  /* U+3980 */    0x37C0,     0x37C1,     0x37C2,     0x37C3,     0x37C4,     0x37C5,     0x37C6,     0x37C7,
  /* U+3988 */    0x37C8,     0x37C9,     0x37D0,     0x37D1,     0x37D2,     0x37D3,     0x37D4,     0x37D5,
  /* U+3990 */    0x37D6,     0x37D7,     0x37D8,     0x37D9,     0x3800,     0x3801,     0x3802,     0x3803,
  /* U+3998 */    0x3804,     0x3805,     0x3806,     0x3807,     0x3808,     0x3809,     0x3810,     0x3811,
  /* U+39A0 */    0x3812,     0x3813,     0x3814,     0x3815,     0x3816,     0x3817,     0x3818,     0x3819,
  /* U+39A8 */    0x3820,     0x3821,     0x3822,     0x3823,     0x3824,     0x3825,     0x3826,     0x3827,
  /* U+39B0 */    0x3828,     0x3829,     0x3830,     0x3831,     0x3832,     0x3833,     0x3834,     0x3835,
  /* U+39B8 */    0x3836,     0x3837,     0x3838,     0x3839,     0x3840,     0x3841,     0x3842,     0x3843,
  /* U+39C0 */    0x3844,     0x3845,     0x3846,     0x3847,     0x3848,     0x3849,     0x3850,     0x3851,
  /* U+39C8 */    0x3852,     0x3853,     0x3854,     0x3855,     0x3856,     0x3857,     0x3858,     0xFE62,
  /* U+39D0 */    0xFE65,     0x3859,     0x3860,     0x3861,     0x3862,     0x3863,     0x3864,     0x3865,
  /* U+39D8 */    0x3866,     0x3867,     0x3868,     0x3869,     0x3870,     0x3871,     0x3872,     0xFE63,
  /* U+39E0 */    0x3873,     0x3874,     0x3875,     0x3876,     0x3877,     0x3878,     0x3879,     0x3880,
  /* U+39E8 */    0x3881,     0x3882,     0x3883,     0x3884,     0x3885,     0x3886,     0x3887,     0x3888,
  /* U+39F0 */    0x3889,     0x3890,     0x3891,     0x3892,     0x3893,     0x3894,     0x3895,     0x3896,
  /* U+39F8 */    0x3897,     0x3898,     0x3899,     0x38A0,     0x38A1,     0x38A2,     0x38A3,     0x38A4,
  /* U+3A00 */    0x38A5,     0x38A6,     0x38A7,     0x38A8,     0x38A9,     0x38B0,     0x38B1,     0x38B2,
  /* U+3A08 */    0x38B3,     0x38B4,     0x38B5,     0x38B6,     0x38B7,     0x38B8,     0x38B9,     0x38C0,
  /* U+3A10 */    0x38C1,     0x38C2,     0x38C3,     0x38C4,     0x38C5,     0x38C6,     0x38C7,     0x38C8,
  /* U+3A18 */    0x38C9,     0x38D0,     0x38D1,     0x38D2,     0x38D3,     0x38D4,     0x38D5,     0x38D6,
  /* U+3A20 */    0x38D7,     0x38D8,     0x38D9,     0x38E0,     0x38E1,     0x38E2,     0x38E3,     0x38E4,
  /* U+3A28 */    0x38E5,     0x38E6,     0x38E7,     0x38E8,     0x38E9,     0x38F0,     0x38F1,     0x38F2,
  /* U+3A30 */    0x38F3,     0x38F4,     0x38F5,     0x38F6,     0x38F7,     0x38F8,     0x38F9,     0x3900,
  /* U+3A38 */    0x3901,     0x3902,     0x3903,     0x3904,     0x3905,     0x3906,     0x3907,     0x3908,
  /* U+3A40 */    0x3909,     0x3910,     0x3911,     0x3912,     0x3913,     0x3914,     0x3915,     0x3916,
  /* U+3A48 */    0x3917,     0x3918,     0x3919,     0x3920,     0x3921,     0x3922,     0x3923,     0x3924,
  /* U+3A50 */    0x3925,     0x3926,     0x3927,     0x3928,     0x3929,     0x3930,     0x3931,     0x3932,
  /* U+3A58 */    0x3933,     0x3934,     0x3935,     0x3936,     0x3937,     0x3938,     0x3939,     0x3940,
  /* U+3A60 */    0x3941,     0x3942,     0x3943,     0x3944,     0x3945,     0x3946,     0x3947,     0x3948,
  /* U+3A68 */    0x3949,     0x3950,     0x3951,     0x3952,     0x3953,     0x3954,     0x3955,     0x3956,
  /* U+3A70 */    0x3957,     0x3958,     0x3959,     0xFE64,     0x3960,     0x3961,     0x3962,     0x3963,
  /* U+3A78 */    0x3964,     0x3965,     0x3966,     0x3967,     0x3968,     0x3969,     0x3970,     0x3971,
  /* U+3A80 */    0x3972,     0x3973,     0x3974,     0x3975,     0x3976,     0x3977,     0x3978,     0x3979,
  /* U+3A88 */    0x3980,     0x3981,     0x3982,     0x3983,     0x3984,     0x3985,     0x3986,     0x3987,
  /* U+3A90 */    0x3988,     0x3989,     0x3990,     0x3991,     0x3992,     0x3993,     0x3994,     0x3995,
  /* U+3A98 */    0x3996,     0x3997,     0x3998,     0x3999,     0x39A0,     0x39A1,     0x39A2,     0x39A3,
  /* U+3AA0 */    0x39A4,     0x39A5,     0x39A6,     0x39A7,     0x39A8,     0x39A9,     0x39B0,     0x39B1,
  /* U+3AA8 */    0x39B2,     0x39B3,     0x39B4,     0x39B5,     0x39B6,     0x39B7,     0x39B8,     0x39B9,
  /* U+3AB0 */    0x39C0,     0x39C1,     0x39C2,     0x39C3,     0x39C4,     0x39C5,     0x39C6,     0x39C7,
  /* U+3AB8 */    0x39C8,     0x39C9,     0x39D0,     0x39D1,     0x39D2,     0x39D3,     0x39D4,     0x39D5,
  /* U+3AC0 */    0x39D6,     0x39D7,     0x39D8,     0x39D9,     0x39E0,     0x39E1,     0x39E2,     0x39E3,
  /* U+3AC8 */    0x39E4,     0x39E5,     0x39E6,     0x39E7,     0x39E8,     0x39E9,     0x39F0,     0x39F1,
  /* U+3AD0 */    0x39F2,     0x39F3,     0x39F4,     0x39F5,     0x39F6,     0x39F7,     0x39F8,     0x39F9,
  /* U+3AD8 */    0x3A00,     0x3A01,     0x3A02,     0x3A03,     0x3A04,     0x3A05,     0x3A06,     0x3A07,
  /* U+3AE0 */    0x3A08,     0x3A09,     0x3A10,     0x3A11,     0x3A12,     0x3A13,     0x3A14,     0x3A15,
  /* U+3AE8 */    0x3A16,     0x3A17,     0x3A18,     0x3A19,     0x3A20,     0x3A21,     0x3A22,     0x3A23,
  /* U+3AF0 */    0x3A24,     0x3A25,     0x3A26,     0x3A27,     0x3A28,     0x3A29,     0x3A30,     0x3A31,
  /* U+3AF8 */    0x3A32,     0x3A33,     0x3A34,     0x3A35,     0x3A36,     0x3A37,     0x3A38,     0x3A39,
  /* U+3B00 */    0x3A40,     0x3A41,     0x3A42,     0x3A43,     0x3A44,     0x3A45,     0x3A46,     0x3A47,
  /* U+3B08 */    0x3A48,     0x3A49,     0x3A50,     0x3A51,     0x3A52,     0x3A53,     0x3A54,     0x3A55,
  /* U+3B10 */    0x3A56,     0x3A57,     0x3A58,     0x3A59,     0x3A60,     0x3A61,     0x3A62,     0x3A63,
  /* U+3B18 */    0x3A64,     0x3A65,     0x3A66,     0x3A67,     0x3A68,     0x3A69,     0x3A70,     0x3A71,
  /* U+3B20 */    0x3A72,     0x3A73,     0x3A74,     0x3A75,     0x3A76,     0x3A77,     0x3A78,     0x3A79,
  /* U+3B28 */    0x3A80,     0x3A81,     0x3A82,     0x3A83,     0x3A84,     0x3A85,     0x3A86,     0x3A87,
  /* U+3B30 */    0x3A88,     0x3A89,     0x3A90,     0x3A91,     0x3A92,     0x3A93,     0x3A94,     0x3A95,
  /* U+3B38 */    0x3A96,     0x3A97,     0x3A98,     0x3A99,     0x3AA0,     0x3AA1,     0x3AA2,     0x3AA3,
  /* U+3B40 */    0x3AA4,     0x3AA5,     0x3AA6,     0x3AA7,     0x3AA8,     0x3AA9,     0x3AB0,     0x3AB1,
  /* U+3B48 */    0x3AB2,     0x3AB3,     0x3AB4,     0x3AB5,     0x3AB6,     0x3AB7,     0xFE68,     0x3AB8,
  /* U+3B50 */    0x3AB9,     0x3AC0,     0x3AC1,     0x3AC2,     0x3AC3,     0x3AC4,     0x3AC5,     0x3AC6,
  /* U+3B58 */    0x3AC7,     0x3AC8,     0x3AC9,     0x3AD0,     0x3AD1,     0x3AD2,     0x3AD3,     0x3AD4,
  /* U+3B60 */    0x3AD5,     0x3AD6,     0x3AD7,     0x3AD8,     0x3AD9,     0x3AE0,     0x3AE1,     0x3AE2,
  /* U+3B68 */    0x3AE3,     0x3AE4,     0x3AE5,     0x3AE6,     0x3AE7,     0x3AE8,     0x3AE9,     0x3AF0,
  /* U+3B70 */    0x3AF1,     0x3AF2,     0x3AF3,     0x3AF4,     0x3AF5,     0x3AF6,     0x3AF7,     0x3AF8,
  /* U+3B78 */    0x3AF9,     0x3B00,     0x3B01,     0x3B02,     0x3B03,     0x3B04,     0x3B05,     0x3B06,
  /* U+3B80 */    0x3B07,     0x3B08,     0x3B09,     0x3B10,     0x3B11,     0x3B12,     0x3B13,     0x3B14,
  /* U+3B88 */    0x3B15,     0x3B16,     0x3B17,     0x3B18,     0x3B19,     0x3B20,     0x3B21,     0x3B22,
  /* U+3B90 */    0x3B23,     0x3B24,     0x3B25,     0x3B26,     0x3B27,     0x3B28,     0x3B29,     0x3B30,
  /* U+3B98 */    0x3B31,     0x3B32,     0x3B33,     0x3B34,     0x3B35,     0x3B36,     0x3B37,     0x3B38,
  /* U+3BA0 */    0x3B39,     0x3B40,     0x3B41,     0x3B42,     0x3B43,     0x3B44,     0x3B45,     0x3B46,
  /* U+3BA8 */    0x3B47,     0x3B48,     0x3B49,     0x3B50,     0x3B51,     0x3B52,     0x3B53,     0x3B54,
  /* U+3BB0 */    0x3B55,     0x3B56,     0x3B57,     0x3B58,     0x3B59,     0x3B60,     0x3B61,     0x3B62,
  /* U+3BB8 */    0x3B63,     0x3B64,     0x3B65,     0x3B66,     0x3B67,     0x3B68,     0x3B69,     0x3B70,
  /* U+3BC0 */    0x3B71,     0x3B72,     0x3B73,     0x3B74,     0x3B75,     0x3B76,     0x3B77,     0x3B78,
  /* U+3BC8 */    0x3B79,     0x3B80,     0x3B81,     0x3B82,     0x3B83,     0x3B84,     0x3B85,     0x3B86,
  /* U+3BD0 */    0x3B87,     0x3B88,     0x3B89,     0x3B90,     0x3B91,     0x3B92,     0x3B93,     0x3B94,
  /* U+3BD8 */    0x3B95,     0x3B96,     0x3B97,     0x3B98,     0x3B99,     0x3BA0,     0x3BA1,     0x3BA2,
  /* U+3BE0 */    0x3BA3,     0x3BA4,     0x3BA5,     0x3BA6,     0x3BA7,     0x3BA8,     0x3BA9,     0x3BB0,
  /* U+3BE8 */    0x3BB1,     0x3BB2,     0x3BB3,     0x3BB4,     0x3BB5,     0x3BB6,     0x3BB7,     0x3BB8,
  /* U+3BF0 */    0x3BB9,     0x3BC0,     0x3BC1,     0x3BC2,     0x3BC3,     0x3BC4,     0x3BC5,     0x3BC6,
  /* U+3BF8 */    0x3BC7,     0x3BC8,     0x3BC9,     0x3BD0,     0x3BD1,     0x3BD2,     0x3BD3,     0x3BD4,
  /* U+3C00 */    0x3BD5,     0x3BD6,     0x3BD7,     0x3BD8,     0x3BD9,     0x3BE0,     0x3BE1,     0x3BE2,
  /* U+3C08 */    0x3BE3,     0x3BE4,     0x3BE5,     0x3BE6,     0x3BE7,     0x3BE8,     0x3BE9,     0x3BF0,
  /* U+3C10 */    0x3BF1,     0x3BF2,     0x3BF3,     0x3BF4,     0x3BF5,     0x3BF6,     0x3BF7,     0x3BF8,
  /* U+3C18 */    0x3BF9,     0x3C00,     0x3C01,     0x3C02,     0x3C03,     0x3C04,     0x3C05,     0x3C06,
  /* U+3C20 */    0x3C07,     0x3C08,     0x3C09,     0x3C10,     0x3C11,     0x3C12,     0x3C13,     0x3C14,
  /* U+3C28 */    0x3C15,     0x3C16,     0x3C17,     0x3C18,     0x3C19,     0x3C20,     0x3C21,     0x3C22,
  /* U+3C30 */    0x3C23,     0x3C24,     0x3C25,     0x3C26,     0x3C27,     0x3C28,     0x3C29,     0x3C30,
  /* U+3C38 */    0x3C31,     0x3C32,     0x3C33,     0x3C34,     0x3C35,     0x3C36,     0x3C37,     0x3C38,
  /* U+3C40 */    0x3C39,     0x3C40,     0x3C41,     0x3C42,     0x3C43,     0x3C44,     0x3C45,     0x3C46,
  /* U+3C48 */    0x3C47,     0x3C48,     0x3C49,     0x3C50,     0x3C51,     0x3C52,     0x3C53,     0x3C54,
  /* U+3C50 */    0x3C55,     0x3C56,     0x3C57,     0x3C58,     0x3C59,     0x3C60,     0x3C61,     0x3C62,
  /* U+3C58 */    0x3C63,     0x3C64,     0x3C65,     0x3C66,     0x3C67,     0x3C68,     0x3C69,     0x3C70,
  /* U+3C60 */    0x3C71,     0x3C72,     0x3C73,     0x3C74,     0x3C75,     0x3C76,     0x3C77,     0x3C78,
  /* U+3C68 */    0x3C79,     0x3C80,     0x3C81,     0x3C82,     0x3C83,     0x3C84,     0xFE69,     0x3C85,
  /* U+3C70 */    0x3C86,     0x3C87,     0x3C88,     0x3C89,     0x3C90,     0x3C91,     0x3C92,     0x3C93,
  /* U+3C78 */    0x3C94,     0x3C95,     0x3C96,     0x3C97,     0x3C98,     0x3C99,     0x3CA0,     0x3CA1,
  /* U+3C80 */    0x3CA2,     0x3CA3,     0x3CA4,     0x3CA5,     0x3CA6,     0x3CA7,     0x3CA8,     0x3CA9,
  /* U+3C88 */    0x3CB0,     0x3CB1,     0x3CB2,     0x3CB3,     0x3CB4,     0x3CB5,     0x3CB6,     0x3CB7,
  /* U+3C90 */    0x3CB8,     0x3CB9,     0x3CC0,     0x3CC1,     0x3CC2,     0x3CC3,     0x3CC4,     0x3CC5,
  /* U+3C98 */    0x3CC6,     0x3CC7,     0x3CC8,     0x3CC9,     0x3CD0,     0x3CD1,     0x3CD2,     0x3CD3,
  /* U+3CA0 */    0x3CD4,     0x3CD5,     0x3CD6,     0x3CD7,     0x3CD8,     0x3CD9,     0x3CE0,     0x3CE1,
  /* U+3CA8 */    0x3CE2,     0x3CE3,     0x3CE4,     0x3CE5,     0x3CE6,     0x3CE7,     0x3CE8,     0x3CE9,
  /* U+3CB0 */    0x3CF0,     0x3CF1,     0x3CF2,     0x3CF3,     0x3CF4,     0x3CF5,     0x3CF6,     0x3CF7,
  /* U+3CB8 */    0x3CF8,     0x3CF9,     0x3D00,     0x3D01,     0x3D02,     0x3D03,     0x3D04,     0x3D05,
  /* U+3CC0 */    0x3D06,     0x3D07,     0x3D08,     0x3D09,     0x3D10,     0x3D11,     0x3D12,     0x3D13,
  /* U+3CC8 */    0x3D14,     0x3D15,     0x3D16,     0x3D17,     0x3D18,     0x3D19,     0x3D20,     0x3D21,
  /* U+3CD0 */    0x3D22,     0x3D23,     0x3D24,     0x3D25,     0x3D26,     0x3D27,     0x3D28,     0x3D29,
  /* U+3CD8 */    0x3D30,     0x3D31,     0x3D32,     0x3D33,     0x3D34,     0x3D35,     0x3D36,     0x3D37,
  /* U+3CE0 */    0xFE6A,
  /* Contiguous area: U+4056 .. U+415F */
  /* U+4056 */                                        0xFE6F,     0x42E3,
  /* U+4058 */    0x42E4,     0x42E5,     0x42E6,     0x42E7,     0x42E8,     0x42E9,     0x42F0,     0x42F1,
  /* U+4060 */    0x42F2,     0x42F3,     0x42F4,     0x42F5,     0x42F6,     0x42F7,     0x42F8,     0x42F9,
  /* U+4068 */    0x4300,     0x4301,     0x4302,     0x4303,     0x4304,     0x4305,     0x4306,     0x4307,
  /* U+4070 */    0x4308,     0x4309,     0x4310,     0x4311,     0x4312,     0x4313,     0x4314,     0x4315,
  /* U+4078 */    0x4316,     0x4317,     0x4318,     0x4319,     0x4320,     0x4321,     0x4322,     0x4323,
  /* U+4080 */    0x4324,     0x4325,     0x4326,     0x4327,     0x4328,     0x4329,     0x4330,     0x4331,
  /* U+4088 */    0x4332,     0x4333,     0x4334,     0x4335,     0x4336,     0x4337,     0x4338,     0x4339,
  /* U+4090 */    0x4340,     0x4341,     0x4342,     0x4343,     0x4344,     0x4345,     0x4346,     0x4347,
  /* U+4098 */    0x4348,     0x4349,     0x4350,     0x4351,     0x4352,     0x4353,     0x4354,     0x4355,
  /* U+40A0 */    0x4356,     0x4357,     0x4358,     0x4359,     0x4360,     0x4361,     0x4362,     0x4363,
  /* U+40A8 */    0x4364,     0x4365,     0x4366,     0x4367,     0x4368,     0x4369,     0x4370,     0x4371,
  /* U+40B0 */    0x4372,     0x4373,     0x4374,     0x4375,     0x4376,     0x4377,     0x4378,     0x4379,
  /* U+40B8 */    0x4380,     0x4381,     0x4382,     0x4383,     0x4384,     0x4385,     0x4386,     0x4387,
  /* U+40C0 */    0x4388,     0x4389,     0x4390,     0x4391,     0x4392,     0x4393,     0x4394,     0x4395,
  /* U+40C8 */    0x4396,     0x4397,     0x4398,     0x4399,     0x43A0,     0x43A1,     0x43A2,     0x43A3,
  /* U+40D0 */    0x43A4,     0x43A5,     0x43A6,     0x43A7,     0x43A8,     0x43A9,     0x43B0,     0x43B1,
  /* U+40D8 */    0x43B2,     0x43B3,     0x43B4,     0x43B5,     0x43B6,     0x43B7,     0x43B8,     0x43B9,
  /* U+40E0 */    0x43C0,     0x43C1,     0x43C2,     0x43C3,     0x43C4,     0x43C5,     0x43C6,     0x43C7,
  /* U+40E8 */    0x43C8,     0x43C9,     0x43D0,     0x43D1,     0x43D2,     0x43D3,     0x43D4,     0x43D5,
  /* U+40F0 */    0x43D6,     0x43D7,     0x43D8,     0x43D9,     0x43E0,     0x43E1,     0x43E2,     0x43E3,
  /* U+40F8 */    0x43E4,     0x43E5,     0x43E6,     0x43E7,     0x43E8,     0x43E9,     0x43F0,     0x43F1,
  /* U+4100 */    0x43F2,     0x43F3,     0x43F4,     0x43F5,     0x43F6,     0x43F7,     0x43F8,     0x43F9,
  /* U+4108 */    0x4400,     0x4401,     0x4402,     0x4403,     0x4404,     0x4405,     0x4406,     0x4407,
  /* U+4110 */    0x4408,     0x4409,     0x4410,     0x4411,     0x4412,     0x4413,     0x4414,     0x4415,
  /* U+4118 */    0x4416,     0x4417,     0x4418,     0x4419,     0x4420,     0x4421,     0x4422,     0x4423,
  /* U+4120 */    0x4424,     0x4425,     0x4426,     0x4427,     0x4428,     0x4429,     0x4430,     0x4431,
  /* U+4128 */    0x4432,     0x4433,     0x4434,     0x4435,     0x4436,     0x4437,     0x4438,     0x4439,
  /* U+4130 */    0x4440,     0x4441,     0x4442,     0x4443,     0x4444,     0x4445,     0x4446,     0x4447,
  /* U+4138 */    0x4448,     0x4449,     0x4450,     0x4451,     0x4452,     0x4453,     0x4454,     0x4455,
  /* U+4140 */    0x4456,     0x4457,     0x4458,     0x4459,     0x4460,     0x4461,     0x4462,     0x4463,
  /* U+4148 */    0x4464,     0x4465,     0x4466,     0x4467,     0x4468,     0x4469,     0x4470,     0x4471,
  /* U+4150 */    0x4472,     0x4473,     0x4474,     0x4475,     0x4476,     0x4477,     0x4478,     0x4479,
  /* U+4158 */    0x4480,     0x4481,     0x4482,     0x4483,     0x4484,     0x4485,     0x4486,     0xFE70,
  /* Contiguous area: U+4337 .. U+44D6 */
  /* U+4337 */                                              0xFE72,
  /* U+4338 */    0x4778,     0x4779,     0x4780,     0x4781,     0x4782,     0x4783,     0x4784,     0x4785,
  /* U+4340 */    0x4786,     0x4787,     0x4788,     0x4789,     0x4790,     0x4791,     0x4792,     0x4793,
  /* U+4348 */    0x4794,     0x4795,     0x4796,     0x4797,     0x4798,     0x4799,     0x47A0,     0x47A1,
  /* U+4350 */    0x47A2,     0x47A3,     0x47A4,     0x47A5,     0x47A6,     0x47A7,     0x47A8,     0x47A9,
  /* U+4358 */    0x47B0,     0x47B1,     0x47B2,     0x47B3,     0x47B4,     0x47B5,     0x47B6,     0x47B7,
  /* U+4360 */    0x47B8,     0x47B9,     0x47C0,     0x47C1,     0x47C2,     0x47C3,     0x47C4,     0x47C5,
  /* U+4368 */    0x47C6,     0x47C7,     0x47C8,     0x47C9,     0x47D0,     0x47D1,     0x47D2,     0x47D3,
  /* U+4370 */    0x47D4,     0x47D5,     0x47D6,     0x47D7,     0x47D8,     0x47D9,     0x4800,     0x4801,
  /* U+4378 */    0x4802,     0x4803,     0x4804,     0x4805,     0x4806,     0x4807,     0x4808,     0x4809,
  /* U+4380 */    0x4810,     0x4811,     0x4812,     0x4813,     0x4814,     0x4815,     0x4816,     0x4817,
  /* U+4388 */    0x4818,     0x4819,     0x4820,     0x4821,     0x4822,     0x4823,     0x4824,     0x4825,
  /* U+4390 */    0x4826,     0x4827,     0x4828,     0x4829,     0x4830,     0x4831,     0x4832,     0x4833,
  /* U+4398 */    0x4834,     0x4835,     0x4836,     0x4837,     0x4838,     0x4839,     0x4840,     0x4841,
  /* U+43A0 */    0x4842,     0x4843,     0x4844,     0x4845,     0x4846,     0x4847,     0x4848,     0x4849,
  /* U+43A8 */    0x4850,     0x4851,     0x4852,     0x4853,     0xFE78,     0x4854,     0x4855,     0x4856,
  /* U+43B0 */    0x4857,     0xFE77,     0x4858,     0x4859,     0x4860,     0x4861,     0x4862,     0x4863,
  /* U+43B8 */    0x4864,     0x4865,     0x4866,     0x4867,     0x4868,     0x4869,     0x4870,     0x4871,
  /* U+43C0 */    0x4872,     0x4873,     0x4874,     0x4875,     0x4876,     0x4877,     0x4878,     0x4879,
  /* U+43C8 */    0x4880,     0x4881,     0x4882,     0x4883,     0x4884,     0x4885,     0x4886,     0x4887,
  /* U+43D0 */    0x4888,     0x4889,     0x4890,     0x4891,     0x4892,     0x4893,     0x4894,     0x4895,
  /* U+43D8 */    0x4896,     0x4897,     0x4898,     0x4899,     0x48A0,     0xFE7A,     0x48A1,     0x48A2,
  /* U+43E0 */    0x48A3,     0x48A4,     0x48A5,     0x48A6,     0x48A7,     0x48A8,     0x48A9,     0x48B0,
  /* U+43E8 */    0x48B1,     0x48B2,     0x48B3,     0x48B4,     0x48B5,     0x48B6,     0x48B7,     0x48B8,
  /* U+43F0 */    0x48B9,     0x48C0,     0x48C1,     0x48C2,     0x48C3,     0x48C4,     0x48C5,     0x48C6,
  /* U+43F8 */    0x48C7,     0x48C8,     0x48C9,     0x48D0,     0x48D1,     0x48D2,     0x48D3,     0x48D4,
  /* U+4400 */    0x48D5,     0x48D6,     0x48D7,     0x48D8,     0x48D9,     0x48E0,     0x48E1,     0x48E2,
  /* U+4408 */    0x48E3,     0x48E4,     0x48E5,     0x48E6,     0x48E7,     0x48E8,     0x48E9,     0x48F0,
  /* U+4410 */    0x48F1,     0x48F2,     0x48F3,     0x48F4,     0x48F5,     0x48F6,     0x48F7,     0x48F8,
  /* U+4418 */    0x48F9,     0x4900,     0x4901,     0x4902,     0x4903,     0x4904,     0x4905,     0x4906,
  /* U+4420 */    0x4907,     0x4908,     0x4909,     0x4910,     0x4911,     0x4912,     0x4913,     0x4914,
  /* U+4428 */    0x4915,     0x4916,     0x4917,     0x4918,     0x4919,     0x4920,     0x4921,     0x4922,
  /* U+4430 */    0x4923,     0x4924,     0x4925,     0x4926,     0x4927,     0x4928,     0x4929,     0x4930,
  /* U+4438 */    0x4931,     0x4932,     0x4933,     0x4934,     0x4935,     0x4936,     0x4937,     0x4938,
  /* U+4440 */    0x4939,     0x4940,     0x4941,     0x4942,     0x4943,     0x4944,     0x4945,     0x4946,
  /* U+4448 */    0x4947,     0x4948,     0x4949,     0x4950,     0x4951,     0x4952,     0x4953,     0x4954,
  /* U+4450 */    0x4955,     0x4956,     0x4957,     0x4958,     0x4959,     0x4960,     0x4961,     0x4962,
  /* U+4458 */    0x4963,     0x4964,     0x4965,     0x4966,     0x4967,     0x4968,     0x4969,     0x4970,
  /* U+4460 */    0x4971,     0x4972,     0x4973,     0x4974,     0x4975,     0x4976,     0x4977,     0x4978,
  /* U+4468 */    0x4979,     0x4980,     0x4981,     0x4982,     0x4983,     0x4984,     0x4985,     0x4986,
  /* U+4470 */    0x4987,     0x4988,     0x4989,     0x4990,     0x4991,     0x4992,     0x4993,     0x4994,
  /* U+4478 */    0x4995,     0x4996,     0x4997,     0x4998,     0x4999,     0x49A0,     0x49A1,     0x49A2,
  /* U+4480 */    0x49A3,     0x49A4,     0x49A5,     0x49A6,     0x49A7,     0x49A8,     0x49A9,     0x49B0,
  /* U+4488 */    0x49B1,     0x49B2,     0x49B3,     0x49B4,     0x49B5,     0x49B6,     0x49B7,     0x49B8,
  /* U+4490 */    0x49B9,     0x49C0,     0x49C1,     0x49C2,     0x49C3,     0x49C4,     0x49C5,     0x49C6,
  /* U+4498 */    0x49C7,     0x49C8,     0x49C9,     0x49D0,     0x49D1,     0x49D2,     0x49D3,     0x49D4,
  /* U+44A0 */    0x49D5,     0x49D6,     0x49D7,     0x49D8,     0x49D9,     0x49E0,     0x49E1,     0x49E2,
  /* U+44A8 */    0x49E3,     0x49E4,     0x49E5,     0x49E6,     0x49E7,     0x49E8,     0x49E9,     0x49F0,
  /* U+44B0 */    0x49F1,     0x49F2,     0x49F3,     0x49F4,     0x49F5,     0x49F6,     0x49F7,     0x49F8,
  /* U+44B8 */    0x49F9,     0x4A00,     0x4A01,     0x4A02,     0x4A03,     0x4A04,     0x4A05,     0x4A06,
  /* U+44C0 */    0x4A07,     0x4A08,     0x4A09,     0x4A10,     0x4A11,     0x4A12,     0x4A13,     0x4A14,
  /* U+44C8 */    0x4A15,     0x4A16,     0x4A17,     0x4A18,     0x4A19,     0x4A20,     0x4A21,     0x4A22,
  /* U+44D0 */    0x4A23,     0x4A24,     0x4A25,     0x4A26,     0x4A27,     0x4A28,     0xFE7B,
  /* Contiguous area: U+464C .. U+478D */
  /* U+464C */                            0xFE7D,     0x4C82,     0x4C83,     0x4C84,
  /* U+4650 */    0x4C85,     0x4C86,     0x4C87,     0x4C88,     0x4C89,     0x4C90,     0x4C91,     0x4C92,
  /* U+4658 */    0x4C93,     0x4C94,     0x4C95,     0x4C96,     0x4C97,     0x4C98,     0x4C99,     0x4CA0,
  /* U+4660 */    0x4CA1,     0xFE7C,     0x4CA2,     0x4CA3,     0x4CA4,     0x4CA5,     0x4CA6,     0x4CA7,
  /* U+4668 */    0x4CA8,     0x4CA9,     0x4CB0,     0x4CB1,     0x4CB2,     0x4CB3,     0x4CB4,     0x4CB5,
  /* U+4670 */    0x4CB6,     0x4CB7,     0x4CB8,     0x4CB9,     0x4CC0,     0x4CC1,     0x4CC2,     0x4CC3,
  /* U+4678 */    0x4CC4,     0x4CC5,     0x4CC6,     0x4CC7,     0x4CC8,     0x4CC9,     0x4CD0,     0x4CD1,
  /* U+4680 */    0x4CD2,     0x4CD3,     0x4CD4,     0x4CD5,     0x4CD6,     0x4CD7,     0x4CD8,     0x4CD9,
  /* U+4688 */    0x4CE0,     0x4CE1,     0x4CE2,     0x4CE3,     0x4CE4,     0x4CE5,     0x4CE6,     0x4CE7,
  /* U+4690 */    0x4CE8,     0x4CE9,     0x4CF0,     0x4CF1,     0x4CF2,     0x4CF3,     0x4CF4,     0x4CF5,
  /* U+4698 */    0x4CF6,     0x4CF7,     0x4CF8,     0x4CF9,     0x4D00,     0x4D01,     0x4D02,     0x4D03,
  /* U+46A0 */    0x4D04,     0x4D05,     0x4D06,     0x4D07,     0x4D08,     0x4D09,     0x4D10,     0x4D11,
  /* U+46A8 */    0x4D12,     0x4D13,     0x4D14,     0x4D15,     0x4D16,     0x4D17,     0x4D18,     0x4D19,
  /* U+46B0 */    0x4D20,     0x4D21,     0x4D22,     0x4D23,     0x4D24,     0x4D25,     0x4D26,     0x4D27,
  /* U+46B8 */    0x4D28,     0x4D29,     0x4D30,     0x4D31,     0x4D32,     0x4D33,     0x4D34,     0x4D35,
  /* U+46C0 */    0x4D36,     0x4D37,     0x4D38,     0x4D39,     0x4D40,     0x4D41,     0x4D42,     0x4D43,
  /* U+46C8 */    0x4D44,     0x4D45,     0x4D46,     0x4D47,     0x4D48,     0x4D49,     0x4D50,     0x4D51,
  /* U+46D0 */    0x4D52,     0x4D53,     0x4D54,     0x4D55,     0x4D56,     0x4D57,     0x4D58,     0x4D59,
  /* U+46D8 */    0x4D60,     0x4D61,     0x4D62,     0x4D63,     0x4D64,     0x4D65,     0x4D66,     0x4D67,
  /* U+46E0 */    0x4D68,     0x4D69,     0x4D70,     0x4D71,     0x4D72,     0x4D73,     0x4D74,     0x4D75,
  /* U+46E8 */    0x4D76,     0x4D77,     0x4D78,     0x4D79,     0x4D80,     0x4D81,     0x4D82,     0x4D83,
  /* U+46F0 */    0x4D84,     0x4D85,     0x4D86,     0x4D87,     0x4D88,     0x4D89,     0x4D90,     0x4D91,
  /* U+46F8 */    0x4D92,     0x4D93,     0x4D94,     0x4D95,     0x4D96,     0x4D97,     0x4D98,     0x4D99,
  /* U+4700 */    0x4DA0,     0x4DA1,     0x4DA2,     0x4DA3,     0x4DA4,     0x4DA5,     0x4DA6,     0x4DA7,
  /* U+4708 */    0x4DA8,     0x4DA9,     0x4DB0,     0x4DB1,     0x4DB2,     0x4DB3,     0x4DB4,     0x4DB5,
  /* U+4710 */    0x4DB6,     0x4DB7,     0x4DB8,     0x4DB9,     0x4DC0,     0x4DC1,     0x4DC2,     0x4DC3,
  /* U+4718 */    0x4DC4,     0x4DC5,     0x4DC6,     0x4DC7,     0x4DC8,     0x4DC9,     0x4DD0,     0x4DD1,
  /* U+4720 */    0x4DD2,     0x4DD3,     0x4DD4,     0xFE80,     0x4DD5,     0x4DD6,     0x4DD7,     0x4DD8,
  /* U+4728 */    0x4DD9,     0xFE81,     0x4DE0,     0x4DE1,     0x4DE2,     0x4DE3,     0x4DE4,     0x4DE5,
  /* U+4730 */    0x4DE6,     0x4DE7,     0x4DE8,     0x4DE9,     0x4DF0,     0x4DF1,     0x4DF2,     0x4DF3,
  /* U+4738 */    0x4DF4,     0x4DF5,     0x4DF6,     0x4DF7,     0x4DF8,     0x4DF9,     0x4E00,     0x4E01,
  /* U+4740 */    0x4E02,     0x4E03,     0x4E04,     0x4E05,     0x4E06,     0x4E07,     0x4E08,     0x4E09,
  /* U+4748 */    0x4E10,     0x4E11,     0x4E12,     0x4E13,     0x4E14,     0x4E15,     0x4E16,     0x4E17,
  /* U+4750 */    0x4E18,     0x4E19,     0x4E20,     0x4E21,     0x4E22,     0x4E23,     0x4E24,     0x4E25,
  /* U+4758 */    0x4E26,     0x4E27,     0x4E28,     0x4E29,     0x4E30,     0x4E31,     0x4E32,     0x4E33,
  /* U+4760 */    0x4E34,     0x4E35,     0x4E36,     0x4E37,     0x4E38,     0x4E39,     0x4E40,     0x4E41,
  /* U+4768 */    0x4E42,     0x4E43,     0x4E44,     0x4E45,     0x4E46,     0x4E47,     0x4E48,     0x4E49,
  /* U+4770 */    0x4E50,     0x4E51,     0x4E52,     0x4E53,     0x4E54,     0x4E55,     0x4E56,     0x4E57,
  /* U+4778 */    0x4E58,     0x4E59,     0x4E60,     0x4E61,     0xFE82,     0x4E62,     0x4E63,     0x4E64,
  /* U+4780 */    0x4E65,     0x4E66,     0x4E67,     0x4E68,     0x4E69,     0x4E70,     0x4E71,     0x4E72,
  /* U+4788 */    0x4E73,     0x4E74,     0x4E75,     0x4E76,     0x4E77,     0xFE83,
  /* Contiguous area: U+4947 .. U+49B7 */
  /* U+4947 */                                              0xFE85,
  /* U+4948 */    0x5159,     0x5160,     0x5161,     0x5162,     0x5163,     0x5164,     0x5165,     0x5166,
  /* U+4950 */    0x5167,     0x5168,     0x5169,     0x5170,     0x5171,     0x5172,     0x5173,     0x5174,
  /* U+4958 */    0x5175,     0x5176,     0x5177,     0x5178,     0x5179,     0x5180,     0x5181,     0x5182,
  /* U+4960 */    0x5183,     0x5184,     0x5185,     0x5186,     0x5187,     0x5188,     0x5189,     0x5190,
  /* U+4968 */    0x5191,     0x5192,     0x5193,     0x5194,     0x5195,     0x5196,     0x5197,     0x5198,
  /* U+4970 */    0x5199,     0x51A0,     0x51A1,     0x51A2,     0x51A3,     0x51A4,     0x51A5,     0x51A6,
  /* U+4978 */    0x51A7,     0x51A8,     0xFE86,     0x51A9,     0x51B0,     0xFE87,     0x51B1,     0x51B2,
  /* U+4980 */    0x51B3,     0x51B4,     0xFE88,     0xFE89,     0x51B5,     0xFE8A,     0xFE8B,     0x51B6,
  /* U+4988 */    0x51B7,     0x51B8,     0x51B9,     0x51C0,     0x51C1,     0x51C2,     0x51C3,     0x51C4,
  /* U+4990 */    0x51C5,     0x51C6,     0x51C7,     0x51C8,     0x51C9,     0x51D0,     0x51D1,     0x51D2,
  /* U+4998 */    0x51D3,     0x51D4,     0x51D5,     0xFE8D,     0x51D6,     0x51D7,     0x51D8,     0xFE8C,
  /* U+49A0 */    0x51D9,     0x51E0,     0x51E1,     0x51E2,     0x51E3,     0x51E4,     0x51E5,     0x51E6,
  /* U+49A8 */    0x51E7,     0x51E8,     0x51E9,     0x51F0,     0x51F1,     0x51F2,     0x51F3,     0x51F4,
  /* U+49B0 */    0x51F5,     0x51F6,     0x51F7,     0x51F8,     0x51F9,     0x5200,     0xFE8F,     0xFE8E,
  /* Contiguous area: U+4C77 .. U+9FA5 */
  /* U+4C77 */                                              0xFE96,
  /* U+4C78 */    0x5664,     0x5665,     0x5666,     0x5667,     0x5668,     0x5669,     0x5670,     0x5671,
  /* U+4C80 */    0x5672,     0x5673,     0x5674,     0x5675,     0x5676,     0x5677,     0x5678,     0x5679,
  /* U+4C88 */    0x5680,     0x5681,     0x5682,     0x5683,     0x5684,     0x5685,     0x5686,     0x5687,
  /* U+4C90 */    0x5688,     0x5689,     0x5690,     0x5691,     0x5692,     0x5693,     0x5694,     0x5695,
  /* U+4C98 */    0x5696,     0x5697,     0x5698,     0x5699,     0x56A0,     0x56A1,     0x56A2,     0xFE93,
  /* U+4CA0 */    0xFE94,     0xFE95,     0xFE97,     0xFE92,     0x56A3,     0x56A4,     0x56A5,     0x56A6,
  /* U+4CA8 */    0x56A7,     0x56A8,     0x56A9,     0x56B0,     0x56B1,     0x56B2,     0x56B3,     0x56B4,
  /* U+4CB0 */    0x56B5,     0x56B6,     0x56B7,     0x56B8,     0x56B9,     0x56C0,     0x56C1,     0x56C2,
  /* U+4CB8 */    0x56C3,     0x56C4,     0x56C5,     0x56C6,     0x56C7,     0x56C8,     0x56C9,     0x56D0,
  /* U+4CC0 */    0x56D1,     0x56D2,     0x56D3,     0x56D4,     0x56D5,     0x56D6,     0x56D7,     0x56D8,
  /* U+4CC8 */    0x56D9,     0x56E0,     0x56E1,     0x56E2,     0x56E3,     0x56E4,     0x56E5,     0x56E6,
  /* U+4CD0 */    0x56E7,     0x56E8,     0x56E9,     0x56F0,     0x56F1,     0x56F2,     0x56F3,     0x56F4,
  /* U+4CD8 */    0x56F5,     0x56F6,     0x56F7,     0x56F8,     0x56F9,     0x5700,     0x5701,     0x5702,
  /* U+4CE0 */    0x5703,     0x5704,     0x5705,     0x5706,     0x5707,     0x5708,     0x5709,     0x5710,
  /* U+4CE8 */    0x5711,     0x5712,     0x5713,     0x5714,     0x5715,     0x5716,     0x5717,     0x5718,
  /* U+4CF0 */    0x5719,     0x5720,     0x5721,     0x5722,     0x5723,     0x5724,     0x5725,     0x5726,
  /* U+4CF8 */    0x5727,     0x5728,     0x5729,     0x5730,     0x5731,     0x5732,     0x5733,     0x5734,
  /* U+4D00 */    0x5735,     0x5736,     0x5737,     0x5738,     0x5739,     0x5740,     0x5741,     0x5742,
  /* U+4D08 */    0x5743,     0x5744,     0x5745,     0x5746,     0x5747,     0x5748,     0x5749,     0x5750,
  /* U+4D10 */    0x5751,     0x5752,     0x5753,     0xFE98,     0xFE99,     0xFE9A,     0xFE9B,     0xFE9C,
  /* U+4D18 */    0xFE9D,     0xFE9E,     0x5754,     0x5755,     0x5756,     0x5757,     0x5758,     0x5759,
  /* U+4D20 */    0x5760,     0x5761,     0x5762,     0x5763,     0x5764,     0x5765,     0x5766,     0x5767,
  /* U+4D28 */    0x5768,     0x5769,     0x5770,     0x5771,     0x5772,     0x5773,     0x5774,     0x5775,
  /* U+4D30 */    0x5776,     0x5777,     0x5778,     0x5779,     0x5780,     0x5781,     0x5782,     0x5783,
  /* U+4D38 */    0x5784,     0x5785,     0x5786,     0x5787,     0x5788,     0x5789,     0x5790,     0x5791,
  /* U+4D40 */    0x5792,     0x5793,     0x5794,     0x5795,     0x5796,     0x5797,     0x5798,     0x5799,
  /* U+4D48 */    0x57A0,     0x57A1,     0x57A2,     0x57A3,     0x57A4,     0x57A5,     0x57A6,     0x57A7,
  /* U+4D50 */    0x57A8,     0x57A9,     0x57B0,     0x57B1,     0x57B2,     0x57B3,     0x57B4,     0x57B5,
  /* U+4D58 */    0x57B6,     0x57B7,     0x57B8,     0x57B9,     0x57C0,     0x57C1,     0x57C2,     0x57C3,
  /* U+4D60 */    0x57C4,     0x57C5,     0x57C6,     0x57C7,     0x57C8,     0x57C9,     0x57D0,     0x57D1,
  /* U+4D68 */    0x57D2,     0x57D3,     0x57D4,     0x57D5,     0x57D6,     0x57D7,     0x57D8,     0x57D9,
  /* U+4D70 */    0x5800,     0x5801,     0x5802,     0x5803,     0x5804,     0x5805,     0x5806,     0x5807,
  /* U+4D78 */    0x5808,     0x5809,     0x5810,     0x5811,     0x5812,     0x5813,     0x5814,     0x5815,
  /* U+4D80 */    0x5816,     0x5817,     0x5818,     0x5819,     0x5820,     0x5821,     0x5822,     0x5823,
  /* U+4D88 */    0x5824,     0x5825,     0x5826,     0x5827,     0x5828,     0x5829,     0x5830,     0x5831,
  /* U+4D90 */    0x5832,     0x5833,     0x5834,     0x5835,     0x5836,     0x5837,     0x5838,     0x5839,
  /* U+4D98 */    0x5840,     0x5841,     0x5842,     0x5843,     0x5844,     0x5845,     0x5846,     0x5847,
  /* U+4DA0 */    0x5848,     0x5849,     0x5850,     0x5851,     0x5852,     0x5853,     0x5854,     0x5855,
  /* U+4DA8 */    0x5856,     0x5857,     0x5858,     0x5859,     0x5860,     0x5861,     0xFE9F,     0x5862,
  /* U+4DB0 */    0x5863,     0x5864,     0x5865,     0x5866,     0x5867,     0x5868,     0x5869,     0x5870,
  /* U+4DB8 */    0x5871,     0x5872,     0x5873,     0x5874,     0x5875,     0x5876,     0x5877,     0x5878,
  /* U+4DC0 */    0x5879,     0x5880,     0x5881,     0x5882,     0x5883,     0x5884,     0x5885,     0x5886,
  /* U+4DC8 */    0x5887,     0x5888,     0x5889,     0x5890,     0x5891,     0x5892,     0x5893,     0x5894,
  /* U+4DD0 */    0x5895,     0x5896,     0x5897,     0x5898,     0x5899,     0x58A0,     0x58A1,     0x58A2,
  /* U+4DD8 */    0x58A3,     0x58A4,     0x58A5,     0x58A6,     0x58A7,     0x58A8,     0x58A9,     0x58B0,
  /* U+4DE0 */    0x58B1,     0x58B2,     0x58B3,     0x58B4,     0x58B5,     0x58B6,     0x58B7,     0x58B8,
  /* U+4DE8 */    0x58B9,     0x58C0,     0x58C1,     0x58C2,     0x58C3,     0x58C4,     0x58C5,     0x58C6,
  /* U+4DF0 */    0x58C7,     0x58C8,     0x58C9,     0x58D0,     0x58D1,     0x58D2,     0x58D3,     0x58D4,
  /* U+4DF8 */    0x58D5,     0x58D6,     0x58D7,     0x58D8,     0x58D9,     0x58E0,     0x58E1,     0x58E2,
  /* U+4E00 */    0xD2BB,     0xB6A1,     0x8140,     0xC6DF,     0x8141,     0x8142,     0x8143,     0xCDF2,
  /* U+4E08 */    0xD5C9,     0xC8FD,     0xC9CF,     0xCFC2,     0xD8A2,     0xB2BB,     0xD3EB,     0x8144,
  /* U+4E10 */    0xD8A4,     0xB3F3,     0x8145,     0xD7A8,     0xC7D2,     0xD8A7,     0xCAC0,     0x8146,
  /* U+4E18 */    0xC7F0,     0xB1FB,     0xD2B5,     0xB4D4,     0xB6AB,     0xCBBF,     0xD8A9,     0x8147,
  /* U+4E20 */    0x8148,     0x8149,     0xB6AA,     0x814A,     0xC1BD,     0xD1CF,     0x814B,     0xC9A5,
  /* U+4E28 */    0xD8AD,     0x814C,     0xB8F6,     0xD1BE,     0xE3DC,     0xD6D0,     0x814D,     0x814E,
  /* U+4E30 */    0xB7E1,     0x814F,     0xB4AE,     0x8150,     0xC1D9,     0x8151,     0xD8BC,     0x8152,
  /* U+4E38 */    0xCDE8,     0xB5A4,     0xCEAA,     0xD6F7,     0x8153,     0xC0F6,     0xBED9,     0xD8AF,
  /* U+4E40 */    0x8154,     0x8155,     0x8156,     0xC4CB,     0x8157,     0xBEC3,     0x8158,     0xD8B1,
  /* U+4E48 */    0xC3B4,     0xD2E5,     0x8159,     0xD6AE,     0xCEDA,     0xD5A7,     0xBAF5,     0xB7A6,
  /* U+4E50 */    0xC0D6,     0x815A,     0xC6B9,     0xC5D2,     0xC7C7,     0x815B,     0xB9D4,     0x815C,
  /* U+4E58 */    0xB3CB,     0xD2D2,     0x815D,     0x815E,     0xD8BF,     0xBEC5,     0xC6F2,     0xD2B2,
  /* U+4E60 */    0xCFB0,     0xCFE7,     0x815F,     0x8160,     0x8161,     0x8162,     0xCAE9,     0x8163,
  /* U+4E68 */    0x8164,     0xD8C0,     0x8165,     0x8166,     0x8167,     0x8168,     0x8169,     0x816A,
  /* U+4E70 */    0xC2F2,     0xC2D2,     0x816B,     0xC8E9,     0x816C,     0x816D,     0x816E,     0x816F,
  /* U+4E78 */    0x8170,     0x8171,     0x8172,     0x8173,     0x8174,     0x8175,     0xC7AC,     0x8176,
  /* U+4E80 */    0x8177,     0x8178,     0x8179,     0x817A,     0x817B,     0x817C,     0xC1CB,     0x817D,
  /* U+4E88 */    0xD3E8,     0xD5F9,     0x817E,     0xCAC2,     0xB6FE,     0xD8A1,     0xD3DA,     0xBFF7,
  /* U+4E90 */    0x8180,     0xD4C6,     0xBBA5,     0xD8C1,     0xCEE5,     0xBEAE,     0x8181,     0x8182,
  /* U+4E98 */    0xD8A8,     0x8183,     0xD1C7,     0xD0A9,     0x8184,     0x8185,     0x8186,     0xD8BD,
  /* U+4EA0 */    0xD9EF,     0xCDF6,     0xBFBA,     0x8187,     0xBDBB,     0xBAA5,     0xD2E0,     0xB2FA,
  /* U+4EA8 */    0xBAE0,     0xC4B6,     0x8188,     0xCFED,     0xBEA9,     0xCDA4,     0xC1C1,     0x8189,
  /* U+4EB0 */    0x818A,     0x818B,     0xC7D7,     0xD9F1,     0x818C,     0xD9F4,     0x818D,     0x818E,
  /* U+4EB8 */    0x818F,     0x8190,     0xC8CB,     0xD8E9,     0x8191,     0x8192,     0x8193,     0xD2DA,
  /* U+4EC0 */    0xCAB2,     0xC8CA,     0xD8EC,     0xD8EA,     0xD8C6,     0xBDF6,     0xC6CD,     0xB3F0,
  /* U+4EC8 */    0x8194,     0xD8EB,     0xBDF1,     0xBDE9,     0x8195,     0xC8D4,     0xB4D3,     0x8196,
  /* U+4ED0 */    0x8197,     0xC2D8,     0x8198,     0xB2D6,     0xD7D0,     0xCACB,     0xCBFB,     0xD5CC,
  /* U+4ED8 */    0xB8B6,     0xCFC9,     0x8199,     0x819A,     0x819B,     0xD9DA,     0xD8F0,     0xC7AA,
  /* U+4EE0 */    0x819C,     0xD8EE,     0x819D,     0xB4FA,     0xC1EE,     0xD2D4,     0x819E,     0x819F,
  /* U+4EE8 */    0xD8ED,     0x81A0,     0xD2C7,     0xD8EF,     0xC3C7,     0x81A1,     0x81A2,     0x81A3,
  /* U+4EF0 */    0xD1F6,     0x81A4,     0xD6D9,     0xD8F2,     0x81A5,     0xD8F5,     0xBCFE,     0xBCDB,
  /* U+4EF8 */    0x81A6,     0x81A7,     0x81A8,     0xC8CE,     0x81A9,     0xB7DD,     0x81AA,     0xB7C2,
  /* U+4F00 */    0x81AB,     0xC6F3,     0x81AC,     0x81AD,     0x81AE,     0x81AF,     0x81B0,     0x81B1,
  /* U+4F08 */    0x81B2,     0xD8F8,     0xD2C1,     0x81B3,     0x81B4,     0xCEE9,     0xBCBF,     0xB7FC,
  /* U+4F10 */    0xB7A5,     0xD0DD,     0x81B5,     0x81B6,     0x81B7,     0x81B8,     0x81B9,     0xD6DA,
  /* U+4F18 */    0xD3C5,     0xBBEF,     0xBBE1,     0xD8F1,     0x81BA,     0x81BB,     0xC9A1,     0xCEB0,
  /* U+4F20 */    0xB4AB,     0x81BC,     0xD8F3,     0x81BD,     0xC9CB,     0xD8F6,     0xC2D7,     0xD8F7,
  /* U+4F28 */    0x81BE,     0x81BF,     0xCEB1,     0xD8F9,     0x81C0,     0x81C1,     0x81C2,     0xB2AE,
  /* U+4F30 */    0xB9C0,     0x81C3,     0xD9A3,     0x81C4,     0xB0E9,     0x81C5,     0xC1E6,     0x81C6,
  /* U+4F38 */    0xC9EC,     0x81C7,     0xCBC5,     0x81C8,     0xCBC6,     0xD9A4,     0x81C9,     0x81CA,
  /* U+4F40 */    0x81CB,     0x81CC,     0x81CD,     0xB5E8,     0x81CE,     0x81CF,     0xB5AB,     0x81D0,
  /* U+4F48 */    0x81D1,     0x81D2,     0x81D3,     0x81D4,     0x81D5,     0xCEBB,     0xB5CD,     0xD7A1,
  /* U+4F50 */    0xD7F4,     0xD3D3,     0x81D6,     0xCCE5,     0x81D7,     0xBACE,     0x81D8,     0xD9A2,
  /* U+4F58 */    0xD9DC,     0xD3E0,     0xD8FD,     0xB7F0,     0xD7F7,     0xD8FE,     0xD8FA,     0xD9A1,
  /* U+4F60 */    0xC4E3,     0x81D9,     0x81DA,     0xD3B6,     0xD8F4,     0xD9DD,     0x81DB,     0xD8FB,
  /* U+4F68 */    0x81DC,     0xC5E5,     0x81DD,     0x81DE,     0xC0D0,     0x81DF,     0x81E0,     0xD1F0,
  /* U+4F70 */    0xB0DB,     0x81E1,     0x81E2,     0xBCD1,     0xD9A6,     0x81E3,     0xD9A5,     0x81E4,
  /* U+4F78 */    0x81E5,     0x81E6,     0x81E7,     0xD9AC,     0xD9AE,     0x81E8,     0xD9AB,     0xCAB9,
  /* U+4F80 */    0x81E9,     0x81EA,     0x81EB,     0xD9A9,     0xD6B6,     0x81EC,     0x81ED,     0x81EE,
  /* U+4F88 */    0xB3DE,     0xD9A8,     0x81EF,     0xC0FD,     0x81F0,     0xCACC,     0x81F1,     0xD9AA,
  /* U+4F90 */    0x81F2,     0xD9A7,     0x81F3,     0x81F4,     0xD9B0,     0x81F5,     0x81F6,     0xB6B1,
  /* U+4F98 */    0x81F7,     0x81F8,     0x81F9,     0xB9A9,     0x81FA,     0xD2C0,     0x81FB,     0x81FC,
  /* U+4FA0 */    0xCFC0,     0x81FD,     0x81FE,     0xC2C2,     0x8240,     0xBDC4,     0xD5EC,     0xB2E0,
  /* U+4FA8 */    0xC7C8,     0xBFEB,     0xD9AD,     0x8241,     0xD9AF,     0x8242,     0xCEEA,     0xBAEE,
  /* U+4FB0 */    0x8243,     0x8244,     0x8245,     0x8246,     0x8247,     0xC7D6,     0x8248,     0x8249,
  /* U+4FB8 */    0x824A,     0x824B,     0x824C,     0x824D,     0x824E,     0x824F,     0x8250,     0xB1E3,
  /* U+4FC0 */    0x8251,     0x8252,     0x8253,     0xB4D9,     0xB6ED,     0xD9B4,     0x8254,     0x8255,
  /* U+4FC8 */    0x8256,     0x8257,     0xBFA1,     0x8258,     0x8259,     0x825A,     0xD9DE,     0xC7CE,
  /* U+4FD0 */    0xC0FE,     0xD9B8,     0x825B,     0x825C,     0x825D,     0x825E,     0x825F,     0xCBD7,
  /* U+4FD8 */    0xB7FD,     0x8260,     0xD9B5,     0x8261,     0xD9B7,     0xB1A3,     0xD3E1,     0xD9B9,
  /* U+4FE0 */    0x8262,     0xD0C5,     0x8263,     0xD9B6,     0x8264,     0x8265,     0xD9B1,     0x8266,
  /* U+4FE8 */    0xD9B2,     0xC1A9,     0xD9B3,     0x8267,     0x8268,     0xBCF3,     0xD0DE,     0xB8A9,
  /* U+4FF0 */    0x8269,     0xBEE3,     0x826A,     0xD9BD,     0x826B,     0x826C,     0x826D,     0x826E,
  /* U+4FF8 */    0xD9BA,     0x826F,     0xB0B3,     0x8270,     0x8271,     0x8272,     0xD9C2,     0x8273,
  /* U+5000 */    0x8274,     0x8275,     0x8276,     0x8277,     0x8278,     0x8279,     0x827A,     0x827B,
  /* U+5008 */    0x827C,     0x827D,     0x827E,     0x8280,     0xD9C4,     0xB1B6,     0x8281,     0xD9BF,
  /* U+5010 */    0x8282,     0x8283,     0xB5B9,     0x8284,     0xBEF3,     0x8285,     0x8286,     0x8287,
  /* U+5018 */    0xCCC8,     0xBAF2,     0xD2D0,     0x8288,     0xD9C3,     0x8289,     0x828A,     0xBDE8,
  /* U+5020 */    0x828B,     0xB3AB,     0x828C,     0x828D,     0x828E,     0xD9C5,     0xBEEB,     0x828F,
  /* U+5028 */    0xD9C6,     0xD9BB,     0xC4DF,     0x8290,     0xD9BE,     0xD9C1,     0xD9C0,     0x8291,
  /* U+5030 */    0x8292,     0x8293,     0x8294,     0x8295,     0x8296,     0x8297,     0x8298,     0x8299,
  /* U+5038 */    0x829A,     0x829B,     0xD5AE,     0x829C,     0xD6B5,     0x829D,     0xC7E3,     0x829E,
  /* U+5040 */    0x829F,     0x82A0,     0x82A1,     0xD9C8,     0x82A2,     0x82A3,     0x82A4,     0xBCD9,
  /* U+5048 */    0xD9CA,     0x82A5,     0x82A6,     0x82A7,     0xD9BC,     0x82A8,     0xD9CB,     0xC6AB,
  /* U+5050 */    0x82A9,     0x82AA,     0x82AB,     0x82AC,     0x82AD,     0xD9C9,     0x82AE,     0x82AF,
  /* U+5058 */    0x82B0,     0x82B1,     0xD7F6,     0x82B2,     0xCDA3,     0x82B3,     0x82B4,     0x82B5,
  /* U+5060 */    0x82B6,     0x82B7,     0x82B8,     0x82B9,     0x82BA,     0xBDA1,     0x82BB,     0x82BC,
  /* U+5068 */    0x82BD,     0x82BE,     0x82BF,     0x82C0,     0xD9CC,     0x82C1,     0x82C2,     0x82C3,
  /* U+5070 */    0x82C4,     0x82C5,     0x82C6,     0x82C7,     0x82C8,     0x82C9,     0xC5BC,     0xCDB5,
  /* U+5078 */    0x82CA,     0x82CB,     0x82CC,     0xD9CD,     0x82CD,     0x82CE,     0xD9C7,     0xB3A5,
  /* U+5080 */    0xBFFE,     0x82CF,     0x82D0,     0x82D1,     0x82D2,     0xB8B5,     0x82D3,     0x82D4,
  /* U+5088 */    0xC0FC,     0x82D5,     0x82D6,     0x82D7,     0x82D8,     0xB0F8,     0x82D9,     0x82DA,
  /* U+5090 */    0x82DB,     0x82DC,     0x82DD,     0x82DE,     0x82DF,     0x82E0,     0x82E1,     0x82E2,
  /* U+5098 */    0x82E3,     0x82E4,     0x82E5,     0x82E6,     0x82E7,     0x82E8,     0x82E9,     0x82EA,
  /* U+50A0 */    0x82EB,     0x82EC,     0x82ED,     0xB4F6,     0x82EE,     0xD9CE,     0x82EF,     0xD9CF,
  /* U+50A8 */    0xB4A2,     0xD9D0,     0x82F0,     0x82F1,     0xB4DF,     0x82F2,     0x82F3,     0x82F4,
  /* U+50B0 */    0x82F5,     0x82F6,     0xB0C1,     0x82F7,     0x82F8,     0x82F9,     0x82FA,     0x82FB,
  /* U+50B8 */    0x82FC,     0x82FD,     0xD9D1,     0xC9B5,     0x82FE,     0x8340,     0x8341,     0x8342,
  /* U+50C0 */    0x8343,     0x8344,     0x8345,     0x8346,     0x8347,     0x8348,     0x8349,     0x834A,
  /* U+50C8 */    0x834B,     0x834C,     0x834D,     0x834E,     0x834F,     0x8350,     0x8351,     0xCFF1,
  /* U+50D0 */    0x8352,     0x8353,     0x8354,     0x8355,     0x8356,     0x8357,     0xD9D2,     0x8358,
  /* U+50D8 */    0x8359,     0x835A,     0xC1C5,     0x835B,     0x835C,     0x835D,     0x835E,     0x835F,
  /* U+50E0 */    0x8360,     0x8361,     0x8362,     0x8363,     0x8364,     0x8365,     0xD9D6,     0xC9AE,
  /* U+50E8 */    0x8366,     0x8367,     0x8368,     0x8369,     0xD9D5,     0xD9D4,     0xD9D7,     0x836A,
  /* U+50F0 */    0x836B,     0x836C,     0x836D,     0xCBDB,     0x836E,     0xBDA9,     0x836F,     0x8370,
  /* U+50F8 */    0x8371,     0x8372,     0x8373,     0xC6A7,     0x8374,     0x8375,     0x8376,     0x8377,
  /* U+5100 */    0x8378,     0x8379,     0x837A,     0x837B,     0x837C,     0x837D,     0xD9D3,     0xD9D8,
  /* U+5108 */    0x837E,     0x8380,     0x8381,     0xD9D9,     0x8382,     0x8383,     0x8384,     0x8385,
  /* U+5110 */    0x8386,     0x8387,     0xC8E5,     0x8388,     0x8389,     0x838A,     0x838B,     0x838C,
  /* U+5118 */    0x838D,     0x838E,     0x838F,     0x8390,     0x8391,     0x8392,     0x8393,     0x8394,
  /* U+5120 */    0x8395,     0xC0DC,     0x8396,     0x8397,     0x8398,     0x8399,     0x839A,     0x839B,
  /* U+5128 */    0x839C,     0x839D,     0x839E,     0x839F,     0x83A0,     0x83A1,     0x83A2,     0x83A3,
  /* U+5130 */    0x83A4,     0x83A5,     0x83A6,     0x83A7,     0x83A8,     0x83A9,     0x83AA,     0x83AB,
  /* U+5138 */    0x83AC,     0x83AD,     0x83AE,     0x83AF,     0x83B0,     0x83B1,     0x83B2,     0xB6F9,
  /* U+5140 */    0xD8A3,     0xD4CA,     0x83B3,     0xD4AA,     0xD0D6,     0xB3E4,     0xD5D7,     0x83B4,
  /* U+5148 */    0xCFC8,     0xB9E2,     0x83B5,     0xBFCB,     0x83B6,     0xC3E2,     0x83B7,     0x83B8,
  /* U+5150 */    0x83B9,     0xB6D2,     0x83BA,     0x83BB,     0xCDC3,     0xD9EE,     0xD9F0,     0x83BC,
  /* U+5158 */    0x83BD,     0x83BE,     0xB5B3,     0x83BF,     0xB6B5,     0x83C0,     0x83C1,     0x83C2,
  /* U+5160 */    0x83C3,     0x83C4,     0xBEA4,     0x83C5,     0x83C6,     0xC8EB,     0x83C7,     0x83C8,
  /* U+5168 */    0xC8AB,     0x83C9,     0x83CA,     0xB0CB,     0xB9AB,     0xC1F9,     0xD9E2,     0x83CB,
  /* U+5170 */    0xC0BC,     0xB9B2,     0x83CC,     0xB9D8,     0xD0CB,     0xB1F8,     0xC6E4,     0xBEDF,
  /* U+5178 */    0xB5E4,     0xD7C8,     0x83CD,     0xD1F8,     0xBCE6,     0xCADE,     0x83CE,     0x83CF,
  /* U+5180 */    0xBCBD,     0xD9E6,     0xD8E7,     0x83D0,     0x83D1,     0xC4DA,     0x83D2,     0x83D3,
  /* U+5188 */    0xB8D4,     0xC8BD,     0x83D4,     0x83D5,     0xB2E1,     0xD4D9,     0x83D6,     0x83D7,
  /* U+5190 */    0x83D8,     0x83D9,     0xC3B0,     0x83DA,     0x83DB,     0xC3E1,     0xDAA2,     0xC8DF,
  /* U+5198 */    0x83DC,     0xD0B4,     0x83DD,     0xBEFC,     0xC5A9,     0x83DE,     0x83DF,     0x83E0,
  /* U+51A0 */    0xB9DA,     0x83E1,     0xDAA3,     0x83E2,     0xD4A9,     0xDAA4,     0x83E3,     0x83E4,
  /* U+51A8 */    0x83E5,     0x83E6,     0x83E7,     0xD9FB,     0xB6AC,     0x83E8,     0x83E9,     0xB7EB,
  /* U+51B0 */    0xB1F9,     0xD9FC,     0xB3E5,     0xBEF6,     0x83EA,     0xBFF6,     0xD2B1,     0xC0E4,
  /* U+51B8 */    0x83EB,     0x83EC,     0x83ED,     0xB6B3,     0xD9FE,     0xD9FD,     0x83EE,     0x83EF,
  /* U+51C0 */    0xBEBB,     0x83F0,     0x83F1,     0x83F2,     0xC6E0,     0x83F3,     0xD7BC,     0xDAA1,
  /* U+51C8 */    0x83F4,     0xC1B9,     0x83F5,     0xB5F2,     0xC1E8,     0x83F6,     0x83F7,     0xBCF5,
  /* U+51D0 */    0x83F8,     0xB4D5,     0x83F9,     0x83FA,     0x83FB,     0x83FC,     0x83FD,     0x83FE,
  /* U+51D8 */    0x8440,     0x8441,     0x8442,     0xC1DD,     0x8443,     0xC4FD,     0x8444,     0x8445,
  /* U+51E0 */    0xBCB8,     0xB7B2,     0x8446,     0x8447,     0xB7EF,     0x8448,     0x8449,     0x844A,
  /* U+51E8 */    0x844B,     0x844C,     0x844D,     0xD9EC,     0x844E,     0xC6BE,     0x844F,     0xBFAD,
  /* U+51F0 */    0xBBCB,     0x8450,     0x8451,     0xB5CA,     0x8452,     0xDBC9,     0xD0D7,     0x8453,
  /* U+51F8 */    0xCDB9,     0xB0BC,     0xB3F6,     0xBBF7,     0xDBCA,     0xBAAF,     0x8454,     0xD4E4,
  /* U+5200 */    0xB5B6,     0xB5F3,     0xD8D6,     0xC8D0,     0x8455,     0x8456,     0xB7D6,     0xC7D0,
  /* U+5208 */    0xD8D7,     0x8457,     0xBFAF,     0x8458,     0x8459,     0xDBBB,     0xD8D8,     0x845A,
  /* U+5210 */    0x845B,     0xD0CC,     0xBBAE,     0x845C,     0x845D,     0x845E,     0xEBBE,     0xC1D0,
  /* U+5218 */    0xC1F5,     0xD4F2,     0xB8D5,     0xB4B4,     0x845F,     0xB3F5,     0x8460,     0x8461,
  /* U+5220 */    0xC9BE,     0x8462,     0x8463,     0x8464,     0xC5D0,     0x8465,     0x8466,     0x8467,
  /* U+5228 */    0xC5D9,     0xC0FB,     0x8468,     0xB1F0,     0x8469,     0xD8D9,     0xB9CE,     0x846A,
  /* U+5230 */    0xB5BD,     0x846B,     0x846C,     0xD8DA,     0x846D,     0x846E,     0xD6C6,     0xCBA2,
  /* U+5238 */    0xC8AF,     0xC9B2,     0xB4CC,     0xBFCC,     0x846F,     0xB9F4,     0x8470,     0xD8DB,
  /* U+5240 */    0xD8DC,     0xB6E7,     0xBCC1,     0xCCEA,     0x8471,     0x8472,     0x8473,     0x8474,
  /* U+5248 */    0x8475,     0x8476,     0xCFF7,     0x8477,     0xD8DD,     0xC7B0,     0x8478,     0x8479,
  /* U+5250 */    0xB9D0,     0xBDA3,     0x847A,     0x847B,     0xCCDE,     0x847C,     0xC6CA,     0x847D,
  /* U+5258 */    0x847E,     0x8480,     0x8481,     0x8482,     0xD8E0,     0x8483,     0xD8DE,     0x8484,
  /* U+5260 */    0x8485,     0xD8DF,     0x8486,     0x8487,     0x8488,     0xB0FE,     0x8489,     0xBEE7,
  /* U+5268 */    0x848A,     0xCAA3,     0xBCF4,     0x848B,     0x848C,     0x848D,     0x848E,     0xB8B1,
  /* U+5270 */    0x848F,     0x8490,     0xB8EE,     0x8491,     0x8492,     0x8493,     0x8494,     0x8495,
  /* U+5278 */    0x8496,     0x8497,     0x8498,     0x8499,     0x849A,     0xD8E2,     0x849B,     0xBDCB,
  /* U+5280 */    0x849C,     0xD8E4,     0xD8E3,     0x849D,     0x849E,     0x849F,     0x84A0,     0x84A1,
  /* U+5288 */    0xC5FC,     0x84A2,     0x84A3,     0x84A4,     0x84A5,     0x84A6,     0x84A7,     0x84A8,
  /* U+5290 */    0xD8E5,     0x84A9,     0x84AA,     0xD8E6,     0x84AB,     0x84AC,     0x84AD,     0x84AE,
  /* U+5298 */    0x84AF,     0x84B0,     0x84B1,     0xC1A6,     0x84B2,     0xC8B0,     0xB0EC,     0xB9A6,
  /* U+52A0 */    0xBCD3,     0xCEF1,     0xDBBD,     0xC1D3,     0x84B3,     0x84B4,     0x84B5,     0x84B6,
  /* U+52A8 */    0xB6AF,     0xD6FA,     0xC5AC,     0xBDD9,     0xDBBE,     0xDBBF,     0x84B7,     0x84B8,
  /* U+52B0 */    0x84B9,     0xC0F8,     0xBEA2,     0xC0CD,     0x84BA,     0x84BB,     0x84BC,     0x84BD,
  /* U+52B8 */    0x84BE,     0x84BF,     0x84C0,     0x84C1,     0x84C2,     0x84C3,     0xDBC0,     0xCAC6,
  /* U+52C0 */    0x84C4,     0x84C5,     0x84C6,     0xB2AA,     0x84C7,     0x84C8,     0x84C9,     0xD3C2,
  /* U+52C8 */    0x84CA,     0xC3E3,     0x84CB,     0xD1AB,     0x84CC,     0x84CD,     0x84CE,     0x84CF,
  /* U+52D0 */    0xDBC2,     0x84D0,     0xC0D5,     0x84D1,     0x84D2,     0x84D3,     0xDBC3,     0x84D4,
  /* U+52D8 */    0xBFB1,     0x84D5,     0x84D6,     0x84D7,     0x84D8,     0x84D9,     0x84DA,     0xC4BC,
  /* U+52E0 */    0x84DB,     0x84DC,     0x84DD,     0x84DE,     0xC7DA,     0x84DF,     0x84E0,     0x84E1,
  /* U+52E8 */    0x84E2,     0x84E3,     0x84E4,     0x84E5,     0x84E6,     0x84E7,     0x84E8,     0x84E9,
  /* U+52F0 */    0xDBC4,     0x84EA,     0x84EB,     0x84EC,     0x84ED,     0x84EE,     0x84EF,     0x84F0,
  /* U+52F8 */    0x84F1,     0xD9E8,     0xC9D7,     0x84F2,     0x84F3,     0x84F4,     0xB9B4,     0xCEF0,
  /* U+5300 */    0xD4C8,     0x84F5,     0x84F6,     0x84F7,     0x84F8,     0xB0FC,     0xB4D2,     0x84F9,
  /* U+5308 */    0xD0D9,     0x84FA,     0x84FB,     0x84FC,     0x84FD,     0xD9E9,     0x84FE,     0xDECB,
  /* U+5310 */    0xD9EB,     0x8540,     0x8541,     0x8542,     0x8543,     0xD8B0,     0xBBAF,     0xB1B1,
  /* U+5318 */    0x8544,     0xB3D7,     0xD8CE,     0x8545,     0x8546,     0xD4D1,     0x8547,     0x8548,
  /* U+5320 */    0xBDB3,     0xBFEF,     0x8549,     0xCFBB,     0x854A,     0x854B,     0xD8D0,     0x854C,
  /* U+5328 */    0x854D,     0x854E,     0xB7CB,     0x854F,     0x8550,     0x8551,     0xD8D1,     0x8552,
  /* U+5330 */    0x8553,     0x8554,     0x8555,     0x8556,     0x8557,     0x8558,     0x8559,     0x855A,
  /* U+5338 */    0x855B,     0xC6A5,     0xC7F8,     0xD2BD,     0x855C,     0x855D,     0xD8D2,     0xC4E4,
  /* U+5340 */    0x855E,     0xCAAE,     0x855F,     0xC7A7,     0x8560,     0xD8A6,     0x8561,     0xC9FD,
  /* U+5348 */    0xCEE7,     0xBBDC,     0xB0EB,     0x8562,     0x8563,     0x8564,     0xBBAA,     0xD0AD,
  /* U+5350 */    0x8565,     0xB1B0,     0xD7E4,     0xD7BF,     0x8566,     0xB5A5,     0xC2F4,     0xC4CF,
  /* U+5358 */    0x8567,     0x8568,     0xB2A9,     0x8569,     0xB2B7,     0x856A,     0xB1E5,     0xDFB2,
  /* U+5360 */    0xD5BC,     0xBFA8,     0xC2AC,     0xD8D5,     0xC2B1,     0x856B,     0xD8D4,     0xCED4,
  /* U+5368 */    0x856C,     0xDAE0,     0x856D,     0xCEC0,     0x856E,     0x856F,     0xD8B4,     0xC3AE,
  /* U+5370 */    0xD3A1,     0xCEA3,     0x8570,     0xBCB4,     0xC8B4,     0xC2D1,     0x8571,     0xBEED,
  /* U+5378 */    0xD0B6,     0x8572,     0xDAE1,     0x8573,     0x8574,     0x8575,     0x8576,     0xC7E4,
  /* U+5380 */    0x8577,     0x8578,     0xB3A7,     0x8579,     0xB6F2,     0xCCFC,     0xC0FA,     0x857A,
  /* U+5388 */    0x857B,     0xC0F7,     0x857C,     0xD1B9,     0xD1E1,     0xD8C7,     0x857D,     0x857E,
  /* U+5390 */    0x8580,     0x8581,     0x8582,     0x8583,     0x8584,     0xB2DE,     0x8585,     0x8586,
  /* U+5398 */    0xC0E5,     0x8587,     0xBAF1,     0x8588,     0x8589,     0xD8C8,     0x858A,     0xD4AD,
  /* U+53A0 */    0x858B,     0x858C,     0xCFE1,     0xD8C9,     0x858D,     0xD8CA,     0xCFC3,     0x858E,
  /* U+53A8 */    0xB3F8,     0xBEC7,     0x858F,     0x8590,     0x8591,     0x8592,     0xD8CB,     0x8593,
  /* U+53B0 */    0x8594,     0x8595,     0x8596,     0x8597,     0x8598,     0x8599,     0xDBCC,     0x859A,
  /* U+53B8 */    0x859B,     0x859C,     0x859D,     0xC8A5,     0x859E,     0x859F,     0x85A0,     0xCFD8,
  /* U+53C0 */    0x85A1,     0xC8FE,     0xB2CE,     0x85A2,     0x85A3,     0x85A4,     0x85A5,     0x85A6,
  /* U+53C8 */    0xD3D6,     0xB2E6,     0xBCB0,     0xD3D1,     0xCBAB,     0xB7B4,     0x85A7,     0x85A8,
  /* U+53D0 */    0x85A9,     0xB7A2,     0x85AA,     0x85AB,     0xCAE5,     0x85AC,     0xC8A1,     0xCADC,
  /* U+53D8 */    0xB1E4,     0xD0F0,     0x85AD,     0xC5D1,     0x85AE,     0x85AF,     0x85B0,     0xDBC5,
  /* U+53E0 */    0xB5FE,     0x85B1,     0x85B2,     0xBFDA,     0xB9C5,     0xBEE4,     0xC1ED,     0x85B3,
  /* U+53E8 */    0xDFB6,     0xDFB5,     0xD6BB,     0xBDD0,     0xD5D9,     0xB0C8,     0xB6A3,     0xBFC9,
  /* U+53F0 */    0xCCA8,     0xDFB3,     0xCAB7,     0xD3D2,     0x85B4,     0xD8CF,     0xD2B6,     0xBAC5,
  /* U+53F8 */    0xCBBE,     0xCCBE,     0x85B5,     0xDFB7,     0xB5F0,     0xDFB4,     0x85B6,     0x85B7,
  /* U+5400 */    0x85B8,     0xD3F5,     0x85B9,     0xB3D4,     0xB8F7,     0x85BA,     0xDFBA,     0x85BB,
  /* U+5408 */    0xBACF,     0xBCAA,     0xB5F5,     0x85BC,     0xCDAC,     0xC3FB,     0xBAF3,     0xC0F4,
  /* U+5410 */    0xCDC2,     0xCFF2,     0xDFB8,     0xCFC5,     0x85BD,     0xC2C0,     0xDFB9,     0xC2F0,
  /* U+5418 */    0x85BE,     0x85BF,     0x85C0,     0xBEFD,     0x85C1,     0xC1DF,     0xCDCC,     0xD2F7,
  /* U+5420 */    0xB7CD,     0xDFC1,     0x85C2,     0xDFC4,     0x85C3,     0x85C4,     0xB7F1,     0xB0C9,
  /* U+5428 */    0xB6D6,     0xB7D4,     0x85C5,     0xBAAC,     0xCCFD,     0xBFD4,     0xCBB1,     0xC6F4,
  /* U+5430 */    0x85C6,     0xD6A8,     0xDFC5,     0x85C7,     0xCEE2,     0xB3B3,     0x85C8,     0x85C9,
  /* U+5438 */    0xCEFC,     0xB4B5,     0x85CA,     0xCEC7,     0xBAF0,     0x85CB,     0xCEE1,     0x85CC,
  /* U+5440 */    0xD1BD,     0x85CD,     0x85CE,     0xDFC0,     0x85CF,     0x85D0,     0xB4F4,     0x85D1,
  /* U+5448 */    0xB3CA,     0x85D2,     0xB8E6,     0xDFBB,     0x85D3,     0x85D4,     0x85D5,     0x85D6,
  /* U+5450 */    0xC4C5,     0x85D7,     0xDFBC,     0xDFBD,     0xDFBE,     0xC5BB,     0xDFBF,     0xDFC2,
  /* U+5458 */    0xD4B1,     0xDFC3,     0x85D8,     0xC7BA,     0xCED8,     0x85D9,     0x85DA,     0x85DB,
  /* U+5460 */    0x85DC,     0x85DD,     0xC4D8,     0x85DE,     0xDFCA,     0x85DF,     0xDFCF,     0x85E0,
  /* U+5468 */    0xD6DC,     0x85E1,     0x85E2,     0x85E3,     0x85E4,     0x85E5,     0x85E6,     0x85E7,
  /* U+5470 */    0x85E8,     0xDFC9,     0xDFDA,     0xCEB6,     0x85E9,     0xBAC7,     0xDFCE,     0xDFC8,
  /* U+5478 */    0xC5DE,     0x85EA,     0x85EB,     0xC9EB,     0xBAF4,     0xC3FC,     0x85EC,     0x85ED,
  /* U+5480 */    0xBED7,     0x85EE,     0xDFC6,     0x85EF,     0xDFCD,     0x85F0,     0xC5D8,     0x85F1,
  /* U+5488 */    0x85F2,     0x85F3,     0x85F4,     0xD5A6,     0xBACD,     0x85F5,     0xBECC,     0xD3BD,
  /* U+5490 */    0xB8C0,     0x85F6,     0xD6E4,     0x85F7,     0xDFC7,     0xB9BE,     0xBFA7,     0x85F8,
  /* U+5498 */    0x85F9,     0xC1FC,     0xDFCB,     0xDFCC,     0x85FA,     0xDFD0,     0x85FB,     0x85FC,
  /* U+54A0 */    0x85FD,     0x85FE,     0x8640,     0xDFDB,     0xDFE5,     0x8641,     0xDFD7,     0xDFD6,
  /* U+54A8 */    0xD7C9,     0xDFE3,     0xDFE4,     0xE5EB,     0xD2A7,     0xDFD2,     0x8642,     0xBFA9,
  /* U+54B0 */    0x8643,     0xD4DB,     0x8644,     0xBFC8,     0xDFD4,     0x8645,     0x8646,     0x8647,
  /* U+54B8 */    0xCFCC,     0x8648,     0x8649,     0xDFDD,     0x864A,     0xD1CA,     0x864B,     0xDFDE,
  /* U+54C0 */    0xB0A7,     0xC6B7,     0xDFD3,     0x864C,     0xBAE5,     0x864D,     0xB6DF,     0xCDDB,
  /* U+54C8 */    0xB9FE,     0xD4D5,     0x864E,     0x864F,     0xDFDF,     0xCFEC,     0xB0A5,     0xDFE7,
  /* U+54D0 */    0xDFD1,     0xD1C6,     0xDFD5,     0xDFD8,     0xDFD9,     0xDFDC,     0x8650,     0xBBA9,
  /* U+54D8 */    0x8651,     0xDFE0,     0xDFE1,     0x8652,     0xDFE2,     0xDFE6,     0xDFE8,     0xD3B4,
  /* U+54E0 */    0x8653,     0x8654,     0x8655,     0x8656,     0x8657,     0xB8E7,     0xC5B6,     0xDFEA,
  /* U+54E8 */    0xC9DA,     0xC1A8,     0xC4C4,     0x8658,     0x8659,     0xBFDE,     0xCFF8,     0x865A,
  /* U+54F0 */    0x865B,     0x865C,     0xD5DC,     0xDFEE,     0x865D,     0x865E,     0x865F,     0x8660,
  /* U+54F8 */    0x8661,     0x8662,     0xB2B8,     0x8663,     0xBADF,     0xDFEC,     0x8664,     0xDBC1,
  /* U+5500 */    0x8665,     0xD1E4,     0x8666,     0x8667,     0x8668,     0x8669,     0xCBF4,     0xB4BD,
  /* U+5508 */    0x866A,     0xB0A6,     0x866B,     0x866C,     0x866D,     0x866E,     0x866F,     0xDFF1,
  /* U+5510 */    0xCCC6,     0xDFF2,     0x8670,     0x8671,     0xDFED,     0x8672,     0x8673,     0x8674,
  /* U+5518 */    0x8675,     0x8676,     0x8677,     0xDFE9,     0x8678,     0x8679,     0x867A,     0x867B,
  /* U+5520 */    0xDFEB,     0x867C,     0xDFEF,     0xDFF0,     0xBBBD,     0x867D,     0x867E,     0xDFF3,
  /* U+5528 */    0x8680,     0x8681,     0xDFF4,     0x8682,     0xBBA3,     0x8683,     0xCADB,     0xCEA8,
  /* U+5530 */    0xE0A7,     0xB3AA,     0x8684,     0xE0A6,     0x8685,     0x8686,     0x8687,     0xE0A1,
  /* U+5538 */    0x8688,     0x8689,     0x868A,     0x868B,     0xDFFE,     0x868C,     0xCDD9,     0xDFFC,
  /* U+5540 */    0x868D,     0xDFFA,     0x868E,     0xBFD0,     0xD7C4,     0x868F,     0xC9CC,     0x8690,
  /* U+5548 */    0x8691,     0xDFF8,     0xB0A1,     0x8692,     0x8693,     0x8694,     0x8695,     0x8696,
  /* U+5550 */    0xDFFD,     0x8697,     0x8698,     0x8699,     0x869A,     0xDFFB,     0xE0A2,     0x869B,
  /* U+5558 */    0x869C,     0x869D,     0x869E,     0x869F,     0xE0A8,     0x86A0,     0x86A1,     0x86A2,
  /* U+5560 */    0x86A3,     0xB7C8,     0x86A4,     0x86A5,     0xC6A1,     0xC9B6,     0xC0B2,     0xDFF5,
  /* U+5568 */    0x86A6,     0x86A7,     0xC5BE,     0x86A8,     0xD8C4,     0xDFF9,     0xC4F6,     0x86A9,
  /* U+5570 */    0x86AA,     0x86AB,     0x86AC,     0x86AD,     0x86AE,     0xE0A3,     0xE0A4,     0xE0A5,
  /* U+5578 */    0xD0A5,     0x86AF,     0x86B0,     0xE0B4,     0xCCE4,     0x86B1,     0xE0B1,     0x86B2,
  /* U+5580 */    0xBFA6,     0xE0AF,     0xCEB9,     0xE0AB,     0xC9C6,     0x86B3,     0x86B4,     0xC0AE,
  /* U+5588 */    0xE0AE,     0xBAED,     0xBAB0,     0xE0A9,     0x86B5,     0x86B6,     0x86B7,     0xDFF6,
  /* U+5590 */    0x86B8,     0xE0B3,     0x86B9,     0x86BA,     0xE0B8,     0x86BB,     0x86BC,     0x86BD,
  /* U+5598 */    0xB4AD,     0xE0B9,     0x86BE,     0x86BF,     0xCFB2,     0xBAC8,     0x86C0,     0xE0B0,
  /* U+55A0 */    0x86C1,     0x86C2,     0x86C3,     0x86C4,     0x86C5,     0x86C6,     0x86C7,     0xD0FA,
  /* U+55A8 */    0x86C8,     0x86C9,     0x86CA,     0x86CB,     0x86CC,     0x86CD,     0x86CE,     0x86CF,
  /* U+55B0 */    0x86D0,     0xE0AC,     0x86D1,     0xD4FB,     0x86D2,     0xDFF7,     0x86D3,     0xC5E7,
  /* U+55B8 */    0x86D4,     0xE0AD,     0x86D5,     0xD3F7,     0x86D6,     0xE0B6,     0xE0B7,     0x86D7,
  /* U+55C0 */    0x86D8,     0x86D9,     0x86DA,     0x86DB,     0xE0C4,     0xD0E1,     0x86DC,     0x86DD,
  /* U+55C8 */    0x86DE,     0xE0BC,     0x86DF,     0x86E0,     0xE0C9,     0xE0CA,     0x86E1,     0x86E2,
  /* U+55D0 */    0x86E3,     0xE0BE,     0xE0AA,     0xC9A4,     0xE0C1,     0x86E4,     0xE0B2,     0x86E5,
  /* U+55D8 */    0x86E6,     0x86E7,     0x86E8,     0x86E9,     0xCAC8,     0xE0C3,     0x86EA,     0xE0B5,
  /* U+55E0 */    0x86EB,     0xCECB,     0x86EC,     0xCBC3,     0xE0CD,     0xE0C6,     0xE0C2,     0x86ED,
  /* U+55E8 */    0xE0CB,     0x86EE,     0xE0BA,     0xE0BF,     0xE0C0,     0x86EF,     0x86F0,     0xE0C5,
  /* U+55F0 */    0x86F1,     0x86F2,     0xE0C7,     0xE0C8,     0x86F3,     0xE0CC,     0x86F4,     0xE0BB,
  /* U+55F8 */    0x86F5,     0x86F6,     0x86F7,     0x86F8,     0x86F9,     0xCBD4,     0xE0D5,     0x86FA,
  /* U+5600 */    0xE0D6,     0xE0D2,     0x86FB,     0x86FC,     0x86FD,     0x86FE,     0x8740,     0x8741,
  /* U+5608 */    0xE0D0,     0xBCCE,     0x8742,     0x8743,     0xE0D1,     0x8744,     0xB8C2,     0xD8C5,
  /* U+5610 */    0x8745,     0x8746,     0x8747,     0x8748,     0x8749,     0x874A,     0x874B,     0x874C,
  /* U+5618 */    0xD0EA,     0x874D,     0x874E,     0xC2EF,     0x874F,     0x8750,     0xE0CF,     0xE0BD,
  /* U+5620 */    0x8751,     0x8752,     0x8753,     0xE0D4,     0xE0D3,     0x8754,     0x8755,     0xE0D7,
  /* U+5628 */    0x8756,     0x8757,     0x8758,     0x8759,     0xE0DC,     0xE0D8,     0x875A,     0x875B,
  /* U+5630 */    0x875C,     0xD6F6,     0xB3B0,     0x875D,     0xD7EC,     0x875E,     0xCBBB,     0x875F,
  /* U+5638 */    0x8760,     0xE0DA,     0x8761,     0xCEFB,     0x8762,     0x8763,     0x8764,     0xBAD9,
  /* U+5640 */    0x8765,     0x8766,     0x8767,     0x8768,     0x8769,     0x876A,     0x876B,     0x876C,
  /* U+5648 */    0x876D,     0x876E,     0x876F,     0x8770,     0xE0E1,     0xE0DD,     0xD2AD,     0x8771,
  /* U+5650 */    0x8772,     0x8773,     0x8774,     0x8775,     0xE0E2,     0x8776,     0x8777,     0xE0DB,
  /* U+5658 */    0xE0D9,     0xE0DF,     0x8778,     0x8779,     0xE0E0,     0x877A,     0x877B,     0x877C,
  /* U+5660 */    0x877D,     0x877E,     0xE0DE,     0x8780,     0xE0E4,     0x8781,     0x8782,     0x8783,
  /* U+5668 */    0xC6F7,     0xD8AC,     0xD4EB,     0xE0E6,     0xCAC9,     0x8784,     0x8785,     0x8786,
  /* U+5670 */    0x8787,     0xE0E5,     0x8788,     0x8789,     0x878A,     0x878B,     0xB8C1,     0x878C,
  /* U+5678 */    0x878D,     0x878E,     0x878F,     0xE0E7,     0xE0E8,     0x8790,     0x8791,     0x8792,
  /* U+5680 */    0x8793,     0x8794,     0x8795,     0x8796,     0x8797,     0xE0E9,     0xE0E3,     0x8798,
  /* U+5688 */    0x8799,     0x879A,     0x879B,     0x879C,     0x879D,     0x879E,     0xBABF,     0xCCE7,
  /* U+5690 */    0x879F,     0x87A0,     0x87A1,     0xE0EA,     0x87A2,     0x87A3,     0x87A4,     0x87A5,
  /* U+5698 */    0x87A6,     0x87A7,     0x87A8,     0x87A9,     0x87AA,     0x87AB,     0x87AC,     0x87AD,
  /* U+56A0 */    0x87AE,     0x87AF,     0x87B0,     0xCFF9,     0x87B1,     0x87B2,     0x87B3,     0x87B4,
  /* U+56A8 */    0x87B5,     0x87B6,     0x87B7,     0x87B8,     0x87B9,     0x87BA,     0x87BB,     0xE0EB,
  /* U+56B0 */    0x87BC,     0x87BD,     0x87BE,     0x87BF,     0x87C0,     0x87C1,     0x87C2,     0xC8C2,
  /* U+56B8 */    0x87C3,     0x87C4,     0x87C5,     0x87C6,     0xBDC0,     0x87C7,     0x87C8,     0x87C9,
  /* U+56C0 */    0x87CA,     0x87CB,     0x87CC,     0x87CD,     0x87CE,     0x87CF,     0x87D0,     0x87D1,
  /* U+56C8 */    0x87D2,     0x87D3,     0xC4D2,     0x87D4,     0x87D5,     0x87D6,     0x87D7,     0x87D8,
  /* U+56D0 */    0x87D9,     0x87DA,     0x87DB,     0x87DC,     0xE0EC,     0x87DD,     0x87DE,     0xE0ED,
  /* U+56D8 */    0x87DF,     0x87E0,     0xC7F4,     0xCBC4,     0x87E1,     0xE0EE,     0xBBD8,     0xD8B6,
  /* U+56E0 */    0xD2F2,     0xE0EF,     0xCDC5,     0x87E2,     0xB6DA,     0x87E3,     0x87E4,     0x87E5,
  /* U+56E8 */    0x87E6,     0x87E7,     0x87E8,     0xE0F1,     0x87E9,     0xD4B0,     0x87EA,     0x87EB,
  /* U+56F0 */    0xC0A7,     0xB4D1,     0x87EC,     0x87ED,     0xCEA7,     0xE0F0,     0x87EE,     0x87EF,
  /* U+56F8 */    0x87F0,     0xE0F2,     0xB9CC,     0x87F1,     0x87F2,     0xB9FA,     0xCDBC,     0xE0F3,
  /* U+5700 */    0x87F3,     0x87F4,     0x87F5,     0xC6D4,     0xE0F4,     0x87F6,     0xD4B2,     0x87F7,
  /* U+5708 */    0xC8A6,     0xE0F6,     0xE0F5,     0x87F8,     0x87F9,     0x87FA,     0x87FB,     0x87FC,
  /* U+5710 */    0x87FD,     0x87FE,     0x8840,     0x8841,     0x8842,     0x8843,     0x8844,     0x8845,
  /* U+5718 */    0x8846,     0x8847,     0x8848,     0x8849,     0xE0F7,     0x884A,     0x884B,     0xCDC1,
  /* U+5720 */    0x884C,     0x884D,     0x884E,     0xCAA5,     0x884F,     0x8850,     0x8851,     0x8852,
  /* U+5728 */    0xD4DA,     0xDBD7,     0xDBD9,     0x8853,     0xDBD8,     0xB9E7,     0xDBDC,     0xDBDD,
  /* U+5730 */    0xB5D8,     0x8854,     0x8855,     0xDBDA,     0x8856,     0x8857,     0x8858,     0x8859,
  /* U+5738 */    0x885A,     0xDBDB,     0xB3A1,     0xDBDF,     0x885B,     0x885C,     0xBBF8,     0x885D,
  /* U+5740 */    0xD6B7,     0x885E,     0xDBE0,     0x885F,     0x8860,     0x8861,     0x8862,     0xBEF9,
  /* U+5748 */    0x8863,     0x8864,     0xB7BB,     0x8865,     0xDBD0,     0xCCAE,     0xBFB2,     0xBBB5,
  /* U+5750 */    0xD7F8,     0xBFD3,     0x8866,     0x8867,     0x8868,     0x8869,     0x886A,     0xBFE9,
  /* U+5758 */    0x886B,     0x886C,     0xBCE1,     0xCCB3,     0xDBDE,     0xB0D3,     0xCEEB,     0xB7D8,
  /* U+5760 */    0xD7B9,     0xC6C2,     0x886D,     0x886E,     0xC0A4,     0x886F,     0xCCB9,     0x8870,
  /* U+5768 */    0xDBE7,     0xDBE1,     0xC6BA,     0xDBE3,     0x8871,     0xDBE8,     0x8872,     0xC5F7,
  /* U+5770 */    0x8873,     0x8874,     0x8875,     0xDBEA,     0x8876,     0x8877,     0xDBE9,     0xBFC0,
  /* U+5778 */    0x8878,     0x8879,     0x887A,     0xDBE6,     0xDBE5,     0x887B,     0x887C,     0x887D,
  /* U+5780 */    0x887E,     0x8880,     0xB4B9,     0xC0AC,     0xC2A2,     0xDBE2,     0xDBE4,     0x8881,
  /* U+5788 */    0x8882,     0x8883,     0x8884,     0xD0CD,     0xDBED,     0x8885,     0x8886,     0x8887,
  /* U+5790 */    0x8888,     0x8889,     0xC0DD,     0xDBF2,     0x888A,     0x888B,     0x888C,     0x888D,
  /* U+5798 */    0x888E,     0x888F,     0x8890,     0xB6E2,     0x8891,     0x8892,     0x8893,     0x8894,
  /* U+57A0 */    0xDBF3,     0xDBD2,     0xB9B8,     0xD4AB,     0xDBEC,     0x8895,     0xBFD1,     0xDBF0,
  /* U+57A8 */    0x8896,     0xDBD1,     0x8897,     0xB5E6,     0x8898,     0xDBEB,     0xBFE5,     0x8899,
  /* U+57B0 */    0x889A,     0x889B,     0xDBEE,     0x889C,     0xDBF1,     0x889D,     0x889E,     0x889F,
  /* U+57B8 */    0xDBF9,     0x88A0,     0x88A1,     0x88A2,     0x88A3,     0x88A4,     0x88A5,     0x88A6,
  /* U+57C0 */    0x88A7,     0x88A8,     0xB9A1,     0xB0A3,     0x88A9,     0x88AA,     0x88AB,     0x88AC,
  /* U+57C8 */    0x88AD,     0x88AE,     0x88AF,     0xC2F1,     0x88B0,     0x88B1,     0xB3C7,     0xDBEF,
  /* U+57D0 */    0x88B2,     0x88B3,     0xDBF8,     0x88B4,     0xC6D2,     0xDBF4,     0x88B5,     0x88B6,
  /* U+57D8 */    0xDBF5,     0xDBF7,     0xDBF6,     0x88B7,     0x88B8,     0xDBFE,     0x88B9,     0xD3F2,
  /* U+57E0 */    0xB2BA,     0x88BA,     0x88BB,     0x88BC,     0xDBFD,     0x88BD,     0x88BE,     0x88BF,
  /* U+57E8 */    0x88C0,     0x88C1,     0x88C2,     0x88C3,     0x88C4,     0xDCA4,     0x88C5,     0xDBFB,
  /* U+57F0 */    0x88C6,     0x88C7,     0x88C8,     0x88C9,     0xDBFA,     0x88CA,     0x88CB,     0x88CC,
  /* U+57F8 */    0xDBFC,     0xC5E0,     0xBBF9,     0x88CD,     0x88CE,     0xDCA3,     0x88CF,     0x88D0,
  /* U+5800 */    0xDCA5,     0x88D1,     0xCCC3,     0x88D2,     0x88D3,     0x88D4,     0xB6D1,     0xDDC0,
  /* U+5808 */    0x88D5,     0x88D6,     0x88D7,     0xDCA1,     0x88D8,     0xDCA2,     0x88D9,     0x88DA,
  /* U+5810 */    0x88DB,     0xC7B5,     0x88DC,     0x88DD,     0x88DE,     0xB6E9,     0x88DF,     0x88E0,
  /* U+5818 */    0x88E1,     0xDCA7,     0x88E2,     0x88E3,     0x88E4,     0x88E5,     0xDCA6,     0x88E6,
  /* U+5820 */    0xDCA9,     0xB1A4,     0x88E7,     0x88E8,     0xB5CC,     0x88E9,     0x88EA,     0x88EB,
  /* U+5828 */    0x88EC,     0x88ED,     0xBFB0,     0x88EE,     0x88EF,     0x88F0,     0x88F1,     0x88F2,
  /* U+5830 */    0xD1DF,     0x88F3,     0x88F4,     0x88F5,     0x88F6,     0xB6C2,     0x88F7,     0x88F8,
  /* U+5838 */    0x88F9,     0x88FA,     0x88FB,     0x88FC,     0x88FD,     0x88FE,     0x8940,     0x8941,
  /* U+5840 */    0x8942,     0x8943,     0x8944,     0x8945,     0xDCA8,     0x8946,     0x8947,     0x8948,
  /* U+5848 */    0x8949,     0x894A,     0x894B,     0x894C,     0xCBFA,     0xEBF3,     0x894D,     0x894E,
  /* U+5850 */    0x894F,     0xCBDC,     0x8950,     0x8951,     0xCBFE,     0x8952,     0x8953,     0x8954,
  /* U+5858 */    0xCCC1,     0x8955,     0x8956,     0x8957,     0x8958,     0x8959,     0xC8FB,     0x895A,
  /* U+5860 */    0x895B,     0x895C,     0x895D,     0x895E,     0x895F,     0xDCAA,     0x8960,     0x8961,
  /* U+5868 */    0x8962,     0x8963,     0x8964,     0xCCEE,     0xDCAB,     0x8965,     0x8966,     0x8967,
  /* U+5870 */    0x8968,     0x8969,     0x896A,     0x896B,     0x896C,     0x896D,     0x896E,     0x896F,
  /* U+5878 */    0x8970,     0x8971,     0x8972,     0x8973,     0x8974,     0x8975,     0xDBD3,     0x8976,
  /* U+5880 */    0xDCAF,     0xDCAC,     0x8977,     0xBEB3,     0x8978,     0xCAFB,     0x8979,     0x897A,
  /* U+5888 */    0x897B,     0xDCAD,     0x897C,     0x897D,     0x897E,     0x8980,     0x8981,     0x8982,
  /* U+5890 */    0x8983,     0x8984,     0xC9CA,     0xC4B9,     0x8985,     0x8986,     0x8987,     0x8988,
  /* U+5898 */    0x8989,     0xC7BD,     0xDCAE,     0x898A,     0x898B,     0x898C,     0xD4F6,     0xD0E6,
  /* U+58A0 */    0x898D,     0x898E,     0x898F,     0x8990,     0x8991,     0x8992,     0x8993,     0x8994,
  /* U+58A8 */    0xC4AB,     0xB6D5,     0x8995,     0x8996,     0x8997,     0x8998,     0x8999,     0x899A,
  /* U+58B0 */    0x899B,     0x899C,     0x899D,     0x899E,     0x899F,     0x89A0,     0x89A1,     0x89A2,
  /* U+58B8 */    0x89A3,     0x89A4,     0x89A5,     0x89A6,     0xDBD4,     0x89A7,     0x89A8,     0x89A9,
  /* U+58C0 */    0x89AA,     0xB1DA,     0x89AB,     0x89AC,     0x89AD,     0xDBD5,     0x89AE,     0x89AF,
  /* U+58C8 */    0x89B0,     0x89B1,     0x89B2,     0x89B3,     0x89B4,     0x89B5,     0x89B6,     0x89B7,
  /* U+58D0 */    0x89B8,     0xDBD6,     0x89B9,     0x89BA,     0x89BB,     0xBABE,     0x89BC,     0x89BD,
  /* U+58D8 */    0x89BE,     0x89BF,     0x89C0,     0x89C1,     0x89C2,     0x89C3,     0x89C4,     0x89C5,
  /* U+58E0 */    0x89C6,     0x89C7,     0x89C8,     0x89C9,     0xC8C0,     0x89CA,     0x89CB,     0x89CC,
  /* U+58E8 */    0x89CD,     0x89CE,     0x89CF,     0xCABF,     0xC8C9,     0x89D0,     0xD7B3,     0x89D1,
  /* U+58F0 */    0xC9F9,     0x89D2,     0x89D3,     0xBFC7,     0x89D4,     0x89D5,     0xBAF8,     0x89D6,
  /* U+58F8 */    0x89D7,     0xD2BC,     0x89D8,     0x89D9,     0x89DA,     0x89DB,     0x89DC,     0x89DD,
  /* U+5900 */    0x89DE,     0x89DF,     0xE2BA,     0x89E0,     0xB4A6,     0x89E1,     0x89E2,     0xB1B8,
  /* U+5908 */    0x89E3,     0x89E4,     0x89E5,     0x89E6,     0x89E7,     0xB8B4,     0x89E8,     0xCFC4,
  /* U+5910 */    0x89E9,     0x89EA,     0x89EB,     0x89EC,     0xD9E7,     0xCFA6,     0xCDE2,     0x89ED,
  /* U+5918 */    0x89EE,     0xD9ED,     0xB6E0,     0x89EF,     0xD2B9,     0x89F0,     0x89F1,     0xB9BB,
  /* U+5920 */    0x89F2,     0x89F3,     0x89F4,     0x89F5,     0xE2B9,     0xE2B7,     0x89F6,     0xB4F3,
  /* U+5928 */    0x89F7,     0xCCEC,     0xCCAB,     0xB7F2,     0x89F8,     0xD8B2,     0xD1EB,     0xBABB,
  /* U+5930 */    0x89F9,     0xCAA7,     0x89FA,     0x89FB,     0xCDB7,     0x89FC,     0x89FD,     0xD2C4,
  /* U+5938 */    0xBFE4,     0xBCD0,     0xB6E1,     0x89FE,     0xDEC5,     0x8A40,     0x8A41,     0x8A42,
  /* U+5940 */    0x8A43,     0xDEC6,     0xDBBC,     0x8A44,     0xD1D9,     0x8A45,     0x8A46,     0xC6E6,
  /* U+5948 */    0xC4CE,     0xB7EE,     0x8A47,     0xB7DC,     0x8A48,     0x8A49,     0xBFFC,     0xD7E0,
  /* U+5950 */    0x8A4A,     0xC6F5,     0x8A4B,     0x8A4C,     0xB1BC,     0xDEC8,     0xBDB1,     0xCCD7,
  /* U+5958 */    0xDECA,     0x8A4D,     0xDEC9,     0x8A4E,     0x8A4F,     0x8A50,     0x8A51,     0x8A52,
  /* U+5960 */    0xB5EC,     0x8A53,     0xC9DD,     0x8A54,     0x8A55,     0xB0C2,     0x8A56,     0x8A57,
  /* U+5968 */    0x8A58,     0x8A59,     0x8A5A,     0x8A5B,     0x8A5C,     0x8A5D,     0x8A5E,     0x8A5F,
  /* U+5970 */    0x8A60,     0x8A61,     0x8A62,     0xC5AE,     0xC5AB,     0x8A63,     0xC4CC,     0x8A64,
  /* U+5978 */    0xBCE9,     0xCBFD,     0x8A65,     0x8A66,     0x8A67,     0xBAC3,     0x8A68,     0x8A69,
  /* U+5980 */    0x8A6A,     0xE5F9,     0xC8E7,     0xE5FA,     0xCDFD,     0x8A6B,     0xD7B1,     0xB8BE,
  /* U+5988 */    0xC2E8,     0x8A6C,     0xC8D1,     0x8A6D,     0x8A6E,     0xE5FB,     0x8A6F,     0x8A70,
  /* U+5990 */    0x8A71,     0x8A72,     0xB6CA,     0xBCCB,     0x8A73,     0x8A74,     0xD1FD,     0xE6A1,
  /* U+5998 */    0x8A75,     0xC3EE,     0x8A76,     0x8A77,     0x8A78,     0x8A79,     0xE6A4,     0x8A7A,
  /* U+59A0 */    0x8A7B,     0x8A7C,     0x8A7D,     0xE5FE,     0xE6A5,     0xCDD7,     0x8A7E,     0x8A80,
  /* U+59A8 */    0xB7C1,     0xE5FC,     0xE5FD,     0xE6A3,     0x8A81,     0x8A82,     0xC4DD,     0xE6A8,
  /* U+59B0 */    0x8A83,     0x8A84,     0xE6A7,     0x8A85,     0x8A86,     0x8A87,     0x8A88,     0x8A89,
  /* U+59B8 */    0x8A8A,     0xC3C3,     0x8A8B,     0xC6DE,     0x8A8C,     0x8A8D,     0xE6AA,     0x8A8E,
  /* U+59C0 */    0x8A8F,     0x8A90,     0x8A91,     0x8A92,     0x8A93,     0x8A94,     0xC4B7,     0x8A95,
  /* U+59C8 */    0x8A96,     0x8A97,     0xE6A2,     0xCABC,     0x8A98,     0x8A99,     0x8A9A,     0x8A9B,
  /* U+59D0 */    0xBDE3,     0xB9C3,     0xE6A6,     0xD0D5,     0xCEAF,     0x8A9C,     0x8A9D,     0xE6A9,
  /* U+59D8 */    0xE6B0,     0x8A9E,     0xD2A6,     0x8A9F,     0xBDAA,     0xE6AD,     0x8AA0,     0x8AA1,
  /* U+59E0 */    0x8AA2,     0x8AA3,     0x8AA4,     0xE6AF,     0x8AA5,     0xC0D1,     0x8AA6,     0x8AA7,
  /* U+59E8 */    0xD2CC,     0x8AA8,     0x8AA9,     0x8AAA,     0xBCA7,     0x8AAB,     0x8AAC,     0x8AAD,
  /* U+59F0 */    0x8AAE,     0x8AAF,     0x8AB0,     0x8AB1,     0x8AB2,     0x8AB3,     0x8AB4,     0x8AB5,
  /* U+59F8 */    0x8AB6,     0xE6B1,     0x8AB7,     0xD2F6,     0x8AB8,     0x8AB9,     0x8ABA,     0xD7CB,
  /* U+5A00 */    0x8ABB,     0xCDFE,     0x8ABC,     0xCDDE,     0xC2A6,     0xE6AB,     0xE6AC,     0xBDBF,
  /* U+5A08 */    0xE6AE,     0xE6B3,     0x8ABD,     0x8ABE,     0xE6B2,     0x8ABF,     0x8AC0,     0x8AC1,
  /* U+5A10 */    0x8AC2,     0xE6B6,     0x8AC3,     0xE6B8,     0x8AC4,     0x8AC5,     0x8AC6,     0x8AC7,
  /* U+5A18 */    0xC4EF,     0x8AC8,     0x8AC9,     0x8ACA,     0xC4C8,     0x8ACB,     0x8ACC,     0xBEEA,
  /* U+5A20 */    0xC9EF,     0x8ACD,     0x8ACE,     0xE6B7,     0x8ACF,     0xB6F0,     0x8AD0,     0x8AD1,
  /* U+5A28 */    0x8AD2,     0xC3E4,     0x8AD3,     0x8AD4,     0x8AD5,     0x8AD6,     0x8AD7,     0x8AD8,
  /* U+5A30 */    0x8AD9,     0xD3E9,     0xE6B4,     0x8ADA,     0xE6B5,     0x8ADB,     0xC8A2,     0x8ADC,
  /* U+5A38 */    0x8ADD,     0x8ADE,     0x8ADF,     0x8AE0,     0xE6BD,     0x8AE1,     0x8AE2,     0x8AE3,
  /* U+5A40 */    0xE6B9,     0x8AE4,     0x8AE5,     0x8AE6,     0x8AE7,     0x8AE8,     0xC6C5,     0x8AE9,
  /* U+5A48 */    0x8AEA,     0xCDF1,     0xE6BB,     0x8AEB,     0x8AEC,     0x8AED,     0x8AEE,     0x8AEF,
  /* U+5A50 */    0x8AF0,     0x8AF1,     0x8AF2,     0x8AF3,     0x8AF4,     0xE6BC,     0x8AF5,     0x8AF6,
  /* U+5A58 */    0x8AF7,     0x8AF8,     0xBBE9,     0x8AF9,     0x8AFA,     0x8AFB,     0x8AFC,     0x8AFD,
  /* U+5A60 */    0x8AFE,     0x8B40,     0xE6BE,     0x8B41,     0x8B42,     0x8B43,     0x8B44,     0xE6BA,
  /* U+5A68 */    0x8B45,     0x8B46,     0xC0B7,     0x8B47,     0x8B48,     0x8B49,     0x8B4A,     0x8B4B,
  /* U+5A70 */    0x8B4C,     0x8B4D,     0x8B4E,     0x8B4F,     0xD3A4,     0xE6BF,     0xC9F4,     0xE6C3,
  /* U+5A78 */    0x8B50,     0x8B51,     0xE6C4,     0x8B52,     0x8B53,     0x8B54,     0x8B55,     0xD0F6,
  /* U+5A80 */    0x8B56,     0x8B57,     0x8B58,     0x8B59,     0x8B5A,     0x8B5B,     0x8B5C,     0x8B5D,
  /* U+5A88 */    0x8B5E,     0x8B5F,     0x8B60,     0x8B61,     0x8B62,     0x8B63,     0x8B64,     0x8B65,
  /* U+5A90 */    0x8B66,     0x8B67,     0xC3BD,     0x8B68,     0x8B69,     0x8B6A,     0x8B6B,     0x8B6C,
  /* U+5A98 */    0x8B6D,     0x8B6E,     0xC3C4,     0xE6C2,     0x8B6F,     0x8B70,     0x8B71,     0x8B72,
  /* U+5AA0 */    0x8B73,     0x8B74,     0x8B75,     0x8B76,     0x8B77,     0x8B78,     0x8B79,     0x8B7A,
  /* U+5AA8 */    0x8B7B,     0x8B7C,     0xE6C1,     0x8B7D,     0x8B7E,     0x8B80,     0x8B81,     0x8B82,
  /* U+5AB0 */    0x8B83,     0x8B84,     0xE6C7,     0xCFB1,     0x8B85,     0xEBF4,     0x8B86,     0x8B87,
  /* U+5AB8 */    0xE6CA,     0x8B88,     0x8B89,     0x8B8A,     0x8B8B,     0x8B8C,     0xE6C5,     0x8B8D,
  /* U+5AC0 */    0x8B8E,     0xBCDE,     0xC9A9,     0x8B8F,     0x8B90,     0x8B91,     0x8B92,     0x8B93,
  /* U+5AC8 */    0x8B94,     0xBCB5,     0x8B95,     0x8B96,     0xCFD3,     0x8B97,     0x8B98,     0x8B99,
  /* U+5AD0 */    0x8B9A,     0x8B9B,     0xE6C8,     0x8B9C,     0xE6C9,     0x8B9D,     0xE6CE,     0x8B9E,
  /* U+5AD8 */    0xE6D0,     0x8B9F,     0x8BA0,     0x8BA1,     0xE6D1,     0x8BA2,     0x8BA3,     0x8BA4,
  /* U+5AE0 */    0xE6CB,     0xB5D5,     0x8BA5,     0xE6CC,     0x8BA6,     0x8BA7,     0xE6CF,     0x8BA8,
  /* U+5AE8 */    0x8BA9,     0xC4DB,     0x8BAA,     0xE6C6,     0x8BAB,     0x8BAC,     0x8BAD,     0x8BAE,
  /* U+5AF0 */    0x8BAF,     0xE6CD,     0x8BB0,     0x8BB1,     0x8BB2,     0x8BB3,     0x8BB4,     0x8BB5,
  /* U+5AF8 */    0x8BB6,     0x8BB7,     0x8BB8,     0x8BB9,     0x8BBA,     0x8BBB,     0x8BBC,     0x8BBD,
  /* U+5B00 */    0x8BBE,     0x8BBF,     0x8BC0,     0x8BC1,     0x8BC2,     0x8BC3,     0x8BC4,     0x8BC5,
  /* U+5B08 */    0x8BC6,     0xE6D2,     0x8BC7,     0x8BC8,     0x8BC9,     0x8BCA,     0x8BCB,     0x8BCC,
  /* U+5B10 */    0x8BCD,     0x8BCE,     0x8BCF,     0x8BD0,     0x8BD1,     0x8BD2,     0xE6D4,     0xE6D3,
  /* U+5B18 */    0x8BD3,     0x8BD4,     0x8BD5,     0x8BD6,     0x8BD7,     0x8BD8,     0x8BD9,     0x8BDA,
  /* U+5B20 */    0x8BDB,     0x8BDC,     0x8BDD,     0x8BDE,     0x8BDF,     0x8BE0,     0x8BE1,     0x8BE2,
  /* U+5B28 */    0x8BE3,     0x8BE4,     0x8BE5,     0x8BE6,     0x8BE7,     0x8BE8,     0x8BE9,     0x8BEA,
  /* U+5B30 */    0x8BEB,     0x8BEC,     0xE6D5,     0x8BED,     0xD9F8,     0x8BEE,     0x8BEF,     0xE6D6,
  /* U+5B38 */    0x8BF0,     0x8BF1,     0x8BF2,     0x8BF3,     0x8BF4,     0x8BF5,     0x8BF6,     0x8BF7,
  /* U+5B40 */    0xE6D7,     0x8BF8,     0x8BF9,     0x8BFA,     0x8BFB,     0x8BFC,     0x8BFD,     0x8BFE,
  /* U+5B48 */    0x8C40,     0x8C41,     0x8C42,     0x8C43,     0x8C44,     0x8C45,     0x8C46,     0x8C47,
  /* U+5B50 */    0xD7D3,     0xE6DD,     0x8C48,     0xE6DE,     0xBFD7,     0xD4D0,     0x8C49,     0xD7D6,
  /* U+5B58 */    0xB4E6,     0xCBEF,     0xE6DA,     0xD8C3,     0xD7CE,     0xD0A2,     0x8C4A,     0xC3CF,
  /* U+5B60 */    0x8C4B,     0x8C4C,     0xE6DF,     0xBCBE,     0xB9C2,     0xE6DB,     0xD1A7,     0x8C4D,
  /* U+5B68 */    0x8C4E,     0xBAA2,     0xC2CF,     0x8C4F,     0xD8AB,     0x8C50,     0x8C51,     0x8C52,
  /* U+5B70 */    0xCAEB,     0xE5EE,     0x8C53,     0xE6DC,     0x8C54,     0xB7F5,     0x8C55,     0x8C56,
  /* U+5B78 */    0x8C57,     0x8C58,     0xC8E6,     0x8C59,     0x8C5A,     0xC4F5,     0x8C5B,     0x8C5C,
  /* U+5B80 */    0xE5B2,     0xC4FE,     0x8C5D,     0xCBFC,     0xE5B3,     0xD5AC,     0x8C5E,     0xD3EE,
  /* U+5B88 */    0xCAD8,     0xB0B2,     0x8C5F,     0xCBCE,     0xCDEA,     0x8C60,     0x8C61,     0xBAEA,
  /* U+5B90 */    0x8C62,     0x8C63,     0x8C64,     0xE5B5,     0x8C65,     0xE5B4,     0x8C66,     0xD7DA,
  /* U+5B98 */    0xB9D9,     0xD6E6,     0xB6A8,     0xCDF0,     0xD2CB,     0xB1A6,     0xCAB5,     0x8C67,
  /* U+5BA0 */    0xB3E8,     0xC9F3,     0xBFCD,     0xD0FB,     0xCAD2,     0xE5B6,     0xBBC2,     0x8C68,
  /* U+5BA8 */    0x8C69,     0x8C6A,     0xCFDC,     0xB9AC,     0x8C6B,     0x8C6C,     0x8C6D,     0x8C6E,
  /* U+5BB0 */    0xD4D7,     0x8C6F,     0x8C70,     0xBAA6,     0xD1E7,     0xCFFC,     0xBCD2,     0x8C71,
  /* U+5BB8 */    0xE5B7,     0xC8DD,     0x8C72,     0x8C73,     0x8C74,     0xBFED,     0xB1F6,     0xCBDE,
  /* U+5BC0 */    0x8C75,     0x8C76,     0xBCC5,     0x8C77,     0xBCC4,     0xD2FA,     0xC3DC,     0xBFDC,
  /* U+5BC8 */    0x8C78,     0x8C79,     0x8C7A,     0x8C7B,     0xB8BB,     0x8C7C,     0x8C7D,     0x8C7E,
  /* U+5BD0 */    0xC3C2,     0x8C80,     0xBAAE,     0xD4A2,     0x8C81,     0x8C82,     0x8C83,     0x8C84,
  /* U+5BD8 */    0x8C85,     0x8C86,     0x8C87,     0x8C88,     0x8C89,     0xC7DE,     0xC4AF,     0xB2EC,
  /* U+5BE0 */    0x8C8A,     0xB9D1,     0x8C8B,     0x8C8C,     0xE5BB,     0xC1C8,     0x8C8D,     0x8C8E,
  /* U+5BE8 */    0xD5AF,     0x8C8F,     0x8C90,     0x8C91,     0x8C92,     0x8C93,     0xE5BC,     0x8C94,
  /* U+5BF0 */    0xE5BE,     0x8C95,     0x8C96,     0x8C97,     0x8C98,     0x8C99,     0x8C9A,     0x8C9B,
  /* U+5BF8 */    0xB4E7,     0xB6D4,     0xCBC2,     0xD1B0,     0xB5BC,     0x8C9C,     0x8C9D,     0xCAD9,
  /* U+5C00 */    0x8C9E,     0xB7E2,     0x8C9F,     0x8CA0,     0xC9E4,     0x8CA1,     0xBDAB,     0x8CA2,
  /* U+5C08 */    0x8CA3,     0xCEBE,     0xD7F0,     0x8CA4,     0x8CA5,     0x8CA6,     0x8CA7,     0xD0A1,
  /* U+5C10 */    0x8CA8,     0xC9D9,     0x8CA9,     0x8CAA,     0xB6FB,     0xE6D8,     0xBCE2,     0x8CAB,
  /* U+5C18 */    0xB3BE,     0x8CAC,     0xC9D0,     0x8CAD,     0xE6D9,     0xB3A2,     0x8CAE,     0x8CAF,
  /* U+5C20 */    0x8CB0,     0x8CB1,     0xDECC,     0x8CB2,     0xD3C8,     0xDECD,     0x8CB3,     0xD2A2,
  /* U+5C28 */    0x8CB4,     0x8CB5,     0x8CB6,     0x8CB7,     0xDECE,     0x8CB8,     0x8CB9,     0x8CBA,
  /* U+5C30 */    0x8CBB,     0xBECD,     0x8CBC,     0x8CBD,     0xDECF,     0x8CBE,     0x8CBF,     0x8CC0,
  /* U+5C38 */    0xCAAC,     0xD2FC,     0xB3DF,     0xE5EA,     0xC4E1,     0xBEA1,     0xCEB2,     0xC4F2,
  /* U+5C40 */    0xBED6,     0xC6A8,     0xB2E3,     0x8CC1,     0x8CC2,     0xBED3,     0x8CC3,     0x8CC4,
  /* U+5C48 */    0xC7FC,     0xCCEB,     0xBDEC,     0xCEDD,     0x8CC5,     0x8CC6,     0xCABA,     0xC6C1,
  /* U+5C50 */    0xE5EC,     0xD0BC,     0x8CC7,     0x8CC8,     0x8CC9,     0xD5B9,     0x8CCA,     0x8CCB,
  /* U+5C58 */    0x8CCC,     0xE5ED,     0x8CCD,     0x8CCE,     0x8CCF,     0x8CD0,     0xCAF4,     0x8CD1,
  /* U+5C60 */    0xCDC0,     0xC2C5,     0x8CD2,     0xE5EF,     0x8CD3,     0xC2C4,     0xE5F0,     0x8CD4,
  /* U+5C68 */    0x8CD5,     0x8CD6,     0x8CD7,     0x8CD8,     0x8CD9,     0x8CDA,     0xE5F8,     0xCDCD,
  /* U+5C70 */    0x8CDB,     0xC9BD,     0x8CDC,     0x8CDD,     0x8CDE,     0x8CDF,     0x8CE0,     0x8CE1,
  /* U+5C78 */    0x8CE2,     0xD2D9,     0xE1A8,     0x8CE3,     0x8CE4,     0x8CE5,     0x8CE6,     0xD3EC,
  /* U+5C80 */    0x8CE7,     0xCBEA,     0xC6F1,     0x8CE8,     0x8CE9,     0x8CEA,     0x8CEB,     0x8CEC,
  /* U+5C88 */    0xE1AC,     0x8CED,     0x8CEE,     0x8CEF,     0xE1A7,     0xE1A9,     0x8CF0,     0x8CF1,
  /* U+5C90 */    0xE1AA,     0xE1AF,     0x8CF2,     0x8CF3,     0xB2ED,     0x8CF4,     0xE1AB,     0xB8DA,
  /* U+5C98 */    0xE1AD,     0xE1AE,     0xE1B0,     0xB5BA,     0xE1B1,     0x8CF5,     0x8CF6,     0x8CF7,
  /* U+5CA0 */    0x8CF8,     0x8CF9,     0xE1B3,     0xE1B8,     0x8CFA,     0x8CFB,     0x8CFC,     0x8CFD,
  /* U+5CA8 */    0x8CFE,     0xD1D2,     0x8D40,     0xE1B6,     0xE1B5,     0xC1EB,     0x8D41,     0x8D42,
  /* U+5CB0 */    0x8D43,     0xE1B7,     0x8D44,     0xD4C0,     0x8D45,     0xE1B2,     0x8D46,     0xE1BA,
  /* U+5CB8 */    0xB0B6,     0x8D47,     0x8D48,     0x8D49,     0x8D4A,     0xE1B4,     0x8D4B,     0xBFF9,
  /* U+5CC0 */    0x8D4C,     0xE1B9,     0x8D4D,     0x8D4E,     0xE1BB,     0x8D4F,     0x8D50,     0x8D51,
  /* U+5CC8 */    0x8D52,     0x8D53,     0x8D54,     0xE1BE,     0x8D55,     0x8D56,     0x8D57,     0x8D58,
  /* U+5CD0 */    0x8D59,     0x8D5A,     0xE1BC,     0x8D5B,     0x8D5C,     0x8D5D,     0x8D5E,     0x8D5F,
  /* U+5CD8 */    0x8D60,     0xD6C5,     0x8D61,     0x8D62,     0x8D63,     0x8D64,     0x8D65,     0x8D66,
  /* U+5CE0 */    0x8D67,     0xCFBF,     0x8D68,     0x8D69,     0xE1BD,     0xE1BF,     0xC2CD,     0x8D6A,
  /* U+5CE8 */    0xB6EB,     0x8D6B,     0xD3F8,     0x8D6C,     0x8D6D,     0xC7CD,     0x8D6E,     0x8D6F,
  /* U+5CF0 */    0xB7E5,     0x8D70,     0x8D71,     0x8D72,     0x8D73,     0x8D74,     0x8D75,     0x8D76,
  /* U+5CF8 */    0x8D77,     0x8D78,     0x8D79,     0xBEFE,     0x8D7A,     0x8D7B,     0x8D7C,     0x8D7D,
  /* U+5D00 */    0x8D7E,     0x8D80,     0xE1C0,     0xE1C1,     0x8D81,     0x8D82,     0xE1C7,     0xB3E7,
  /* U+5D08 */    0x8D83,     0x8D84,     0x8D85,     0x8D86,     0x8D87,     0x8D88,     0xC6E9,     0x8D89,
  /* U+5D10 */    0x8D8A,     0x8D8B,     0x8D8C,     0x8D8D,     0xB4DE,     0x8D8E,     0xD1C2,     0x8D8F,
  /* U+5D18 */    0x8D90,     0x8D91,     0x8D92,     0xE1C8,     0x8D93,     0x8D94,     0xE1C6,     0x8D95,
  /* U+5D20 */    0x8D96,     0x8D97,     0x8D98,     0x8D99,     0xE1C5,     0x8D9A,     0xE1C3,     0xE1C2,
  /* U+5D28 */    0x8D9B,     0xB1C0,     0x8D9C,     0x8D9D,     0x8D9E,     0xD5B8,     0xE1C4,     0x8D9F,
  /* U+5D30 */    0x8DA0,     0x8DA1,     0x8DA2,     0x8DA3,     0xE1CB,     0x8DA4,     0x8DA5,     0x8DA6,
  /* U+5D38 */    0x8DA7,     0x8DA8,     0x8DA9,     0x8DAA,     0x8DAB,     0xE1CC,     0xE1CA,     0x8DAC,
  /* U+5D40 */    0x8DAD,     0x8DAE,     0x8DAF,     0x8DB0,     0x8DB1,     0x8DB2,     0x8DB3,     0xEFFA,
  /* U+5D48 */    0x8DB4,     0x8DB5,     0xE1D3,     0xE1D2,     0xC7B6,     0x8DB6,     0x8DB7,     0x8DB8,
  /* U+5D50 */    0x8DB9,     0x8DBA,     0x8DBB,     0x8DBC,     0x8DBD,     0x8DBE,     0x8DBF,     0x8DC0,
  /* U+5D58 */    0xE1C9,     0x8DC1,     0x8DC2,     0xE1CE,     0x8DC3,     0xE1D0,     0x8DC4,     0x8DC5,
  /* U+5D60 */    0x8DC6,     0x8DC7,     0x8DC8,     0x8DC9,     0x8DCA,     0x8DCB,     0x8DCC,     0x8DCD,
  /* U+5D68 */    0x8DCE,     0xE1D4,     0x8DCF,     0xE1D1,     0xE1CD,     0x8DD0,     0x8DD1,     0xE1CF,
  /* U+5D70 */    0x8DD2,     0x8DD3,     0x8DD4,     0x8DD5,     0xE1D5,     0x8DD6,     0x8DD7,     0x8DD8,
  /* U+5D78 */    0x8DD9,     0x8DDA,     0x8DDB,     0x8DDC,     0x8DDD,     0x8DDE,     0x8DDF,     0x8DE0,
  /* U+5D80 */    0x8DE1,     0x8DE2,     0xE1D6,     0x8DE3,     0x8DE4,     0x8DE5,     0x8DE6,     0x8DE7,
  /* U+5D88 */    0x8DE8,     0x8DE9,     0x8DEA,     0x8DEB,     0x8DEC,     0x8DED,     0x8DEE,     0x8DEF,
  /* U+5D90 */    0x8DF0,     0x8DF1,     0x8DF2,     0x8DF3,     0x8DF4,     0x8DF5,     0x8DF6,     0x8DF7,
  /* U+5D98 */    0x8DF8,     0xE1D7,     0x8DF9,     0x8DFA,     0x8DFB,     0xE1D8,     0x8DFC,     0x8DFD,
  /* U+5DA0 */    0x8DFE,     0x8E40,     0x8E41,     0x8E42,     0x8E43,     0x8E44,     0x8E45,     0x8E46,
  /* U+5DA8 */    0x8E47,     0x8E48,     0x8E49,     0x8E4A,     0x8E4B,     0x8E4C,     0x8E4D,     0x8E4E,
  /* U+5DB0 */    0x8E4F,     0x8E50,     0x8E51,     0x8E52,     0x8E53,     0x8E54,     0x8E55,     0xE1DA,
  /* U+5DB8 */    0x8E56,     0x8E57,     0x8E58,     0x8E59,     0x8E5A,     0x8E5B,     0x8E5C,     0x8E5D,
  /* U+5DC0 */    0x8E5E,     0x8E5F,     0x8E60,     0x8E61,     0x8E62,     0xE1DB,     0x8E63,     0x8E64,
  /* U+5DC8 */    0x8E65,     0x8E66,     0x8E67,     0x8E68,     0x8E69,     0xCEA1,     0x8E6A,     0x8E6B,
  /* U+5DD0 */    0x8E6C,     0x8E6D,     0x8E6E,     0x8E6F,     0x8E70,     0x8E71,     0x8E72,     0x8E73,
  /* U+5DD8 */    0x8E74,     0x8E75,     0x8E76,     0xE7DD,     0x8E77,     0xB4A8,     0xD6DD,     0x8E78,
  /* U+5DE0 */    0x8E79,     0xD1B2,     0xB3B2,     0x8E7A,     0x8E7B,     0xB9A4,     0xD7F3,     0xC7C9,
  /* U+5DE8 */    0xBEDE,     0xB9AE,     0x8E7C,     0xCED7,     0x8E7D,     0x8E7E,     0xB2EE,     0xDBCF,
  /* U+5DF0 */    0x8E80,     0xBCBA,     0xD2D1,     0xCBC8,     0xB0CD,     0x8E81,     0x8E82,     0xCFEF,
  /* U+5DF8 */    0x8E83,     0x8E84,     0x8E85,     0x8E86,     0x8E87,     0xD9E3,     0xBDED,     0x8E88,
  /* U+5E00 */    0x8E89,     0xB1D2,     0xCAD0,     0xB2BC,     0x8E8A,     0xCBA7,     0xB7AB,     0x8E8B,
  /* U+5E08 */    0xCAA6,     0x8E8C,     0x8E8D,     0x8E8E,     0xCFA3,     0x8E8F,     0x8E90,     0xE0F8,
  /* U+5E10 */    0xD5CA,     0xE0FB,     0x8E91,     0x8E92,     0xE0FA,     0xC5C1,     0xCCFB,     0x8E93,
  /* U+5E18 */    0xC1B1,     0xE0F9,     0xD6E3,     0xB2AF,     0xD6C4,     0xB5DB,     0x8E94,     0x8E95,
  /* U+5E20 */    0x8E96,     0x8E97,     0x8E98,     0x8E99,     0x8E9A,     0x8E9B,     0xB4F8,     0xD6A1,
  /* U+5E28 */    0x8E9C,     0x8E9D,     0x8E9E,     0x8E9F,     0x8EA0,     0xCFAF,     0xB0EF,     0x8EA1,
  /* U+5E30 */    0x8EA2,     0xE0FC,     0x8EA3,     0x8EA4,     0x8EA5,     0x8EA6,     0x8EA7,     0xE1A1,
  /* U+5E38 */    0xB3A3,     0x8EA8,     0x8EA9,     0xE0FD,     0xE0FE,     0xC3B1,     0x8EAA,     0x8EAB,
  /* U+5E40 */    0x8EAC,     0x8EAD,     0xC3DD,     0x8EAE,     0xE1A2,     0xB7F9,     0x8EAF,     0x8EB0,
  /* U+5E48 */    0x8EB1,     0x8EB2,     0x8EB3,     0x8EB4,     0xBBCF,     0x8EB5,     0x8EB6,     0x8EB7,
  /* U+5E50 */    0x8EB8,     0x8EB9,     0x8EBA,     0x8EBB,     0xE1A3,     0xC4BB,     0x8EBC,     0x8EBD,
  /* U+5E58 */    0x8EBE,     0x8EBF,     0x8EC0,     0xE1A4,     0x8EC1,     0x8EC2,     0xE1A5,     0x8EC3,
  /* U+5E60 */    0x8EC4,     0xE1A6,     0xB4B1,     0x8EC5,     0x8EC6,     0x8EC7,     0x8EC8,     0x8EC9,
  /* U+5E68 */    0x8ECA,     0x8ECB,     0x8ECC,     0x8ECD,     0x8ECE,     0x8ECF,     0x8ED0,     0x8ED1,
  /* U+5E70 */    0x8ED2,     0x8ED3,     0xB8C9,     0xC6BD,     0xC4EA,     0x8ED4,     0xB2A2,     0x8ED5,
  /* U+5E78 */    0xD0D2,     0x8ED6,     0xE7DB,     0xBBC3,     0xD3D7,     0xD3C4,     0x8ED7,     0xB9E3,
  /* U+5E80 */    0xE2CF,     0x8ED8,     0x8ED9,     0x8EDA,     0xD7AF,     0x8EDB,     0xC7EC,     0xB1D3,
  /* U+5E88 */    0x8EDC,     0x8EDD,     0xB4B2,     0xE2D1,     0x8EDE,     0x8EDF,     0x8EE0,     0xD0F2,
  /* U+5E90 */    0xC2AE,     0xE2D0,     0x8EE1,     0xBFE2,     0xD3A6,     0xB5D7,     0xE2D2,     0xB5EA,
  /* U+5E98 */    0x8EE2,     0xC3ED,     0xB8FD,     0x8EE3,     0xB8AE,     0x8EE4,     0xC5D3,     0xB7CF,
  /* U+5EA0 */    0xE2D4,     0x8EE5,     0x8EE6,     0x8EE7,     0x8EE8,     0xE2D3,     0xB6C8,     0xD7F9,
  /* U+5EA8 */    0x8EE9,     0x8EEA,     0x8EEB,     0x8EEC,     0x8EED,     0xCDA5,     0x8EEE,     0x8EEF,
  /* U+5EB0 */    0x8EF0,     0x8EF1,     0x8EF2,     0xE2D8,     0x8EF3,     0xE2D6,     0xCAFC,     0xBFB5,
  /* U+5EB8 */    0xD3B9,     0xE2D5,     0x8EF4,     0x8EF5,     0x8EF6,     0x8EF7,     0xE2D7,     0x8EF8,
  /* U+5EC0 */    0x8EF9,     0x8EFA,     0x8EFB,     0x8EFC,     0x8EFD,     0x8EFE,     0x8F40,     0x8F41,
  /* U+5EC8 */    0x8F42,     0xC1AE,     0xC0C8,     0x8F43,     0x8F44,     0x8F45,     0x8F46,     0x8F47,
  /* U+5ED0 */    0x8F48,     0xE2DB,     0xE2DA,     0xC0AA,     0x8F49,     0x8F4A,     0xC1CE,     0x8F4B,
  /* U+5ED8 */    0x8F4C,     0x8F4D,     0x8F4E,     0xE2DC,     0x8F4F,     0x8F50,     0x8F51,     0x8F52,
  /* U+5EE0 */    0x8F53,     0x8F54,     0x8F55,     0x8F56,     0x8F57,     0x8F58,     0x8F59,     0x8F5A,
  /* U+5EE8 */    0xE2DD,     0x8F5B,     0xE2DE,     0x8F5C,     0x8F5D,     0x8F5E,     0x8F5F,     0x8F60,
  /* U+5EF0 */    0x8F61,     0x8F62,     0x8F63,     0x8F64,     0xDBC8,     0x8F65,     0xD1D3,     0xCDA2,
  /* U+5EF8 */    0x8F66,     0x8F67,     0xBDA8,     0x8F68,     0x8F69,     0x8F6A,     0xDEC3,     0xD8A5,
  /* U+5F00 */    0xBFAA,     0xDBCD,     0xD2EC,     0xC6FA,     0xC5AA,     0x8F6B,     0x8F6C,     0x8F6D,
  /* U+5F08 */    0xDEC4,     0x8F6E,     0xB1D7,     0xDFAE,     0x8F6F,     0x8F70,     0x8F71,     0xCABD,
  /* U+5F10 */    0x8F72,     0xDFB1,     0x8F73,     0xB9AD,     0x8F74,     0xD2FD,     0x8F75,     0xB8A5,
  /* U+5F18 */    0xBAEB,     0x8F76,     0x8F77,     0xB3DA,     0x8F78,     0x8F79,     0x8F7A,     0xB5DC,
  /* U+5F20 */    0xD5C5,     0x8F7B,     0x8F7C,     0x8F7D,     0x8F7E,     0xC3D6,     0xCFD2,     0xBBA1,
  /* U+5F28 */    0x8F80,     0xE5F3,     0xE5F2,     0x8F81,     0x8F82,     0xE5F4,     0x8F83,     0xCDE4,
  /* U+5F30 */    0x8F84,     0xC8F5,     0x8F85,     0x8F86,     0x8F87,     0x8F88,     0x8F89,     0x8F8A,
  /* U+5F38 */    0x8F8B,     0xB5AF,     0xC7BF,     0x8F8C,     0xE5F6,     0x8F8D,     0x8F8E,     0x8F8F,
  /* U+5F40 */    0xECB0,     0x8F90,     0x8F91,     0x8F92,     0x8F93,     0x8F94,     0x8F95,     0x8F96,
  /* U+5F48 */    0x8F97,     0x8F98,     0x8F99,     0x8F9A,     0x8F9B,     0x8F9C,     0x8F9D,     0x8F9E,
  /* U+5F50 */    0xE5E6,     0x8F9F,     0xB9E9,     0xB5B1,     0x8FA0,     0xC2BC,     0xE5E8,     0xE5E7,
  /* U+5F58 */    0xE5E9,     0x8FA1,     0x8FA2,     0x8FA3,     0x8FA4,     0xD2CD,     0x8FA5,     0x8FA6,
  /* U+5F60 */    0x8FA7,     0xE1EA,     0xD0CE,     0x8FA8,     0xCDAE,     0x8FA9,     0xD1E5,     0x8FAA,
  /* U+5F68 */    0x8FAB,     0xB2CA,     0xB1EB,     0x8FAC,     0xB1F2,     0xC5ED,     0x8FAD,     0x8FAE,
  /* U+5F70 */    0xD5C3,     0xD3B0,     0x8FAF,     0xE1DC,     0x8FB0,     0x8FB1,     0x8FB2,     0xE1DD,
  /* U+5F78 */    0x8FB3,     0xD2DB,     0x8FB4,     0xB3B9,     0xB1CB,     0x8FB5,     0x8FB6,     0x8FB7,
  /* U+5F80 */    0xCDF9,     0xD5F7,     0xE1DE,     0x8FB8,     0xBEB6,     0xB4FD,     0x8FB9,     0xE1DF,
  /* U+5F88 */    0xBADC,     0xE1E0,     0xBBB2,     0xC2C9,     0xE1E1,     0x8FBA,     0x8FBB,     0x8FBC,
  /* U+5F90 */    0xD0EC,     0x8FBD,     0xCDBD,     0x8FBE,     0x8FBF,     0xE1E2,     0x8FC0,     0xB5C3,
  /* U+5F98 */    0xC5C7,     0xE1E3,     0x8FC1,     0x8FC2,     0xE1E4,     0x8FC3,     0x8FC4,     0x8FC5,
  /* U+5FA0 */    0x8FC6,     0xD3F9,     0x8FC7,     0x8FC8,     0x8FC9,     0x8FCA,     0x8FCB,     0x8FCC,
  /* U+5FA8 */    0xE1E5,     0x8FCD,     0xD1AD,     0x8FCE,     0x8FCF,     0xE1E6,     0xCEA2,     0x8FD0,
  /* U+5FB0 */    0x8FD1,     0x8FD2,     0x8FD3,     0x8FD4,     0x8FD5,     0xE1E7,     0x8FD6,     0xB5C2,
  /* U+5FB8 */    0x8FD7,     0x8FD8,     0x8FD9,     0x8FDA,     0xE1E8,     0xBBD5,     0x8FDB,     0x8FDC,
  /* U+5FC0 */    0x8FDD,     0x8FDE,     0x8FDF,     0xD0C4,     0xE2E0,     0xB1D8,     0xD2E4,     0x8FE0,
  /* U+5FC8 */    0x8FE1,     0xE2E1,     0x8FE2,     0x8FE3,     0xBCC9,     0xC8CC,     0x8FE4,     0xE2E3,
  /* U+5FD0 */    0xECFE,     0xECFD,     0xDFAF,     0x8FE5,     0x8FE6,     0x8FE7,     0xE2E2,     0xD6BE,
  /* U+5FD8 */    0xCDFC,     0xC3A6,     0x8FE8,     0x8FE9,     0x8FEA,     0xE3C3,     0x8FEB,     0x8FEC,
  /* U+5FE0 */    0xD6D2,     0xE2E7,     0x8FED,     0x8FEE,     0xE2E8,     0x8FEF,     0x8FF0,     0xD3C7,
  /* U+5FE8 */    0x8FF1,     0x8FF2,     0xE2EC,     0xBFEC,     0x8FF3,     0xE2ED,     0xE2E5,     0x8FF4,
  /* U+5FF0 */    0x8FF5,     0xB3C0,     0x8FF6,     0x8FF7,     0x8FF8,     0xC4EE,     0x8FF9,     0x8FFA,
  /* U+5FF8 */    0xE2EE,     0x8FFB,     0x8FFC,     0xD0C3,     0x8FFD,     0xBAF6,     0xE2E9,     0xB7DE,
  /* U+6000 */    0xBBB3,     0xCCAC,     0xCBCB,     0xE2E4,     0xE2E6,     0xE2EA,     0xE2EB,     0x8FFE,
  /* U+6008 */    0x9040,     0x9041,     0xE2F7,     0x9042,     0x9043,     0xE2F4,     0xD4F5,     0xE2F3,
  /* U+6010 */    0x9044,     0x9045,     0xC5AD,     0x9046,     0xD5FA,     0xC5C2,     0xB2C0,     0x9047,
  /* U+6018 */    0x9048,     0xE2EF,     0x9049,     0xE2F2,     0xC1AF,     0xCBBC,     0x904A,     0x904B,
  /* U+6020 */    0xB5A1,     0xE2F9,     0x904C,     0x904D,     0x904E,     0xBCB1,     0xE2F1,     0xD0D4,
  /* U+6028 */    0xD4B9,     0xE2F5,     0xB9D6,     0xE2F6,     0x904F,     0x9050,     0x9051,     0xC7D3,
  /* U+6030 */    0x9052,     0x9053,     0x9054,     0x9055,     0x9056,     0xE2F0,     0x9057,     0x9058,
  /* U+6038 */    0x9059,     0x905A,     0x905B,     0xD7DC,     0xEDA1,     0x905C,     0x905D,     0xE2F8,
  /* U+6040 */    0x905E,     0xEDA5,     0xE2FE,     0xCAD1,     0x905F,     0x9060,     0x9061,     0x9062,
  /* U+6048 */    0x9063,     0x9064,     0x9065,     0xC1B5,     0x9066,     0xBBD0,     0x9067,     0x9068,
  /* U+6050 */    0xBFD6,     0x9069,     0xBAE3,     0x906A,     0x906B,     0xCBA1,     0x906C,     0x906D,
  /* U+6058 */    0x906E,     0xEDA6,     0xEDA3,     0x906F,     0x9070,     0xEDA2,     0x9071,     0x9072,
  /* U+6060 */    0x9073,     0x9074,     0xBBD6,     0xEDA7,     0xD0F4,     0x9075,     0x9076,     0xEDA4,
  /* U+6068 */    0xBADE,     0xB6F7,     0xE3A1,     0xB6B2,     0xCCF1,     0xB9A7,     0x9077,     0xCFA2,
  /* U+6070 */    0xC7A1,     0x9078,     0x9079,     0xBFD2,     0x907A,     0x907B,     0xB6F1,     0x907C,
  /* U+6078 */    0xE2FA,     0xE2FB,     0xE2FD,     0xE2FC,     0xC4D5,     0xE3A2,     0x907D,     0xD3C1,
  /* U+6080 */    0x907E,     0x9080,     0x9081,     0xE3A7,     0xC7C4,     0x9082,     0x9083,     0x9084,
  /* U+6088 */    0x9085,     0xCFA4,     0x9086,     0x9087,     0xE3A9,     0xBAB7,     0x9088,     0x9089,
  /* U+6090 */    0x908A,     0x908B,     0xE3A8,     0x908C,     0xBBDA,     0x908D,     0xE3A3,     0x908E,
  /* U+6098 */    0x908F,     0x9090,     0xE3A4,     0xE3AA,     0x9091,     0xE3A6,     0x9092,     0xCEF2,
  /* U+60A0 */    0xD3C6,     0x9093,     0x9094,     0xBBBC,     0x9095,     0x9096,     0xD4C3,     0x9097,
  /* U+60A8 */    0xC4FA,     0x9098,     0x9099,     0xEDA8,     0xD0FC,     0xE3A5,     0x909A,     0xC3F5,
  /* U+60B0 */    0x909B,     0xE3AD,     0xB1AF,     0x909C,     0xE3B2,     0x909D,     0x909E,     0x909F,
  /* U+60B8 */    0xBCC2,     0x90A0,     0x90A1,     0xE3AC,     0xB5BF,     0x90A2,     0x90A3,     0x90A4,
  /* U+60C0 */    0x90A5,     0x90A6,     0x90A7,     0x90A8,     0x90A9,     0xC7E9,     0xE3B0,     0x90AA,
  /* U+60C8 */    0x90AB,     0x90AC,     0xBEAA,     0xCDEF,     0x90AD,     0x90AE,     0x90AF,     0x90B0,
  /* U+60D0 */    0x90B1,     0xBBF3,     0x90B2,     0x90B3,     0x90B4,     0xCCE8,     0x90B5,     0x90B6,
  /* U+60D8 */    0xE3AF,     0x90B7,     0xE3B1,     0x90B8,     0xCFA7,     0xE3AE,     0x90B9,     0xCEA9,
  /* U+60E0 */    0xBBDD,     0x90BA,     0x90BB,     0x90BC,     0x90BD,     0x90BE,     0xB5EB,     0xBEE5,
  /* U+60E8 */    0xB2D2,     0xB3CD,     0x90BF,     0xB1B9,     0xE3AB,     0xB2D1,     0xB5AC,     0xB9DF,
  /* U+60F0 */    0xB6E8,     0x90C0,     0x90C1,     0xCFEB,     0xE3B7,     0x90C2,     0xBBCC,     0x90C3,
  /* U+60F8 */    0x90C4,     0xC8C7,     0xD0CA,     0x90C5,     0x90C6,     0x90C7,     0x90C8,     0x90C9,
  /* U+6100 */    0xE3B8,     0xB3EE,     0x90CA,     0x90CB,     0x90CC,     0x90CD,     0xEDA9,     0x90CE,
  /* U+6108 */    0xD3FA,     0xD3E4,     0x90CF,     0x90D0,     0x90D1,     0xEDAA,     0xE3B9,     0xD2E2,
  /* U+6110 */    0x90D2,     0x90D3,     0x90D4,     0x90D5,     0x90D6,     0xE3B5,     0x90D7,     0x90D8,
  /* U+6118 */    0x90D9,     0x90DA,     0xD3DE,     0x90DB,     0x90DC,     0x90DD,     0x90DE,     0xB8D0,
  /* U+6120 */    0xE3B3,     0x90DF,     0x90E0,     0xE3B6,     0xB7DF,     0x90E1,     0xE3B4,     0xC0A2,
  /* U+6128 */    0x90E2,     0x90E3,     0x90E4,     0xE3BA,     0x90E5,     0x90E6,     0x90E7,     0x90E8,
  /* U+6130 */    0x90E9,     0x90EA,     0x90EB,     0x90EC,     0x90ED,     0x90EE,     0x90EF,     0x90F0,
  /* U+6138 */    0x90F1,     0x90F2,     0x90F3,     0x90F4,     0x90F5,     0x90F6,     0x90F7,     0xD4B8,
  /* U+6140 */    0x90F8,     0x90F9,     0x90FA,     0x90FB,     0x90FC,     0x90FD,     0x90FE,     0x9140,
  /* U+6148 */    0xB4C8,     0x9141,     0xE3BB,     0x9142,     0xBBC5,     0x9143,     0xC9F7,     0x9144,
  /* U+6150 */    0x9145,     0xC9E5,     0x9146,     0x9147,     0x9148,     0xC4BD,     0x9149,     0x914A,
  /* U+6158 */    0x914B,     0x914C,     0x914D,     0x914E,     0x914F,     0xEDAB,     0x9150,     0x9151,
  /* U+6160 */    0x9152,     0x9153,     0xC2FD,     0x9154,     0x9155,     0x9156,     0x9157,     0xBBDB,
  /* U+6168 */    0xBFAE,     0x9158,     0x9159,     0x915A,     0x915B,     0x915C,     0x915D,     0x915E,
  /* U+6170 */    0xCEBF,     0x915F,     0x9160,     0x9161,     0x9162,     0xE3BC,     0x9163,     0xBFB6,
  /* U+6178 */    0x9164,     0x9165,     0x9166,     0x9167,     0x9168,     0x9169,     0x916A,     0x916B,
  /* U+6180 */    0x916C,     0x916D,     0x916E,     0x916F,     0x9170,     0x9171,     0x9172,     0x9173,
  /* U+6188 */    0x9174,     0x9175,     0x9176,     0xB1EF,     0x9177,     0x9178,     0xD4F7,     0x9179,
  /* U+6190 */    0x917A,     0x917B,     0x917C,     0x917D,     0xE3BE,     0x917E,     0x9180,     0x9181,
  /* U+6198 */    0x9182,     0x9183,     0x9184,     0x9185,     0x9186,     0xEDAD,     0x9187,     0x9188,
  /* U+61A0 */    0x9189,     0x918A,     0x918B,     0x918C,     0x918D,     0x918E,     0x918F,     0xE3BF,
  /* U+61A8 */    0xBAA9,     0xEDAC,     0x9190,     0x9191,     0xE3BD,     0x9192,     0x9193,     0x9194,
  /* U+61B0 */    0x9195,     0x9196,     0x9197,     0x9198,     0x9199,     0x919A,     0x919B,     0xE3C0,
  /* U+61B8 */    0x919C,     0x919D,     0x919E,     0x919F,     0x91A0,     0x91A1,     0xBAB6,     0x91A2,
  /* U+61C0 */    0x91A3,     0x91A4,     0xB6AE,     0x91A5,     0x91A6,     0x91A7,     0x91A8,     0x91A9,
  /* U+61C8 */    0xD0B8,     0x91AA,     0xB0C3,     0xEDAE,     0x91AB,     0x91AC,     0x91AD,     0x91AE,
  /* U+61D0 */    0x91AF,     0xEDAF,     0xC0C1,     0x91B0,     0xE3C1,     0x91B1,     0x91B2,     0x91B3,
  /* U+61D8 */    0x91B4,     0x91B5,     0x91B6,     0x91B7,     0x91B8,     0x91B9,     0x91BA,     0x91BB,
  /* U+61E0 */    0x91BC,     0x91BD,     0x91BE,     0x91BF,     0x91C0,     0x91C1,     0xC5B3,     0x91C2,
  /* U+61E8 */    0x91C3,     0x91C4,     0x91C5,     0x91C6,     0x91C7,     0x91C8,     0x91C9,     0x91CA,
  /* U+61F0 */    0x91CB,     0x91CC,     0x91CD,     0x91CE,     0x91CF,     0xE3C2,     0x91D0,     0x91D1,
  /* U+61F8 */    0x91D2,     0x91D3,     0x91D4,     0x91D5,     0x91D6,     0x91D7,     0x91D8,     0xDCB2,
  /* U+6200 */    0x91D9,     0x91DA,     0x91DB,     0x91DC,     0x91DD,     0x91DE,     0xEDB0,     0x91DF,
  /* U+6208 */    0xB8EA,     0x91E0,     0xCEEC,     0xEAA7,     0xD0E7,     0xCAF9,     0xC8D6,     0xCFB7,
  /* U+6210 */    0xB3C9,     0xCED2,     0xBDE4,     0x91E1,     0x91E2,     0xE3DE,     0xBBF2,     0xEAA8,
  /* U+6218 */    0xD5BD,     0x91E3,     0xC6DD,     0xEAA9,     0x91E4,     0x91E5,     0x91E6,     0xEAAA,
  /* U+6220 */    0x91E7,     0xEAAC,     0xEAAB,     0x91E8,     0xEAAE,     0xEAAD,     0x91E9,     0x91EA,
  /* U+6228 */    0x91EB,     0x91EC,     0xBDD8,     0x91ED,     0xEAAF,     0x91EE,     0xC2BE,     0x91EF,
  /* U+6230 */    0x91F0,     0x91F1,     0x91F2,     0xB4C1,     0xB4F7,     0x91F3,     0x91F4,     0xBBA7,
  /* U+6238 */    0x91F5,     0x91F6,     0x91F7,     0x91F8,     0x91F9,     0xECE6,     0xECE5,     0xB7BF,
  /* U+6240 */    0xCBF9,     0xB1E2,     0x91FA,     0xECE7,     0x91FB,     0x91FC,     0x91FD,     0xC9C8,
  /* U+6248 */    0xECE8,     0xECE9,     0x91FE,     0xCAD6,     0xDED0,     0xB2C5,     0xD4FA,     0x9240,
  /* U+6250 */    0x9241,     0xC6CB,     0xB0C7,     0xB4F2,     0xC8D3,     0x9242,     0x9243,     0x9244,
  /* U+6258 */    0xCDD0,     0x9245,     0x9246,     0xBFB8,     0x9247,     0x9248,     0x9249,     0x924A,
  /* U+6260 */    0x924B,     0x924C,     0x924D,     0xBFDB,     0x924E,     0x924F,     0xC7A4,     0xD6B4,
  /* U+6268 */    0x9250,     0xC0A9,     0xDED1,     0xC9A8,     0xD1EF,     0xC5A4,     0xB0E7,     0xB3B6,
  /* U+6270 */    0xC8C5,     0x9251,     0x9252,     0xB0E2,     0x9253,     0x9254,     0xB7F6,     0x9255,
  /* U+6278 */    0x9256,     0xC5FA,     0x9257,     0x9258,     0xB6F3,     0x9259,     0xD5D2,     0xB3D0,
  /* U+6280 */    0xBCBC,     0x925A,     0x925B,     0x925C,     0xB3AD,     0x925D,     0x925E,     0x925F,
  /* U+6288 */    0x9260,     0xBEF1,     0xB0D1,     0x9261,     0x9262,     0x9263,     0x9264,     0x9265,
  /* U+6290 */    0x9266,     0xD2D6,     0xCAE3,     0xD7A5,     0x9267,     0xCDB6,     0xB6B6,     0xBFB9,
  /* U+6298 */    0xD5DB,     0x9268,     0xB8A7,     0xC5D7,     0x9269,     0x926A,     0x926B,     0xDED2,
  /* U+62A0 */    0xBFD9,     0xC2D5,     0xC7C0,     0x926C,     0xBBA4,     0xB1A8,     0x926D,     0x926E,
  /* U+62A8 */    0xC5EA,     0x926F,     0x9270,     0xC5FB,     0xCCA7,     0x9271,     0x9272,     0x9273,
  /* U+62B0 */    0x9274,     0xB1A7,     0x9275,     0x9276,     0x9277,     0xB5D6,     0x9278,     0x9279,
  /* U+62B8 */    0x927A,     0xC4A8,     0x927B,     0xDED3,     0xD1BA,     0xB3E9,     0x927C,     0xC3F2,
  /* U+62C0 */    0x927D,     0x927E,     0xB7F7,     0x9280,     0xD6F4,     0xB5A3,     0xB2F0,     0xC4B4,
  /* U+62C8 */    0xC4E9,     0xC0AD,     0xDED4,     0x9281,     0xB0E8,     0xC5C4,     0xC1E0,     0x9282,
  /* U+62D0 */    0xB9D5,     0x9283,     0xBEDC,     0xCDD8,     0xB0CE,     0x9284,     0xCDCF,     0xDED6,
  /* U+62D8 */    0xBED0,     0xD7BE,     0xDED5,     0xD5D0,     0xB0DD,     0x9285,     0x9286,     0xC4E2,
  /* U+62E0 */    0x9287,     0x9288,     0xC2A3,     0xBCF0,     0x9289,     0xD3B5,     0xC0B9,     0xC5A1,
  /* U+62E8 */    0xB2A6,     0xD4F1,     0x928A,     0x928B,     0xC0A8,     0xCAC3,     0xDED7,     0xD5FC,
  /* U+62F0 */    0x928C,     0xB9B0,     0x928D,     0xC8AD,     0xCBA9,     0x928E,     0xDED9,     0xBFBD,
  /* U+62F8 */    0x928F,     0x9290,     0x9291,     0x9292,     0xC6B4,     0xD7A7,     0xCAB0,     0xC4C3,
  /* U+6300 */    0x9293,     0xB3D6,     0xB9D2,     0x9294,     0x9295,     0x9296,     0x9297,     0xD6B8,
  /* U+6308 */    0xEAFC,     0xB0B4,     0x9298,     0x9299,     0x929A,     0x929B,     0xBFE6,     0x929C,
  /* U+6310 */    0x929D,     0xCCF4,     0x929E,     0x929F,     0x92A0,     0x92A1,     0xCDDA,     0x92A2,
  /* U+6318 */    0x92A3,     0x92A4,     0xD6BF,     0xC2CE,     0x92A5,     0xCECE,     0xCCA2,     0xD0AE,
  /* U+6320 */    0xC4D3,     0xB5B2,     0xDED8,     0xD5F5,     0xBCB7,     0xBBD3,     0x92A6,     0x92A7,
  /* U+6328 */    0xB0A4,     0x92A8,     0xC5B2,     0xB4EC,     0x92A9,     0x92AA,     0x92AB,     0xD5F1,
  /* U+6330 */    0x92AC,     0x92AD,     0xEAFD,     0x92AE,     0x92AF,     0x92B0,     0x92B1,     0x92B2,
  /* U+6338 */    0x92B3,     0xDEDA,     0xCDA6,     0x92B4,     0x92B5,     0xCDEC,     0x92B6,     0x92B7,
  /* U+6340 */    0x92B8,     0x92B9,     0xCEE6,     0xDEDC,     0x92BA,     0xCDB1,     0xC0A6,     0x92BB,
  /* U+6348 */    0x92BC,     0xD7BD,     0x92BD,     0xDEDB,     0xB0C6,     0xBAB4,     0xC9D3,     0xC4F3,
  /* U+6350 */    0xBEE8,     0x92BE,     0x92BF,     0x92C0,     0x92C1,     0xB2B6,     0x92C2,     0x92C3,
  /* U+6358 */    0x92C4,     0x92C5,     0x92C6,     0x92C7,     0x92C8,     0x92C9,     0xC0CC,     0xCBF0,
  /* U+6360 */    0x92CA,     0xBCF1,     0xBBBB,     0xB5B7,     0x92CB,     0x92CC,     0x92CD,     0xC5F5,
  /* U+6368 */    0x92CE,     0xDEE6,     0x92CF,     0x92D0,     0x92D1,     0xDEE3,     0xBEDD,     0x92D2,
  /* U+6370 */    0x92D3,     0xDEDF,     0x92D4,     0x92D5,     0x92D6,     0x92D7,     0xB4B7,     0xBDDD,
  /* U+6378 */    0x92D8,     0x92D9,     0xDEE0,     0xC4ED,     0x92DA,     0x92DB,     0x92DC,     0x92DD,
  /* U+6380 */    0xCFC6,     0x92DE,     0xB5E0,     0x92DF,     0x92E0,     0x92E1,     0x92E2,     0xB6DE,
  /* U+6388 */    0xCADA,     0xB5F4,     0xDEE5,     0x92E3,     0xD5C6,     0x92E4,     0xDEE1,     0xCCCD,
  /* U+6390 */    0xC6FE,     0x92E5,     0xC5C5,     0x92E6,     0x92E7,     0x92E8,     0xD2B4,     0x92E9,
  /* U+6398 */    0xBEF2,     0x92EA,     0x92EB,     0x92EC,     0x92ED,     0x92EE,     0x92EF,     0x92F0,
  /* U+63A0 */    0xC2D3,     0x92F1,     0xCCBD,     0xB3B8,     0x92F2,     0xBDD3,     0x92F3,     0xBFD8,
  /* U+63A8 */    0xCDC6,     0xD1DA,     0xB4EB,     0x92F4,     0xDEE4,     0xDEDD,     0xDEE7,     0x92F5,
  /* U+63B0 */    0xEAFE,     0x92F6,     0x92F7,     0xC2B0,     0xDEE2,     0x92F8,     0x92F9,     0xD6C0,
  /* U+63B8 */    0xB5A7,     0x92FA,     0xB2F4,     0x92FB,     0xDEE8,     0x92FC,     0xDEF2,     0x92FD,
  /* U+63C0 */    0x92FE,     0x9340,     0x9341,     0x9342,     0xDEED,     0x9343,     0xDEF1,     0x9344,
  /* U+63C8 */    0x9345,     0xC8E0,     0x9346,     0x9347,     0x9348,     0xD7E1,     0xDEEF,     0xC3E8,
  /* U+63D0 */    0xCCE1,     0x9349,     0xB2E5,     0x934A,     0x934B,     0x934C,     0xD2BE,     0x934D,
  /* U+63D8 */    0x934E,     0x934F,     0x9350,     0x9351,     0x9352,     0x9353,     0xDEEE,     0x9354,
  /* U+63E0 */    0xDEEB,     0xCED5,     0x9355,     0xB4A7,     0x9356,     0x9357,     0x9358,     0x9359,
  /* U+63E8 */    0x935A,     0xBFAB,     0xBEBE,     0x935B,     0x935C,     0xBDD2,     0x935D,     0x935E,
  /* U+63F0 */    0x935F,     0x9360,     0xDEE9,     0x9361,     0xD4AE,     0x9362,     0xDEDE,     0x9363,
  /* U+63F8 */    0xDEEA,     0x9364,     0x9365,     0x9366,     0x9367,     0xC0BF,     0x9368,     0xDEEC,
  /* U+6400 */    0xB2F3,     0xB8E9,     0xC2A7,     0x9369,     0x936A,     0xBDC1,     0x936B,     0x936C,
  /* U+6408 */    0x936D,     0x936E,     0x936F,     0xDEF5,     0xDEF8,     0x9370,     0x9371,     0xB2AB,
  /* U+6410 */    0xB4A4,     0x9372,     0x9373,     0xB4EA,     0xC9A6,     0x9374,     0x9375,     0x9376,
  /* U+6418 */    0x9377,     0x9378,     0x9379,     0xDEF6,     0xCBD1,     0x937A,     0xB8E3,     0x937B,
  /* U+6420 */    0xDEF7,     0xDEFA,     0x937C,     0x937D,     0x937E,     0x9380,     0xDEF9,     0x9381,
  /* U+6428 */    0x9382,     0x9383,     0xCCC2,     0x9384,     0xB0E1,     0xB4EE,     0x9385,     0x9386,
  /* U+6430 */    0x9387,     0x9388,     0x9389,     0x938A,     0xE5BA,     0x938B,     0x938C,     0x938D,
  /* U+6438 */    0x938E,     0x938F,     0xD0AF,     0x9390,     0x9391,     0xB2EB,     0x9392,     0xEBA1,
  /* U+6440 */    0x9393,     0xDEF4,     0x9394,     0x9395,     0xC9E3,     0xDEF3,     0xB0DA,     0xD2A1,
  /* U+6448 */    0xB1F7,     0x9396,     0xCCAF,     0x9397,     0x9398,     0x9399,     0x939A,     0x939B,
  /* U+6450 */    0x939C,     0x939D,     0xDEF0,     0x939E,     0xCBA4,     0x939F,     0x93A0,     0x93A1,
  /* U+6458 */    0xD5AA,     0x93A2,     0x93A3,     0x93A4,     0x93A5,     0x93A6,     0xDEFB,     0x93A7,
  /* U+6460 */    0x93A8,     0x93A9,     0x93AA,     0x93AB,     0x93AC,     0x93AD,     0x93AE,     0xB4DD,
  /* U+6468 */    0x93AF,     0xC4A6,     0x93B0,     0x93B1,     0x93B2,     0xDEFD,     0x93B3,     0x93B4,
  /* U+6470 */    0x93B5,     0x93B6,     0x93B7,     0x93B8,     0x93B9,     0x93BA,     0x93BB,     0x93BC,
  /* U+6478 */    0xC3FE,     0xC4A1,     0xDFA1,     0x93BD,     0x93BE,     0x93BF,     0x93C0,     0x93C1,
  /* U+6480 */    0x93C2,     0x93C3,     0xC1CC,     0x93C4,     0xDEFC,     0xBEEF,     0x93C5,     0xC6B2,
  /* U+6488 */    0x93C6,     0x93C7,     0x93C8,     0x93C9,     0x93CA,     0x93CB,     0x93CC,     0x93CD,
  /* U+6490 */    0x93CE,     0xB3C5,     0xC8F6,     0x93CF,     0x93D0,     0xCBBA,     0xDEFE,     0x93D1,
  /* U+6498 */    0x93D2,     0xDFA4,     0x93D3,     0x93D4,     0x93D5,     0x93D6,     0xD7B2,     0x93D7,
  /* U+64A0 */    0x93D8,     0x93D9,     0x93DA,     0x93DB,     0xB3B7,     0x93DC,     0x93DD,     0x93DE,
  /* U+64A8 */    0x93DF,     0xC1C3,     0x93E0,     0x93E1,     0xC7CB,     0xB2A5,     0xB4E9,     0x93E2,
  /* U+64B0 */    0xD7AB,     0x93E3,     0x93E4,     0x93E5,     0x93E6,     0xC4EC,     0x93E7,     0xDFA2,
  /* U+64B8 */    0xDFA3,     0x93E8,     0xDFA5,     0x93E9,     0xBAB3,     0x93EA,     0x93EB,     0x93EC,
  /* U+64C0 */    0xDFA6,     0x93ED,     0xC0DE,     0x93EE,     0x93EF,     0xC9C3,     0x93F0,     0x93F1,
  /* U+64C8 */    0x93F2,     0x93F3,     0x93F4,     0x93F5,     0x93F6,     0xB2D9,     0xC7E6,     0x93F7,
  /* U+64D0 */    0xDFA7,     0x93F8,     0xC7DC,     0x93F9,     0x93FA,     0x93FB,     0x93FC,     0xDFA8,
  /* U+64D8 */    0xEBA2,     0x93FD,     0x93FE,     0x9440,     0x9441,     0x9442,     0xCBD3,     0x9443,
  /* U+64E0 */    0x9444,     0x9445,     0xDFAA,     0x9446,     0xDFA9,     0x9447,     0xB2C1,     0x9448,
  /* U+64E8 */    0x9449,     0x944A,     0x944B,     0x944C,     0x944D,     0x944E,     0x944F,     0x9450,
  /* U+64F0 */    0x9451,     0x9452,     0x9453,     0x9454,     0x9455,     0x9456,     0x9457,     0x9458,
  /* U+64F8 */    0x9459,     0x945A,     0x945B,     0x945C,     0x945D,     0x945E,     0x945F,     0x9460,
  /* U+6500 */    0xC5CA,     0x9461,     0x9462,     0x9463,     0x9464,     0x9465,     0x9466,     0x9467,
  /* U+6508 */    0x9468,     0xDFAB,     0x9469,     0x946A,     0x946B,     0x946C,     0x946D,     0x946E,
  /* U+6510 */    0x946F,     0x9470,     0xD4DC,     0x9471,     0x9472,     0x9473,     0x9474,     0x9475,
  /* U+6518 */    0xC8C1,     0x9476,     0x9477,     0x9478,     0x9479,     0x947A,     0x947B,     0x947C,
  /* U+6520 */    0x947D,     0x947E,     0x9480,     0x9481,     0x9482,     0xDFAC,     0x9483,     0x9484,
  /* U+6528 */    0x9485,     0x9486,     0x9487,     0xBEF0,     0x9488,     0x9489,     0xDFAD,     0xD6A7,
  /* U+6530 */    0x948A,     0x948B,     0x948C,     0x948D,     0xEAB7,     0xEBB6,     0xCAD5,     0x948E,
  /* U+6538 */    0xD8FC,     0xB8C4,     0x948F,     0xB9A5,     0x9490,     0x9491,     0xB7C5,     0xD5FE,
  /* U+6540 */    0x9492,     0x9493,     0x9494,     0x9495,     0x9496,     0xB9CA,     0x9497,     0x9498,
  /* U+6548 */    0xD0A7,     0xF4CD,     0x9499,     0x949A,     0xB5D0,     0x949B,     0x949C,     0xC3F4,
  /* U+6550 */    0x949D,     0xBEC8,     0x949E,     0x949F,     0x94A0,     0xEBB7,     0xB0BD,     0x94A1,
  /* U+6558 */    0x94A2,     0xBDCC,     0x94A3,     0xC1B2,     0x94A4,     0xB1D6,     0xB3A8,     0x94A5,
  /* U+6560 */    0x94A6,     0x94A7,     0xB8D2,     0xC9A2,     0x94A8,     0x94A9,     0xB6D8,     0x94AA,
  /* U+6568 */    0x94AB,     0x94AC,     0x94AD,     0xEBB8,     0xBEB4,     0x94AE,     0x94AF,     0x94B0,
  /* U+6570 */    0xCAFD,     0x94B1,     0xC7C3,     0x94B2,     0xD5FB,     0x94B3,     0x94B4,     0xB7F3,
  /* U+6578 */    0x94B5,     0x94B6,     0x94B7,     0x94B8,     0x94B9,     0x94BA,     0x94BB,     0x94BC,
  /* U+6580 */    0x94BD,     0x94BE,     0x94BF,     0x94C0,     0x94C1,     0x94C2,     0x94C3,     0xCEC4,
  /* U+6588 */    0x94C4,     0x94C5,     0x94C6,     0xD5AB,     0xB1F3,     0x94C7,     0x94C8,     0x94C9,
  /* U+6590 */    0xECB3,     0xB0DF,     0x94CA,     0xECB5,     0x94CB,     0x94CC,     0x94CD,     0xB6B7,
  /* U+6598 */    0x94CE,     0xC1CF,     0x94CF,     0xF5FA,     0xD0B1,     0x94D0,     0x94D1,     0xD5E5,
  /* U+65A0 */    0x94D2,     0xCED3,     0x94D3,     0x94D4,     0xBDEF,     0xB3E2,     0x94D5,     0xB8AB,
  /* U+65A8 */    0x94D6,     0xD5B6,     0x94D7,     0xEDBD,     0x94D8,     0xB6CF,     0x94D9,     0xCBB9,
  /* U+65B0 */    0xD0C2,     0x94DA,     0x94DB,     0x94DC,     0x94DD,     0x94DE,     0x94DF,     0x94E0,
  /* U+65B8 */    0x94E1,     0xB7BD,     0x94E2,     0x94E3,     0xECB6,     0xCAA9,     0x94E4,     0x94E5,
  /* U+65C0 */    0x94E6,     0xC5D4,     0x94E7,     0xECB9,     0xECB8,     0xC2C3,     0xECB7,     0x94E8,
  /* U+65C8 */    0x94E9,     0x94EA,     0x94EB,     0xD0FD,     0xECBA,     0x94EC,     0xECBB,     0xD7E5,
  /* U+65D0 */    0x94ED,     0x94EE,     0xECBC,     0x94EF,     0x94F0,     0x94F1,     0xECBD,     0xC6EC,
  /* U+65D8 */    0x94F2,     0x94F3,     0x94F4,     0x94F5,     0x94F6,     0x94F7,     0x94F8,     0x94F9,
  /* U+65E0 */    0xCEDE,     0x94FA,     0xBCC8,     0x94FB,     0x94FC,     0xC8D5,     0xB5A9,     0xBEC9,
  /* U+65E8 */    0xD6BC,     0xD4E7,     0x94FD,     0x94FE,     0xD1AE,     0xD0F1,     0xEAB8,     0xEAB9,
  /* U+65F0 */    0xEABA,     0xBAB5,     0x9540,     0x9541,     0x9542,     0x9543,     0xCAB1,     0xBFF5,
  /* U+65F8 */    0x9544,     0x9545,     0xCDFA,     0x9546,     0x9547,     0x9548,     0x9549,     0x954A,
  /* U+6600 */    0xEAC0,     0x954B,     0xB0BA,     0xEABE,     0x954C,     0x954D,     0xC0A5,     0x954E,
  /* U+6608 */    0x954F,     0x9550,     0xEABB,     0x9551,     0xB2FD,     0x9552,     0xC3F7,     0xBBE8,
  /* U+6610 */    0x9553,     0x9554,     0x9555,     0xD2D7,     0xCEF4,     0xEABF,     0x9556,     0x9557,
  /* U+6618 */    0x9558,     0xEABC,     0x9559,     0x955A,     0x955B,     0xEAC3,     0x955C,     0xD0C7,
  /* U+6620 */    0xD3B3,     0x955D,     0x955E,     0x955F,     0x9560,     0xB4BA,     0x9561,     0xC3C1,
  /* U+6628 */    0xD7F2,     0x9562,     0x9563,     0x9564,     0x9565,     0xD5D1,     0x9566,     0xCAC7,
  /* U+6630 */    0x9567,     0xEAC5,     0x9568,     0x9569,     0xEAC4,     0xEAC7,     0xEAC6,     0x956A,
  /* U+6638 */    0x956B,     0x956C,     0x956D,     0x956E,     0xD6E7,     0x956F,     0xCFD4,     0x9570,
  /* U+6640 */    0x9571,     0xEACB,     0x9572,     0xBBCE,     0x9573,     0x9574,     0x9575,     0x9576,
  /* U+6648 */    0x9577,     0x9578,     0x9579,     0xBDFA,     0xC9CE,     0x957A,     0x957B,     0xEACC,
  /* U+6650 */    0x957C,     0x957D,     0xC9B9,     0xCFFE,     0xEACA,     0xD4CE,     0xEACD,     0xEACF,
  /* U+6658 */    0x957E,     0x9580,     0xCDED,     0x9581,     0x9582,     0x9583,     0x9584,     0xEAC9,
  /* U+6660 */    0x9585,     0xEACE,     0x9586,     0x9587,     0xCEEE,     0x9588,     0xBBDE,     0x9589,
  /* U+6668 */    0xB3BF,     0x958A,     0x958B,     0x958C,     0x958D,     0x958E,     0xC6D5,     0xBEB0,
  /* U+6670 */    0xCEFA,     0x958F,     0x9590,     0x9591,     0xC7E7,     0x9592,     0xBEA7,     0xEAD0,
  /* U+6678 */    0x9593,     0x9594,     0xD6C7,     0x9595,     0x9596,     0x9597,     0xC1C0,     0x9598,
  /* U+6680 */    0x9599,     0x959A,     0xD4DD,     0x959B,     0xEAD1,     0x959C,     0x959D,     0xCFBE,
  /* U+6688 */    0x959E,     0x959F,     0x95A0,     0x95A1,     0xEAD2,     0x95A2,     0x95A3,     0x95A4,
  /* U+6690 */    0x95A5,     0xCAEE,     0x95A6,     0x95A7,     0x95A8,     0x95A9,     0xC5AF,     0xB0B5,
  /* U+6698 */    0x95AA,     0x95AB,     0x95AC,     0x95AD,     0x95AE,     0xEAD4,     0x95AF,     0x95B0,
  /* U+66A0 */    0x95B1,     0x95B2,     0x95B3,     0x95B4,     0x95B5,     0x95B6,     0x95B7,     0xEAD3,
  /* U+66A8 */    0xF4DF,     0x95B8,     0x95B9,     0x95BA,     0x95BB,     0x95BC,     0xC4BA,     0x95BD,
  /* U+66B0 */    0x95BE,     0x95BF,     0x95C0,     0x95C1,     0xB1A9,     0x95C2,     0x95C3,     0x95C4,
  /* U+66B8 */    0x95C5,     0xE5DF,     0x95C6,     0x95C7,     0x95C8,     0x95C9,     0xEAD5,     0x95CA,
  /* U+66C0 */    0x95CB,     0x95CC,     0x95CD,     0x95CE,     0x95CF,     0x95D0,     0x95D1,     0x95D2,
  /* U+66C8 */    0x95D3,     0x95D4,     0x95D5,     0x95D6,     0x95D7,     0x95D8,     0x95D9,     0x95DA,
  /* U+66D0 */    0x95DB,     0x95DC,     0x95DD,     0x95DE,     0x95DF,     0x95E0,     0x95E1,     0x95E2,
  /* U+66D8 */    0x95E3,     0xCAEF,     0x95E4,     0xEAD6,     0xEAD7,     0xC6D8,     0x95E5,     0x95E6,
  /* U+66E0 */    0x95E7,     0x95E8,     0x95E9,     0x95EA,     0x95EB,     0x95EC,     0xEAD8,     0x95ED,
  /* U+66E8 */    0x95EE,     0xEAD9,     0x95EF,     0x95F0,     0x95F1,     0x95F2,     0x95F3,     0x95F4,
  /* U+66F0 */    0xD4BB,     0x95F5,     0xC7FA,     0xD2B7,     0xB8FC,     0x95F6,     0x95F7,     0xEAC2,
  /* U+66F8 */    0x95F8,     0xB2DC,     0x95F9,     0x95FA,     0xC2FC,     0x95FB,     0xD4F8,     0xCCE6,
  /* U+6700 */    0xD7EE,     0x95FC,     0x95FD,     0x95FE,     0x9640,     0x9641,     0x9642,     0x9643,
  /* U+6708 */    0xD4C2,     0xD3D0,     0xEBC3,     0xC5F3,     0x9644,     0xB7FE,     0x9645,     0x9646,
  /* U+6710 */    0xEBD4,     0x9647,     0x9648,     0x9649,     0xCBB7,     0xEBDE,     0x964A,     0xC0CA,
  /* U+6718 */    0x964B,     0x964C,     0x964D,     0xCDFB,     0x964E,     0xB3AF,     0x964F,     0xC6DA,
  /* U+6720 */    0x9650,     0x9651,     0x9652,     0x9653,     0x9654,     0x9655,     0xEBFC,     0x9656,
  /* U+6728 */    0xC4BE,     0x9657,     0xCEB4,     0xC4A9,     0xB1BE,     0xD4FD,     0x9658,     0xCAF5,
  /* U+6730 */    0x9659,     0xD6EC,     0x965A,     0x965B,     0xC6D3,     0xB6E4,     0x965C,     0x965D,
  /* U+6738 */    0x965E,     0x965F,     0xBBFA,     0x9660,     0x9661,     0xD0E0,     0x9662,     0x9663,
  /* U+6740 */    0xC9B1,     0x9664,     0xD4D3,     0xC8A8,     0x9665,     0x9666,     0xB8CB,     0x9667,
  /* U+6748 */    0xE8BE,     0xC9BC,     0x9668,     0x9669,     0xE8BB,     0x966A,     0xC0EE,     0xD0D3,
  /* U+6750 */    0xB2C4,     0xB4E5,     0x966B,     0xE8BC,     0x966C,     0x966D,     0xD5C8,     0x966E,
  /* U+6758 */    0x966F,     0x9670,     0x9671,     0x9672,     0xB6C5,     0x9673,     0xE8BD,     0xCAF8,
  /* U+6760 */    0xB8DC,     0xCCF5,     0x9674,     0x9675,     0x9676,     0xC0B4,     0x9677,     0x9678,
  /* U+6768 */    0xD1EE,     0xE8BF,     0xE8C2,     0x9679,     0x967A,     0xBABC,     0x967B,     0xB1AD,
  /* U+6770 */    0xBDDC,     0x967C,     0xEABD,     0xE8C3,     0x967D,     0xE8C6,     0x967E,     0xE8CB,
  /* U+6778 */    0x9680,     0x9681,     0x9682,     0x9683,     0xE8CC,     0x9684,     0xCBC9,     0xB0E5,
  /* U+6780 */    0x9685,     0xBCAB,     0x9686,     0x9687,     0xB9B9,     0x9688,     0x9689,     0xE8C1,
  /* U+6788 */    0x968A,     0xCDF7,     0x968B,     0xE8CA,     0x968C,     0x968D,     0x968E,     0x968F,
  /* U+6790 */    0xCEF6,     0x9690,     0x9691,     0x9692,     0x9693,     0xD5ED,     0x9694,     0xC1D6,
  /* U+6798 */    0xE8C4,     0x9695,     0xC3B6,     0x9696,     0xB9FB,     0xD6A6,     0xE8C8,     0x9697,
  /* U+67A0 */    0x9698,     0x9699,     0xCAE0,     0xD4E6,     0x969A,     0xE8C0,     0x969B,     0xE8C5,
  /* U+67A8 */    0xE8C7,     0x969C,     0xC7B9,     0xB7E3,     0x969D,     0xE8C9,     0x969E,     0xBFDD,
  /* U+67B0 */    0xE8D2,     0x969F,     0x96A0,     0xE8D7,     0x96A1,     0xE8D5,     0xBCDC,     0xBCCF,
  /* U+67B8 */    0xE8DB,     0x96A2,     0x96A3,     0x96A4,     0x96A5,     0x96A6,     0x96A7,     0x96A8,
  /* U+67C0 */    0x96A9,     0xE8DE,     0x96AA,     0xE8DA,     0xB1FA,     0x96AB,     0x96AC,     0x96AD,
  /* U+67C8 */    0x96AE,     0x96AF,     0x96B0,     0x96B1,     0x96B2,     0x96B3,     0x96B4,     0xB0D8,
  /* U+67D0 */    0xC4B3,     0xB8CC,     0xC6E2,     0xC8BE,     0xC8E1,     0x96B5,     0x96B6,     0x96B7,
  /* U+67D8 */    0xE8CF,     0xE8D4,     0xE8D6,     0x96B8,     0xB9F1,     0xE8D8,     0xD7F5,     0x96B9,
  /* U+67E0 */    0xC4FB,     0x96BA,     0xE8DC,     0x96BB,     0x96BC,     0xB2E9,     0x96BD,     0x96BE,
  /* U+67E8 */    0x96BF,     0xE8D1,     0x96C0,     0x96C1,     0xBCED,     0x96C2,     0x96C3,     0xBFC2,
  /* U+67F0 */    0xE8CD,     0xD6F9,     0x96C4,     0xC1F8,     0xB2F1,     0x96C5,     0x96C6,     0x96C7,
  /* U+67F8 */    0x96C8,     0x96C9,     0x96CA,     0x96CB,     0x96CC,     0xE8DF,     0x96CD,     0xCAC1,
  /* U+6800 */    0xE8D9,     0x96CE,     0x96CF,     0x96D0,     0x96D1,     0xD5A4,     0x96D2,     0xB1EA,
  /* U+6808 */    0xD5BB,     0xE8CE,     0xE8D0,     0xB6B0,     0xE8D3,     0x96D3,     0xE8DD,     0xC0B8,
  /* U+6810 */    0x96D4,     0xCAF7,     0x96D5,     0xCBA8,     0x96D6,     0x96D7,     0xC6DC,     0xC0F5,
  /* U+6818 */    0x96D8,     0x96D9,     0x96DA,     0x96DB,     0x96DC,     0xE8E9,     0x96DD,     0x96DE,
  /* U+6820 */    0x96DF,     0xD0A3,     0x96E0,     0x96E1,     0x96E2,     0x96E3,     0x96E4,     0x96E5,
  /* U+6828 */    0x96E6,     0xE8F2,     0xD6EA,     0x96E7,     0x96E8,     0x96E9,     0x96EA,     0x96EB,
  /* U+6830 */    0x96EC,     0x96ED,     0xE8E0,     0xE8E1,     0x96EE,     0x96EF,     0x96F0,     0xD1F9,
  /* U+6838 */    0xBACB,     0xB8F9,     0x96F1,     0x96F2,     0xB8F1,     0xD4D4,     0xE8EF,     0x96F3,
  /* U+6840 */    0xE8EE,     0xE8EC,     0xB9F0,     0xCCD2,     0xE8E6,     0xCEA6,     0xBFF2,     0x96F4,
  /* U+6848 */    0xB0B8,     0xE8F1,     0xE8F0,     0x96F5,     0xD7C0,     0x96F6,     0xE8E4,     0x96F7,
  /* U+6850 */    0xCDA9,     0xC9A3,     0x96F8,     0xBBB8,     0xBDDB,     0xE8EA,     0x96F9,     0x96FA,
  /* U+6858 */    0x96FB,     0x96FC,     0x96FD,     0x96FE,     0x9740,     0x9741,     0x9742,     0x9743,
  /* U+6860 */    0xE8E2,     0xE8E3,     0xE8E5,     0xB5B5,     0xE8E7,     0xC7C5,     0xE8EB,     0xE8ED,
  /* U+6868 */    0xBDB0,     0xD7AE,     0x9744,     0xE8F8,     0x9745,     0x9746,     0x9747,     0x9748,
  /* U+6870 */    0x9749,     0x974A,     0x974B,     0x974C,     0xE8F5,     0x974D,     0xCDB0,     0xE8F6,
  /* U+6878 */    0x974E,     0x974F,     0x9750,     0x9751,     0x9752,     0x9753,     0x9754,     0x9755,
  /* U+6880 */    0x9756,     0xC1BA,     0x9757,     0xE8E8,     0x9758,     0xC3B7,     0xB0F0,     0x9759,
  /* U+6888 */    0x975A,     0x975B,     0x975C,     0x975D,     0x975E,     0x975F,     0x9760,     0xE8F4,
  /* U+6890 */    0x9761,     0x9762,     0x9763,     0xE8F7,     0x9764,     0x9765,     0x9766,     0xB9A3,
  /* U+6898 */    0x9767,     0x9768,     0x9769,     0x976A,     0x976B,     0x976C,     0x976D,     0x976E,
  /* U+68A0 */    0x976F,     0x9770,     0xC9D2,     0x9771,     0x9772,     0x9773,     0xC3CE,     0xCEE0,
  /* U+68A8 */    0xC0E6,     0x9774,     0x9775,     0x9776,     0x9777,     0xCBF3,     0x9778,     0xCCDD,
  /* U+68B0 */    0xD0B5,     0x9779,     0x977A,     0xCAE1,     0x977B,     0xE8F3,     0x977C,     0x977D,
  /* U+68B8 */    0x977E,     0x9780,     0x9781,     0x9782,     0x9783,     0x9784,     0x9785,     0x9786,
  /* U+68C0 */    0xBCEC,     0x9787,     0xE8F9,     0x9788,     0x9789,     0x978A,     0x978B,     0x978C,
  /* U+68C8 */    0x978D,     0xC3DE,     0x978E,     0xC6E5,     0x978F,     0xB9F7,     0x9790,     0x9791,
  /* U+68D0 */    0x9792,     0x9793,     0xB0F4,     0x9794,     0x9795,     0xD7D8,     0x9796,     0x9797,
  /* U+68D8 */    0xBCAC,     0x9798,     0xC5EF,     0x9799,     0x979A,     0x979B,     0x979C,     0x979D,
  /* U+68E0 */    0xCCC4,     0x979E,     0x979F,     0xE9A6,     0x97A0,     0x97A1,     0x97A2,     0x97A3,
  /* U+68E8 */    0x97A4,     0x97A5,     0x97A6,     0x97A7,     0x97A8,     0x97A9,     0xC9AD,     0x97AA,
  /* U+68F0 */    0xE9A2,     0xC0E2,     0x97AB,     0x97AC,     0x97AD,     0xBFC3,     0x97AE,     0x97AF,
  /* U+68F8 */    0x97B0,     0xE8FE,     0xB9D7,     0x97B1,     0xE8FB,     0x97B2,     0x97B3,     0x97B4,
  /* U+6900 */    0x97B5,     0xE9A4,     0x97B6,     0x97B7,     0x97B8,     0xD2CE,     0x97B9,     0x97BA,
  /* U+6908 */    0x97BB,     0x97BC,     0x97BD,     0xE9A3,     0x97BE,     0xD6B2,     0xD7B5,     0x97BF,
  /* U+6910 */    0xE9A7,     0x97C0,     0xBDB7,     0x97C1,     0x97C2,     0x97C3,     0x97C4,     0x97C5,
  /* U+6918 */    0x97C6,     0x97C7,     0x97C8,     0x97C9,     0x97CA,     0x97CB,     0x97CC,     0xE8FC,
  /* U+6920 */    0xE8FD,     0x97CD,     0x97CE,     0x97CF,     0xE9A1,     0x97D0,     0x97D1,     0x97D2,
  /* U+6928 */    0x97D3,     0x97D4,     0x97D5,     0x97D6,     0x97D7,     0xCDD6,     0x97D8,     0x97D9,
  /* U+6930 */    0xD2AC,     0x97DA,     0x97DB,     0x97DC,     0xE9B2,     0x97DD,     0x97DE,     0x97DF,
  /* U+6938 */    0x97E0,     0xE9A9,     0x97E1,     0x97E2,     0x97E3,     0xB4AA,     0x97E4,     0xB4BB,
  /* U+6940 */    0x97E5,     0x97E6,     0xE9AB,     0x97E7,     0x97E8,     0x97E9,     0x97EA,     0x97EB,
  /* U+6948 */    0x97EC,     0x97ED,     0x97EE,     0x97EF,     0x97F0,     0x97F1,     0x97F2,     0x97F3,
  /* U+6950 */    0x97F4,     0x97F5,     0x97F6,     0x97F7,     0xD0A8,     0x97F8,     0x97F9,     0xE9A5,
  /* U+6958 */    0x97FA,     0x97FB,     0xB3FE,     0x97FC,     0x97FD,     0xE9AC,     0xC0E3,     0x97FE,
  /* U+6960 */    0xE9AA,     0x9840,     0x9841,     0xE9B9,     0x9842,     0x9843,     0xE9B8,     0x9844,
  /* U+6968 */    0x9845,     0x9846,     0x9847,     0xE9AE,     0x9848,     0x9849,     0xE8FA,     0x984A,
  /* U+6970 */    0x984B,     0xE9A8,     0x984C,     0x984D,     0x984E,     0x984F,     0x9850,     0xBFAC,
  /* U+6978 */    0xE9B1,     0xE9BA,     0x9851,     0x9852,     0xC2A5,     0x9853,     0x9854,     0x9855,
  /* U+6980 */    0xE9AF,     0x9856,     0xB8C5,     0x9857,     0xE9AD,     0x9858,     0xD3DC,     0xE9B4,
  /* U+6988 */    0xE9B5,     0xE9B7,     0x9859,     0x985A,     0x985B,     0xE9C7,     0x985C,     0x985D,
  /* U+6990 */    0x985E,     0x985F,     0x9860,     0x9861,     0xC0C6,     0xE9C5,     0x9862,     0x9863,
  /* U+6998 */    0xE9B0,     0x9864,     0x9865,     0xE9BB,     0xB0F1,     0x9866,     0x9867,     0x9868,
  /* U+69A0 */    0x9869,     0x986A,     0x986B,     0x986C,     0x986D,     0x986E,     0x986F,     0xE9BC,
  /* U+69A8 */    0xD5A5,     0x9870,     0x9871,     0xE9BE,     0x9872,     0xE9BF,     0x9873,     0x9874,
  /* U+69B0 */    0x9875,     0xE9C1,     0x9876,     0x9877,     0xC1F1,     0x9878,     0x9879,     0xC8B6,
  /* U+69B8 */    0x987A,     0x987B,     0x987C,     0xE9BD,     0x987D,     0x987E,     0x9880,     0x9881,
  /* U+69C0 */    0x9882,     0xE9C2,     0x9883,     0x9884,     0x9885,     0x9886,     0x9887,     0x9888,
  /* U+69C8 */    0x9889,     0x988A,     0xE9C3,     0x988B,     0xE9B3,     0x988C,     0xE9B6,     0x988D,
  /* U+69D0 */    0xBBB1,     0x988E,     0x988F,     0x9890,     0xE9C0,     0x9891,     0x9892,     0x9893,
  /* U+69D8 */    0x9894,     0x9895,     0x9896,     0xBCF7,     0x9897,     0x9898,     0x9899,     0xE9C4,
  /* U+69E0 */    0xE9C6,     0x989A,     0x989B,     0x989C,     0x989D,     0x989E,     0x989F,     0x98A0,
  /* U+69E8 */    0x98A1,     0x98A2,     0x98A3,     0x98A4,     0x98A5,     0xE9CA,     0x98A6,     0x98A7,
  /* U+69F0 */    0x98A8,     0x98A9,     0xE9CE,     0x98AA,     0x98AB,     0x98AC,     0x98AD,     0x98AE,
  /* U+69F8 */    0x98AF,     0x98B0,     0x98B1,     0x98B2,     0x98B3,     0xB2DB,     0x98B4,     0xE9C8,
  /* U+6A00 */    0x98B5,     0x98B6,     0x98B7,     0x98B8,     0x98B9,     0x98BA,     0x98BB,     0x98BC,
  /* U+6A08 */    0x98BD,     0x98BE,     0xB7AE,     0x98BF,     0x98C0,     0x98C1,     0x98C2,     0x98C3,
  /* U+6A10 */    0x98C4,     0x98C5,     0x98C6,     0x98C7,     0x98C8,     0x98C9,     0x98CA,     0xE9CB,
  /* U+6A18 */    0xE9CC,     0x98CB,     0x98CC,     0x98CD,     0x98CE,     0x98CF,     0x98D0,     0xD5C1,
  /* U+6A20 */    0x98D1,     0xC4A3,     0x98D2,     0x98D3,     0x98D4,     0x98D5,     0x98D6,     0x98D7,
  /* U+6A28 */    0xE9D8,     0x98D8,     0xBAE1,     0x98D9,     0x98DA,     0x98DB,     0x98DC,     0xE9C9,
  /* U+6A30 */    0x98DD,     0xD3A3,     0x98DE,     0x98DF,     0x98E0,     0xE9D4,     0x98E1,     0x98E2,
  /* U+6A38 */    0x98E3,     0x98E4,     0x98E5,     0x98E6,     0x98E7,     0xE9D7,     0xE9D0,     0x98E8,
  /* U+6A40 */    0x98E9,     0x98EA,     0x98EB,     0x98EC,     0xE9CF,     0x98ED,     0x98EE,     0xC7C1,
  /* U+6A48 */    0x98EF,     0x98F0,     0x98F1,     0x98F2,     0x98F3,     0x98F4,     0x98F5,     0x98F6,
  /* U+6A50 */    0xE9D2,     0x98F7,     0x98F8,     0x98F9,     0x98FA,     0x98FB,     0x98FC,     0x98FD,
  /* U+6A58 */    0xE9D9,     0xB3C8,     0x98FE,     0xE9D3,     0x9940,     0x9941,     0x9942,     0x9943,
  /* U+6A60 */    0x9944,     0xCFF0,     0x9945,     0x9946,     0x9947,     0xE9CD,     0x9948,     0x9949,
  /* U+6A68 */    0x994A,     0x994B,     0x994C,     0x994D,     0x994E,     0x994F,     0x9950,     0x9951,
  /* U+6A70 */    0x9952,     0xB3F7,     0x9953,     0x9954,     0x9955,     0x9956,     0x9957,     0x9958,
  /* U+6A78 */    0x9959,     0xE9D6,     0x995A,     0x995B,     0xE9DA,     0x995C,     0x995D,     0x995E,
  /* U+6A80 */    0xCCB4,     0x995F,     0x9960,     0x9961,     0xCFAD,     0x9962,     0x9963,     0x9964,
  /* U+6A88 */    0x9965,     0x9966,     0x9967,     0x9968,     0x9969,     0x996A,     0xE9D5,     0x996B,
  /* U+6A90 */    0xE9DC,     0xE9DB,     0x996C,     0x996D,     0x996E,     0x996F,     0x9970,     0xE9DE,
  /* U+6A98 */    0x9971,     0x9972,     0x9973,     0x9974,     0x9975,     0x9976,     0x9977,     0x9978,
  /* U+6AA0 */    0xE9D1,     0x9979,     0x997A,     0x997B,     0x997C,     0x997D,     0x997E,     0x9980,
  /* U+6AA8 */    0x9981,     0xE9DD,     0x9982,     0xE9DF,     0xC3CA,     0x9983,     0x9984,     0x9985,
  /* U+6AB0 */    0x9986,     0x9987,     0x9988,     0x9989,     0x998A,     0x998B,     0x998C,     0x998D,
  /* U+6AB8 */    0x998E,     0x998F,     0x9990,     0x9991,     0x9992,     0x9993,     0x9994,     0x9995,
  /* U+6AC0 */    0x9996,     0x9997,     0x9998,     0x9999,     0x999A,     0x999B,     0x999C,     0x999D,
  /* U+6AC8 */    0x999E,     0x999F,     0x99A0,     0x99A1,     0x99A2,     0x99A3,     0x99A4,     0x99A5,
  /* U+6AD0 */    0x99A6,     0x99A7,     0x99A8,     0x99A9,     0x99AA,     0x99AB,     0x99AC,     0x99AD,
  /* U+6AD8 */    0x99AE,     0x99AF,     0x99B0,     0x99B1,     0x99B2,     0x99B3,     0x99B4,     0x99B5,
  /* U+6AE0 */    0x99B6,     0x99B7,     0x99B8,     0x99B9,     0x99BA,     0x99BB,     0x99BC,     0x99BD,
  /* U+6AE8 */    0x99BE,     0x99BF,     0x99C0,     0x99C1,     0x99C2,     0x99C3,     0x99C4,     0x99C5,
  /* U+6AF0 */    0x99C6,     0x99C7,     0x99C8,     0x99C9,     0x99CA,     0x99CB,     0x99CC,     0x99CD,
  /* U+6AF8 */    0x99CE,     0x99CF,     0x99D0,     0x99D1,     0x99D2,     0x99D3,     0x99D4,     0x99D5,
  /* U+6B00 */    0x99D6,     0x99D7,     0x99D8,     0x99D9,     0x99DA,     0x99DB,     0x99DC,     0x99DD,
  /* U+6B08 */    0x99DE,     0x99DF,     0x99E0,     0x99E1,     0x99E2,     0x99E3,     0x99E4,     0x99E5,
  /* U+6B10 */    0x99E6,     0x99E7,     0x99E8,     0x99E9,     0x99EA,     0x99EB,     0x99EC,     0x99ED,
  /* U+6B18 */    0x99EE,     0x99EF,     0x99F0,     0x99F1,     0x99F2,     0x99F3,     0x99F4,     0x99F5,
  /* U+6B20 */    0xC7B7,     0xB4CE,     0xBBB6,     0xD0C0,     0xECA3,     0x99F6,     0x99F7,     0xC5B7,
  /* U+6B28 */    0x99F8,     0x99F9,     0x99FA,     0x99FB,     0x99FC,     0x99FD,     0x99FE,     0x9A40,
  /* U+6B30 */    0x9A41,     0x9A42,     0xD3FB,     0x9A43,     0x9A44,     0x9A45,     0x9A46,     0xECA4,
  /* U+6B38 */    0x9A47,     0xECA5,     0xC6DB,     0x9A48,     0x9A49,     0x9A4A,     0xBFEE,     0x9A4B,
  /* U+6B40 */    0x9A4C,     0x9A4D,     0x9A4E,     0xECA6,     0x9A4F,     0x9A50,     0xECA7,     0xD0AA,
  /* U+6B48 */    0x9A51,     0xC7B8,     0x9A52,     0x9A53,     0xB8E8,     0x9A54,     0x9A55,     0x9A56,
  /* U+6B50 */    0x9A57,     0x9A58,     0x9A59,     0x9A5A,     0x9A5B,     0x9A5C,     0x9A5D,     0x9A5E,
  /* U+6B58 */    0x9A5F,     0xECA8,     0x9A60,     0x9A61,     0x9A62,     0x9A63,     0x9A64,     0x9A65,
  /* U+6B60 */    0x9A66,     0x9A67,     0xD6B9,     0xD5FD,     0xB4CB,     0xB2BD,     0xCEE4,     0xC6E7,
  /* U+6B68 */    0x9A68,     0x9A69,     0xCDE1,     0x9A6A,     0x9A6B,     0x9A6C,     0x9A6D,     0x9A6E,
  /* U+6B70 */    0x9A6F,     0x9A70,     0x9A71,     0x9A72,     0x9A73,     0x9A74,     0x9A75,     0x9A76,
  /* U+6B78 */    0x9A77,     0xB4F5,     0x9A78,     0xCBC0,     0xBCDF,     0x9A79,     0x9A7A,     0x9A7B,
  /* U+6B80 */    0x9A7C,     0xE9E2,     0xE9E3,     0xD1EA,     0xE9E5,     0x9A7D,     0xB4F9,     0xE9E4,
  /* U+6B88 */    0x9A7E,     0xD1B3,     0xCAE2,     0xB2D0,     0x9A80,     0xE9E8,     0x9A81,     0x9A82,
  /* U+6B90 */    0x9A83,     0x9A84,     0xE9E6,     0xE9E7,     0x9A85,     0x9A86,     0xD6B3,     0x9A87,
  /* U+6B98 */    0x9A88,     0x9A89,     0xE9E9,     0xE9EA,     0x9A8A,     0x9A8B,     0x9A8C,     0x9A8D,
  /* U+6BA0 */    0x9A8E,     0xE9EB,     0x9A8F,     0x9A90,     0x9A91,     0x9A92,     0x9A93,     0x9A94,
  /* U+6BA8 */    0x9A95,     0x9A96,     0xE9EC,     0x9A97,     0x9A98,     0x9A99,     0x9A9A,     0x9A9B,
  /* U+6BB0 */    0x9A9C,     0x9A9D,     0x9A9E,     0xECAF,     0xC5B9,     0xB6CE,     0x9A9F,     0xD2F3,
  /* U+6BB8 */    0x9AA0,     0x9AA1,     0x9AA2,     0x9AA3,     0x9AA4,     0x9AA5,     0x9AA6,     0xB5EE,
  /* U+6BC0 */    0x9AA7,     0xBBD9,     0xECB1,     0x9AA8,     0x9AA9,     0xD2E3,     0x9AAA,     0x9AAB,
  /* U+6BC8 */    0x9AAC,     0x9AAD,     0x9AAE,     0xCEE3,     0x9AAF,     0xC4B8,     0x9AB0,     0xC3BF,
  /* U+6BD0 */    0x9AB1,     0x9AB2,     0xB6BE,     0xD8B9,     0xB1C8,     0xB1CF,     0xB1D1,     0xC5FE,
  /* U+6BD8 */    0x9AB3,     0xB1D0,     0x9AB4,     0xC3AB,     0x9AB5,     0x9AB6,     0x9AB7,     0x9AB8,
  /* U+6BE0 */    0x9AB9,     0xD5B1,     0x9ABA,     0x9ABB,     0x9ABC,     0x9ABD,     0x9ABE,     0x9ABF,
  /* U+6BE8 */    0x9AC0,     0x9AC1,     0xEBA4,     0xBAC1,     0x9AC2,     0x9AC3,     0x9AC4,     0xCCBA,
  /* U+6BF0 */    0x9AC5,     0x9AC6,     0x9AC7,     0xEBA5,     0x9AC8,     0xEBA7,     0x9AC9,     0x9ACA,
  /* U+6BF8 */    0x9ACB,     0xEBA8,     0x9ACC,     0x9ACD,     0x9ACE,     0xEBA6,     0x9ACF,     0x9AD0,
  /* U+6C00 */    0x9AD1,     0x9AD2,     0x9AD3,     0x9AD4,     0x9AD5,     0xEBA9,     0xEBAB,     0xEBAA,
  /* U+6C08 */    0x9AD6,     0x9AD7,     0x9AD8,     0x9AD9,     0x9ADA,     0xEBAC,     0x9ADB,     0xCACF,
  /* U+6C10 */    0xD8B5,     0xC3F1,     0x9ADC,     0xC3A5,     0xC6F8,     0xEBAD,     0xC4CA,     0x9ADD,
  /* U+6C18 */    0xEBAE,     0xEBAF,     0xEBB0,     0xB7D5,     0x9ADE,     0x9ADF,     0x9AE0,     0xB7FA,
  /* U+6C20 */    0x9AE1,     0xEBB1,     0xC7E2,     0x9AE2,     0xEBB3,     0x9AE3,     0xBAA4,     0xD1F5,
  /* U+6C28 */    0xB0B1,     0xEBB2,     0xEBB4,     0x9AE4,     0x9AE5,     0x9AE6,     0xB5AA,     0xC2C8,
  /* U+6C30 */    0xC7E8,     0x9AE7,     0xEBB5,     0x9AE8,     0xCBAE,     0xE3DF,     0x9AE9,     0x9AEA,
  /* U+6C38 */    0xD3C0,     0x9AEB,     0x9AEC,     0x9AED,     0x9AEE,     0xD9DB,     0x9AEF,     0x9AF0,
  /* U+6C40 */    0xCDA1,     0xD6AD,     0xC7F3,     0x9AF1,     0x9AF2,     0x9AF3,     0xD9E0,     0xBBE3,
  /* U+6C48 */    0x9AF4,     0xBABA,     0xE3E2,     0x9AF5,     0x9AF6,     0x9AF7,     0x9AF8,     0x9AF9,
  /* U+6C50 */    0xCFAB,     0x9AFA,     0x9AFB,     0x9AFC,     0xE3E0,     0xC9C7,     0x9AFD,     0xBAB9,
  /* U+6C58 */    0x9AFE,     0x9B40,     0x9B41,     0xD1B4,     0xE3E1,     0xC8EA,     0xB9AF,     0xBDAD,
  /* U+6C60 */    0xB3D8,     0xCEDB,     0x9B42,     0x9B43,     0xCCC0,     0x9B44,     0x9B45,     0x9B46,
  /* U+6C68 */    0xE3E8,     0xE3E9,     0xCDF4,     0x9B47,     0x9B48,     0x9B49,     0x9B4A,     0x9B4B,
  /* U+6C70 */    0xCCAD,     0x9B4C,     0xBCB3,     0x9B4D,     0xE3EA,     0x9B4E,     0xE3EB,     0x9B4F,
  /* U+6C78 */    0x9B50,     0xD0DA,     0x9B51,     0x9B52,     0x9B53,     0xC6FB,     0xB7DA,     0x9B54,
  /* U+6C80 */    0x9B55,     0xC7DF,     0xD2CA,     0xCED6,     0x9B56,     0xE3E4,     0xE3EC,     0x9B57,
  /* U+6C88 */    0xC9F2,     0xB3C1,     0x9B58,     0x9B59,     0xE3E7,     0x9B5A,     0x9B5B,     0xC6E3,
  /* U+6C90 */    0xE3E5,     0x9B5C,     0x9B5D,     0xEDB3,     0xE3E6,     0x9B5E,     0x9B5F,     0x9B60,
  /* U+6C98 */    0x9B61,     0xC9B3,     0x9B62,     0xC5E6,     0x9B63,     0x9B64,     0x9B65,     0xB9B5,
  /* U+6CA0 */    0x9B66,     0xC3BB,     0x9B67,     0xE3E3,     0xC5BD,     0xC1A4,     0xC2D9,     0xB2D7,
  /* U+6CA8 */    0x9B68,     0xE3ED,     0xBBA6,     0xC4AD,     0x9B69,     0xE3F0,     0xBEDA,     0x9B6A,
  /* U+6CB0 */    0x9B6B,     0xE3FB,     0xE3F5,     0xBAD3,     0x9B6C,     0x9B6D,     0x9B6E,     0x9B6F,
  /* U+6CB8 */    0xB7D0,     0xD3CD,     0x9B70,     0xD6CE,     0xD5D3,     0xB9C1,     0xD5B4,     0xD1D8,
  /* U+6CC0 */    0x9B71,     0x9B72,     0x9B73,     0x9B74,     0xD0B9,     0xC7F6,     0x9B75,     0x9B76,
  /* U+6CC8 */    0x9B77,     0xC8AA,     0xB2B4,     0x9B78,     0xC3DA,     0x9B79,     0x9B7A,     0x9B7B,
  /* U+6CD0 */    0xE3EE,     0x9B7C,     0x9B7D,     0xE3FC,     0xE3EF,     0xB7A8,     0xE3F7,     0xE3F4,
  /* U+6CD8 */    0x9B7E,     0x9B80,     0x9B81,     0xB7BA,     0x9B82,     0x9B83,     0xC5A2,     0x9B84,
  /* U+6CE0 */    0xE3F6,     0xC5DD,     0xB2A8,     0xC6FC,     0x9B85,     0xC4E0,     0x9B86,     0x9B87,
  /* U+6CE8 */    0xD7A2,     0x9B88,     0xC0E1,     0xE3F9,     0x9B89,     0x9B8A,     0xE3FA,     0xE3FD,
  /* U+6CF0 */    0xCCA9,     0xE3F3,     0x9B8B,     0xD3BE,     0x9B8C,     0xB1C3,     0xEDB4,     0xE3F1,
  /* U+6CF8 */    0xE3F2,     0x9B8D,     0xE3F8,     0xD0BA,     0xC6C3,     0xD4F3,     0xE3FE,     0x9B8E,
  /* U+6D00 */    0x9B8F,     0xBDE0,     0x9B90,     0x9B91,     0xE4A7,     0x9B92,     0x9B93,     0xE4A6,
  /* U+6D08 */    0x9B94,     0x9B95,     0x9B96,     0xD1F3,     0xE4A3,     0x9B97,     0xE4A9,     0x9B98,
  /* U+6D10 */    0x9B99,     0x9B9A,     0xC8F7,     0x9B9B,     0x9B9C,     0x9B9D,     0x9B9E,     0xCFB4,
  /* U+6D18 */    0x9B9F,     0xE4A8,     0xE4AE,     0xC2E5,     0x9BA0,     0x9BA1,     0xB6B4,     0x9BA2,
  /* U+6D20 */    0x9BA3,     0x9BA4,     0x9BA5,     0x9BA6,     0x9BA7,     0xBDF2,     0x9BA8,     0xE4A2,
  /* U+6D28 */    0x9BA9,     0x9BAA,     0xBAE9,     0xE4AA,     0x9BAB,     0x9BAC,     0xE4AC,     0x9BAD,
  /* U+6D30 */    0x9BAE,     0xB6FD,     0xD6DE,     0xE4B2,     0x9BAF,     0xE4AD,     0x9BB0,     0x9BB1,
  /* U+6D38 */    0x9BB2,     0xE4A1,     0x9BB3,     0xBBEE,     0xCDDD,     0xC7A2,     0xC5C9,     0x9BB4,
  /* U+6D40 */    0x9BB5,     0xC1F7,     0x9BB6,     0xE4A4,     0x9BB7,     0xC7B3,     0xBDAC,     0xBDBD,
  /* U+6D48 */    0xE4A5,     0x9BB8,     0xD7C7,     0xB2E2,     0x9BB9,     0xE4AB,     0xBCC3,     0xE4AF,
  /* U+6D50 */    0x9BBA,     0xBBEB,     0xE4B0,     0xC5A8,     0xE4B1,     0x9BBB,     0x9BBC,     0x9BBD,
  /* U+6D58 */    0x9BBE,     0xD5E3,     0xBFA3,     0x9BBF,     0xE4BA,     0x9BC0,     0xE4B7,     0x9BC1,
  /* U+6D60 */    0xE4BB,     0x9BC2,     0x9BC3,     0xE4BD,     0x9BC4,     0x9BC5,     0xC6D6,     0x9BC6,
  /* U+6D68 */    0x9BC7,     0xBAC6,     0xC0CB,     0x9BC8,     0x9BC9,     0x9BCA,     0xB8A1,     0xE4B4,
  /* U+6D70 */    0x9BCB,     0x9BCC,     0x9BCD,     0x9BCE,     0xD4A1,     0x9BCF,     0x9BD0,     0xBAA3,
  /* U+6D78 */    0xBDFE,     0x9BD1,     0x9BD2,     0x9BD3,     0xE4BC,     0x9BD4,     0x9BD5,     0x9BD6,
  /* U+6D80 */    0x9BD7,     0x9BD8,     0xCDBF,     0x9BD9,     0x9BDA,     0xC4F9,     0x9BDB,     0x9BDC,
  /* U+6D88 */    0xCFFB,     0xC9E6,     0x9BDD,     0x9BDE,     0xD3BF,     0x9BDF,     0xCFD1,     0x9BE0,
  /* U+6D90 */    0x9BE1,     0xE4B3,     0x9BE2,     0xE4B8,     0xE4B9,     0xCCE9,     0x9BE3,     0x9BE4,
  /* U+6D98 */    0x9BE5,     0x9BE6,     0x9BE7,     0xCCCE,     0x9BE8,     0xC0D4,     0xE4B5,     0xC1B0,
  /* U+6DA0 */    0xE4B6,     0xCED0,     0x9BE9,     0xBBC1,     0xB5D3,     0x9BEA,     0xC8F3,     0xBDA7,
  /* U+6DA8 */    0xD5C7,     0xC9AC,     0xB8A2,     0xE4CA,     0x9BEB,     0x9BEC,     0xE4CC,     0xD1C4,
  /* U+6DB0 */    0x9BED,     0x9BEE,     0xD2BA,     0x9BEF,     0x9BF0,     0xBAAD,     0x9BF1,     0x9BF2,
  /* U+6DB8 */    0xBAD4,     0x9BF3,     0x9BF4,     0x9BF5,     0x9BF6,     0x9BF7,     0x9BF8,     0xE4C3,
  /* U+6DC0 */    0xB5ED,     0x9BF9,     0x9BFA,     0x9BFB,     0xD7CD,     0xE4C0,     0xCFFD,     0xE4BF,
  /* U+6DC8 */    0x9BFC,     0x9BFD,     0x9BFE,     0xC1DC,     0xCCCA,     0x9C40,     0x9C41,     0x9C42,
  /* U+6DD0 */    0x9C43,     0xCAE7,     0x9C44,     0x9C45,     0x9C46,     0x9C47,     0xC4D7,     0x9C48,
  /* U+6DD8 */    0xCCD4,     0xE4C8,     0x9C49,     0x9C4A,     0x9C4B,     0xE4C7,     0xE4C1,     0x9C4C,
  /* U+6DE0 */    0xE4C4,     0xB5AD,     0x9C4D,     0x9C4E,     0xD3D9,     0x9C4F,     0xE4C6,     0x9C50,
  /* U+6DE8 */    0x9C51,     0x9C52,     0x9C53,     0xD2F9,     0xB4E3,     0x9C54,     0xBBB4,     0x9C55,
  /* U+6DF0 */    0x9C56,     0xC9EE,     0x9C57,     0xB4BE,     0x9C58,     0x9C59,     0x9C5A,     0xBBEC,
  /* U+6DF8 */    0x9C5B,     0xD1CD,     0x9C5C,     0xCCED,     0xEDB5,     0x9C5D,     0x9C5E,     0x9C5F,
  /* U+6E00 */    0x9C60,     0x9C61,     0x9C62,     0x9C63,     0x9C64,     0xC7E5,     0x9C65,     0x9C66,
  /* U+6E08 */    0x9C67,     0x9C68,     0xD4A8,     0x9C69,     0xE4CB,     0xD7D5,     0xE4C2,     0x9C6A,
  /* U+6E10 */    0xBDA5,     0xE4C5,     0x9C6B,     0x9C6C,     0xD3E6,     0x9C6D,     0xE4C9,     0xC9F8,
  /* U+6E18 */    0x9C6E,     0x9C6F,     0xE4BE,     0x9C70,     0x9C71,     0xD3E5,     0x9C72,     0x9C73,
  /* U+6E20 */    0xC7FE,     0xB6C9,     0x9C74,     0xD4FC,     0xB2B3,     0xE4D7,     0x9C75,     0x9C76,
  /* U+6E28 */    0x9C77,     0xCEC2,     0x9C78,     0xE4CD,     0x9C79,     0xCEBC,     0x9C7A,     0xB8DB,
  /* U+6E30 */    0x9C7B,     0x9C7C,     0xE4D6,     0x9C7D,     0xBFCA,     0x9C7E,     0x9C80,     0x9C81,
  /* U+6E38 */    0xD3CE,     0x9C82,     0xC3EC,     0x9C83,     0x9C84,     0x9C85,     0x9C86,     0x9C87,
  /* U+6E40 */    0x9C88,     0x9C89,     0x9C8A,     0xC5C8,     0xE4D8,     0x9C8B,     0x9C8C,     0x9C8D,
  /* U+6E48 */    0x9C8E,     0x9C8F,     0x9C90,     0x9C91,     0x9C92,     0xCDC4,     0xE4CF,     0x9C93,
  /* U+6E50 */    0x9C94,     0x9C95,     0x9C96,     0xE4D4,     0xE4D5,     0x9C97,     0xBAFE,     0x9C98,
  /* U+6E58 */    0xCFE6,     0x9C99,     0x9C9A,     0xD5BF,     0x9C9B,     0x9C9C,     0x9C9D,     0xE4D2,
  /* U+6E60 */    0x9C9E,     0x9C9F,     0x9CA0,     0x9CA1,     0x9CA2,     0x9CA3,     0x9CA4,     0x9CA5,
  /* U+6E68 */    0x9CA6,     0x9CA7,     0x9CA8,     0xE4D0,     0x9CA9,     0x9CAA,     0xE4CE,     0x9CAB,
  /* U+6E70 */    0x9CAC,     0x9CAD,     0x9CAE,     0x9CAF,     0x9CB0,     0x9CB1,     0x9CB2,     0x9CB3,
  /* U+6E78 */    0x9CB4,     0x9CB5,     0x9CB6,     0x9CB7,     0x9CB8,     0x9CB9,     0xCDE5,     0xCAAA,
  /* U+6E80 */    0x9CBA,     0x9CBB,     0x9CBC,     0xC0A3,     0x9CBD,     0xBDA6,     0xE4D3,     0x9CBE,
  /* U+6E88 */    0x9CBF,     0xB8C8,     0x9CC0,     0x9CC1,     0x9CC2,     0x9CC3,     0x9CC4,     0xE4E7,
  /* U+6E90 */    0xD4B4,     0x9CC5,     0x9CC6,     0x9CC7,     0x9CC8,     0x9CC9,     0x9CCA,     0x9CCB,
  /* U+6E98 */    0xE4DB,     0x9CCC,     0x9CCD,     0x9CCE,     0xC1EF,     0x9CCF,     0x9CD0,     0xE4E9,
  /* U+6EA0 */    0x9CD1,     0x9CD2,     0xD2E7,     0x9CD3,     0x9CD4,     0xE4DF,     0x9CD5,     0xE4E0,
  /* U+6EA8 */    0x9CD6,     0x9CD7,     0xCFAA,     0x9CD8,     0x9CD9,     0x9CDA,     0x9CDB,     0xCBDD,
  /* U+6EB0 */    0x9CDC,     0xE4DA,     0xE4D1,     0x9CDD,     0xE4E5,     0x9CDE,     0xC8DC,     0xE4E3,
  /* U+6EB8 */    0x9CDF,     0x9CE0,     0xC4E7,     0xE4E2,     0x9CE1,     0xE4E1,     0x9CE2,     0x9CE3,
  /* U+6EC0 */    0x9CE4,     0xB3FC,     0xE4E8,     0x9CE5,     0x9CE6,     0x9CE7,     0x9CE8,     0xB5E1,
  /* U+6EC8 */    0x9CE9,     0x9CEA,     0x9CEB,     0xD7CC,     0x9CEC,     0x9CED,     0x9CEE,     0xE4E6,
  /* U+6ED0 */    0x9CEF,     0xBBAC,     0x9CF0,     0xD7D2,     0xCCCF,     0xEBF8,     0x9CF1,     0xE4E4,
  /* U+6ED8 */    0x9CF2,     0x9CF3,     0xB9F6,     0x9CF4,     0x9CF5,     0x9CF6,     0xD6CD,     0xE4D9,
  /* U+6EE0 */    0xE4DC,     0xC2FA,     0xE4DE,     0x9CF7,     0xC2CB,     0xC0C4,     0xC2D0,     0x9CF8,
  /* U+6EE8 */    0xB1F5,     0xCCB2,     0x9CF9,     0x9CFA,     0x9CFB,     0x9CFC,     0x9CFD,     0x9CFE,
  /* U+6EF0 */    0x9D40,     0x9D41,     0x9D42,     0x9D43,     0xB5CE,     0x9D44,     0x9D45,     0x9D46,
  /* U+6EF8 */    0x9D47,     0xE4EF,     0x9D48,     0x9D49,     0x9D4A,     0x9D4B,     0x9D4C,     0x9D4D,
  /* U+6F00 */    0x9D4E,     0x9D4F,     0xC6AF,     0x9D50,     0x9D51,     0x9D52,     0xC6E1,     0x9D53,
  /* U+6F08 */    0x9D54,     0xE4F5,     0x9D55,     0x9D56,     0x9D57,     0x9D58,     0x9D59,     0xC2A9,
  /* U+6F10 */    0x9D5A,     0x9D5B,     0x9D5C,     0xC0EC,     0xD1DD,     0xE4EE,     0x9D5D,     0x9D5E,
  /* U+6F18 */    0x9D5F,     0x9D60,     0x9D61,     0x9D62,     0x9D63,     0x9D64,     0x9D65,     0x9D66,
  /* U+6F20 */    0xC4AE,     0x9D67,     0x9D68,     0x9D69,     0xE4ED,     0x9D6A,     0x9D6B,     0x9D6C,
  /* U+6F28 */    0x9D6D,     0xE4F6,     0xE4F4,     0xC2FE,     0x9D6E,     0xE4DD,     0x9D6F,     0xE4F0,
  /* U+6F30 */    0x9D70,     0xCAFE,     0x9D71,     0xD5C4,     0x9D72,     0x9D73,     0xE4F1,     0x9D74,
  /* U+6F38 */    0x9D75,     0x9D76,     0x9D77,     0x9D78,     0x9D79,     0x9D7A,     0xD1FA,     0x9D7B,
  /* U+6F40 */    0x9D7C,     0x9D7D,     0x9D7E,     0x9D80,     0x9D81,     0x9D82,     0xE4EB,     0xE4EC,
  /* U+6F48 */    0x9D83,     0x9D84,     0x9D85,     0xE4F2,     0x9D86,     0xCEAB,     0x9D87,     0x9D88,
  /* U+6F50 */    0x9D89,     0x9D8A,     0x9D8B,     0x9D8C,     0x9D8D,     0x9D8E,     0x9D8F,     0x9D90,
  /* U+6F58 */    0xC5CB,     0x9D91,     0x9D92,     0x9D93,     0xC7B1,     0x9D94,     0xC2BA,     0x9D95,
  /* U+6F60 */    0x9D96,     0x9D97,     0xE4EA,     0x9D98,     0x9D99,     0x9D9A,     0xC1CA,     0x9D9B,
  /* U+6F68 */    0x9D9C,     0x9D9D,     0x9D9E,     0x9D9F,     0x9DA0,     0xCCB6,     0xB3B1,     0x9DA1,
  /* U+6F70 */    0x9DA2,     0x9DA3,     0xE4FB,     0x9DA4,     0xE4F3,     0x9DA5,     0x9DA6,     0x9DA7,
  /* U+6F78 */    0xE4FA,     0x9DA8,     0xE4FD,     0x9DA9,     0xE4FC,     0x9DAA,     0x9DAB,     0x9DAC,
  /* U+6F80 */    0x9DAD,     0x9DAE,     0x9DAF,     0x9DB0,     0xB3CE,     0x9DB1,     0x9DB2,     0x9DB3,
  /* U+6F88 */    0xB3BA,     0xE4F7,     0x9DB4,     0x9DB5,     0xE4F9,     0xE4F8,     0xC5EC,     0x9DB6,
  /* U+6F90 */    0x9DB7,     0x9DB8,     0x9DB9,     0x9DBA,     0x9DBB,     0x9DBC,     0x9DBD,     0x9DBE,
  /* U+6F98 */    0x9DBF,     0x9DC0,     0x9DC1,     0x9DC2,     0xC0BD,     0x9DC3,     0x9DC4,     0x9DC5,
  /* U+6FA0 */    0x9DC6,     0xD4E8,     0x9DC7,     0x9DC8,     0x9DC9,     0x9DCA,     0x9DCB,     0xE5A2,
  /* U+6FA8 */    0x9DCC,     0x9DCD,     0x9DCE,     0x9DCF,     0x9DD0,     0x9DD1,     0x9DD2,     0x9DD3,
  /* U+6FB0 */    0x9DD4,     0x9DD5,     0x9DD6,     0xB0C4,     0x9DD7,     0x9DD8,     0xE5A4,     0x9DD9,
  /* U+6FB8 */    0x9DDA,     0xE5A3,     0x9DDB,     0x9DDC,     0x9DDD,     0x9DDE,     0x9DDF,     0x9DE0,
  /* U+6FC0 */    0xBCA4,     0x9DE1,     0xE5A5,     0x9DE2,     0x9DE3,     0x9DE4,     0x9DE5,     0x9DE6,
  /* U+6FC8 */    0x9DE7,     0xE5A1,     0x9DE8,     0x9DE9,     0x9DEA,     0x9DEB,     0x9DEC,     0x9DED,
  /* U+6FD0 */    0x9DEE,     0xE4FE,     0xB1F4,     0x9DEF,     0x9DF0,     0x9DF1,     0x9DF2,     0x9DF3,
  /* U+6FD8 */    0x9DF4,     0x9DF5,     0x9DF6,     0x9DF7,     0x9DF8,     0x9DF9,     0xE5A8,     0x9DFA,
  /* U+6FE0 */    0xE5A9,     0xE5A6,     0x9DFB,     0x9DFC,     0x9DFD,     0x9DFE,     0x9E40,     0x9E41,
  /* U+6FE8 */    0x9E42,     0x9E43,     0x9E44,     0x9E45,     0x9E46,     0x9E47,     0xE5A7,     0xE5AA,
  /* U+6FF0 */    0x9E48,     0x9E49,     0x9E4A,     0x9E4B,     0x9E4C,     0x9E4D,     0x9E4E,     0x9E4F,
  /* U+6FF8 */    0x9E50,     0x9E51,     0x9E52,     0x9E53,     0x9E54,     0x9E55,     0x9E56,     0x9E57,
  /* U+7000 */    0x9E58,     0x9E59,     0x9E5A,     0x9E5B,     0x9E5C,     0x9E5D,     0x9E5E,     0x9E5F,
  /* U+7008 */    0x9E60,     0x9E61,     0x9E62,     0x9E63,     0x9E64,     0x9E65,     0x9E66,     0x9E67,
  /* U+7010 */    0x9E68,     0xC6D9,     0x9E69,     0x9E6A,     0x9E6B,     0x9E6C,     0x9E6D,     0x9E6E,
  /* U+7018 */    0x9E6F,     0x9E70,     0xE5AB,     0xE5AD,     0x9E71,     0x9E72,     0x9E73,     0x9E74,
  /* U+7020 */    0x9E75,     0x9E76,     0x9E77,     0xE5AC,     0x9E78,     0x9E79,     0x9E7A,     0x9E7B,
  /* U+7028 */    0x9E7C,     0x9E7D,     0x9E7E,     0x9E80,     0x9E81,     0x9E82,     0x9E83,     0x9E84,
  /* U+7030 */    0x9E85,     0x9E86,     0x9E87,     0x9E88,     0x9E89,     0xE5AF,     0x9E8A,     0x9E8B,
  /* U+7038 */    0x9E8C,     0xE5AE,     0x9E8D,     0x9E8E,     0x9E8F,     0x9E90,     0x9E91,     0x9E92,
  /* U+7040 */    0x9E93,     0x9E94,     0x9E95,     0x9E96,     0x9E97,     0x9E98,     0x9E99,     0x9E9A,
  /* U+7048 */    0x9E9B,     0x9E9C,     0x9E9D,     0x9E9E,     0xB9E0,     0x9E9F,     0x9EA0,     0xE5B0,
  /* U+7050 */    0x9EA1,     0x9EA2,     0x9EA3,     0x9EA4,     0x9EA5,     0x9EA6,     0x9EA7,     0x9EA8,
  /* U+7058 */    0x9EA9,     0x9EAA,     0x9EAB,     0x9EAC,     0x9EAD,     0x9EAE,     0xE5B1,     0x9EAF,
  /* U+7060 */    0x9EB0,     0x9EB1,     0x9EB2,     0x9EB3,     0x9EB4,     0x9EB5,     0x9EB6,     0x9EB7,
  /* U+7068 */    0x9EB8,     0x9EB9,     0x9EBA,     0xBBF0,     0xECE1,     0xC3F0,     0x9EBB,     0xB5C6,
  /* U+7070 */    0xBBD2,     0x9EBC,     0x9EBD,     0x9EBE,     0x9EBF,     0xC1E9,     0xD4EE,     0x9EC0,
  /* U+7078 */    0xBEC4,     0x9EC1,     0x9EC2,     0x9EC3,     0xD7C6,     0x9EC4,     0xD4D6,     0xB2D3,
  /* U+7080 */    0xECBE,     0x9EC5,     0x9EC6,     0x9EC7,     0x9EC8,     0xEAC1,     0x9EC9,     0x9ECA,
  /* U+7088 */    0x9ECB,     0xC2AF,     0xB4B6,     0x9ECC,     0x9ECD,     0x9ECE,     0xD1D7,     0x9ECF,
  /* U+7090 */    0x9ED0,     0x9ED1,     0xB3B4,     0x9ED2,     0xC8B2,     0xBFBB,     0xECC0,     0x9ED3,
  /* U+7098 */    0x9ED4,     0xD6CB,     0x9ED5,     0x9ED6,     0xECBF,     0xECC1,     0x9ED7,     0x9ED8,
  /* U+70A0 */    0x9ED9,     0x9EDA,     0x9EDB,     0x9EDC,     0x9EDD,     0x9EDE,     0x9EDF,     0x9EE0,
  /* U+70A8 */    0x9EE1,     0x9EE2,     0x9EE3,     0xECC5,     0xBEE6,     0xCCBF,     0xC5DA,     0xBEBC,
  /* U+70B0 */    0x9EE4,     0xECC6,     0x9EE5,     0xB1FE,     0x9EE6,     0x9EE7,     0x9EE8,     0xECC4,
  /* U+70B8 */    0xD5A8,     0xB5E3,     0x9EE9,     0xECC2,     0xC1B6,     0xB3E3,     0x9EEA,     0x9EEB,
  /* U+70C0 */    0xECC3,     0xCBB8,     0xC0C3,     0xCCFE,     0x9EEC,     0x9EED,     0x9EEE,     0x9EEF,
  /* U+70C8 */    0xC1D2,     0x9EF0,     0xECC8,     0x9EF1,     0x9EF2,     0x9EF3,     0x9EF4,     0x9EF5,
  /* U+70D0 */    0x9EF6,     0x9EF7,     0x9EF8,     0x9EF9,     0x9EFA,     0x9EFB,     0x9EFC,     0x9EFD,
  /* U+70D8 */    0xBAE6,     0xC0D3,     0x9EFE,     0xD6F2,     0x9F40,     0x9F41,     0x9F42,     0xD1CC,
  /* U+70E0 */    0x9F43,     0x9F44,     0x9F45,     0x9F46,     0xBFBE,     0x9F47,     0xB7B3,     0xC9D5,
  /* U+70E8 */    0xECC7,     0xBBE2,     0x9F48,     0xCCCC,     0xBDFD,     0xC8C8,     0x9F49,     0xCFA9,
  /* U+70F0 */    0x9F4A,     0x9F4B,     0x9F4C,     0x9F4D,     0x9F4E,     0x9F4F,     0x9F50,     0xCDE9,
  /* U+70F8 */    0x9F51,     0xC5EB,     0x9F52,     0x9F53,     0x9F54,     0xB7E9,     0x9F55,     0x9F56,
  /* U+7100 */    0x9F57,     0x9F58,     0x9F59,     0x9F5A,     0x9F5B,     0x9F5C,     0x9F5D,     0x9F5E,
  /* U+7108 */    0x9F5F,     0xD1C9,     0xBAB8,     0x9F60,     0x9F61,     0x9F62,     0x9F63,     0x9F64,
  /* U+7110 */    0xECC9,     0x9F65,     0x9F66,     0xECCA,     0x9F67,     0xBBC0,     0xECCB,     0x9F68,
  /* U+7118 */    0xECE2,     0xB1BA,     0xB7D9,     0x9F69,     0x9F6A,     0x9F6B,     0x9F6C,     0x9F6D,
  /* U+7120 */    0x9F6E,     0x9F6F,     0x9F70,     0x9F71,     0x9F72,     0x9F73,     0xBDB9,     0x9F74,
  /* U+7128 */    0x9F75,     0x9F76,     0x9F77,     0x9F78,     0x9F79,     0x9F7A,     0x9F7B,     0xECCC,
  /* U+7130 */    0xD1E6,     0xECCD,     0x9F7C,     0x9F7D,     0x9F7E,     0x9F80,     0xC8BB,     0x9F81,
  /* U+7138 */    0x9F82,     0x9F83,     0x9F84,     0x9F85,     0x9F86,     0x9F87,     0x9F88,     0x9F89,
  /* U+7140 */    0x9F8A,     0x9F8B,     0x9F8C,     0x9F8D,     0x9F8E,     0xECD1,     0x9F8F,     0x9F90,
  /* U+7148 */    0x9F91,     0x9F92,     0xECD3,     0x9F93,     0xBBCD,     0x9F94,     0xBCE5,     0x9F95,
  /* U+7150 */    0x9F96,     0x9F97,     0x9F98,     0x9F99,     0x9F9A,     0x9F9B,     0x9F9C,     0x9F9D,
  /* U+7158 */    0x9F9E,     0x9F9F,     0x9FA0,     0x9FA1,     0xECCF,     0x9FA2,     0xC9B7,     0x9FA3,
  /* U+7160 */    0x9FA4,     0x9FA5,     0x9FA6,     0x9FA7,     0xC3BA,     0x9FA8,     0xECE3,     0xD5D5,
  /* U+7168 */    0xECD0,     0x9FA9,     0x9FAA,     0x9FAB,     0x9FAC,     0x9FAD,     0xD6F3,     0x9FAE,
  /* U+7170 */    0x9FAF,     0x9FB0,     0xECD2,     0xECCE,     0x9FB1,     0x9FB2,     0x9FB3,     0x9FB4,
  /* U+7178 */    0xECD4,     0x9FB5,     0xECD5,     0x9FB6,     0x9FB7,     0xC9BF,     0x9FB8,     0x9FB9,
  /* U+7180 */    0x9FBA,     0x9FBB,     0x9FBC,     0x9FBD,     0xCFA8,     0x9FBE,     0x9FBF,     0x9FC0,
  /* U+7188 */    0x9FC1,     0x9FC2,     0xD0DC,     0x9FC3,     0x9FC4,     0x9FC5,     0x9FC6,     0xD1AC,
  /* U+7190 */    0x9FC7,     0x9FC8,     0x9FC9,     0x9FCA,     0xC8DB,     0x9FCB,     0x9FCC,     0x9FCD,
  /* U+7198 */    0xECD6,     0xCEF5,     0x9FCE,     0x9FCF,     0x9FD0,     0x9FD1,     0x9FD2,     0xCAEC,
  /* U+71A0 */    0xECDA,     0x9FD3,     0x9FD4,     0x9FD5,     0x9FD6,     0x9FD7,     0x9FD8,     0x9FD9,
  /* U+71A8 */    0xECD9,     0x9FDA,     0x9FDB,     0x9FDC,     0xB0BE,     0x9FDD,     0x9FDE,     0x9FDF,
  /* U+71B0 */    0x9FE0,     0x9FE1,     0x9FE2,     0xECD7,     0x9FE3,     0xECD8,     0x9FE4,     0x9FE5,
  /* U+71B8 */    0x9FE6,     0xECE4,     0x9FE7,     0x9FE8,     0x9FE9,     0x9FEA,     0x9FEB,     0x9FEC,
  /* U+71C0 */    0x9FED,     0x9FEE,     0x9FEF,     0xC8BC,     0x9FF0,     0x9FF1,     0x9FF2,     0x9FF3,
  /* U+71C8 */    0x9FF4,     0x9FF5,     0x9FF6,     0x9FF7,     0x9FF8,     0x9FF9,     0xC1C7,     0x9FFA,
  /* U+71D0 */    0x9FFB,     0x9FFC,     0x9FFD,     0x9FFE,     0xECDC,     0xD1E0,     0xA040,     0xA041,
  /* U+71D8 */    0xA042,     0xA043,     0xA044,     0xA045,     0xA046,     0xA047,     0xA048,     0xA049,
  /* U+71E0 */    0xECDB,     0xA04A,     0xA04B,     0xA04C,     0xA04D,     0xD4EF,     0xA04E,     0xECDD,
  /* U+71E8 */    0xA04F,     0xA050,     0xA051,     0xA052,     0xA053,     0xA054,     0xDBC6,     0xA055,
  /* U+71F0 */    0xA056,     0xA057,     0xA058,     0xA059,     0xA05A,     0xA05B,     0xA05C,     0xA05D,
  /* U+71F8 */    0xA05E,     0xECDE,     0xA05F,     0xA060,     0xA061,     0xA062,     0xA063,     0xA064,
  /* U+7200 */    0xA065,     0xA066,     0xA067,     0xA068,     0xA069,     0xA06A,     0xB1AC,     0xA06B,
  /* U+7208 */    0xA06C,     0xA06D,     0xA06E,     0xA06F,     0xA070,     0xA071,     0xA072,     0xA073,
  /* U+7210 */    0xA074,     0xA075,     0xA076,     0xA077,     0xA078,     0xA079,     0xA07A,     0xA07B,
  /* U+7218 */    0xA07C,     0xA07D,     0xA07E,     0xA080,     0xA081,     0xECDF,     0xA082,     0xA083,
  /* U+7220 */    0xA084,     0xA085,     0xA086,     0xA087,     0xA088,     0xA089,     0xA08A,     0xA08B,
  /* U+7228 */    0xECE0,     0xA08C,     0xD7A6,     0xA08D,     0xC5C0,     0xA08E,     0xA08F,     0xA090,
  /* U+7230 */    0xEBBC,     0xB0AE,     0xA091,     0xA092,     0xA093,     0xBEF4,     0xB8B8,     0xD2AF,
  /* U+7238 */    0xB0D6,     0xB5F9,     0xA094,     0xD8B3,     0xA095,     0xCBAC,     0xA096,     0xE3DD,
  /* U+7240 */    0xA097,     0xA098,     0xA099,     0xA09A,     0xA09B,     0xA09C,     0xA09D,     0xC6AC,
  /* U+7248 */    0xB0E6,     0xA09E,     0xA09F,     0xA0A0,     0xC5C6,     0xEBB9,     0xA0A1,     0xA0A2,
  /* U+7250 */    0xA0A3,     0xA0A4,     0xEBBA,     0xA0A5,     0xA0A6,     0xA0A7,     0xEBBB,     0xA0A8,
  /* U+7258 */    0xA0A9,     0xD1C0,     0xA0AA,     0xC5A3,     0xA0AB,     0xEAF2,     0xA0AC,     0xC4B2,
  /* U+7260 */    0xA0AD,     0xC4B5,     0xC0CE,     0xA0AE,     0xA0AF,     0xA0B0,     0xEAF3,     0xC4C1,
  /* U+7268 */    0xA0B1,     0xCEEF,     0xA0B2,     0xA0B3,     0xA0B4,     0xA0B5,     0xEAF0,     0xEAF4,
  /* U+7270 */    0xA0B6,     0xA0B7,     0xC9FC,     0xA0B8,     0xA0B9,     0xC7A3,     0xA0BA,     0xA0BB,
  /* U+7278 */    0xA0BC,     0xCCD8,     0xCEFE,     0xA0BD,     0xA0BE,     0xA0BF,     0xEAF5,     0xEAF6,
  /* U+7280 */    0xCFAC,     0xC0E7,     0xA0C0,     0xA0C1,     0xEAF7,     0xA0C2,     0xA0C3,     0xA0C4,
  /* U+7288 */    0xA0C5,     0xA0C6,     0xB6BF,     0xEAF8,     0xA0C7,     0xEAF9,     0xA0C8,     0xEAFA,
  /* U+7290 */    0xA0C9,     0xA0CA,     0xEAFB,     0xA0CB,     0xA0CC,     0xA0CD,     0xA0CE,     0xA0CF,
  /* U+7298 */    0xA0D0,     0xA0D1,     0xA0D2,     0xA0D3,     0xA0D4,     0xA0D5,     0xA0D6,     0xEAF1,
  /* U+72A0 */    0xA0D7,     0xA0D8,     0xA0D9,     0xA0DA,     0xA0DB,     0xA0DC,     0xA0DD,     0xA0DE,
  /* U+72A8 */    0xA0DF,     0xA0E0,     0xA0E1,     0xA0E2,     0xC8AE,     0xE1EB,     0xA0E3,     0xB7B8,
  /* U+72B0 */    0xE1EC,     0xA0E4,     0xA0E5,     0xA0E6,     0xE1ED,     0xA0E7,     0xD7B4,     0xE1EE,
  /* U+72B8 */    0xE1EF,     0xD3CC,     0xA0E8,     0xA0E9,     0xA0EA,     0xA0EB,     0xA0EC,     0xA0ED,
  /* U+72C0 */    0xA0EE,     0xE1F1,     0xBFF1,     0xE1F0,     0xB5D2,     0xA0EF,     0xA0F0,     0xA0F1,
  /* U+72C8 */    0xB1B7,     0xA0F2,     0xA0F3,     0xA0F4,     0xA0F5,     0xE1F3,     0xE1F2,     0xA0F6,
  /* U+72D0 */    0xBAFC,     0xA0F7,     0xE1F4,     0xA0F8,     0xA0F9,     0xA0FA,     0xA0FB,     0xB9B7,
  /* U+72D8 */    0xA0FC,     0xBED1,     0xA0FD,     0xA0FE,     0xAA40,     0xAA41,     0xC4FC,     0xAA42,
  /* U+72E0 */    0xBADD,     0xBDC6,     0xAA43,     0xAA44,     0xAA45,     0xAA46,     0xAA47,     0xAA48,
  /* U+72E8 */    0xE1F5,     0xE1F7,     0xAA49,     0xAA4A,     0xB6C0,     0xCFC1,     0xCAA8,     0xE1F6,
  /* U+72F0 */    0xD5F8,     0xD3FC,     0xE1F8,     0xE1FC,     0xE1F9,     0xAA4B,     0xAA4C,     0xE1FA,
  /* U+72F8 */    0xC0EA,     0xAA4D,     0xE1FE,     0xE2A1,     0xC0C7,     0xAA4E,     0xAA4F,     0xAA50,
  /* U+7300 */    0xAA51,     0xE1FB,     0xAA52,     0xE1FD,     0xAA53,     0xAA54,     0xAA55,     0xAA56,
  /* U+7308 */    0xAA57,     0xAA58,     0xE2A5,     0xAA59,     0xAA5A,     0xAA5B,     0xC1D4,     0xAA5C,
  /* U+7310 */    0xAA5D,     0xAA5E,     0xAA5F,     0xE2A3,     0xAA60,     0xE2A8,     0xB2FE,     0xE2A2,
  /* U+7318 */    0xAA61,     0xAA62,     0xAA63,     0xC3CD,     0xB2C2,     0xE2A7,     0xE2A6,     0xAA64,
  /* U+7320 */    0xAA65,     0xE2A4,     0xE2A9,     0xAA66,     0xAA67,     0xE2AB,     0xAA68,     0xAA69,
  /* U+7328 */    0xAA6A,     0xD0C9,     0xD6ED,     0xC3A8,     0xE2AC,     0xAA6B,     0xCFD7,     0xAA6C,
  /* U+7330 */    0xAA6D,     0xE2AE,     0xAA6E,     0xAA6F,     0xBAEF,     0xAA70,     0xAA71,     0xE9E0,
  /* U+7338 */    0xE2AD,     0xE2AA,     0xAA72,     0xAA73,     0xAA74,     0xAA75,     0xBBAB,     0xD4B3,
  /* U+7340 */    0xAA76,     0xAA77,     0xAA78,     0xAA79,     0xAA7A,     0xAA7B,     0xAA7C,     0xAA7D,
  /* U+7348 */    0xAA7E,     0xAA80,     0xAA81,     0xAA82,     0xAA83,     0xE2B0,     0xAA84,     0xAA85,
  /* U+7350 */    0xE2AF,     0xAA86,     0xE9E1,     0xAA87,     0xAA88,     0xAA89,     0xAA8A,     0xE2B1,
  /* U+7358 */    0xAA8B,     0xAA8C,     0xAA8D,     0xAA8E,     0xAA8F,     0xAA90,     0xAA91,     0xAA92,
  /* U+7360 */    0xE2B2,     0xAA93,     0xAA94,     0xAA95,     0xAA96,     0xAA97,     0xAA98,     0xAA99,
  /* U+7368 */    0xAA9A,     0xAA9B,     0xAA9C,     0xAA9D,     0xE2B3,     0xCCA1,     0xAA9E,     0xE2B4,
  /* U+7370 */    0xAA9F,     0xAAA0,     0xAB40,     0xAB41,     0xAB42,     0xAB43,     0xAB44,     0xAB45,
  /* U+7378 */    0xAB46,     0xAB47,     0xAB48,     0xAB49,     0xAB4A,     0xAB4B,     0xE2B5,     0xAB4C,
  /* U+7380 */    0xAB4D,     0xAB4E,     0xAB4F,     0xAB50,     0xD0FE,     0xAB51,     0xAB52,     0xC2CA,
  /* U+7388 */    0xAB53,     0xD3F1,     0xAB54,     0xCDF5,     0xAB55,     0xAB56,     0xE7E0,     0xAB57,
  /* U+7390 */    0xAB58,     0xE7E1,     0xAB59,     0xAB5A,     0xAB5B,     0xAB5C,     0xBEC1,     0xAB5D,
  /* U+7398 */    0xAB5E,     0xAB5F,     0xAB60,     0xC2EA,     0xAB61,     0xAB62,     0xAB63,     0xE7E4,
  /* U+73A0 */    0xAB64,     0xAB65,     0xE7E3,     0xAB66,     0xAB67,     0xAB68,     0xAB69,     0xAB6A,
  /* U+73A8 */    0xAB6B,     0xCDE6,     0xAB6C,     0xC3B5,     0xAB6D,     0xAB6E,     0xE7E2,     0xBBB7,
  /* U+73B0 */    0xCFD6,     0xAB6F,     0xC1E1,     0xE7E9,     0xAB70,     0xAB71,     0xAB72,     0xE7E8,
  /* U+73B8 */    0xAB73,     0xAB74,     0xE7F4,     0xB2A3,     0xAB75,     0xAB76,     0xAB77,     0xAB78,
  /* U+73C0 */    0xE7EA,     0xAB79,     0xE7E6,     0xAB7A,     0xAB7B,     0xAB7C,     0xAB7D,     0xAB7E,
  /* U+73C8 */    0xE7EC,     0xE7EB,     0xC9BA,     0xAB80,     0xAB81,     0xD5E4,     0xAB82,     0xE7E5,
  /* U+73D0 */    0xB7A9,     0xE7E7,     0xAB83,     0xAB84,     0xAB85,     0xAB86,     0xAB87,     0xAB88,
  /* U+73D8 */    0xAB89,     0xE7EE,     0xAB8A,     0xAB8B,     0xAB8C,     0xAB8D,     0xE7F3,     0xAB8E,
  /* U+73E0 */    0xD6E9,     0xAB8F,     0xAB90,     0xAB91,     0xAB92,     0xE7ED,     0xAB93,     0xE7F2,
  /* U+73E8 */    0xAB94,     0xE7F1,     0xAB95,     0xAB96,     0xAB97,     0xB0E0,     0xAB98,     0xAB99,
  /* U+73F0 */    0xAB9A,     0xAB9B,     0xE7F5,     0xAB9C,     0xAB9D,     0xAB9E,     0xAB9F,     0xABA0,
  /* U+73F8 */    0xAC40,     0xAC41,     0xAC42,     0xAC43,     0xAC44,     0xAC45,     0xAC46,     0xAC47,
  /* U+7400 */    0xAC48,     0xAC49,     0xAC4A,     0xC7F2,     0xAC4B,     0xC0C5,     0xC0ED,     0xAC4C,
  /* U+7408 */    0xAC4D,     0xC1F0,     0xE7F0,     0xAC4E,     0xAC4F,     0xAC50,     0xAC51,     0xE7F6,
  /* U+7410 */    0xCBF6,     0xAC52,     0xAC53,     0xAC54,     0xAC55,     0xAC56,     0xAC57,     0xAC58,
  /* U+7418 */    0xAC59,     0xAC5A,     0xE8A2,     0xE8A1,     0xAC5B,     0xAC5C,     0xAC5D,     0xAC5E,
  /* U+7420 */    0xAC5F,     0xAC60,     0xD7C1,     0xAC61,     0xAC62,     0xE7FA,     0xE7F9,     0xAC63,
  /* U+7428 */    0xE7FB,     0xAC64,     0xE7F7,     0xAC65,     0xE7FE,     0xAC66,     0xE7FD,     0xAC67,
  /* U+7430 */    0xE7FC,     0xAC68,     0xAC69,     0xC1D5,     0xC7D9,     0xC5FD,     0xC5C3,     0xAC6A,
  /* U+7438 */    0xAC6B,     0xAC6C,     0xAC6D,     0xAC6E,     0xC7ED,     0xAC6F,     0xAC70,     0xAC71,
  /* U+7440 */    0xAC72,     0xE8A3,     0xAC73,     0xAC74,     0xAC75,     0xAC76,     0xAC77,     0xAC78,
  /* U+7448 */    0xAC79,     0xAC7A,     0xAC7B,     0xAC7C,     0xAC7D,     0xAC7E,     0xAC80,     0xAC81,
  /* U+7450 */    0xAC82,     0xAC83,     0xAC84,     0xAC85,     0xAC86,     0xE8A6,     0xAC87,     0xE8A5,
  /* U+7458 */    0xAC88,     0xE8A7,     0xBAF7,     0xE7F8,     0xE8A4,     0xAC89,     0xC8F0,     0xC9AA,
  /* U+7460 */    0xAC8A,     0xAC8B,     0xAC8C,     0xAC8D,     0xAC8E,     0xAC8F,     0xAC90,     0xAC91,
  /* U+7468 */    0xAC92,     0xAC93,     0xAC94,     0xAC95,     0xAC96,     0xE8A9,     0xAC97,     0xAC98,
  /* U+7470 */    0xB9E5,     0xAC99,     0xAC9A,     0xAC9B,     0xAC9C,     0xAC9D,     0xD1FE,     0xE8A8,
  /* U+7478 */    0xAC9E,     0xAC9F,     0xACA0,     0xAD40,     0xAD41,     0xAD42,     0xE8AA,     0xAD43,
  /* U+7480 */    0xE8AD,     0xE8AE,     0xAD44,     0xC1A7,     0xAD45,     0xAD46,     0xAD47,     0xE8AF,
  /* U+7488 */    0xAD48,     0xAD49,     0xAD4A,     0xE8B0,     0xAD4B,     0xAD4C,     0xE8AC,     0xAD4D,
  /* U+7490 */    0xE8B4,     0xAD4E,     0xAD4F,     0xAD50,     0xAD51,     0xAD52,     0xAD53,     0xAD54,
  /* U+7498 */    0xAD55,     0xAD56,     0xAD57,     0xAD58,     0xE8AB,     0xAD59,     0xE8B1,     0xAD5A,
  /* U+74A0 */    0xAD5B,     0xAD5C,     0xAD5D,     0xAD5E,     0xAD5F,     0xAD60,     0xAD61,     0xE8B5,
  /* U+74A8 */    0xE8B2,     0xE8B3,     0xAD62,     0xAD63,     0xAD64,     0xAD65,     0xAD66,     0xAD67,
  /* U+74B0 */    0xAD68,     0xAD69,     0xAD6A,     0xAD6B,     0xAD6C,     0xAD6D,     0xAD6E,     0xAD6F,
  /* U+74B8 */    0xAD70,     0xAD71,     0xE8B7,     0xAD72,     0xAD73,     0xAD74,     0xAD75,     0xAD76,
  /* U+74C0 */    0xAD77,     0xAD78,     0xAD79,     0xAD7A,     0xAD7B,     0xAD7C,     0xAD7D,     0xAD7E,
  /* U+74C8 */    0xAD80,     0xAD81,     0xAD82,     0xAD83,     0xAD84,     0xAD85,     0xAD86,     0xAD87,
  /* U+74D0 */    0xAD88,     0xAD89,     0xE8B6,     0xAD8A,     0xAD8B,     0xAD8C,     0xAD8D,     0xAD8E,
  /* U+74D8 */    0xAD8F,     0xAD90,     0xAD91,     0xAD92,     0xB9CF,     0xAD93,     0xF0AC,     0xAD94,
  /* U+74E0 */    0xF0AD,     0xAD95,     0xC6B0,     0xB0EA,     0xC8BF,     0xAD96,     0xCDDF,     0xAD97,
  /* U+74E8 */    0xAD98,     0xAD99,     0xAD9A,     0xAD9B,     0xAD9C,     0xAD9D,     0xCECD,     0xEAB1,
  /* U+74F0 */    0xAD9E,     0xAD9F,     0xADA0,     0xAE40,     0xEAB2,     0xAE41,     0xC6BF,     0xB4C9,
  /* U+74F8 */    0xAE42,     0xAE43,     0xAE44,     0xAE45,     0xAE46,     0xAE47,     0xAE48,     0xEAB3,
  /* U+7500 */    0xAE49,     0xAE4A,     0xAE4B,     0xAE4C,     0xD5E7,     0xAE4D,     0xAE4E,     0xAE4F,
  /* U+7508 */    0xAE50,     0xAE51,     0xAE52,     0xAE53,     0xAE54,     0xDDF9,     0xAE55,     0xEAB4,
  /* U+7510 */    0xAE56,     0xEAB5,     0xAE57,     0xEAB6,     0xAE58,     0xAE59,     0xAE5A,     0xAE5B,
  /* U+7518 */    0xB8CA,     0xDFB0,     0xC9F5,     0xAE5C,     0xCCF0,     0xAE5D,     0xAE5E,     0xC9FA,
  /* U+7520 */    0xAE5F,     0xAE60,     0xAE61,     0xAE62,     0xAE63,     0xC9FB,     0xAE64,     0xAE65,
  /* U+7528 */    0xD3C3,     0xCBA6,     0xAE66,     0xB8A6,     0xF0AE,     0xB1C2,     0xAE67,     0xE5B8,
  /* U+7530 */    0xCCEF,     0xD3C9,     0xBCD7,     0xC9EA,     0xAE68,     0xB5E7,     0xAE69,     0xC4D0,
  /* U+7538 */    0xB5E9,     0xAE6A,     0xEEAE,     0xBBAD,     0xAE6B,     0xAE6C,     0xE7DE,     0xAE6D,
  /* U+7540 */    0xEEAF,     0xAE6E,     0xAE6F,     0xAE70,     0xAE71,     0xB3A9,     0xAE72,     0xAE73,
  /* U+7548 */    0xEEB2,     0xAE74,     0xAE75,     0xEEB1,     0xBDE7,     0xAE76,     0xEEB0,     0xCEB7,
  /* U+7550 */    0xAE77,     0xAE78,     0xAE79,     0xAE7A,     0xC5CF,     0xAE7B,     0xAE7C,     0xAE7D,
  /* U+7558 */    0xAE7E,     0xC1F4,     0xDBCE,     0xEEB3,     0xD0F3,     0xAE80,     0xAE81,     0xAE82,
  /* U+7560 */    0xAE83,     0xAE84,     0xAE85,     0xAE86,     0xAE87,     0xC2D4,     0xC6E8,     0xAE88,
  /* U+7568 */    0xAE89,     0xAE8A,     0xB7AC,     0xAE8B,     0xAE8C,     0xAE8D,     0xAE8E,     0xAE8F,
  /* U+7570 */    0xAE90,     0xAE91,     0xEEB4,     0xAE92,     0xB3EB,     0xAE93,     0xAE94,     0xAE95,
  /* U+7578 */    0xBBFB,     0xEEB5,     0xAE96,     0xAE97,     0xAE98,     0xAE99,     0xAE9A,     0xE7DC,
  /* U+7580 */    0xAE9B,     0xAE9C,     0xAE9D,     0xEEB6,     0xAE9E,     0xAE9F,     0xBDAE,     0xAEA0,
  /* U+7588 */    0xAF40,     0xAF41,     0xAF42,     0xF1E2,     0xAF43,     0xAF44,     0xAF45,     0xCAE8,
  /* U+7590 */    0xAF46,     0xD2C9,     0xF0DA,     0xAF47,     0xF0DB,     0xAF48,     0xF0DC,     0xC1C6,
  /* U+7598 */    0xAF49,     0xB8ED,     0xBECE,     0xAF4A,     0xAF4B,     0xF0DE,     0xAF4C,     0xC5B1,
  /* U+75A0 */    0xF0DD,     0xD1F1,     0xAF4D,     0xF0E0,     0xB0CC,     0xBDEA,     0xAF4E,     0xAF4F,
  /* U+75A8 */    0xAF50,     0xAF51,     0xAF52,     0xD2DF,     0xF0DF,     0xAF53,     0xB4AF,     0xB7E8,
  /* U+75B0 */    0xF0E6,     0xF0E5,     0xC6A3,     0xF0E1,     0xF0E2,     0xB4C3,     0xAF54,     0xAF55,
  /* U+75B8 */    0xF0E3,     0xD5EE,     0xAF56,     0xAF57,     0xCCDB,     0xBED2,     0xBCB2,     0xAF58,
  /* U+75C0 */    0xAF59,     0xAF5A,     0xF0E8,     0xF0E7,     0xF0E4,     0xB2A1,     0xAF5B,     0xD6A2,
  /* U+75C8 */    0xD3B8,     0xBEB7,     0xC8AC,     0xAF5C,     0xAF5D,     0xF0EA,     0xAF5E,     0xAF5F,
  /* U+75D0 */    0xAF60,     0xAF61,     0xD1F7,     0xAF62,     0xD6CC,     0xBADB,     0xF0E9,     0xAF63,
  /* U+75D8 */    0xB6BB,     0xAF64,     0xAF65,     0xCDB4,     0xAF66,     0xAF67,     0xC6A6,     0xAF68,
  /* U+75E0 */    0xAF69,     0xAF6A,     0xC1A1,     0xF0EB,     0xF0EE,     0xAF6B,     0xF0ED,     0xF0F0,
  /* U+75E8 */    0xF0EC,     0xAF6C,     0xBBBE,     0xF0EF,     0xAF6D,     0xAF6E,     0xAF6F,     0xAF70,
  /* U+75F0 */    0xCCB5,     0xF0F2,     0xAF71,     0xAF72,     0xB3D5,     0xAF73,     0xAF74,     0xAF75,
  /* U+75F8 */    0xAF76,     0xB1D4,     0xAF77,     0xAF78,     0xF0F3,     0xAF79,     0xAF7A,     0xF0F4,
  /* U+7600 */    0xF0F6,     0xB4E1,     0xAF7B,     0xF0F1,     0xAF7C,     0xF0F7,     0xAF7D,     0xAF7E,
  /* U+7608 */    0xAF80,     0xAF81,     0xF0FA,     0xAF82,     0xF0F8,     0xAF83,     0xAF84,     0xAF85,
  /* U+7610 */    0xF0F5,     0xAF86,     0xAF87,     0xAF88,     0xAF89,     0xF0FD,     0xAF8A,     0xF0F9,
  /* U+7618 */    0xF0FC,     0xF0FE,     0xAF8B,     0xF1A1,     0xAF8C,     0xAF8D,     0xAF8E,     0xCEC1,
  /* U+7620 */    0xF1A4,     0xAF8F,     0xF1A3,     0xAF90,     0xC1F6,     0xF0FB,     0xCADD,     0xAF91,
  /* U+7628 */    0xAF92,     0xB4F1,     0xB1F1,     0xCCB1,     0xAF93,     0xF1A6,     0xAF94,     0xAF95,
  /* U+7630 */    0xF1A7,     0xAF96,     0xAF97,     0xF1AC,     0xD5CE,     0xF1A9,     0xAF98,     0xAF99,
  /* U+7638 */    0xC8B3,     0xAF9A,     0xAF9B,     0xAF9C,     0xF1A2,     0xAF9D,     0xF1AB,     0xF1A8,
  /* U+7640 */    0xF1A5,     0xAF9E,     0xAF9F,     0xF1AA,     0xAFA0,     0xB040,     0xB041,     0xB042,
  /* U+7648 */    0xB043,     0xB044,     0xB045,     0xB046,     0xB0A9,     0xF1AD,     0xB047,     0xB048,
  /* U+7650 */    0xB049,     0xB04A,     0xB04B,     0xB04C,     0xF1AF,     0xB04D,     0xF1B1,     0xB04E,
  /* U+7658 */    0xB04F,     0xB050,     0xB051,     0xB052,     0xF1B0,     0xB053,     0xF1AE,     0xB054,
  /* U+7660 */    0xB055,     0xB056,     0xB057,     0xD1A2,     0xB058,     0xB059,     0xB05A,     0xB05B,
  /* U+7668 */    0xB05C,     0xB05D,     0xB05E,     0xF1B2,     0xB05F,     0xB060,     0xB061,     0xF1B3,
  /* U+7670 */    0xB062,     0xB063,     0xB064,     0xB065,     0xB066,     0xB067,     0xB068,     0xB069,
  /* U+7678 */    0xB9EF,     0xB06A,     0xB06B,     0xB5C7,     0xB06C,     0xB0D7,     0xB0D9,     0xB06D,
  /* U+7680 */    0xB06E,     0xB06F,     0xD4ED,     0xB070,     0xB5C4,     0xB071,     0xBDD4,     0xBBCA,
  /* U+7688 */    0xF0A7,     0xB072,     0xB073,     0xB8DE,     0xB074,     0xB075,     0xF0A8,     0xB076,
  /* U+7690 */    0xB077,     0xB0A8,     0xB078,     0xF0A9,     0xB079,     0xB07A,     0xCDEE,     0xB07B,
  /* U+7698 */    0xB07C,     0xF0AA,     0xB07D,     0xB07E,     0xB080,     0xB081,     0xB082,     0xB083,
  /* U+76A0 */    0xB084,     0xB085,     0xB086,     0xB087,     0xF0AB,     0xB088,     0xB089,     0xB08A,
  /* U+76A8 */    0xB08B,     0xB08C,     0xB08D,     0xB08E,     0xB08F,     0xB090,     0xC6A4,     0xB091,
  /* U+76B0 */    0xB092,     0xD6E5,     0xF1E4,     0xB093,     0xF1E5,     0xB094,     0xB095,     0xB096,
  /* U+76B8 */    0xB097,     0xB098,     0xB099,     0xB09A,     0xB09B,     0xB09C,     0xB09D,     0xC3F3,
  /* U+76C0 */    0xB09E,     0xB09F,     0xD3DB,     0xB0A0,     0xB140,     0xD6D1,     0xC5E8,     0xB141,
  /* U+76C8 */    0xD3AF,     0xB142,     0xD2E6,     0xB143,     0xB144,     0xEEC1,     0xB0BB,     0xD5B5,
  /* U+76D0 */    0xD1CE,     0xBCE0,     0xBAD0,     0xB145,     0xBFF8,     0xB146,     0xB8C7,     0xB5C1,
  /* U+76D8 */    0xC5CC,     0xB147,     0xB148,     0xCAA2,     0xB149,     0xB14A,     0xB14B,     0xC3CB,
  /* U+76E0 */    0xB14C,     0xB14D,     0xB14E,     0xB14F,     0xB150,     0xEEC2,     0xB151,     0xB152,
  /* U+76E8 */    0xB153,     0xB154,     0xB155,     0xB156,     0xB157,     0xB158,     0xC4BF,     0xB6A2,
  /* U+76F0 */    0xB159,     0xEDEC,     0xC3A4,     0xB15A,     0xD6B1,     0xB15B,     0xB15C,     0xB15D,
  /* U+76F8 */    0xCFE0,     0xEDEF,     0xB15E,     0xB15F,     0xC5CE,     0xB160,     0xB6DC,     0xB161,
  /* U+7700 */    0xB162,     0xCAA1,     0xB163,     0xB164,     0xEDED,     0xB165,     0xB166,     0xEDF0,
  /* U+7708 */    0xEDF1,     0xC3BC,     0xB167,     0xBFB4,     0xB168,     0xEDEE,     0xB169,     0xB16A,
  /* U+7710 */    0xB16B,     0xB16C,     0xB16D,     0xB16E,     0xB16F,     0xB170,     0xB171,     0xB172,
  /* U+7718 */    0xB173,     0xEDF4,     0xEDF2,     0xB174,     0xB175,     0xB176,     0xB177,     0xD5E6,
  /* U+7720 */    0xC3DF,     0xB178,     0xEDF3,     0xB179,     0xB17A,     0xB17B,     0xEDF6,     0xB17C,
  /* U+7728 */    0xD5A3,     0xD1A3,     0xB17D,     0xB17E,     0xB180,     0xEDF5,     0xB181,     0xC3D0,
  /* U+7730 */    0xB182,     0xB183,     0xB184,     0xB185,     0xB186,     0xEDF7,     0xBFF4,     0xBEEC,
  /* U+7738 */    0xEDF8,     0xB187,     0xCCF7,     0xB188,     0xD1DB,     0xB189,     0xB18A,     0xB18B,
  /* U+7740 */    0xD7C5,     0xD5F6,     0xB18C,     0xEDFC,     0xB18D,     0xB18E,     0xB18F,     0xEDFB,
  /* U+7748 */    0xB190,     0xB191,     0xB192,     0xB193,     0xB194,     0xB195,     0xB196,     0xB197,
  /* U+7750 */    0xEDF9,     0xEDFA,     0xB198,     0xB199,     0xB19A,     0xB19B,     0xB19C,     0xB19D,
  /* U+7758 */    0xB19E,     0xB19F,     0xEDFD,     0xBEA6,     0xB1A0,     0xB240,     0xB241,     0xB242,
  /* U+7760 */    0xB243,     0xCBAF,     0xEEA1,     0xB6BD,     0xB244,     0xEEA2,     0xC4C0,     0xB245,
  /* U+7768 */    0xEDFE,     0xB246,     0xB247,     0xBDDE,     0xB2C7,     0xB248,     0xB249,     0xB24A,
  /* U+7770 */    0xB24B,     0xB24C,     0xB24D,     0xB24E,     0xB24F,     0xB250,     0xB251,     0xB252,
  /* U+7778 */    0xB253,     0xB6C3,     0xB254,     0xB255,     0xB256,     0xEEA5,     0xD8BA,     0xEEA3,
  /* U+7780 */    0xEEA6,     0xB257,     0xB258,     0xB259,     0xC3E9,     0xB3F2,     0xB25A,     0xB25B,
  /* U+7788 */    0xB25C,     0xB25D,     0xB25E,     0xB25F,     0xEEA7,     0xEEA4,     0xCFB9,     0xB260,
  /* U+7790 */    0xB261,     0xEEA8,     0xC2F7,     0xB262,     0xB263,     0xB264,     0xB265,     0xB266,
  /* U+7798 */    0xB267,     0xB268,     0xB269,     0xB26A,     0xB26B,     0xB26C,     0xB26D,     0xEEA9,
  /* U+77A0 */    0xEEAA,     0xB26E,     0xDEAB,     0xB26F,     0xB270,     0xC6B3,     0xB271,     0xC7C6,
  /* U+77A8 */    0xB272,     0xD6F5,     0xB5C9,     0xB273,     0xCBB2,     0xB274,     0xB275,     0xB276,
  /* U+77B0 */    0xEEAB,     0xB277,     0xB278,     0xCDAB,     0xB279,     0xEEAC,     0xB27A,     0xB27B,
  /* U+77B8 */    0xB27C,     0xB27D,     0xB27E,     0xD5B0,     0xB280,     0xEEAD,     0xB281,     0xF6C4,
  /* U+77C0 */    0xB282,     0xB283,     0xB284,     0xB285,     0xB286,     0xB287,     0xB288,     0xB289,
  /* U+77C8 */    0xB28A,     0xB28B,     0xB28C,     0xB28D,     0xB28E,     0xDBC7,     0xB28F,     0xB290,
  /* U+77D0 */    0xB291,     0xB292,     0xB293,     0xB294,     0xB295,     0xB296,     0xB297,     0xB4A3,
  /* U+77D8 */    0xB298,     0xB299,     0xB29A,     0xC3AC,     0xF1E6,     0xB29B,     0xB29C,     0xB29D,
  /* U+77E0 */    0xB29E,     0xB29F,     0xCAB8,     0xD2D3,     0xB2A0,     0xD6AA,     0xB340,     0xEFF2,
  /* U+77E8 */    0xB341,     0xBED8,     0xB342,     0xBDC3,     0xEFF3,     0xB6CC,     0xB0AB,     0xB343,
  /* U+77F0 */    0xB344,     0xB345,     0xB346,     0xCAAF,     0xB347,     0xB348,     0xEDB6,     0xB349,
  /* U+77F8 */    0xEDB7,     0xB34A,     0xB34B,     0xB34C,     0xB34D,     0xCEF9,     0xB7AF,     0xBFF3,
  /* U+7800 */    0xEDB8,     0xC2EB,     0xC9B0,     0xB34E,     0xB34F,     0xB350,     0xB351,     0xB352,
  /* U+7808 */    0xB353,     0xEDB9,     0xB354,     0xB355,     0xC6F6,     0xBFB3,     0xB356,     0xB357,
  /* U+7810 */    0xB358,     0xEDBC,     0xC5F8,     0xB359,     0xD1D0,     0xB35A,     0xD7A9,     0xEDBA,
  /* U+7818 */    0xEDBB,     0xB35B,     0xD1E2,     0xB35C,     0xEDBF,     0xEDC0,     0xB35D,     0xEDC4,
  /* U+7820 */    0xB35E,     0xB35F,     0xB360,     0xEDC8,     0xB361,     0xEDC6,     0xEDCE,     0xD5E8,
  /* U+7828 */    0xB362,     0xEDC9,     0xB363,     0xB364,     0xEDC7,     0xEDBE,     0xB365,     0xB366,
  /* U+7830 */    0xC5E9,     0xB367,     0xB368,     0xB369,     0xC6C6,     0xB36A,     0xB36B,     0xC9E9,
  /* U+7838 */    0xD4D2,     0xEDC1,     0xEDC2,     0xEDC3,     0xEDC5,     0xB36C,     0xC0F9,     0xB36D,
  /* U+7840 */    0xB4A1,     0xB36E,     0xB36F,     0xB370,     0xB371,     0xB9E8,     0xB372,     0xEDD0,
  /* U+7848 */    0xB373,     0xB374,     0xB375,     0xB376,     0xEDD1,     0xB377,     0xEDCA,     0xB378,
  /* U+7850 */    0xEDCF,     0xB379,     0xCEF8,     0xB37A,     0xB37B,     0xCBB6,     0xEDCC,     0xEDCD,
  /* U+7858 */    0xB37C,     0xB37D,     0xB37E,     0xB380,     0xB381,     0xCFF5,     0xB382,     0xB383,
  /* U+7860 */    0xB384,     0xB385,     0xB386,     0xB387,     0xB388,     0xB389,     0xB38A,     0xB38B,
  /* U+7868 */    0xB38C,     0xB38D,     0xEDD2,     0xC1F2,     0xD3B2,     0xEDCB,     0xC8B7,     0xB38E,
  /* U+7870 */    0xB38F,     0xB390,     0xB391,     0xB392,     0xB393,     0xB394,     0xB395,     0xBCEF,
  /* U+7878 */    0xB396,     0xB397,     0xB398,     0xB399,     0xC5F0,     0xB39A,     0xB39B,     0xB39C,
  /* U+7880 */    0xB39D,     0xB39E,     0xB39F,     0xB3A0,     0xB440,     0xB441,     0xB442,     0xEDD6,
  /* U+7888 */    0xB443,     0xB5EF,     0xB444,     0xB445,     0xC2B5,     0xB0AD,     0xCBE9,     0xB446,
  /* U+7890 */    0xB447,     0xB1AE,     0xB448,     0xEDD4,     0xB449,     0xB44A,     0xB44B,     0xCDEB,
  /* U+7898 */    0xB5E2,     0xB44C,     0xEDD5,     0xEDD3,     0xEDD7,     0xB44D,     0xB44E,     0xB5FA,
  /* U+78A0 */    0xB44F,     0xEDD8,     0xB450,     0xEDD9,     0xB451,     0xEDDC,     0xB452,     0xB1CC,
  /* U+78A8 */    0xB453,     0xB454,     0xB455,     0xB456,     0xB457,     0xB458,     0xB459,     0xB45A,
  /* U+78B0 */    0xC5F6,     0xBCEE,     0xEDDA,     0xCCBC,     0xB2EA,     0xB45B,     0xB45C,     0xB45D,
  /* U+78B8 */    0xB45E,     0xEDDB,     0xB45F,     0xB460,     0xB461,     0xB462,     0xC4EB,     0xB463,
  /* U+78C0 */    0xB464,     0xB4C5,     0xB465,     0xB466,     0xB467,     0xB0F5,     0xB468,     0xB469,
  /* U+78C8 */    0xB46A,     0xEDDF,     0xC0DA,     0xB4E8,     0xB46B,     0xB46C,     0xB46D,     0xB46E,
  /* U+78D0 */    0xC5CD,     0xB46F,     0xB470,     0xB471,     0xEDDD,     0xBFC4,     0xB472,     0xB473,
  /* U+78D8 */    0xB474,     0xEDDE,     0xB475,     0xB476,     0xB477,     0xB478,     0xB479,     0xB47A,
  /* U+78E0 */    0xB47B,     0xB47C,     0xB47D,     0xB47E,     0xB480,     0xB481,     0xB482,     0xB483,
  /* U+78E8 */    0xC4A5,     0xB484,     0xB485,     0xB486,     0xEDE0,     0xB487,     0xB488,     0xB489,
  /* U+78F0 */    0xB48A,     0xB48B,     0xEDE1,     0xB48C,     0xEDE3,     0xB48D,     0xB48E,     0xC1D7,
  /* U+78F8 */    0xB48F,     0xB490,     0xBBC7,     0xB491,     0xB492,     0xB493,     0xB494,     0xB495,
  /* U+7900 */    0xB496,     0xBDB8,     0xB497,     0xB498,     0xB499,     0xEDE2,     0xB49A,     0xB49B,
  /* U+7908 */    0xB49C,     0xB49D,     0xB49E,     0xB49F,     0xB4A0,     0xB540,     0xB541,     0xB542,
  /* U+7910 */    0xB543,     0xB544,     0xB545,     0xEDE4,     0xB546,     0xB547,     0xB548,     0xB549,
  /* U+7918 */    0xB54A,     0xB54B,     0xB54C,     0xB54D,     0xB54E,     0xB54F,     0xEDE6,     0xB550,
  /* U+7920 */    0xB551,     0xB552,     0xB553,     0xB554,     0xEDE5,     0xB555,     0xB556,     0xB557,
  /* U+7928 */    0xB558,     0xB559,     0xB55A,     0xB55B,     0xB55C,     0xB55D,     0xB55E,     0xB55F,
  /* U+7930 */    0xB560,     0xB561,     0xB562,     0xB563,     0xEDE7,     0xB564,     0xB565,     0xB566,
  /* U+7938 */    0xB567,     0xB568,     0xCABE,     0xECEA,     0xC0F1,     0xB569,     0xC9E7,     0xB56A,
  /* U+7940 */    0xECEB,     0xC6EE,     0xB56B,     0xB56C,     0xB56D,     0xB56E,     0xECEC,     0xB56F,
  /* U+7948 */    0xC6ED,     0xECED,     0xB570,     0xB571,     0xB572,     0xB573,     0xB574,     0xB575,
  /* U+7950 */    0xB576,     0xB577,     0xB578,     0xECF0,     0xB579,     0xB57A,     0xD7E6,     0xECF3,
  /* U+7958 */    0xB57B,     0xB57C,     0xECF1,     0xECEE,     0xECEF,     0xD7A3,     0xC9F1,     0xCBEE,
  /* U+7960 */    0xECF4,     0xB57D,     0xECF2,     0xB57E,     0xB580,     0xCFE9,     0xB581,     0xECF6,
  /* U+7968 */    0xC6B1,     0xB582,     0xB583,     0xB584,     0xB585,     0xBCC0,     0xB586,     0xECF5,
  /* U+7970 */    0xB587,     0xB588,     0xB589,     0xB58A,     0xB58B,     0xB58C,     0xB58D,     0xB5BB,
  /* U+7978 */    0xBBF6,     0xB58E,     0xECF7,     0xB58F,     0xB590,     0xB591,     0xB592,     0xB593,
  /* U+7980 */    0xD9F7,     0xBDFB,     0xB594,     0xB595,     0xC2BB,     0xECF8,     0xB596,     0xB597,
  /* U+7988 */    0xB598,     0xB599,     0xECF9,     0xB59A,     0xB59B,     0xB59C,     0xB59D,     0xB8A3,
  /* U+7990 */    0xB59E,     0xB59F,     0xB5A0,     0xB640,     0xB641,     0xB642,     0xB643,     0xB644,
  /* U+7998 */    0xB645,     0xB646,     0xECFA,     0xB647,     0xB648,     0xB649,     0xB64A,     0xB64B,
  /* U+79A0 */    0xB64C,     0xB64D,     0xB64E,     0xB64F,     0xB650,     0xB651,     0xB652,     0xECFB,
  /* U+79A8 */    0xB653,     0xB654,     0xB655,     0xB656,     0xB657,     0xB658,     0xB659,     0xB65A,
  /* U+79B0 */    0xB65B,     0xB65C,     0xB65D,     0xECFC,     0xB65E,     0xB65F,     0xB660,     0xB661,
  /* U+79B8 */    0xB662,     0xD3ED,     0xD8AE,     0xC0EB,     0xB663,     0xC7DD,     0xBACC,     0xB664,
  /* U+79C0 */    0xD0E3,     0xCBBD,     0xB665,     0xCDBA,     0xB666,     0xB667,     0xB8D1,     0xB668,
  /* U+79C8 */    0xB669,     0xB1FC,     0xB66A,     0xC7EF,     0xB66B,     0xD6D6,     0xB66C,     0xB66D,
  /* U+79D0 */    0xB66E,     0xBFC6,     0xC3EB,     0xB66F,     0xB670,     0xEFF5,     0xB671,     0xB672,
  /* U+79D8 */    0xC3D8,     0xB673,     0xB674,     0xB675,     0xB676,     0xB677,     0xB678,     0xD7E2,
  /* U+79E0 */    0xB679,     0xB67A,     0xB67B,     0xEFF7,     0xB3D3,     0xB67C,     0xC7D8,     0xD1ED,
  /* U+79E8 */    0xB67D,     0xD6C8,     0xB67E,     0xEFF8,     0xB680,     0xEFF6,     0xB681,     0xBBFD,
  /* U+79F0 */    0xB3C6,     0xB682,     0xB683,     0xB684,     0xB685,     0xB686,     0xB687,     0xB688,
  /* U+79F8 */    0xBDD5,     0xB689,     0xB68A,     0xD2C6,     0xB68B,     0xBBE0,     0xB68C,     0xB68D,
  /* U+7A00 */    0xCFA1,     0xB68E,     0xEFFC,     0xEFFB,     0xB68F,     0xB690,     0xEFF9,     0xB691,
  /* U+7A08 */    0xB692,     0xB693,     0xB694,     0xB3CC,     0xB695,     0xC9D4,     0xCBB0,     0xB696,
  /* U+7A10 */    0xB697,     0xB698,     0xB699,     0xB69A,     0xEFFE,     0xB69B,     0xB69C,     0xB0DE,
  /* U+7A18 */    0xB69D,     0xB69E,     0xD6C9,     0xB69F,     0xB6A0,     0xB740,     0xEFFD,     0xB741,
  /* U+7A20 */    0xB3ED,     0xB742,     0xB743,     0xF6D5,     0xB744,     0xB745,     0xB746,     0xB747,
  /* U+7A28 */    0xB748,     0xB749,     0xB74A,     0xB74B,     0xB74C,     0xB74D,     0xB74E,     0xB74F,
  /* U+7A30 */    0xB750,     0xB751,     0xB752,     0xCEC8,     0xB753,     0xB754,     0xB755,     0xF0A2,
  /* U+7A38 */    0xB756,     0xF0A1,     0xB757,     0xB5BE,     0xBCDA,     0xBBFC,     0xB758,     0xB8E5,
  /* U+7A40 */    0xB759,     0xB75A,     0xB75B,     0xB75C,     0xB75D,     0xB75E,     0xC4C2,     0xB75F,
  /* U+7A48 */    0xB760,     0xB761,     0xB762,     0xB763,     0xB764,     0xB765,     0xB766,     0xB767,
  /* U+7A50 */    0xB768,     0xF0A3,     0xB769,     0xB76A,     0xB76B,     0xB76C,     0xB76D,     0xCBEB,
  /* U+7A58 */    0xB76E,     0xB76F,     0xB770,     0xB771,     0xB772,     0xB773,     0xB774,     0xB775,
  /* U+7A60 */    0xB776,     0xB777,     0xB778,     0xB779,     0xB77A,     0xB77B,     0xB77C,     0xB77D,
  /* U+7A68 */    0xB77E,     0xB780,     0xB781,     0xB782,     0xB783,     0xB784,     0xB785,     0xB786,
  /* U+7A70 */    0xF0A6,     0xB787,     0xB788,     0xB789,     0xD1A8,     0xB78A,     0xBEBF,     0xC7EE,
  /* U+7A78 */    0xF1B6,     0xF1B7,     0xBFD5,     0xB78B,     0xB78C,     0xB78D,     0xB78E,     0xB4A9,
  /* U+7A80 */    0xF1B8,     0xCDBB,     0xB78F,     0xC7D4,     0xD5AD,     0xB790,     0xF1B9,     0xB791,
  /* U+7A88 */    0xF1BA,     0xB792,     0xB793,     0xB794,     0xB795,     0xC7CF,     0xB796,     0xB797,
  /* U+7A90 */    0xB798,     0xD2A4,     0xD6CF,     0xB799,     0xB79A,     0xF1BB,     0xBDD1,     0xB4B0,
  /* U+7A98 */    0xBEBD,     0xB79B,     0xB79C,     0xB79D,     0xB4DC,     0xCED1,     0xB79E,     0xBFDF,
  /* U+7AA0 */    0xF1BD,     0xB79F,     0xB7A0,     0xB840,     0xB841,     0xBFFA,     0xF1BC,     0xB842,
  /* U+7AA8 */    0xF1BF,     0xB843,     0xB844,     0xB845,     0xF1BE,     0xF1C0,     0xB846,     0xB847,
  /* U+7AB0 */    0xB848,     0xB849,     0xB84A,     0xF1C1,     0xB84B,     0xB84C,     0xB84D,     0xB84E,
  /* U+7AB8 */    0xB84F,     0xB850,     0xB851,     0xB852,     0xB853,     0xB854,     0xB855,     0xC1FE,
  /* U+7AC0 */    0xB856,     0xB857,     0xB858,     0xB859,     0xB85A,     0xB85B,     0xB85C,     0xB85D,
  /* U+7AC8 */    0xB85E,     0xB85F,     0xB860,     0xC1A2,     0xB861,     0xB862,     0xB863,     0xB864,
  /* U+7AD0 */    0xB865,     0xB866,     0xB867,     0xB868,     0xB869,     0xB86A,     0xCAFA,     0xB86B,
  /* U+7AD8 */    0xB86C,     0xD5BE,     0xB86D,     0xB86E,     0xB86F,     0xB870,     0xBEBA,     0xBEB9,
  /* U+7AE0 */    0xD5C2,     0xB871,     0xB872,     0xBFA2,     0xB873,     0xCDAF,     0xF1B5,     0xB874,
  /* U+7AE8 */    0xB875,     0xB876,     0xB877,     0xB878,     0xB879,     0xBDDF,     0xB87A,     0xB6CB,
  /* U+7AF0 */    0xB87B,     0xB87C,     0xB87D,     0xB87E,     0xB880,     0xB881,     0xB882,     0xB883,
  /* U+7AF8 */    0xB884,     0xD6F1,     0xF3C3,     0xB885,     0xB886,     0xF3C4,     0xB887,     0xB8CD,
  /* U+7B00 */    0xB888,     0xB889,     0xB88A,     0xF3C6,     0xF3C7,     0xB88B,     0xB0CA,     0xB88C,
  /* U+7B08 */    0xF3C5,     0xB88D,     0xF3C9,     0xCBF1,     0xB88E,     0xB88F,     0xB890,     0xF3CB,
  /* U+7B10 */    0xB891,     0xD0A6,     0xB892,     0xB893,     0xB1CA,     0xF3C8,     0xB894,     0xB895,
  /* U+7B18 */    0xB896,     0xF3CF,     0xB897,     0xB5D1,     0xB898,     0xB899,     0xF3D7,     0xB89A,
  /* U+7B20 */    0xF3D2,     0xB89B,     0xB89C,     0xB89D,     0xF3D4,     0xF3D3,     0xB7FB,     0xB89E,
  /* U+7B28 */    0xB1BF,     0xB89F,     0xF3CE,     0xF3CA,     0xB5DA,     0xB8A0,     0xF3D0,     0xB940,
  /* U+7B30 */    0xB941,     0xF3D1,     0xB942,     0xF3D5,     0xB943,     0xB944,     0xB945,     0xB946,
  /* U+7B38 */    0xF3CD,     0xB947,     0xBCE3,     0xB948,     0xC1FD,     0xB949,     0xF3D6,     0xB94A,
  /* U+7B40 */    0xB94B,     0xB94C,     0xB94D,     0xB94E,     0xB94F,     0xF3DA,     0xB950,     0xF3CC,
  /* U+7B48 */    0xB951,     0xB5C8,     0xB952,     0xBDEE,     0xF3DC,     0xB953,     0xB954,     0xB7A4,
  /* U+7B50 */    0xBFF0,     0xD6FE,     0xCDB2,     0xB955,     0xB4F0,     0xB956,     0xB2DF,     0xB957,
  /* U+7B58 */    0xF3D8,     0xB958,     0xF3D9,     0xC9B8,     0xB959,     0xF3DD,     0xB95A,     0xB95B,
  /* U+7B60 */    0xF3DE,     0xB95C,     0xF3E1,     0xB95D,     0xB95E,     0xB95F,     0xB960,     0xB961,
  /* U+7B68 */    0xB962,     0xB963,     0xB964,     0xB965,     0xB966,     0xB967,     0xF3DF,     0xB968,
  /* U+7B70 */    0xB969,     0xF3E3,     0xF3E2,     0xB96A,     0xB96B,     0xF3DB,     0xB96C,     0xBFEA,
  /* U+7B78 */    0xB96D,     0xB3EF,     0xB96E,     0xF3E0,     0xB96F,     0xB970,     0xC7A9,     0xB971,
  /* U+7B80 */    0xBCF2,     0xB972,     0xB973,     0xB974,     0xB975,     0xF3EB,     0xB976,     0xB977,
  /* U+7B88 */    0xB978,     0xB979,     0xB97A,     0xB97B,     0xB97C,     0xB9BF,     0xB97D,     0xB97E,
  /* U+7B90 */    0xF3E4,     0xB980,     0xB981,     0xB982,     0xB2AD,     0xBBFE,     0xB983,     0xCBE3,
  /* U+7B98 */    0xB984,     0xB985,     0xB986,     0xB987,     0xF3ED,     0xF3E9,     0xB988,     0xB989,
  /* U+7BA0 */    0xB98A,     0xB9DC,     0xF3EE,     0xB98B,     0xB98C,     0xB98D,     0xF3E5,     0xF3E6,
  /* U+7BA8 */    0xF3EA,     0xC2E1,     0xF3EC,     0xF3EF,     0xF3E8,     0xBCFD,     0xB98E,     0xB98F,
  /* U+7BB0 */    0xB990,     0xCFE4,     0xB991,     0xB992,     0xF3F0,     0xB993,     0xB994,     0xB995,
  /* U+7BB8 */    0xF3E7,     0xB996,     0xB997,     0xB998,     0xB999,     0xB99A,     0xB99B,     0xB99C,
  /* U+7BC0 */    0xB99D,     0xF3F2,     0xB99E,     0xB99F,     0xB9A0,     0xBA40,     0xD7AD,     0xC6AA,
  /* U+7BC8 */    0xBA41,     0xBA42,     0xBA43,     0xBA44,     0xF3F3,     0xBA45,     0xBA46,     0xBA47,
  /* U+7BD0 */    0xBA48,     0xF3F1,     0xBA49,     0xC2A8,     0xBA4A,     0xBA4B,     0xBA4C,     0xBA4D,
  /* U+7BD8 */    0xBA4E,     0xB8DD,     0xF3F5,     0xBA4F,     0xBA50,     0xF3F4,     0xBA51,     0xBA52,
  /* U+7BE0 */    0xBA53,     0xB4DB,     0xBA54,     0xBA55,     0xBA56,     0xF3F6,     0xF3F7,     0xBA57,
  /* U+7BE8 */    0xBA58,     0xBA59,     0xF3F8,     0xBA5A,     0xBA5B,     0xBA5C,     0xC0BA,     0xBA5D,
  /* U+7BF0 */    0xBA5E,     0xC0E9,     0xBA5F,     0xBA60,     0xBA61,     0xBA62,     0xBA63,     0xC5F1,
  /* U+7BF8 */    0xBA64,     0xBA65,     0xBA66,     0xBA67,     0xF3FB,     0xBA68,     0xF3FA,     0xBA69,
  /* U+7C00 */    0xBA6A,     0xBA6B,     0xBA6C,     0xBA6D,     0xBA6E,     0xBA6F,     0xBA70,     0xB4D8,
  /* U+7C08 */    0xBA71,     0xBA72,     0xBA73,     0xF3FE,     0xF3F9,     0xBA74,     0xBA75,     0xF3FC,
  /* U+7C10 */    0xBA76,     0xBA77,     0xBA78,     0xBA79,     0xBA7A,     0xBA7B,     0xF3FD,     0xBA7C,
  /* U+7C18 */    0xBA7D,     0xBA7E,     0xBA80,     0xBA81,     0xBA82,     0xBA83,     0xBA84,     0xF4A1,
  /* U+7C20 */    0xBA85,     0xBA86,     0xBA87,     0xBA88,     0xBA89,     0xBA8A,     0xF4A3,     0xBBC9,
  /* U+7C28 */    0xBA8B,     0xBA8C,     0xF4A2,     0xBA8D,     0xBA8E,     0xBA8F,     0xBA90,     0xBA91,
  /* U+7C30 */    0xBA92,     0xBA93,     0xBA94,     0xBA95,     0xBA96,     0xBA97,     0xBA98,     0xBA99,
  /* U+7C38 */    0xF4A4,     0xBA9A,     0xBA9B,     0xBA9C,     0xBA9D,     0xBA9E,     0xBA9F,     0xB2BE,
  /* U+7C40 */    0xF4A6,     0xF4A5,     0xBAA0,     0xBB40,     0xBB41,     0xBB42,     0xBB43,     0xBB44,
  /* U+7C48 */    0xBB45,     0xBB46,     0xBB47,     0xBB48,     0xBB49,     0xBCAE,     0xBB4A,     0xBB4B,
  /* U+7C50 */    0xBB4C,     0xBB4D,     0xBB4E,     0xBB4F,     0xBB50,     0xBB51,     0xBB52,     0xBB53,
  /* U+7C58 */    0xBB54,     0xBB55,     0xBB56,     0xBB57,     0xBB58,     0xBB59,     0xBB5A,     0xBB5B,
  /* U+7C60 */    0xBB5C,     0xBB5D,     0xBB5E,     0xBB5F,     0xBB60,     0xBB61,     0xBB62,     0xBB63,
  /* U+7C68 */    0xBB64,     0xBB65,     0xBB66,     0xBB67,     0xBB68,     0xBB69,     0xBB6A,     0xBB6B,
  /* U+7C70 */    0xBB6C,     0xBB6D,     0xBB6E,     0xC3D7,     0xD9E1,     0xBB6F,     0xBB70,     0xBB71,
  /* U+7C78 */    0xBB72,     0xBB73,     0xBB74,     0xC0E0,     0xF4CC,     0xD7D1,     0xBB75,     0xBB76,
  /* U+7C80 */    0xBB77,     0xBB78,     0xBB79,     0xBB7A,     0xBB7B,     0xBB7C,     0xBB7D,     0xBB7E,
  /* U+7C88 */    0xBB80,     0xB7DB,     0xBB81,     0xBB82,     0xBB83,     0xBB84,     0xBB85,     0xBB86,
  /* U+7C90 */    0xBB87,     0xF4CE,     0xC1A3,     0xBB88,     0xBB89,     0xC6C9,     0xBB8A,     0xB4D6,
  /* U+7C98 */    0xD5B3,     0xBB8B,     0xBB8C,     0xBB8D,     0xF4D0,     0xF4CF,     0xF4D1,     0xCBDA,
  /* U+7CA0 */    0xBB8E,     0xBB8F,     0xF4D2,     0xBB90,     0xD4C1,     0xD6E0,     0xBB91,     0xBB92,
  /* U+7CA8 */    0xBB93,     0xBB94,     0xB7E0,     0xBB95,     0xBB96,     0xBB97,     0xC1B8,     0xBB98,
  /* U+7CB0 */    0xBB99,     0xC1BB,     0xF4D3,     0xBEAC,     0xBB9A,     0xBB9B,     0xBB9C,     0xBB9D,
  /* U+7CB8 */    0xBB9E,     0xB4E2,     0xBB9F,     0xBBA0,     0xF4D4,     0xF4D5,     0xBEAB,     0xBC40,
  /* U+7CC0 */    0xBC41,     0xF4D6,     0xBC42,     0xBC43,     0xBC44,     0xF4DB,     0xBC45,     0xF4D7,
  /* U+7CC8 */    0xF4DA,     0xBC46,     0xBAFD,     0xBC47,     0xF4D8,     0xF4D9,     0xBC48,     0xBC49,
  /* U+7CD0 */    0xBC4A,     0xBC4B,     0xBC4C,     0xBC4D,     0xBC4E,     0xB8E2,     0xCCC7,     0xF4DC,
  /* U+7CD8 */    0xBC4F,     0xB2DA,     0xBC50,     0xBC51,     0xC3D3,     0xBC52,     0xBC53,     0xD4E3,
  /* U+7CE0 */    0xBFB7,     0xBC54,     0xBC55,     0xBC56,     0xBC57,     0xBC58,     0xBC59,     0xBC5A,
  /* U+7CE8 */    0xF4DD,     0xBC5B,     0xBC5C,     0xBC5D,     0xBC5E,     0xBC5F,     0xBC60,     0xC5B4,
  /* U+7CF0 */    0xBC61,     0xBC62,     0xBC63,     0xBC64,     0xBC65,     0xBC66,     0xBC67,     0xBC68,
  /* U+7CF8 */    0xF4E9,     0xBC69,     0xBC6A,     0xCFB5,     0xBC6B,     0xBC6C,     0xBC6D,     0xBC6E,
  /* U+7D00 */    0xBC6F,     0xBC70,     0xBC71,     0xBC72,     0xBC73,     0xBC74,     0xBC75,     0xBC76,
  /* U+7D08 */    0xBC77,     0xBC78,     0xCEC9,     0xBC79,     0xBC7A,     0xBC7B,     0xBC7C,     0xBC7D,
  /* U+7D10 */    0xBC7E,     0xBC80,     0xBC81,     0xBC82,     0xBC83,     0xBC84,     0xBC85,     0xBC86,
  /* U+7D18 */    0xBC87,     0xBC88,     0xBC89,     0xBC8A,     0xBC8B,     0xBC8C,     0xBC8D,     0xBC8E,
  /* U+7D20 */    0xCBD8,     0xBC8F,     0xCBF7,     0xBC90,     0xBC91,     0xBC92,     0xBC93,     0xBDF4,
  /* U+7D28 */    0xBC94,     0xBC95,     0xBC96,     0xD7CF,     0xBC97,     0xBC98,     0xBC99,     0xC0DB,
  /* U+7D30 */    0xBC9A,     0xBC9B,     0xBC9C,     0xBC9D,     0xBC9E,     0xBC9F,     0xBCA0,     0xBD40,
  /* U+7D38 */    0xBD41,     0xBD42,     0xBD43,     0xBD44,     0xBD45,     0xBD46,     0xBD47,     0xBD48,
  /* U+7D40 */    0xBD49,     0xBD4A,     0xBD4B,     0xBD4C,     0xBD4D,     0xBD4E,     0xBD4F,     0xBD50,
  /* U+7D48 */    0xBD51,     0xBD52,     0xBD53,     0xBD54,     0xBD55,     0xBD56,     0xBD57,     0xBD58,
  /* U+7D50 */    0xBD59,     0xBD5A,     0xBD5B,     0xBD5C,     0xBD5D,     0xBD5E,     0xBD5F,     0xBD60,
  /* U+7D58 */    0xBD61,     0xBD62,     0xBD63,     0xBD64,     0xBD65,     0xBD66,     0xBD67,     0xBD68,
  /* U+7D60 */    0xBD69,     0xBD6A,     0xBD6B,     0xBD6C,     0xBD6D,     0xBD6E,     0xBD6F,     0xBD70,
  /* U+7D68 */    0xBD71,     0xBD72,     0xBD73,     0xBD74,     0xBD75,     0xBD76,     0xD0F5,     0xBD77,
  /* U+7D70 */    0xBD78,     0xBD79,     0xBD7A,     0xBD7B,     0xBD7C,     0xBD7D,     0xBD7E,     0xF4EA,
  /* U+7D78 */    0xBD80,     0xBD81,     0xBD82,     0xBD83,     0xBD84,     0xBD85,     0xBD86,     0xBD87,
  /* U+7D80 */    0xBD88,     0xBD89,     0xBD8A,     0xBD8B,     0xBD8C,     0xBD8D,     0xBD8E,     0xBD8F,
  /* U+7D88 */    0xBD90,     0xBD91,     0xBD92,     0xBD93,     0xBD94,     0xBD95,     0xBD96,     0xBD97,
  /* U+7D90 */    0xBD98,     0xBD99,     0xBD9A,     0xBD9B,     0xBD9C,     0xBD9D,     0xBD9E,     0xBD9F,
  /* U+7D98 */    0xBDA0,     0xBE40,     0xBE41,     0xBE42,     0xBE43,     0xBE44,     0xBE45,     0xBE46,
  /* U+7DA0 */    0xBE47,     0xBE48,     0xBE49,     0xBE4A,     0xBE4B,     0xBE4C,     0xF4EB,     0xBE4D,
  /* U+7DA8 */    0xBE4E,     0xBE4F,     0xBE50,     0xBE51,     0xBE52,     0xBE53,     0xF4EC,     0xBE54,
  /* U+7DB0 */    0xBE55,     0xBE56,     0xBE57,     0xBE58,     0xBE59,     0xBE5A,     0xBE5B,     0xBE5C,
  /* U+7DB8 */    0xBE5D,     0xBE5E,     0xBE5F,     0xBE60,     0xBE61,     0xBE62,     0xBE63,     0xBE64,
  /* U+7DC0 */    0xBE65,     0xBE66,     0xBE67,     0xBE68,     0xBE69,     0xBE6A,     0xBE6B,     0xBE6C,
  /* U+7DC8 */    0xBE6D,     0xBE6E,     0xBE6F,     0xBE70,     0xBE71,     0xBE72,     0xBE73,     0xBE74,
  /* U+7DD0 */    0xBE75,     0xBE76,     0xBE77,     0xBE78,     0xBE79,     0xBE7A,     0xBE7B,     0xBE7C,
  /* U+7DD8 */    0xBE7D,     0xBE7E,     0xBE80,     0xBE81,     0xBE82,     0xBE83,     0xBE84,     0xBE85,
  /* U+7DE0 */    0xBE86,     0xBE87,     0xBE88,     0xBE89,     0xBE8A,     0xBE8B,     0xBE8C,     0xBE8D,
  /* U+7DE8 */    0xBE8E,     0xBE8F,     0xBE90,     0xBE91,     0xBE92,     0xBE93,     0xBE94,     0xBE95,
  /* U+7DF0 */    0xBE96,     0xBE97,     0xBE98,     0xBE99,     0xBE9A,     0xBE9B,     0xBE9C,     0xBE9D,
  /* U+7DF8 */    0xBE9E,     0xBE9F,     0xBEA0,     0xBF40,     0xBF41,     0xBF42,     0xBF43,     0xBF44,
  /* U+7E00 */    0xBF45,     0xBF46,     0xBF47,     0xBF48,     0xBF49,     0xBF4A,     0xBF4B,     0xBF4C,
  /* U+7E08 */    0xBF4D,     0xBF4E,     0xBF4F,     0xBF50,     0xBF51,     0xBF52,     0xBF53,     0xBF54,
  /* U+7E10 */    0xBF55,     0xBF56,     0xBF57,     0xBF58,     0xBF59,     0xBF5A,     0xBF5B,     0xBF5C,
  /* U+7E18 */    0xBF5D,     0xBF5E,     0xBF5F,     0xBF60,     0xBF61,     0xBF62,     0xBF63,     0xBF64,
  /* U+7E20 */    0xBF65,     0xBF66,     0xBF67,     0xBF68,     0xBF69,     0xBF6A,     0xBF6B,     0xBF6C,
  /* U+7E28 */    0xBF6D,     0xBF6E,     0xBF6F,     0xBF70,     0xBF71,     0xBF72,     0xBF73,     0xBF74,
  /* U+7E30 */    0xBF75,     0xBF76,     0xBF77,     0xBF78,     0xBF79,     0xBF7A,     0xBF7B,     0xBF7C,
  /* U+7E38 */    0xBF7D,     0xBF7E,     0xBF80,     0xF7E3,     0xBF81,     0xBF82,     0xBF83,     0xBF84,
  /* U+7E40 */    0xBF85,     0xB7B1,     0xBF86,     0xBF87,     0xBF88,     0xBF89,     0xBF8A,     0xF4ED,
  /* U+7E48 */    0xBF8B,     0xBF8C,     0xBF8D,     0xBF8E,     0xBF8F,     0xBF90,     0xBF91,     0xBF92,
  /* U+7E50 */    0xBF93,     0xBF94,     0xBF95,     0xBF96,     0xBF97,     0xBF98,     0xBF99,     0xBF9A,
  /* U+7E58 */    0xBF9B,     0xBF9C,     0xBF9D,     0xBF9E,     0xBF9F,     0xBFA0,     0xC040,     0xC041,
  /* U+7E60 */    0xC042,     0xC043,     0xC044,     0xC045,     0xC046,     0xC047,     0xC048,     0xC049,
  /* U+7E68 */    0xC04A,     0xC04B,     0xC04C,     0xC04D,     0xC04E,     0xC04F,     0xC050,     0xC051,
  /* U+7E70 */    0xC052,     0xC053,     0xC054,     0xC055,     0xC056,     0xC057,     0xC058,     0xC059,
  /* U+7E78 */    0xC05A,     0xC05B,     0xC05C,     0xC05D,     0xC05E,     0xC05F,     0xC060,     0xC061,
  /* U+7E80 */    0xC062,     0xC063,     0xD7EB,     0xC064,     0xC065,     0xC066,     0xC067,     0xC068,
  /* U+7E88 */    0xC069,     0xC06A,     0xC06B,     0xC06C,     0xC06D,     0xC06E,     0xC06F,     0xC070,
  /* U+7E90 */    0xC071,     0xC072,     0xC073,     0xC074,     0xC075,     0xC076,     0xC077,     0xC078,
  /* U+7E98 */    0xC079,     0xC07A,     0xC07B,     0xF4EE,     0xC07C,     0xC07D,     0xC07E,     0xE6F9,
  /* U+7EA0 */    0xBEC0,     0xE6FA,     0xBAEC,     0xE6FB,     0xCFCB,     0xE6FC,     0xD4BC,     0xBCB6,
  /* U+7EA8 */    0xE6FD,     0xE6FE,     0xBCCD,     0xC8D2,     0xCEB3,     0xE7A1,     0xC080,     0xB4BF,
  /* U+7EB0 */    0xE7A2,     0xC9B4,     0xB8D9,     0xC4C9,     0xC081,     0xD7DD,     0xC2DA,     0xB7D7,
  /* U+7EB8 */    0xD6BD,     0xCEC6,     0xB7C4,     0xC082,     0xC083,     0xC5A6,     0xE7A3,     0xCFDF,
  /* U+7EC0 */    0xE7A4,     0xE7A5,     0xE7A6,     0xC1B7,     0xD7E9,     0xC9F0,     0xCFB8,     0xD6AF,
  /* U+7EC8 */    0xD6D5,     0xE7A7,     0xB0ED,     0xE7A8,     0xE7A9,     0xC9DC,     0xD2EF,     0xBEAD,
  /* U+7ED0 */    0xE7AA,     0xB0F3,     0xC8DE,     0xBDE1,     0xE7AB,     0xC8C6,     0xC084,     0xE7AC,
  /* U+7ED8 */    0xBBE6,     0xB8F8,     0xD1A4,     0xE7AD,     0xC2E7,     0xBEF8,     0xBDCA,     0xCDB3,
  /* U+7EE0 */    0xE7AE,     0xE7AF,     0xBEEE,     0xD0E5,     0xC085,     0xCBE7,     0xCCD0,     0xBCCC,
  /* U+7EE8 */    0xE7B0,     0xBCA8,     0xD0F7,     0xE7B1,     0xC086,     0xD0F8,     0xE7B2,     0xE7B3,
  /* U+7EF0 */    0xB4C2,     0xE7B4,     0xE7B5,     0xC9FE,     0xCEAC,     0xC3E0,     0xE7B7,     0xB1C1,
  /* U+7EF8 */    0xB3F1,     0xC087,     0xE7B8,     0xE7B9,     0xD7DB,     0xD5C0,     0xE7BA,     0xC2CC,
  /* U+7F00 */    0xD7BA,     0xE7BB,     0xE7BC,     0xE7BD,     0xBCEA,     0xC3E5,     0xC0C2,     0xE7BE,
  /* U+7F08 */    0xE7BF,     0xBCA9,     0xC088,     0xE7C0,     0xE7C1,     0xE7B6,     0xB6D0,     0xE7C2,
  /* U+7F10 */    0xC089,     0xE7C3,     0xE7C4,     0xBBBA,     0xB5DE,     0xC2C6,     0xB1E0,     0xE7C5,
  /* U+7F18 */    0xD4B5,     0xE7C6,     0xB8BF,     0xE7C8,     0xE7C7,     0xB7EC,     0xC08A,     0xE7C9,
  /* U+7F20 */    0xB2F8,     0xE7CA,     0xE7CB,     0xE7CC,     0xE7CD,     0xE7CE,     0xE7CF,     0xE7D0,
  /* U+7F28 */    0xD3A7,     0xCBF5,     0xE7D1,     0xE7D2,     0xE7D3,     0xE7D4,     0xC9C9,     0xE7D5,
  /* U+7F30 */    0xE7D6,     0xE7D7,     0xE7D8,     0xE7D9,     0xBDC9,     0xE7DA,     0xF3BE,     0xC08B,
  /* U+7F38 */    0xB8D7,     0xC08C,     0xC8B1,     0xC08D,     0xC08E,     0xC08F,     0xC090,     0xC091,
  /* U+7F40 */    0xC092,     0xC093,     0xF3BF,     0xC094,     0xF3C0,     0xF3C1,     0xC095,     0xC096,
  /* U+7F48 */    0xC097,     0xC098,     0xC099,     0xC09A,     0xC09B,     0xC09C,     0xC09D,     0xC09E,
  /* U+7F50 */    0xB9DE,     0xCDF8,     0xC09F,     0xC0A0,     0xD8E8,     0xBAB1,     0xC140,     0xC2DE,
  /* U+7F58 */    0xEEB7,     0xC141,     0xB7A3,     0xC142,     0xC143,     0xC144,     0xC145,     0xEEB9,
  /* U+7F60 */    0xC146,     0xEEB8,     0xB0D5,     0xC147,     0xC148,     0xC149,     0xC14A,     0xC14B,
  /* U+7F68 */    0xEEBB,     0xD5D6,     0xD7EF,     0xC14C,     0xC14D,     0xC14E,     0xD6C3,     0xC14F,
  /* U+7F70 */    0xC150,     0xEEBD,     0xCAF0,     0xC151,     0xEEBC,     0xC152,     0xC153,     0xC154,
  /* U+7F78 */    0xC155,     0xEEBE,     0xC156,     0xC157,     0xC158,     0xC159,     0xEEC0,     0xC15A,
  /* U+7F80 */    0xC15B,     0xEEBF,     0xC15C,     0xC15D,     0xC15E,     0xC15F,     0xC160,     0xC161,
  /* U+7F88 */    0xC162,     0xC163,     0xD1F2,     0xC164,     0xC7BC,     0xC165,     0xC3C0,     0xC166,
  /* U+7F90 */    0xC167,     0xC168,     0xC169,     0xC16A,     0xB8E1,     0xC16B,     0xC16C,     0xC16D,
  /* U+7F98 */    0xC16E,     0xC16F,     0xC1E7,     0xC170,     0xC171,     0xF4C6,     0xD0DF,     0xF4C7,
  /* U+7FA0 */    0xC172,     0xCFDB,     0xC173,     0xC174,     0xC8BA,     0xC175,     0xC176,     0xF4C8,
  /* U+7FA8 */    0xC177,     0xC178,     0xC179,     0xC17A,     0xC17B,     0xC17C,     0xC17D,     0xF4C9,
  /* U+7FB0 */    0xF4CA,     0xC17E,     0xF4CB,     0xC180,     0xC181,     0xC182,     0xC183,     0xC184,
  /* U+7FB8 */    0xD9FA,     0xB8FE,     0xC185,     0xC186,     0xE5F1,     0xD3F0,     0xC187,     0xF4E0,
  /* U+7FC0 */    0xC188,     0xCECC,     0xC189,     0xC18A,     0xC18B,     0xB3E1,     0xC18C,     0xC18D,
  /* U+7FC8 */    0xC18E,     0xC18F,     0xF1B4,     0xC190,     0xD2EE,     0xC191,     0xF4E1,     0xC192,
  /* U+7FD0 */    0xC193,     0xC194,     0xC195,     0xC196,     0xCFE8,     0xF4E2,     0xC197,     0xC198,
  /* U+7FD8 */    0xC7CC,     0xC199,     0xC19A,     0xC19B,     0xC19C,     0xC19D,     0xC19E,     0xB5D4,
  /* U+7FE0 */    0xB4E4,     0xF4E4,     0xC19F,     0xC1A0,     0xC240,     0xF4E3,     0xF4E5,     0xC241,
  /* U+7FE8 */    0xC242,     0xF4E6,     0xC243,     0xC244,     0xC245,     0xC246,     0xF4E7,     0xC247,
  /* U+7FF0 */    0xBAB2,     0xB0BF,     0xC248,     0xF4E8,     0xC249,     0xC24A,     0xC24B,     0xC24C,
  /* U+7FF8 */    0xC24D,     0xC24E,     0xC24F,     0xB7AD,     0xD2ED,     0xC250,     0xC251,     0xC252,
  /* U+8000 */    0xD2AB,     0xC0CF,     0xC253,     0xBFBC,     0xEBA3,     0xD5DF,     0xEAC8,     0xC254,
  /* U+8008 */    0xC255,     0xC256,     0xC257,     0xF1F3,     0xB6F8,     0xCBA3,     0xC258,     0xC259,
  /* U+8010 */    0xC4CD,     0xC25A,     0xF1E7,     0xC25B,     0xF1E8,     0xB8FB,     0xF1E9,     0xBAC4,
  /* U+8018 */    0xD4C5,     0xB0D2,     0xC25C,     0xC25D,     0xF1EA,     0xC25E,     0xC25F,     0xC260,
  /* U+8020 */    0xF1EB,     0xC261,     0xF1EC,     0xC262,     0xC263,     0xF1ED,     0xF1EE,     0xF1EF,
  /* U+8028 */    0xF1F1,     0xF1F0,     0xC5D5,     0xC264,     0xC265,     0xC266,     0xC267,     0xC268,
  /* U+8030 */    0xC269,     0xF1F2,     0xC26A,     0xB6FA,     0xC26B,     0xF1F4,     0xD2AE,     0xDEC7,
  /* U+8038 */    0xCBCA,     0xC26C,     0xC26D,     0xB3DC,     0xC26E,     0xB5A2,     0xC26F,     0xB9A2,
  /* U+8040 */    0xC270,     0xC271,     0xC4F4,     0xF1F5,     0xC272,     0xC273,     0xF1F6,     0xC274,
  /* U+8048 */    0xC275,     0xC276,     0xC1C4,     0xC1FB,     0xD6B0,     0xF1F7,     0xC277,     0xC278,
  /* U+8050 */    0xC279,     0xC27A,     0xF1F8,     0xC27B,     0xC1AA,     0xC27C,     0xC27D,     0xC27E,
  /* U+8058 */    0xC6B8,     0xC280,     0xBEDB,     0xC281,     0xC282,     0xC283,     0xC284,     0xC285,
  /* U+8060 */    0xC286,     0xC287,     0xC288,     0xC289,     0xC28A,     0xC28B,     0xC28C,     0xC28D,
  /* U+8068 */    0xC28E,     0xF1F9,     0xB4CF,     0xC28F,     0xC290,     0xC291,     0xC292,     0xC293,
  /* U+8070 */    0xC294,     0xF1FA,     0xC295,     0xC296,     0xC297,     0xC298,     0xC299,     0xC29A,
  /* U+8078 */    0xC29B,     0xC29C,     0xC29D,     0xC29E,     0xC29F,     0xC2A0,     0xC340,     0xEDB2,
  /* U+8080 */    0xEDB1,     0xC341,     0xC342,     0xCBE0,     0xD2DE,     0xC343,     0xCBC1,     0xD5D8,
  /* U+8088 */    0xC344,     0xC8E2,     0xC345,     0xC0DF,     0xBCA1,     0xC346,     0xC347,     0xC348,
  /* U+8090 */    0xC349,     0xC34A,     0xC34B,     0xEBC1,     0xC34C,     0xC34D,     0xD0A4,     0xC34E,
  /* U+8098 */    0xD6E2,     0xC34F,     0xB6C7,     0xB8D8,     0xEBC0,     0xB8CE,     0xC350,     0xEBBF,
  /* U+80A0 */    0xB3A6,     0xB9C9,     0xD6AB,     0xC351,     0xB7F4,     0xB7CA,     0xC352,     0xC353,
  /* U+80A8 */    0xC354,     0xBCE7,     0xB7BE,     0xEBC6,     0xC355,     0xEBC7,     0xB0B9,     0xBFCF,
  /* U+80B0 */    0xC356,     0xEBC5,     0xD3FD,     0xC357,     0xEBC8,     0xC358,     0xC359,     0xEBC9,
  /* U+80B8 */    0xC35A,     0xC35B,     0xB7CE,     0xC35C,     0xEBC2,     0xEBC4,     0xC9F6,     0xD6D7,
  /* U+80C0 */    0xD5CD,     0xD0B2,     0xEBCF,     0xCEB8,     0xEBD0,     0xC35D,     0xB5A8,     0xC35E,
  /* U+80C8 */    0xC35F,     0xC360,     0xC361,     0xC362,     0xB1B3,     0xEBD2,     0xCCA5,     0xC363,
  /* U+80D0 */    0xC364,     0xC365,     0xC366,     0xC367,     0xC368,     0xC369,     0xC5D6,     0xEBD3,
  /* U+80D8 */    0xC36A,     0xEBD1,     0xC5DF,     0xEBCE,     0xCAA4,     0xEBD5,     0xB0FB,     0xC36B,
  /* U+80E0 */    0xC36C,     0xBAFA,     0xC36D,     0xC36E,     0xD8B7,     0xF1E3,     0xC36F,     0xEBCA,
  /* U+80E8 */    0xEBCB,     0xEBCC,     0xEBCD,     0xEBD6,     0xE6C0,     0xEBD9,     0xC370,     0xBFE8,
  /* U+80F0 */    0xD2C8,     0xEBD7,     0xEBDC,     0xB8EC,     0xEBD8,     0xC371,     0xBDBA,     0xC372,
  /* U+80F8 */    0xD0D8,     0xC373,     0xB0B7,     0xC374,     0xEBDD,     0xC4DC,     0xC375,     0xC376,
  /* U+8100 */    0xC377,     0xC378,     0xD6AC,     0xC379,     0xC37A,     0xC37B,     0xB4E0,     0xC37C,
  /* U+8108 */    0xC37D,     0xC2F6,     0xBCB9,     0xC37E,     0xC380,     0xEBDA,     0xEBDB,     0xD4E0,
  /* U+8110 */    0xC6EA,     0xC4D4,     0xEBDF,     0xC5A7,     0xD9F5,     0xC381,     0xB2B1,     0xC382,
  /* U+8118 */    0xEBE4,     0xC383,     0xBDC5,     0xC384,     0xC385,     0xC386,     0xEBE2,     0xC387,
  /* U+8120 */    0xC388,     0xC389,     0xC38A,     0xC38B,     0xC38C,     0xC38D,     0xC38E,     0xC38F,
  /* U+8128 */    0xC390,     0xC391,     0xC392,     0xC393,     0xEBE3,     0xC394,     0xC395,     0xB8AC,
  /* U+8130 */    0xC396,     0xCDD1,     0xEBE5,     0xC397,     0xC398,     0xC399,     0xEBE1,     0xC39A,
  /* U+8138 */    0xC1B3,     0xC39B,     0xC39C,     0xC39D,     0xC39E,     0xC39F,     0xC6A2,     0xC3A0,
  /* U+8140 */    0xC440,     0xC441,     0xC442,     0xC443,     0xC444,     0xC445,     0xCCF3,     0xC446,
  /* U+8148 */    0xEBE6,     0xC447,     0xC0B0,     0xD2B8,     0xEBE7,     0xC448,     0xC449,     0xC44A,
  /* U+8150 */    0xB8AF,     0xB8AD,     0xC44B,     0xEBE8,     0xC7BB,     0xCDF3,     0xC44C,     0xC44D,
  /* U+8158 */    0xC44E,     0xEBEA,     0xEBEB,     0xC44F,     0xC450,     0xC451,     0xC452,     0xC453,
  /* U+8160 */    0xEBED,     0xC454,     0xC455,     0xC456,     0xC457,     0xD0C8,     0xC458,     0xEBF2,
  /* U+8168 */    0xC459,     0xEBEE,     0xC45A,     0xC45B,     0xC45C,     0xEBF1,     0xC8F9,     0xC45D,
  /* U+8170 */    0xD1FC,     0xEBEC,     0xC45E,     0xC45F,     0xEBE9,     0xC460,     0xC461,     0xC462,
  /* U+8178 */    0xC463,     0xB8B9,     0xCFD9,     0xC4E5,     0xEBEF,     0xEBF0,     0xCCDA,     0xCDC8,
  /* U+8180 */    0xB0F2,     0xC464,     0xEBF6,     0xC465,     0xC466,     0xC467,     0xC468,     0xC469,
  /* U+8188 */    0xEBF5,     0xC46A,     0xB2B2,     0xC46B,     0xC46C,     0xC46D,     0xC46E,     0xB8E0,
  /* U+8190 */    0xC46F,     0xEBF7,     0xC470,     0xC471,     0xC472,     0xC473,     0xC474,     0xC475,
  /* U+8198 */    0xB1EC,     0xC476,     0xC477,     0xCCC5,     0xC4A4,     0xCFA5,     0xC478,     0xC479,
  /* U+81A0 */    0xC47A,     0xC47B,     0xC47C,     0xEBF9,     0xC47D,     0xC47E,     0xECA2,     0xC480,
  /* U+81A8 */    0xC5F2,     0xC481,     0xEBFA,     0xC482,     0xC483,     0xC484,     0xC485,     0xC486,
  /* U+81B0 */    0xC487,     0xC488,     0xC489,     0xC9C5,     0xC48A,     0xC48B,     0xC48C,     0xC48D,
  /* U+81B8 */    0xC48E,     0xC48F,     0xE2DF,     0xEBFE,     0xC490,     0xC491,     0xC492,     0xC493,
  /* U+81C0 */    0xCDCE,     0xECA1,     0xB1DB,     0xD3B7,     0xC494,     0xC495,     0xD2DC,     0xC496,
  /* U+81C8 */    0xC497,     0xC498,     0xEBFD,     0xC499,     0xEBFB,     0xC49A,     0xC49B,     0xC49C,
  /* U+81D0 */    0xC49D,     0xC49E,     0xC49F,     0xC4A0,     0xC540,     0xC541,     0xC542,     0xC543,
  /* U+81D8 */    0xC544,     0xC545,     0xC546,     0xC547,     0xC548,     0xC549,     0xC54A,     0xC54B,
  /* U+81E0 */    0xC54C,     0xC54D,     0xC54E,     0xB3BC,     0xC54F,     0xC550,     0xC551,     0xEAB0,
  /* U+81E8 */    0xC552,     0xC553,     0xD7D4,     0xC554,     0xF4AB,     0xB3F4,     0xC555,     0xC556,
  /* U+81F0 */    0xC557,     0xC558,     0xC559,     0xD6C1,     0xD6C2,     0xC55A,     0xC55B,     0xC55C,
  /* U+81F8 */    0xC55D,     0xC55E,     0xC55F,     0xD5E9,     0xBECA,     0xC560,     0xF4A7,     0xC561,
  /* U+8200 */    0xD2A8,     0xF4A8,     0xF4A9,     0xC562,     0xF4AA,     0xBECB,     0xD3DF,     0xC563,
  /* U+8208 */    0xC564,     0xC565,     0xC566,     0xC567,     0xC9E0,     0xC9E1,     0xC568,     0xC569,
  /* U+8210 */    0xF3C2,     0xC56A,     0xCAE6,     0xC56B,     0xCCF2,     0xC56C,     0xC56D,     0xC56E,
  /* U+8218 */    0xC56F,     0xC570,     0xC571,     0xE2B6,     0xCBB4,     0xC572,     0xCEE8,     0xD6DB,
  /* U+8220 */    0xC573,     0xF4AD,     0xF4AE,     0xF4AF,     0xC574,     0xC575,     0xC576,     0xC577,
  /* U+8228 */    0xF4B2,     0xC578,     0xBABD,     0xF4B3,     0xB0E3,     0xF4B0,     0xC579,     0xF4B1,
  /* U+8230 */    0xBDA2,     0xB2D5,     0xC57A,     0xF4B6,     0xF4B7,     0xB6E6,     0xB2B0,     0xCFCF,
  /* U+8238 */    0xF4B4,     0xB4AC,     0xC57B,     0xF4B5,     0xC57C,     0xC57D,     0xF4B8,     0xC57E,
  /* U+8240 */    0xC580,     0xC581,     0xC582,     0xC583,     0xF4B9,     0xC584,     0xC585,     0xCDA7,
  /* U+8248 */    0xC586,     0xF4BA,     0xC587,     0xF4BB,     0xC588,     0xC589,     0xC58A,     0xF4BC,
  /* U+8250 */    0xC58B,     0xC58C,     0xC58D,     0xC58E,     0xC58F,     0xC590,     0xC591,     0xC592,
  /* U+8258 */    0xCBD2,     0xC593,     0xF4BD,     0xC594,     0xC595,     0xC596,     0xC597,     0xF4BE,
  /* U+8260 */    0xC598,     0xC599,     0xC59A,     0xC59B,     0xC59C,     0xC59D,     0xC59E,     0xC59F,
  /* U+8268 */    0xF4BF,     0xC5A0,     0xC640,     0xC641,     0xC642,     0xC643,     0xF4DE,     0xC1BC,
  /* U+8270 */    0xBCE8,     0xC644,     0xC9AB,     0xD1DE,     0xE5F5,     0xC645,     0xC646,     0xC647,
  /* U+8278 */    0xC648,     0xDCB3,     0xD2D5,     0xC649,     0xC64A,     0xDCB4,     0xB0AC,     0xDCB5,
  /* U+8280 */    0xC64B,     0xC64C,     0xBDDA,     0xC64D,     0xDCB9,     0xC64E,     0xC64F,     0xC650,
  /* U+8288 */    0xD8C2,     0xC651,     0xDCB7,     0xD3F3,     0xC652,     0xC9D6,     0xDCBA,     0xDCB6,
  /* U+8290 */    0xC653,     0xDCBB,     0xC3A2,     0xC654,     0xC655,     0xC656,     0xC657,     0xDCBC,
  /* U+8298 */    0xDCC5,     0xDCBD,     0xC658,     0xC659,     0xCEDF,     0xD6A5,     0xC65A,     0xDCCF,
  /* U+82A0 */    0xC65B,     0xDCCD,     0xC65C,     0xC65D,     0xDCD2,     0xBDE6,     0xC2AB,     0xC65E,
  /* U+82A8 */    0xDCB8,     0xDCCB,     0xDCCE,     0xDCBE,     0xB7D2,     0xB0C5,     0xDCC7,     0xD0BE,
  /* U+82B0 */    0xDCC1,     0xBBA8,     0xC65F,     0xB7BC,     0xDCCC,     0xC660,     0xC661,     0xDCC6,
  /* U+82B8 */    0xDCBF,     0xC7DB,     0xC662,     0xC663,     0xC664,     0xD1BF,     0xDCC0,     0xC665,
  /* U+82C0 */    0xC666,     0xDCCA,     0xC667,     0xC668,     0xDCD0,     0xC669,     0xC66A,     0xCEAD,
  /* U+82C8 */    0xDCC2,     0xC66B,     0xDCC3,     0xDCC8,     0xDCC9,     0xB2D4,     0xDCD1,     0xCBD5,
  /* U+82D0 */    0xC66C,     0xD4B7,     0xDCDB,     0xDCDF,     0xCCA6,     0xDCE6,     0xC66D,     0xC3E7,
  /* U+82D8 */    0xDCDC,     0xC66E,     0xC66F,     0xBFC1,     0xDCD9,     0xC670,     0xB0FA,     0xB9B6,
  /* U+82E0 */    0xDCE5,     0xDCD3,     0xC671,     0xDCC4,     0xDCD6,     0xC8F4,     0xBFE0,     0xC672,
  /* U+82E8 */    0xC673,     0xC674,     0xC675,     0xC9BB,     0xC676,     0xC677,     0xC678,     0xB1BD,
  /* U+82F0 */    0xC679,     0xD3A2,     0xC67A,     0xC67B,     0xDCDA,     0xC67C,     0xC67D,     0xDCD5,
  /* U+82F8 */    0xC67E,     0xC6BB,     0xC680,     0xDCDE,     0xC681,     0xC682,     0xC683,     0xC684,
  /* U+8300 */    0xC685,     0xD7C2,     0xC3AF,     0xB7B6,     0xC7D1,     0xC3A9,     0xDCE2,     0xDCD8,
  /* U+8308 */    0xDCEB,     0xDCD4,     0xC686,     0xC687,     0xDCDD,     0xC688,     0xBEA5,     0xDCD7,
  /* U+8310 */    0xC689,     0xDCE0,     0xC68A,     0xC68B,     0xDCE3,     0xDCE4,     0xC68C,     0xDCF8,
  /* U+8318 */    0xC68D,     0xC68E,     0xDCE1,     0xDDA2,     0xDCE7,     0xC68F,     0xC690,     0xC691,
  /* U+8320 */    0xC692,     0xC693,     0xC694,     0xC695,     0xC696,     0xC697,     0xC698,     0xBCEB,
  /* U+8328 */    0xB4C4,     0xC699,     0xC69A,     0xC3A3,     0xB2E7,     0xDCFA,     0xC69B,     0xDCF2,
  /* U+8330 */    0xC69C,     0xDCEF,     0xC69D,     0xDCFC,     0xDCEE,     0xD2F0,     0xB2E8,     0xC69E,
  /* U+8338 */    0xC8D7,     0xC8E3,     0xDCFB,     0xC69F,     0xDCED,     0xC6A0,     0xC740,     0xC741,
  /* U+8340 */    0xDCF7,     0xC742,     0xC743,     0xDCF5,     0xC744,     0xC745,     0xBEA3,     0xDCF4,
  /* U+8348 */    0xC746,     0xB2DD,     0xC747,     0xC748,     0xC749,     0xC74A,     0xC74B,     0xDCF3,
  /* U+8350 */    0xBCF6,     0xDCE8,     0xBBC4,     0xC74C,     0xC0F3,     0xC74D,     0xC74E,     0xC74F,
  /* U+8358 */    0xC750,     0xC751,     0xBCD4,     0xDCE9,     0xDCEA,     0xC752,     0xDCF1,     0xDCF6,
  /* U+8360 */    0xDCF9,     0xB5B4,     0xC753,     0xC8D9,     0xBBE7,     0xDCFE,     0xDCFD,     0xD3AB,
  /* U+8368 */    0xDDA1,     0xDDA3,     0xDDA5,     0xD2F1,     0xDDA4,     0xDDA6,     0xDDA7,     0xD2A9,
  /* U+8370 */    0xC754,     0xC755,     0xC756,     0xC757,     0xC758,     0xC759,     0xC75A,     0xBAC9,
  /* U+8378 */    0xDDA9,     0xC75B,     0xC75C,     0xDDB6,     0xDDB1,     0xDDB4,     0xC75D,     0xC75E,
  /* U+8380 */    0xC75F,     0xC760,     0xC761,     0xC762,     0xC763,     0xDDB0,     0xC6CE,     0xC764,
  /* U+8388 */    0xC765,     0xC0F2,     0xC766,     0xC767,     0xC768,     0xC769,     0xC9AF,     0xC76A,
  /* U+8390 */    0xC76B,     0xC76C,     0xDCEC,     0xDDAE,     0xC76D,     0xC76E,     0xC76F,     0xC770,
  /* U+8398 */    0xDDB7,     0xC771,     0xC772,     0xDCF0,     0xDDAF,     0xC773,     0xDDB8,     0xC774,
  /* U+83A0 */    0xDDAC,     0xC775,     0xC776,     0xC777,     0xC778,     0xC779,     0xC77A,     0xC77B,
  /* U+83A8 */    0xDDB9,     0xDDB3,     0xDDAD,     0xC4AA,     0xC77C,     0xC77D,     0xC77E,     0xC780,
  /* U+83B0 */    0xDDA8,     0xC0B3,     0xC1AB,     0xDDAA,     0xDDAB,     0xC781,     0xDDB2,     0xBBF1,
  /* U+83B8 */    0xDDB5,     0xD3A8,     0xDDBA,     0xC782,     0xDDBB,     0xC3A7,     0xC783,     0xC784,
  /* U+83C0 */    0xDDD2,     0xDDBC,     0xC785,     0xC786,     0xC787,     0xDDD1,     0xC788,     0xB9BD,
  /* U+83C8 */    0xC789,     0xC78A,     0xBED5,     0xC78B,     0xBEFA,     0xC78C,     0xC78D,     0xBACA,
  /* U+83D0 */    0xC78E,     0xC78F,     0xC790,     0xC791,     0xDDCA,     0xC792,     0xDDC5,     0xC793,
  /* U+83D8 */    0xDDBF,     0xC794,     0xC795,     0xC796,     0xB2CB,     0xDDC3,     0xC797,     0xDDCB,
  /* U+83E0 */    0xB2A4,     0xDDD5,     0xC798,     0xC799,     0xC79A,     0xDDBE,     0xC79B,     0xC79C,
  /* U+83E8 */    0xC79D,     0xC6D0,     0xDDD0,     0xC79E,     0xC79F,     0xC7A0,     0xC840,     0xC841,
  /* U+83F0 */    0xDDD4,     0xC1E2,     0xB7C6,     0xC842,     0xC843,     0xC844,     0xC845,     0xC846,
  /* U+83F8 */    0xDDCE,     0xDDCF,     0xC847,     0xC848,     0xC849,     0xDDC4,     0xC84A,     0xC84B,
  /* U+8400 */    0xC84C,     0xDDBD,     0xC84D,     0xDDCD,     0xCCD1,     0xC84E,     0xDDC9,     0xC84F,
  /* U+8408 */    0xC850,     0xC851,     0xC852,     0xDDC2,     0xC3C8,     0xC6BC,     0xCEAE,     0xDDCC,
  /* U+8410 */    0xC853,     0xDDC8,     0xC854,     0xC855,     0xC856,     0xC857,     0xC858,     0xC859,
  /* U+8418 */    0xDDC1,     0xC85A,     0xC85B,     0xC85C,     0xDDC6,     0xC2DC,     0xC85D,     0xC85E,
  /* U+8420 */    0xC85F,     0xC860,     0xC861,     0xC862,     0xD3A9,     0xD3AA,     0xDDD3,     0xCFF4,
  /* U+8428 */    0xC8F8,     0xC863,     0xC864,     0xC865,     0xC866,     0xC867,     0xC868,     0xC869,
  /* U+8430 */    0xC86A,     0xDDE6,     0xC86B,     0xC86C,     0xC86D,     0xC86E,     0xC86F,     0xC870,
  /* U+8438 */    0xDDC7,     0xC871,     0xC872,     0xC873,     0xDDE0,     0xC2E4,     0xC874,     0xC875,
  /* U+8440 */    0xC876,     0xC877,     0xC878,     0xC879,     0xC87A,     0xC87B,     0xDDE1,     0xC87C,
  /* U+8448 */    0xC87D,     0xC87E,     0xC880,     0xC881,     0xC882,     0xC883,     0xC884,     0xC885,
  /* U+8450 */    0xC886,     0xDDD7,     0xC887,     0xC888,     0xC889,     0xC88A,     0xC88B,     0xD6F8,
  /* U+8458 */    0xC88C,     0xDDD9,     0xDDD8,     0xB8F0,     0xDDD6,     0xC88D,     0xC88E,     0xC88F,
  /* U+8460 */    0xC890,     0xC6CF,     0xC891,     0xB6AD,     0xC892,     0xC893,     0xC894,     0xC895,
  /* U+8468 */    0xC896,     0xDDE2,     0xC897,     0xBAF9,     0xD4E1,     0xDDE7,     0xC898,     0xC899,
  /* U+8470 */    0xC89A,     0xB4D0,     0xC89B,     0xDDDA,     0xC89C,     0xBFFB,     0xDDE3,     0xC89D,
  /* U+8478 */    0xDDDF,     0xC89E,     0xDDDD,     0xC89F,     0xC8A0,     0xC940,     0xC941,     0xC942,
  /* U+8480 */    0xC943,     0xC944,     0xB5D9,     0xC945,     0xC946,     0xC947,     0xC948,     0xDDDB,
  /* U+8488 */    0xDDDC,     0xDDDE,     0xC949,     0xBDAF,     0xDDE4,     0xC94A,     0xDDE5,     0xC94B,
  /* U+8490 */    0xC94C,     0xC94D,     0xC94E,     0xC94F,     0xC950,     0xC951,     0xC952,     0xDDF5,
  /* U+8498 */    0xC953,     0xC3C9,     0xC954,     0xC955,     0xCBE2,     0xC956,     0xC957,     0xC958,
  /* U+84A0 */    0xC959,     0xDDF2,     0xC95A,     0xC95B,     0xC95C,     0xC95D,     0xC95E,     0xC95F,
  /* U+84A8 */    0xC960,     0xC961,     0xC962,     0xC963,     0xC964,     0xC965,     0xC966,     0xD8E1,
  /* U+84B0 */    0xC967,     0xC968,     0xC6D1,     0xC969,     0xDDF4,     0xC96A,     0xC96B,     0xC96C,
  /* U+84B8 */    0xD5F4,     0xDDF3,     0xDDF0,     0xC96D,     0xC96E,     0xDDEC,     0xC96F,     0xDDEF,
  /* U+84C0 */    0xC970,     0xDDE8,     0xC971,     0xC972,     0xD0EE,     0xC973,     0xC974,     0xC975,
  /* U+84C8 */    0xC976,     0xC8D8,     0xDDEE,     0xC977,     0xC978,     0xDDE9,     0xC979,     0xC97A,
  /* U+84D0 */    0xDDEA,     0xCBF2,     0xC97B,     0xDDED,     0xC97C,     0xC97D,     0xB1CD,     0xC97E,
  /* U+84D8 */    0xC980,     0xC981,     0xC982,     0xC983,     0xC984,     0xC0B6,     0xC985,     0xBCBB,
  /* U+84E0 */    0xDDF1,     0xC986,     0xC987,     0xDDF7,     0xC988,     0xDDF6,     0xDDEB,     0xC989,
  /* U+84E8 */    0xC98A,     0xC98B,     0xC98C,     0xC98D,     0xC5EE,     0xC98E,     0xC98F,     0xC990,
  /* U+84F0 */    0xDDFB,     0xC991,     0xC992,     0xC993,     0xC994,     0xC995,     0xC996,     0xC997,
  /* U+84F8 */    0xC998,     0xC999,     0xC99A,     0xC99B,     0xDEA4,     0xC99C,     0xC99D,     0xDEA3,
  /* U+8500 */    0xC99E,     0xC99F,     0xC9A0,     0xCA40,     0xCA41,     0xCA42,     0xCA43,     0xCA44,
  /* U+8508 */    0xCA45,     0xCA46,     0xCA47,     0xCA48,     0xDDF8,     0xCA49,     0xCA4A,     0xCA4B,
  /* U+8510 */    0xCA4C,     0xC3EF,     0xCA4D,     0xC2FB,     0xCA4E,     0xCA4F,     0xCA50,     0xD5E1,
  /* U+8518 */    0xCA51,     0xCA52,     0xCEB5,     0xCA53,     0xCA54,     0xCA55,     0xCA56,     0xDDFD,
  /* U+8520 */    0xCA57,     0xB2CC,     0xCA58,     0xCA59,     0xCA5A,     0xCA5B,     0xCA5C,     0xCA5D,
  /* U+8528 */    0xCA5E,     0xCA5F,     0xCA60,     0xC4E8,     0xCADF,     0xCA61,     0xCA62,     0xCA63,
  /* U+8530 */    0xCA64,     0xCA65,     0xCA66,     0xCA67,     0xCA68,     0xCA69,     0xCA6A,     0xC7BE,
  /* U+8538 */    0xDDFA,     0xDDFC,     0xDDFE,     0xDEA2,     0xB0AA,     0xB1CE,     0xCA6B,     0xCA6C,
  /* U+8540 */    0xCA6D,     0xCA6E,     0xCA6F,     0xDEAC,     0xCA70,     0xCA71,     0xCA72,     0xCA73,
  /* U+8548 */    0xDEA6,     0xBDB6,     0xC8EF,     0xCA74,     0xCA75,     0xCA76,     0xCA77,     0xCA78,
  /* U+8550 */    0xCA79,     0xCA7A,     0xCA7B,     0xCA7C,     0xCA7D,     0xCA7E,     0xDEA1,     0xCA80,
  /* U+8558 */    0xCA81,     0xDEA5,     0xCA82,     0xCA83,     0xCA84,     0xCA85,     0xDEA9,     0xCA86,
  /* U+8560 */    0xCA87,     0xCA88,     0xCA89,     0xCA8A,     0xDEA8,     0xCA8B,     0xCA8C,     0xCA8D,
  /* U+8568 */    0xDEA7,     0xCA8E,     0xCA8F,     0xCA90,     0xCA91,     0xCA92,     0xCA93,     0xCA94,
  /* U+8570 */    0xCA95,     0xCA96,     0xDEAD,     0xCA97,     0xD4CC,     0xCA98,     0xCA99,     0xCA9A,
  /* U+8578 */    0xCA9B,     0xDEB3,     0xDEAA,     0xDEAE,     0xCA9C,     0xCA9D,     0xC0D9,     0xCA9E,
  /* U+8580 */    0xCA9F,     0xCAA0,     0xCB40,     0xCB41,     0xB1A1,     0xDEB6,     0xCB42,     0xDEB1,
  /* U+8588 */    0xCB43,     0xCB44,     0xCB45,     0xCB46,     0xCB47,     0xCB48,     0xCB49,     0xDEB2,
  /* U+8590 */    0xCB4A,     0xCB4B,     0xCB4C,     0xCB4D,     0xCB4E,     0xCB4F,     0xCB50,     0xCB51,
  /* U+8598 */    0xCB52,     0xCB53,     0xCB54,     0xD1A6,     0xDEB5,     0xCB55,     0xCB56,     0xCB57,
  /* U+85A0 */    0xCB58,     0xCB59,     0xCB5A,     0xCB5B,     0xDEAF,     0xCB5C,     0xCB5D,     0xCB5E,
  /* U+85A8 */    0xDEB0,     0xCB5F,     0xD0BD,     0xCB60,     0xCB61,     0xCB62,     0xDEB4,     0xCAED,
  /* U+85B0 */    0xDEB9,     0xCB63,     0xCB64,     0xCB65,     0xCB66,     0xCB67,     0xCB68,     0xDEB8,
  /* U+85B8 */    0xCB69,     0xDEB7,     0xCB6A,     0xCB6B,     0xCB6C,     0xCB6D,     0xCB6E,     0xCB6F,
  /* U+85C0 */    0xCB70,     0xDEBB,     0xCB71,     0xCB72,     0xCB73,     0xCB74,     0xCB75,     0xCB76,
  /* U+85C8 */    0xCB77,     0xBDE5,     0xCB78,     0xCB79,     0xCB7A,     0xCB7B,     0xCB7C,     0xB2D8,
  /* U+85D0 */    0xC3EA,     0xCB7D,     0xCB7E,     0xDEBA,     0xCB80,     0xC5BA,     0xCB81,     0xCB82,
  /* U+85D8 */    0xCB83,     0xCB84,     0xCB85,     0xCB86,     0xDEBC,     0xCB87,     0xCB88,     0xCB89,
  /* U+85E0 */    0xCB8A,     0xCB8B,     0xCB8C,     0xCB8D,     0xCCD9,     0xCB8E,     0xCB8F,     0xCB90,
  /* U+85E8 */    0xCB91,     0xB7AA,     0xCB92,     0xCB93,     0xCB94,     0xCB95,     0xCB96,     0xCB97,
  /* U+85F0 */    0xCB98,     0xCB99,     0xCB9A,     0xCB9B,     0xCB9C,     0xCB9D,     0xCB9E,     0xCB9F,
  /* U+85F8 */    0xCBA0,     0xCC40,     0xCC41,     0xD4E5,     0xCC42,     0xCC43,     0xCC44,     0xDEBD,
  /* U+8600 */    0xCC45,     0xCC46,     0xCC47,     0xCC48,     0xCC49,     0xDEBF,     0xCC4A,     0xCC4B,
  /* U+8608 */    0xCC4C,     0xCC4D,     0xCC4E,     0xCC4F,     0xCC50,     0xCC51,     0xCC52,     0xCC53,
  /* U+8610 */    0xCC54,     0xC4A2,     0xCC55,     0xCC56,     0xCC57,     0xCC58,     0xDEC1,     0xCC59,
  /* U+8618 */    0xCC5A,     0xCC5B,     0xCC5C,     0xCC5D,     0xCC5E,     0xCC5F,     0xCC60,     0xCC61,
  /* U+8620 */    0xCC62,     0xCC63,     0xCC64,     0xCC65,     0xCC66,     0xCC67,     0xCC68,     0xDEBE,
  /* U+8628 */    0xCC69,     0xDEC0,     0xCC6A,     0xCC6B,     0xCC6C,     0xCC6D,     0xCC6E,     0xCC6F,
  /* U+8630 */    0xCC70,     0xCC71,     0xCC72,     0xCC73,     0xCC74,     0xCC75,     0xCC76,     0xCC77,
  /* U+8638 */    0xD5BA,     0xCC78,     0xCC79,     0xCC7A,     0xDEC2,     0xCC7B,     0xCC7C,     0xCC7D,
  /* U+8640 */    0xCC7E,     0xCC80,     0xCC81,     0xCC82,     0xCC83,     0xCC84,     0xCC85,     0xCC86,
  /* U+8648 */    0xCC87,     0xCC88,     0xCC89,     0xCC8A,     0xCC8B,     0xF2AE,     0xBBA2,     0xC2B2,
  /* U+8650 */    0xC5B0,     0xC2C7,     0xCC8C,     0xCC8D,     0xF2AF,     0xCC8E,     0xCC8F,     0xCC90,
  /* U+8658 */    0xCC91,     0xCC92,     0xD0E9,     0xCC93,     0xCC94,     0xCC95,     0xD3DD,     0xCC96,
  /* U+8660 */    0xCC97,     0xCC98,     0xEBBD,     0xCC99,     0xCC9A,     0xCC9B,     0xCC9C,     0xCC9D,
  /* U+8668 */    0xCC9E,     0xCC9F,     0xCCA0,     0xB3E6,     0xF2B0,     0xCD40,     0xF2B1,     0xCD41,
  /* U+8670 */    0xCD42,     0xCAAD,     0xCD43,     0xCD44,     0xCD45,     0xCD46,     0xCD47,     0xCD48,
  /* U+8678 */    0xCD49,     0xBAE7,     0xF2B3,     0xF2B5,     0xF2B4,     0xCBE4,     0xCFBA,     0xF2B2,
  /* U+8680 */    0xCAB4,     0xD2CF,     0xC2EC,     0xCD4A,     0xCD4B,     0xCD4C,     0xCD4D,     0xCD4E,
  /* U+8688 */    0xCD4F,     0xCD50,     0xCEC3,     0xF2B8,     0xB0F6,     0xF2B7,     0xCD51,     0xCD52,
  /* U+8690 */    0xCD53,     0xCD54,     0xCD55,     0xF2BE,     0xCD56,     0xB2CF,     0xCD57,     0xCD58,
  /* U+8698 */    0xCD59,     0xCD5A,     0xCD5B,     0xCD5C,     0xD1C1,     0xF2BA,     0xCD5D,     0xCD5E,
  /* U+86A0 */    0xCD5F,     0xCD60,     0xCD61,     0xF2BC,     0xD4E9,     0xCD62,     0xCD63,     0xF2BB,
  /* U+86A8 */    0xF2B6,     0xF2BF,     0xF2BD,     0xCD64,     0xF2B9,     0xCD65,     0xCD66,     0xF2C7,
  /* U+86B0 */    0xF2C4,     0xF2C6,     0xCD67,     0xCD68,     0xF2CA,     0xF2C2,     0xF2C0,     0xCD69,
  /* U+86B8 */    0xCD6A,     0xCD6B,     0xF2C5,     0xCD6C,     0xCD6D,     0xCD6E,     0xCD6F,     0xCD70,
  /* U+86C0 */    0xD6FB,     0xCD71,     0xCD72,     0xCD73,     0xF2C1,     0xCD74,     0xC7F9,     0xC9DF,
  /* U+86C8 */    0xCD75,     0xF2C8,     0xB9C6,     0xB5B0,     0xCD76,     0xCD77,     0xF2C3,     0xF2C9,
  /* U+86D0 */    0xF2D0,     0xF2D6,     0xCD78,     0xCD79,     0xBBD7,     0xCD7A,     0xCD7B,     0xCD7C,
  /* U+86D8 */    0xF2D5,     0xCDDC,     0xCD7D,     0xD6EB,     0xCD7E,     0xCD80,     0xF2D2,     0xF2D4,
  /* U+86E0 */    0xCD81,     0xCD82,     0xCD83,     0xCD84,     0xB8F2,     0xCD85,     0xCD86,     0xCD87,
  /* U+86E8 */    0xCD88,     0xF2CB,     0xCD89,     0xCD8A,     0xCD8B,     0xF2CE,     0xC2F9,     0xCD8C,
  /* U+86F0 */    0xD5DD,     0xF2CC,     0xF2CD,     0xF2CF,     0xF2D3,     0xCD8D,     0xCD8E,     0xCD8F,
  /* U+86F8 */    0xF2D9,     0xD3BC,     0xCD90,     0xCD91,     0xCD92,     0xCD93,     0xB6EA,     0xCD94,
  /* U+8700 */    0xCAF1,     0xCD95,     0xB7E4,     0xF2D7,     0xCD96,     0xCD97,     0xCD98,     0xF2D8,
  /* U+8708 */    0xF2DA,     0xF2DD,     0xF2DB,     0xCD99,     0xCD9A,     0xF2DC,     0xCD9B,     0xCD9C,
  /* U+8710 */    0xCD9D,     0xCD9E,     0xD1D1,     0xF2D1,     0xCD9F,     0xCDC9,     0xCDA0,     0xCECF,
  /* U+8718 */    0xD6A9,     0xCE40,     0xF2E3,     0xCE41,     0xC3DB,     0xCE42,     0xF2E0,     0xCE43,
  /* U+8720 */    0xCE44,     0xC0AF,     0xF2EC,     0xF2DE,     0xCE45,     0xF2E1,     0xCE46,     0xCE47,
  /* U+8728 */    0xCE48,     0xF2E8,     0xCE49,     0xCE4A,     0xCE4B,     0xCE4C,     0xF2E2,     0xCE4D,
  /* U+8730 */    0xCE4E,     0xF2E7,     0xCE4F,     0xCE50,     0xF2E6,     0xCE51,     0xCE52,     0xF2E9,
  /* U+8738 */    0xCE53,     0xCE54,     0xCE55,     0xF2DF,     0xCE56,     0xCE57,     0xF2E4,     0xF2EA,
  /* U+8740 */    0xCE58,     0xCE59,     0xCE5A,     0xCE5B,     0xCE5C,     0xCE5D,     0xCE5E,     0xD3AC,
  /* U+8748 */    0xF2E5,     0xB2F5,     0xCE5F,     0xCE60,     0xF2F2,     0xCE61,     0xD0AB,     0xCE62,
  /* U+8750 */    0xCE63,     0xCE64,     0xCE65,     0xF2F5,     0xCE66,     0xCE67,     0xCE68,     0xBBC8,
  /* U+8758 */    0xCE69,     0xF2F9,     0xCE6A,     0xCE6B,     0xCE6C,     0xCE6D,     0xCE6E,     0xCE6F,
  /* U+8760 */    0xF2F0,     0xCE70,     0xCE71,     0xF2F6,     0xF2F8,     0xF2FA,     0xCE72,     0xCE73,
  /* U+8768 */    0xCE74,     0xCE75,     0xCE76,     0xCE77,     0xCE78,     0xCE79,     0xF2F3,     0xCE7A,
  /* U+8770 */    0xF2F1,     0xCE7B,     0xCE7C,     0xCE7D,     0xBAFB,     0xCE7E,     0xB5FB,     0xCE80,
  /* U+8778 */    0xCE81,     0xCE82,     0xCE83,     0xF2EF,     0xF2F7,     0xF2ED,     0xF2EE,     0xCE84,
  /* U+8780 */    0xCE85,     0xCE86,     0xF2EB,     0xF3A6,     0xCE87,     0xF3A3,     0xCE88,     0xCE89,
  /* U+8788 */    0xF3A2,     0xCE8A,     0xCE8B,     0xF2F4,     0xCE8C,     0xC8DA,     0xCE8D,     0xCE8E,
  /* U+8790 */    0xCE8F,     0xCE90,     0xCE91,     0xF2FB,     0xCE92,     0xCE93,     0xCE94,     0xF3A5,
  /* U+8798 */    0xCE95,     0xCE96,     0xCE97,     0xCE98,     0xCE99,     0xCE9A,     0xCE9B,     0xC3F8,
  /* U+87A0 */    0xCE9C,     0xCE9D,     0xCE9E,     0xCE9F,     0xCEA0,     0xCF40,     0xCF41,     0xCF42,
  /* U+87A8 */    0xF2FD,     0xCF43,     0xCF44,     0xF3A7,     0xF3A9,     0xF3A4,     0xCF45,     0xF2FC,
  /* U+87B0 */    0xCF46,     0xCF47,     0xCF48,     0xF3AB,     0xCF49,     0xF3AA,     0xCF4A,     0xCF4B,
  /* U+87B8 */    0xCF4C,     0xCF4D,     0xC2DD,     0xCF4E,     0xCF4F,     0xF3AE,     0xCF50,     0xCF51,
  /* U+87C0 */    0xF3B0,     0xCF52,     0xCF53,     0xCF54,     0xCF55,     0xCF56,     0xF3A1,     0xCF57,
  /* U+87C8 */    0xCF58,     0xCF59,     0xF3B1,     0xF3AC,     0xCF5A,     0xCF5B,     0xCF5C,     0xCF5D,
  /* U+87D0 */    0xCF5E,     0xF3AF,     0xF2FE,     0xF3AD,     0xCF5F,     0xCF60,     0xCF61,     0xCF62,
  /* U+87D8 */    0xCF63,     0xCF64,     0xCF65,     0xF3B2,     0xCF66,     0xCF67,     0xCF68,     0xCF69,
  /* U+87E0 */    0xF3B4,     0xCF6A,     0xCF6B,     0xCF6C,     0xCF6D,     0xF3A8,     0xCF6E,     0xCF6F,
  /* U+87E8 */    0xCF70,     0xCF71,     0xF3B3,     0xCF72,     0xCF73,     0xCF74,     0xF3B5,     0xCF75,
  /* U+87F0 */    0xCF76,     0xCF77,     0xCF78,     0xCF79,     0xCF7A,     0xCF7B,     0xCF7C,     0xCF7D,
  /* U+87F8 */    0xCF7E,     0xD0B7,     0xCF80,     0xCF81,     0xCF82,     0xCF83,     0xF3B8,     0xCF84,
  /* U+8800 */    0xCF85,     0xCF86,     0xCF87,     0xD9F9,     0xCF88,     0xCF89,     0xCF8A,     0xCF8B,
  /* U+8808 */    0xCF8C,     0xCF8D,     0xF3B9,     0xCF8E,     0xCF8F,     0xCF90,     0xCF91,     0xCF92,
  /* U+8810 */    0xCF93,     0xCF94,     0xCF95,     0xF3B7,     0xCF96,     0xC8E4,     0xF3B6,     0xCF97,
  /* U+8818 */    0xCF98,     0xCF99,     0xCF9A,     0xF3BA,     0xCF9B,     0xCF9C,     0xCF9D,     0xCF9E,
  /* U+8820 */    0xCF9F,     0xF3BB,     0xB4C0,     0xCFA0,     0xD040,     0xD041,     0xD042,     0xD043,
  /* U+8828 */    0xD044,     0xD045,     0xD046,     0xD047,     0xD048,     0xD049,     0xD04A,     0xD04B,
  /* U+8830 */    0xD04C,     0xD04D,     0xEEC3,     0xD04E,     0xD04F,     0xD050,     0xD051,     0xD052,
  /* U+8838 */    0xD053,     0xF3BC,     0xD054,     0xD055,     0xF3BD,     0xD056,     0xD057,     0xD058,
  /* U+8840 */    0xD1AA,     0xD059,     0xD05A,     0xD05B,     0xF4AC,     0xD0C6,     0xD05C,     0xD05D,
  /* U+8848 */    0xD05E,     0xD05F,     0xD060,     0xD061,     0xD0D0,     0xD1DC,     0xD062,     0xD063,
  /* U+8850 */    0xD064,     0xD065,     0xD066,     0xD067,     0xCFCE,     0xD068,     0xD069,     0xBDD6,
  /* U+8858 */    0xD06A,     0xD1C3,     0xD06B,     0xD06C,     0xD06D,     0xD06E,     0xD06F,     0xD070,
  /* U+8860 */    0xD071,     0xBAE2,     0xE1E9,     0xD2C2,     0xF1C2,     0xB2B9,     0xD072,     0xD073,
  /* U+8868 */    0xB1ED,     0xF1C3,     0xD074,     0xC9C0,     0xB3C4,     0xD075,     0xD9F2,     0xD076,
  /* U+8870 */    0xCBA5,     0xD077,     0xF1C4,     0xD078,     0xD079,     0xD07A,     0xD07B,     0xD6D4,
  /* U+8878 */    0xD07C,     0xD07D,     0xD07E,     0xD080,     0xD081,     0xF1C5,     0xF4C0,     0xF1C6,
  /* U+8880 */    0xD082,     0xD4AC,     0xF1C7,     0xD083,     0xB0C0,     0xF4C1,     0xD084,     0xD085,
  /* U+8888 */    0xF4C2,     0xD086,     0xD087,     0xB4FC,     0xD088,     0xC5DB,     0xD089,     0xD08A,
  /* U+8890 */    0xD08B,     0xD08C,     0xCCBB,     0xD08D,     0xD08E,     0xD08F,     0xD0E4,     0xD090,
  /* U+8898 */    0xD091,     0xD092,     0xD093,     0xD094,     0xCDE0,     0xD095,     0xD096,     0xD097,
  /* U+88A0 */    0xD098,     0xD099,     0xF1C8,     0xD09A,     0xD9F3,     0xD09B,     0xD09C,     0xD09D,
  /* U+88A8 */    0xD09E,     0xD09F,     0xD0A0,     0xB1BB,     0xD140,     0xCFAE,     0xD141,     0xD142,
  /* U+88B0 */    0xD143,     0xB8A4,     0xD144,     0xD145,     0xD146,     0xD147,     0xD148,     0xF1CA,
  /* U+88B8 */    0xD149,     0xD14A,     0xD14B,     0xD14C,     0xF1CB,     0xD14D,     0xD14E,     0xD14F,
  /* U+88C0 */    0xD150,     0xB2C3,     0xC1D1,     0xD151,     0xD152,     0xD7B0,     0xF1C9,     0xD153,
  /* U+88C8 */    0xD154,     0xF1CC,     0xD155,     0xD156,     0xD157,     0xD158,     0xF1CE,     0xD159,
  /* U+88D0 */    0xD15A,     0xD15B,     0xD9F6,     0xD15C,     0xD2E1,     0xD4A3,     0xD15D,     0xD15E,
  /* U+88D8 */    0xF4C3,     0xC8B9,     0xD15F,     0xD160,     0xD161,     0xD162,     0xD163,     0xF4C4,
  /* U+88E0 */    0xD164,     0xD165,     0xF1CD,     0xF1CF,     0xBFE3,     0xF1D0,     0xD166,     0xD167,
  /* U+88E8 */    0xF1D4,     0xD168,     0xD169,     0xD16A,     0xD16B,     0xD16C,     0xD16D,     0xD16E,
  /* U+88F0 */    0xF1D6,     0xF1D1,     0xD16F,     0xC9D1,     0xC5E1,     0xD170,     0xD171,     0xD172,
  /* U+88F8 */    0xC2E3,     0xB9FC,     0xD173,     0xD174,     0xF1D3,     0xD175,     0xF1D5,     0xD176,
  /* U+8900 */    0xD177,     0xD178,     0xB9D3,     0xD179,     0xD17A,     0xD17B,     0xD17C,     0xD17D,
  /* U+8908 */    0xD17E,     0xD180,     0xF1DB,     0xD181,     0xD182,     0xD183,     0xD184,     0xD185,
  /* U+8910 */    0xBAD6,     0xD186,     0xB0FD,     0xF1D9,     0xD187,     0xD188,     0xD189,     0xD18A,
  /* U+8918 */    0xD18B,     0xF1D8,     0xF1D2,     0xF1DA,     0xD18C,     0xD18D,     0xD18E,     0xD18F,
  /* U+8920 */    0xD190,     0xF1D7,     0xD191,     0xD192,     0xD193,     0xC8EC,     0xD194,     0xD195,
  /* U+8928 */    0xD196,     0xD197,     0xCDCA,     0xF1DD,     0xD198,     0xD199,     0xD19A,     0xD19B,
  /* U+8930 */    0xE5BD,     0xD19C,     0xD19D,     0xD19E,     0xF1DC,     0xD19F,     0xF1DE,     0xD1A0,
  /* U+8938 */    0xD240,     0xD241,     0xD242,     0xD243,     0xD244,     0xD245,     0xD246,     0xD247,
  /* U+8940 */    0xD248,     0xF1DF,     0xD249,     0xD24A,     0xCFE5,     0xD24B,     0xD24C,     0xD24D,
  /* U+8948 */    0xD24E,     0xD24F,     0xD250,     0xD251,     0xD252,     0xD253,     0xD254,     0xD255,
  /* U+8950 */    0xD256,     0xD257,     0xD258,     0xD259,     0xD25A,     0xD25B,     0xD25C,     0xD25D,
  /* U+8958 */    0xD25E,     0xD25F,     0xD260,     0xD261,     0xD262,     0xD263,     0xF4C5,     0xBDF3,
  /* U+8960 */    0xD264,     0xD265,     0xD266,     0xD267,     0xD268,     0xD269,     0xF1E0,     0xD26A,
  /* U+8968 */    0xD26B,     0xD26C,     0xD26D,     0xD26E,     0xD26F,     0xD270,     0xD271,     0xD272,
  /* U+8970 */    0xD273,     0xD274,     0xD275,     0xD276,     0xD277,     0xD278,     0xD279,     0xD27A,
  /* U+8978 */    0xD27B,     0xD27C,     0xD27D,     0xF1E1,     0xD27E,     0xD280,     0xD281,     0xCEF7,
  /* U+8980 */    0xD282,     0xD2AA,     0xD283,     0xF1FB,     0xD284,     0xD285,     0xB8B2,     0xD286,
  /* U+8988 */    0xD287,     0xD288,     0xD289,     0xD28A,     0xD28B,     0xD28C,     0xD28D,     0xD28E,
  /* U+8990 */    0xD28F,     0xD290,     0xD291,     0xD292,     0xD293,     0xD294,     0xD295,     0xD296,
  /* U+8998 */    0xD297,     0xD298,     0xD299,     0xD29A,     0xD29B,     0xD29C,     0xD29D,     0xD29E,
  /* U+89A0 */    0xD29F,     0xD2A0,     0xD340,     0xD341,     0xD342,     0xD343,     0xD344,     0xD345,
  /* U+89A8 */    0xD346,     0xD347,     0xD348,     0xD349,     0xD34A,     0xD34B,     0xD34C,     0xD34D,
  /* U+89B0 */    0xD34E,     0xD34F,     0xD350,     0xD351,     0xD352,     0xD353,     0xD354,     0xD355,
  /* U+89B8 */    0xD356,     0xD357,     0xD358,     0xD359,     0xD35A,     0xD35B,     0xD35C,     0xD35D,
  /* U+89C0 */    0xD35E,     0xBCFB,     0xB9DB,     0xD35F,     0xB9E6,     0xC3D9,     0xCAD3,     0xEAE8,
  /* U+89C8 */    0xC0C0,     0xBEF5,     0xEAE9,     0xEAEA,     0xEAEB,     0xD360,     0xEAEC,     0xEAED,
  /* U+89D0 */    0xEAEE,     0xEAEF,     0xBDC7,     0xD361,     0xD362,     0xD363,     0xF5FB,     0xD364,
  /* U+89D8 */    0xD365,     0xD366,     0xF5FD,     0xD367,     0xF5FE,     0xD368,     0xF5FC,     0xD369,
  /* U+89E0 */    0xD36A,     0xD36B,     0xD36C,     0xBDE2,     0xD36D,     0xF6A1,     0xB4A5,     0xD36E,
  /* U+89E8 */    0xD36F,     0xD370,     0xD371,     0xF6A2,     0xD372,     0xD373,     0xD374,     0xF6A3,
  /* U+89F0 */    0xD375,     0xD376,     0xD377,     0xECB2,     0xD378,     0xD379,     0xD37A,     0xD37B,
  /* U+89F8 */    0xD37C,     0xD37D,     0xD37E,     0xD380,     0xD381,     0xD382,     0xD383,     0xD384,
  /* U+8A00 */    0xD1D4,     0xD385,     0xD386,     0xD387,     0xD388,     0xD389,     0xD38A,     0xD9EA,
  /* U+8A08 */    0xD38B,     0xD38C,     0xD38D,     0xD38E,     0xD38F,     0xD390,     0xD391,     0xD392,
  /* U+8A10 */    0xD393,     0xD394,     0xD395,     0xD396,     0xD397,     0xD398,     0xD399,     0xD39A,
  /* U+8A18 */    0xD39B,     0xD39C,     0xD39D,     0xD39E,     0xD39F,     0xD3A0,     0xD440,     0xD441,
  /* U+8A20 */    0xD442,     0xD443,     0xD444,     0xD445,     0xD446,     0xD447,     0xD448,     0xD449,
  /* U+8A28 */    0xD44A,     0xD44B,     0xD44C,     0xD44D,     0xD44E,     0xD44F,     0xD450,     0xD451,
  /* U+8A30 */    0xD452,     0xD453,     0xD454,     0xD455,     0xD456,     0xD457,     0xD458,     0xD459,
  /* U+8A38 */    0xD45A,     0xD45B,     0xD45C,     0xD45D,     0xD45E,     0xD45F,     0xF6A4,     0xD460,
  /* U+8A40 */    0xD461,     0xD462,     0xD463,     0xD464,     0xD465,     0xD466,     0xD467,     0xD468,
  /* U+8A48 */    0xEEBA,     0xD469,     0xD46A,     0xD46B,     0xD46C,     0xD46D,     0xD46E,     0xD46F,
  /* U+8A50 */    0xD470,     0xD471,     0xD472,     0xD473,     0xD474,     0xD475,     0xD476,     0xD477,
  /* U+8A58 */    0xD478,     0xD479,     0xD47A,     0xD47B,     0xD47C,     0xD47D,     0xD47E,     0xD480,
  /* U+8A60 */    0xD481,     0xD482,     0xD483,     0xD484,     0xD485,     0xD486,     0xD487,     0xD488,
  /* U+8A68 */    0xD489,     0xD48A,     0xD48B,     0xD48C,     0xD48D,     0xD48E,     0xD48F,     0xD490,
  /* U+8A70 */    0xD491,     0xD492,     0xD493,     0xD494,     0xD495,     0xD496,     0xD497,     0xD498,
  /* U+8A78 */    0xD499,     0xD5B2,     0xD49A,     0xD49B,     0xD49C,     0xD49D,     0xD49E,     0xD49F,
  /* U+8A80 */    0xD4A0,     0xD540,     0xD541,     0xD542,     0xD543,     0xD544,     0xD545,     0xD546,
  /* U+8A88 */    0xD547,     0xD3FE,     0xCCDC,     0xD548,     0xD549,     0xD54A,     0xD54B,     0xD54C,
  /* U+8A90 */    0xD54D,     0xD54E,     0xD54F,     0xCAC4,     0xD550,     0xD551,     0xD552,     0xD553,
  /* U+8A98 */    0xD554,     0xD555,     0xD556,     0xD557,     0xD558,     0xD559,     0xD55A,     0xD55B,
  /* U+8AA0 */    0xD55C,     0xD55D,     0xD55E,     0xD55F,     0xD560,     0xD561,     0xD562,     0xD563,
  /* U+8AA8 */    0xD564,     0xD565,     0xD566,     0xD567,     0xD568,     0xD569,     0xD56A,     0xD56B,
  /* U+8AB0 */    0xD56C,     0xD56D,     0xD56E,     0xD56F,     0xD570,     0xD571,     0xD572,     0xD573,
  /* U+8AB8 */    0xD574,     0xD575,     0xD576,     0xD577,     0xD578,     0xD579,     0xD57A,     0xD57B,
  /* U+8AC0 */    0xD57C,     0xD57D,     0xD57E,     0xD580,     0xD581,     0xD582,     0xD583,     0xD584,
  /* U+8AC8 */    0xD585,     0xD586,     0xD587,     0xD588,     0xD589,     0xD58A,     0xD58B,     0xD58C,
  /* U+8AD0 */    0xD58D,     0xD58E,     0xD58F,     0xD590,     0xD591,     0xD592,     0xD593,     0xD594,
  /* U+8AD8 */    0xD595,     0xD596,     0xD597,     0xD598,     0xD599,     0xD59A,     0xD59B,     0xD59C,
  /* U+8AE0 */    0xD59D,     0xD59E,     0xD59F,     0xD5A0,     0xD640,     0xD641,     0xD642,     0xD643,
  /* U+8AE8 */    0xD644,     0xD645,     0xD646,     0xD647,     0xD648,     0xD649,     0xD64A,     0xD64B,
  /* U+8AF0 */    0xD64C,     0xD64D,     0xD64E,     0xD64F,     0xD650,     0xD651,     0xD652,     0xD653,
  /* U+8AF8 */    0xD654,     0xD655,     0xD656,     0xD657,     0xD658,     0xD659,     0xD65A,     0xD65B,
  /* U+8B00 */    0xD65C,     0xD65D,     0xD65E,     0xD65F,     0xD660,     0xD661,     0xD662,     0xE5C0,
  /* U+8B08 */    0xD663,     0xD664,     0xD665,     0xD666,     0xD667,     0xD668,     0xD669,     0xD66A,
  /* U+8B10 */    0xD66B,     0xD66C,     0xD66D,     0xD66E,     0xD66F,     0xD670,     0xD671,     0xD672,
  /* U+8B18 */    0xD673,     0xD674,     0xD675,     0xD676,     0xD677,     0xD678,     0xD679,     0xD67A,
  /* U+8B20 */    0xD67B,     0xD67C,     0xD67D,     0xD67E,     0xD680,     0xD681,     0xF6A5,     0xD682,
  /* U+8B28 */    0xD683,     0xD684,     0xD685,     0xD686,     0xD687,     0xD688,     0xD689,     0xD68A,
  /* U+8B30 */    0xD68B,     0xD68C,     0xD68D,     0xD68E,     0xD68F,     0xD690,     0xD691,     0xD692,
  /* U+8B38 */    0xD693,     0xD694,     0xD695,     0xD696,     0xD697,     0xD698,     0xD699,     0xD69A,
  /* U+8B40 */    0xD69B,     0xD69C,     0xD69D,     0xD69E,     0xD69F,     0xD6A0,     0xD740,     0xD741,
  /* U+8B48 */    0xD742,     0xD743,     0xD744,     0xD745,     0xD746,     0xD747,     0xD748,     0xD749,
  /* U+8B50 */    0xD74A,     0xD74B,     0xD74C,     0xD74D,     0xD74E,     0xD74F,     0xD750,     0xD751,
  /* U+8B58 */    0xD752,     0xD753,     0xD754,     0xD755,     0xD756,     0xD757,     0xD758,     0xD759,
  /* U+8B60 */    0xD75A,     0xD75B,     0xD75C,     0xD75D,     0xD75E,     0xD75F,     0xBEAF,     0xD760,
  /* U+8B68 */    0xD761,     0xD762,     0xD763,     0xD764,     0xC6A9,     0xD765,     0xD766,     0xD767,
  /* U+8B70 */    0xD768,     0xD769,     0xD76A,     0xD76B,     0xD76C,     0xD76D,     0xD76E,     0xD76F,
  /* U+8B78 */    0xD770,     0xD771,     0xD772,     0xD773,     0xD774,     0xD775,     0xD776,     0xD777,
  /* U+8B80 */    0xD778,     0xD779,     0xD77A,     0xD77B,     0xD77C,     0xD77D,     0xD77E,     0xD780,
  /* U+8B88 */    0xD781,     0xD782,     0xD783,     0xD784,     0xD785,     0xD786,     0xD787,     0xD788,
  /* U+8B90 */    0xD789,     0xD78A,     0xD78B,     0xD78C,     0xD78D,     0xD78E,     0xD78F,     0xD790,
  /* U+8B98 */    0xD791,     0xD792,     0xD793,     0xD794,     0xD795,     0xD796,     0xD797,     0xD798,
  /* U+8BA0 */    0xDAA5,     0xBCC6,     0xB6A9,     0xB8BC,     0xC8CF,     0xBCA5,     0xDAA6,     0xDAA7,
  /* U+8BA8 */    0xCCD6,     0xC8C3,     0xDAA8,     0xC6FD,     0xD799,     0xD1B5,     0xD2E9,     0xD1B6,
  /* U+8BB0 */    0xBCC7,     0xD79A,     0xBDB2,     0xBBE4,     0xDAA9,     0xDAAA,     0xD1C8,     0xDAAB,
  /* U+8BB8 */    0xD0ED,     0xB6EF,     0xC2DB,     0xD79B,     0xCBCF,     0xB7ED,     0xC9E8,     0xB7C3,
  /* U+8BC0 */    0xBEF7,     0xD6A4,     0xDAAC,     0xDAAD,     0xC6C0,     0xD7E7,     0xCAB6,     0xD79C,
  /* U+8BC8 */    0xD5A9,     0xCBDF,     0xD5EF,     0xDAAE,     0xD6DF,     0xB4CA,     0xDAB0,     0xDAAF,
  /* U+8BD0 */    0xD79D,     0xD2EB,     0xDAB1,     0xDAB2,     0xDAB3,     0xCAD4,     0xDAB4,     0xCAAB,
  /* U+8BD8 */    0xDAB5,     0xDAB6,     0xB3CF,     0xD6EF,     0xDAB7,     0xBBB0,     0xB5AE,     0xDAB8,
  /* U+8BE0 */    0xDAB9,     0xB9EE,     0xD1AF,     0xD2E8,     0xDABA,     0xB8C3,     0xCFEA,     0xB2EF,
  /* U+8BE8 */    0xDABB,     0xDABC,     0xD79E,     0xBDEB,     0xCEDC,     0xD3EF,     0xDABD,     0xCEF3,
  /* U+8BF0 */    0xDABE,     0xD3D5,     0xBBE5,     0xDABF,     0xCBB5,     0xCBD0,     0xDAC0,     0xC7EB,
  /* U+8BF8 */    0xD6EE,     0xDAC1,     0xC5B5,     0xB6C1,     0xDAC2,     0xB7CC,     0xBFCE,     0xDAC3,
  /* U+8C00 */    0xDAC4,     0xCBAD,     0xDAC5,     0xB5F7,     0xDAC6,     0xC1C2,     0xD7BB,     0xDAC7,
  /* U+8C08 */    0xCCB8,     0xD79F,     0xD2EA,     0xC4B1,     0xDAC8,     0xB5FD,     0xBBD1,     0xDAC9,
  /* U+8C10 */    0xD0B3,     0xDACA,     0xDACB,     0xCEBD,     0xDACC,     0xDACD,     0xDACE,     0xB2F7,
  /* U+8C18 */    0xDAD1,     0xDACF,     0xD1E8,     0xDAD0,     0xC3D5,     0xDAD2,     0xD7A0,     0xDAD3,
  /* U+8C20 */    0xDAD4,     0xDAD5,     0xD0BB,     0xD2A5,     0xB0F9,     0xDAD6,     0xC7AB,     0xDAD7,
  /* U+8C28 */    0xBDF7,     0xC3A1,     0xDAD8,     0xDAD9,     0xC3FD,     0xCCB7,     0xDADA,     0xDADB,
  /* U+8C30 */    0xC0BE,     0xC6D7,     0xDADC,     0xDADD,     0xC7B4,     0xDADE,     0xDADF,     0xB9C8,
  /* U+8C38 */    0xD840,     0xD841,     0xD842,     0xD843,     0xD844,     0xD845,     0xD846,     0xD847,
  /* U+8C40 */    0xD848,     0xBBED,     0xD849,     0xD84A,     0xD84B,     0xD84C,     0xB6B9,     0xF4F8,
  /* U+8C48 */    0xD84D,     0xF4F9,     0xD84E,     0xD84F,     0xCDE3,     0xD850,     0xD851,     0xD852,
  /* U+8C50 */    0xD853,     0xD854,     0xD855,     0xD856,     0xD857,     0xF5B9,     0xD858,     0xD859,
  /* U+8C58 */    0xD85A,     0xD85B,     0xEBE0,     0xD85C,     0xD85D,     0xD85E,     0xD85F,     0xD860,
  /* U+8C60 */    0xD861,     0xCFF3,     0xBBBF,     0xD862,     0xD863,     0xD864,     0xD865,     0xD866,
  /* U+8C68 */    0xD867,     0xD868,     0xBAC0,     0xD4A5,     0xD869,     0xD86A,     0xD86B,     0xD86C,
  /* U+8C70 */    0xD86D,     0xD86E,     0xD86F,     0xE1D9,     0xD870,     0xD871,     0xD872,     0xD873,
  /* U+8C78 */    0xF5F4,     0xB1AA,     0xB2F2,     0xD874,     0xD875,     0xD876,     0xD877,     0xD878,
  /* U+8C80 */    0xD879,     0xD87A,     0xF5F5,     0xD87B,     0xD87C,     0xF5F7,     0xD87D,     0xD87E,
  /* U+8C88 */    0xD880,     0xBAD1,     0xF5F6,     0xD881,     0xC3B2,     0xD882,     0xD883,     0xD884,
  /* U+8C90 */    0xD885,     0xD886,     0xD887,     0xD888,     0xF5F9,     0xD889,     0xD88A,     0xD88B,
  /* U+8C98 */    0xF5F8,     0xD88C,     0xD88D,     0xD88E,     0xD88F,     0xD890,     0xD891,     0xD892,
  /* U+8CA0 */    0xD893,     0xD894,     0xD895,     0xD896,     0xD897,     0xD898,     0xD899,     0xD89A,
  /* U+8CA8 */    0xD89B,     0xD89C,     0xD89D,     0xD89E,     0xD89F,     0xD8A0,     0xD940,     0xD941,
  /* U+8CB0 */    0xD942,     0xD943,     0xD944,     0xD945,     0xD946,     0xD947,     0xD948,     0xD949,
  /* U+8CB8 */    0xD94A,     0xD94B,     0xD94C,     0xD94D,     0xD94E,     0xD94F,     0xD950,     0xD951,
  /* U+8CC0 */    0xD952,     0xD953,     0xD954,     0xD955,     0xD956,     0xD957,     0xD958,     0xD959,
  /* U+8CC8 */    0xD95A,     0xD95B,     0xD95C,     0xD95D,     0xD95E,     0xD95F,     0xD960,     0xD961,
  /* U+8CD0 */    0xD962,     0xD963,     0xD964,     0xD965,     0xD966,     0xD967,     0xD968,     0xD969,
  /* U+8CD8 */    0xD96A,     0xD96B,     0xD96C,     0xD96D,     0xD96E,     0xD96F,     0xD970,     0xD971,
  /* U+8CE0 */    0xD972,     0xD973,     0xD974,     0xD975,     0xD976,     0xD977,     0xD978,     0xD979,
  /* U+8CE8 */    0xD97A,     0xD97B,     0xD97C,     0xD97D,     0xD97E,     0xD980,     0xD981,     0xD982,
  /* U+8CF0 */    0xD983,     0xD984,     0xD985,     0xD986,     0xD987,     0xD988,     0xD989,     0xD98A,
  /* U+8CF8 */    0xD98B,     0xD98C,     0xD98D,     0xD98E,     0xD98F,     0xD990,     0xD991,     0xD992,
  /* U+8D00 */    0xD993,     0xD994,     0xD995,     0xD996,     0xD997,     0xD998,     0xD999,     0xD99A,
  /* U+8D08 */    0xD99B,     0xD99C,     0xD99D,     0xD99E,     0xD99F,     0xD9A0,     0xDA40,     0xDA41,
  /* U+8D10 */    0xDA42,     0xDA43,     0xDA44,     0xDA45,     0xDA46,     0xDA47,     0xDA48,     0xDA49,
  /* U+8D18 */    0xDA4A,     0xDA4B,     0xDA4C,     0xDA4D,     0xDA4E,     0xB1B4,     0xD5EA,     0xB8BA,
  /* U+8D20 */    0xDA4F,     0xB9B1,     0xB2C6,     0xD4F0,     0xCFCD,     0xB0DC,     0xD5CB,     0xBBF5,
  /* U+8D28 */    0xD6CA,     0xB7B7,     0xCCB0,     0xC6B6,     0xB1E1,     0xB9BA,     0xD6FC,     0xB9E1,
  /* U+8D30 */    0xB7A1,     0xBCFA,     0xEADA,     0xEADB,     0xCCF9,     0xB9F3,     0xEADC,     0xB4FB,
  /* U+8D38 */    0xC3B3,     0xB7D1,     0xBAD8,     0xEADD,     0xD4F4,     0xEADE,     0xBCD6,     0xBBDF,
  /* U+8D40 */    0xEADF,     0xC1DE,     0xC2B8,     0xD4DF,     0xD7CA,     0xEAE0,     0xEAE1,     0xEAE4,
  /* U+8D48 */    0xEAE2,     0xEAE3,     0xC9DE,     0xB8B3,     0xB6C4,     0xEAE5,     0xCAEA,     0xC9CD,
  /* U+8D50 */    0xB4CD,     0xDA50,     0xDA51,     0xE2D9,     0xC5E2,     0xEAE6,     0xC0B5,     0xDA52,
  /* U+8D58 */    0xD7B8,     0xEAE7,     0xD7AC,     0xC8FC,     0xD8D3,     0xD8CD,     0xD4DE,     0xDA53,
  /* U+8D60 */    0xD4F9,     0xC9C4,     0xD3AE,     0xB8D3,     0xB3E0,     0xDA54,     0xC9E2,     0xF4F6,
  /* U+8D68 */    0xDA55,     0xDA56,     0xDA57,     0xBAD5,     0xDA58,     0xF4F7,     0xDA59,     0xDA5A,
  /* U+8D70 */    0xD7DF,     0xDA5B,     0xDA5C,     0xF4F1,     0xB8B0,     0xD5D4,     0xB8CF,     0xC6F0,
  /* U+8D78 */    0xDA5D,     0xDA5E,     0xDA5F,     0xDA60,     0xDA61,     0xDA62,     0xDA63,     0xDA64,
  /* U+8D80 */    0xDA65,     0xB3C3,     0xDA66,     0xDA67,     0xF4F2,     0xB3AC,     0xDA68,     0xDA69,
  /* U+8D88 */    0xDA6A,     0xDA6B,     0xD4BD,     0xC7F7,     0xDA6C,     0xDA6D,     0xDA6E,     0xDA6F,
  /* U+8D90 */    0xDA70,     0xF4F4,     0xDA71,     0xDA72,     0xF4F3,     0xDA73,     0xDA74,     0xDA75,
  /* U+8D98 */    0xDA76,     0xDA77,     0xDA78,     0xDA79,     0xDA7A,     0xDA7B,     0xDA7C,     0xCCCB,
  /* U+8DA0 */    0xDA7D,     0xDA7E,     0xDA80,     0xC8A4,     0xDA81,     0xDA82,     0xDA83,     0xDA84,
  /* U+8DA8 */    0xDA85,     0xDA86,     0xDA87,     0xDA88,     0xDA89,     0xDA8A,     0xDA8B,     0xDA8C,
  /* U+8DB0 */    0xDA8D,     0xF4F5,     0xDA8E,     0xD7E3,     0xC5BF,     0xF5C0,     0xDA8F,     0xDA90,
  /* U+8DB8 */    0xF5BB,     0xDA91,     0xF5C3,     0xDA92,     0xF5C2,     0xDA93,     0xD6BA,     0xF5C1,
  /* U+8DC0 */    0xDA94,     0xDA95,     0xDA96,     0xD4BE,     0xF5C4,     0xDA97,     0xF5CC,     0xDA98,
  /* U+8DC8 */    0xDA99,     0xDA9A,     0xDA9B,     0xB0CF,     0xB5F8,     0xDA9C,     0xF5C9,     0xF5CA,
  /* U+8DD0 */    0xDA9D,     0xC5DC,     0xDA9E,     0xDA9F,     0xDAA0,     0xDB40,     0xF5C5,     0xF5C6,
  /* U+8DD8 */    0xDB41,     0xDB42,     0xF5C7,     0xF5CB,     0xDB43,     0xBEE0,     0xF5C8,     0xB8FA,
  /* U+8DE0 */    0xDB44,     0xDB45,     0xDB46,     0xF5D0,     0xF5D3,     0xDB47,     0xDB48,     0xDB49,
  /* U+8DE8 */    0xBFE7,     0xDB4A,     0xB9F2,     0xF5BC,     0xF5CD,     0xDB4B,     0xDB4C,     0xC2B7,
  /* U+8DF0 */    0xDB4D,     0xDB4E,     0xDB4F,     0xCCF8,     0xDB50,     0xBCF9,     0xDB51,     0xF5CE,
  /* U+8DF8 */    0xF5CF,     0xF5D1,     0xB6E5,     0xF5D2,     0xDB52,     0xF5D5,     0xDB53,     0xDB54,
  /* U+8E00 */    0xDB55,     0xDB56,     0xDB57,     0xDB58,     0xDB59,     0xF5BD,     0xDB5A,     0xDB5B,
  /* U+8E08 */    0xDB5C,     0xF5D4,     0xD3BB,     0xDB5D,     0xB3EC,     0xDB5E,     0xDB5F,     0xCCA4,
  /* U+8E10 */    0xDB60,     0xDB61,     0xDB62,     0xDB63,     0xF5D6,     0xDB64,     0xDB65,     0xDB66,
  /* U+8E18 */    0xDB67,     0xDB68,     0xDB69,     0xDB6A,     0xDB6B,     0xF5D7,     0xBEE1,     0xF5D8,
  /* U+8E20 */    0xDB6C,     0xDB6D,     0xCCDF,     0xF5DB,     0xDB6E,     0xDB6F,     0xDB70,     0xDB71,
  /* U+8E28 */    0xDB72,     0xB2C8,     0xD7D9,     0xDB73,     0xF5D9,     0xDB74,     0xF5DA,     0xF5DC,
  /* U+8E30 */    0xDB75,     0xF5E2,     0xDB76,     0xDB77,     0xDB78,     0xF5E0,     0xDB79,     0xDB7A,
  /* U+8E38 */    0xDB7B,     0xF5DF,     0xF5DD,     0xDB7C,     0xDB7D,     0xF5E1,     0xDB7E,     0xDB80,
  /* U+8E40 */    0xF5DE,     0xF5E4,     0xF5E5,     0xDB81,     0xCCE3,     0xDB82,     0xDB83,     0xE5BF,
  /* U+8E48 */    0xB5B8,     0xF5E3,     0xF5E8,     0xCCA3,     0xDB84,     0xDB85,     0xDB86,     0xDB87,
  /* U+8E50 */    0xDB88,     0xF5E6,     0xF5E7,     0xDB89,     0xDB8A,     0xDB8B,     0xDB8C,     0xDB8D,
  /* U+8E58 */    0xDB8E,     0xF5BE,     0xDB8F,     0xDB90,     0xDB91,     0xDB92,     0xDB93,     0xDB94,
  /* U+8E60 */    0xDB95,     0xDB96,     0xDB97,     0xDB98,     0xDB99,     0xDB9A,     0xB1C4,     0xDB9B,
  /* U+8E68 */    0xDB9C,     0xF5BF,     0xDB9D,     0xDB9E,     0xB5C5,     0xB2E4,     0xDB9F,     0xF5EC,
  /* U+8E70 */    0xF5E9,     0xDBA0,     0xB6D7,     0xDC40,     0xF5ED,     0xDC41,     0xF5EA,     0xDC42,
  /* U+8E78 */    0xDC43,     0xDC44,     0xDC45,     0xDC46,     0xF5EB,     0xDC47,     0xDC48,     0xB4DA,
  /* U+8E80 */    0xDC49,     0xD4EA,     0xDC4A,     0xDC4B,     0xDC4C,     0xF5EE,     0xDC4D,     0xB3F9,
  /* U+8E88 */    0xDC4E,     0xDC4F,     0xDC50,     0xDC51,     0xDC52,     0xDC53,     0xDC54,     0xF5EF,
  /* U+8E90 */    0xF5F1,     0xDC55,     0xDC56,     0xDC57,     0xF5F0,     0xDC58,     0xDC59,     0xDC5A,
  /* U+8E98 */    0xDC5B,     0xDC5C,     0xDC5D,     0xDC5E,     0xF5F2,     0xDC5F,     0xF5F3,     0xDC60,
  /* U+8EA0 */    0xDC61,     0xDC62,     0xDC63,     0xDC64,     0xDC65,     0xDC66,     0xDC67,     0xDC68,
  /* U+8EA8 */    0xDC69,     0xDC6A,     0xDC6B,     0xC9ED,     0xB9AA,     0xDC6C,     0xDC6D,     0xC7FB,
  /* U+8EB0 */    0xDC6E,     0xDC6F,     0xB6E3,     0xDC70,     0xDC71,     0xDC72,     0xDC73,     0xDC74,
  /* U+8EB8 */    0xDC75,     0xDC76,     0xCCC9,     0xDC77,     0xDC78,     0xDC79,     0xDC7A,     0xDC7B,
  /* U+8EC0 */    0xDC7C,     0xDC7D,     0xDC7E,     0xDC80,     0xDC81,     0xDC82,     0xDC83,     0xDC84,
  /* U+8EC8 */    0xDC85,     0xDC86,     0xDC87,     0xDC88,     0xDC89,     0xDC8A,     0xEAA6,     0xDC8B,
  /* U+8ED0 */    0xDC8C,     0xDC8D,     0xDC8E,     0xDC8F,     0xDC90,     0xDC91,     0xDC92,     0xDC93,
  /* U+8ED8 */    0xDC94,     0xDC95,     0xDC96,     0xDC97,     0xDC98,     0xDC99,     0xDC9A,     0xDC9B,
  /* U+8EE0 */    0xDC9C,     0xDC9D,     0xDC9E,     0xDC9F,     0xDCA0,     0xDD40,     0xDD41,     0xDD42,
  /* U+8EE8 */    0xDD43,     0xDD44,     0xDD45,     0xDD46,     0xDD47,     0xDD48,     0xDD49,     0xDD4A,
  /* U+8EF0 */    0xDD4B,     0xDD4C,     0xDD4D,     0xDD4E,     0xDD4F,     0xDD50,     0xDD51,     0xDD52,
  /* U+8EF8 */    0xDD53,     0xDD54,     0xDD55,     0xDD56,     0xDD57,     0xDD58,     0xDD59,     0xDD5A,
  /* U+8F00 */    0xDD5B,     0xDD5C,     0xDD5D,     0xDD5E,     0xDD5F,     0xDD60,     0xDD61,     0xDD62,
  /* U+8F08 */    0xDD63,     0xDD64,     0xDD65,     0xDD66,     0xDD67,     0xDD68,     0xDD69,     0xDD6A,
  /* U+8F10 */    0xDD6B,     0xDD6C,     0xDD6D,     0xDD6E,     0xDD6F,     0xDD70,     0xDD71,     0xDD72,
  /* U+8F18 */    0xDD73,     0xDD74,     0xDD75,     0xDD76,     0xDD77,     0xDD78,     0xDD79,     0xDD7A,
  /* U+8F20 */    0xDD7B,     0xDD7C,     0xDD7D,     0xDD7E,     0xDD80,     0xDD81,     0xDD82,     0xDD83,
  /* U+8F28 */    0xDD84,     0xDD85,     0xDD86,     0xDD87,     0xDD88,     0xDD89,     0xDD8A,     0xDD8B,
  /* U+8F30 */    0xDD8C,     0xDD8D,     0xDD8E,     0xDD8F,     0xDD90,     0xDD91,     0xDD92,     0xDD93,
  /* U+8F38 */    0xDD94,     0xDD95,     0xDD96,     0xDD97,     0xDD98,     0xDD99,     0xDD9A,     0xDD9B,
  /* U+8F40 */    0xDD9C,     0xDD9D,     0xDD9E,     0xDD9F,     0xDDA0,     0xDE40,     0xDE41,     0xDE42,
  /* U+8F48 */    0xDE43,     0xDE44,     0xDE45,     0xDE46,     0xDE47,     0xDE48,     0xDE49,     0xDE4A,
  /* U+8F50 */    0xDE4B,     0xDE4C,     0xDE4D,     0xDE4E,     0xDE4F,     0xDE50,     0xDE51,     0xDE52,
  /* U+8F58 */    0xDE53,     0xDE54,     0xDE55,     0xDE56,     0xDE57,     0xDE58,     0xDE59,     0xDE5A,
  /* U+8F60 */    0xDE5B,     0xDE5C,     0xDE5D,     0xDE5E,     0xDE5F,     0xDE60,     0xB3B5,     0xD4FE,
  /* U+8F68 */    0xB9EC,     0xD0F9,     0xDE61,     0xE9ED,     0xD7AA,     0xE9EE,     0xC2D6,     0xC8ED,
  /* U+8F70 */    0xBAE4,     0xE9EF,     0xE9F0,     0xE9F1,     0xD6E1,     0xE9F2,     0xE9F3,     0xE9F5,
  /* U+8F78 */    0xE9F4,     0xE9F6,     0xE9F7,     0xC7E1,     0xE9F8,     0xD4D8,     0xE9F9,     0xBDCE,
  /* U+8F80 */    0xDE62,     0xE9FA,     0xE9FB,     0xBDCF,     0xE9FC,     0xB8A8,     0xC1BE,     0xE9FD,
  /* U+8F88 */    0xB1B2,     0xBBD4,     0xB9F5,     0xE9FE,     0xDE63,     0xEAA1,     0xEAA2,     0xEAA3,
  /* U+8F90 */    0xB7F8,     0xBCAD,     0xDE64,     0xCAE4,     0xE0CE,     0xD4AF,     0xCFBD,     0xD5B7,
  /* U+8F98 */    0xEAA4,     0xD5DE,     0xEAA5,     0xD0C1,     0xB9BC,     0xDE65,     0xB4C7,     0xB1D9,
  /* U+8FA0 */    0xDE66,     0xDE67,     0xDE68,     0xC0B1,     0xDE69,     0xDE6A,     0xDE6B,     0xDE6C,
  /* U+8FA8 */    0xB1E6,     0xB1E7,     0xDE6D,     0xB1E8,     0xDE6E,     0xDE6F,     0xDE70,     0xDE71,
  /* U+8FB0 */    0xB3BD,     0xC8E8,     0xDE72,     0xDE73,     0xDE74,     0xDE75,     0xE5C1,     0xDE76,
  /* U+8FB8 */    0xDE77,     0xB1DF,     0xDE78,     0xDE79,     0xDE7A,     0xC1C9,     0xB4EF,     0xDE7B,
  /* U+8FC0 */    0xDE7C,     0xC7A8,     0xD3D8,     0xDE7D,     0xC6F9,     0xD1B8,     0xDE7E,     0xB9FD,
  /* U+8FC8 */    0xC2F5,     0xDE80,     0xDE81,     0xDE82,     0xDE83,     0xDE84,     0xD3AD,     0xDE85,
  /* U+8FD0 */    0xD4CB,     0xBDFC,     0xDE86,     0xE5C2,     0xB7B5,     0xE5C3,     0xDE87,     0xDE88,
  /* U+8FD8 */    0xBBB9,     0xD5E2,     0xDE89,     0xBDF8,     0xD4B6,     0xCEA5,     0xC1AC,     0xB3D9,
  /* U+8FE0 */    0xDE8A,     0xDE8B,     0xCCF6,     0xDE8C,     0xE5C6,     0xE5C4,     0xE5C8,     0xDE8D,
  /* U+8FE8 */    0xE5CA,     0xE5C7,     0xB5CF,     0xC6C8,     0xDE8E,     0xB5FC,     0xE5C5,     0xDE8F,
  /* U+8FF0 */    0xCAF6,     0xDE90,     0xDE91,     0xE5C9,     0xDE92,     0xDE93,     0xDE94,     0xC3D4,
  /* U+8FF8 */    0xB1C5,     0xBCA3,     0xDE95,     0xDE96,     0xDE97,     0xD7B7,     0xDE98,     0xDE99,
  /* U+9000 */    0xCDCB,     0xCBCD,     0xCACA,     0xCCD3,     0xE5CC,     0xE5CB,     0xC4E6,     0xDE9A,
  /* U+9008 */    0xDE9B,     0xD1A1,     0xD1B7,     0xE5CD,     0xDE9C,     0xE5D0,     0xDE9D,     0xCDB8,
  /* U+9010 */    0xD6F0,     0xE5CF,     0xB5DD,     0xDE9E,     0xCDBE,     0xDE9F,     0xE5D1,     0xB6BA,
  /* U+9018 */    0xDEA0,     0xDF40,     0xCDA8,     0xB9E4,     0xDF41,     0xCAC5,     0xB3D1,     0xCBD9,
  /* U+9020 */    0xD4EC,     0xE5D2,     0xB7EA,     0xDF42,     0xDF43,     0xDF44,     0xE5CE,     0xDF45,
  /* U+9028 */    0xDF46,     0xDF47,     0xDF48,     0xDF49,     0xDF4A,     0xE5D5,     0xB4FE,     0xE5D6,
  /* U+9030 */    0xDF4B,     0xDF4C,     0xDF4D,     0xDF4E,     0xDF4F,     0xE5D3,     0xE5D4,     0xDF50,
  /* U+9038 */    0xD2DD,     0xDF51,     0xDF52,     0xC2DF,     0xB1C6,     0xDF53,     0xD3E2,     0xDF54,
  /* U+9040 */    0xDF55,     0xB6DD,     0xCBEC,     0xDF56,     0xE5D7,     0xDF57,     0xDF58,     0xD3F6,
  /* U+9048 */    0xDF59,     0xDF5A,     0xDF5B,     0xDF5C,     0xDF5D,     0xB1E9,     0xDF5E,     0xB6F4,
  /* U+9050 */    0xE5DA,     0xE5D8,     0xE5D9,     0xB5C0,     0xDF5F,     0xDF60,     0xDF61,     0xD2C5,
  /* U+9058 */    0xE5DC,     0xDF62,     0xDF63,     0xE5DE,     0xDF64,     0xDF65,     0xDF66,     0xDF67,
  /* U+9060 */    0xDF68,     0xDF69,     0xE5DD,     0xC7B2,     0xDF6A,     0xD2A3,     0xDF6B,     0xDF6C,
  /* U+9068 */    0xE5DB,     0xDF6D,     0xDF6E,     0xDF6F,     0xDF70,     0xD4E2,     0xD5DA,     0xDF71,
  /* U+9070 */    0xDF72,     0xDF73,     0xDF74,     0xDF75,     0xE5E0,     0xD7F1,     0xDF76,     0xDF77,
  /* U+9078 */    0xDF78,     0xDF79,     0xDF7A,     0xDF7B,     0xDF7C,     0xE5E1,     0xDF7D,     0xB1DC,
  /* U+9080 */    0xD1FB,     0xDF7E,     0xE5E2,     0xE5E4,     0xDF80,     0xDF81,     0xDF82,     0xDF83,
  /* U+9088 */    0xE5E3,     0xDF84,     0xDF85,     0xE5E5,     0xDF86,     0xDF87,     0xDF88,     0xDF89,
  /* U+9090 */    0xDF8A,     0xD2D8,     0xDF8B,     0xB5CB,     0xDF8C,     0xE7DF,     0xDF8D,     0xDAF5,
  /* U+9098 */    0xDF8E,     0xDAF8,     0xDF8F,     0xDAF6,     0xDF90,     0xDAF7,     0xDF91,     0xDF92,
  /* U+90A0 */    0xDF93,     0xDAFA,     0xD0CF,     0xC4C7,     0xDF94,     0xDF95,     0xB0EE,     0xDF96,
  /* U+90A8 */    0xDF97,     0xDF98,     0xD0B0,     0xDF99,     0xDAF9,     0xDF9A,     0xD3CA,     0xBAAA,
  /* U+90B0 */    0xDBA2,     0xC7F1,     0xDF9B,     0xDAFC,     0xDAFB,     0xC9DB,     0xDAFD,     0xDF9C,
  /* U+90B8 */    0xDBA1,     0xD7DE,     0xDAFE,     0xC1DA,     0xDF9D,     0xDF9E,     0xDBA5,     0xDF9F,
  /* U+90C0 */    0xDFA0,     0xD3F4,     0xE040,     0xE041,     0xDBA7,     0xDBA4,     0xE042,     0xDBA8,
  /* U+90C8 */    0xE043,     0xE044,     0xBDBC,     0xE045,     0xE046,     0xE047,     0xC0C9,     0xDBA3,
  /* U+90D0 */    0xDBA6,     0xD6A3,     0xE048,     0xDBA9,     0xE049,     0xE04A,     0xE04B,     0xDBAD,
  /* U+90D8 */    0xE04C,     0xE04D,     0xE04E,     0xDBAE,     0xDBAC,     0xBAC2,     0xE04F,     0xE050,
  /* U+90E0 */    0xE051,     0xBFA4,     0xDBAB,     0xE052,     0xE053,     0xE054,     0xDBAA,     0xD4C7,
  /* U+90E8 */    0xB2BF,     0xE055,     0xE056,     0xDBAF,     0xE057,     0xB9F9,     0xE058,     0xDBB0,
  /* U+90F0 */    0xE059,     0xE05A,     0xE05B,     0xE05C,     0xB3BB,     0xE05D,     0xE05E,     0xE05F,
  /* U+90F8 */    0xB5A6,     0xE060,     0xE061,     0xE062,     0xE063,     0xB6BC,     0xDBB1,     0xE064,
  /* U+9100 */    0xE065,     0xE066,     0xB6F5,     0xE067,     0xDBB2,     0xE068,     0xE069,     0xE06A,
  /* U+9108 */    0xE06B,     0xE06C,     0xE06D,     0xE06E,     0xE06F,     0xE070,     0xE071,     0xE072,
  /* U+9110 */    0xE073,     0xE074,     0xE075,     0xE076,     0xE077,     0xE078,     0xE079,     0xE07A,
  /* U+9118 */    0xE07B,     0xB1C9,     0xE07C,     0xE07D,     0xE07E,     0xE080,     0xDBB4,     0xE081,
  /* U+9120 */    0xE082,     0xE083,     0xDBB3,     0xDBB5,     0xE084,     0xE085,     0xE086,     0xE087,
  /* U+9128 */    0xE088,     0xE089,     0xE08A,     0xE08B,     0xE08C,     0xE08D,     0xE08E,     0xDBB7,
  /* U+9130 */    0xE08F,     0xDBB6,     0xE090,     0xE091,     0xE092,     0xE093,     0xE094,     0xE095,
  /* U+9138 */    0xE096,     0xDBB8,     0xE097,     0xE098,     0xE099,     0xE09A,     0xE09B,     0xE09C,
  /* U+9140 */    0xE09D,     0xE09E,     0xE09F,     0xDBB9,     0xE0A0,     0xE140,     0xDBBA,     0xE141,
  /* U+9148 */    0xE142,     0xD3CF,     0xF4FA,     0xC7F5,     0xD7C3,     0xC5E4,     0xF4FC,     0xF4FD,
  /* U+9150 */    0xF4FB,     0xE143,     0xBEC6,     0xE144,     0xE145,     0xE146,     0xE147,     0xD0EF,
  /* U+9158 */    0xE148,     0xE149,     0xB7D3,     0xE14A,     0xE14B,     0xD4CD,     0xCCAA,     0xE14C,
  /* U+9160 */    0xE14D,     0xF5A2,     0xF5A1,     0xBAA8,     0xF4FE,     0xCBD6,     0xE14E,     0xE14F,
  /* U+9168 */    0xE150,     0xF5A4,     0xC0D2,     0xE151,     0xB3EA,     0xE152,     0xCDAA,     0xF5A5,
  /* U+9170 */    0xF5A3,     0xBDB4,     0xF5A8,     0xE153,     0xF5A9,     0xBDCD,     0xC3B8,     0xBFE1,
  /* U+9178 */    0xCBE1,     0xF5AA,     0xE154,     0xE155,     0xE156,     0xF5A6,     0xF5A7,     0xC4F0,
  /* U+9180 */    0xE157,     0xE158,     0xE159,     0xE15A,     0xE15B,     0xF5AC,     0xE15C,     0xB4BC,
  /* U+9188 */    0xE15D,     0xD7ED,     0xE15E,     0xB4D7,     0xF5AB,     0xF5AE,     0xE15F,     0xE160,
  /* U+9190 */    0xF5AD,     0xF5AF,     0xD0D1,     0xE161,     0xE162,     0xE163,     0xE164,     0xE165,
  /* U+9198 */    0xE166,     0xE167,     0xC3D1,     0xC8A9,     0xE168,     0xE169,     0xE16A,     0xE16B,
  /* U+91A0 */    0xE16C,     0xE16D,     0xF5B0,     0xF5B1,     0xE16E,     0xE16F,     0xE170,     0xE171,
  /* U+91A8 */    0xE172,     0xE173,     0xF5B2,     0xE174,     0xE175,     0xF5B3,     0xF5B4,     0xF5B5,
  /* U+91B0 */    0xE176,     0xE177,     0xE178,     0xE179,     0xF5B7,     0xF5B6,     0xE17A,     0xE17B,
  /* U+91B8 */    0xE17C,     0xE17D,     0xF5B8,     0xE17E,     0xE180,     0xE181,     0xE182,     0xE183,
  /* U+91C0 */    0xE184,     0xE185,     0xE186,     0xE187,     0xE188,     0xE189,     0xE18A,     0xB2C9,
  /* U+91C8 */    0xE18B,     0xD3D4,     0xCACD,     0xE18C,     0xC0EF,     0xD6D8,     0xD2B0,     0xC1BF,
  /* U+91D0 */    0xE18D,     0xBDF0,     0xE18E,     0xE18F,     0xE190,     0xE191,     0xE192,     0xE193,
  /* U+91D8 */    0xE194,     0xE195,     0xE196,     0xE197,     0xB8AA,     0xE198,     0xE199,     0xE19A,
  /* U+91E0 */    0xE19B,     0xE19C,     0xE19D,     0xE19E,     0xE19F,     0xE1A0,     0xE240,     0xE241,
  /* U+91E8 */    0xE242,     0xE243,     0xE244,     0xE245,     0xE246,     0xE247,     0xE248,     0xE249,
  /* U+91F0 */    0xE24A,     0xE24B,     0xE24C,     0xE24D,     0xE24E,     0xE24F,     0xE250,     0xE251,
  /* U+91F8 */    0xE252,     0xE253,     0xE254,     0xE255,     0xE256,     0xE257,     0xE258,     0xE259,
  /* U+9200 */    0xE25A,     0xE25B,     0xE25C,     0xE25D,     0xE25E,     0xE25F,     0xE260,     0xE261,
  /* U+9208 */    0xE262,     0xE263,     0xE264,     0xE265,     0xE266,     0xE267,     0xE268,     0xE269,
  /* U+9210 */    0xE26A,     0xE26B,     0xE26C,     0xE26D,     0xE26E,     0xE26F,     0xE270,     0xE271,
  /* U+9218 */    0xE272,     0xE273,     0xE274,     0xE275,     0xE276,     0xE277,     0xE278,     0xE279,
  /* U+9220 */    0xE27A,     0xE27B,     0xE27C,     0xE27D,     0xE27E,     0xE280,     0xE281,     0xE282,
  /* U+9228 */    0xE283,     0xE284,     0xE285,     0xE286,     0xE287,     0xE288,     0xE289,     0xE28A,
  /* U+9230 */    0xE28B,     0xE28C,     0xE28D,     0xE28E,     0xE28F,     0xE290,     0xE291,     0xE292,
  /* U+9238 */    0xE293,     0xE294,     0xE295,     0xE296,     0xE297,     0xE298,     0xE299,     0xE29A,
  /* U+9240 */    0xE29B,     0xE29C,     0xE29D,     0xE29E,     0xE29F,     0xE2A0,     0xE340,     0xE341,
  /* U+9248 */    0xE342,     0xE343,     0xE344,     0xE345,     0xE346,     0xE347,     0xE348,     0xE349,
  /* U+9250 */    0xE34A,     0xE34B,     0xE34C,     0xE34D,     0xE34E,     0xE34F,     0xE350,     0xE351,
  /* U+9258 */    0xE352,     0xE353,     0xE354,     0xE355,     0xE356,     0xE357,     0xE358,     0xE359,
  /* U+9260 */    0xE35A,     0xE35B,     0xE35C,     0xE35D,     0xE35E,     0xE35F,     0xE360,     0xE361,
  /* U+9268 */    0xE362,     0xE363,     0xE364,     0xE365,     0xE366,     0xE367,     0xE368,     0xE369,
  /* U+9270 */    0xE36A,     0xE36B,     0xE36C,     0xE36D,     0xBCF8,     0xE36E,     0xE36F,     0xE370,
  /* U+9278 */    0xE371,     0xE372,     0xE373,     0xE374,     0xE375,     0xE376,     0xE377,     0xE378,
  /* U+9280 */    0xE379,     0xE37A,     0xE37B,     0xE37C,     0xE37D,     0xE37E,     0xE380,     0xE381,
  /* U+9288 */    0xE382,     0xE383,     0xE384,     0xE385,     0xE386,     0xE387,     0xF6C6,     0xE388,
  /* U+9290 */    0xE389,     0xE38A,     0xE38B,     0xE38C,     0xE38D,     0xE38E,     0xE38F,     0xE390,
  /* U+9298 */    0xE391,     0xE392,     0xE393,     0xE394,     0xE395,     0xE396,     0xE397,     0xE398,
  /* U+92A0 */    0xE399,     0xE39A,     0xE39B,     0xE39C,     0xE39D,     0xE39E,     0xE39F,     0xE3A0,
  /* U+92A8 */    0xE440,     0xE441,     0xE442,     0xE443,     0xE444,     0xE445,     0xF6C7,     0xE446,
  /* U+92B0 */    0xE447,     0xE448,     0xE449,     0xE44A,     0xE44B,     0xE44C,     0xE44D,     0xE44E,
  /* U+92B8 */    0xE44F,     0xE450,     0xE451,     0xE452,     0xE453,     0xE454,     0xE455,     0xE456,
  /* U+92C0 */    0xE457,     0xE458,     0xE459,     0xE45A,     0xE45B,     0xE45C,     0xE45D,     0xE45E,
  /* U+92C8 */    0xF6C8,     0xE45F,     0xE460,     0xE461,     0xE462,     0xE463,     0xE464,     0xE465,
  /* U+92D0 */    0xE466,     0xE467,     0xE468,     0xE469,     0xE46A,     0xE46B,     0xE46C,     0xE46D,
  /* U+92D8 */    0xE46E,     0xE46F,     0xE470,     0xE471,     0xE472,     0xE473,     0xE474,     0xE475,
  /* U+92E0 */    0xE476,     0xE477,     0xE478,     0xE479,     0xE47A,     0xE47B,     0xE47C,     0xE47D,
  /* U+92E8 */    0xE47E,     0xE480,     0xE481,     0xE482,     0xE483,     0xE484,     0xE485,     0xE486,
  /* U+92F0 */    0xE487,     0xE488,     0xE489,     0xE48A,     0xE48B,     0xE48C,     0xE48D,     0xE48E,
  /* U+92F8 */    0xE48F,     0xE490,     0xE491,     0xE492,     0xE493,     0xE494,     0xE495,     0xE496,
  /* U+9300 */    0xE497,     0xE498,     0xE499,     0xE49A,     0xE49B,     0xE49C,     0xE49D,     0xE49E,
  /* U+9308 */    0xE49F,     0xE4A0,     0xE540,     0xE541,     0xE542,     0xE543,     0xE544,     0xE545,
  /* U+9310 */    0xE546,     0xE547,     0xE548,     0xE549,     0xE54A,     0xE54B,     0xE54C,     0xE54D,
  /* U+9318 */    0xE54E,     0xE54F,     0xE550,     0xE551,     0xE552,     0xE553,     0xE554,     0xE555,
  /* U+9320 */    0xE556,     0xE557,     0xE558,     0xE559,     0xE55A,     0xE55B,     0xE55C,     0xE55D,
  /* U+9328 */    0xE55E,     0xE55F,     0xE560,     0xE561,     0xE562,     0xE563,     0xE564,     0xE565,
  /* U+9330 */    0xE566,     0xE567,     0xE568,     0xE569,     0xE56A,     0xE56B,     0xE56C,     0xE56D,
  /* U+9338 */    0xE56E,     0xE56F,     0xE570,     0xE571,     0xE572,     0xE573,     0xF6C9,     0xE574,
  /* U+9340 */    0xE575,     0xE576,     0xE577,     0xE578,     0xE579,     0xE57A,     0xE57B,     0xE57C,
  /* U+9348 */    0xE57D,     0xE57E,     0xE580,     0xE581,     0xE582,     0xE583,     0xE584,     0xE585,
  /* U+9350 */    0xE586,     0xE587,     0xE588,     0xE589,     0xE58A,     0xE58B,     0xE58C,     0xE58D,
  /* U+9358 */    0xE58E,     0xE58F,     0xE590,     0xE591,     0xE592,     0xE593,     0xE594,     0xE595,
  /* U+9360 */    0xE596,     0xE597,     0xE598,     0xE599,     0xE59A,     0xE59B,     0xE59C,     0xE59D,
  /* U+9368 */    0xE59E,     0xE59F,     0xF6CA,     0xE5A0,     0xE640,     0xE641,     0xE642,     0xE643,
  /* U+9370 */    0xE644,     0xE645,     0xE646,     0xE647,     0xE648,     0xE649,     0xE64A,     0xE64B,
  /* U+9378 */    0xE64C,     0xE64D,     0xE64E,     0xE64F,     0xE650,     0xE651,     0xE652,     0xE653,
  /* U+9380 */    0xE654,     0xE655,     0xE656,     0xE657,     0xE658,     0xE659,     0xE65A,     0xE65B,
  /* U+9388 */    0xE65C,     0xE65D,     0xE65E,     0xE65F,     0xE660,     0xE661,     0xE662,     0xF6CC,
  /* U+9390 */    0xE663,     0xE664,     0xE665,     0xE666,     0xE667,     0xE668,     0xE669,     0xE66A,
  /* U+9398 */    0xE66B,     0xE66C,     0xE66D,     0xE66E,     0xE66F,     0xE670,     0xE671,     0xE672,
  /* U+93A0 */    0xE673,     0xE674,     0xE675,     0xE676,     0xE677,     0xE678,     0xE679,     0xE67A,
  /* U+93A8 */    0xE67B,     0xE67C,     0xE67D,     0xE67E,     0xE680,     0xE681,     0xE682,     0xE683,
  /* U+93B0 */    0xE684,     0xE685,     0xE686,     0xE687,     0xE688,     0xE689,     0xE68A,     0xE68B,
  /* U+93B8 */    0xE68C,     0xE68D,     0xE68E,     0xE68F,     0xE690,     0xE691,     0xE692,     0xE693,
  /* U+93C0 */    0xE694,     0xE695,     0xE696,     0xE697,     0xE698,     0xE699,     0xE69A,     0xE69B,
  /* U+93C8 */    0xE69C,     0xE69D,     0xF6CB,     0xE69E,     0xE69F,     0xE6A0,     0xE740,     0xE741,
  /* U+93D0 */    0xE742,     0xE743,     0xE744,     0xE745,     0xE746,     0xE747,     0xF7E9,     0xE748,
  /* U+93D8 */    0xE749,     0xE74A,     0xE74B,     0xE74C,     0xE74D,     0xE74E,     0xE74F,     0xE750,
  /* U+93E0 */    0xE751,     0xE752,     0xE753,     0xE754,     0xE755,     0xE756,     0xE757,     0xE758,
  /* U+93E8 */    0xE759,     0xE75A,     0xE75B,     0xE75C,     0xE75D,     0xE75E,     0xE75F,     0xE760,
  /* U+93F0 */    0xE761,     0xE762,     0xE763,     0xE764,     0xE765,     0xE766,     0xE767,     0xE768,
  /* U+93F8 */    0xE769,     0xE76A,     0xE76B,     0xE76C,     0xE76D,     0xE76E,     0xE76F,     0xE770,
  /* U+9400 */    0xE771,     0xE772,     0xE773,     0xE774,     0xE775,     0xE776,     0xE777,     0xE778,
  /* U+9408 */    0xE779,     0xE77A,     0xE77B,     0xE77C,     0xE77D,     0xE77E,     0xE780,     0xE781,
  /* U+9410 */    0xE782,     0xE783,     0xE784,     0xE785,     0xE786,     0xE787,     0xE788,     0xE789,
  /* U+9418 */    0xE78A,     0xE78B,     0xE78C,     0xE78D,     0xE78E,     0xE78F,     0xE790,     0xE791,
  /* U+9420 */    0xE792,     0xE793,     0xE794,     0xE795,     0xE796,     0xE797,     0xE798,     0xE799,
  /* U+9428 */    0xE79A,     0xE79B,     0xE79C,     0xE79D,     0xE79E,     0xE79F,     0xE7A0,     0xE840,
  /* U+9430 */    0xE841,     0xE842,     0xE843,     0xE844,     0xE845,     0xE846,     0xE847,     0xE848,
  /* U+9438 */    0xE849,     0xE84A,     0xE84B,     0xE84C,     0xE84D,     0xE84E,     0xF6CD,     0xE84F,
  /* U+9440 */    0xE850,     0xE851,     0xE852,     0xE853,     0xE854,     0xE855,     0xE856,     0xE857,
  /* U+9448 */    0xE858,     0xE859,     0xE85A,     0xE85B,     0xE85C,     0xE85D,     0xE85E,     0xE85F,
  /* U+9450 */    0xE860,     0xE861,     0xE862,     0xE863,     0xE864,     0xE865,     0xE866,     0xE867,
  /* U+9458 */    0xE868,     0xE869,     0xE86A,     0xE86B,     0xE86C,     0xE86D,     0xE86E,     0xE86F,
  /* U+9460 */    0xE870,     0xE871,     0xE872,     0xE873,     0xE874,     0xE875,     0xE876,     0xE877,
  /* U+9468 */    0xE878,     0xE879,     0xE87A,     0xF6CE,     0xE87B,     0xE87C,     0xE87D,     0xE87E,
  /* U+9470 */    0xE880,     0xE881,     0xE882,     0xE883,     0xE884,     0xE885,     0xE886,     0xE887,
  /* U+9478 */    0xE888,     0xE889,     0xE88A,     0xE88B,     0xE88C,     0xE88D,     0xE88E,     0xE88F,
  /* U+9480 */    0xE890,     0xE891,     0xE892,     0xE893,     0xE894,     0xEEC4,     0xEEC5,     0xEEC6,
  /* U+9488 */    0xD5EB,     0xB6A4,     0xEEC8,     0xEEC7,     0xEEC9,     0xEECA,     0xC7A5,     0xEECB,
  /* U+9490 */    0xEECC,     0xE895,     0xB7B0,     0xB5F6,     0xEECD,     0xEECF,     0xE896,     0xEECE,
  /* U+9498 */    0xE897,     0xB8C6,     0xEED0,     0xEED1,     0xEED2,     0xB6DB,     0xB3AE,     0xD6D3,
  /* U+94A0 */    0xC4C6,     0xB1B5,     0xB8D6,     0xEED3,     0xEED4,     0xD4BF,     0xC7D5,     0xBEFB,
  /* U+94A8 */    0xCED9,     0xB9B3,     0xEED6,     0xEED5,     0xEED8,     0xEED7,     0xC5A5,     0xEED9,
  /* U+94B0 */    0xEEDA,     0xC7AE,     0xEEDB,     0xC7AF,     0xEEDC,     0xB2A7,     0xEEDD,     0xEEDE,
  /* U+94B8 */    0xEEDF,     0xEEE0,     0xEEE1,     0xD7EA,     0xEEE2,     0xEEE3,     0xBCD8,     0xEEE4,
  /* U+94C0 */    0xD3CB,     0xCCFA,     0xB2AC,     0xC1E5,     0xEEE5,     0xC7A6,     0xC3AD,     0xE898,
  /* U+94C8 */    0xEEE6,     0xEEE7,     0xEEE8,     0xEEE9,     0xEEEA,     0xEEEB,     0xEEEC,     0xE899,
  /* U+94D0 */    0xEEED,     0xEEEE,     0xEEEF,     0xE89A,     0xE89B,     0xEEF0,     0xEEF1,     0xEEF2,
  /* U+94D8 */    0xEEF4,     0xEEF3,     0xE89C,     0xEEF5,     0xCDAD,     0xC2C1,     0xEEF6,     0xEEF7,
  /* U+94E0 */    0xEEF8,     0xD5A1,     0xEEF9,     0xCFB3,     0xEEFA,     0xEEFB,     0xE89D,     0xEEFC,
  /* U+94E8 */    0xEEFD,     0xEFA1,     0xEEFE,     0xEFA2,     0xB8F5,     0xC3FA,     0xEFA3,     0xEFA4,
  /* U+94F0 */    0xBDC2,     0xD2BF,     0xB2F9,     0xEFA5,     0xEFA6,     0xEFA7,     0xD2F8,     0xEFA8,
  /* U+94F8 */    0xD6FD,     0xEFA9,     0xC6CC,     0xE89E,     0xEFAA,     0xEFAB,     0xC1B4,     0xEFAC,
  /* U+9500 */    0xCFFA,     0xCBF8,     0xEFAE,     0xEFAD,     0xB3FA,     0xB9F8,     0xEFAF,     0xEFB0,
  /* U+9508 */    0xD0E2,     0xEFB1,     0xEFB2,     0xB7E6,     0xD0BF,     0xEFB3,     0xEFB4,     0xEFB5,
  /* U+9510 */    0xC8F1,     0xCCE0,     0xEFB6,     0xEFB7,     0xEFB8,     0xEFB9,     0xEFBA,     0xD5E0,
  /* U+9518 */    0xEFBB,     0xB4ED,     0xC3AA,     0xEFBC,     0xE89F,     0xEFBD,     0xEFBE,     0xEFBF,
  /* U+9520 */    0xE8A0,     0xCEFD,     0xEFC0,     0xC2E0,     0xB4B8,     0xD7B6,     0xBDF5,     0xE940,
  /* U+9528 */    0xCFC7,     0xEFC3,     0xEFC1,     0xEFC2,     0xEFC4,     0xB6A7,     0xBCFC,     0xBEE2,
  /* U+9530 */    0xC3CC,     0xEFC5,     0xEFC6,     0xE941,     0xEFC7,     0xEFCF,     0xEFC8,     0xEFC9,
  /* U+9538 */    0xEFCA,     0xC7C2,     0xEFF1,     0xB6CD,     0xEFCB,     0xE942,     0xEFCC,     0xEFCD,
  /* U+9540 */    0xB6C6,     0xC3BE,     0xEFCE,     0xE943,     0xEFD0,     0xEFD1,     0xEFD2,     0xD5F2,
  /* U+9548 */    0xE944,     0xEFD3,     0xC4F7,     0xE945,     0xEFD4,     0xC4F8,     0xEFD5,     0xEFD6,
  /* U+9550 */    0xB8E4,     0xB0F7,     0xEFD7,     0xEFD8,     0xEFD9,     0xE946,     0xEFDA,     0xEFDB,
  /* U+9558 */    0xEFDC,     0xEFDD,     0xE947,     0xEFDE,     0xBEB5,     0xEFE1,     0xEFDF,     0xEFE0,
  /* U+9560 */    0xE948,     0xEFE2,     0xEFE3,     0xC1CD,     0xEFE4,     0xEFE5,     0xEFE6,     0xEFE7,
  /* U+9568 */    0xEFE8,     0xEFE9,     0xEFEA,     0xEFEB,     0xEFEC,     0xC0D8,     0xE949,     0xEFED,
  /* U+9570 */    0xC1AD,     0xEFEE,     0xEFEF,     0xEFF0,     0xE94A,     0xE94B,     0xCFE2,     0xE94C,
  /* U+9578 */    0xE94D,     0xE94E,     0xE94F,     0xE950,     0xE951,     0xE952,     0xE953,     0xB3A4,
  /* U+9580 */    0xE954,     0xE955,     0xE956,     0xE957,     0xE958,     0xE959,     0xE95A,     0xE95B,
  /* U+9588 */    0xE95C,     0xE95D,     0xE95E,     0xE95F,     0xE960,     0xE961,     0xE962,     0xE963,
  /* U+9590 */    0xE964,     0xE965,     0xE966,     0xE967,     0xE968,     0xE969,     0xE96A,     0xE96B,
  /* U+9598 */    0xE96C,     0xE96D,     0xE96E,     0xE96F,     0xE970,     0xE971,     0xE972,     0xE973,
  /* U+95A0 */    0xE974,     0xE975,     0xE976,     0xE977,     0xE978,     0xE979,     0xE97A,     0xE97B,
  /* U+95A8 */    0xE97C,     0xE97D,     0xE97E,     0xE980,     0xE981,     0xE982,     0xE983,     0xE984,
  /* U+95B0 */    0xE985,     0xE986,     0xE987,     0xE988,     0xE989,     0xE98A,     0xE98B,     0xE98C,
  /* U+95B8 */    0xE98D,     0xE98E,     0xE98F,     0xE990,     0xE991,     0xE992,     0xE993,     0xE994,
  /* U+95C0 */    0xE995,     0xE996,     0xE997,     0xE998,     0xE999,     0xE99A,     0xE99B,     0xE99C,
  /* U+95C8 */    0xE99D,     0xE99E,     0xE99F,     0xE9A0,     0xEA40,     0xEA41,     0xEA42,     0xEA43,
  /* U+95D0 */    0xEA44,     0xEA45,     0xEA46,     0xEA47,     0xEA48,     0xEA49,     0xEA4A,     0xEA4B,
  /* U+95D8 */    0xEA4C,     0xEA4D,     0xEA4E,     0xEA4F,     0xEA50,     0xEA51,     0xEA52,     0xEA53,
  /* U+95E0 */    0xEA54,     0xEA55,     0xEA56,     0xEA57,     0xEA58,     0xEA59,     0xEA5A,     0xEA5B,
  /* U+95E8 */    0xC3C5,     0xE3C5,     0xC9C1,     0xE3C6,     0xEA5C,     0xB1D5,     0xCECA,     0xB4B3,
  /* U+95F0 */    0xC8F2,     0xE3C7,     0xCFD0,     0xE3C8,     0xBCE4,     0xE3C9,     0xE3CA,     0xC3C6,
  /* U+95F8 */    0xD5A2,     0xC4D6,     0xB9EB,     0xCEC5,     0xE3CB,     0xC3F6,     0xE3CC,     0xEA5D,
  /* U+9600 */    0xB7A7,     0xB8F3,     0xBAD2,     0xE3CD,     0xE3CE,     0xD4C4,     0xE3CF,     0xEA5E,
  /* U+9608 */    0xE3D0,     0xD1CB,     0xE3D1,     0xE3D2,     0xE3D3,     0xE3D4,     0xD1D6,     0xE3D5,
  /* U+9610 */    0xB2FB,     0xC0BB,     0xE3D6,     0xEA5F,     0xC0AB,     0xE3D7,     0xE3D8,     0xE3D9,
  /* U+9618 */    0xEA60,     0xE3DA,     0xE3DB,     0xEA61,     0xB8B7,     0xDAE2,     0xEA62,     0xB6D3,
  /* U+9620 */    0xEA63,     0xDAE4,     0xDAE3,     0xEA64,     0xEA65,     0xEA66,     0xEA67,     0xEA68,
  /* U+9628 */    0xEA69,     0xEA6A,     0xDAE6,     0xEA6B,     0xEA6C,     0xEA6D,     0xC8EE,     0xEA6E,
  /* U+9630 */    0xEA6F,     0xDAE5,     0xB7C0,     0xD1F4,     0xD2F5,     0xD5F3,     0xBDD7,     0xEA70,
  /* U+9638 */    0xEA71,     0xEA72,     0xEA73,     0xD7E8,     0xDAE8,     0xDAE7,     0xEA74,     0xB0A2,
  /* U+9640 */    0xCDD3,     0xEA75,     0xDAE9,     0xEA76,     0xB8BD,     0xBCCA,     0xC2BD,     0xC2A4,
  /* U+9648 */    0xB3C2,     0xDAEA,     0xEA77,     0xC2AA,     0xC4B0,     0xBDB5,     0xEA78,     0xEA79,
  /* U+9650 */    0xCFDE,     0xEA7A,     0xEA7B,     0xEA7C,     0xDAEB,     0xC9C2,     0xEA7D,     0xEA7E,
  /* U+9658 */    0xEA80,     0xEA81,     0xEA82,     0xB1DD,     0xEA83,     0xEA84,     0xEA85,     0xDAEC,
  /* U+9660 */    0xEA86,     0xB6B8,     0xD4BA,     0xEA87,     0xB3FD,     0xEA88,     0xEA89,     0xDAED,
  /* U+9668 */    0xD4C9,     0xCFD5,     0xC5E3,     0xEA8A,     0xDAEE,     0xEA8B,     0xEA8C,     0xEA8D,
  /* U+9670 */    0xEA8E,     0xEA8F,     0xDAEF,     0xEA90,     0xDAF0,     0xC1EA,     0xCCD5,     0xCFDD,
  /* U+9678 */    0xEA91,     0xEA92,     0xEA93,     0xEA94,     0xEA95,     0xEA96,     0xEA97,     0xEA98,
  /* U+9680 */    0xEA99,     0xEA9A,     0xEA9B,     0xEA9C,     0xEA9D,     0xD3E7,     0xC2A1,     0xEA9E,
  /* U+9688 */    0xDAF1,     0xEA9F,     0xEAA0,     0xCBE5,     0xEB40,     0xDAF2,     0xEB41,     0xCBE6,
  /* U+9690 */    0xD2FE,     0xEB42,     0xEB43,     0xEB44,     0xB8F4,     0xEB45,     0xEB46,     0xDAF3,
  /* U+9698 */    0xB0AF,     0xCFB6,     0xEB47,     0xEB48,     0xD5CF,     0xEB49,     0xEB4A,     0xEB4B,
  /* U+96A0 */    0xEB4C,     0xEB4D,     0xEB4E,     0xEB4F,     0xEB50,     0xEB51,     0xEB52,     0xCBED,
  /* U+96A8 */    0xEB53,     0xEB54,     0xEB55,     0xEB56,     0xEB57,     0xEB58,     0xEB59,     0xEB5A,
  /* U+96B0 */    0xDAF4,     0xEB5B,     0xEB5C,     0xE3C4,     0xEB5D,     0xEB5E,     0xC1A5,     0xEB5F,
  /* U+96B8 */    0xEB60,     0xF6BF,     0xEB61,     0xEB62,     0xF6C0,     0xF6C1,     0xC4D1,     0xEB63,
  /* U+96C0 */    0xC8B8,     0xD1E3,     0xEB64,     0xEB65,     0xD0DB,     0xD1C5,     0xBCAF,     0xB9CD,
  /* U+96C8 */    0xEB66,     0xEFF4,     0xEB67,     0xEB68,     0xB4C6,     0xD3BA,     0xF6C2,     0xB3FB,
  /* U+96D0 */    0xEB69,     0xEB6A,     0xF6C3,     0xEB6B,     0xEB6C,     0xB5F1,     0xEB6D,     0xEB6E,
  /* U+96D8 */    0xEB6F,     0xEB70,     0xEB71,     0xEB72,     0xEB73,     0xEB74,     0xEB75,     0xEB76,
  /* U+96E0 */    0xF6C5,     0xEB77,     0xEB78,     0xEB79,     0xEB7A,     0xEB7B,     0xEB7C,     0xEB7D,
  /* U+96E8 */    0xD3EA,     0xF6A7,     0xD1A9,     0xEB7E,     0xEB80,     0xEB81,     0xEB82,     0xF6A9,
  /* U+96F0 */    0xEB83,     0xEB84,     0xEB85,     0xF6A8,     0xEB86,     0xEB87,     0xC1E3,     0xC0D7,
  /* U+96F8 */    0xEB88,     0xB1A2,     0xEB89,     0xEB8A,     0xEB8B,     0xEB8C,     0xCEED,     0xEB8D,
  /* U+9700 */    0xD0E8,     0xF6AB,     0xEB8E,     0xEB8F,     0xCFF6,     0xEB90,     0xF6AA,     0xD5F0,
  /* U+9708 */    0xF6AC,     0xC3B9,     0xEB91,     0xEB92,     0xEB93,     0xBBF4,     0xF6AE,     0xF6AD,
  /* U+9710 */    0xEB94,     0xEB95,     0xEB96,     0xC4DE,     0xEB97,     0xEB98,     0xC1D8,     0xEB99,
  /* U+9718 */    0xEB9A,     0xEB9B,     0xEB9C,     0xEB9D,     0xCBAA,     0xEB9E,     0xCFBC,     0xEB9F,
  /* U+9720 */    0xEBA0,     0xEC40,     0xEC41,     0xEC42,     0xEC43,     0xEC44,     0xEC45,     0xEC46,
  /* U+9728 */    0xEC47,     0xEC48,     0xF6AF,     0xEC49,     0xEC4A,     0xF6B0,     0xEC4B,     0xEC4C,
  /* U+9730 */    0xF6B1,     0xEC4D,     0xC2B6,     0xEC4E,     0xEC4F,     0xEC50,     0xEC51,     0xEC52,
  /* U+9738 */    0xB0D4,     0xC5F9,     0xEC53,     0xEC54,     0xEC55,     0xEC56,     0xF6B2,     0xEC57,
  /* U+9740 */    0xEC58,     0xEC59,     0xEC5A,     0xEC5B,     0xEC5C,     0xEC5D,     0xEC5E,     0xEC5F,
  /* U+9748 */    0xEC60,     0xEC61,     0xEC62,     0xEC63,     0xEC64,     0xEC65,     0xEC66,     0xEC67,
  /* U+9750 */    0xEC68,     0xEC69,     0xC7E0,     0xF6A6,     0xEC6A,     0xEC6B,     0xBEB8,     0xEC6C,
  /* U+9758 */    0xEC6D,     0xBEB2,     0xEC6E,     0xB5E5,     0xEC6F,     0xEC70,     0xB7C7,     0xEC71,
  /* U+9760 */    0xBFBF,     0xC3D2,     0xC3E6,     0xEC72,     0xEC73,     0xD8CC,     0xEC74,     0xEC75,
  /* U+9768 */    0xEC76,     0xB8EF,     0xEC77,     0xEC78,     0xEC79,     0xEC7A,     0xEC7B,     0xEC7C,
  /* U+9770 */    0xEC7D,     0xEC7E,     0xEC80,     0xBDF9,     0xD1A5,     0xEC81,     0xB0D0,     0xEC82,
  /* U+9778 */    0xEC83,     0xEC84,     0xEC85,     0xEC86,     0xF7B0,     0xEC87,     0xEC88,     0xEC89,
  /* U+9780 */    0xEC8A,     0xEC8B,     0xEC8C,     0xEC8D,     0xEC8E,     0xF7B1,     0xEC8F,     0xEC90,
  /* U+9788 */    0xEC91,     0xEC92,     0xEC93,     0xD0AC,     0xEC94,     0xB0B0,     0xEC95,     0xEC96,
  /* U+9790 */    0xEC97,     0xF7B2,     0xF7B3,     0xEC98,     0xF7B4,     0xEC99,     0xEC9A,     0xEC9B,
  /* U+9798 */    0xC7CA,     0xEC9C,     0xEC9D,     0xEC9E,     0xEC9F,     0xECA0,     0xED40,     0xED41,
  /* U+97A0 */    0xBECF,     0xED42,     0xED43,     0xF7B7,     0xED44,     0xED45,     0xED46,     0xED47,
  /* U+97A8 */    0xED48,     0xED49,     0xED4A,     0xF7B6,     0xED4B,     0xB1DE,     0xED4C,     0xF7B5,
  /* U+97B0 */    0xED4D,     0xED4E,     0xF7B8,     0xED4F,     0xF7B9,     0xED50,     0xED51,     0xED52,
  /* U+97B8 */    0xED53,     0xED54,     0xED55,     0xED56,     0xED57,     0xED58,     0xED59,     0xED5A,
  /* U+97C0 */    0xED5B,     0xED5C,     0xED5D,     0xED5E,     0xED5F,     0xED60,     0xED61,     0xED62,
  /* U+97C8 */    0xED63,     0xED64,     0xED65,     0xED66,     0xED67,     0xED68,     0xED69,     0xED6A,
  /* U+97D0 */    0xED6B,     0xED6C,     0xED6D,     0xED6E,     0xED6F,     0xED70,     0xED71,     0xED72,
  /* U+97D8 */    0xED73,     0xED74,     0xED75,     0xED76,     0xED77,     0xED78,     0xED79,     0xED7A,
  /* U+97E0 */    0xED7B,     0xED7C,     0xED7D,     0xED7E,     0xED80,     0xED81,     0xCEA4,     0xC8CD,
  /* U+97E8 */    0xED82,     0xBAAB,     0xE8B8,     0xE8B9,     0xE8BA,     0xBEC2,     0xED83,     0xED84,
  /* U+97F0 */    0xED85,     0xED86,     0xED87,     0xD2F4,     0xED88,     0xD4CF,     0xC9D8,     0xED89,
  /* U+97F8 */    0xED8A,     0xED8B,     0xED8C,     0xED8D,     0xED8E,     0xED8F,     0xED90,     0xED91,
  /* U+9800 */    0xED92,     0xED93,     0xED94,     0xED95,     0xED96,     0xED97,     0xED98,     0xED99,
  /* U+9808 */    0xED9A,     0xED9B,     0xED9C,     0xED9D,     0xED9E,     0xED9F,     0xEDA0,     0xEE40,
  /* U+9810 */    0xEE41,     0xEE42,     0xEE43,     0xEE44,     0xEE45,     0xEE46,     0xEE47,     0xEE48,
  /* U+9818 */    0xEE49,     0xEE4A,     0xEE4B,     0xEE4C,     0xEE4D,     0xEE4E,     0xEE4F,     0xEE50,
  /* U+9820 */    0xEE51,     0xEE52,     0xEE53,     0xEE54,     0xEE55,     0xEE56,     0xEE57,     0xEE58,
  /* U+9828 */    0xEE59,     0xEE5A,     0xEE5B,     0xEE5C,     0xEE5D,     0xEE5E,     0xEE5F,     0xEE60,
  /* U+9830 */    0xEE61,     0xEE62,     0xEE63,     0xEE64,     0xEE65,     0xEE66,     0xEE67,     0xEE68,
  /* U+9838 */    0xEE69,     0xEE6A,     0xEE6B,     0xEE6C,     0xEE6D,     0xEE6E,     0xEE6F,     0xEE70,
  /* U+9840 */    0xEE71,     0xEE72,     0xEE73,     0xEE74,     0xEE75,     0xEE76,     0xEE77,     0xEE78,
  /* U+9848 */    0xEE79,     0xEE7A,     0xEE7B,     0xEE7C,     0xEE7D,     0xEE7E,     0xEE80,     0xEE81,
  /* U+9850 */    0xEE82,     0xEE83,     0xEE84,     0xEE85,     0xEE86,     0xEE87,     0xEE88,     0xEE89,
  /* U+9858 */    0xEE8A,     0xEE8B,     0xEE8C,     0xEE8D,     0xEE8E,     0xEE8F,     0xEE90,     0xEE91,
  /* U+9860 */    0xEE92,     0xEE93,     0xEE94,     0xEE95,     0xEE96,     0xEE97,     0xEE98,     0xEE99,
  /* U+9868 */    0xEE9A,     0xEE9B,     0xEE9C,     0xEE9D,     0xEE9E,     0xEE9F,     0xEEA0,     0xEF40,
  /* U+9870 */    0xEF41,     0xEF42,     0xEF43,     0xEF44,     0xEF45,     0xD2B3,     0xB6A5,     0xC7EA,
  /* U+9878 */    0xF1FC,     0xCFEE,     0xCBB3,     0xD0EB,     0xE7EF,     0xCDE7,     0xB9CB,     0xB6D9,
  /* U+9880 */    0xF1FD,     0xB0E4,     0xCBCC,     0xF1FE,     0xD4A4,     0xC2AD,     0xC1EC,     0xC6C4,
  /* U+9888 */    0xBEB1,     0xF2A1,     0xBCD5,     0xEF46,     0xF2A2,     0xF2A3,     0xEF47,     0xF2A4,
  /* U+9890 */    0xD2C3,     0xC6B5,     0xEF48,     0xCDC7,     0xF2A5,     0xEF49,     0xD3B1,     0xBFC5,
  /* U+9898 */    0xCCE2,     0xEF4A,     0xF2A6,     0xF2A7,     0xD1D5,     0xB6EE,     0xF2A8,     0xF2A9,
  /* U+98A0 */    0xB5DF,     0xF2AA,     0xF2AB,     0xEF4B,     0xB2FC,     0xF2AC,     0xF2AD,     0xC8A7,
  /* U+98A8 */    0xEF4C,     0xEF4D,     0xEF4E,     0xEF4F,     0xEF50,     0xEF51,     0xEF52,     0xEF53,
  /* U+98B0 */    0xEF54,     0xEF55,     0xEF56,     0xEF57,     0xEF58,     0xEF59,     0xEF5A,     0xEF5B,
  /* U+98B8 */    0xEF5C,     0xEF5D,     0xEF5E,     0xEF5F,     0xEF60,     0xEF61,     0xEF62,     0xEF63,
  /* U+98C0 */    0xEF64,     0xEF65,     0xEF66,     0xEF67,     0xEF68,     0xEF69,     0xEF6A,     0xEF6B,
  /* U+98C8 */    0xEF6C,     0xEF6D,     0xEF6E,     0xEF6F,     0xEF70,     0xEF71,     0xB7E7,     0xEF72,
  /* U+98D0 */    0xEF73,     0xECA9,     0xECAA,     0xECAB,     0xEF74,     0xECAC,     0xEF75,     0xEF76,
  /* U+98D8 */    0xC6AE,     0xECAD,     0xECAE,     0xEF77,     0xEF78,     0xEF79,     0xB7C9,     0xCAB3,
  /* U+98E0 */    0xEF7A,     0xEF7B,     0xEF7C,     0xEF7D,     0xEF7E,     0xEF80,     0xEF81,     0xE2B8,
  /* U+98E8 */    0xF7CF,     0xEF82,     0xEF83,     0xEF84,     0xEF85,     0xEF86,     0xEF87,     0xEF88,
  /* U+98F0 */    0xEF89,     0xEF8A,     0xEF8B,     0xEF8C,     0xEF8D,     0xEF8E,     0xEF8F,     0xEF90,
  /* U+98F8 */    0xEF91,     0xEF92,     0xEF93,     0xEF94,     0xEF95,     0xEF96,     0xEF97,     0xEF98,
  /* U+9900 */    0xEF99,     0xEF9A,     0xEF9B,     0xEF9C,     0xEF9D,     0xEF9E,     0xEF9F,     0xEFA0,
  /* U+9908 */    0xF040,     0xF041,     0xF042,     0xF043,     0xF044,     0xF7D0,     0xF045,     0xF046,
  /* U+9910 */    0xB2CD,     0xF047,     0xF048,     0xF049,     0xF04A,     0xF04B,     0xF04C,     0xF04D,
  /* U+9918 */    0xF04E,     0xF04F,     0xF050,     0xF051,     0xF052,     0xF053,     0xF054,     0xF055,
  /* U+9920 */    0xF056,     0xF057,     0xF058,     0xF059,     0xF05A,     0xF05B,     0xF05C,     0xF05D,
  /* U+9928 */    0xF05E,     0xF05F,     0xF060,     0xF061,     0xF062,     0xF063,     0xF7D1,     0xF064,
  /* U+9930 */    0xF065,     0xF066,     0xF067,     0xF068,     0xF069,     0xF06A,     0xF06B,     0xF06C,
  /* U+9938 */    0xF06D,     0xF06E,     0xF06F,     0xF070,     0xF071,     0xF072,     0xF073,     0xF074,
  /* U+9940 */    0xF075,     0xF076,     0xF077,     0xF078,     0xF079,     0xF07A,     0xF07B,     0xF07C,
  /* U+9948 */    0xF07D,     0xF07E,     0xF080,     0xF081,     0xF082,     0xF083,     0xF084,     0xF085,
  /* U+9950 */    0xF086,     0xF087,     0xF088,     0xF089,     0xF7D3,     0xF7D2,     0xF08A,     0xF08B,
  /* U+9958 */    0xF08C,     0xF08D,     0xF08E,     0xF08F,     0xF090,     0xF091,     0xF092,     0xF093,
  /* U+9960 */    0xF094,     0xF095,     0xF096,     0xE2BB,     0xF097,     0xBCA2,     0xF098,     0xE2BC,
  /* U+9968 */    0xE2BD,     0xE2BE,     0xE2BF,     0xE2C0,     0xE2C1,     0xB7B9,     0xD2FB,     0xBDA4,
  /* U+9970 */    0xCACE,     0xB1A5,     0xCBC7,     0xF099,     0xE2C2,     0xB6FC,     0xC8C4,     0xE2C3,
  /* U+9978 */    0xF09A,     0xF09B,     0xBDC8,     0xF09C,     0xB1FD,     0xE2C4,     0xF09D,     0xB6F6,
  /* U+9980 */    0xE2C5,     0xC4D9,     0xF09E,     0xF09F,     0xE2C6,     0xCFDA,     0xB9DD,     0xE2C7,
  /* U+9988 */    0xC0A1,     0xF0A0,     0xE2C8,     0xB2F6,     0xF140,     0xE2C9,     0xF141,     0xC1F3,
  /* U+9990 */    0xE2CA,     0xE2CB,     0xC2F8,     0xE2CC,     0xE2CD,     0xE2CE,     0xCAD7,     0xD8B8,
  /* U+9998 */    0xD9E5,     0xCFE3,     0xF142,     0xF143,     0xF144,     0xF145,     0xF146,     0xF147,
  /* U+99A0 */    0xF148,     0xF149,     0xF14A,     0xF14B,     0xF14C,     0xF0A5,     0xF14D,     0xF14E,
  /* U+99A8 */    0xDCB0,     0xF14F,     0xF150,     0xF151,     0xF152,     0xF153,     0xF154,     0xF155,
  /* U+99B0 */    0xF156,     0xF157,     0xF158,     0xF159,     0xF15A,     0xF15B,     0xF15C,     0xF15D,
  /* U+99B8 */    0xF15E,     0xF15F,     0xF160,     0xF161,     0xF162,     0xF163,     0xF164,     0xF165,
  /* U+99C0 */    0xF166,     0xF167,     0xF168,     0xF169,     0xF16A,     0xF16B,     0xF16C,     0xF16D,
  /* U+99C8 */    0xF16E,     0xF16F,     0xF170,     0xF171,     0xF172,     0xF173,     0xF174,     0xF175,
  /* U+99D0 */    0xF176,     0xF177,     0xF178,     0xF179,     0xF17A,     0xF17B,     0xF17C,     0xF17D,
  /* U+99D8 */    0xF17E,     0xF180,     0xF181,     0xF182,     0xF183,     0xF184,     0xF185,     0xF186,
  /* U+99E0 */    0xF187,     0xF188,     0xF189,     0xF18A,     0xF18B,     0xF18C,     0xF18D,     0xF18E,
  /* U+99E8 */    0xF18F,     0xF190,     0xF191,     0xF192,     0xF193,     0xF194,     0xF195,     0xF196,
  /* U+99F0 */    0xF197,     0xF198,     0xF199,     0xF19A,     0xF19B,     0xF19C,     0xF19D,     0xF19E,
  /* U+99F8 */    0xF19F,     0xF1A0,     0xF240,     0xF241,     0xF242,     0xF243,     0xF244,     0xF245,
  /* U+9A00 */    0xF246,     0xF247,     0xF248,     0xF249,     0xF24A,     0xF24B,     0xF24C,     0xF24D,
  /* U+9A08 */    0xF24E,     0xF24F,     0xF250,     0xF251,     0xF252,     0xF253,     0xF254,     0xF255,
  /* U+9A10 */    0xF256,     0xF257,     0xF258,     0xF259,     0xF25A,     0xF25B,     0xF25C,     0xF25D,
  /* U+9A18 */    0xF25E,     0xF25F,     0xF260,     0xF261,     0xF262,     0xF263,     0xF264,     0xF265,
  /* U+9A20 */    0xF266,     0xF267,     0xF268,     0xF269,     0xF26A,     0xF26B,     0xF26C,     0xF26D,
  /* U+9A28 */    0xF26E,     0xF26F,     0xF270,     0xF271,     0xF272,     0xF273,     0xF274,     0xF275,
  /* U+9A30 */    0xF276,     0xF277,     0xF278,     0xF279,     0xF27A,     0xF27B,     0xF27C,     0xF27D,
  /* U+9A38 */    0xF27E,     0xF280,     0xF281,     0xF282,     0xF283,     0xF284,     0xF285,     0xF286,
  /* U+9A40 */    0xF287,     0xF288,     0xF289,     0xF28A,     0xF28B,     0xF28C,     0xF28D,     0xF28E,
  /* U+9A48 */    0xF28F,     0xF290,     0xF291,     0xF292,     0xF293,     0xF294,     0xF295,     0xF296,
  /* U+9A50 */    0xF297,     0xF298,     0xF299,     0xF29A,     0xF29B,     0xF29C,     0xF29D,     0xF29E,
  /* U+9A58 */    0xF29F,     0xF2A0,     0xF340,     0xF341,     0xF342,     0xF343,     0xF344,     0xF345,
  /* U+9A60 */    0xF346,     0xF347,     0xF348,     0xF349,     0xF34A,     0xF34B,     0xF34C,     0xF34D,
  /* U+9A68 */    0xF34E,     0xF34F,     0xF350,     0xF351,     0xC2ED,     0xD4A6,     0xCDD4,     0xD1B1,
  /* U+9A70 */    0xB3DB,     0xC7FD,     0xF352,     0xB2B5,     0xC2BF,     0xE6E0,     0xCABB,     0xE6E1,
  /* U+9A78 */    0xE6E2,     0xBED4,     0xE6E3,     0xD7A4,     0xCDD5,     0xE6E5,     0xBCDD,     0xE6E4,
  /* U+9A80 */    0xE6E6,     0xE6E7,     0xC2EE,     0xF353,     0xBDBE,     0xE6E8,     0xC2E6,     0xBAA7,
  /* U+9A88 */    0xE6E9,     0xF354,     0xE6EA,     0xB3D2,     0xD1E9,     0xF355,     0xF356,     0xBFA5,
  /* U+9A90 */    0xE6EB,     0xC6EF,     0xE6EC,     0xE6ED,     0xF357,     0xF358,     0xE6EE,     0xC6AD,
  /* U+9A98 */    0xE6EF,     0xF359,     0xC9A7,     0xE6F0,     0xE6F1,     0xE6F2,     0xE5B9,     0xE6F3,
  /* U+9AA0 */    0xE6F4,     0xC2E2,     0xE6F5,     0xE6F6,     0xD6E8,     0xE6F7,     0xF35A,     0xE6F8,
  /* U+9AA8 */    0xB9C7,     0xF35B,     0xF35C,     0xF35D,     0xF35E,     0xF35F,     0xF360,     0xF361,
  /* U+9AB0 */    0xF7BB,     0xF7BA,     0xF362,     0xF363,     0xF364,     0xF365,     0xF7BE,     0xF7BC,
  /* U+9AB8 */    0xBAA1,     0xF366,     0xF7BF,     0xF367,     0xF7C0,     0xF368,     0xF369,     0xF36A,
  /* U+9AC0 */    0xF7C2,     0xF7C1,     0xF7C4,     0xF36B,     0xF36C,     0xF7C3,     0xF36D,     0xF36E,
  /* U+9AC8 */    0xF36F,     0xF370,     0xF371,     0xF7C5,     0xF7C6,     0xF372,     0xF373,     0xF374,
  /* U+9AD0 */    0xF375,     0xF7C7,     0xF376,     0xCBE8,     0xF377,     0xF378,     0xF379,     0xF37A,
  /* U+9AD8 */    0xB8DF,     0xF37B,     0xF37C,     0xF37D,     0xF37E,     0xF380,     0xF381,     0xF7D4,
  /* U+9AE0 */    0xF382,     0xF7D5,     0xF383,     0xF384,     0xF385,     0xF386,     0xF7D6,     0xF387,
  /* U+9AE8 */    0xF388,     0xF389,     0xF38A,     0xF7D8,     0xF38B,     0xF7DA,     0xF38C,     0xF7D7,
  /* U+9AF0 */    0xF38D,     0xF38E,     0xF38F,     0xF390,     0xF391,     0xF392,     0xF393,     0xF394,
  /* U+9AF8 */    0xF395,     0xF7DB,     0xF396,     0xF7D9,     0xF397,     0xF398,     0xF399,     0xF39A,
  /* U+9B00 */    0xF39B,     0xF39C,     0xF39D,     0xD7D7,     0xF39E,     0xF39F,     0xF3A0,     0xF440,
  /* U+9B08 */    0xF7DC,     0xF441,     0xF442,     0xF443,     0xF444,     0xF445,     0xF446,     0xF7DD,
  /* U+9B10 */    0xF447,     0xF448,     0xF449,     0xF7DE,     0xF44A,     0xF44B,     0xF44C,     0xF44D,
  /* U+9B18 */    0xF44E,     0xF44F,     0xF450,     0xF451,     0xF452,     0xF453,     0xF454,     0xF7DF,
  /* U+9B20 */    0xF455,     0xF456,     0xF457,     0xF7E0,     0xF458,     0xF459,     0xF45A,     0xF45B,
  /* U+9B28 */    0xF45C,     0xF45D,     0xF45E,     0xF45F,     0xF460,     0xF461,     0xF462,     0xDBCB,
  /* U+9B30 */    0xF463,     0xF464,     0xD8AA,     0xF465,     0xF466,     0xF467,     0xF468,     0xF469,
  /* U+9B38 */    0xF46A,     0xF46B,     0xF46C,     0xE5F7,     0xB9ED,     0xF46D,     0xF46E,     0xF46F,
  /* U+9B40 */    0xF470,     0xBFFD,     0xBBEA,     0xF7C9,     0xC6C7,     0xF7C8,     0xF471,     0xF7CA,
  /* U+9B48 */    0xF7CC,     0xF7CB,     0xF472,     0xF473,     0xF474,     0xF7CD,     0xF475,     0xCEBA,
  /* U+9B50 */    0xF476,     0xF7CE,     0xF477,     0xF478,     0xC4A7,     0xF479,     0xF47A,     0xF47B,
  /* U+9B58 */    0xF47C,     0xF47D,     0xF47E,     0xF480,     0xF481,     0xF482,     0xF483,     0xF484,
  /* U+9B60 */    0xF485,     0xF486,     0xF487,     0xF488,     0xF489,     0xF48A,     0xF48B,     0xF48C,
  /* U+9B68 */    0xF48D,     0xF48E,     0xF48F,     0xF490,     0xF491,     0xF492,     0xF493,     0xF494,
  /* U+9B70 */    0xF495,     0xF496,     0xF497,     0xF498,     0xF499,     0xF49A,     0xF49B,     0xF49C,
  /* U+9B78 */    0xF49D,     0xF49E,     0xF49F,     0xF4A0,     0xF540,     0xF541,     0xF542,     0xF543,
  /* U+9B80 */    0xF544,     0xF545,     0xF546,     0xF547,     0xF548,     0xF549,     0xF54A,     0xF54B,
  /* U+9B88 */    0xF54C,     0xF54D,     0xF54E,     0xF54F,     0xF550,     0xF551,     0xF552,     0xF553,
  /* U+9B90 */    0xF554,     0xF555,     0xF556,     0xF557,     0xF558,     0xF559,     0xF55A,     0xF55B,
  /* U+9B98 */    0xF55C,     0xF55D,     0xF55E,     0xF55F,     0xF560,     0xF561,     0xF562,     0xF563,
  /* U+9BA0 */    0xF564,     0xF565,     0xF566,     0xF567,     0xF568,     0xF569,     0xF56A,     0xF56B,
  /* U+9BA8 */    0xF56C,     0xF56D,     0xF56E,     0xF56F,     0xF570,     0xF571,     0xF572,     0xF573,
  /* U+9BB0 */    0xF574,     0xF575,     0xF576,     0xF577,     0xF578,     0xF579,     0xF57A,     0xF57B,
  /* U+9BB8 */    0xF57C,     0xF57D,     0xF57E,     0xF580,     0xF581,     0xF582,     0xF583,     0xF584,
  /* U+9BC0 */    0xF585,     0xF586,     0xF587,     0xF588,     0xF589,     0xF58A,     0xF58B,     0xF58C,
  /* U+9BC8 */    0xF58D,     0xF58E,     0xF58F,     0xF590,     0xF591,     0xF592,     0xF593,     0xF594,
  /* U+9BD0 */    0xF595,     0xF596,     0xF597,     0xF598,     0xF599,     0xF59A,     0xF59B,     0xF59C,
  /* U+9BD8 */    0xF59D,     0xF59E,     0xF59F,     0xF5A0,     0xF640,     0xF641,     0xF642,     0xF643,
  /* U+9BE0 */    0xF644,     0xF645,     0xF646,     0xF647,     0xF648,     0xF649,     0xF64A,     0xF64B,
  /* U+9BE8 */    0xF64C,     0xF64D,     0xF64E,     0xF64F,     0xF650,     0xF651,     0xF652,     0xF653,
  /* U+9BF0 */    0xF654,     0xF655,     0xF656,     0xF657,     0xF658,     0xF659,     0xF65A,     0xF65B,
  /* U+9BF8 */    0xF65C,     0xF65D,     0xF65E,     0xF65F,     0xF660,     0xF661,     0xF662,     0xF663,
  /* U+9C00 */    0xF664,     0xF665,     0xF666,     0xF667,     0xF668,     0xF669,     0xF66A,     0xF66B,
  /* U+9C08 */    0xF66C,     0xF66D,     0xF66E,     0xF66F,     0xF670,     0xF671,     0xF672,     0xF673,
  /* U+9C10 */    0xF674,     0xF675,     0xF676,     0xF677,     0xF678,     0xF679,     0xF67A,     0xF67B,
  /* U+9C18 */    0xF67C,     0xF67D,     0xF67E,     0xF680,     0xF681,     0xF682,     0xF683,     0xF684,
  /* U+9C20 */    0xF685,     0xF686,     0xF687,     0xF688,     0xF689,     0xF68A,     0xF68B,     0xF68C,
  /* U+9C28 */    0xF68D,     0xF68E,     0xF68F,     0xF690,     0xF691,     0xF692,     0xF693,     0xF694,
  /* U+9C30 */    0xF695,     0xF696,     0xF697,     0xF698,     0xF699,     0xF69A,     0xF69B,     0xF69C,
  /* U+9C38 */    0xF69D,     0xF69E,     0xF69F,     0xF6A0,     0xF740,     0xF741,     0xF742,     0xF743,
  /* U+9C40 */    0xF744,     0xF745,     0xF746,     0xF747,     0xF748,     0xF749,     0xF74A,     0xF74B,
  /* U+9C48 */    0xF74C,     0xF74D,     0xF74E,     0xF74F,     0xF750,     0xF751,     0xF752,     0xF753,
  /* U+9C50 */    0xF754,     0xF755,     0xF756,     0xF757,     0xF758,     0xF759,     0xF75A,     0xF75B,
  /* U+9C58 */    0xF75C,     0xF75D,     0xF75E,     0xF75F,     0xF760,     0xF761,     0xF762,     0xF763,
  /* U+9C60 */    0xF764,     0xF765,     0xF766,     0xF767,     0xF768,     0xF769,     0xF76A,     0xF76B,
  /* U+9C68 */    0xF76C,     0xF76D,     0xF76E,     0xF76F,     0xF770,     0xF771,     0xF772,     0xF773,
  /* U+9C70 */    0xF774,     0xF775,     0xF776,     0xF777,     0xF778,     0xF779,     0xF77A,     0xF77B,
  /* U+9C78 */    0xF77C,     0xF77D,     0xF77E,     0xF780,     0xD3E3,     0xF781,     0xF782,     0xF6CF,
  /* U+9C80 */    0xF783,     0xC2B3,     0xF6D0,     0xF784,     0xF785,     0xF6D1,     0xF6D2,     0xF6D3,
  /* U+9C88 */    0xF6D4,     0xF786,     0xF787,     0xF6D6,     0xF788,     0xB1AB,     0xF6D7,     0xF789,
  /* U+9C90 */    0xF6D8,     0xF6D9,     0xF6DA,     0xF78A,     0xF6DB,     0xF6DC,     0xF78B,     0xF78C,
  /* U+9C98 */    0xF78D,     0xF78E,     0xF6DD,     0xF6DE,     0xCFCA,     0xF78F,     0xF6DF,     0xF6E0,
  /* U+9CA0 */    0xF6E1,     0xF6E2,     0xF6E3,     0xF6E4,     0xC0F0,     0xF6E5,     0xF6E6,     0xF6E7,
  /* U+9CA8 */    0xF6E8,     0xF6E9,     0xF790,     0xF6EA,     0xF791,     0xF6EB,     0xF6EC,     0xF792,
  /* U+9CB0 */    0xF6ED,     0xF6EE,     0xF6EF,     0xF6F0,     0xF6F1,     0xF6F2,     0xF6F3,     0xF6F4,
  /* U+9CB8 */    0xBEA8,     0xF793,     0xF6F5,     0xF6F6,     0xF6F7,     0xF6F8,     0xF794,     0xF795,
  /* U+9CC0 */    0xF796,     0xF797,     0xF798,     0xC8FA,     0xF6F9,     0xF6FA,     0xF6FB,     0xF6FC,
  /* U+9CC8 */    0xF799,     0xF79A,     0xF6FD,     0xF6FE,     0xF7A1,     0xF7A2,     0xF7A3,     0xF7A4,
  /* U+9CD0 */    0xF7A5,     0xF79B,     0xF79C,     0xF7A6,     0xF7A7,     0xF7A8,     0xB1EE,     0xF7A9,
  /* U+9CD8 */    0xF7AA,     0xF7AB,     0xF79D,     0xF79E,     0xF7AC,     0xF7AD,     0xC1DB,     0xF7AE,
  /* U+9CE0 */    0xF79F,     0xF7A0,     0xF7AF,     0xF840,     0xF841,     0xF842,     0xF843,     0xF844,
  /* U+9CE8 */    0xF845,     0xF846,     0xF847,     0xF848,     0xF849,     0xF84A,     0xF84B,     0xF84C,
  /* U+9CF0 */    0xF84D,     0xF84E,     0xF84F,     0xF850,     0xF851,     0xF852,     0xF853,     0xF854,
  /* U+9CF8 */    0xF855,     0xF856,     0xF857,     0xF858,     0xF859,     0xF85A,     0xF85B,     0xF85C,
  /* U+9D00 */    0xF85D,     0xF85E,     0xF85F,     0xF860,     0xF861,     0xF862,     0xF863,     0xF864,
  /* U+9D08 */    0xF865,     0xF866,     0xF867,     0xF868,     0xF869,     0xF86A,     0xF86B,     0xF86C,
  /* U+9D10 */    0xF86D,     0xF86E,     0xF86F,     0xF870,     0xF871,     0xF872,     0xF873,     0xF874,
  /* U+9D18 */    0xF875,     0xF876,     0xF877,     0xF878,     0xF879,     0xF87A,     0xF87B,     0xF87C,
  /* U+9D20 */    0xF87D,     0xF87E,     0xF880,     0xF881,     0xF882,     0xF883,     0xF884,     0xF885,
  /* U+9D28 */    0xF886,     0xF887,     0xF888,     0xF889,     0xF88A,     0xF88B,     0xF88C,     0xF88D,
  /* U+9D30 */    0xF88E,     0xF88F,     0xF890,     0xF891,     0xF892,     0xF893,     0xF894,     0xF895,
  /* U+9D38 */    0xF896,     0xF897,     0xF898,     0xF899,     0xF89A,     0xF89B,     0xF89C,     0xF89D,
  /* U+9D40 */    0xF89E,     0xF89F,     0xF8A0,     0xF940,     0xF941,     0xF942,     0xF943,     0xF944,
  /* U+9D48 */    0xF945,     0xF946,     0xF947,     0xF948,     0xF949,     0xF94A,     0xF94B,     0xF94C,
  /* U+9D50 */    0xF94D,     0xF94E,     0xF94F,     0xF950,     0xF951,     0xF952,     0xF953,     0xF954,
  /* U+9D58 */    0xF955,     0xF956,     0xF957,     0xF958,     0xF959,     0xF95A,     0xF95B,     0xF95C,
  /* U+9D60 */    0xF95D,     0xF95E,     0xF95F,     0xF960,     0xF961,     0xF962,     0xF963,     0xF964,
  /* U+9D68 */    0xF965,     0xF966,     0xF967,     0xF968,     0xF969,     0xF96A,     0xF96B,     0xF96C,
  /* U+9D70 */    0xF96D,     0xF96E,     0xF96F,     0xF970,     0xF971,     0xF972,     0xF973,     0xF974,
  /* U+9D78 */    0xF975,     0xF976,     0xF977,     0xF978,     0xF979,     0xF97A,     0xF97B,     0xF97C,
  /* U+9D80 */    0xF97D,     0xF97E,     0xF980,     0xF981,     0xF982,     0xF983,     0xF984,     0xF985,
  /* U+9D88 */    0xF986,     0xF987,     0xF988,     0xF989,     0xF98A,     0xF98B,     0xF98C,     0xF98D,
  /* U+9D90 */    0xF98E,     0xF98F,     0xF990,     0xF991,     0xF992,     0xF993,     0xF994,     0xF995,
  /* U+9D98 */    0xF996,     0xF997,     0xF998,     0xF999,     0xF99A,     0xF99B,     0xF99C,     0xF99D,
  /* U+9DA0 */    0xF99E,     0xF99F,     0xF9A0,     0xFA40,     0xFA41,     0xFA42,     0xFA43,     0xFA44,
  /* U+9DA8 */    0xFA45,     0xFA46,     0xFA47,     0xFA48,     0xFA49,     0xFA4A,     0xFA4B,     0xFA4C,
  /* U+9DB0 */    0xFA4D,     0xFA4E,     0xFA4F,     0xFA50,     0xFA51,     0xFA52,     0xFA53,     0xFA54,
  /* U+9DB8 */    0xFA55,     0xFA56,     0xFA57,     0xFA58,     0xFA59,     0xFA5A,     0xFA5B,     0xFA5C,
  /* U+9DC0 */    0xFA5D,     0xFA5E,     0xFA5F,     0xFA60,     0xFA61,     0xFA62,     0xFA63,     0xFA64,
  /* U+9DC8 */    0xFA65,     0xFA66,     0xFA67,     0xFA68,     0xFA69,     0xFA6A,     0xFA6B,     0xFA6C,
  /* U+9DD0 */    0xFA6D,     0xFA6E,     0xFA6F,     0xFA70,     0xFA71,     0xFA72,     0xFA73,     0xFA74,
  /* U+9DD8 */    0xFA75,     0xFA76,     0xFA77,     0xFA78,     0xFA79,     0xFA7A,     0xFA7B,     0xFA7C,
  /* U+9DE0 */    0xFA7D,     0xFA7E,     0xFA80,     0xFA81,     0xFA82,     0xFA83,     0xFA84,     0xFA85,
  /* U+9DE8 */    0xFA86,     0xFA87,     0xFA88,     0xFA89,     0xFA8A,     0xFA8B,     0xFA8C,     0xFA8D,
  /* U+9DF0 */    0xFA8E,     0xFA8F,     0xFA90,     0xFA91,     0xFA92,     0xFA93,     0xFA94,     0xFA95,
  /* U+9DF8 */    0xFA96,     0xFA97,     0xFA98,     0xFA99,     0xFA9A,     0xFA9B,     0xFA9C,     0xFA9D,
  /* U+9E00 */    0xFA9E,     0xFA9F,     0xFAA0,     0xFB40,     0xFB41,     0xFB42,     0xFB43,     0xFB44,
  /* U+9E08 */    0xFB45,     0xFB46,     0xFB47,     0xFB48,     0xFB49,     0xFB4A,     0xFB4B,     0xFB4C,
  /* U+9E10 */    0xFB4D,     0xFB4E,     0xFB4F,     0xFB50,     0xFB51,     0xFB52,     0xFB53,     0xFB54,
  /* U+9E18 */    0xFB55,     0xFB56,     0xFB57,     0xFB58,     0xFB59,     0xFB5A,     0xFB5B,     0xC4F1,
  /* U+9E20 */    0xF0AF,     0xBCA6,     0xF0B0,     0xC3F9,     0xFB5C,     0xC5B8,     0xD1BB,     0xFB5D,
  /* U+9E28 */    0xF0B1,     0xF0B2,     0xF0B3,     0xF0B4,     0xF0B5,     0xD1BC,     0xFB5E,     0xD1EC,
  /* U+9E30 */    0xFB5F,     0xF0B7,     0xF0B6,     0xD4A7,     0xFB60,     0xCDD2,     0xF0B8,     0xF0BA,
  /* U+9E38 */    0xF0B9,     0xF0BB,     0xF0BC,     0xFB61,     0xFB62,     0xB8EB,     0xF0BD,     0xBAE8,
  /* U+9E40 */    0xFB63,     0xF0BE,     0xF0BF,     0xBEE9,     0xF0C0,     0xB6EC,     0xF0C1,     0xF0C2,
  /* U+9E48 */    0xF0C3,     0xF0C4,     0xC8B5,     0xF0C5,     0xF0C6,     0xFB64,     0xF0C7,     0xC5F4,
  /* U+9E50 */    0xFB65,     0xF0C8,     0xFB66,     0xFB67,     0xFB68,     0xF0C9,     0xFB69,     0xF0CA,
  /* U+9E58 */    0xF7BD,     0xFB6A,     0xF0CB,     0xF0CC,     0xF0CD,     0xFB6B,     0xF0CE,     0xFB6C,
  /* U+9E60 */    0xFB6D,     0xFB6E,     0xFB6F,     0xF0CF,     0xBAD7,     0xFB70,     0xF0D0,     0xF0D1,
  /* U+9E68 */    0xF0D2,     0xF0D3,     0xF0D4,     0xF0D5,     0xF0D6,     0xF0D8,     0xFB71,     0xFB72,
  /* U+9E70 */    0xD3A5,     0xF0D7,     0xFB73,     0xF0D9,     0xFB74,     0xFB75,     0xFB76,     0xFB77,
  /* U+9E78 */    0xFB78,     0xFB79,     0xFB7A,     0xFB7B,     0xFB7C,     0xFB7D,     0xF5BA,     0xC2B9,
  /* U+9E80 */    0xFB7E,     0xFB80,     0xF7E4,     0xFB81,     0xFB82,     0xFB83,     0xFB84,     0xF7E5,
  /* U+9E88 */    0xF7E6,     0xFB85,     0xFB86,     0xF7E7,     0xFB87,     0xFB88,     0xFB89,     0xFB8A,
  /* U+9E90 */    0xFB8B,     0xFB8C,     0xF7E8,     0xC2B4,     0xFB8D,     0xFB8E,     0xFB8F,     0xFB90,
  /* U+9E98 */    0xFB91,     0xFB92,     0xFB93,     0xFB94,     0xFB95,     0xF7EA,     0xFB96,     0xF7EB,
  /* U+9EA0 */    0xFB97,     0xFB98,     0xFB99,     0xFB9A,     0xFB9B,     0xFB9C,     0xC2F3,     0xFB9D,
  /* U+9EA8 */    0xFB9E,     0xFB9F,     0xFBA0,     0xFC40,     0xFC41,     0xFC42,     0xFC43,     0xFC44,
  /* U+9EB0 */    0xFC45,     0xFC46,     0xFC47,     0xFC48,     0xF4F0,     0xFC49,     0xFC4A,     0xFC4B,
  /* U+9EB8 */    0xF4EF,     0xFC4C,     0xFC4D,     0xC2E9,     0xFC4E,     0xF7E1,     0xF7E2,     0xFC4F,
  /* U+9EC0 */    0xFC50,     0xFC51,     0xFC52,     0xFC53,     0xBBC6,     0xFC54,     0xFC55,     0xFC56,
  /* U+9EC8 */    0xFC57,     0xD9E4,     0xFC58,     0xFC59,     0xFC5A,     0xCAF2,     0xC0E8,     0xF0A4,
  /* U+9ED0 */    0xFC5B,     0xBADA,     0xFC5C,     0xFC5D,     0xC7AD,     0xFC5E,     0xFC5F,     0xFC60,
  /* U+9ED8 */    0xC4AC,     0xFC61,     0xFC62,     0xF7EC,     0xF7ED,     0xF7EE,     0xFC63,     0xF7F0,
  /* U+9EE0 */    0xF7EF,     0xFC64,     0xF7F1,     0xFC65,     0xFC66,     0xF7F4,     0xFC67,     0xF7F3,
  /* U+9EE8 */    0xFC68,     0xF7F2,     0xF7F5,     0xFC69,     0xFC6A,     0xFC6B,     0xFC6C,     0xF7F6,
  /* U+9EF0 */    0xFC6D,     0xFC6E,     0xFC6F,     0xFC70,     0xFC71,     0xFC72,     0xFC73,     0xFC74,
  /* U+9EF8 */    0xFC75,     0xEDE9,     0xFC76,     0xEDEA,     0xEDEB,     0xFC77,     0xF6BC,     0xFC78,
  /* U+9F00 */    0xFC79,     0xFC7A,     0xFC7B,     0xFC7C,     0xFC7D,     0xFC7E,     0xFC80,     0xFC81,
  /* U+9F08 */    0xFC82,     0xFC83,     0xFC84,     0xF6BD,     0xFC85,     0xF6BE,     0xB6A6,     0xFC86,
  /* U+9F10 */    0xD8BE,     0xFC87,     0xFC88,     0xB9C4,     0xFC89,     0xFC8A,     0xFC8B,     0xD8BB,
  /* U+9F18 */    0xFC8C,     0xDCB1,     0xFC8D,     0xFC8E,     0xFC8F,     0xFC90,     0xFC91,     0xFC92,
  /* U+9F20 */    0xCAF3,     0xFC93,     0xF7F7,     0xFC94,     0xFC95,     0xFC96,     0xFC97,     0xFC98,
  /* U+9F28 */    0xFC99,     0xFC9A,     0xFC9B,     0xFC9C,     0xF7F8,     0xFC9D,     0xFC9E,     0xF7F9,
  /* U+9F30 */    0xFC9F,     0xFCA0,     0xFD40,     0xFD41,     0xFD42,     0xFD43,     0xFD44,     0xF7FB,
  /* U+9F38 */    0xFD45,     0xF7FA,     0xFD46,     0xB1C7,     0xFD47,     0xF7FC,     0xF7FD,     0xFD48,
  /* U+9F40 */    0xFD49,     0xFD4A,     0xFD4B,     0xFD4C,     0xF7FE,     0xFD4D,     0xFD4E,     0xFD4F,
  /* U+9F48 */    0xFD50,     0xFD51,     0xFD52,     0xFD53,     0xFD54,     0xFD55,     0xFD56,     0xFD57,
  /* U+9F50 */    0xC6EB,     0xECB4,     0xFD58,     0xFD59,     0xFD5A,     0xFD5B,     0xFD5C,     0xFD5D,
  /* U+9F58 */    0xFD5E,     0xFD5F,     0xFD60,     0xFD61,     0xFD62,     0xFD63,     0xFD64,     0xFD65,
  /* U+9F60 */    0xFD66,     0xFD67,     0xFD68,     0xFD69,     0xFD6A,     0xFD6B,     0xFD6C,     0xFD6D,
  /* U+9F68 */    0xFD6E,     0xFD6F,     0xFD70,     0xFD71,     0xFD72,     0xFD73,     0xFD74,     0xFD75,
  /* U+9F70 */    0xFD76,     0xFD77,     0xFD78,     0xFD79,     0xFD7A,     0xFD7B,     0xFD7C,     0xFD7D,
  /* U+9F78 */    0xFD7E,     0xFD80,     0xFD81,     0xFD82,     0xFD83,     0xFD84,     0xFD85,     0xB3DD,
  /* U+9F80 */    0xF6B3,     0xFD86,     0xFD87,     0xF6B4,     0xC1E4,     0xF6B5,     0xF6B6,     0xF6B7,
  /* U+9F88 */    0xF6B8,     0xF6B9,     0xF6BA,     0xC8A3,     0xF6BB,     0xFD88,     0xFD89,     0xFD8A,
  /* U+9F90 */    0xFD8B,     0xFD8C,     0xFD8D,     0xFD8E,     0xFD8F,     0xFD90,     0xFD91,     0xFD92,
  /* U+9F98 */    0xFD93,     0xC1FA,     0xB9A8,     0xEDE8,     0xFD94,     0xFD95,     0xFD96,     0xB9EA,
  /* U+9FA0 */    0xD9DF,     0xFD97,     0xFD98,     0xFD99,     0xFD9A,     0xFD9B,
  /* Contiguous area: U+E766 .. U+E864 */
  /* U+E766 */                                        0xA2AB,     0xA2AC,
  /* U+E768 */    0xA2AD,     0xA2AE,     0xA2AF,     0xA2B0,     0x6469,     0xA2E4,     0xA2EF,     0xA2F0,
  /* U+E770 */    0xA2FD,     0xA2FE,     0xA4F4,     0xA4F5,     0xA4F6,     0xA4F7,     0xA4F8,     0xA4F9,
  /* U+E778 */    0xA4FA,     0xA4FB,     0xA4FC,     0xA4FD,     0xA4FE,     0xA5F7,     0xA5F8,     0xA5F9,
  /* U+E780 */    0xA5FA,     0xA5FB,     0xA5FC,     0xA5FD,     0xA5FE,     0xA6B9,     0xA6BA,     0xA6BB,
  /* U+E788 */    0xA6BC,     0xA6BD,     0xA6BE,     0xA6BF,     0xA6C0,     0xA6D9,     0xA6DA,     0xA6DB,
  /* U+E790 */    0xA6DC,     0xA6DD,     0xA6DE,     0xA6DF,     0xA6EC,     0xA6ED,     0xA6F3,     0xA6F6,
  /* U+E798 */    0xA6F7,     0xA6F8,     0xA6F9,     0xA6FA,     0xA6FB,     0xA6FC,     0xA6FD,     0xA6FE,
  /* U+E7A0 */    0xA7C2,     0xA7C3,     0xA7C4,     0xA7C5,     0xA7C6,     0xA7C7,     0xA7C8,     0xA7C9,
  /* U+E7A8 */    0xA7CA,     0xA7CB,     0xA7CC,     0xA7CD,     0xA7CE,     0xA7CF,     0xA7D0,     0xA7F2,
  /* U+E7B0 */    0xA7F3,     0xA7F4,     0xA7F5,     0xA7F6,     0xA7F7,     0xA7F8,     0xA7F9,     0xA7FA,
  /* U+E7B8 */    0xA7FB,     0xA7FC,     0xA7FD,     0xA7FE,     0xA896,     0xA897,     0xA898,     0xA899,
  /* U+E7C0 */    0xA89A,     0xA89B,     0xA89C,     0xA89D,     0xA89E,     0xA89F,     0xA8A0,     0xA8BC,
  /* U+E7C8 */    0x6470,     0xA8C1,     0xA8C2,     0xA8C3,     0xA8C4,     0xA8EA,     0xA8EB,     0xA8EC,
  /* U+E7D0 */    0xA8ED,     0xA8EE,     0xA8EF,     0xA8F0,     0xA8F1,     0xA8F2,     0xA8F3,     0xA8F4,
  /* U+E7D8 */    0xA8F5,     0xA8F6,     0xA8F7,     0xA8F8,     0xA8F9,     0xA8FA,     0xA8FB,     0xA8FC,
  /* U+E7E0 */    0xA8FD,     0xA8FE,     0xA958,     0xA95B,     0xA95D,     0xA95E,     0xA95F,     0x6471,
  /* U+E7E8 */    0x6472,     0x6473,     0x6474,     0x6475,     0x6476,     0x6477,     0x6478,     0x6479,
  /* U+E7F0 */    0x6480,     0x6481,     0x6482,     0x6483,     0xA997,     0xA998,     0xA999,     0xA99A,
  /* U+E7F8 */    0xA99B,     0xA99C,     0xA99D,     0xA99E,     0xA99F,     0xA9A0,     0xA9A1,     0xA9A2,
  /* U+E800 */    0xA9A3,     0xA9F0,     0xA9F1,     0xA9F2,     0xA9F3,     0xA9F4,     0xA9F5,     0xA9F6,
  /* U+E808 */    0xA9F7,     0xA9F8,     0xA9F9,     0xA9FA,     0xA9FB,     0xA9FC,     0xA9FD,     0xA9FE,
  /* U+E810 */    0xD7FA,     0xD7FB,     0xD7FC,     0xD7FD,     0xD7FE,     0x6484,     0xFE51,     0xFE52,
  /* U+E818 */    0xFE53,     0x6485,     0x6486,     0x6487,     0x6488,     0x6489,     0xFE59,     0x6490,
  /* U+E820 */    0x6491,     0x6492,     0x6493,     0x6494,     0x6495,     0x6496,     0xFE61,     0x6497,
  /* U+E828 */    0x6498,     0x6499,     0x64A0,     0xFE66,     0xFE67,     0x64A1,     0x64A2,     0x64A3,
  /* U+E830 */    0x64A4,     0xFE6C,     0xFE6D,     0x64A5,     0x64A6,     0x64A7,     0x64A8,     0x64A9,
  /* U+E838 */    0x64B0,     0x64B1,     0x64B2,     0xFE76,     0x64B3,     0x64B4,     0x64B5,     0x64B6,
  /* U+E840 */    0x64B7,     0x64B8,     0x64B9,     0xFE7E,     0x64C0,     0x64C1,     0x64C2,     0x64C3,
  /* U+E848 */    0x64C4,     0x64C5,     0x64C6,     0x64C7,     0x64C8,     0x64C9,     0x64D0,     0x64D1,
  /* U+E850 */    0x64D2,     0x64D3,     0x64D4,     0x64D5,     0xFE90,     0xFE91,     0x64D6,     0x64D7,
  /* U+E858 */    0x64D8,     0x64D9,     0x64E0,     0x64E1,     0x64E2,     0x64E3,     0x64E4,     0x64E5,
  /* U+E860 */    0x64E6,     0x64E7,     0x64E8,     0x64E9,     0xFEA0,
  /* Contiguous area: U+F92C .. U+FA29 */
  /* U+F92C */                            0xFD9C,     0x7045,     0x7046,     0x7047,
  /* U+F930 */    0x7048,     0x7049,     0x7050,     0x7051,     0x7052,     0x7053,     0x7054,     0x7055,
  /* U+F938 */    0x7056,     0x7057,     0x7058,     0x7059,     0x7060,     0x7061,     0x7062,     0x7063,
  /* U+F940 */    0x7064,     0x7065,     0x7066,     0x7067,     0x7068,     0x7069,     0x7070,     0x7071,
  /* U+F948 */    0x7072,     0x7073,     0x7074,     0x7075,     0x7076,     0x7077,     0x7078,     0x7079,
  /* U+F950 */    0x7080,     0x7081,     0x7082,     0x7083,     0x7084,     0x7085,     0x7086,     0x7087,
  /* U+F958 */    0x7088,     0x7089,     0x7090,     0x7091,     0x7092,     0x7093,     0x7094,     0x7095,
  /* U+F960 */    0x7096,     0x7097,     0x7098,     0x7099,     0x70A0,     0x70A1,     0x70A2,     0x70A3,
  /* U+F968 */    0x70A4,     0x70A5,     0x70A6,     0x70A7,     0x70A8,     0x70A9,     0x70B0,     0x70B1,
  /* U+F970 */    0x70B2,     0x70B3,     0x70B4,     0x70B5,     0x70B6,     0x70B7,     0x70B8,     0x70B9,
  /* U+F978 */    0x70C0,     0xFD9D,     0x70C1,     0x70C2,     0x70C3,     0x70C4,     0x70C5,     0x70C6,
  /* U+F980 */    0x70C7,     0x70C8,     0x70C9,     0x70D0,     0x70D1,     0x70D2,     0x70D3,     0x70D4,
  /* U+F988 */    0x70D5,     0x70D6,     0x70D7,     0x70D8,     0x70D9,     0x70E0,     0x70E1,     0x70E2,
  /* U+F990 */    0x70E3,     0x70E4,     0x70E5,     0x70E6,     0x70E7,     0xFD9E,     0x70E8,     0x70E9,
  /* U+F998 */    0x70F0,     0x70F1,     0x70F2,     0x70F3,     0x70F4,     0x70F5,     0x70F6,     0x70F7,
  /* U+F9A0 */    0x70F8,     0x70F9,     0x7100,     0x7101,     0x7102,     0x7103,     0x7104,     0x7105,
  /* U+F9A8 */    0x7106,     0x7107,     0x7108,     0x7109,     0x7110,     0x7111,     0x7112,     0x7113,
  /* U+F9B0 */    0x7114,     0x7115,     0x7116,     0x7117,     0x7118,     0x7119,     0x7120,     0x7121,
  /* U+F9B8 */    0x7122,     0x7123,     0x7124,     0x7125,     0x7126,     0x7127,     0x7128,     0x7129,
  /* U+F9C0 */    0x7130,     0x7131,     0x7132,     0x7133,     0x7134,     0x7135,     0x7136,     0x7137,
  /* U+F9C8 */    0x7138,     0x7139,     0x7140,     0x7141,     0x7142,     0x7143,     0x7144,     0x7145,
  /* U+F9D0 */    0x7146,     0x7147,     0x7148,     0x7149,     0x7150,     0x7151,     0x7152,     0x7153,
  /* U+F9D8 */    0x7154,     0x7155,     0x7156,     0x7157,     0x7158,     0x7159,     0x7160,     0x7161,
  /* U+F9E0 */    0x7162,     0x7163,     0x7164,     0x7165,     0x7166,     0x7167,     0x7168,     0xFD9F,
  /* U+F9E8 */    0x7169,     0x7170,     0x7171,     0x7172,     0x7173,     0x7174,     0x7175,     0x7176,
  /* U+F9F0 */    0x7177,     0xFDA0,     0x7178,     0x7179,     0x7180,     0x7181,     0x7182,     0x7183,
  /* U+F9F8 */    0x7184,     0x7185,     0x7186,     0x7187,     0x7188,     0x7189,     0x7190,     0x7191,
  /* U+FA00 */    0x7192,     0x7193,     0x7194,     0x7195,     0x7196,     0x7197,     0x7198,     0x7199,
  /* U+FA08 */    0x71A0,     0x71A1,     0x71A2,     0x71A3,     0xFE40,     0xFE41,     0xFE42,     0xFE43,
  /* U+FA10 */    0x71A4,     0xFE44,     0x71A5,     0xFE45,     0xFE46,     0x71A6,     0x71A7,     0x71A8,
  /* U+FA18 */    0xFE47,     0x71A9,     0x71B0,     0x71B1,     0x71B2,     0x71B3,     0x71B4,     0xFE48,
  /* U+FA20 */    0xFE49,     0xFE4A,     0x71B5,     0xFE4B,     0xFE4C,     0x71B6,     0x71B7,     0xFE4D,
  /* U+FA28 */    0xFE4E,     0xFE4F,
  /* Contiguous area: U+FE30 .. U+FFE5 */
  /* U+FE30 */    0xA955,     0xA6F2,     0x7848,     0xA6F4,     0xA6F5,     0xA6E0,     0xA6E1,     0xA6F0,
  /* U+FE38 */    0xA6F1,     0xA6E2,     0xA6E3,     0xA6EE,     0xA6EF,     0xA6E6,     0xA6E7,     0xA6E4,
  /* U+FE40 */    0xA6E5,     0xA6E8,     0xA6E9,     0xA6EA,     0xA6EB,     0x7849,     0x7850,     0x7851,
  /* U+FE48 */    0x7852,     0xA968,     0xA969,     0xA96A,     0xA96B,     0xA96C,     0xA96D,     0xA96E,
  /* U+FE50 */    0xA96F,     0xA970,     0xA971,     0x7853,     0xA972,     0xA973,     0xA974,     0xA975,
  /* U+FE58 */    0x7854,     0xA976,     0xA977,     0xA978,     0xA979,     0xA97A,     0xA97B,     0xA97C,
  /* U+FE60 */    0xA97D,     0xA97E,     0xA980,     0xA981,     0xA982,     0xA983,     0xA984,     0x7855,
  /* U+FE68 */    0xA985,     0xA986,     0xA987,     0xA988,     0x7856,     0x7857,     0x7858,     0x7859,
  /* U+FE70 */    0x7860,     0x7861,     0x7862,     0x7863,     0x7864,     0x7865,     0x7866,     0x7867,
  /* U+FE78 */    0x7868,     0x7869,     0x7870,     0x7871,     0x7872,     0x7873,     0x7874,     0x7875,
  /* U+FE80 */    0x7876,     0x7877,     0x7878,     0x7879,     0x7880,     0x7881,     0x7882,     0x7883,
  /* U+FE88 */    0x7884,     0x7885,     0x7886,     0x7887,     0x7888,     0x7889,     0x7890,     0x7891,
  /* U+FE90 */    0x7892,     0x7893,     0x7894,     0x7895,     0x7896,     0x7897,     0x7898,     0x7899,
  /* U+FE98 */    0x78A0,     0x78A1,     0x78A2,     0x78A3,     0x78A4,     0x78A5,     0x78A6,     0x78A7,
  /* U+FEA0 */    0x78A8,     0x78A9,     0x78B0,     0x78B1,     0x78B2,     0x78B3,     0x78B4,     0x78B5,
  /* U+FEA8 */    0x78B6,     0x78B7,     0x78B8,     0x78B9,     0x78C0,     0x78C1,     0x78C2,     0x78C3,
  /* U+FEB0 */    0x78C4,     0x78C5,     0x78C6,     0x78C7,     0x78C8,     0x78C9,     0x78D0,     0x78D1,
  /* U+FEB8 */    0x78D2,     0x78D3,     0x78D4,     0x78D5,     0x78D6,     0x78D7,     0x78D8,     0x78D9,
  /* U+FEC0 */    0x78E0,     0x78E1,     0x78E2,     0x78E3,     0x78E4,     0x78E5,     0x78E6,     0x78E7,
  /* U+FEC8 */    0x78E8,     0x78E9,     0x78F0,     0x78F1,     0x78F2,     0x78F3,     0x78F4,     0x78F5,
  /* U+FED0 */    0x78F6,     0x78F7,     0x78F8,     0x78F9,     0x7900,     0x7901,     0x7902,     0x7903,
  /* U+FED8 */    0x7904,     0x7905,     0x7906,     0x7907,     0x7908,     0x7909,     0x7910,     0x7911,
  /* U+FEE0 */    0x7912,     0x7913,     0x7914,     0x7915,     0x7916,     0x7917,     0x7918,     0x7919,
  /* U+FEE8 */    0x7920,     0x7921,     0x7922,     0x7923,     0x7924,     0x7925,     0x7926,     0x7927,
  /* U+FEF0 */    0x7928,     0x7929,     0x7930,     0x7931,     0x7932,     0x7933,     0x7934,     0x7935,
  /* U+FEF8 */    0x7936,     0x7937,     0x7938,     0x7939,     0x7940,     0x7941,     0x7942,     0x7943,
  /* U+FF00 */    0x7944,     0xA3A1,     0xA3A2,     0xA3A3,     0xA1E7,     0xA3A5,     0xA3A6,     0xA3A7,
  /* U+FF08 */    0xA3A8,     0xA3A9,     0xA3AA,     0xA3AB,     0xA3AC,     0xA3AD,     0xA3AE,     0xA3AF,
  /* U+FF10 */    0xA3B0,     0xA3B1,     0xA3B2,     0xA3B3,     0xA3B4,     0xA3B5,     0xA3B6,     0xA3B7,
  /* U+FF18 */    0xA3B8,     0xA3B9,     0xA3BA,     0xA3BB,     0xA3BC,     0xA3BD,     0xA3BE,     0xA3BF,
  /* U+FF20 */    0xA3C0,     0xA3C1,     0xA3C2,     0xA3C3,     0xA3C4,     0xA3C5,     0xA3C6,     0xA3C7,
  /* U+FF28 */    0xA3C8,     0xA3C9,     0xA3CA,     0xA3CB,     0xA3CC,     0xA3CD,     0xA3CE,     0xA3CF,
  /* U+FF30 */    0xA3D0,     0xA3D1,     0xA3D2,     0xA3D3,     0xA3D4,     0xA3D5,     0xA3D6,     0xA3D7,
  /* U+FF38 */    0xA3D8,     0xA3D9,     0xA3DA,     0xA3DB,     0xA3DC,     0xA3DD,     0xA3DE,     0xA3DF,
  /* U+FF40 */    0xA3E0,     0xA3E1,     0xA3E2,     0xA3E3,     0xA3E4,     0xA3E5,     0xA3E6,     0xA3E7,
  /* U+FF48 */    0xA3E8,     0xA3E9,     0xA3EA,     0xA3EB,     0xA3EC,     0xA3ED,     0xA3EE,     0xA3EF,
  /* U+FF50 */    0xA3F0,     0xA3F1,     0xA3F2,     0xA3F3,     0xA3F4,     0xA3F5,     0xA3F6,     0xA3F7,
  /* U+FF58 */    0xA3F8,     0xA3F9,     0xA3FA,     0xA3FB,     0xA3FC,     0xA3FD,     0xA1AB,     0x7945,
  /* U+FF60 */    0x7946,     0x7947,     0x7948,     0x7949,     0x7950,     0x7951,     0x7952,     0x7953,
  /* U+FF68 */    0x7954,     0x7955,     0x7956,     0x7957,     0x7958,     0x7959,     0x7960,     0x7961,
  /* U+FF70 */    0x7962,     0x7963,     0x7964,     0x7965,     0x7966,     0x7967,     0x7968,     0x7969,
  /* U+FF78 */    0x7970,     0x7971,     0x7972,     0x7973,     0x7974,     0x7975,     0x7976,     0x7977,
  /* U+FF80 */    0x7978,     0x7979,     0x7980,     0x7981,     0x7982,     0x7983,     0x7984,     0x7985,
  /* U+FF88 */    0x7986,     0x7987,     0x7988,     0x7989,     0x7990,     0x7991,     0x7992,     0x7993,
  /* U+FF90 */    0x7994,     0x7995,     0x7996,     0x7997,     0x7998,     0x7999,     0x79A0,     0x79A1,
  /* U+FF98 */    0x79A2,     0x79A3,     0x79A4,     0x79A5,     0x79A6,     0x79A7,     0x79A8,     0x79A9,
  /* U+FFA0 */    0x79B0,     0x79B1,     0x79B2,     0x79B3,     0x79B4,     0x79B5,     0x79B6,     0x79B7,
  /* U+FFA8 */    0x79B8,     0x79B9,     0x79C0,     0x79C1,     0x79C2,     0x79C3,     0x79C4,     0x79C5,
  /* U+FFB0 */    0x79C6,     0x79C7,     0x79C8,     0x79C9,     0x79D0,     0x79D1,     0x79D2,     0x79D3,
  /* U+FFB8 */    0x79D4,     0x79D5,     0x79D6,     0x79D7,     0x79D8,     0x79D9,     0x79E0,     0x79E1,
  /* U+FFC0 */    0x79E2,     0x79E3,     0x79E4,     0x79E5,     0x79E6,     0x79E7,     0x79E8,     0x79E9,
  /* U+FFC8 */    0x79F0,     0x79F1,     0x79F2,     0x79F3,     0x79F4,     0x79F5,     0x79F6,     0x79F7,
  /* U+FFD0 */    0x79F8,     0x79F9,     0x7A00,     0x7A01,     0x7A02,     0x7A03,     0x7A04,     0x7A05,
  /* U+FFD8 */    0x7A06,     0x7A07,     0x7A08,     0x7A09,     0x7A10,     0x7A11,     0x7A12,     0x7A13,
  /* U+FFE0 */    0xA1E9,     0xA1EA,     0xA956,     0xA3FE,     0xA957,     0xA3A4,

static Q_UINT16 const gb18030_2byte_to_ucs[22046] = {
      /* GB 0x8140..0x817E */
      0x4E02,     0x4E04,     0x4E05,     0x4E06,     0x4E0F,     0x4E12,     0x4E17,     0x4E1F,
      0x4E20,     0x4E21,     0x4E23,     0x4E26,     0x4E29,     0x4E2E,     0x4E2F,     0x4E31,
      0x4E33,     0x4E35,     0x4E37,     0x4E3C,     0x4E40,     0x4E41,     0x4E42,     0x4E44,
      0x4E46,     0x4E4A,     0x4E51,     0x4E55,     0x4E57,     0x4E5A,     0x4E5B,     0x4E62,
      0x4E63,     0x4E64,     0x4E65,     0x4E67,     0x4E68,     0x4E6A,     0x4E6B,     0x4E6C,
      0x4E6D,     0x4E6E,     0x4E6F,     0x4E72,     0x4E74,     0x4E75,     0x4E76,     0x4E77,
      0x4E78,     0x4E79,     0x4E7A,     0x4E7B,     0x4E7C,     0x4E7D,     0x4E7F,     0x4E80,
      0x4E81,     0x4E82,     0x4E83,     0x4E84,     0x4E85,     0x4E87,     0x4E8A,
      /* GB 0x8180..0x81FE */
      0x4E90,     0x4E96,     0x4E97,     0x4E99,     0x4E9C,     0x4E9D,     0x4E9E,     0x4EA3,
      0x4EAA,     0x4EAF,     0x4EB0,     0x4EB1,     0x4EB4,     0x4EB6,     0x4EB7,     0x4EB8,
      0x4EB9,     0x4EBC,     0x4EBD,     0x4EBE,     0x4EC8,     0x4ECC,     0x4ECF,     0x4ED0,
      0x4ED2,     0x4EDA,     0x4EDB,     0x4EDC,     0x4EE0,     0x4EE2,     0x4EE6,     0x4EE7,
      0x4EE9,     0x4EED,     0x4EEE,     0x4EEF,     0x4EF1,     0x4EF4,     0x4EF8,     0x4EF9,
      0x4EFA,     0x4EFC,     0x4EFE,     0x4F00,     0x4F02,     0x4F03,     0x4F04,     0x4F05,
      0x4F06,     0x4F07,     0x4F08,     0x4F0B,     0x4F0C,     0x4F12,     0x4F13,     0x4F14,
      0x4F15,     0x4F16,     0x4F1C,     0x4F1D,     0x4F21,     0x4F23,     0x4F28,     0x4F29,
      0x4F2C,     0x4F2D,     0x4F2E,     0x4F31,     0x4F33,     0x4F35,     0x4F37,     0x4F39,
      0x4F3B,     0x4F3E,     0x4F3F,     0x4F40,     0x4F41,     0x4F42,     0x4F44,     0x4F45,
      0x4F47,     0x4F48,     0x4F49,     0x4F4A,     0x4F4B,     0x4F4C,     0x4F52,     0x4F54,
      0x4F56,     0x4F61,     0x4F62,     0x4F66,     0x4F68,     0x4F6A,     0x4F6B,     0x4F6D,
      0x4F6E,     0x4F71,     0x4F72,     0x4F75,     0x4F77,     0x4F78,     0x4F79,     0x4F7A,
      0x4F7D,     0x4F80,     0x4F81,     0x4F82,     0x4F85,     0x4F86,     0x4F87,     0x4F8A,
      0x4F8C,     0x4F8E,     0x4F90,     0x4F92,     0x4F93,     0x4F95,     0x4F96,     0x4F98,
      0x4F99,     0x4F9A,     0x4F9C,     0x4F9E,     0x4F9F,     0x4FA1,     0x4FA2,
      /* GB 0x8240..0x827E */
      0x4FA4,     0x4FAB,     0x4FAD,     0x4FB0,     0x4FB1,     0x4FB2,     0x4FB3,     0x4FB4,
      0x4FB6,     0x4FB7,     0x4FB8,     0x4FB9,     0x4FBA,     0x4FBB,     0x4FBC,     0x4FBD,
      0x4FBE,     0x4FC0,     0x4FC1,     0x4FC2,     0x4FC6,     0x4FC7,     0x4FC8,     0x4FC9,
      0x4FCB,     0x4FCC,     0x4FCD,     0x4FD2,     0x4FD3,     0x4FD4,     0x4FD5,     0x4FD6,
      0x4FD9,     0x4FDB,     0x4FE0,     0x4FE2,     0x4FE4,     0x4FE5,     0x4FE7,     0x4FEB,
      0x4FEC,     0x4FF0,     0x4FF2,     0x4FF4,     0x4FF5,     0x4FF6,     0x4FF7,     0x4FF9,
      0x4FFB,     0x4FFC,     0x4FFD,     0x4FFF,     0x5000,     0x5001,     0x5002,     0x5003,
      0x5004,     0x5005,     0x5006,     0x5007,     0x5008,     0x5009,     0x500A,
      /* GB 0x8280..0x82FE */
      0x500B,     0x500E,     0x5010,     0x5011,     0x5013,     0x5015,     0x5016,     0x5017,
      0x501B,     0x501D,     0x501E,     0x5020,     0x5022,     0x5023,     0x5024,     0x5027,
      0x502B,     0x502F,     0x5030,     0x5031,     0x5032,     0x5033,     0x5034,     0x5035,
      0x5036,     0x5037,     0x5038,     0x5039,     0x503B,     0x503D,     0x503F,     0x5040,
      0x5041,     0x5042,     0x5044,     0x5045,     0x5046,     0x5049,     0x504A,     0x504B,
      0x504D,     0x5050,     0x5051,     0x5052,     0x5053,     0x5054,     0x5056,     0x5057,
      0x5058,     0x5059,     0x505B,     0x505D,     0x505E,     0x505F,     0x5060,     0x5061,
      0x5062,     0x5063,     0x5064,     0x5066,     0x5067,     0x5068,     0x5069,     0x506A,
      0x506B,     0x506D,     0x506E,     0x506F,     0x5070,     0x5071,     0x5072,     0x5073,
      0x5074,     0x5075,     0x5078,     0x5079,     0x507A,     0x507C,     0x507D,     0x5081,
      0x5082,     0x5083,     0x5084,     0x5086,     0x5087,     0x5089,     0x508A,     0x508B,
      0x508C,     0x508E,     0x508F,     0x5090,     0x5091,     0x5092,     0x5093,     0x5094,
      0x5095,     0x5096,     0x5097,     0x5098,     0x5099,     0x509A,     0x509B,     0x509C,
      0x509D,     0x509E,     0x509F,     0x50A0,     0x50A1,     0x50A2,     0x50A4,     0x50A6,
      0x50AA,     0x50AB,     0x50AD,     0x50AE,     0x50AF,     0x50B0,     0x50B1,     0x50B3,
      0x50B4,     0x50B5,     0x50B6,     0x50B7,     0x50B8,     0x50B9,     0x50BC,
      /* GB 0x8340..0x837E */
      0x50BD,     0x50BE,     0x50BF,     0x50C0,     0x50C1,     0x50C2,     0x50C3,     0x50C4,
      0x50C5,     0x50C6,     0x50C7,     0x50C8,     0x50C9,     0x50CA,     0x50CB,     0x50CC,
      0x50CD,     0x50CE,     0x50D0,     0x50D1,     0x50D2,     0x50D3,     0x50D4,     0x50D5,
      0x50D7,     0x50D8,     0x50D9,     0x50DB,     0x50DC,     0x50DD,     0x50DE,     0x50DF,
      0x50E0,     0x50E1,     0x50E2,     0x50E3,     0x50E4,     0x50E5,     0x50E8,     0x50E9,
      0x50EA,     0x50EB,     0x50EF,     0x50F0,     0x50F1,     0x50F2,     0x50F4,     0x50F6,
      0x50F7,     0x50F8,     0x50F9,     0x50FA,     0x50FC,     0x50FD,     0x50FE,     0x50FF,
      0x5100,     0x5101,     0x5102,     0x5103,     0x5104,     0x5105,     0x5108,
      /* GB 0x8380..0x83FE */
      0x5109,     0x510A,     0x510C,     0x510D,     0x510E,     0x510F,     0x5110,     0x5111,
      0x5113,     0x5114,     0x5115,     0x5116,     0x5117,     0x5118,     0x5119,     0x511A,
      0x511B,     0x511C,     0x511D,     0x511E,     0x511F,     0x5120,     0x5122,     0x5123,
      0x5124,     0x5125,     0x5126,     0x5127,     0x5128,     0x5129,     0x512A,     0x512B,
      0x512C,     0x512D,     0x512E,     0x512F,     0x5130,     0x5131,     0x5132,     0x5133,
      0x5134,     0x5135,     0x5136,     0x5137,     0x5138,     0x5139,     0x513A,     0x513B,
      0x513C,     0x513D,     0x513E,     0x5142,     0x5147,     0x514A,     0x514C,     0x514E,
      0x514F,     0x5150,     0x5152,     0x5153,     0x5157,     0x5158,     0x5159,     0x515B,
      0x515D,     0x515E,     0x515F,     0x5160,     0x5161,     0x5163,     0x5164,     0x5166,
      0x5167,     0x5169,     0x516A,     0x516F,     0x5172,     0x517A,     0x517E,     0x517F,
      0x5183,     0x5184,     0x5186,     0x5187,     0x518A,     0x518B,     0x518E,     0x518F,
      0x5190,     0x5191,     0x5193,     0x5194,     0x5198,     0x519A,     0x519D,     0x519E,
      0x519F,     0x51A1,     0x51A3,     0x51A6,     0x51A7,     0x51A8,     0x51A9,     0x51AA,
      0x51AD,     0x51AE,     0x51B4,     0x51B8,     0x51B9,     0x51BA,     0x51BE,     0x51BF,
      0x51C1,     0x51C2,     0x51C3,     0x51C5,     0x51C8,     0x51CA,     0x51CD,     0x51CE,
      0x51D0,     0x51D2,     0x51D3,     0x51D4,     0x51D5,     0x51D6,     0x51D7,
      /* GB 0x8440..0x847E */
      0x51D8,     0x51D9,     0x51DA,     0x51DC,     0x51DE,     0x51DF,     0x51E2,     0x51E3,
      0x51E5,     0x51E6,     0x51E7,     0x51E8,     0x51E9,     0x51EA,     0x51EC,     0x51EE,
      0x51F1,     0x51F2,     0x51F4,     0x51F7,     0x51FE,     0x5204,     0x5205,     0x5209,
      0x520B,     0x520C,     0x520F,     0x5210,     0x5213,     0x5214,     0x5215,     0x521C,
      0x521E,     0x521F,     0x5221,     0x5222,     0x5223,     0x5225,     0x5226,     0x5227,
      0x522A,     0x522C,     0x522F,     0x5231,     0x5232,     0x5234,     0x5235,     0x523C,
      0x523E,     0x5244,     0x5245,     0x5246,     0x5247,     0x5248,     0x5249,     0x524B,
      0x524E,     0x524F,     0x5252,     0x5253,     0x5255,     0x5257,     0x5258,
      /* GB 0x8480..0x84FE */
      0x5259,     0x525A,     0x525B,     0x525D,     0x525F,     0x5260,     0x5262,     0x5263,
      0x5264,     0x5266,     0x5268,     0x526B,     0x526C,     0x526D,     0x526E,     0x5270,
      0x5271,     0x5273,     0x5274,     0x5275,     0x5276,     0x5277,     0x5278,     0x5279,
      0x527A,     0x527B,     0x527C,     0x527E,     0x5280,     0x5283,     0x5284,     0x5285,
      0x5286,     0x5287,     0x5289,     0x528A,     0x528B,     0x528C,     0x528D,     0x528E,
      0x528F,     0x5291,     0x5292,     0x5294,     0x5295,     0x5296,     0x5297,     0x5298,
      0x5299,     0x529A,     0x529C,     0x52A4,     0x52A5,     0x52A6,     0x52A7,     0x52AE,
      0x52AF,     0x52B0,     0x52B4,     0x52B5,     0x52B6,     0x52B7,     0x52B8,     0x52B9,
      0x52BA,     0x52BB,     0x52BC,     0x52BD,     0x52C0,     0x52C1,     0x52C2,     0x52C4,
      0x52C5,     0x52C6,     0x52C8,     0x52CA,     0x52CC,     0x52CD,     0x52CE,     0x52CF,
      0x52D1,     0x52D3,     0x52D4,     0x52D5,     0x52D7,     0x52D9,     0x52DA,     0x52DB,
      0x52DC,     0x52DD,     0x52DE,     0x52E0,     0x52E1,     0x52E2,     0x52E3,     0x52E5,
      0x52E6,     0x52E7,     0x52E8,     0x52E9,     0x52EA,     0x52EB,     0x52EC,     0x52ED,
      0x52EE,     0x52EF,     0x52F1,     0x52F2,     0x52F3,     0x52F4,     0x52F5,     0x52F6,
      0x52F7,     0x52F8,     0x52FB,     0x52FC,     0x52FD,     0x5301,     0x5302,     0x5303,
      0x5304,     0x5307,     0x5309,     0x530A,     0x530B,     0x530C,     0x530E,
      /* GB 0x8540..0x857E */
      0x5311,     0x5312,     0x5313,     0x5314,     0x5318,     0x531B,     0x531C,     0x531E,
      0x531F,     0x5322,     0x5324,     0x5325,     0x5327,     0x5328,     0x5329,     0x532B,
      0x532C,     0x532D,     0x532F,     0x5330,     0x5331,     0x5332,     0x5333,     0x5334,
      0x5335,     0x5336,     0x5337,     0x5338,     0x533C,     0x533D,     0x5340,     0x5342,
      0x5344,     0x5346,     0x534B,     0x534C,     0x534D,     0x5350,     0x5354,     0x5358,
      0x5359,     0x535B,     0x535D,     0x5365,     0x5368,     0x536A,     0x536C,     0x536D,
      0x5372,     0x5376,     0x5379,     0x537B,     0x537C,     0x537D,     0x537E,     0x5380,
      0x5381,     0x5383,     0x5387,     0x5388,     0x538A,     0x538E,     0x538F,
      /* GB 0x8580..0x85FE */
      0x5390,     0x5391,     0x5392,     0x5393,     0x5394,     0x5396,     0x5397,     0x5399,
      0x539B,     0x539C,     0x539E,     0x53A0,     0x53A1,     0x53A4,     0x53A7,     0x53AA,
      0x53AB,     0x53AC,     0x53AD,     0x53AF,     0x53B0,     0x53B1,     0x53B2,     0x53B3,
      0x53B4,     0x53B5,     0x53B7,     0x53B8,     0x53B9,     0x53BA,     0x53BC,     0x53BD,
      0x53BE,     0x53C0,     0x53C3,     0x53C4,     0x53C5,     0x53C6,     0x53C7,     0x53CE,
      0x53CF,     0x53D0,     0x53D2,     0x53D3,     0x53D5,     0x53DA,     0x53DC,     0x53DD,
      0x53DE,     0x53E1,     0x53E2,     0x53E7,     0x53F4,     0x53FA,     0x53FE,     0x53FF,
      0x5400,     0x5402,     0x5405,     0x5407,     0x540B,     0x5414,     0x5418,     0x5419,
      0x541A,     0x541C,     0x5422,     0x5424,     0x5425,     0x542A,     0x5430,     0x5433,
      0x5436,     0x5437,     0x543A,     0x543D,     0x543F,     0x5441,     0x5442,     0x5444,
      0x5445,     0x5447,     0x5449,     0x544C,     0x544D,     0x544E,     0x544F,     0x5451,
      0x545A,     0x545D,     0x545E,     0x545F,     0x5460,     0x5461,     0x5463,     0x5465,
      0x5467,     0x5469,     0x546A,     0x546B,     0x546C,     0x546D,     0x546E,     0x546F,
      0x5470,     0x5474,     0x5479,     0x547A,     0x547E,     0x547F,     0x5481,     0x5483,
      0x5485,     0x5487,     0x5488,     0x5489,     0x548A,     0x548D,     0x5491,     0x5493,
      0x5497,     0x5498,     0x549C,     0x549E,     0x549F,     0x54A0,     0x54A1,
      /* GB 0x8640..0x867E */
      0x54A2,     0x54A5,     0x54AE,     0x54B0,     0x54B2,     0x54B5,     0x54B6,     0x54B7,
      0x54B9,     0x54BA,     0x54BC,     0x54BE,     0x54C3,     0x54C5,     0x54CA,     0x54CB,
      0x54D6,     0x54D8,     0x54DB,     0x54E0,     0x54E1,     0x54E2,     0x54E3,     0x54E4,
      0x54EB,     0x54EC,     0x54EF,     0x54F0,     0x54F1,     0x54F4,     0x54F5,     0x54F6,
      0x54F7,     0x54F8,     0x54F9,     0x54FB,     0x54FE,     0x5500,     0x5502,     0x5503,
      0x5504,     0x5505,     0x5508,     0x550A,     0x550B,     0x550C,     0x550D,     0x550E,
      0x5512,     0x5513,     0x5515,     0x5516,     0x5517,     0x5518,     0x5519,     0x551A,
      0x551C,     0x551D,     0x551E,     0x551F,     0x5521,     0x5525,     0x5526,
      /* GB 0x8680..0x86FE */
      0x5528,     0x5529,     0x552B,     0x552D,     0x5532,     0x5534,     0x5535,     0x5536,
      0x5538,     0x5539,     0x553A,     0x553B,     0x553D,     0x5540,     0x5542,     0x5545,
      0x5547,     0x5548,     0x554B,     0x554C,     0x554D,     0x554E,     0x554F,     0x5551,
      0x5552,     0x5553,     0x5554,     0x5557,     0x5558,     0x5559,     0x555A,     0x555B,
      0x555D,     0x555E,     0x555F,     0x5560,     0x5562,     0x5563,     0x5568,     0x5569,
      0x556B,     0x556F,     0x5570,     0x5571,     0x5572,     0x5573,     0x5574,     0x5579,
      0x557A,     0x557D,     0x557F,     0x5585,     0x5586,     0x558C,     0x558D,     0x558E,
      0x5590,     0x5592,     0x5593,     0x5595,     0x5596,     0x5597,     0x559A,     0x559B,
      0x559E,     0x55A0,     0x55A1,     0x55A2,     0x55A3,     0x55A4,     0x55A5,     0x55A6,
      0x55A8,     0x55A9,     0x55AA,     0x55AB,     0x55AC,     0x55AD,     0x55AE,     0x55AF,
      0x55B0,     0x55B2,     0x55B4,     0x55B6,     0x55B8,     0x55BA,     0x55BC,     0x55BF,
      0x55C0,     0x55C1,     0x55C2,     0x55C3,     0x55C6,     0x55C7,     0x55C8,     0x55CA,
      0x55CB,     0x55CE,     0x55CF,     0x55D0,     0x55D5,     0x55D7,     0x55D8,     0x55D9,
      0x55DA,     0x55DB,     0x55DE,     0x55E0,     0x55E2,     0x55E7,     0x55E9,     0x55ED,
      0x55EE,     0x55F0,     0x55F1,     0x55F4,     0x55F6,     0x55F8,     0x55F9,     0x55FA,
      0x55FB,     0x55FC,     0x55FF,     0x5602,     0x5603,     0x5604,     0x5605,
      /* GB 0x8740..0x877E */
      0x5606,     0x5607,     0x560A,     0x560B,     0x560D,     0x5610,     0x5611,     0x5612,
      0x5613,     0x5614,     0x5615,     0x5616,     0x5617,     0x5619,     0x561A,     0x561C,
      0x561D,     0x5620,     0x5621,     0x5622,     0x5625,     0x5626,     0x5628,     0x5629,
      0x562A,     0x562B,     0x562E,     0x562F,     0x5630,     0x5633,     0x5635,     0x5637,
      0x5638,     0x563A,     0x563C,     0x563D,     0x563E,     0x5640,     0x5641,     0x5642,
      0x5643,     0x5644,     0x5645,     0x5646,     0x5647,     0x5648,     0x5649,     0x564A,
      0x564B,     0x564F,     0x5650,     0x5651,     0x5652,     0x5653,     0x5655,     0x5656,
      0x565A,     0x565B,     0x565D,     0x565E,     0x565F,     0x5660,     0x5661,
      /* GB 0x8780..0x87FE */
      0x5663,     0x5665,     0x5666,     0x5667,     0x566D,     0x566E,     0x566F,     0x5670,
      0x5672,     0x5673,     0x5674,     0x5675,     0x5677,     0x5678,     0x5679,     0x567A,
      0x567D,     0x567E,     0x567F,     0x5680,     0x5681,     0x5682,     0x5683,     0x5684,
      0x5687,     0x5688,     0x5689,     0x568A,     0x568B,     0x568C,     0x568D,     0x5690,
      0x5691,     0x5692,     0x5694,     0x5695,     0x5696,     0x5697,     0x5698,     0x5699,
      0x569A,     0x569B,     0x569C,     0x569D,     0x569E,     0x569F,     0x56A0,     0x56A1,
      0x56A2,     0x56A4,     0x56A5,     0x56A6,     0x56A7,     0x56A8,     0x56A9,     0x56AA,
      0x56AB,     0x56AC,     0x56AD,     0x56AE,     0x56B0,     0x56B1,     0x56B2,     0x56B3,
      0x56B4,     0x56B5,     0x56B6,     0x56B8,     0x56B9,     0x56BA,     0x56BB,     0x56BD,
      0x56BE,     0x56BF,     0x56C0,     0x56C1,     0x56C2,     0x56C3,     0x56C4,     0x56C5,
      0x56C6,     0x56C7,     0x56C8,     0x56C9,     0x56CB,     0x56CC,     0x56CD,     0x56CE,
      0x56CF,     0x56D0,     0x56D1,     0x56D2,     0x56D3,     0x56D5,     0x56D6,     0x56D8,
      0x56D9,     0x56DC,     0x56E3,     0x56E5,     0x56E6,     0x56E7,     0x56E8,     0x56E9,
      0x56EA,     0x56EC,     0x56EE,     0x56EF,     0x56F2,     0x56F3,     0x56F6,     0x56F7,
      0x56F8,     0x56FB,     0x56FC,     0x5700,     0x5701,     0x5702,     0x5705,     0x5707,
      0x570B,     0x570C,     0x570D,     0x570E,     0x570F,     0x5710,     0x5711,
      /* GB 0x8840..0x887E */
      0x5712,     0x5713,     0x5714,     0x5715,     0x5716,     0x5717,     0x5718,     0x5719,
      0x571A,     0x571B,     0x571D,     0x571E,     0x5720,     0x5721,     0x5722,     0x5724,
      0x5725,     0x5726,     0x5727,     0x572B,     0x5731,     0x5732,     0x5734,     0x5735,
      0x5736,     0x5737,     0x5738,     0x573C,     0x573D,     0x573F,     0x5741,     0x5743,
      0x5744,     0x5745,     0x5746,     0x5748,     0x5749,     0x574B,     0x5752,     0x5753,
      0x5754,     0x5755,     0x5756,     0x5758,     0x5759,     0x5762,     0x5763,     0x5765,
      0x5767,     0x576C,     0x576E,     0x5770,     0x5771,     0x5772,     0x5774,     0x5775,
      0x5778,     0x5779,     0x577A,     0x577D,     0x577E,     0x577F,     0x5780,
      /* GB 0x8880..0x88FE */
      0x5781,     0x5787,     0x5788,     0x5789,     0x578A,     0x578D,     0x578E,     0x578F,
      0x5790,     0x5791,     0x5794,     0x5795,     0x5796,     0x5797,     0x5798,     0x5799,
      0x579A,     0x579C,     0x579D,     0x579E,     0x579F,     0x57A5,     0x57A8,     0x57AA,
      0x57AC,     0x57AF,     0x57B0,     0x57B1,     0x57B3,     0x57B5,     0x57B6,     0x57B7,
      0x57B9,     0x57BA,     0x57BB,     0x57BC,     0x57BD,     0x57BE,     0x57BF,     0x57C0,
      0x57C1,     0x57C4,     0x57C5,     0x57C6,     0x57C7,     0x57C8,     0x57C9,     0x57CA,
      0x57CC,     0x57CD,     0x57D0,     0x57D1,     0x57D3,     0x57D6,     0x57D7,     0x57DB,
      0x57DC,     0x57DE,     0x57E1,     0x57E2,     0x57E3,     0x57E5,     0x57E6,     0x57E7,
      0x57E8,     0x57E9,     0x57EA,     0x57EB,     0x57EC,     0x57EE,     0x57F0,     0x57F1,
      0x57F2,     0x57F3,     0x57F5,     0x57F6,     0x57F7,     0x57FB,     0x57FC,     0x57FE,
      0x57FF,     0x5801,     0x5803,     0x5804,     0x5805,     0x5808,     0x5809,     0x580A,
      0x580C,     0x580E,     0x580F,     0x5810,     0x5812,     0x5813,     0x5814,     0x5816,
      0x5817,     0x5818,     0x581A,     0x581B,     0x581C,     0x581D,     0x581F,     0x5822,
      0x5823,     0x5825,     0x5826,     0x5827,     0x5828,     0x5829,     0x582B,     0x582C,
      0x582D,     0x582E,     0x582F,     0x5831,     0x5832,     0x5833,     0x5834,     0x5836,
      0x5837,     0x5838,     0x5839,     0x583A,     0x583B,     0x583C,     0x583D,
      /* GB 0x8940..0x897E */
      0x583E,     0x583F,     0x5840,     0x5841,     0x5842,     0x5843,     0x5845,     0x5846,
      0x5847,     0x5848,     0x5849,     0x584A,     0x584B,     0x584E,     0x584F,     0x5850,
      0x5852,     0x5853,     0x5855,     0x5856,     0x5857,     0x5859,     0x585A,     0x585B,
      0x585C,     0x585D,     0x585F,     0x5860,     0x5861,     0x5862,     0x5863,     0x5864,
      0x5866,     0x5867,     0x5868,     0x5869,     0x586A,     0x586D,     0x586E,     0x586F,
      0x5870,     0x5871,     0x5872,     0x5873,     0x5874,     0x5875,     0x5876,     0x5877,
      0x5878,     0x5879,     0x587A,     0x587B,     0x587C,     0x587D,     0x587F,     0x5882,
      0x5884,     0x5886,     0x5887,     0x5888,     0x588A,     0x588B,     0x588C,
      /* GB 0x8980..0x89FE */
      0x588D,     0x588E,     0x588F,     0x5890,     0x5891,     0x5894,     0x5895,     0x5896,
      0x5897,     0x5898,     0x589B,     0x589C,     0x589D,     0x58A0,     0x58A1,     0x58A2,
      0x58A3,     0x58A4,     0x58A5,     0x58A6,     0x58A7,     0x58AA,     0x58AB,     0x58AC,
      0x58AD,     0x58AE,     0x58AF,     0x58B0,     0x58B1,     0x58B2,     0x58B3,     0x58B4,
      0x58B5,     0x58B6,     0x58B7,     0x58B8,     0x58B9,     0x58BA,     0x58BB,     0x58BD,
      0x58BE,     0x58BF,     0x58C0,     0x58C2,     0x58C3,     0x58C4,     0x58C6,     0x58C7,
      0x58C8,     0x58C9,     0x58CA,     0x58CB,     0x58CC,     0x58CD,     0x58CE,     0x58CF,
      0x58D0,     0x58D2,     0x58D3,     0x58D4,     0x58D6,     0x58D7,     0x58D8,     0x58D9,
      0x58DA,     0x58DB,     0x58DC,     0x58DD,     0x58DE,     0x58DF,     0x58E0,     0x58E1,
      0x58E2,     0x58E3,     0x58E5,     0x58E6,     0x58E7,     0x58E8,     0x58E9,     0x58EA,
      0x58ED,     0x58EF,     0x58F1,     0x58F2,     0x58F4,     0x58F5,     0x58F7,     0x58F8,
      0x58FA,     0x58FB,     0x58FC,     0x58FD,     0x58FE,     0x58FF,     0x5900,     0x5901,
      0x5903,     0x5905,     0x5906,     0x5908,     0x5909,     0x590A,     0x590B,     0x590C,
      0x590E,     0x5910,     0x5911,     0x5912,     0x5913,     0x5917,     0x5918,     0x591B,
      0x591D,     0x591E,     0x5920,     0x5921,     0x5922,     0x5923,     0x5926,     0x5928,
      0x592C,     0x5930,     0x5932,     0x5933,     0x5935,     0x5936,     0x593B,
      /* GB 0x8A40..0x8A7E */
      0x593D,     0x593E,     0x593F,     0x5940,     0x5943,     0x5945,     0x5946,     0x594A,
      0x594C,     0x594D,     0x5950,     0x5952,     0x5953,     0x5959,     0x595B,     0x595C,
      0x595D,     0x595E,     0x595F,     0x5961,     0x5963,     0x5964,     0x5966,     0x5967,
      0x5968,     0x5969,     0x596A,     0x596B,     0x596C,     0x596D,     0x596E,     0x596F,
      0x5970,     0x5971,     0x5972,     0x5975,     0x5977,     0x597A,     0x597B,     0x597C,
      0x597E,     0x597F,     0x5980,     0x5985,     0x5989,     0x598B,     0x598C,     0x598E,
      0x598F,     0x5990,     0x5991,     0x5994,     0x5995,     0x5998,     0x599A,     0x599B,
      0x599C,     0x599D,     0x599F,     0x59A0,     0x59A1,     0x59A2,     0x59A6,
      /* GB 0x8A80..0x8AFE */
      0x59A7,     0x59AC,     0x59AD,     0x59B0,     0x59B1,     0x59B3,     0x59B4,     0x59B5,
      0x59B6,     0x59B7,     0x59B8,     0x59BA,     0x59BC,     0x59BD,     0x59BF,     0x59C0,
      0x59C1,     0x59C2,     0x59C3,     0x59C4,     0x59C5,     0x59C7,     0x59C8,     0x59C9,
      0x59CC,     0x59CD,     0x59CE,     0x59CF,     0x59D5,     0x59D6,     0x59D9,     0x59DB,
      0x59DE,     0x59DF,     0x59E0,     0x59E1,     0x59E2,     0x59E4,     0x59E6,     0x59E7,
      0x59E9,     0x59EA,     0x59EB,     0x59ED,     0x59EE,     0x59EF,     0x59F0,     0x59F1,
      0x59F2,     0x59F3,     0x59F4,     0x59F5,     0x59F6,     0x59F7,     0x59F8,     0x59FA,
      0x59FC,     0x59FD,     0x59FE,     0x5A00,     0x5A02,     0x5A0A,     0x5A0B,     0x5A0D,
      0x5A0E,     0x5A0F,     0x5A10,     0x5A12,     0x5A14,     0x5A15,     0x5A16,     0x5A17,
      0x5A19,     0x5A1A,     0x5A1B,     0x5A1D,     0x5A1E,     0x5A21,     0x5A22,     0x5A24,
      0x5A26,     0x5A27,     0x5A28,     0x5A2A,     0x5A2B,     0x5A2C,     0x5A2D,     0x5A2E,
      0x5A2F,     0x5A30,     0x5A33,     0x5A35,     0x5A37,     0x5A38,     0x5A39,     0x5A3A,
      0x5A3B,     0x5A3D,     0x5A3E,     0x5A3F,     0x5A41,     0x5A42,     0x5A43,     0x5A44,
      0x5A45,     0x5A47,     0x5A48,     0x5A4B,     0x5A4C,     0x5A4D,     0x5A4E,     0x5A4F,
      0x5A50,     0x5A51,     0x5A52,     0x5A53,     0x5A54,     0x5A56,     0x5A57,     0x5A58,
      0x5A59,     0x5A5B,     0x5A5C,     0x5A5D,     0x5A5E,     0x5A5F,     0x5A60,
      /* GB 0x8B40..0x8B7E */
      0x5A61,     0x5A63,     0x5A64,     0x5A65,     0x5A66,     0x5A68,     0x5A69,     0x5A6B,
      0x5A6C,     0x5A6D,     0x5A6E,     0x5A6F,     0x5A70,     0x5A71,     0x5A72,     0x5A73,
      0x5A78,     0x5A79,     0x5A7B,     0x5A7C,     0x5A7D,     0x5A7E,     0x5A80,     0x5A81,
      0x5A82,     0x5A83,     0x5A84,     0x5A85,     0x5A86,     0x5A87,     0x5A88,     0x5A89,
      0x5A8A,     0x5A8B,     0x5A8C,     0x5A8D,     0x5A8E,     0x5A8F,     0x5A90,     0x5A91,
      0x5A93,     0x5A94,     0x5A95,     0x5A96,     0x5A97,     0x5A98,     0x5A99,     0x5A9C,
      0x5A9D,     0x5A9E,     0x5A9F,     0x5AA0,     0x5AA1,     0x5AA2,     0x5AA3,     0x5AA4,
      0x5AA5,     0x5AA6,     0x5AA7,     0x5AA8,     0x5AA9,     0x5AAB,     0x5AAC,
      /* GB 0x8B80..0x8BFE */
      0x5AAD,     0x5AAE,     0x5AAF,     0x5AB0,     0x5AB1,     0x5AB4,     0x5AB6,     0x5AB7,
      0x5AB9,     0x5ABA,     0x5ABB,     0x5ABC,     0x5ABD,     0x5ABF,     0x5AC0,     0x5AC3,
      0x5AC4,     0x5AC5,     0x5AC6,     0x5AC7,     0x5AC8,     0x5ACA,     0x5ACB,     0x5ACD,
      0x5ACE,     0x5ACF,     0x5AD0,     0x5AD1,     0x5AD3,     0x5AD5,     0x5AD7,     0x5AD9,
      0x5ADA,     0x5ADB,     0x5ADD,     0x5ADE,     0x5ADF,     0x5AE2,     0x5AE4,     0x5AE5,
      0x5AE7,     0x5AE8,     0x5AEA,     0x5AEC,     0x5AED,     0x5AEE,     0x5AEF,     0x5AF0,
      0x5AF2,     0x5AF3,     0x5AF4,     0x5AF5,     0x5AF6,     0x5AF7,     0x5AF8,     0x5AF9,
      0x5AFA,     0x5AFB,     0x5AFC,     0x5AFD,     0x5AFE,     0x5AFF,     0x5B00,     0x5B01,
      0x5B02,     0x5B03,     0x5B04,     0x5B05,     0x5B06,     0x5B07,     0x5B08,     0x5B0A,
      0x5B0B,     0x5B0C,     0x5B0D,     0x5B0E,     0x5B0F,     0x5B10,     0x5B11,     0x5B12,
      0x5B13,     0x5B14,     0x5B15,     0x5B18,     0x5B19,     0x5B1A,     0x5B1B,     0x5B1C,
      0x5B1D,     0x5B1E,     0x5B1F,     0x5B20,     0x5B21,     0x5B22,     0x5B23,     0x5B24,
      0x5B25,     0x5B26,     0x5B27,     0x5B28,     0x5B29,     0x5B2A,     0x5B2B,     0x5B2C,
      0x5B2D,     0x5B2E,     0x5B2F,     0x5B30,     0x5B31,     0x5B33,     0x5B35,     0x5B36,
      0x5B38,     0x5B39,     0x5B3A,     0x5B3B,     0x5B3C,     0x5B3D,     0x5B3E,     0x5B3F,
      0x5B41,     0x5B42,     0x5B43,     0x5B44,     0x5B45,     0x5B46,     0x5B47,
      /* GB 0x8C40..0x8C7E */
      0x5B48,     0x5B49,     0x5B4A,     0x5B4B,     0x5B4C,     0x5B4D,     0x5B4E,     0x5B4F,
      0x5B52,     0x5B56,     0x5B5E,     0x5B60,     0x5B61,     0x5B67,     0x5B68,     0x5B6B,
      0x5B6D,     0x5B6E,     0x5B6F,     0x5B72,     0x5B74,     0x5B76,     0x5B77,     0x5B78,
      0x5B79,     0x5B7B,     0x5B7C,     0x5B7E,     0x5B7F,     0x5B82,     0x5B86,     0x5B8A,
      0x5B8D,     0x5B8E,     0x5B90,     0x5B91,     0x5B92,     0x5B94,     0x5B96,     0x5B9F,
      0x5BA7,     0x5BA8,     0x5BA9,     0x5BAC,     0x5BAD,     0x5BAE,     0x5BAF,     0x5BB1,
      0x5BB2,     0x5BB7,     0x5BBA,     0x5BBB,     0x5BBC,     0x5BC0,     0x5BC1,     0x5BC3,
      0x5BC8,     0x5BC9,     0x5BCA,     0x5BCB,     0x5BCD,     0x5BCE,     0x5BCF,
      /* GB 0x8C80..0x8CFE */
      0x5BD1,     0x5BD4,     0x5BD5,     0x5BD6,     0x5BD7,     0x5BD8,     0x5BD9,     0x5BDA,
      0x5BDB,     0x5BDC,     0x5BE0,     0x5BE2,     0x5BE3,     0x5BE6,     0x5BE7,     0x5BE9,
      0x5BEA,     0x5BEB,     0x5BEC,     0x5BED,     0x5BEF,     0x5BF1,     0x5BF2,     0x5BF3,
      0x5BF4,     0x5BF5,     0x5BF6,     0x5BF7,     0x5BFD,     0x5BFE,     0x5C00,     0x5C02,
      0x5C03,     0x5C05,     0x5C07,     0x5C08,     0x5C0B,     0x5C0C,     0x5C0D,     0x5C0E,
      0x5C10,     0x5C12,     0x5C13,     0x5C17,     0x5C19,     0x5C1B,     0x5C1E,     0x5C1F,
      0x5C20,     0x5C21,     0x5C23,     0x5C26,     0x5C28,     0x5C29,     0x5C2A,     0x5C2B,
      0x5C2D,     0x5C2E,     0x5C2F,     0x5C30,     0x5C32,     0x5C33,     0x5C35,     0x5C36,
      0x5C37,     0x5C43,     0x5C44,     0x5C46,     0x5C47,     0x5C4C,     0x5C4D,     0x5C52,
      0x5C53,     0x5C54,     0x5C56,     0x5C57,     0x5C58,     0x5C5A,     0x5C5B,     0x5C5C,
      0x5C5D,     0x5C5F,     0x5C62,     0x5C64,     0x5C67,     0x5C68,     0x5C69,     0x5C6A,
      0x5C6B,     0x5C6C,     0x5C6D,     0x5C70,     0x5C72,     0x5C73,     0x5C74,     0x5C75,
      0x5C76,     0x5C77,     0x5C78,     0x5C7B,     0x5C7C,     0x5C7D,     0x5C7E,     0x5C80,
      0x5C83,     0x5C84,     0x5C85,     0x5C86,     0x5C87,     0x5C89,     0x5C8A,     0x5C8B,
      0x5C8E,     0x5C8F,     0x5C92,     0x5C93,     0x5C95,     0x5C9D,     0x5C9E,     0x5C9F,
      0x5CA0,     0x5CA1,     0x5CA4,     0x5CA5,     0x5CA6,     0x5CA7,     0x5CA8,
      /* GB 0x8D40..0x8D7E */
      0x5CAA,     0x5CAE,     0x5CAF,     0x5CB0,     0x5CB2,     0x5CB4,     0x5CB6,     0x5CB9,
      0x5CBA,     0x5CBB,     0x5CBC,     0x5CBE,     0x5CC0,     0x5CC2,     0x5CC3,     0x5CC5,
      0x5CC6,     0x5CC7,     0x5CC8,     0x5CC9,     0x5CCA,     0x5CCC,     0x5CCD,     0x5CCE,
      0x5CCF,     0x5CD0,     0x5CD1,     0x5CD3,     0x5CD4,     0x5CD5,     0x5CD6,     0x5CD7,
      0x5CD8,     0x5CDA,     0x5CDB,     0x5CDC,     0x5CDD,     0x5CDE,     0x5CDF,     0x5CE0,
      0x5CE2,     0x5CE3,     0x5CE7,     0x5CE9,     0x5CEB,     0x5CEC,     0x5CEE,     0x5CEF,
      0x5CF1,     0x5CF2,     0x5CF3,     0x5CF4,     0x5CF5,     0x5CF6,     0x5CF7,     0x5CF8,
      0x5CF9,     0x5CFA,     0x5CFC,     0x5CFD,     0x5CFE,     0x5CFF,     0x5D00,
      /* GB 0x8D80..0x8DFE */
      0x5D01,     0x5D04,     0x5D05,     0x5D08,     0x5D09,     0x5D0A,     0x5D0B,     0x5D0C,
      0x5D0D,     0x5D0F,     0x5D10,     0x5D11,     0x5D12,     0x5D13,     0x5D15,     0x5D17,
      0x5D18,     0x5D19,     0x5D1A,     0x5D1C,     0x5D1D,     0x5D1F,     0x5D20,     0x5D21,
      0x5D22,     0x5D23,     0x5D25,     0x5D28,     0x5D2A,     0x5D2B,     0x5D2C,     0x5D2F,
      0x5D30,     0x5D31,     0x5D32,     0x5D33,     0x5D35,     0x5D36,     0x5D37,     0x5D38,
      0x5D39,     0x5D3A,     0x5D3B,     0x5D3C,     0x5D3F,     0x5D40,     0x5D41,     0x5D42,
      0x5D43,     0x5D44,     0x5D45,     0x5D46,     0x5D48,     0x5D49,     0x5D4D,     0x5D4E,
      0x5D4F,     0x5D50,     0x5D51,     0x5D52,     0x5D53,     0x5D54,     0x5D55,     0x5D56,
      0x5D57,     0x5D59,     0x5D5A,     0x5D5C,     0x5D5E,     0x5D5F,     0x5D60,     0x5D61,
      0x5D62,     0x5D63,     0x5D64,     0x5D65,     0x5D66,     0x5D67,     0x5D68,     0x5D6A,
      0x5D6D,     0x5D6E,     0x5D70,     0x5D71,     0x5D72,     0x5D73,     0x5D75,     0x5D76,
      0x5D77,     0x5D78,     0x5D79,     0x5D7A,     0x5D7B,     0x5D7C,     0x5D7D,     0x5D7E,
      0x5D7F,     0x5D80,     0x5D81,     0x5D83,     0x5D84,     0x5D85,     0x5D86,     0x5D87,
      0x5D88,     0x5D89,     0x5D8A,     0x5D8B,     0x5D8C,     0x5D8D,     0x5D8E,     0x5D8F,
      0x5D90,     0x5D91,     0x5D92,     0x5D93,     0x5D94,     0x5D95,     0x5D96,     0x5D97,
      0x5D98,     0x5D9A,     0x5D9B,     0x5D9C,     0x5D9E,     0x5D9F,     0x5DA0,
      /* GB 0x8E40..0x8E7E */
      0x5DA1,     0x5DA2,     0x5DA3,     0x5DA4,     0x5DA5,     0x5DA6,     0x5DA7,     0x5DA8,
      0x5DA9,     0x5DAA,     0x5DAB,     0x5DAC,     0x5DAD,     0x5DAE,     0x5DAF,     0x5DB0,
      0x5DB1,     0x5DB2,     0x5DB3,     0x5DB4,     0x5DB5,     0x5DB6,     0x5DB8,     0x5DB9,
      0x5DBA,     0x5DBB,     0x5DBC,     0x5DBD,     0x5DBE,     0x5DBF,     0x5DC0,     0x5DC1,
      0x5DC2,     0x5DC3,     0x5DC4,     0x5DC6,     0x5DC7,     0x5DC8,     0x5DC9,     0x5DCA,
      0x5DCB,     0x5DCC,     0x5DCE,     0x5DCF,     0x5DD0,     0x5DD1,     0x5DD2,     0x5DD3,
      0x5DD4,     0x5DD5,     0x5DD6,     0x5DD7,     0x5DD8,     0x5DD9,     0x5DDA,     0x5DDC,
      0x5DDF,     0x5DE0,     0x5DE3,     0x5DE4,     0x5DEA,     0x5DEC,     0x5DED,
      /* GB 0x8E80..0x8EFE */
      0x5DF0,     0x5DF5,     0x5DF6,     0x5DF8,     0x5DF9,     0x5DFA,     0x5DFB,     0x5DFC,
      0x5DFF,     0x5E00,     0x5E04,     0x5E07,     0x5E09,     0x5E0A,     0x5E0B,     0x5E0D,
      0x5E0E,     0x5E12,     0x5E13,     0x5E17,     0x5E1E,     0x5E1F,     0x5E20,     0x5E21,
      0x5E22,     0x5E23,     0x5E24,     0x5E25,     0x5E28,     0x5E29,     0x5E2A,     0x5E2B,
      0x5E2C,     0x5E2F,     0x5E30,     0x5E32,     0x5E33,     0x5E34,     0x5E35,     0x5E36,
      0x5E39,     0x5E3A,     0x5E3E,     0x5E3F,     0x5E40,     0x5E41,     0x5E43,     0x5E46,
      0x5E47,     0x5E48,     0x5E49,     0x5E4A,     0x5E4B,     0x5E4D,     0x5E4E,     0x5E4F,
      0x5E50,     0x5E51,     0x5E52,     0x5E53,     0x5E56,     0x5E57,     0x5E58,     0x5E59,
      0x5E5A,     0x5E5C,     0x5E5D,     0x5E5F,     0x5E60,     0x5E63,     0x5E64,     0x5E65,
      0x5E66,     0x5E67,     0x5E68,     0x5E69,     0x5E6A,     0x5E6B,     0x5E6C,     0x5E6D,
      0x5E6E,     0x5E6F,     0x5E70,     0x5E71,     0x5E75,     0x5E77,     0x5E79,     0x5E7E,
      0x5E81,     0x5E82,     0x5E83,     0x5E85,     0x5E88,     0x5E89,     0x5E8C,     0x5E8D,
      0x5E8E,     0x5E92,     0x5E98,     0x5E9B,     0x5E9D,     0x5EA1,     0x5EA2,     0x5EA3,
      0x5EA4,     0x5EA8,     0x5EA9,     0x5EAA,     0x5EAB,     0x5EAC,     0x5EAE,     0x5EAF,
      0x5EB0,     0x5EB1,     0x5EB2,     0x5EB4,     0x5EBA,     0x5EBB,     0x5EBC,     0x5EBD,
      0x5EBF,     0x5EC0,     0x5EC1,     0x5EC2,     0x5EC3,     0x5EC4,     0x5EC5,
      /* GB 0x8F40..0x8F7E */
      0x5EC6,     0x5EC7,     0x5EC8,     0x5ECB,     0x5ECC,     0x5ECD,     0x5ECE,     0x5ECF,
      0x5ED0,     0x5ED4,     0x5ED5,     0x5ED7,     0x5ED8,     0x5ED9,     0x5EDA,     0x5EDC,
      0x5EDD,     0x5EDE,     0x5EDF,     0x5EE0,     0x5EE1,     0x5EE2,     0x5EE3,     0x5EE4,
      0x5EE5,     0x5EE6,     0x5EE7,     0x5EE9,     0x5EEB,     0x5EEC,     0x5EED,     0x5EEE,
      0x5EEF,     0x5EF0,     0x5EF1,     0x5EF2,     0x5EF3,     0x5EF5,     0x5EF8,     0x5EF9,
      0x5EFB,     0x5EFC,     0x5EFD,     0x5F05,     0x5F06,     0x5F07,     0x5F09,     0x5F0C,
      0x5F0D,     0x5F0E,     0x5F10,     0x5F12,     0x5F14,     0x5F16,     0x5F19,     0x5F1A,
      0x5F1C,     0x5F1D,     0x5F1E,     0x5F21,     0x5F22,     0x5F23,     0x5F24,
      /* GB 0x8F80..0x8FFE */
      0x5F28,     0x5F2B,     0x5F2C,     0x5F2E,     0x5F30,     0x5F32,     0x5F33,     0x5F34,
      0x5F35,     0x5F36,     0x5F37,     0x5F38,     0x5F3B,     0x5F3D,     0x5F3E,     0x5F3F,
      0x5F41,     0x5F42,     0x5F43,     0x5F44,     0x5F45,     0x5F46,     0x5F47,     0x5F48,
      0x5F49,     0x5F4A,     0x5F4B,     0x5F4C,     0x5F4D,     0x5F4E,     0x5F4F,     0x5F51,
      0x5F54,     0x5F59,     0x5F5A,     0x5F5B,     0x5F5C,     0x5F5E,     0x5F5F,     0x5F60,
      0x5F63,     0x5F65,     0x5F67,     0x5F68,     0x5F6B,     0x5F6E,     0x5F6F,     0x5F72,
      0x5F74,     0x5F75,     0x5F76,     0x5F78,     0x5F7A,     0x5F7D,     0x5F7E,     0x5F7F,
      0x5F83,     0x5F86,     0x5F8D,     0x5F8E,     0x5F8F,     0x5F91,     0x5F93,     0x5F94,
      0x5F96,     0x5F9A,     0x5F9B,     0x5F9D,     0x5F9E,     0x5F9F,     0x5FA0,     0x5FA2,
      0x5FA3,     0x5FA4,     0x5FA5,     0x5FA6,     0x5FA7,     0x5FA9,     0x5FAB,     0x5FAC,
      0x5FAF,     0x5FB0,     0x5FB1,     0x5FB2,     0x5FB3,     0x5FB4,     0x5FB6,     0x5FB8,
      0x5FB9,     0x5FBA,     0x5FBB,     0x5FBE,     0x5FBF,     0x5FC0,     0x5FC1,     0x5FC2,
      0x5FC7,     0x5FC8,     0x5FCA,     0x5FCB,     0x5FCE,     0x5FD3,     0x5FD4,     0x5FD5,
      0x5FDA,     0x5FDB,     0x5FDC,     0x5FDE,     0x5FDF,     0x5FE2,     0x5FE3,     0x5FE5,
      0x5FE6,     0x5FE8,     0x5FE9,     0x5FEC,     0x5FEF,     0x5FF0,     0x5FF2,     0x5FF3,
      0x5FF4,     0x5FF6,     0x5FF7,     0x5FF9,     0x5FFA,     0x5FFC,     0x6007,
      /* GB 0x9040..0x907E */
      0x6008,     0x6009,     0x600B,     0x600C,     0x6010,     0x6011,     0x6013,     0x6017,
      0x6018,     0x601A,     0x601E,     0x601F,     0x6022,     0x6023,     0x6024,     0x602C,
      0x602D,     0x602E,     0x6030,     0x6031,     0x6032,     0x6033,     0x6034,     0x6036,
      0x6037,     0x6038,     0x6039,     0x603A,     0x603D,     0x603E,     0x6040,     0x6044,
      0x6045,     0x6046,     0x6047,     0x6048,     0x6049,     0x604A,     0x604C,     0x604E,
      0x604F,     0x6051,     0x6053,     0x6054,     0x6056,     0x6057,     0x6058,     0x605B,
      0x605C,     0x605E,     0x605F,     0x6060,     0x6061,     0x6065,     0x6066,     0x606E,
      0x6071,     0x6072,     0x6074,     0x6075,     0x6077,     0x607E,     0x6080,
      /* GB 0x9080..0x90FE */
      0x6081,     0x6082,     0x6085,     0x6086,     0x6087,     0x6088,     0x608A,     0x608B,
      0x608E,     0x608F,     0x6090,     0x6091,     0x6093,     0x6095,     0x6097,     0x6098,
      0x6099,     0x609C,     0x609E,     0x60A1,     0x60A2,     0x60A4,     0x60A5,     0x60A7,
      0x60A9,     0x60AA,     0x60AE,     0x60B0,     0x60B3,     0x60B5,     0x60B6,     0x60B7,
      0x60B9,     0x60BA,     0x60BD,     0x60BE,     0x60BF,     0x60C0,     0x60C1,     0x60C2,
      0x60C3,     0x60C4,     0x60C7,     0x60C8,     0x60C9,     0x60CC,     0x60CD,     0x60CE,
      0x60CF,     0x60D0,     0x60D2,     0x60D3,     0x60D4,     0x60D6,     0x60D7,     0x60D9,
      0x60DB,     0x60DE,     0x60E1,     0x60E2,     0x60E3,     0x60E4,     0x60E5,     0x60EA,
      0x60F1,     0x60F2,     0x60F5,     0x60F7,     0x60F8,     0x60FB,     0x60FC,     0x60FD,
      0x60FE,     0x60FF,     0x6102,     0x6103,     0x6104,     0x6105,     0x6107,     0x610A,
      0x610B,     0x610C,     0x6110,     0x6111,     0x6112,     0x6113,     0x6114,     0x6116,
      0x6117,     0x6118,     0x6119,     0x611B,     0x611C,     0x611D,     0x611E,     0x6121,
      0x6122,     0x6125,     0x6128,     0x6129,     0x612A,     0x612C,     0x612D,     0x612E,
      0x612F,     0x6130,     0x6131,     0x6132,     0x6133,     0x6134,     0x6135,     0x6136,
      0x6137,     0x6138,     0x6139,     0x613A,     0x613B,     0x613C,     0x613D,     0x613E,
      0x6140,     0x6141,     0x6142,     0x6143,     0x6144,     0x6145,     0x6146,
      /* GB 0x9140..0x917E */
      0x6147,     0x6149,     0x614B,     0x614D,     0x614F,     0x6150,     0x6152,     0x6153,
      0x6154,     0x6156,     0x6157,     0x6158,     0x6159,     0x615A,     0x615B,     0x615C,
      0x615E,     0x615F,     0x6160,     0x6161,     0x6163,     0x6164,     0x6165,     0x6166,
      0x6169,     0x616A,     0x616B,     0x616C,     0x616D,     0x616E,     0x616F,     0x6171,
      0x6172,     0x6173,     0x6174,     0x6176,     0x6178,     0x6179,     0x617A,     0x617B,
      0x617C,     0x617D,     0x617E,     0x617F,     0x6180,     0x6181,     0x6182,     0x6183,
      0x6184,     0x6185,     0x6186,     0x6187,     0x6188,     0x6189,     0x618A,     0x618C,
      0x618D,     0x618F,     0x6190,     0x6191,     0x6192,     0x6193,     0x6195,
      /* GB 0x9180..0x91FE */
      0x6196,     0x6197,     0x6198,     0x6199,     0x619A,     0x619B,     0x619C,     0x619E,
      0x619F,     0x61A0,     0x61A1,     0x61A2,     0x61A3,     0x61A4,     0x61A5,     0x61A6,
      0x61AA,     0x61AB,     0x61AD,     0x61AE,     0x61AF,     0x61B0,     0x61B1,     0x61B2,
      0x61B3,     0x61B4,     0x61B5,     0x61B6,     0x61B8,     0x61B9,     0x61BA,     0x61BB,
      0x61BC,     0x61BD,     0x61BF,     0x61C0,     0x61C1,     0x61C3,     0x61C4,     0x61C5,
      0x61C6,     0x61C7,     0x61C9,     0x61CC,     0x61CD,     0x61CE,     0x61CF,     0x61D0,
      0x61D3,     0x61D5,     0x61D6,     0x61D7,     0x61D8,     0x61D9,     0x61DA,     0x61DB,
      0x61DC,     0x61DD,     0x61DE,     0x61DF,     0x61E0,     0x61E1,     0x61E2,     0x61E3,
      0x61E4,     0x61E5,     0x61E7,     0x61E8,     0x61E9,     0x61EA,     0x61EB,     0x61EC,
      0x61ED,     0x61EE,     0x61EF,     0x61F0,     0x61F1,     0x61F2,     0x61F3,     0x61F4,
      0x61F6,     0x61F7,     0x61F8,     0x61F9,     0x61FA,     0x61FB,     0x61FC,     0x61FD,
      0x61FE,     0x6200,     0x6201,     0x6202,     0x6203,     0x6204,     0x6205,     0x6207,
      0x6209,     0x6213,     0x6214,     0x6219,     0x621C,     0x621D,     0x621E,     0x6220,
      0x6223,     0x6226,     0x6227,     0x6228,     0x6229,     0x622B,     0x622D,     0x622F,
      0x6230,     0x6231,     0x6232,     0x6235,     0x6236,     0x6238,     0x6239,     0x623A,
      0x623B,     0x623C,     0x6242,     0x6244,     0x6245,     0x6246,     0x624A,
      /* GB 0x9240..0x927E */
      0x624F,     0x6250,     0x6255,     0x6256,     0x6257,     0x6259,     0x625A,     0x625C,
      0x625D,     0x625E,     0x625F,     0x6260,     0x6261,     0x6262,     0x6264,     0x6265,
      0x6268,     0x6271,     0x6272,     0x6274,     0x6275,     0x6277,     0x6278,     0x627A,
      0x627B,     0x627D,     0x6281,     0x6282,     0x6283,     0x6285,     0x6286,     0x6287,
      0x6288,     0x628B,     0x628C,     0x628D,     0x628E,     0x628F,     0x6290,     0x6294,
      0x6299,     0x629C,     0x629D,     0x629E,     0x62A3,     0x62A6,     0x62A7,     0x62A9,
      0x62AA,     0x62AD,     0x62AE,     0x62AF,     0x62B0,     0x62B2,     0x62B3,     0x62B4,
      0x62B6,     0x62B7,     0x62B8,     0x62BA,     0x62BE,     0x62C0,     0x62C1,
      /* GB 0x9280..0x92FE */
      0x62C3,     0x62CB,     0x62CF,     0x62D1,     0x62D5,     0x62DD,     0x62DE,     0x62E0,
      0x62E1,     0x62E4,     0x62EA,     0x62EB,     0x62F0,     0x62F2,     0x62F5,     0x62F8,
      0x62F9,     0x62FA,     0x62FB,     0x6300,     0x6303,     0x6304,     0x6305,     0x6306,
      0x630A,     0x630B,     0x630C,     0x630D,     0x630F,     0x6310,     0x6312,     0x6313,
      0x6314,     0x6315,     0x6317,     0x6318,     0x6319,     0x631C,     0x6326,     0x6327,
      0x6329,     0x632C,     0x632D,     0x632E,     0x6330,     0x6331,     0x6333,     0x6334,
      0x6335,     0x6336,     0x6337,     0x6338,     0x633B,     0x633C,     0x633E,     0x633F,
      0x6340,     0x6341,     0x6344,     0x6347,     0x6348,     0x634A,     0x6351,     0x6352,
      0x6353,     0x6354,     0x6356,     0x6357,     0x6358,     0x6359,     0x635A,     0x635B,
      0x635C,     0x635D,     0x6360,     0x6364,     0x6365,     0x6366,     0x6368,     0x636A,
      0x636B,     0x636C,     0x636F,     0x6370,     0x6372,     0x6373,     0x6374,     0x6375,
      0x6378,     0x6379,     0x637C,     0x637D,     0x637E,     0x637F,     0x6381,     0x6383,
      0x6384,     0x6385,     0x6386,     0x638B,     0x638D,     0x6391,     0x6393,     0x6394,
      0x6395,     0x6397,     0x6399,     0x639A,     0x639B,     0x639C,     0x639D,     0x639E,
      0x639F,     0x63A1,     0x63A4,     0x63A6,     0x63AB,     0x63AF,     0x63B1,     0x63B2,
      0x63B5,     0x63B6,     0x63B9,     0x63BB,     0x63BD,     0x63BF,     0x63C0,
      /* GB 0x9340..0x937E */
      0x63C1,     0x63C2,     0x63C3,     0x63C5,     0x63C7,     0x63C8,     0x63CA,     0x63CB,
      0x63CC,     0x63D1,     0x63D3,     0x63D4,     0x63D5,     0x63D7,     0x63D8,     0x63D9,
      0x63DA,     0x63DB,     0x63DC,     0x63DD,     0x63DF,     0x63E2,     0x63E4,     0x63E5,
      0x63E6,     0x63E7,     0x63E8,     0x63EB,     0x63EC,     0x63EE,     0x63EF,     0x63F0,
      0x63F1,     0x63F3,     0x63F5,     0x63F7,     0x63F9,     0x63FA,     0x63FB,     0x63FC,
      0x63FE,     0x6403,     0x6404,     0x6406,     0x6407,     0x6408,     0x6409,     0x640A,
      0x640D,     0x640E,     0x6411,     0x6412,     0x6415,     0x6416,     0x6417,     0x6418,
      0x6419,     0x641A,     0x641D,     0x641F,     0x6422,     0x6423,     0x6424,
      /* GB 0x9380..0x93FE */
      0x6425,     0x6427,     0x6428,     0x6429,     0x642B,     0x642E,     0x642F,     0x6430,
      0x6431,     0x6432,     0x6433,     0x6435,     0x6436,     0x6437,     0x6438,     0x6439,
      0x643B,     0x643C,     0x643E,     0x6440,     0x6442,     0x6443,     0x6449,     0x644B,
      0x644C,     0x644D,     0x644E,     0x644F,     0x6450,     0x6451,     0x6453,     0x6455,
      0x6456,     0x6457,     0x6459,     0x645A,     0x645B,     0x645C,     0x645D,     0x645F,
      0x6460,     0x6461,     0x6462,     0x6463,     0x6464,     0x6465,     0x6466,     0x6468,
      0x646A,     0x646B,     0x646C,     0x646E,     0x646F,     0x6470,     0x6471,     0x6472,
      0x6473,     0x6474,     0x6475,     0x6476,     0x6477,     0x647B,     0x647C,     0x647D,
      0x647E,     0x647F,     0x6480,     0x6481,     0x6483,     0x6486,     0x6488,     0x6489,
      0x648A,     0x648B,     0x648C,     0x648D,     0x648E,     0x648F,     0x6490,     0x6493,
      0x6494,     0x6497,     0x6498,     0x649A,     0x649B,     0x649C,     0x649D,     0x649F,
      0x64A0,     0x64A1,     0x64A2,     0x64A3,     0x64A5,     0x64A6,     0x64A7,     0x64A8,
      0x64AA,     0x64AB,     0x64AF,     0x64B1,     0x64B2,     0x64B3,     0x64B4,     0x64B6,
      0x64B9,     0x64BB,     0x64BD,     0x64BE,     0x64BF,     0x64C1,     0x64C3,     0x64C4,
      0x64C6,     0x64C7,     0x64C8,     0x64C9,     0x64CA,     0x64CB,     0x64CC,     0x64CF,
      0x64D1,     0x64D3,     0x64D4,     0x64D5,     0x64D6,     0x64D9,     0x64DA,
      /* GB 0x9440..0x947E */
      0x64DB,     0x64DC,     0x64DD,     0x64DF,     0x64E0,     0x64E1,     0x64E3,     0x64E5,
      0x64E7,     0x64E8,     0x64E9,     0x64EA,     0x64EB,     0x64EC,     0x64ED,     0x64EE,
      0x64EF,     0x64F0,     0x64F1,     0x64F2,     0x64F3,     0x64F4,     0x64F5,     0x64F6,
      0x64F7,     0x64F8,     0x64F9,     0x64FA,     0x64FB,     0x64FC,     0x64FD,     0x64FE,
      0x64FF,     0x6501,     0x6502,     0x6503,     0x6504,     0x6505,     0x6506,     0x6507,
      0x6508,     0x650A,     0x650B,     0x650C,     0x650D,     0x650E,     0x650F,     0x6510,
      0x6511,     0x6513,     0x6514,     0x6515,     0x6516,     0x6517,     0x6519,     0x651A,
      0x651B,     0x651C,     0x651D,     0x651E,     0x651F,     0x6520,     0x6521,
      /* GB 0x9480..0x94FE */
      0x6522,     0x6523,     0x6524,     0x6526,     0x6527,     0x6528,     0x6529,     0x652A,
      0x652C,     0x652D,     0x6530,     0x6531,     0x6532,     0x6533,     0x6537,     0x653A,
      0x653C,     0x653D,     0x6540,     0x6541,     0x6542,     0x6543,     0x6544,     0x6546,
      0x6547,     0x654A,     0x654B,     0x654D,     0x654E,     0x6550,     0x6552,     0x6553,
      0x6554,     0x6557,     0x6558,     0x655A,     0x655C,     0x655F,     0x6560,     0x6561,
      0x6564,     0x6565,     0x6567,     0x6568,     0x6569,     0x656A,     0x656D,     0x656E,
      0x656F,     0x6571,     0x6573,     0x6575,     0x6576,     0x6578,     0x6579,     0x657A,
      0x657B,     0x657C,     0x657D,     0x657E,     0x657F,     0x6580,     0x6581,     0x6582,
      0x6583,     0x6584,     0x6585,     0x6586,     0x6588,     0x6589,     0x658A,     0x658D,
      0x658E,     0x658F,     0x6592,     0x6594,     0x6595,     0x6596,     0x6598,     0x659A,
      0x659D,     0x659E,     0x65A0,     0x65A2,     0x65A3,     0x65A6,     0x65A8,     0x65AA,
      0x65AC,     0x65AE,     0x65B1,     0x65B2,     0x65B3,     0x65B4,     0x65B5,     0x65B6,
      0x65B7,     0x65B8,     0x65BA,     0x65BB,     0x65BE,     0x65BF,     0x65C0,     0x65C2,
      0x65C7,     0x65C8,     0x65C9,     0x65CA,     0x65CD,     0x65D0,     0x65D1,     0x65D3,
      0x65D4,     0x65D5,     0x65D8,     0x65D9,     0x65DA,     0x65DB,     0x65DC,     0x65DD,
      0x65DE,     0x65DF,     0x65E1,     0x65E3,     0x65E4,     0x65EA,     0x65EB,
      /* GB 0x9540..0x957E */
      0x65F2,     0x65F3,     0x65F4,     0x65F5,     0x65F8,     0x65F9,     0x65FB,     0x65FC,
      0x65FD,     0x65FE,     0x65FF,     0x6601,     0x6604,     0x6605,     0x6607,     0x6608,
      0x6609,     0x660B,     0x660D,     0x6610,     0x6611,     0x6612,     0x6616,     0x6617,
      0x6618,     0x661A,     0x661B,     0x661C,     0x661E,     0x6621,     0x6622,     0x6623,
      0x6624,     0x6626,     0x6629,     0x662A,     0x662B,     0x662C,     0x662E,     0x6630,
      0x6632,     0x6633,     0x6637,     0x6638,     0x6639,     0x663A,     0x663B,     0x663D,
      0x663F,     0x6640,     0x6642,     0x6644,     0x6645,     0x6646,     0x6647,     0x6648,
      0x6649,     0x664A,     0x664D,     0x664E,     0x6650,     0x6651,     0x6658,
      /* GB 0x9580..0x95FE */
      0x6659,     0x665B,     0x665C,     0x665D,     0x665E,     0x6660,     0x6662,     0x6663,
      0x6665,     0x6667,     0x6669,     0x666A,     0x666B,     0x666C,     0x666D,     0x6671,
      0x6672,     0x6673,     0x6675,     0x6678,     0x6679,     0x667B,     0x667C,     0x667D,
      0x667F,     0x6680,     0x6681,     0x6683,     0x6685,     0x6686,     0x6688,     0x6689,
      0x668A,     0x668B,     0x668D,     0x668E,     0x668F,     0x6690,     0x6692,     0x6693,
      0x6694,     0x6695,     0x6698,     0x6699,     0x669A,     0x669B,     0x669C,     0x669E,
      0x669F,     0x66A0,     0x66A1,     0x66A2,     0x66A3,     0x66A4,     0x66A5,     0x66A6,
      0x66A9,     0x66AA,     0x66AB,     0x66AC,     0x66AD,     0x66AF,     0x66B0,     0x66B1,
      0x66B2,     0x66B3,     0x66B5,     0x66B6,     0x66B7,     0x66B8,     0x66BA,     0x66BB,
      0x66BC,     0x66BD,     0x66BF,     0x66C0,     0x66C1,     0x66C2,     0x66C3,     0x66C4,
      0x66C5,     0x66C6,     0x66C7,     0x66C8,     0x66C9,     0x66CA,     0x66CB,     0x66CC,
      0x66CD,     0x66CE,     0x66CF,     0x66D0,     0x66D1,     0x66D2,     0x66D3,     0x66D4,
      0x66D5,     0x66D6,     0x66D7,     0x66D8,     0x66DA,     0x66DE,     0x66DF,     0x66E0,
      0x66E1,     0x66E2,     0x66E3,     0x66E4,     0x66E5,     0x66E7,     0x66E8,     0x66EA,
      0x66EB,     0x66EC,     0x66ED,     0x66EE,     0x66EF,     0x66F1,     0x66F5,     0x66F6,
      0x66F8,     0x66FA,     0x66FB,     0x66FD,     0x6701,     0x6702,     0x6703,
      /* GB 0x9640..0x967E */
      0x6704,     0x6705,     0x6706,     0x6707,     0x670C,     0x670E,     0x670F,     0x6711,
      0x6712,     0x6713,     0x6716,     0x6718,     0x6719,     0x671A,     0x671C,     0x671E,
      0x6720,     0x6721,     0x6722,     0x6723,     0x6724,     0x6725,     0x6727,     0x6729,
      0x672E,     0x6730,     0x6732,     0x6733,     0x6736,     0x6737,     0x6738,     0x6739,
      0x673B,     0x673C,     0x673E,     0x673F,     0x6741,     0x6744,     0x6745,     0x6747,
      0x674A,     0x674B,     0x674D,     0x6752,     0x6754,     0x6755,     0x6757,     0x6758,
      0x6759,     0x675A,     0x675B,     0x675D,     0x6762,     0x6763,     0x6764,     0x6766,
      0x6767,     0x676B,     0x676C,     0x676E,     0x6771,     0x6774,     0x6776,
      /* GB 0x9680..0x96FE */
      0x6778,     0x6779,     0x677A,     0x677B,     0x677D,     0x6780,     0x6782,     0x6783,
      0x6785,     0x6786,     0x6788,     0x678A,     0x678C,     0x678D,     0x678E,     0x678F,
      0x6791,     0x6792,     0x6793,     0x6794,     0x6796,     0x6799,     0x679B,     0x679F,
      0x67A0,     0x67A1,     0x67A4,     0x67A6,     0x67A9,     0x67AC,     0x67AE,     0x67B1,
      0x67B2,     0x67B4,     0x67B9,     0x67BA,     0x67BB,     0x67BC,     0x67BD,     0x67BE,
      0x67BF,     0x67C0,     0x67C2,     0x67C5,     0x67C6,     0x67C7,     0x67C8,     0x67C9,
      0x67CA,     0x67CB,     0x67CC,     0x67CD,     0x67CE,     0x67D5,     0x67D6,     0x67D7,
      0x67DB,     0x67DF,     0x67E1,     0x67E3,     0x67E4,     0x67E6,     0x67E7,     0x67E8,
      0x67EA,     0x67EB,     0x67ED,     0x67EE,     0x67F2,     0x67F5,     0x67F6,     0x67F7,
      0x67F8,     0x67F9,     0x67FA,     0x67FB,     0x67FC,     0x67FE,     0x6801,     0x6802,
      0x6803,     0x6804,     0x6806,     0x680D,     0x6810,     0x6812,     0x6814,     0x6815,
      0x6818,     0x6819,     0x681A,     0x681B,     0x681C,     0x681E,     0x681F,     0x6820,
      0x6822,     0x6823,     0x6824,     0x6825,     0x6826,     0x6827,     0x6828,     0x682B,
      0x682C,     0x682D,     0x682E,     0x682F,     0x6830,     0x6831,     0x6834,     0x6835,
      0x6836,     0x683A,     0x683B,     0x683F,     0x6847,     0x684B,     0x684D,     0x684F,
      0x6852,     0x6856,     0x6857,     0x6858,     0x6859,     0x685A,     0x685B,
      /* GB 0x9740..0x977E */
      0x685C,     0x685D,     0x685E,     0x685F,     0x686A,     0x686C,     0x686D,     0x686E,
      0x686F,     0x6870,     0x6871,     0x6872,     0x6873,     0x6875,     0x6878,     0x6879,
      0x687A,     0x687B,     0x687C,     0x687D,     0x687E,     0x687F,     0x6880,     0x6882,
      0x6884,     0x6887,     0x6888,     0x6889,     0x688A,     0x688B,     0x688C,     0x688D,
      0x688E,     0x6890,     0x6891,     0x6892,     0x6894,     0x6895,     0x6896,     0x6898,
      0x6899,     0x689A,     0x689B,     0x689C,     0x689D,     0x689E,     0x689F,     0x68A0,
      0x68A1,     0x68A3,     0x68A4,     0x68A5,     0x68A9,     0x68AA,     0x68AB,     0x68AC,
      0x68AE,     0x68B1,     0x68B2,     0x68B4,     0x68B6,     0x68B7,     0x68B8,
      /* GB 0x9780..0x97FE */
      0x68B9,     0x68BA,     0x68BB,     0x68BC,     0x68BD,     0x68BE,     0x68BF,     0x68C1,
      0x68C3,     0x68C4,     0x68C5,     0x68C6,     0x68C7,     0x68C8,     0x68CA,     0x68CC,
      0x68CE,     0x68CF,     0x68D0,     0x68D1,     0x68D3,     0x68D4,     0x68D6,     0x68D7,
      0x68D9,     0x68DB,     0x68DC,     0x68DD,     0x68DE,     0x68DF,     0x68E1,     0x68E2,
      0x68E4,     0x68E5,     0x68E6,     0x68E7,     0x68E8,     0x68E9,     0x68EA,     0x68EB,
      0x68EC,     0x68ED,     0x68EF,     0x68F2,     0x68F3,     0x68F4,     0x68F6,     0x68F7,
      0x68F8,     0x68FB,     0x68FD,     0x68FE,     0x68FF,     0x6900,     0x6902,     0x6903,
      0x6904,     0x6906,     0x6907,     0x6908,     0x6909,     0x690A,     0x690C,     0x690F,
      0x6911,     0x6913,     0x6914,     0x6915,     0x6916,     0x6917,     0x6918,     0x6919,
      0x691A,     0x691B,     0x691C,     0x691D,     0x691E,     0x6921,     0x6922,     0x6923,
      0x6925,     0x6926,     0x6927,     0x6928,     0x6929,     0x692A,     0x692B,     0x692C,
      0x692E,     0x692F,     0x6931,     0x6932,     0x6933,     0x6935,     0x6936,     0x6937,
      0x6938,     0x693A,     0x693B,     0x693C,     0x693E,     0x6940,     0x6941,     0x6943,
      0x6944,     0x6945,     0x6946,     0x6947,     0x6948,     0x6949,     0x694A,     0x694B,
      0x694C,     0x694D,     0x694E,     0x694F,     0x6950,     0x6951,     0x6952,     0x6953,
      0x6955,     0x6956,     0x6958,     0x6959,     0x695B,     0x695C,     0x695F,
      /* GB 0x9840..0x987E */
      0x6961,     0x6962,     0x6964,     0x6965,     0x6967,     0x6968,     0x6969,     0x696A,
      0x696C,     0x696D,     0x696F,     0x6970,     0x6972,     0x6973,     0x6974,     0x6975,
      0x6976,     0x697A,     0x697B,     0x697D,     0x697E,     0x697F,     0x6981,     0x6983,
      0x6985,     0x698A,     0x698B,     0x698C,     0x698E,     0x698F,     0x6990,     0x6991,
      0x6992,     0x6993,     0x6996,     0x6997,     0x6999,     0x699A,     0x699D,     0x699E,
      0x699F,     0x69A0,     0x69A1,     0x69A2,     0x69A3,     0x69A4,     0x69A5,     0x69A6,
      0x69A9,     0x69AA,     0x69AC,     0x69AE,     0x69AF,     0x69B0,     0x69B2,     0x69B3,
      0x69B5,     0x69B6,     0x69B8,     0x69B9,     0x69BA,     0x69BC,     0x69BD,
      /* GB 0x9880..0x98FE */
      0x69BE,     0x69BF,     0x69C0,     0x69C2,     0x69C3,     0x69C4,     0x69C5,     0x69C6,
      0x69C7,     0x69C8,     0x69C9,     0x69CB,     0x69CD,     0x69CF,     0x69D1,     0x69D2,
      0x69D3,     0x69D5,     0x69D6,     0x69D7,     0x69D8,     0x69D9,     0x69DA,     0x69DC,
      0x69DD,     0x69DE,     0x69E1,     0x69E2,     0x69E3,     0x69E4,     0x69E5,     0x69E6,
      0x69E7,     0x69E8,     0x69E9,     0x69EA,     0x69EB,     0x69EC,     0x69EE,     0x69EF,
      0x69F0,     0x69F1,     0x69F3,     0x69F4,     0x69F5,     0x69F6,     0x69F7,     0x69F8,
      0x69F9,     0x69FA,     0x69FB,     0x69FC,     0x69FE,     0x6A00,     0x6A01,     0x6A02,
      0x6A03,     0x6A04,     0x6A05,     0x6A06,     0x6A07,     0x6A08,     0x6A09,     0x6A0B,
      0x6A0C,     0x6A0D,     0x6A0E,     0x6A0F,     0x6A10,     0x6A11,     0x6A12,     0x6A13,
      0x6A14,     0x6A15,     0x6A16,     0x6A19,     0x6A1A,     0x6A1B,     0x6A1C,     0x6A1D,
      0x6A1E,     0x6A20,     0x6A22,     0x6A23,     0x6A24,     0x6A25,     0x6A26,     0x6A27,
      0x6A29,     0x6A2B,     0x6A2C,     0x6A2D,     0x6A2E,     0x6A30,     0x6A32,     0x6A33,
      0x6A34,     0x6A36,     0x6A37,     0x6A38,     0x6A39,     0x6A3A,     0x6A3B,     0x6A3C,
      0x6A3F,     0x6A40,     0x6A41,     0x6A42,     0x6A43,     0x6A45,     0x6A46,     0x6A48,
      0x6A49,     0x6A4A,     0x6A4B,     0x6A4C,     0x6A4D,     0x6A4E,     0x6A4F,     0x6A51,
      0x6A52,     0x6A53,     0x6A54,     0x6A55,     0x6A56,     0x6A57,     0x6A5A,
      /* GB 0x9940..0x997E */
      0x6A5C,     0x6A5D,     0x6A5E,     0x6A5F,     0x6A60,     0x6A62,     0x6A63,     0x6A64,
      0x6A66,     0x6A67,     0x6A68,     0x6A69,     0x6A6A,     0x6A6B,     0x6A6C,     0x6A6D,
      0x6A6E,     0x6A6F,     0x6A70,     0x6A72,     0x6A73,     0x6A74,     0x6A75,     0x6A76,
      0x6A77,     0x6A78,     0x6A7A,     0x6A7B,     0x6A7D,     0x6A7E,     0x6A7F,     0x6A81,
      0x6A82,     0x6A83,     0x6A85,     0x6A86,     0x6A87,     0x6A88,     0x6A89,     0x6A8A,
      0x6A8B,     0x6A8C,     0x6A8D,     0x6A8F,     0x6A92,     0x6A93,     0x6A94,     0x6A95,
      0x6A96,     0x6A98,     0x6A99,     0x6A9A,     0x6A9B,     0x6A9C,     0x6A9D,     0x6A9E,
      0x6A9F,     0x6AA1,     0x6AA2,     0x6AA3,     0x6AA4,     0x6AA5,     0x6AA6,
      /* GB 0x9980..0x99FE */
      0x6AA7,     0x6AA8,     0x6AAA,     0x6AAD,     0x6AAE,     0x6AAF,     0x6AB0,     0x6AB1,
      0x6AB2,     0x6AB3,     0x6AB4,     0x6AB5,     0x6AB6,     0x6AB7,     0x6AB8,     0x6AB9,
      0x6ABA,     0x6ABB,     0x6ABC,     0x6ABD,     0x6ABE,     0x6ABF,     0x6AC0,     0x6AC1,
      0x6AC2,     0x6AC3,     0x6AC4,     0x6AC5,     0x6AC6,     0x6AC7,     0x6AC8,     0x6AC9,
      0x6ACA,     0x6ACB,     0x6ACC,     0x6ACD,     0x6ACE,     0x6ACF,     0x6AD0,     0x6AD1,
      0x6AD2,     0x6AD3,     0x6AD4,     0x6AD5,     0x6AD6,     0x6AD7,     0x6AD8,     0x6AD9,
      0x6ADA,     0x6ADB,     0x6ADC,     0x6ADD,     0x6ADE,     0x6ADF,     0x6AE0,     0x6AE1,
      0x6AE2,     0x6AE3,     0x6AE4,     0x6AE5,     0x6AE6,     0x6AE7,     0x6AE8,     0x6AE9,
      0x6AEA,     0x6AEB,     0x6AEC,     0x6AED,     0x6AEE,     0x6AEF,     0x6AF0,     0x6AF1,
      0x6AF2,     0x6AF3,     0x6AF4,     0x6AF5,     0x6AF6,     0x6AF7,     0x6AF8,     0x6AF9,
      0x6AFA,     0x6AFB,     0x6AFC,     0x6AFD,     0x6AFE,     0x6AFF,     0x6B00,     0x6B01,
      0x6B02,     0x6B03,     0x6B04,     0x6B05,     0x6B06,     0x6B07,     0x6B08,     0x6B09,
      0x6B0A,     0x6B0B,     0x6B0C,     0x6B0D,     0x6B0E,     0x6B0F,     0x6B10,     0x6B11,
      0x6B12,     0x6B13,     0x6B14,     0x6B15,     0x6B16,     0x6B17,     0x6B18,     0x6B19,
      0x6B1A,     0x6B1B,     0x6B1C,     0x6B1D,     0x6B1E,     0x6B1F,     0x6B25,     0x6B26,
      0x6B28,     0x6B29,     0x6B2A,     0x6B2B,     0x6B2C,     0x6B2D,     0x6B2E,
      /* GB 0x9A40..0x9A7E */
      0x6B2F,     0x6B30,     0x6B31,     0x6B33,     0x6B34,     0x6B35,     0x6B36,     0x6B38,
      0x6B3B,     0x6B3C,     0x6B3D,     0x6B3F,     0x6B40,     0x6B41,     0x6B42,     0x6B44,
      0x6B45,     0x6B48,     0x6B4A,     0x6B4B,     0x6B4D,     0x6B4E,     0x6B4F,     0x6B50,
      0x6B51,     0x6B52,     0x6B53,     0x6B54,     0x6B55,     0x6B56,     0x6B57,     0x6B58,
      0x6B5A,     0x6B5B,     0x6B5C,     0x6B5D,     0x6B5E,     0x6B5F,     0x6B60,     0x6B61,
      0x6B68,     0x6B69,     0x6B6B,     0x6B6C,     0x6B6D,     0x6B6E,     0x6B6F,     0x6B70,
      0x6B71,     0x6B72,     0x6B73,     0x6B74,     0x6B75,     0x6B76,     0x6B77,     0x6B78,
      0x6B7A,     0x6B7D,     0x6B7E,     0x6B7F,     0x6B80,     0x6B85,     0x6B88,
      /* GB 0x9A80..0x9AFE */
      0x6B8C,     0x6B8E,     0x6B8F,     0x6B90,     0x6B91,     0x6B94,     0x6B95,     0x6B97,
      0x6B98,     0x6B99,     0x6B9C,     0x6B9D,     0x6B9E,     0x6B9F,     0x6BA0,     0x6BA2,
      0x6BA3,     0x6BA4,     0x6BA5,     0x6BA6,     0x6BA7,     0x6BA8,     0x6BA9,     0x6BAB,
      0x6BAC,     0x6BAD,     0x6BAE,     0x6BAF,     0x6BB0,     0x6BB1,     0x6BB2,     0x6BB6,
      0x6BB8,     0x6BB9,     0x6BBA,     0x6BBB,     0x6BBC,     0x6BBD,     0x6BBE,     0x6BC0,
      0x6BC3,     0x6BC4,     0x6BC6,     0x6BC7,     0x6BC8,     0x6BC9,     0x6BCA,     0x6BCC,
      0x6BCE,     0x6BD0,     0x6BD1,     0x6BD8,     0x6BDA,     0x6BDC,     0x6BDD,     0x6BDE,
      0x6BDF,     0x6BE0,     0x6BE2,     0x6BE3,     0x6BE4,     0x6BE5,     0x6BE6,     0x6BE7,
      0x6BE8,     0x6BE9,     0x6BEC,     0x6BED,     0x6BEE,     0x6BF0,     0x6BF1,     0x6BF2,
      0x6BF4,     0x6BF6,     0x6BF7,     0x6BF8,     0x6BFA,     0x6BFB,     0x6BFC,     0x6BFE,
      0x6BFF,     0x6C00,     0x6C01,     0x6C02,     0x6C03,     0x6C04,     0x6C08,     0x6C09,
      0x6C0A,     0x6C0B,     0x6C0C,     0x6C0E,     0x6C12,     0x6C17,     0x6C1C,     0x6C1D,
      0x6C1E,     0x6C20,     0x6C23,     0x6C25,     0x6C2B,     0x6C2C,     0x6C2D,     0x6C31,
      0x6C33,     0x6C36,     0x6C37,     0x6C39,     0x6C3A,     0x6C3B,     0x6C3C,     0x6C3E,
      0x6C3F,     0x6C43,     0x6C44,     0x6C45,     0x6C48,     0x6C4B,     0x6C4C,     0x6C4D,
      0x6C4E,     0x6C4F,     0x6C51,     0x6C52,     0x6C53,     0x6C56,     0x6C58,
      /* GB 0x9B40..0x9B7E */
      0x6C59,     0x6C5A,     0x6C62,     0x6C63,     0x6C65,     0x6C66,     0x6C67,     0x6C6B,
      0x6C6C,     0x6C6D,     0x6C6E,     0x6C6F,     0x6C71,     0x6C73,     0x6C75,     0x6C77,
      0x6C78,     0x6C7A,     0x6C7B,     0x6C7C,     0x6C7F,     0x6C80,     0x6C84,     0x6C87,
      0x6C8A,     0x6C8B,     0x6C8D,     0x6C8E,     0x6C91,     0x6C92,     0x6C95,     0x6C96,
      0x6C97,     0x6C98,     0x6C9A,     0x6C9C,     0x6C9D,     0x6C9E,     0x6CA0,     0x6CA2,
      0x6CA8,     0x6CAC,     0x6CAF,     0x6CB0,     0x6CB4,     0x6CB5,     0x6CB6,     0x6CB7,
      0x6CBA,     0x6CC0,     0x6CC1,     0x6CC2,     0x6CC3,     0x6CC6,     0x6CC7,     0x6CC8,
      0x6CCB,     0x6CCD,     0x6CCE,     0x6CCF,     0x6CD1,     0x6CD2,     0x6CD8,
      /* GB 0x9B80..0x9BFE */
      0x6CD9,     0x6CDA,     0x6CDC,     0x6CDD,     0x6CDF,     0x6CE4,     0x6CE6,     0x6CE7,
      0x6CE9,     0x6CEC,     0x6CED,     0x6CF2,     0x6CF4,     0x6CF9,     0x6CFF,     0x6D00,
      0x6D02,     0x6D03,     0x6D05,     0x6D06,     0x6D08,     0x6D09,     0x6D0A,     0x6D0D,
      0x6D0F,     0x6D10,     0x6D11,     0x6D13,     0x6D14,     0x6D15,     0x6D16,     0x6D18,
      0x6D1C,     0x6D1D,     0x6D1F,     0x6D20,     0x6D21,     0x6D22,     0x6D23,     0x6D24,
      0x6D26,     0x6D28,     0x6D29,     0x6D2C,     0x6D2D,     0x6D2F,     0x6D30,     0x6D34,
      0x6D36,     0x6D37,     0x6D38,     0x6D3A,     0x6D3F,     0x6D40,     0x6D42,     0x6D44,
      0x6D49,     0x6D4C,     0x6D50,     0x6D55,     0x6D56,     0x6D57,     0x6D58,     0x6D5B,
      0x6D5D,     0x6D5F,     0x6D61,     0x6D62,     0x6D64,     0x6D65,     0x6D67,     0x6D68,
      0x6D6B,     0x6D6C,     0x6D6D,     0x6D70,     0x6D71,     0x6D72,     0x6D73,     0x6D75,
      0x6D76,     0x6D79,     0x6D7A,     0x6D7B,     0x6D7D,     0x6D7E,     0x6D7F,     0x6D80,
      0x6D81,     0x6D83,     0x6D84,     0x6D86,     0x6D87,     0x6D8A,     0x6D8B,     0x6D8D,
      0x6D8F,     0x6D90,     0x6D92,     0x6D96,     0x6D97,     0x6D98,     0x6D99,     0x6D9A,
      0x6D9C,     0x6DA2,     0x6DA5,     0x6DAC,     0x6DAD,     0x6DB0,     0x6DB1,     0x6DB3,
      0x6DB4,     0x6DB6,     0x6DB7,     0x6DB9,     0x6DBA,     0x6DBB,     0x6DBC,     0x6DBD,
      0x6DBE,     0x6DC1,     0x6DC2,     0x6DC3,     0x6DC8,     0x6DC9,     0x6DCA,
      /* GB 0x9C40..0x9C7E */
      0x6DCD,     0x6DCE,     0x6DCF,     0x6DD0,     0x6DD2,     0x6DD3,     0x6DD4,     0x6DD5,
      0x6DD7,     0x6DDA,     0x6DDB,     0x6DDC,     0x6DDF,     0x6DE2,     0x6DE3,     0x6DE5,
      0x6DE7,     0x6DE8,     0x6DE9,     0x6DEA,     0x6DED,     0x6DEF,     0x6DF0,     0x6DF2,
      0x6DF4,     0x6DF5,     0x6DF6,     0x6DF8,     0x6DFA,     0x6DFD,     0x6DFE,     0x6DFF,
      0x6E00,     0x6E01,     0x6E02,     0x6E03,     0x6E04,     0x6E06,     0x6E07,     0x6E08,
      0x6E09,     0x6E0B,     0x6E0F,     0x6E12,     0x6E13,     0x6E15,     0x6E18,     0x6E19,
      0x6E1B,     0x6E1C,     0x6E1E,     0x6E1F,     0x6E22,     0x6E26,     0x6E27,     0x6E28,
      0x6E2A,     0x6E2C,     0x6E2E,     0x6E30,     0x6E31,     0x6E33,     0x6E35,
      /* GB 0x9C80..0x9CFE */
      0x6E36,     0x6E37,     0x6E39,     0x6E3B,     0x6E3C,     0x6E3D,     0x6E3E,     0x6E3F,
      0x6E40,     0x6E41,     0x6E42,     0x6E45,     0x6E46,     0x6E47,     0x6E48,     0x6E49,
      0x6E4A,     0x6E4B,     0x6E4C,     0x6E4F,     0x6E50,     0x6E51,     0x6E52,     0x6E55,
      0x6E57,     0x6E59,     0x6E5A,     0x6E5C,     0x6E5D,     0x6E5E,     0x6E60,     0x6E61,
      0x6E62,     0x6E63,     0x6E64,     0x6E65,     0x6E66,     0x6E67,     0x6E68,     0x6E69,
      0x6E6A,     0x6E6C,     0x6E6D,     0x6E6F,     0x6E70,     0x6E71,     0x6E72,     0x6E73,
      0x6E74,     0x6E75,     0x6E76,     0x6E77,     0x6E78,     0x6E79,     0x6E7A,     0x6E7B,
      0x6E7C,     0x6E7D,     0x6E80,     0x6E81,     0x6E82,     0x6E84,     0x6E87,     0x6E88,
      0x6E8A,     0x6E8B,     0x6E8C,     0x6E8D,     0x6E8E,     0x6E91,     0x6E92,     0x6E93,
      0x6E94,     0x6E95,     0x6E96,     0x6E97,     0x6E99,     0x6E9A,     0x6E9B,     0x6E9D,
      0x6E9E,     0x6EA0,     0x6EA1,     0x6EA3,     0x6EA4,     0x6EA6,     0x6EA8,     0x6EA9,
      0x6EAB,     0x6EAC,     0x6EAD,     0x6EAE,     0x6EB0,     0x6EB3,     0x6EB5,     0x6EB8,
      0x6EB9,     0x6EBC,     0x6EBE,     0x6EBF,     0x6EC0,     0x6EC3,     0x6EC4,     0x6EC5,
      0x6EC6,     0x6EC8,     0x6EC9,     0x6ECA,     0x6ECC,     0x6ECD,     0x6ECE,     0x6ED0,
      0x6ED2,     0x6ED6,     0x6ED8,     0x6ED9,     0x6EDB,     0x6EDC,     0x6EDD,     0x6EE3,
      0x6EE7,     0x6EEA,     0x6EEB,     0x6EEC,     0x6EED,     0x6EEE,     0x6EEF,
      /* GB 0x9D40..0x9D7E */
      0x6EF0,     0x6EF1,     0x6EF2,     0x6EF3,     0x6EF5,     0x6EF6,     0x6EF7,     0x6EF8,
      0x6EFA,     0x6EFB,     0x6EFC,     0x6EFD,     0x6EFE,     0x6EFF,     0x6F00,     0x6F01,
      0x6F03,     0x6F04,     0x6F05,     0x6F07,     0x6F08,     0x6F0A,     0x6F0B,     0x6F0C,
      0x6F0D,     0x6F0E,     0x6F10,     0x6F11,     0x6F12,     0x6F16,     0x6F17,     0x6F18,
      0x6F19,     0x6F1A,     0x6F1B,     0x6F1C,     0x6F1D,     0x6F1E,     0x6F1F,     0x6F21,
      0x6F22,     0x6F23,     0x6F25,     0x6F26,     0x6F27,     0x6F28,     0x6F2C,     0x6F2E,
      0x6F30,     0x6F32,     0x6F34,     0x6F35,     0x6F37,     0x6F38,     0x6F39,     0x6F3A,
      0x6F3B,     0x6F3C,     0x6F3D,     0x6F3F,     0x6F40,     0x6F41,     0x6F42,
      /* GB 0x9D80..0x9DFE */
      0x6F43,     0x6F44,     0x6F45,     0x6F48,     0x6F49,     0x6F4A,     0x6F4C,     0x6F4E,
      0x6F4F,     0x6F50,     0x6F51,     0x6F52,     0x6F53,     0x6F54,     0x6F55,     0x6F56,
      0x6F57,     0x6F59,     0x6F5A,     0x6F5B,     0x6F5D,     0x6F5F,     0x6F60,     0x6F61,
      0x6F63,     0x6F64,     0x6F65,     0x6F67,     0x6F68,     0x6F69,     0x6F6A,     0x6F6B,
      0x6F6C,     0x6F6F,     0x6F70,     0x6F71,     0x6F73,     0x6F75,     0x6F76,     0x6F77,
      0x6F79,     0x6F7B,     0x6F7D,     0x6F7E,     0x6F7F,     0x6F80,     0x6F81,     0x6F82,
      0x6F83,     0x6F85,     0x6F86,     0x6F87,     0x6F8A,     0x6F8B,     0x6F8F,     0x6F90,
      0x6F91,     0x6F92,     0x6F93,     0x6F94,     0x6F95,     0x6F96,     0x6F97,     0x6F98,
      0x6F99,     0x6F9A,     0x6F9B,     0x6F9D,     0x6F9E,     0x6F9F,     0x6FA0,     0x6FA2,
      0x6FA3,     0x6FA4,     0x6FA5,     0x6FA6,     0x6FA8,     0x6FA9,     0x6FAA,     0x6FAB,
      0x6FAC,     0x6FAD,     0x6FAE,     0x6FAF,     0x6FB0,     0x6FB1,     0x6FB2,     0x6FB4,
      0x6FB5,     0x6FB7,     0x6FB8,     0x6FBA,     0x6FBB,     0x6FBC,     0x6FBD,     0x6FBE,
      0x6FBF,     0x6FC1,     0x6FC3,     0x6FC4,     0x6FC5,     0x6FC6,     0x6FC7,     0x6FC8,
      0x6FCA,     0x6FCB,     0x6FCC,     0x6FCD,     0x6FCE,     0x6FCF,     0x6FD0,     0x6FD3,
      0x6FD4,     0x6FD5,     0x6FD6,     0x6FD7,     0x6FD8,     0x6FD9,     0x6FDA,     0x6FDB,
      0x6FDC,     0x6FDD,     0x6FDF,     0x6FE2,     0x6FE3,     0x6FE4,     0x6FE5,
      /* GB 0x9E40..0x9E7E */
      0x6FE6,     0x6FE7,     0x6FE8,     0x6FE9,     0x6FEA,     0x6FEB,     0x6FEC,     0x6FED,
      0x6FF0,     0x6FF1,     0x6FF2,     0x6FF3,     0x6FF4,     0x6FF5,     0x6FF6,     0x6FF7,
      0x6FF8,     0x6FF9,     0x6FFA,     0x6FFB,     0x6FFC,     0x6FFD,     0x6FFE,     0x6FFF,
      0x7000,     0x7001,     0x7002,     0x7003,     0x7004,     0x7005,     0x7006,     0x7007,
      0x7008,     0x7009,     0x700A,     0x700B,     0x700C,     0x700D,     0x700E,     0x700F,
      0x7010,     0x7012,     0x7013,     0x7014,     0x7015,     0x7016,     0x7017,     0x7018,
      0x7019,     0x701C,     0x701D,     0x701E,     0x701F,     0x7020,     0x7021,     0x7022,
      0x7024,     0x7025,     0x7026,     0x7027,     0x7028,     0x7029,     0x702A,
      /* GB 0x9E80..0x9EFE */
      0x702B,     0x702C,     0x702D,     0x702E,     0x702F,     0x7030,     0x7031,     0x7032,
      0x7033,     0x7034,     0x7036,     0x7037,     0x7038,     0x703A,     0x703B,     0x703C,
      0x703D,     0x703E,     0x703F,     0x7040,     0x7041,     0x7042,     0x7043,     0x7044,
      0x7045,     0x7046,     0x7047,     0x7048,     0x7049,     0x704A,     0x704B,     0x704D,
      0x704E,     0x7050,     0x7051,     0x7052,     0x7053,     0x7054,     0x7055,     0x7056,
      0x7057,     0x7058,     0x7059,     0x705A,     0x705B,     0x705C,     0x705D,     0x705F,
      0x7060,     0x7061,     0x7062,     0x7063,     0x7064,     0x7065,     0x7066,     0x7067,
      0x7068,     0x7069,     0x706A,     0x706E,     0x7071,     0x7072,     0x7073,     0x7074,
      0x7077,     0x7079,     0x707A,     0x707B,     0x707D,     0x7081,     0x7082,     0x7083,
      0x7084,     0x7086,     0x7087,     0x7088,     0x708B,     0x708C,     0x708D,     0x708F,
      0x7090,     0x7091,     0x7093,     0x7097,     0x7098,     0x709A,     0x709B,     0x709E,
      0x709F,     0x70A0,     0x70A1,     0x70A2,     0x70A3,     0x70A4,     0x70A5,     0x70A6,
      0x70A7,     0x70A8,     0x70A9,     0x70AA,     0x70B0,     0x70B2,     0x70B4,     0x70B5,
      0x70B6,     0x70BA,     0x70BE,     0x70BF,     0x70C4,     0x70C5,     0x70C6,     0x70C7,
      0x70C9,     0x70CB,     0x70CC,     0x70CD,     0x70CE,     0x70CF,     0x70D0,     0x70D1,
      0x70D2,     0x70D3,     0x70D4,     0x70D5,     0x70D6,     0x70D7,     0x70DA,
      /* GB 0x9F40..0x9F7E */
      0x70DC,     0x70DD,     0x70DE,     0x70E0,     0x70E1,     0x70E2,     0x70E3,     0x70E5,
      0x70EA,     0x70EE,     0x70F0,     0x70F1,     0x70F2,     0x70F3,     0x70F4,     0x70F5,
      0x70F6,     0x70F8,     0x70FA,     0x70FB,     0x70FC,     0x70FE,     0x70FF,     0x7100,
      0x7101,     0x7102,     0x7103,     0x7104,     0x7105,     0x7106,     0x7107,     0x7108,
      0x710B,     0x710C,     0x710D,     0x710E,     0x710F,     0x7111,     0x7112,     0x7114,
      0x7117,     0x711B,     0x711C,     0x711D,     0x711E,     0x711F,     0x7120,     0x7121,
      0x7122,     0x7123,     0x7124,     0x7125,     0x7127,     0x7128,     0x7129,     0x712A,
      0x712B,     0x712C,     0x712D,     0x712E,     0x7132,     0x7133,     0x7134,
      /* GB 0x9F80..0x9FFE */
      0x7135,     0x7137,     0x7138,     0x7139,     0x713A,     0x713B,     0x713C,     0x713D,
      0x713E,     0x713F,     0x7140,     0x7141,     0x7142,     0x7143,     0x7144,     0x7146,
      0x7147,     0x7148,     0x7149,     0x714B,     0x714D,     0x714F,     0x7150,     0x7151,
      0x7152,     0x7153,     0x7154,     0x7155,     0x7156,     0x7157,     0x7158,     0x7159,
      0x715A,     0x715B,     0x715D,     0x715F,     0x7160,     0x7161,     0x7162,     0x7163,
      0x7165,     0x7169,     0x716A,     0x716B,     0x716C,     0x716D,     0x716F,     0x7170,
      0x7171,     0x7174,     0x7175,     0x7176,     0x7177,     0x7179,     0x717B,     0x717C,
      0x717E,     0x717F,     0x7180,     0x7181,     0x7182,     0x7183,     0x7185,     0x7186,
      0x7187,     0x7188,     0x7189,     0x718B,     0x718C,     0x718D,     0x718E,     0x7190,
      0x7191,     0x7192,     0x7193,     0x7195,     0x7196,     0x7197,     0x719A,     0x719B,
      0x719C,     0x719D,     0x719E,     0x71A1,     0x71A2,     0x71A3,     0x71A4,     0x71A5,
      0x71A6,     0x71A7,     0x71A9,     0x71AA,     0x71AB,     0x71AD,     0x71AE,     0x71AF,
      0x71B0,     0x71B1,     0x71B2,     0x71B4,     0x71B6,     0x71B7,     0x71B8,     0x71BA,
      0x71BB,     0x71BC,     0x71BD,     0x71BE,     0x71BF,     0x71C0,     0x71C1,     0x71C2,
      0x71C4,     0x71C5,     0x71C6,     0x71C7,     0x71C8,     0x71C9,     0x71CA,     0x71CB,
      0x71CC,     0x71CD,     0x71CF,     0x71D0,     0x71D1,     0x71D2,     0x71D3,
      /* GB 0xA040..0xA07E */
      0x71D6,     0x71D7,     0x71D8,     0x71D9,     0x71DA,     0x71DB,     0x71DC,     0x71DD,
      0x71DE,     0x71DF,     0x71E1,     0x71E2,     0x71E3,     0x71E4,     0x71E6,     0x71E8,
      0x71E9,     0x71EA,     0x71EB,     0x71EC,     0x71ED,     0x71EF,     0x71F0,     0x71F1,
      0x71F2,     0x71F3,     0x71F4,     0x71F5,     0x71F6,     0x71F7,     0x71F8,     0x71FA,
      0x71FB,     0x71FC,     0x71FD,     0x71FE,     0x71FF,     0x7200,     0x7201,     0x7202,
      0x7203,     0x7204,     0x7205,     0x7207,     0x7208,     0x7209,     0x720A,     0x720B,
      0x720C,     0x720D,     0x720E,     0x720F,     0x7210,     0x7211,     0x7212,     0x7213,
      0x7214,     0x7215,     0x7216,     0x7217,     0x7218,     0x7219,     0x721A,
      /* GB 0xA080..0xA0FE */
      0x721B,     0x721C,     0x721E,     0x721F,     0x7220,     0x7221,     0x7222,     0x7223,
      0x7224,     0x7225,     0x7226,     0x7227,     0x7229,     0x722B,     0x722D,     0x722E,
      0x722F,     0x7232,     0x7233,     0x7234,     0x723A,     0x723C,     0x723E,     0x7240,
      0x7241,     0x7242,     0x7243,     0x7244,     0x7245,     0x7246,     0x7249,     0x724A,
      0x724B,     0x724E,     0x724F,     0x7250,     0x7251,     0x7253,     0x7254,     0x7255,
      0x7257,     0x7258,     0x725A,     0x725C,     0x725E,     0x7260,     0x7263,     0x7264,
      0x7265,     0x7268,     0x726A,     0x726B,     0x726C,     0x726D,     0x7270,     0x7271,
      0x7273,     0x7274,     0x7276,     0x7277,     0x7278,     0x727B,     0x727C,     0x727D,
      0x7282,     0x7283,     0x7285,     0x7286,     0x7287,     0x7288,     0x7289,     0x728C,
      0x728E,     0x7290,     0x7291,     0x7293,     0x7294,     0x7295,     0x7296,     0x7297,
      0x7298,     0x7299,     0x729A,     0x729B,     0x729C,     0x729D,     0x729E,     0x72A0,
      0x72A1,     0x72A2,     0x72A3,     0x72A4,     0x72A5,     0x72A6,     0x72A7,     0x72A8,
      0x72A9,     0x72AA,     0x72AB,     0x72AE,     0x72B1,     0x72B2,     0x72B3,     0x72B5,
      0x72BA,     0x72BB,     0x72BC,     0x72BD,     0x72BE,     0x72BF,     0x72C0,     0x72C5,
      0x72C6,     0x72C7,     0x72C9,     0x72CA,     0x72CB,     0x72CC,     0x72CF,     0x72D1,
      0x72D3,     0x72D4,     0x72D5,     0x72D6,     0x72D8,     0x72DA,     0x72DB,
      /* Skip: GB 0xA140..0xA17E, 0xA180..0xA1A0 (UDA 3) */
      /* GB 0xA2A1..0xA2FE */
            0x3000,     0x3001,     0x3002,     0x00B7,     0x02C9,     0x02C7,     0x00A8,
      0x3003,     0x3005,     0x2014,     0xFF5E,     0x2016,     0x2026,     0x2018,     0x2019,
      0x201C,     0x201D,     0x3014,     0x3015,     0x3008,     0x3009,     0x300A,     0x300B,
      0x300C,     0x300D,     0x300E,     0x300F,     0x3016,     0x3017,     0x3010,     0x3011,
      0x00B1,     0x00D7,     0x00F7,     0x2236,     0x2227,     0x2228,     0x2211,     0x220F,
      0x222A,     0x2229,     0x2208,     0x2237,     0x221A,     0x22A5,     0x2225,     0x2220,
      0x2312,     0x2299,     0x222B,     0x222E,     0x2261,     0x224C,     0x2248,     0x223D,
      0x221D,     0x2260,     0x226E,     0x226F,     0x2264,     0x2265,     0x221E,     0x2235,
      0x2234,     0x2642,     0x2640,     0x00B0,     0x2032,     0x2033,     0x2103,     0xFF04,
      0x00A4,     0xFFE0,     0xFFE1,     0x2030,     0x00A7,     0x2116,     0x2606,     0x2605,
      0x25CB,     0x25CF,     0x25CE,     0x25C7,     0x25C6,     0x25A1,     0x25A0,     0x25B3,
      0x25B2,     0x203B,     0x2192,     0x2190,     0x2191,     0x2193,     0x3013,
      /* Skip: GB 0xA240..0xA27E, 0xA280..0xA2A0 (UDA 3) */
      /* GB 0xA3A1..0xA3FE */
            0x2170,     0x2171,     0x2172,     0x2173,     0x2174,     0x2175,     0x2176,
      0x2177,     0x2178,     0x2179,     0xE766,     0xE767,     0xE768,     0xE769,     0xE76A,
      0xE76B,     0x2488,     0x2489,     0x248A,     0x248B,     0x248C,     0x248D,     0x248E,
      0x248F,     0x2490,     0x2491,     0x2492,     0x2493,     0x2494,     0x2495,     0x2496,
      0x2497,     0x2498,     0x2499,     0x249A,     0x249B,     0x2474,     0x2475,     0x2476,
      0x2477,     0x2478,     0x2479,     0x247A,     0x247B,     0x247C,     0x247D,     0x247E,
      0x247F,     0x2480,     0x2481,     0x2482,     0x2483,     0x2484,     0x2485,     0x2486,
      0x2487,     0x2460,     0x2461,     0x2462,     0x2463,     0x2464,     0x2465,     0x2466,
      0x2467,     0x2468,     0x2469,     0x20AC,     0xE76D,     0x3220,     0x3221,     0x3222,
      0x3223,     0x3224,     0x3225,     0x3226,     0x3227,     0x3228,     0x3229,     0xE76E,
      0xE76F,     0x2160,     0x2161,     0x2162,     0x2163,     0x2164,     0x2165,     0x2166,
      0x2167,     0x2168,     0x2169,     0x216A,     0x216B,     0xE770,     0xE771,
      /* Skip: GB 0xA340..0xA37E, 0xA380..0xA3A0 (UDA 3) */
      /* GB 0xA4A1..0xA4FE */
            0xFF01,     0xFF02,     0xFF03,     0xFFE5,     0xFF05,     0xFF06,     0xFF07,
      0xFF08,     0xFF09,     0xFF0A,     0xFF0B,     0xFF0C,     0xFF0D,     0xFF0E,     0xFF0F,
      0xFF10,     0xFF11,     0xFF12,     0xFF13,     0xFF14,     0xFF15,     0xFF16,     0xFF17,
      0xFF18,     0xFF19,     0xFF1A,     0xFF1B,     0xFF1C,     0xFF1D,     0xFF1E,     0xFF1F,
      0xFF20,     0xFF21,     0xFF22,     0xFF23,     0xFF24,     0xFF25,     0xFF26,     0xFF27,
      0xFF28,     0xFF29,     0xFF2A,     0xFF2B,     0xFF2C,     0xFF2D,     0xFF2E,     0xFF2F,
      0xFF30,     0xFF31,     0xFF32,     0xFF33,     0xFF34,     0xFF35,     0xFF36,     0xFF37,
      0xFF38,     0xFF39,     0xFF3A,     0xFF3B,     0xFF3C,     0xFF3D,     0xFF3E,     0xFF3F,
      0xFF40,     0xFF41,     0xFF42,     0xFF43,     0xFF44,     0xFF45,     0xFF46,     0xFF47,
      0xFF48,     0xFF49,     0xFF4A,     0xFF4B,     0xFF4C,     0xFF4D,     0xFF4E,     0xFF4F,
      0xFF50,     0xFF51,     0xFF52,     0xFF53,     0xFF54,     0xFF55,     0xFF56,     0xFF57,
      0xFF58,     0xFF59,     0xFF5A,     0xFF5B,     0xFF5C,     0xFF5D,     0xFFE3,
      /* Skip: GB 0xA440..0xA47E, 0xA480..0xA4A0 (UDA 3) */
      /* GB 0xA5A1..0xA5FE */
            0x3041,     0x3042,     0x3043,     0x3044,     0x3045,     0x3046,     0x3047,
      0x3048,     0x3049,     0x304A,     0x304B,     0x304C,     0x304D,     0x304E,     0x304F,
      0x3050,     0x3051,     0x3052,     0x3053,     0x3054,     0x3055,     0x3056,     0x3057,
      0x3058,     0x3059,     0x305A,     0x305B,     0x305C,     0x305D,     0x305E,     0x305F,
      0x3060,     0x3061,     0x3062,     0x3063,     0x3064,     0x3065,     0x3066,     0x3067,
      0x3068,     0x3069,     0x306A,     0x306B,     0x306C,     0x306D,     0x306E,     0x306F,
      0x3070,     0x3071,     0x3072,     0x3073,     0x3074,     0x3075,     0x3076,     0x3077,
      0x3078,     0x3079,     0x307A,     0x307B,     0x307C,     0x307D,     0x307E,     0x307F,
      0x3080,     0x3081,     0x3082,     0x3083,     0x3084,     0x3085,     0x3086,     0x3087,
      0x3088,     0x3089,     0x308A,     0x308B,     0x308C,     0x308D,     0x308E,     0x308F,
      0x3090,     0x3091,     0x3092,     0x3093,     0xE772,     0xE773,     0xE774,     0xE775,
      0xE776,     0xE777,     0xE778,     0xE779,     0xE77A,     0xE77B,     0xE77C,
      /* Skip: GB 0xA540..0xA57E, 0xA580..0xA5A0 (UDA 3) */
      /* GB 0xA6A1..0xA6FE */
            0x30A1,     0x30A2,     0x30A3,     0x30A4,     0x30A5,     0x30A6,     0x30A7,
      0x30A8,     0x30A9,     0x30AA,     0x30AB,     0x30AC,     0x30AD,     0x30AE,     0x30AF,
      0x30B0,     0x30B1,     0x30B2,     0x30B3,     0x30B4,     0x30B5,     0x30B6,     0x30B7,
      0x30B8,     0x30B9,     0x30BA,     0x30BB,     0x30BC,     0x30BD,     0x30BE,     0x30BF,
      0x30C0,     0x30C1,     0x30C2,     0x30C3,     0x30C4,     0x30C5,     0x30C6,     0x30C7,
      0x30C8,     0x30C9,     0x30CA,     0x30CB,     0x30CC,     0x30CD,     0x30CE,     0x30CF,
      0x30D0,     0x30D1,     0x30D2,     0x30D3,     0x30D4,     0x30D5,     0x30D6,     0x30D7,
      0x30D8,     0x30D9,     0x30DA,     0x30DB,     0x30DC,     0x30DD,     0x30DE,     0x30DF,
      0x30E0,     0x30E1,     0x30E2,     0x30E3,     0x30E4,     0x30E5,     0x30E6,     0x30E7,
      0x30E8,     0x30E9,     0x30EA,     0x30EB,     0x30EC,     0x30ED,     0x30EE,     0x30EF,
      0x30F0,     0x30F1,     0x30F2,     0x30F3,     0x30F4,     0x30F5,     0x30F6,     0xE77D,
      0xE77E,     0xE77F,     0xE780,     0xE781,     0xE782,     0xE783,     0xE784,
      /* Skip: GB 0xA640..0xA67E, 0xA680..0xA6A0 (UDA 3) */
      /* GB 0xA7A1..0xA7FE */
            0x0391,     0x0392,     0x0393,     0x0394,     0x0395,     0x0396,     0x0397,
      0x0398,     0x0399,     0x039A,     0x039B,     0x039C,     0x039D,     0x039E,     0x039F,
      0x03A0,     0x03A1,     0x03A3,     0x03A4,     0x03A5,     0x03A6,     0x03A7,     0x03A8,
      0x03A9,     0xE785,     0xE786,     0xE787,     0xE788,     0xE789,     0xE78A,     0xE78B,
      0xE78C,     0x03B1,     0x03B2,     0x03B3,     0x03B4,     0x03B5,     0x03B6,     0x03B7,
      0x03B8,     0x03B9,     0x03BA,     0x03BB,     0x03BC,     0x03BD,     0x03BE,     0x03BF,
      0x03C0,     0x03C1,     0x03C3,     0x03C4,     0x03C5,     0x03C6,     0x03C7,     0x03C8,
      0x03C9,     0xE78D,     0xE78E,     0xE78F,     0xE790,     0xE791,     0xE792,     0xE793,
      0xFE35,     0xFE36,     0xFE39,     0xFE3A,     0xFE3F,     0xFE40,     0xFE3D,     0xFE3E,
      0xFE41,     0xFE42,     0xFE43,     0xFE44,     0xE794,     0xE795,     0xFE3B,     0xFE3C,
      0xFE37,     0xFE38,     0xFE31,     0xE796,     0xFE33,     0xFE34,     0xE797,     0xE798,
      0xE799,     0xE79A,     0xE79B,     0xE79C,     0xE79D,     0xE79E,     0xE79F,
      /* Skip: GB 0xA740..0xA77E, 0xA780..0xA7A0 (UDA 3) */
      /* GB 0xA8A1..0xA8FE */
            0x0410,     0x0411,     0x0412,     0x0413,     0x0414,     0x0415,     0x0401,
      0x0416,     0x0417,     0x0418,     0x0419,     0x041A,     0x041B,     0x041C,     0x041D,
      0x041E,     0x041F,     0x0420,     0x0421,     0x0422,     0x0423,     0x0424,     0x0425,
      0x0426,     0x0427,     0x0428,     0x0429,     0x042A,     0x042B,     0x042C,     0x042D,
      0x042E,     0x042F,     0xE7A0,     0xE7A1,     0xE7A2,     0xE7A3,     0xE7A4,     0xE7A5,
      0xE7A6,     0xE7A7,     0xE7A8,     0xE7A9,     0xE7AA,     0xE7AB,     0xE7AC,     0xE7AD,
      0xE7AE,     0x0430,     0x0431,     0x0432,     0x0433,     0x0434,     0x0435,     0x0451,
      0x0436,     0x0437,     0x0438,     0x0439,     0x043A,     0x043B,     0x043C,     0x043D,
      0x043E,     0x043F,     0x0440,     0x0441,     0x0442,     0x0443,     0x0444,     0x0445,
      0x0446,     0x0447,     0x0448,     0x0449,     0x044A,     0x044B,     0x044C,     0x044D,
      0x044E,     0x044F,     0xE7AF,     0xE7B0,     0xE7B1,     0xE7B2,     0xE7B3,     0xE7B4,
      0xE7B5,     0xE7B6,     0xE7B7,     0xE7B8,     0xE7B9,     0xE7BA,     0xE7BB,
      /* GB 0xA840..0xA87E */
      0x02CA,     0x02CB,     0x02D9,     0x2013,     0x2015,     0x2025,     0x2035,     0x2105,
      0x2109,     0x2196,     0x2197,     0x2198,     0x2199,     0x2215,     0x221F,     0x2223,
      0x2252,     0x2266,     0x2267,     0x22BF,     0x2550,     0x2551,     0x2552,     0x2553,
      0x2554,     0x2555,     0x2556,     0x2557,     0x2558,     0x2559,     0x255A,     0x255B,
      0x255C,     0x255D,     0x255E,     0x255F,     0x2560,     0x2561,     0x2562,     0x2563,
      0x2564,     0x2565,     0x2566,     0x2567,     0x2568,     0x2569,     0x256A,     0x256B,
      0x256C,     0x256D,     0x256E,     0x256F,     0x2570,     0x2571,     0x2572,     0x2573,
      0x2581,     0x2582,     0x2583,     0x2584,     0x2585,     0x2586,     0x2587,
      /* GB 0xA880..0xA8FE */
      0x2588,     0x2589,     0x258A,     0x258B,     0x258C,     0x258D,     0x258E,     0x258F,
      0x2593,     0x2594,     0x2595,     0x25BC,     0x25BD,     0x25E2,     0x25E3,     0x25E4,
      0x25E5,     0x2609,     0x2295,     0x3012,     0x301D,     0x301E,     0xE7BC,     0xE7BD,
      0xE7BE,     0xE7BF,     0xE7C0,     0xE7C1,     0xE7C2,     0xE7C3,     0xE7C4,     0xE7C5,
      0xE7C6,     0x0101,     0x00E1,     0x01CE,     0x00E0,     0x0113,     0x00E9,     0x011B,
      0x00E8,     0x012B,     0x00ED,     0x01D0,     0x00EC,     0x014D,     0x00F3,     0x01D2,
      0x00F2,     0x016B,     0x00FA,     0x01D4,     0x00F9,     0x01D6,     0x01D8,     0x01DA,
      0x01DC,     0x00FC,     0x00EA,     0x0251,     0xE7C7,     0x0144,     0x0148,     0x01F9,
      0x0261,     0xE7C9,     0xE7CA,     0xE7CB,     0xE7CC,     0x3105,     0x3106,     0x3107,
      0x3108,     0x3109,     0x310A,     0x310B,     0x310C,     0x310D,     0x310E,     0x310F,
      0x3110,     0x3111,     0x3112,     0x3113,     0x3114,     0x3115,     0x3116,     0x3117,
      0x3118,     0x3119,     0x311A,     0x311B,     0x311C,     0x311D,     0x311E,     0x311F,
      0x3120,     0x3121,     0x3122,     0x3123,     0x3124,     0x3125,     0x3126,     0x3127,
      0x3128,     0x3129,     0xE7CD,     0xE7CE,     0xE7CF,     0xE7D0,     0xE7D1,     0xE7D2,
      0xE7D3,     0xE7D4,     0xE7D5,     0xE7D6,     0xE7D7,     0xE7D8,     0xE7D9,     0xE7DA,
      0xE7DB,     0xE7DC,     0xE7DD,     0xE7DE,     0xE7DF,     0xE7E0,     0xE7E1,
      /* GB 0xA940..0xA97E */
      0x3021,     0x3022,     0x3023,     0x3024,     0x3025,     0x3026,     0x3027,     0x3028,
      0x3029,     0x32A3,     0x338E,     0x338F,     0x339C,     0x339D,     0x339E,     0x33A1,
      0x33C4,     0x33CE,     0x33D1,     0x33D2,     0x33D5,     0xFE30,     0xFFE2,     0xFFE4,
      0xE7E2,     0x2121,     0x3231,     0xE7E3,     0x2010,     0xE7E4,     0xE7E5,     0xE7E6,
      0x30FC,     0x309B,     0x309C,     0x30FD,     0x30FE,     0x3006,     0x309D,     0x309E,
      0xFE49,     0xFE4A,     0xFE4B,     0xFE4C,     0xFE4D,     0xFE4E,     0xFE4F,     0xFE50,
      0xFE51,     0xFE52,     0xFE54,     0xFE55,     0xFE56,     0xFE57,     0xFE59,     0xFE5A,
      0xFE5B,     0xFE5C,     0xFE5D,     0xFE5E,     0xFE5F,     0xFE60,     0xFE61,
      /* GB 0xA980..0xA9FE */
      0xFE62,     0xFE63,     0xFE64,     0xFE65,     0xFE66,     0xFE68,     0xFE69,     0xFE6A,
      0xFE6B,     0x303E,     0x2FF0,     0x2FF1,     0x2FF2,     0x2FF3,     0x2FF4,     0x2FF5,
      0x2FF6,     0x2FF7,     0x2FF8,     0x2FF9,     0x2FFA,     0x2FFB,     0x3007,     0xE7F4,
      0xE7F5,     0xE7F6,     0xE7F7,     0xE7F8,     0xE7F9,     0xE7FA,     0xE7FB,     0xE7FC,
      0xE7FD,     0xE7FE,     0xE7FF,     0xE800,     0x2500,     0x2501,     0x2502,     0x2503,
      0x2504,     0x2505,     0x2506,     0x2507,     0x2508,     0x2509,     0x250A,     0x250B,
      0x250C,     0x250D,     0x250E,     0x250F,     0x2510,     0x2511,     0x2512,     0x2513,
      0x2514,     0x2515,     0x2516,     0x2517,     0x2518,     0x2519,     0x251A,     0x251B,
      0x251C,     0x251D,     0x251E,     0x251F,     0x2520,     0x2521,     0x2522,     0x2523,
      0x2524,     0x2525,     0x2526,     0x2527,     0x2528,     0x2529,     0x252A,     0x252B,
      0x252C,     0x252D,     0x252E,     0x252F,     0x2530,     0x2531,     0x2532,     0x2533,
      0x2534,     0x2535,     0x2536,     0x2537,     0x2538,     0x2539,     0x253A,     0x253B,
      0x253C,     0x253D,     0x253E,     0x253F,     0x2540,     0x2541,     0x2542,     0x2543,
      0x2544,     0x2545,     0x2546,     0x2547,     0x2548,     0x2549,     0x254A,     0x254B,
      0xE801,     0xE802,     0xE803,     0xE804,     0xE805,     0xE806,     0xE807,     0xE808,
      0xE809,     0xE80A,     0xE80B,     0xE80C,     0xE80D,     0xE80E,     0xE80F,
      /* GB 0xAA40..0xAA7E */
      0x72DC,     0x72DD,     0x72DF,     0x72E2,     0x72E3,     0x72E4,     0x72E5,     0x72E6,
      0x72E7,     0x72EA,     0x72EB,     0x72F5,     0x72F6,     0x72F9,     0x72FD,     0x72FE,
      0x72FF,     0x7300,     0x7302,     0x7304,     0x7305,     0x7306,     0x7307,     0x7308,
      0x7309,     0x730B,     0x730C,     0x730D,     0x730F,     0x7310,     0x7311,     0x7312,
      0x7314,     0x7318,     0x7319,     0x731A,     0x731F,     0x7320,     0x7323,     0x7324,
      0x7326,     0x7327,     0x7328,     0x732D,     0x732F,     0x7330,     0x7332,     0x7333,
      0x7335,     0x7336,     0x733A,     0x733B,     0x733C,     0x733D,     0x7340,     0x7341,
      0x7342,     0x7343,     0x7344,     0x7345,     0x7346,     0x7347,     0x7348,
      /* GB 0xAA80..0xAAA0 */
      0x7349,     0x734A,     0x734B,     0x734C,     0x734E,     0x734F,     0x7351,     0x7353,
      0x7354,     0x7355,     0x7356,     0x7358,     0x7359,     0x735A,     0x735B,     0x735C,
      0x735D,     0x735E,     0x735F,     0x7361,     0x7362,     0x7363,     0x7364,     0x7365,
      0x7366,     0x7367,     0x7368,     0x7369,     0x736A,     0x736B,     0x736E,     0x7370,
      0x7371,                 /* Skip: GB 0xAAA1..0xAAFE (UDA 1) */
      /* GB 0xAB40..0xAB7E */
      0x7372,     0x7373,     0x7374,     0x7375,     0x7376,     0x7377,     0x7378,     0x7379,
      0x737A,     0x737B,     0x737C,     0x737D,     0x737F,     0x7380,     0x7381,     0x7382,
      0x7383,     0x7385,     0x7386,     0x7388,     0x738A,     0x738C,     0x738D,     0x738F,
      0x7390,     0x7392,     0x7393,     0x7394,     0x7395,     0x7397,     0x7398,     0x7399,
      0x739A,     0x739C,     0x739D,     0x739E,     0x73A0,     0x73A1,     0x73A3,     0x73A4,
      0x73A5,     0x73A6,     0x73A7,     0x73A8,     0x73AA,     0x73AC,     0x73AD,     0x73B1,
      0x73B4,     0x73B5,     0x73B6,     0x73B8,     0x73B9,     0x73BC,     0x73BD,     0x73BE,
      0x73BF,     0x73C1,     0x73C3,     0x73C4,     0x73C5,     0x73C6,     0x73C7,
      /* GB 0xAB80..0xABA0 */
      0x73CB,     0x73CC,     0x73CE,     0x73D2,     0x73D3,     0x73D4,     0x73D5,     0x73D6,
      0x73D7,     0x73D8,     0x73DA,     0x73DB,     0x73DC,     0x73DD,     0x73DF,     0x73E1,
      0x73E2,     0x73E3,     0x73E4,     0x73E6,     0x73E8,     0x73EA,     0x73EB,     0x73EC,
      0x73EE,     0x73EF,     0x73F0,     0x73F1,     0x73F3,     0x73F4,     0x73F5,     0x73F6,
      0x73F7,                 /* Skip: GB 0xABA1..0xABFE (UDA 1) */
      /* GB 0xAC40..0xAC7E */
      0x73F8,     0x73F9,     0x73FA,     0x73FB,     0x73FC,     0x73FD,     0x73FE,     0x73FF,
      0x7400,     0x7401,     0x7402,     0x7404,     0x7407,     0x7408,     0x740B,     0x740C,
      0x740D,     0x740E,     0x7411,     0x7412,     0x7413,     0x7414,     0x7415,     0x7416,
      0x7417,     0x7418,     0x7419,     0x741C,     0x741D,     0x741E,     0x741F,     0x7420,
      0x7421,     0x7423,     0x7424,     0x7427,     0x7429,     0x742B,     0x742D,     0x742F,
      0x7431,     0x7432,     0x7437,     0x7438,     0x7439,     0x743A,     0x743B,     0x743D,
      0x743E,     0x743F,     0x7440,     0x7442,     0x7443,     0x7444,     0x7445,     0x7446,
      0x7447,     0x7448,     0x7449,     0x744A,     0x744B,     0x744C,     0x744D,
      /* GB 0xAC80..0xACA0 */
      0x744E,     0x744F,     0x7450,     0x7451,     0x7452,     0x7453,     0x7454,     0x7456,
      0x7458,     0x745D,     0x7460,     0x7461,     0x7462,     0x7463,     0x7464,     0x7465,
      0x7466,     0x7467,     0x7468,     0x7469,     0x746A,     0x746B,     0x746C,     0x746E,
      0x746F,     0x7471,     0x7472,     0x7473,     0x7474,     0x7475,     0x7478,     0x7479,
      0x747A,                 /* Skip: GB 0xACA1..0xACFE (UDA 1) */
      /* GB 0xAD40..0xAD7E */
      0x747B,     0x747C,     0x747D,     0x747F,     0x7482,     0x7484,     0x7485,     0x7486,
      0x7488,     0x7489,     0x748A,     0x748C,     0x748D,     0x748F,     0x7491,     0x7492,
      0x7493,     0x7494,     0x7495,     0x7496,     0x7497,     0x7498,     0x7499,     0x749A,
      0x749B,     0x749D,     0x749F,     0x74A0,     0x74A1,     0x74A2,     0x74A3,     0x74A4,
      0x74A5,     0x74A6,     0x74AA,     0x74AB,     0x74AC,     0x74AD,     0x74AE,     0x74AF,
      0x74B0,     0x74B1,     0x74B2,     0x74B3,     0x74B4,     0x74B5,     0x74B6,     0x74B7,
      0x74B8,     0x74B9,     0x74BB,     0x74BC,     0x74BD,     0x74BE,     0x74BF,     0x74C0,
      0x74C1,     0x74C2,     0x74C3,     0x74C4,     0x74C5,     0x74C6,     0x74C7,
      /* GB 0xAD80..0xADA0 */
      0x74C8,     0x74C9,     0x74CA,     0x74CB,     0x74CC,     0x74CD,     0x74CE,     0x74CF,
      0x74D0,     0x74D1,     0x74D3,     0x74D4,     0x74D5,     0x74D6,     0x74D7,     0x74D8,
      0x74D9,     0x74DA,     0x74DB,     0x74DD,     0x74DF,     0x74E1,     0x74E5,     0x74E7,
      0x74E8,     0x74E9,     0x74EA,     0x74EB,     0x74EC,     0x74ED,     0x74F0,     0x74F1,
      0x74F2,                 /* Skip: GB 0xADA1..0xADFE (UDA 1) */
      /* GB 0xAE40..0xAE7E */
      0x74F3,     0x74F5,     0x74F8,     0x74F9,     0x74FA,     0x74FB,     0x74FC,     0x74FD,
      0x74FE,     0x7500,     0x7501,     0x7502,     0x7503,     0x7505,     0x7506,     0x7507,
      0x7508,     0x7509,     0x750A,     0x750B,     0x750C,     0x750E,     0x7510,     0x7512,
      0x7514,     0x7515,     0x7516,     0x7517,     0x751B,     0x751D,     0x751E,     0x7520,
      0x7521,     0x7522,     0x7523,     0x7524,     0x7526,     0x7527,     0x752A,     0x752E,
      0x7534,     0x7536,     0x7539,     0x753C,     0x753D,     0x753F,     0x7541,     0x7542,
      0x7543,     0x7544,     0x7546,     0x7547,     0x7549,     0x754A,     0x754D,     0x7550,
      0x7551,     0x7552,     0x7553,     0x7555,     0x7556,     0x7557,     0x7558,
      /* GB 0xAE80..0xAEA0 */
      0x755D,     0x755E,     0x755F,     0x7560,     0x7561,     0x7562,     0x7563,     0x7564,
      0x7567,     0x7568,     0x7569,     0x756B,     0x756C,     0x756D,     0x756E,     0x756F,
      0x7570,     0x7571,     0x7573,     0x7575,     0x7576,     0x7577,     0x757A,     0x757B,
      0x757C,     0x757D,     0x757E,     0x7580,     0x7581,     0x7582,     0x7584,     0x7585,
      0x7587,                 /* Skip: GB 0xAEA1..0xAEFE (UDA 1) */
      /* GB 0xAF40..0xAF7E */
      0x7588,     0x7589,     0x758A,     0x758C,     0x758D,     0x758E,     0x7590,     0x7593,
      0x7595,     0x7598,     0x759B,     0x759C,     0x759E,     0x75A2,     0x75A6,     0x75A7,
      0x75A8,     0x75A9,     0x75AA,     0x75AD,     0x75B6,     0x75B7,     0x75BA,     0x75BB,
      0x75BF,     0x75C0,     0x75C1,     0x75C6,     0x75CB,     0x75CC,     0x75CE,     0x75CF,
      0x75D0,     0x75D1,     0x75D3,     0x75D7,     0x75D9,     0x75DA,     0x75DC,     0x75DD,
      0x75DF,     0x75E0,     0x75E1,     0x75E5,     0x75E9,     0x75EC,     0x75ED,     0x75EE,
      0x75EF,     0x75F2,     0x75F3,     0x75F5,     0x75F6,     0x75F7,     0x75F8,     0x75FA,
      0x75FB,     0x75FD,     0x75FE,     0x7602,     0x7604,     0x7606,     0x7607,
      /* GB 0xAF80..0xAFA0 */
      0x7608,     0x7609,     0x760B,     0x760D,     0x760E,     0x760F,     0x7611,     0x7612,
      0x7613,     0x7614,     0x7616,     0x761A,     0x761C,     0x761D,     0x761E,     0x7621,
      0x7623,     0x7627,     0x7628,     0x762C,     0x762E,     0x762F,     0x7631,     0x7632,
      0x7636,     0x7637,     0x7639,     0x763A,     0x763B,     0x763D,     0x7641,     0x7642,
      0x7644,                 /* Skip: GB 0xAFA1..0xAFFE (UDA 1) */
      /* GB 0xB040..0xB07E */
      0x7645,     0x7646,     0x7647,     0x7648,     0x7649,     0x764A,     0x764B,     0x764E,
      0x764F,     0x7650,     0x7651,     0x7652,     0x7653,     0x7655,     0x7657,     0x7658,
      0x7659,     0x765A,     0x765B,     0x765D,     0x765F,     0x7660,     0x7661,     0x7662,
      0x7664,     0x7665,     0x7666,     0x7667,     0x7668,     0x7669,     0x766A,     0x766C,
      0x766D,     0x766E,     0x7670,     0x7671,     0x7672,     0x7673,     0x7674,     0x7675,
      0x7676,     0x7677,     0x7679,     0x767A,     0x767C,     0x767F,     0x7680,     0x7681,
      0x7683,     0x7685,     0x7689,     0x768A,     0x768C,     0x768D,     0x768F,     0x7690,
      0x7692,     0x7694,     0x7695,     0x7697,     0x7698,     0x769A,     0x769B,
      /* GB 0xB080..0xB0FE */
      0x769C,     0x769D,     0x769E,     0x769F,     0x76A0,     0x76A1,     0x76A2,     0x76A3,
      0x76A5,     0x76A6,     0x76A7,     0x76A8,     0x76A9,     0x76AA,     0x76AB,     0x76AC,
      0x76AD,     0x76AF,     0x76B0,     0x76B3,     0x76B5,     0x76B6,     0x76B7,     0x76B8,
      0x76B9,     0x76BA,     0x76BB,     0x76BC,     0x76BD,     0x76BE,     0x76C0,     0x76C1,
      0x76C3,     0x554A,     0x963F,     0x57C3,     0x6328,     0x54CE,     0x5509,     0x54C0,
      0x7691,     0x764C,     0x853C,     0x77EE,     0x827E,     0x788D,     0x7231,     0x9698,
      0x978D,     0x6C28,     0x5B89,     0x4FFA,     0x6309,     0x6697,     0x5CB8,     0x80FA,
      0x6848,     0x80AE,     0x6602,     0x76CE,     0x51F9,     0x6556,     0x71AC,     0x7FF1,
      0x8884,     0x50B2,     0x5965,     0x61CA,     0x6FB3,     0x82AD,     0x634C,     0x6252,
      0x53ED,     0x5427,     0x7B06,     0x516B,     0x75A4,     0x5DF4,     0x62D4,     0x8DCB,
      0x9776,     0x628A,     0x8019,     0x575D,     0x9738,     0x7F62,     0x7238,     0x767D,
      0x67CF,     0x767E,     0x6446,     0x4F70,     0x8D25,     0x62DC,     0x7A17,     0x6591,
      0x73ED,     0x642C,     0x6273,     0x822C,     0x9881,     0x677F,     0x7248,     0x626E,
      0x62CC,     0x4F34,     0x74E3,     0x534A,     0x529E,     0x7ECA,     0x90A6,     0x5E2E,
      0x6886,     0x699C,     0x8180,     0x7ED1,     0x68D2,     0x78C5,     0x868C,     0x9551,
      0x508D,     0x8C24,     0x82DE,     0x80DE,     0x5305,     0x8912,     0x5265,
      /* GB 0xB140..0xB17E */
      0x76C4,     0x76C7,     0x76C9,     0x76CB,     0x76CC,     0x76D3,     0x76D5,     0x76D9,
      0x76DA,     0x76DC,     0x76DD,     0x76DE,     0x76E0,     0x76E1,     0x76E2,     0x76E3,
      0x76E4,     0x76E6,     0x76E7,     0x76E8,     0x76E9,     0x76EA,     0x76EB,     0x76EC,
      0x76ED,     0x76F0,     0x76F3,     0x76F5,     0x76F6,     0x76F7,     0x76FA,     0x76FB,
      0x76FD,     0x76FF,     0x7700,     0x7702,     0x7703,     0x7705,     0x7706,     0x770A,
      0x770C,     0x770E,     0x770F,     0x7710,     0x7711,     0x7712,     0x7713,     0x7714,
      0x7715,     0x7716,     0x7717,     0x7718,     0x771B,     0x771C,     0x771D,     0x771E,
      0x7721,     0x7723,     0x7724,     0x7725,     0x7727,     0x772A,     0x772B,
      /* GB 0xB180..0xB1FE */
      0x772C,     0x772E,     0x7730,     0x7731,     0x7732,     0x7733,     0x7734,     0x7739,
      0x773B,     0x773D,     0x773E,     0x773F,     0x7742,     0x7744,     0x7745,     0x7746,
      0x7748,     0x7749,     0x774A,     0x774B,     0x774C,     0x774D,     0x774E,     0x774F,
      0x7752,     0x7753,     0x7754,     0x7755,     0x7756,     0x7757,     0x7758,     0x7759,
      0x775C,     0x8584,     0x96F9,     0x4FDD,     0x5821,     0x9971,     0x5B9D,     0x62B1,
      0x62A5,     0x66B4,     0x8C79,     0x9C8D,     0x7206,     0x676F,     0x7891,     0x60B2,
      0x5351,     0x5317,     0x8F88,     0x80CC,     0x8D1D,     0x94A1,     0x500D,     0x72C8,
      0x5907,     0x60EB,     0x7119,     0x88AB,     0x5954,     0x82EF,     0x672C,     0x7B28,
      0x5D29,     0x7EF7,     0x752D,     0x6CF5,     0x8E66,     0x8FF8,     0x903C,     0x9F3B,
      0x6BD4,     0x9119,     0x7B14,     0x5F7C,     0x78A7,     0x84D6,     0x853D,     0x6BD5,
      0x6BD9,     0x6BD6,     0x5E01,     0x5E87,     0x75F9,     0x95ED,     0x655D,     0x5F0A,
      0x5FC5,     0x8F9F,     0x58C1,     0x81C2,     0x907F,     0x965B,     0x97AD,     0x8FB9,
      0x7F16,     0x8D2C,     0x6241,     0x4FBF,     0x53D8,     0x535E,     0x8FA8,     0x8FA9,
      0x8FAB,     0x904D,     0x6807,     0x5F6A,     0x8198,     0x8868,     0x9CD6,     0x618B,
      0x522B,     0x762A,     0x5F6C,     0x658C,     0x6FD2,     0x6EE8,     0x5BBE,     0x6448,
      0x5175,     0x51B0,     0x67C4,     0x4E19,     0x79C9,     0x997C,     0x70B3,
      /* GB 0xB240..0xB27E */
      0x775D,     0x775E,     0x775F,     0x7760,     0x7764,     0x7767,     0x7769,     0x776A,
      0x776D,     0x776E,     0x776F,     0x7770,     0x7771,     0x7772,     0x7773,     0x7774,
      0x7775,     0x7776,     0x7777,     0x7778,     0x777A,     0x777B,     0x777C,     0x7781,
      0x7782,     0x7783,     0x7786,     0x7787,     0x7788,     0x7789,     0x778A,     0x778B,
      0x778F,     0x7790,     0x7793,     0x7794,     0x7795,     0x7796,     0x7797,     0x7798,
      0x7799,     0x779A,     0x779B,     0x779C,     0x779D,     0x779E,     0x77A1,     0x77A3,
      0x77A4,     0x77A6,     0x77A8,     0x77AB,     0x77AD,     0x77AE,     0x77AF,     0x77B1,
      0x77B2,     0x77B4,     0x77B6,     0x77B7,     0x77B8,     0x77B9,     0x77BA,
      /* GB 0xB280..0xB2FE */
      0x77BC,     0x77BE,     0x77C0,     0x77C1,     0x77C2,     0x77C3,     0x77C4,     0x77C5,
      0x77C6,     0x77C7,     0x77C8,     0x77C9,     0x77CA,     0x77CB,     0x77CC,     0x77CE,
      0x77CF,     0x77D0,     0x77D1,     0x77D2,     0x77D3,     0x77D4,     0x77D5,     0x77D6,
      0x77D8,     0x77D9,     0x77DA,     0x77DD,     0x77DE,     0x77DF,     0x77E0,     0x77E1,
      0x77E4,     0x75C5,     0x5E76,     0x73BB,     0x83E0,     0x64AD,     0x62E8,     0x94B5,
      0x6CE2,     0x535A,     0x52C3,     0x640F,     0x94C2,     0x7B94,     0x4F2F,     0x5E1B,
      0x8236,     0x8116,     0x818A,     0x6E24,     0x6CCA,     0x9A73,     0x6355,     0x535C,
      0x54FA,     0x8865,     0x57E0,     0x4E0D,     0x5E03,     0x6B65,     0x7C3F,     0x90E8,
      0x6016,     0x64E6,     0x731C,     0x88C1,     0x6750,     0x624D,     0x8D22,     0x776C,
      0x8E29,     0x91C7,     0x5F69,     0x83DC,     0x8521,     0x9910,     0x53C2,     0x8695,
      0x6B8B,     0x60ED,     0x60E8,     0x707F,     0x82CD,     0x8231,     0x4ED3,     0x6CA7,
      0x85CF,     0x64CD,     0x7CD9,     0x69FD,     0x66F9,     0x8349,     0x5395,     0x7B56,
      0x4FA7,     0x518C,     0x6D4B,     0x5C42,     0x8E6D,     0x63D2,     0x53C9,     0x832C,
      0x8336,     0x67E5,     0x78B4,     0x643D,     0x5BDF,     0x5C94,     0x5DEE,     0x8BE7,
      0x62C6,     0x67F4,     0x8C7A,     0x6400,     0x63BA,     0x8749,     0x998B,     0x8C17,
      0x7F20,     0x94F2,     0x4EA7,     0x9610,     0x98A4,     0x660C,     0x7316,
      /* GB 0xB340..0xB37E */
      0x77E6,     0x77E8,     0x77EA,     0x77EF,     0x77F0,     0x77F1,     0x77F2,     0x77F4,
      0x77F5,     0x77F7,     0x77F9,     0x77FA,     0x77FB,     0x77FC,     0x7803,     0x7804,
      0x7805,     0x7806,     0x7807,     0x7808,     0x780A,     0x780B,     0x780E,     0x780F,
      0x7810,     0x7813,     0x7815,     0x7819,     0x781B,     0x781E,     0x7820,     0x7821,
      0x7822,     0x7824,     0x7828,     0x782A,     0x782B,     0x782E,     0x782F,     0x7831,
      0x7832,     0x7833,     0x7835,     0x7836,     0x783D,     0x783F,     0x7841,     0x7842,
      0x7843,     0x7844,     0x7846,     0x7848,     0x7849,     0x784A,     0x784B,     0x784D,
      0x784F,     0x7851,     0x7853,     0x7854,     0x7858,     0x7859,     0x785A,
      /* GB 0xB380..0xB3FE */
      0x785B,     0x785C,     0x785E,     0x785F,     0x7860,     0x7861,     0x7862,     0x7863,
      0x7864,     0x7865,     0x7866,     0x7867,     0x7868,     0x7869,     0x786F,     0x7870,
      0x7871,     0x7872,     0x7873,     0x7874,     0x7875,     0x7876,     0x7878,     0x7879,
      0x787A,     0x787B,     0x787D,     0x787E,     0x787F,     0x7880,     0x7881,     0x7882,
      0x7883,     0x573A,     0x5C1D,     0x5E38,     0x957F,     0x507F,     0x80A0,     0x5382,
      0x655E,     0x7545,     0x5531,     0x5021,     0x8D85,     0x6284,     0x949E,     0x671D,
      0x5632,     0x6F6E,     0x5DE2,     0x5435,     0x7092,     0x8F66,     0x626F,     0x64A4,
      0x63A3,     0x5F7B,     0x6F88,     0x90F4,     0x81E3,     0x8FB0,     0x5C18,     0x6668,
      0x5FF1,     0x6C89,     0x9648,     0x8D81,     0x886C,     0x6491,     0x79F0,     0x57CE,
      0x6A59,     0x6210,     0x5448,     0x4E58,     0x7A0B,     0x60E9,     0x6F84,     0x8BDA,
      0x627F,     0x901E,     0x9A8B,     0x79E4,     0x5403,     0x75F4,     0x6301,     0x5319,
      0x6C60,     0x8FDF,     0x5F1B,     0x9A70,     0x803B,     0x9F7F,     0x4F88,     0x5C3A,
      0x8D64,     0x7FC5,     0x65A5,     0x70BD,     0x5145,     0x51B2,     0x866B,     0x5D07,
      0x5BA0,     0x62BD,     0x916C,     0x7574,     0x8E0C,     0x7A20,     0x6101,     0x7B79,
      0x4EC7,     0x7EF8,     0x7785,     0x4E11,     0x81ED,     0x521D,     0x51FA,     0x6A71,
      0x53A8,     0x8E87,     0x9504,     0x96CF,     0x6EC1,     0x9664,     0x695A,
      /* GB 0xB440..0xB47E */
      0x7884,     0x7885,     0x7886,     0x7888,     0x788A,     0x788B,     0x788F,     0x7890,
      0x7892,     0x7894,     0x7895,     0x7896,     0x7899,     0x789D,     0x789E,     0x78A0,
      0x78A2,     0x78A4,     0x78A6,     0x78A8,     0x78A9,     0x78AA,     0x78AB,     0x78AC,
      0x78AD,     0x78AE,     0x78AF,     0x78B5,     0x78B6,     0x78B7,     0x78B8,     0x78BA,
      0x78BB,     0x78BC,     0x78BD,     0x78BF,     0x78C0,     0x78C2,     0x78C3,     0x78C4,
      0x78C6,     0x78C7,     0x78C8,     0x78CC,     0x78CD,     0x78CE,     0x78CF,     0x78D1,
      0x78D2,     0x78D3,     0x78D6,     0x78D7,     0x78D8,     0x78DA,     0x78DB,     0x78DC,
      0x78DD,     0x78DE,     0x78DF,     0x78E0,     0x78E1,     0x78E2,     0x78E3,
      /* GB 0xB480..0xB4FE */
      0x78E4,     0x78E5,     0x78E6,     0x78E7,     0x78E9,     0x78EA,     0x78EB,     0x78ED,
      0x78EE,     0x78EF,     0x78F0,     0x78F1,     0x78F3,     0x78F5,     0x78F6,     0x78F8,
      0x78F9,     0x78FB,     0x78FC,     0x78FD,     0x78FE,     0x78FF,     0x7900,     0x7902,
      0x7903,     0x7904,     0x7906,     0x7907,     0x7908,     0x7909,     0x790A,     0x790B,
      0x790C,     0x7840,     0x50A8,     0x77D7,     0x6410,     0x89E6,     0x5904,     0x63E3,
      0x5DDD,     0x7A7F,     0x693D,     0x4F20,     0x8239,     0x5598,     0x4E32,     0x75AE,
      0x7A97,     0x5E62,     0x5E8A,     0x95EF,     0x521B,     0x5439,     0x708A,     0x6376,
      0x9524,     0x5782,     0x6625,     0x693F,     0x9187,     0x5507,     0x6DF3,     0x7EAF,
      0x8822,     0x6233,     0x7EF0,     0x75B5,     0x8328,     0x78C1,     0x96CC,     0x8F9E,
      0x6148,     0x74F7,     0x8BCD,     0x6B64,     0x523A,     0x8D50,     0x6B21,     0x806A,
      0x8471,     0x56F1,     0x5306,     0x4ECE,     0x4E1B,     0x51D1,     0x7C97,     0x918B,
      0x7C07,     0x4FC3,     0x8E7F,     0x7BE1,     0x7A9C,     0x6467,     0x5D14,     0x50AC,
      0x8106,     0x7601,     0x7CB9,     0x6DEC,     0x7FE0,     0x6751,     0x5B58,     0x5BF8,
      0x78CB,     0x64AE,     0x6413,     0x63AA,     0x632B,     0x9519,     0x642D,     0x8FBE,
      0x7B54,     0x7629,     0x6253,     0x5927,     0x5446,     0x6B79,     0x50A3,     0x6234,
      0x5E26,     0x6B86,     0x4EE3,     0x8D37,     0x888B,     0x5F85,     0x902E,
      /* GB 0xB540..0xB57E */
      0x790D,     0x790E,     0x790F,     0x7910,     0x7911,     0x7912,     0x7914,     0x7915,
      0x7916,     0x7917,     0x7918,     0x7919,     0x791A,     0x791B,     0x791C,     0x791D,
      0x791F,     0x7920,     0x7921,     0x7922,     0x7923,     0x7925,     0x7926,     0x7927,
      0x7928,     0x7929,     0x792A,     0x792B,     0x792C,     0x792D,     0x792E,     0x792F,
      0x7930,     0x7931,     0x7932,     0x7933,     0x7935,     0x7936,     0x7937,     0x7938,
      0x7939,     0x793D,     0x793F,     0x7942,     0x7943,     0x7944,     0x7945,     0x7947,
      0x794A,     0x794B,     0x794C,     0x794D,     0x794E,     0x794F,     0x7950,     0x7951,
      0x7952,     0x7954,     0x7955,     0x7958,     0x7959,     0x7961,     0x7963,
      /* GB 0xB580..0xB5FE */
      0x7964,     0x7966,     0x7969,     0x796A,     0x796B,     0x796C,     0x796E,     0x7970,
      0x7971,     0x7972,     0x7973,     0x7974,     0x7975,     0x7976,     0x7979,     0x797B,
      0x797C,     0x797D,     0x797E,     0x797F,     0x7982,     0x7983,     0x7986,     0x7987,
      0x7988,     0x7989,     0x798B,     0x798C,     0x798D,     0x798E,     0x7990,     0x7991,
      0x7992,     0x6020,     0x803D,     0x62C5,     0x4E39,     0x5355,     0x90F8,     0x63B8,
      0x80C6,     0x65E6,     0x6C2E,     0x4F46,     0x60EE,     0x6DE1,     0x8BDE,     0x5F39,
      0x86CB,     0x5F53,     0x6321,     0x515A,     0x8361,     0x6863,     0x5200,     0x6363,
      0x8E48,     0x5012,     0x5C9B,     0x7977,     0x5BFC,     0x5230,     0x7A3B,     0x60BC,
      0x9053,     0x76D7,     0x5FB7,     0x5F97,     0x7684,     0x8E6C,     0x706F,     0x767B,
      0x7B49,     0x77AA,     0x51F3,     0x9093,     0x5824,     0x4F4E,     0x6EF4,     0x8FEA,
      0x654C,     0x7B1B,     0x72C4,     0x6DA4,     0x7FDF,     0x5AE1,     0x62B5,     0x5E95,
      0x5730,     0x8482,     0x7B2C,     0x5E1D,     0x5F1F,     0x9012,     0x7F14,     0x98A0,
      0x6382,     0x6EC7,     0x7898,     0x70B9,     0x5178,     0x975B,     0x57AB,     0x7535,
      0x4F43,     0x7538,     0x5E97,     0x60E6,     0x5960,     0x6DC0,     0x6BBF,     0x7889,
      0x53FC,     0x96D5,     0x51CB,     0x5201,     0x6389,     0x540A,     0x9493,     0x8C03,
      0x8DCC,     0x7239,     0x789F,     0x8776,     0x8FED,     0x8C0D,     0x53E0,
      /* GB 0xB640..0xB67E */
      0x7993,     0x7994,     0x7995,     0x7996,     0x7997,     0x7998,     0x7999,     0x799B,
      0x799C,     0x799D,     0x799E,     0x799F,     0x79A0,     0x79A1,     0x79A2,     0x79A3,
      0x79A4,     0x79A5,     0x79A6,     0x79A8,     0x79A9,     0x79AA,     0x79AB,     0x79AC,
      0x79AD,     0x79AE,     0x79AF,     0x79B0,     0x79B1,     0x79B2,     0x79B4,     0x79B5,
      0x79B6,     0x79B7,     0x79B8,     0x79BC,     0x79BF,     0x79C2,     0x79C4,     0x79C5,
      0x79C7,     0x79C8,     0x79CA,     0x79CC,     0x79CE,     0x79CF,     0x79D0,     0x79D3,
      0x79D4,     0x79D6,     0x79D7,     0x79D9,     0x79DA,     0x79DB,     0x79DC,     0x79DD,
      0x79DE,     0x79E0,     0x79E1,     0x79E2,     0x79E5,     0x79E8,     0x79EA,
      /* GB 0xB680..0xB6FE */
      0x79EC,     0x79EE,     0x79F1,     0x79F2,     0x79F3,     0x79F4,     0x79F5,     0x79F6,
      0x79F7,     0x79F9,     0x79FA,     0x79FC,     0x79FE,     0x79FF,     0x7A01,     0x7A04,
      0x7A05,     0x7A07,     0x7A08,     0x7A09,     0x7A0A,     0x7A0C,     0x7A0F,     0x7A10,
      0x7A11,     0x7A12,     0x7A13,     0x7A15,     0x7A16,     0x7A18,     0x7A19,     0x7A1B,
      0x7A1C,     0x4E01,     0x76EF,     0x53EE,     0x9489,     0x9876,     0x9F0E,     0x952D,
      0x5B9A,     0x8BA2,     0x4E22,     0x4E1C,     0x51AC,     0x8463,     0x61C2,     0x52A8,
      0x680B,     0x4F97,     0x606B,     0x51BB,     0x6D1E,     0x515C,     0x6296,     0x6597,
      0x9661,     0x8C46,     0x9017,     0x75D8,     0x90FD,     0x7763,     0x6BD2,     0x728A,
      0x72EC,     0x8BFB,     0x5835,     0x7779,     0x8D4C,     0x675C,     0x9540,     0x809A,
      0x5EA6,     0x6E21,     0x5992,     0x7AEF,     0x77ED,     0x953B,     0x6BB5,     0x65AD,
      0x7F0E,     0x5806,     0x5151,     0x961F,     0x5BF9,     0x58A9,     0x5428,     0x8E72,
      0x6566,     0x987F,     0x56E4,     0x949D,     0x76FE,     0x9041,     0x6387,     0x54C6,
      0x591A,     0x593A,     0x579B,     0x8EB2,     0x6735,     0x8DFA,     0x8235,     0x5241,
      0x60F0,     0x5815,     0x86FE,     0x5CE8,     0x9E45,     0x4FC4,     0x989D,     0x8BB9,
      0x5A25,     0x6076,     0x5384,     0x627C,     0x904F,     0x9102,     0x997F,     0x6069,
      0x800C,     0x513F,     0x8033,     0x5C14,     0x9975,     0x6D31,     0x4E8C,
      /* GB 0xB740..0xB77E */
      0x7A1D,     0x7A1F,     0x7A21,     0x7A22,     0x7A24,     0x7A25,     0x7A26,     0x7A27,
      0x7A28,     0x7A29,     0x7A2A,     0x7A2B,     0x7A2C,     0x7A2D,     0x7A2E,     0x7A2F,
      0x7A30,     0x7A31,     0x7A32,     0x7A34,     0x7A35,     0x7A36,     0x7A38,     0x7A3A,
      0x7A3E,     0x7A40,     0x7A41,     0x7A42,     0x7A43,     0x7A44,     0x7A45,     0x7A47,
      0x7A48,     0x7A49,     0x7A4A,     0x7A4B,     0x7A4C,     0x7A4D,     0x7A4E,     0x7A4F,
      0x7A50,     0x7A52,     0x7A53,     0x7A54,     0x7A55,     0x7A56,     0x7A58,     0x7A59,
      0x7A5A,     0x7A5B,     0x7A5C,     0x7A5D,     0x7A5E,     0x7A5F,     0x7A60,     0x7A61,
      0x7A62,     0x7A63,     0x7A64,     0x7A65,     0x7A66,     0x7A67,     0x7A68,
      /* GB 0xB780..0xB7FE */
      0x7A69,     0x7A6A,     0x7A6B,     0x7A6C,     0x7A6D,     0x7A6E,     0x7A6F,     0x7A71,
      0x7A72,     0x7A73,     0x7A75,     0x7A7B,     0x7A7C,     0x7A7D,     0x7A7E,     0x7A82,
      0x7A85,     0x7A87,     0x7A89,     0x7A8A,     0x7A8B,     0x7A8C,     0x7A8E,     0x7A8F,
      0x7A90,     0x7A93,     0x7A94,     0x7A99,     0x7A9A,     0x7A9B,     0x7A9E,     0x7AA1,
      0x7AA2,     0x8D30,     0x53D1,     0x7F5A,     0x7B4F,     0x4F10,     0x4E4F,     0x9600,
      0x6CD5,     0x73D0,     0x85E9,     0x5E06,     0x756A,     0x7FFB,     0x6A0A,     0x77FE,
      0x9492,     0x7E41,     0x51E1,     0x70E6,     0x53CD,     0x8FD4,     0x8303,     0x8D29,
      0x72AF,     0x996D,     0x6CDB,     0x574A,     0x82B3,     0x65B9,     0x80AA,     0x623F,
      0x9632,     0x59A8,     0x4EFF,     0x8BBF,     0x7EBA,     0x653E,     0x83F2,     0x975E,
      0x5561,     0x98DE,     0x80A5,     0x532A,     0x8BFD,     0x5420,     0x80BA,     0x5E9F,
      0x6CB8,     0x8D39,     0x82AC,     0x915A,     0x5429,     0x6C1B,     0x5206,     0x7EB7,
      0x575F,     0x711A,     0x6C7E,     0x7C89,     0x594B,     0x4EFD,     0x5FFF,     0x6124,
      0x7CAA,     0x4E30,     0x5C01,     0x67AB,     0x8702,     0x5CF0,     0x950B,     0x98CE,
      0x75AF,     0x70FD,     0x9022,     0x51AF,     0x7F1D,     0x8BBD,     0x5949,     0x51E4,
      0x4F5B,     0x5426,     0x592B,     0x6577,     0x80A4,     0x5B75,     0x6276,     0x62C2,
      0x8F90,     0x5E45,     0x6C1F,     0x7B26,     0x4F0F,     0x4FD8,     0x670D,
      /* GB 0xB840..0xB87E */
      0x7AA3,     0x7AA4,     0x7AA7,     0x7AA9,     0x7AAA,     0x7AAB,     0x7AAE,     0x7AAF,
      0x7AB0,     0x7AB1,     0x7AB2,     0x7AB4,     0x7AB5,     0x7AB6,     0x7AB7,     0x7AB8,
      0x7AB9,     0x7ABA,     0x7ABB,     0x7ABC,     0x7ABD,     0x7ABE,     0x7AC0,     0x7AC1,
      0x7AC2,     0x7AC3,     0x7AC4,     0x7AC5,     0x7AC6,     0x7AC7,     0x7AC8,     0x7AC9,
      0x7ACA,     0x7ACC,     0x7ACD,     0x7ACE,     0x7ACF,     0x7AD0,     0x7AD1,     0x7AD2,
      0x7AD3,     0x7AD4,     0x7AD5,     0x7AD7,     0x7AD8,     0x7ADA,     0x7ADB,     0x7ADC,
      0x7ADD,     0x7AE1,     0x7AE2,     0x7AE4,     0x7AE7,     0x7AE8,     0x7AE9,     0x7AEA,
      0x7AEB,     0x7AEC,     0x7AEE,     0x7AF0,     0x7AF1,     0x7AF2,     0x7AF3,
      /* GB 0xB880..0xB8FE */
      0x7AF4,     0x7AF5,     0x7AF6,     0x7AF7,     0x7AF8,     0x7AFB,     0x7AFC,     0x7AFE,
      0x7B00,     0x7B01,     0x7B02,     0x7B05,     0x7B07,     0x7B09,     0x7B0C,     0x7B0D,
      0x7B0E,     0x7B10,     0x7B12,     0x7B13,     0x7B16,     0x7B17,     0x7B18,     0x7B1A,
      0x7B1C,     0x7B1D,     0x7B1F,     0x7B21,     0x7B22,     0x7B23,     0x7B27,     0x7B29,
      0x7B2D,     0x6D6E,     0x6DAA,     0x798F,     0x88B1,     0x5F17,     0x752B,     0x629A,
      0x8F85,     0x4FEF,     0x91DC,     0x65A7,     0x812F,     0x8151,     0x5E9C,     0x8150,
      0x8D74,     0x526F,     0x8986,     0x8D4B,     0x590D,     0x5085,     0x4ED8,     0x961C,
      0x7236,     0x8179,     0x8D1F,     0x5BCC,     0x8BA3,     0x9644,     0x5987,     0x7F1A,
      0x5490,     0x5676,     0x560E,     0x8BE5,     0x6539,     0x6982,     0x9499,     0x76D6,
      0x6E89,     0x5E72,     0x7518,     0x6746,     0x67D1,     0x7AFF,     0x809D,     0x8D76,
      0x611F,     0x79C6,     0x6562,     0x8D63,     0x5188,     0x521A,     0x94A2,     0x7F38,
      0x809B,     0x7EB2,     0x5C97,     0x6E2F,     0x6760,     0x7BD9,     0x768B,     0x9AD8,
      0x818F,     0x7F94,     0x7CD5,     0x641E,     0x9550,     0x7A3F,     0x544A,     0x54E5,
      0x6B4C,     0x6401,     0x6208,     0x9E3D,     0x80F3,     0x7599,     0x5272,     0x9769,
      0x845B,     0x683C,     0x86E4,     0x9601,     0x9694,     0x94EC,     0x4E2A,     0x5404,
      0x7ED9,     0x6839,     0x8DDF,     0x8015,     0x66F4,     0x5E9A,     0x7FB9,
      /* GB 0xB940..0xB97E */
      0x7B2F,     0x7B30,     0x7B32,     0x7B34,     0x7B35,     0x7B36,     0x7B37,     0x7B39,
      0x7B3B,     0x7B3D,     0x7B3F,     0x7B40,     0x7B41,     0x7B42,     0x7B43,     0x7B44,
      0x7B46,     0x7B48,     0x7B4A,     0x7B4D,     0x7B4E,     0x7B53,     0x7B55,     0x7B57,
      0x7B59,     0x7B5C,     0x7B5E,     0x7B5F,     0x7B61,     0x7B63,     0x7B64,     0x7B65,
      0x7B66,     0x7B67,     0x7B68,     0x7B69,     0x7B6A,     0x7B6B,     0x7B6C,     0x7B6D,
      0x7B6F,     0x7B70,     0x7B73,     0x7B74,     0x7B76,     0x7B78,     0x7B7A,     0x7B7C,
      0x7B7D,     0x7B7F,     0x7B81,     0x7B82,     0x7B83,     0x7B84,     0x7B86,     0x7B87,
      0x7B88,     0x7B89,     0x7B8A,     0x7B8B,     0x7B8C,     0x7B8E,     0x7B8F,
      /* GB 0xB980..0xB9FE */
      0x7B91,     0x7B92,     0x7B93,     0x7B96,     0x7B98,     0x7B99,     0x7B9A,     0x7B9B,
      0x7B9E,     0x7B9F,     0x7BA0,     0x7BA3,     0x7BA4,     0x7BA5,     0x7BAE,     0x7BAF,
      0x7BB0,     0x7BB2,     0x7BB3,     0x7BB5,     0x7BB6,     0x7BB7,     0x7BB9,     0x7BBA,
      0x7BBB,     0x7BBC,     0x7BBD,     0x7BBE,     0x7BBF,     0x7BC0,     0x7BC2,     0x7BC3,
      0x7BC4,     0x57C2,     0x803F,     0x6897,     0x5DE5,     0x653B,     0x529F,     0x606D,
      0x9F9A,     0x4F9B,     0x8EAC,     0x516C,     0x5BAB,     0x5F13,     0x5DE9,     0x6C5E,
      0x62F1,     0x8D21,     0x5171,     0x94A9,     0x52FE,     0x6C9F,     0x82DF,     0x72D7,
      0x57A2,     0x6784,     0x8D2D,     0x591F,     0x8F9C,     0x83C7,     0x5495,     0x7B8D,
      0x4F30,     0x6CBD,     0x5B64,     0x59D1,     0x9F13,     0x53E4,     0x86CA,     0x9AA8,
      0x8C37,     0x80A1,     0x6545,     0x987E,     0x56FA,     0x96C7,     0x522E,     0x74DC,
      0x5250,     0x5BE1,     0x6302,     0x8902,     0x4E56,     0x62D0,     0x602A,     0x68FA,
      0x5173,     0x5B98,     0x51A0,     0x89C2,     0x7BA1,     0x9986,     0x7F50,     0x60EF,
      0x704C,     0x8D2F,     0x5149,     0x5E7F,     0x901B,     0x7470,     0x89C4,     0x572D,
      0x7845,     0x5F52,     0x9F9F,     0x95FA,     0x8F68,     0x9B3C,     0x8BE1,     0x7678,
      0x6842,     0x67DC,     0x8DEA,     0x8D35,     0x523D,     0x8F8A,     0x6EDA,     0x68CD,
      0x9505,     0x90ED,     0x56FD,     0x679C,     0x88F9,     0x8FC7,     0x54C8,
      /* GB 0xBA40..0xBA7E */
      0x7BC5,     0x7BC8,     0x7BC9,     0x7BCA,     0x7BCB,     0x7BCD,     0x7BCE,     0x7BCF,
      0x7BD0,     0x7BD2,     0x7BD4,     0x7BD5,     0x7BD6,     0x7BD7,     0x7BD8,     0x7BDB,
      0x7BDC,     0x7BDE,     0x7BDF,     0x7BE0,     0x7BE2,     0x7BE3,     0x7BE4,     0x7BE7,
      0x7BE8,     0x7BE9,     0x7BEB,     0x7BEC,     0x7BED,     0x7BEF,     0x7BF0,     0x7BF2,
      0x7BF3,     0x7BF4,     0x7BF5,     0x7BF6,     0x7BF8,     0x7BF9,     0x7BFA,     0x7BFB,
      0x7BFD,     0x7BFF,     0x7C00,     0x7C01,     0x7C02,     0x7C03,     0x7C04,     0x7C05,
      0x7C06,     0x7C08,     0x7C09,     0x7C0A,     0x7C0D,     0x7C0E,     0x7C10,     0x7C11,
      0x7C12,     0x7C13,     0x7C14,     0x7C15,     0x7C17,     0x7C18,     0x7C19,
      /* GB 0xBA80..0xBAFE */
      0x7C1A,     0x7C1B,     0x7C1C,     0x7C1D,     0x7C1E,     0x7C20,     0x7C21,     0x7C22,
      0x7C23,     0x7C24,     0x7C25,     0x7C28,     0x7C29,     0x7C2B,     0x7C2C,     0x7C2D,
      0x7C2E,     0x7C2F,     0x7C30,     0x7C31,     0x7C32,     0x7C33,     0x7C34,     0x7C35,
      0x7C36,     0x7C37,     0x7C39,     0x7C3A,     0x7C3B,     0x7C3C,     0x7C3D,     0x7C3E,
      0x7C42,     0x9AB8,     0x5B69,     0x6D77,     0x6C26,     0x4EA5,     0x5BB3,     0x9A87,
      0x9163,     0x61A8,     0x90AF,     0x97E9,     0x542B,     0x6DB5,     0x5BD2,     0x51FD,
      0x558A,     0x7F55,     0x7FF0,     0x64BC,     0x634D,     0x65F1,     0x61BE,     0x608D,
      0x710A,     0x6C57,     0x6C49,     0x592F,     0x676D,     0x822A,     0x58D5,     0x568E,
      0x8C6A,     0x6BEB,     0x90DD,     0x597D,     0x8017,     0x53F7,     0x6D69,     0x5475,
      0x559D,     0x8377,     0x83CF,     0x6838,     0x79BE,     0x548C,     0x4F55,     0x5408,
      0x76D2,     0x8C89,     0x9602,     0x6CB3,     0x6DB8,     0x8D6B,     0x8910,     0x9E64,
      0x8D3A,     0x563F,     0x9ED1,     0x75D5,     0x5F88,     0x72E0,     0x6068,     0x54FC,
      0x4EA8,     0x6A2A,     0x8861,     0x6052,     0x8F70,     0x54C4,     0x70D8,     0x8679,
      0x9E3F,     0x6D2A,     0x5B8F,     0x5F18,     0x7EA2,     0x5589,     0x4FAF,     0x7334,
      0x543C,     0x539A,     0x5019,     0x540E,     0x547C,     0x4E4E,     0x5FFD,     0x745A,
      0x58F6,     0x846B,     0x80E1,     0x8774,     0x72D0,     0x7CCA,     0x6E56,
      /* GB 0xBB40..0xBB7E */
      0x7C43,     0x7C44,     0x7C45,     0x7C46,     0x7C47,     0x7C48,     0x7C49,     0x7C4A,
      0x7C4B,     0x7C4C,     0x7C4E,     0x7C4F,     0x7C50,     0x7C51,     0x7C52,     0x7C53,
      0x7C54,     0x7C55,     0x7C56,     0x7C57,     0x7C58,     0x7C59,     0x7C5A,     0x7C5B,
      0x7C5C,     0x7C5D,     0x7C5E,     0x7C5F,     0x7C60,     0x7C61,     0x7C62,     0x7C63,
      0x7C64,     0x7C65,     0x7C66,     0x7C67,     0x7C68,     0x7C69,     0x7C6A,     0x7C6B,
      0x7C6C,     0x7C6D,     0x7C6E,     0x7C6F,     0x7C70,     0x7C71,     0x7C72,     0x7C75,
      0x7C76,     0x7C77,     0x7C78,     0x7C79,     0x7C7A,     0x7C7E,     0x7C7F,     0x7C80,
      0x7C81,     0x7C82,     0x7C83,     0x7C84,     0x7C85,     0x7C86,     0x7C87,
      /* GB 0xBB80..0xBBFE */
      0x7C88,     0x7C8A,     0x7C8B,     0x7C8C,     0x7C8D,     0x7C8E,     0x7C8F,     0x7C90,
      0x7C93,     0x7C94,     0x7C96,     0x7C99,     0x7C9A,     0x7C9B,     0x7CA0,     0x7CA1,
      0x7CA3,     0x7CA6,     0x7CA7,     0x7CA8,     0x7CA9,     0x7CAB,     0x7CAC,     0x7CAD,
      0x7CAF,     0x7CB0,     0x7CB4,     0x7CB5,     0x7CB6,     0x7CB7,     0x7CB8,     0x7CBA,
      0x7CBB,     0x5F27,     0x864E,     0x552C,     0x62A4,     0x4E92,     0x6CAA,     0x6237,
      0x82B1,     0x54D7,     0x534E,     0x733E,     0x6ED1,     0x753B,     0x5212,     0x5316,
      0x8BDD,     0x69D0,     0x5F8A,     0x6000,     0x6DEE,     0x574F,     0x6B22,     0x73AF,
      0x6853,     0x8FD8,     0x7F13,     0x6362,     0x60A3,     0x5524,     0x75EA,     0x8C62,
      0x7115,     0x6DA3,     0x5BA6,     0x5E7B,     0x8352,     0x614C,     0x9EC4,     0x78FA,
      0x8757,     0x7C27,     0x7687,     0x51F0,     0x60F6,     0x714C,     0x6643,     0x5E4C,
      0x604D,     0x8C0E,     0x7070,     0x6325,     0x8F89,     0x5FBD,     0x6062,     0x86D4,
      0x56DE,     0x6BC1,     0x6094,     0x6167,     0x5349,     0x60E0,     0x6666,     0x8D3F,
      0x79FD,     0x4F1A,     0x70E9,     0x6C47,     0x8BB3,     0x8BF2,     0x7ED8,     0x8364,
      0x660F,     0x5A5A,     0x9B42,     0x6D51,     0x6DF7,     0x8C41,     0x6D3B,     0x4F19,
      0x706B,     0x83B7,     0x6216,     0x60D1,     0x970D,     0x8D27,     0x7978,     0x51FB,
      0x573E,     0x57FA,     0x673A,     0x7578,     0x7A3D,     0x79EF,     0x7B95,
      /* GB 0xBC40..0xBC7E */
      0x7CBF,     0x7CC0,     0x7CC2,     0x7CC3,     0x7CC4,     0x7CC6,     0x7CC9,     0x7CCB,
      0x7CCE,     0x7CCF,     0x7CD0,     0x7CD1,     0x7CD2,     0x7CD3,     0x7CD4,     0x7CD8,
      0x7CDA,     0x7CDB,     0x7CDD,     0x7CDE,     0x7CE1,     0x7CE2,     0x7CE3,     0x7CE4,
      0x7CE5,     0x7CE6,     0x7CE7,     0x7CE9,     0x7CEA,     0x7CEB,     0x7CEC,     0x7CED,
      0x7CEE,     0x7CF0,     0x7CF1,     0x7CF2,     0x7CF3,     0x7CF4,     0x7CF5,     0x7CF6,
      0x7CF7,     0x7CF9,     0x7CFA,     0x7CFC,     0x7CFD,     0x7CFE,     0x7CFF,     0x7D00,
      0x7D01,     0x7D02,     0x7D03,     0x7D04,     0x7D05,     0x7D06,     0x7D07,     0x7D08,
      0x7D09,     0x7D0B,     0x7D0C,     0x7D0D,     0x7D0E,     0x7D0F,     0x7D10,
      /* GB 0xBC80..0xBCFE */
      0x7D11,     0x7D12,     0x7D13,     0x7D14,     0x7D15,     0x7D16,     0x7D17,     0x7D18,
      0x7D19,     0x7D1A,     0x7D1B,     0x7D1C,     0x7D1D,     0x7D1E,     0x7D1F,     0x7D21,
      0x7D23,     0x7D24,     0x7D25,     0x7D26,     0x7D28,     0x7D29,     0x7D2A,     0x7D2C,
      0x7D2D,     0x7D2E,     0x7D30,     0x7D31,     0x7D32,     0x7D33,     0x7D34,     0x7D35,
      0x7D36,     0x808C,     0x9965,     0x8FF9,     0x6FC0,     0x8BA5,     0x9E21,     0x59EC,
      0x7EE9,     0x7F09,     0x5409,     0x6781,     0x68D8,     0x8F91,     0x7C4D,     0x96C6,
      0x53CA,     0x6025,     0x75BE,     0x6C72,     0x5373,     0x5AC9,     0x7EA7,     0x6324,
      0x51E0,     0x810A,     0x5DF1,     0x84DF,     0x6280,     0x5180,     0x5B63,     0x4F0E,
      0x796D,     0x5242,     0x60B8,     0x6D4E,     0x5BC4,     0x5BC2,     0x8BA1,     0x8BB0,
      0x65E2,     0x5FCC,     0x9645,     0x5993,     0x7EE7,     0x7EAA,     0x5609,     0x67B7,
      0x5939,     0x4F73,     0x5BB6,     0x52A0,     0x835A,     0x988A,     0x8D3E,     0x7532,
      0x94BE,     0x5047,     0x7A3C,     0x4EF7,     0x67B6,     0x9A7E,     0x5AC1,     0x6B7C,
      0x76D1,     0x575A,     0x5C16,     0x7B3A,     0x95F4,     0x714E,     0x517C,     0x80A9,
      0x8270,     0x5978,     0x7F04,     0x8327,     0x68C0,     0x67EC,     0x78B1,     0x7877,
      0x62E3,     0x6361,     0x7B80,     0x4FED,     0x526A,     0x51CF,     0x8350,     0x69DB,
      0x9274,     0x8DF5,     0x8D31,     0x89C1,     0x952E,     0x7BAD,     0x4EF6,
      /* GB 0xBD40..0xBD7E */
      0x7D37,     0x7D38,     0x7D39,     0x7D3A,     0x7D3B,     0x7D3C,     0x7D3D,     0x7D3E,
      0x7D3F,     0x7D40,     0x7D41,     0x7D42,     0x7D43,     0x7D44,     0x7D45,     0x7D46,
      0x7D47,     0x7D48,     0x7D49,     0x7D4A,     0x7D4B,     0x7D4C,     0x7D4D,     0x7D4E,
      0x7D4F,     0x7D50,     0x7D51,     0x7D52,     0x7D53,     0x7D54,     0x7D55,     0x7D56,
      0x7D57,     0x7D58,     0x7D59,     0x7D5A,     0x7D5B,     0x7D5C,     0x7D5D,     0x7D5E,
      0x7D5F,     0x7D60,     0x7D61,     0x7D62,     0x7D63,     0x7D64,     0x7D65,     0x7D66,
      0x7D67,     0x7D68,     0x7D69,     0x7D6A,     0x7D6B,     0x7D6C,     0x7D6D,     0x7D6F,
      0x7D70,     0x7D71,     0x7D72,     0x7D73,     0x7D74,     0x7D75,     0x7D76,
      /* GB 0xBD80..0xBDFE */
      0x7D78,     0x7D79,     0x7D7A,     0x7D7B,     0x7D7C,     0x7D7D,     0x7D7E,     0x7D7F,
      0x7D80,     0x7D81,     0x7D82,     0x7D83,     0x7D84,     0x7D85,     0x7D86,     0x7D87,
      0x7D88,     0x7D89,     0x7D8A,     0x7D8B,     0x7D8C,     0x7D8D,     0x7D8E,     0x7D8F,
      0x7D90,     0x7D91,     0x7D92,     0x7D93,     0x7D94,     0x7D95,     0x7D96,     0x7D97,
      0x7D98,     0x5065,     0x8230,     0x5251,     0x996F,     0x6E10,     0x6E85,     0x6DA7,
      0x5EFA,     0x50F5,     0x59DC,     0x5C06,     0x6D46,     0x6C5F,     0x7586,     0x848B,
      0x6868,     0x5956,     0x8BB2,     0x5320,     0x9171,     0x964D,     0x8549,     0x6912,
      0x7901,     0x7126,     0x80F6,     0x4EA4,     0x90CA,     0x6D47,     0x9A84,     0x5A07,
      0x56BC,     0x6405,     0x94F0,     0x77EB,     0x4FA5,     0x811A,     0x72E1,     0x89D2,
      0x997A,     0x7F34,     0x7EDE,     0x527F,     0x6559,     0x9175,     0x8F7F,     0x8F83,
      0x53EB,     0x7A96,     0x63ED,     0x63A5,     0x7686,     0x79F8,     0x8857,     0x9636,
      0x622A,     0x52AB,     0x8282,     0x6854,     0x6770,     0x6377,     0x776B,     0x7AED,
      0x6D01,     0x7ED3,     0x89E3,     0x59D0,     0x6212,     0x85C9,     0x82A5,     0x754C,
      0x501F,     0x4ECB,     0x75A5,     0x8BEB,     0x5C4A,     0x5DFE,     0x7B4B,     0x65A4,
      0x91D1,     0x4ECA,     0x6D25,     0x895F,     0x7D27,     0x9526,     0x4EC5,     0x8C28,
      0x8FDB,     0x9773,     0x664B,     0x7981,     0x8FD1,     0x70EC,     0x6D78,
      /* GB 0xBE40..0xBE7E */
      0x7D99,     0x7D9A,     0x7D9B,     0x7D9C,     0x7D9D,     0x7D9E,     0x7D9F,     0x7DA0,
      0x7DA1,     0x7DA2,     0x7DA3,     0x7DA4,     0x7DA5,     0x7DA7,     0x7DA8,     0x7DA9,
      0x7DAA,     0x7DAB,     0x7DAC,     0x7DAD,     0x7DAF,     0x7DB0,     0x7DB1,     0x7DB2,
      0x7DB3,     0x7DB4,     0x7DB5,     0x7DB6,     0x7DB7,     0x7DB8,     0x7DB9,     0x7DBA,
      0x7DBB,     0x7DBC,     0x7DBD,     0x7DBE,     0x7DBF,     0x7DC0,     0x7DC1,     0x7DC2,
      0x7DC3,     0x7DC4,     0x7DC5,     0x7DC6,     0x7DC7,     0x7DC8,     0x7DC9,     0x7DCA,
      0x7DCB,     0x7DCC,     0x7DCD,     0x7DCE,     0x7DCF,     0x7DD0,     0x7DD1,     0x7DD2,
      0x7DD3,     0x7DD4,     0x7DD5,     0x7DD6,     0x7DD7,     0x7DD8,     0x7DD9,
      /* GB 0xBE80..0xBEFE */
      0x7DDA,     0x7DDB,     0x7DDC,     0x7DDD,     0x7DDE,     0x7DDF,     0x7DE0,     0x7DE1,
      0x7DE2,     0x7DE3,     0x7DE4,     0x7DE5,     0x7DE6,     0x7DE7,     0x7DE8,     0x7DE9,
      0x7DEA,     0x7DEB,     0x7DEC,     0x7DED,     0x7DEE,     0x7DEF,     0x7DF0,     0x7DF1,
      0x7DF2,     0x7DF3,     0x7DF4,     0x7DF5,     0x7DF6,     0x7DF7,     0x7DF8,     0x7DF9,
      0x7DFA,     0x5C3D,     0x52B2,     0x8346,     0x5162,     0x830E,     0x775B,     0x6676,
      0x9CB8,     0x4EAC,     0x60CA,     0x7CBE,     0x7CB3,     0x7ECF,     0x4E95,     0x8B66,
      0x666F,     0x9888,     0x9759,     0x5883,     0x656C,     0x955C,     0x5F84,     0x75C9,
      0x9756,     0x7ADF,     0x7ADE,     0x51C0,     0x70AF,     0x7A98,     0x63EA,     0x7A76,
      0x7EA0,     0x7396,     0x97ED,     0x4E45,     0x7078,     0x4E5D,     0x9152,     0x53A9,
      0x6551,     0x65E7,     0x81FC,     0x8205,     0x548E,     0x5C31,     0x759A,     0x97A0,
      0x62D8,     0x72D9,     0x75BD,     0x5C45,     0x9A79,     0x83CA,     0x5C40,     0x5480,
      0x77E9,     0x4E3E,     0x6CAE,     0x805A,     0x62D2,     0x636E,     0x5DE8,     0x5177,
      0x8DDD,     0x8E1E,     0x952F,     0x4FF1,     0x53E5,     0x60E7,     0x70AC,     0x5267,
      0x6350,     0x9E43,     0x5A1F,     0x5026,     0x7737,     0x5377,     0x7EE2,     0x6485,
      0x652B,     0x6289,     0x6398,     0x5014,     0x7235,     0x89C9,     0x51B3,     0x8BC0,
      0x7EDD,     0x5747,     0x83CC,     0x94A7,     0x519B,     0x541B,     0x5CFB,
      /* GB 0xBF40..0xBF7E */
      0x7DFB,     0x7DFC,     0x7DFD,     0x7DFE,     0x7DFF,     0x7E00,     0x7E01,     0x7E02,
      0x7E03,     0x7E04,     0x7E05,     0x7E06,     0x7E07,     0x7E08,     0x7E09,     0x7E0A,
      0x7E0B,     0x7E0C,     0x7E0D,     0x7E0E,     0x7E0F,     0x7E10,     0x7E11,     0x7E12,
      0x7E13,     0x7E14,     0x7E15,     0x7E16,     0x7E17,     0x7E18,     0x7E19,     0x7E1A,
      0x7E1B,     0x7E1C,     0x7E1D,     0x7E1E,     0x7E1F,     0x7E20,     0x7E21,     0x7E22,
      0x7E23,     0x7E24,     0x7E25,     0x7E26,     0x7E27,     0x7E28,     0x7E29,     0x7E2A,
      0x7E2B,     0x7E2C,     0x7E2D,     0x7E2E,     0x7E2F,     0x7E30,     0x7E31,     0x7E32,
      0x7E33,     0x7E34,     0x7E35,     0x7E36,     0x7E37,     0x7E38,     0x7E39,
      /* GB 0xBF80..0xBFFE */
      0x7E3A,     0x7E3C,     0x7E3D,     0x7E3E,     0x7E3F,     0x7E40,     0x7E42,     0x7E43,
      0x7E44,     0x7E45,     0x7E46,     0x7E48,     0x7E49,     0x7E4A,     0x7E4B,     0x7E4C,
      0x7E4D,     0x7E4E,     0x7E4F,     0x7E50,     0x7E51,     0x7E52,     0x7E53,     0x7E54,
      0x7E55,     0x7E56,     0x7E57,     0x7E58,     0x7E59,     0x7E5A,     0x7E5B,     0x7E5C,
      0x7E5D,     0x4FCA,     0x7AE3,     0x6D5A,     0x90E1,     0x9A8F,     0x5580,     0x5496,
      0x5361,     0x54AF,     0x5F00,     0x63E9,     0x6977,     0x51EF,     0x6168,     0x520A,
      0x582A,     0x52D8,     0x574E,     0x780D,     0x770B,     0x5EB7,     0x6177,     0x7CE0,
      0x625B,     0x6297,     0x4EA2,     0x7095,     0x8003,     0x62F7,     0x70E4,     0x9760,
      0x5777,     0x82DB,     0x67EF,     0x68F5,     0x78D5,     0x9897,     0x79D1,     0x58F3,
      0x54B3,     0x53EF,     0x6E34,     0x514B,     0x523B,     0x5BA2,     0x8BFE,     0x80AF,
      0x5543,     0x57A6,     0x6073,     0x5751,     0x542D,     0x7A7A,     0x6050,     0x5B54,
      0x63A7,     0x62A0,     0x53E3,     0x6263,     0x5BC7,     0x67AF,     0x54ED,     0x7A9F,
      0x82E6,     0x9177,     0x5E93,     0x88E4,     0x5938,     0x57AE,     0x630E,     0x8DE8,
      0x80EF,     0x5757,     0x7B77,     0x4FA9,     0x5FEB,     0x5BBD,     0x6B3E,     0x5321,
      0x7B50,     0x72C2,     0x6846,     0x77FF,     0x7736,     0x65F7,     0x51B5,     0x4E8F,
      0x76D4,     0x5CBF,     0x7AA5,     0x8475,     0x594E,     0x9B41,     0x5080,
      /* GB 0xC040..0xC07E */
      0x7E5E,     0x7E5F,     0x7E60,     0x7E61,     0x7E62,     0x7E63,     0x7E64,     0x7E65,
      0x7E66,     0x7E67,     0x7E68,     0x7E69,     0x7E6A,     0x7E6B,     0x7E6C,     0x7E6D,
      0x7E6E,     0x7E6F,     0x7E70,     0x7E71,     0x7E72,     0x7E73,     0x7E74,     0x7E75,
      0x7E76,     0x7E77,     0x7E78,     0x7E79,     0x7E7A,     0x7E7B,     0x7E7C,     0x7E7D,
      0x7E7E,     0x7E7F,     0x7E80,     0x7E81,     0x7E83,     0x7E84,     0x7E85,     0x7E86,
      0x7E87,     0x7E88,     0x7E89,     0x7E8A,     0x7E8B,     0x7E8C,     0x7E8D,     0x7E8E,
      0x7E8F,     0x7E90,     0x7E91,     0x7E92,     0x7E93,     0x7E94,     0x7E95,     0x7E96,
      0x7E97,     0x7E98,     0x7E99,     0x7E9A,     0x7E9C,     0x7E9D,     0x7E9E,
      /* GB 0xC080..0xC0FE */
      0x7EAE,     0x7EB4,     0x7EBB,     0x7EBC,     0x7ED6,     0x7EE4,     0x7EEC,     0x7EF9,
      0x7F0A,     0x7F10,     0x7F1E,     0x7F37,     0x7F39,     0x7F3B,     0x7F3C,     0x7F3D,
      0x7F3E,     0x7F3F,     0x7F40,     0x7F41,     0x7F43,     0x7F46,     0x7F47,     0x7F48,
      0x7F49,     0x7F4A,     0x7F4B,     0x7F4C,     0x7F4D,     0x7F4E,     0x7F4F,     0x7F52,
      0x7F53,     0x9988,     0x6127,     0x6E83,     0x5764,     0x6606,     0x6346,     0x56F0,
      0x62EC,     0x6269,     0x5ED3,     0x9614,     0x5783,     0x62C9,     0x5587,     0x8721,
      0x814A,     0x8FA3,     0x5566,     0x83B1,     0x6765,     0x8D56,     0x84DD,     0x5A6A,
      0x680F,     0x62E6,     0x7BEE,     0x9611,     0x5170,     0x6F9C,     0x8C30,     0x63FD,
      0x89C8,     0x61D2,     0x7F06,     0x70C2,     0x6EE5,     0x7405,     0x6994,     0x72FC,
      0x5ECA,     0x90CE,     0x6717,     0x6D6A,     0x635E,     0x52B3,     0x7262,     0x8001,
      0x4F6C,     0x59E5,     0x916A,     0x70D9,     0x6D9D,     0x52D2,     0x4E50,     0x96F7,
      0x956D,     0x857E,     0x78CA,     0x7D2F,     0x5121,     0x5792,     0x64C2,     0x808B,
      0x7C7B,     0x6CEA,     0x68F1,     0x695E,     0x51B7,     0x5398,     0x68A8,     0x7281,
      0x9ECE,     0x7BF1,     0x72F8,     0x79BB,     0x6F13,     0x7406,     0x674E,     0x91CC,
      0x9CA4,     0x793C,     0x8389,     0x8354,     0x540F,     0x6817,     0x4E3D,     0x5389,
      0x52B1,     0x783E,     0x5386,     0x5229,     0x5088,     0x4F8B,     0x4FD0,
      /* GB 0xC140..0xC17E */
      0x7F56,     0x7F59,     0x7F5B,     0x7F5C,     0x7F5D,     0x7F5E,     0x7F60,     0x7F63,
      0x7F64,     0x7F65,     0x7F66,     0x7F67,     0x7F6B,     0x7F6C,     0x7F6D,     0x7F6F,
      0x7F70,     0x7F73,     0x7F75,     0x7F76,     0x7F77,     0x7F78,     0x7F7A,     0x7F7B,
      0x7F7C,     0x7F7D,     0x7F7F,     0x7F80,     0x7F82,     0x7F83,     0x7F84,     0x7F85,
      0x7F86,     0x7F87,     0x7F88,     0x7F89,     0x7F8B,     0x7F8D,     0x7F8F,     0x7F90,
      0x7F91,     0x7F92,     0x7F93,     0x7F95,     0x7F96,     0x7F97,     0x7F98,     0x7F99,
      0x7F9B,     0x7F9C,     0x7FA0,     0x7FA2,     0x7FA3,     0x7FA5,     0x7FA6,     0x7FA8,
      0x7FA9,     0x7FAA,     0x7FAB,     0x7FAC,     0x7FAD,     0x7FAE,     0x7FB1,
      /* GB 0xC180..0xC1FE */
      0x7FB3,     0x7FB4,     0x7FB5,     0x7FB6,     0x7FB7,     0x7FBA,     0x7FBB,     0x7FBE,
      0x7FC0,     0x7FC2,     0x7FC3,     0x7FC4,     0x7FC6,     0x7FC7,     0x7FC8,     0x7FC9,
      0x7FCB,     0x7FCD,     0x7FCF,     0x7FD0,     0x7FD1,     0x7FD2,     0x7FD3,     0x7FD6,
      0x7FD7,     0x7FD9,     0x7FDA,     0x7FDB,     0x7FDC,     0x7FDD,     0x7FDE,     0x7FE2,
      0x7FE3,     0x75E2,     0x7ACB,     0x7C92,     0x6CA5,     0x96B6,     0x529B,     0x7483,
      0x54E9,     0x4FE9,     0x8054,     0x83B2,     0x8FDE,     0x9570,     0x5EC9,     0x601C,
      0x6D9F,     0x5E18,     0x655B,     0x8138,     0x94FE,     0x604B,     0x70BC,     0x7EC3,
      0x7CAE,     0x51C9,     0x6881,     0x7CB1,     0x826F,     0x4E24,     0x8F86,     0x91CF,
      0x667E,     0x4EAE,     0x8C05,     0x64A9,     0x804A,     0x50DA,     0x7597,     0x71CE,
      0x5BE5,     0x8FBD,     0x6F66,     0x4E86,     0x6482,     0x9563,     0x5ED6,     0x6599,
      0x5217,     0x88C2,     0x70C8,     0x52A3,     0x730E,     0x7433,     0x6797,     0x78F7,
      0x9716,     0x4E34,     0x90BB,     0x9CDE,     0x6DCB,     0x51DB,     0x8D41,     0x541D,
      0x62CE,     0x73B2,     0x83F1,     0x96F6,     0x9F84,     0x94C3,     0x4F36,     0x7F9A,
      0x51CC,     0x7075,     0x9675,     0x5CAD,     0x9886,     0x53E6,     0x4EE4,     0x6E9C,
      0x7409,     0x69B4,     0x786B,     0x998F,     0x7559,     0x5218,     0x7624,     0x6D41,
      0x67F3,     0x516D,     0x9F99,     0x804B,     0x5499,     0x7B3C,     0x7ABF,
      /* GB 0xC240..0xC27E */
      0x7FE4,     0x7FE7,     0x7FE8,     0x7FEA,     0x7FEB,     0x7FEC,     0x7FED,     0x7FEF,
      0x7FF2,     0x7FF4,     0x7FF5,     0x7FF6,     0x7FF7,     0x7FF8,     0x7FF9,     0x7FFA,
      0x7FFD,     0x7FFE,     0x7FFF,     0x8002,     0x8007,     0x8008,     0x8009,     0x800A,
      0x800E,     0x800F,     0x8011,     0x8013,     0x801A,     0x801B,     0x801D,     0x801E,
      0x801F,     0x8021,     0x8023,     0x8024,     0x802B,     0x802C,     0x802D,     0x802E,
      0x802F,     0x8030,     0x8032,     0x8034,     0x8039,     0x803A,     0x803C,     0x803E,
      0x8040,     0x8041,     0x8044,     0x8045,     0x8047,     0x8048,     0x8049,     0x804E,
      0x804F,     0x8050,     0x8051,     0x8053,     0x8055,     0x8056,     0x8057,
      /* GB 0xC280..0xC2FE */
      0x8059,     0x805B,     0x805C,     0x805D,     0x805E,     0x805F,     0x8060,     0x8061,
      0x8062,     0x8063,     0x8064,     0x8065,     0x8066,     0x8067,     0x8068,     0x806B,
      0x806C,     0x806D,     0x806E,     0x806F,     0x8070,     0x8072,     0x8073,     0x8074,
      0x8075,     0x8076,     0x8077,     0x8078,     0x8079,     0x807A,     0x807B,     0x807C,
      0x807D,     0x9686,     0x5784,     0x62E2,     0x9647,     0x697C,     0x5A04,     0x6402,
      0x7BD3,     0x6F0F,     0x964B,     0x82A6,     0x5362,     0x9885,     0x5E90,     0x7089,
      0x63B3,     0x5364,     0x864F,     0x9C81,     0x9E93,     0x788C,     0x9732,     0x8DEF,
      0x8D42,     0x9E7F,     0x6F5E,     0x7984,     0x5F55,     0x9646,     0x622E,     0x9A74,
      0x5415,     0x94DD,     0x4FA3,     0x65C5,     0x5C65,     0x5C61,     0x7F15,     0x8651,
      0x6C2F,     0x5F8B,     0x7387,     0x6EE4,     0x7EFF,     0x5CE6,     0x631B,     0x5B6A,
      0x6EE6,     0x5375,     0x4E71,     0x63A0,     0x7565,     0x62A1,     0x8F6E,     0x4F26,
      0x4ED1,     0x6CA6,     0x7EB6,     0x8BBA,     0x841D,     0x87BA,     0x7F57,     0x903B,
      0x9523,     0x7BA9,     0x9AA1,     0x88F8,     0x843D,     0x6D1B,     0x9A86,     0x7EDC,
      0x5988,     0x9EBB,     0x739B,     0x7801,     0x8682,     0x9A6C,     0x9A82,     0x561B,
      0x5417,     0x57CB,     0x4E70,     0x9EA6,     0x5356,     0x8FC8,     0x8109,     0x7792,
      0x9992,     0x86EE,     0x6EE1,     0x8513,     0x66FC,     0x6162,     0x6F2B,
      /* GB 0xC340..0xC37E */
      0x807E,     0x8081,     0x8082,     0x8085,     0x8088,     0x808A,     0x808D,     0x808E,
      0x808F,     0x8090,     0x8091,     0x8092,     0x8094,     0x8095,     0x8097,     0x8099,
      0x809E,     0x80A3,     0x80A6,     0x80A7,     0x80A8,     0x80AC,     0x80B0,     0x80B3,
      0x80B5,     0x80B6,     0x80B8,     0x80B9,     0x80BB,     0x80C5,     0x80C7,     0x80C8,
      0x80C9,     0x80CA,     0x80CB,     0x80CF,     0x80D0,     0x80D1,     0x80D2,     0x80D3,
      0x80D4,     0x80D5,     0x80D8,     0x80DF,     0x80E0,     0x80E2,     0x80E3,     0x80E6,
      0x80EE,     0x80F5,     0x80F7,     0x80F9,     0x80FB,     0x80FE,     0x80FF,     0x8100,
      0x8101,     0x8103,     0x8104,     0x8105,     0x8107,     0x8108,     0x810B,
      /* GB 0xC380..0xC3FE */
      0x810C,     0x8115,     0x8117,     0x8119,     0x811B,     0x811C,     0x811D,     0x811F,
      0x8120,     0x8121,     0x8122,     0x8123,     0x8124,     0x8125,     0x8126,     0x8127,
      0x8128,     0x8129,     0x812A,     0x812B,     0x812D,     0x812E,     0x8130,     0x8133,
      0x8134,     0x8135,     0x8137,     0x8139,     0x813A,     0x813B,     0x813C,     0x813D,
      0x813F,     0x8C29,     0x8292,     0x832B,     0x76F2,     0x6C13,     0x5FD9,     0x83BD,
      0x732B,     0x8305,     0x951A,     0x6BDB,     0x77DB,     0x94C6,     0x536F,     0x8302,
      0x5192,     0x5E3D,     0x8C8C,     0x8D38,     0x4E48,     0x73AB,     0x679A,     0x6885,
      0x9176,     0x9709,     0x7164,     0x6CA1,     0x7709,     0x5A92,     0x9541,     0x6BCF,
      0x7F8E,     0x6627,     0x5BD0,     0x59B9,     0x5A9A,     0x95E8,     0x95F7,     0x4EEC,
      0x840C,     0x8499,     0x6AAC,     0x76DF,     0x9530,     0x731B,     0x68A6,     0x5B5F,
      0x772F,     0x919A,     0x9761,     0x7CDC,     0x8FF7,     0x8C1C,     0x5F25,     0x7C73,
      0x79D8,     0x89C5,     0x6CCC,     0x871C,     0x5BC6,     0x5E42,     0x68C9,     0x7720,
      0x7EF5,     0x5195,     0x514D,     0x52C9,     0x5A29,     0x7F05,     0x9762,     0x82D7,
      0x63CF,     0x7784,     0x85D0,     0x79D2,     0x6E3A,     0x5E99,     0x5999,     0x8511,
      0x706D,     0x6C11,     0x62BF,     0x76BF,     0x654F,     0x60AF,     0x95FD,     0x660E,
      0x879F,     0x9E23,     0x94ED,     0x540D,     0x547D,     0x8C2C,     0x6478,
      /* GB 0xC440..0xC47E */
      0x8140,     0x8141,     0x8142,     0x8143,     0x8144,     0x8145,     0x8147,     0x8149,
      0x814D,     0x814E,     0x814F,     0x8152,     0x8156,     0x8157,     0x8158,     0x815B,
      0x815C,     0x815D,     0x815E,     0x815F,     0x8161,     0x8162,     0x8163,     0x8164,
      0x8166,     0x8168,     0x816A,     0x816B,     0x816C,     0x816F,     0x8172,     0x8173,
      0x8175,     0x8176,     0x8177,     0x8178,     0x8181,     0x8183,     0x8184,     0x8185,
      0x8186,     0x8187,     0x8189,     0x818B,     0x818C,     0x818D,     0x818E,     0x8190,
      0x8192,     0x8193,     0x8194,     0x8195,     0x8196,     0x8197,     0x8199,     0x819A,
      0x819E,     0x819F,     0x81A0,     0x81A1,     0x81A2,     0x81A4,     0x81A5,
      /* GB 0xC480..0xC4FE */
      0x81A7,     0x81A9,     0x81AB,     0x81AC,     0x81AD,     0x81AE,     0x81AF,     0x81B0,
      0x81B1,     0x81B2,     0x81B4,     0x81B5,     0x81B6,     0x81B7,     0x81B8,     0x81B9,
      0x81BC,     0x81BD,     0x81BE,     0x81BF,     0x81C4,     0x81C5,     0x81C7,     0x81C8,
      0x81C9,     0x81CB,     0x81CD,     0x81CE,     0x81CF,     0x81D0,     0x81D1,     0x81D2,
      0x81D3,     0x6479,     0x8611,     0x6A21,     0x819C,     0x78E8,     0x6469,     0x9B54,
      0x62B9,     0x672B,     0x83AB,     0x58A8,     0x9ED8,     0x6CAB,     0x6F20,     0x5BDE,
      0x964C,     0x8C0B,     0x725F,     0x67D0,     0x62C7,     0x7261,     0x4EA9,     0x59C6,
      0x6BCD,     0x5893,     0x66AE,     0x5E55,     0x52DF,     0x6155,     0x6728,     0x76EE,
      0x7766,     0x7267,     0x7A46,     0x62FF,     0x54EA,     0x5450,     0x94A0,     0x90A3,
      0x5A1C,     0x7EB3,     0x6C16,     0x4E43,     0x5976,     0x8010,     0x5948,     0x5357,
      0x7537,     0x96BE,     0x56CA,     0x6320,     0x8111,     0x607C,     0x95F9,     0x6DD6,
      0x5462,     0x9981,     0x5185,     0x5AE9,     0x80FD,     0x59AE,     0x9713,     0x502A,
      0x6CE5,     0x5C3C,     0x62DF,     0x4F60,     0x533F,     0x817B,     0x9006,     0x6EBA,
      0x852B,     0x62C8,     0x5E74,     0x78BE,     0x64B5,     0x637B,     0x5FF5,     0x5A18,
      0x917F,     0x9E1F,     0x5C3F,     0x634F,     0x8042,     0x5B7D,     0x556E,     0x954A,
      0x954D,     0x6D85,     0x60A8,     0x67E0,     0x72DE,     0x51DD,     0x5B81,
      /* GB 0xC540..0xC57E */
      0x81D4,     0x81D5,     0x81D6,     0x81D7,     0x81D8,     0x81D9,     0x81DA,     0x81DB,
      0x81DC,     0x81DD,     0x81DE,     0x81DF,     0x81E0,     0x81E1,     0x81E2,     0x81E4,
      0x81E5,     0x81E6,     0x81E8,     0x81E9,     0x81EB,     0x81EE,     0x81EF,     0x81F0,
      0x81F1,     0x81F2,     0x81F5,     0x81F6,     0x81F7,     0x81F8,     0x81F9,     0x81FA,
      0x81FD,     0x81FF,     0x8203,     0x8207,     0x8208,     0x8209,     0x820A,     0x820B,
      0x820E,     0x820F,     0x8211,     0x8213,     0x8215,     0x8216,     0x8217,     0x8218,
      0x8219,     0x821A,     0x821D,     0x8220,     0x8224,     0x8225,     0x8226,     0x8227,
      0x8229,     0x822E,     0x8232,     0x823A,     0x823C,     0x823D,     0x823F,
      /* GB 0xC580..0xC5FE */
      0x8240,     0x8241,     0x8242,     0x8243,     0x8245,     0x8246,     0x8248,     0x824A,
      0x824C,     0x824D,     0x824E,     0x8250,     0x8251,     0x8252,     0x8253,     0x8254,
      0x8255,     0x8256,     0x8257,     0x8259,     0x825B,     0x825C,     0x825D,     0x825E,
      0x8260,     0x8261,     0x8262,     0x8263,     0x8264,     0x8265,     0x8266,     0x8267,
      0x8269,     0x62E7,     0x6CDE,     0x725B,     0x626D,     0x94AE,     0x7EBD,     0x8113,
      0x6D53,     0x519C,     0x5F04,     0x5974,     0x52AA,     0x6012,     0x5973,     0x6696,
      0x8650,     0x759F,     0x632A,     0x61E6,     0x7CEF,     0x8BFA,     0x54E6,     0x6B27,
      0x9E25,     0x6BB4,     0x85D5,     0x5455,     0x5076,     0x6CA4,     0x556A,     0x8DB4,
      0x722C,     0x5E15,     0x6015,     0x7436,     0x62CD,     0x6392,     0x724C,     0x5F98,
      0x6E43,     0x6D3E,     0x6500,     0x6F58,     0x76D8,     0x78D0,     0x76FC,     0x7554,
      0x5224,     0x53DB,     0x4E53,     0x5E9E,     0x65C1,     0x802A,     0x80D6,     0x629B,
      0x5486,     0x5228,     0x70AE,     0x888D,     0x8DD1,     0x6CE1,     0x5478,     0x80DA,
      0x57F9,     0x88F4,     0x8D54,     0x966A,     0x914D,     0x4F69,     0x6C9B,     0x55B7,
      0x76C6,     0x7830,     0x62A8,     0x70F9,     0x6F8E,     0x5F6D,     0x84EC,     0x68DA,
      0x787C,     0x7BF7,     0x81A8,     0x670B,     0x9E4F,     0x6367,     0x78B0,     0x576F,
      0x7812,     0x9739,     0x6279,     0x62AB,     0x5288,     0x7435,     0x6BD7,
      /* GB 0xC640..0xC67E */
      0x826A,     0x826B,     0x826C,     0x826D,     0x8271,     0x8275,     0x8276,     0x8277,
      0x8278,     0x827B,     0x827C,     0x8280,     0x8281,     0x8283,     0x8285,     0x8286,
      0x8287,     0x8289,     0x828C,     0x8290,     0x8293,     0x8294,     0x8295,     0x8296,
      0x829A,     0x829B,     0x829E,     0x82A0,     0x82A2,     0x82A3,     0x82A7,     0x82B2,
      0x82B5,     0x82B6,     0x82BA,     0x82BB,     0x82BC,     0x82BF,     0x82C0,     0x82C2,
      0x82C3,     0x82C5,     0x82C6,     0x82C9,     0x82D0,     0x82D6,     0x82D9,     0x82DA,
      0x82DD,     0x82E2,     0x82E7,     0x82E8,     0x82E9,     0x82EA,     0x82EC,     0x82ED,
      0x82EE,     0x82F0,     0x82F2,     0x82F3,     0x82F5,     0x82F6,     0x82F8,
      /* GB 0xC680..0xC6FE */
      0x82FA,     0x82FC,     0x82FD,     0x82FE,     0x82FF,     0x8300,     0x830A,     0x830B,
      0x830D,     0x8310,     0x8312,     0x8313,     0x8316,     0x8318,     0x8319,     0x831D,
      0x831E,     0x831F,     0x8320,     0x8321,     0x8322,     0x8323,     0x8324,     0x8325,
      0x8326,     0x8329,     0x832A,     0x832E,     0x8330,     0x8332,     0x8337,     0x833B,
      0x833D,     0x5564,     0x813E,     0x75B2,     0x76AE,     0x5339,     0x75DE,     0x50FB,
      0x5C41,     0x8B6C,     0x7BC7,     0x504F,     0x7247,     0x9A97,     0x98D8,     0x6F02,
      0x74E2,     0x7968,     0x6487,     0x77A5,     0x62FC,     0x9891,     0x8D2B,     0x54C1,
      0x8058,     0x4E52,     0x576A,     0x82F9,     0x840D,     0x5E73,     0x51ED,     0x74F6,
      0x8BC4,     0x5C4F,     0x5761,     0x6CFC,     0x9887,     0x5A46,     0x7834,     0x9B44,
      0x8FEB,     0x7C95,     0x5256,     0x6251,     0x94FA,     0x4EC6,     0x8386,     0x8461,
      0x83E9,     0x84B2,     0x57D4,     0x6734,     0x5703,     0x666E,     0x6D66,     0x8C31,
      0x66DD,     0x7011,     0x671F,     0x6B3A,     0x6816,     0x621A,     0x59BB,     0x4E03,
      0x51C4,     0x6F06,     0x67D2,     0x6C8F,     0x5176,     0x68CB,     0x5947,     0x6B67,
      0x7566,     0x5D0E,     0x8110,     0x9F50,     0x65D7,     0x7948,     0x7941,     0x9A91,
      0x8D77,     0x5C82,     0x4E5E,     0x4F01,     0x542F,     0x5951,     0x780C,     0x5668,
      0x6C14,     0x8FC4,     0x5F03,     0x6C7D,     0x6CE3,     0x8BAB,     0x6390,
      /* GB 0xC740..0xC77E */
      0x833E,     0x833F,     0x8341,     0x8342,     0x8344,     0x8345,     0x8348,     0x834A,
      0x834B,     0x834C,     0x834D,     0x834E,     0x8353,     0x8355,     0x8356,     0x8357,
      0x8358,     0x8359,     0x835D,     0x8362,     0x8370,     0x8371,     0x8372,     0x8373,
      0x8374,     0x8375,     0x8376,     0x8379,     0x837A,     0x837E,     0x837F,     0x8380,
      0x8381,     0x8382,     0x8383,     0x8384,     0x8387,     0x8388,     0x838A,     0x838B,
      0x838C,     0x838D,     0x838F,     0x8390,     0x8391,     0x8394,     0x8395,     0x8396,
      0x8397,     0x8399,     0x839A,     0x839D,     0x839F,     0x83A1,     0x83A2,     0x83A3,
      0x83A4,     0x83A5,     0x83A6,     0x83A7,     0x83AC,     0x83AD,     0x83AE,
      /* GB 0xC780..0xC7FE */
      0x83AF,     0x83B5,     0x83BB,     0x83BE,     0x83BF,     0x83C2,     0x83C3,     0x83C4,
      0x83C6,     0x83C8,     0x83C9,     0x83CB,     0x83CD,     0x83CE,     0x83D0,     0x83D1,
      0x83D2,     0x83D3,     0x83D5,     0x83D7,     0x83D9,     0x83DA,     0x83DB,     0x83DE,
      0x83E2,     0x83E3,     0x83E4,     0x83E6,     0x83E7,     0x83E8,     0x83EB,     0x83EC,
      0x83ED,     0x6070,     0x6D3D,     0x7275,     0x6266,     0x948E,     0x94C5,     0x5343,
      0x8FC1,     0x7B7E,     0x4EDF,     0x8C26,     0x4E7E,     0x9ED4,     0x94B1,     0x94B3,
      0x524D,     0x6F5C,     0x9063,     0x6D45,     0x8C34,     0x5811,     0x5D4C,     0x6B20,
      0x6B49,     0x67AA,     0x545B,     0x8154,     0x7F8C,     0x5899,     0x8537,     0x5F3A,
      0x62A2,     0x6A47,     0x9539,     0x6572,     0x6084,     0x6865,     0x77A7,     0x4E54,
      0x4FA8,     0x5DE7,     0x9798,     0x64AC,     0x7FD8,     0x5CED,     0x4FCF,     0x7A8D,
      0x5207,     0x8304,     0x4E14,     0x602F,     0x7A83,     0x94A6,     0x4FB5,     0x4EB2,
      0x79E6,     0x7434,     0x52E4,     0x82B9,     0x64D2,     0x79BD,     0x5BDD,     0x6C81,
      0x9752,     0x8F7B,     0x6C22,     0x503E,     0x537F,     0x6E05,     0x64CE,     0x6674,
      0x6C30,     0x60C5,     0x9877,     0x8BF7,     0x5E86,     0x743C,     0x7A77,     0x79CB,
      0x4E18,     0x90B1,     0x7403,     0x6C42,     0x56DA,     0x914B,     0x6CC5,     0x8D8B,
      0x533A,     0x86C6,     0x66F2,     0x8EAF,     0x5C48,     0x9A71,     0x6E20,
      /* GB 0xC840..0xC87E */
      0x83EE,     0x83EF,     0x83F3,     0x83F4,     0x83F5,     0x83F6,     0x83F7,     0x83FA,
      0x83FB,     0x83FC,     0x83FE,     0x83FF,     0x8400,     0x8402,     0x8405,     0x8407,
      0x8408,     0x8409,     0x840A,     0x8410,     0x8412,     0x8413,     0x8414,     0x8415,
      0x8416,     0x8417,     0x8419,     0x841A,     0x841B,     0x841E,     0x841F,     0x8420,
      0x8421,     0x8422,     0x8423,     0x8429,     0x842A,     0x842B,     0x842C,     0x842D,
      0x842E,     0x842F,     0x8430,     0x8432,     0x8433,     0x8434,     0x8435,     0x8436,
      0x8437,     0x8439,     0x843A,     0x843B,     0x843E,     0x843F,     0x8440,     0x8441,
      0x8442,     0x8443,     0x8444,     0x8445,     0x8447,     0x8448,     0x8449,
      /* GB 0xC880..0xC8FE */
      0x844A,     0x844B,     0x844C,     0x844D,     0x844E,     0x844F,     0x8450,     0x8452,
      0x8453,     0x8454,     0x8455,     0x8456,     0x8458,     0x845D,     0x845E,     0x845F,
      0x8460,     0x8462,     0x8464,     0x8465,     0x8466,     0x8467,     0x8468,     0x846A,
      0x846E,     0x846F,     0x8470,     0x8472,     0x8474,     0x8477,     0x8479,     0x847B,
      0x847C,     0x53D6,     0x5A36,     0x9F8B,     0x8DA3,     0x53BB,     0x5708,     0x98A7,
      0x6743,     0x919B,     0x6CC9,     0x5168,     0x75CA,     0x62F3,     0x72AC,     0x5238,
      0x529D,     0x7F3A,     0x7094,     0x7638,     0x5374,     0x9E4A,     0x69B7,     0x786E,
      0x96C0,     0x88D9,     0x7FA4,     0x7136,     0x71C3,     0x5189,     0x67D3,     0x74E4,
      0x58E4,     0x6518,     0x56B7,     0x8BA9,     0x9976,     0x6270,     0x7ED5,     0x60F9,
      0x70ED,     0x58EC,     0x4EC1,     0x4EBA,     0x5FCD,     0x97E7,     0x4EFB,     0x8BA4,
      0x5203,     0x598A,     0x7EAB,     0x6254,     0x4ECD,     0x65E5,     0x620E,     0x8338,
      0x84C9,     0x8363,     0x878D,     0x7194,     0x6EB6,     0x5BB9,     0x7ED2,     0x5197,
      0x63C9,     0x67D4,     0x8089,     0x8339,     0x8815,     0x5112,     0x5B7A,     0x5982,
      0x8FB1,     0x4E73,     0x6C5D,     0x5165,     0x8925,     0x8F6F,     0x962E,     0x854A,
      0x745E,     0x9510,     0x95F0,     0x6DA6,     0x82E5,     0x5F31,     0x6492,     0x6D12,
      0x8428,     0x816E,     0x9CC3,     0x585E,     0x8D5B,     0x4E09,     0x53C1,
      /* GB 0xC940..0xC97E */
      0x847D,     0x847E,     0x847F,     0x8480,     0x8481,     0x8483,     0x8484,     0x8485,
      0x8486,     0x848A,     0x848D,     0x848F,     0x8490,     0x8491,     0x8492,     0x8493,
      0x8494,     0x8495,     0x8496,     0x8498,     0x849A,     0x849B,     0x849D,     0x849E,
      0x849F,     0x84A0,     0x84A2,     0x84A3,     0x84A4,     0x84A5,     0x84A6,     0x84A7,
      0x84A8,     0x84A9,     0x84AA,     0x84AB,     0x84AC,     0x84AD,     0x84AE,     0x84B0,
      0x84B1,     0x84B3,     0x84B5,     0x84B6,     0x84B7,     0x84BB,     0x84BC,     0x84BE,
      0x84C0,     0x84C2,     0x84C3,     0x84C5,     0x84C6,     0x84C7,     0x84C8,     0x84CB,
      0x84CC,     0x84CE,     0x84CF,     0x84D2,     0x84D4,     0x84D5,     0x84D7,
      /* GB 0xC980..0xC9FE */
      0x84D8,     0x84D9,     0x84DA,     0x84DB,     0x84DC,     0x84DE,     0x84E1,     0x84E2,
      0x84E4,     0x84E7,     0x84E8,     0x84E9,     0x84EA,     0x84EB,     0x84ED,     0x84EE,
      0x84EF,     0x84F1,     0x84F2,     0x84F3,     0x84F4,     0x84F5,     0x84F6,     0x84F7,
      0x84F8,     0x84F9,     0x84FA,     0x84FB,     0x84FD,     0x84FE,     0x8500,     0x8501,
      0x8502,     0x4F1E,     0x6563,     0x6851,     0x55D3,     0x4E27,     0x6414,     0x9A9A,
      0x626B,     0x5AC2,     0x745F,     0x8272,     0x6DA9,     0x68EE,     0x50E7,     0x838E,
      0x7802,     0x6740,     0x5239,     0x6C99,     0x7EB1,     0x50BB,     0x5565,     0x715E,
      0x7B5B,     0x6652,     0x73CA,     0x82EB,     0x6749,     0x5C71,     0x5220,     0x717D,
      0x886B,     0x95EA,     0x9655,     0x64C5,     0x8D61,     0x81B3,     0x5584,     0x6C55,
      0x6247,     0x7F2E,     0x5892,     0x4F24,     0x5546,     0x8D4F,     0x664C,     0x4E0A,
      0x5C1A,     0x88F3,     0x68A2,     0x634E,     0x7A0D,     0x70E7,     0x828D,     0x52FA,
      0x97F6,     0x5C11,     0x54E8,     0x90B5,     0x7ECD,     0x5962,     0x8D4A,     0x86C7,
      0x820C,     0x820D,     0x8D66,     0x6444,     0x5C04,     0x6151,     0x6D89,     0x793E,
      0x8BBE,     0x7837,     0x7533,     0x547B,     0x4F38,     0x8EAB,     0x6DF1,     0x5A20,
      0x7EC5,     0x795E,     0x6C88,     0x5BA1,     0x5A76,     0x751A,     0x80BE,     0x614E,
      0x6E17,     0x58F0,     0x751F,     0x7525,     0x7272,     0x5347,     0x7EF3,
      /* GB 0xCA40..0xCA7E */
      0x8503,     0x8504,     0x8505,     0x8506,     0x8507,     0x8508,     0x8509,     0x850A,
      0x850B,     0x850D,     0x850E,     0x850F,     0x8510,     0x8512,     0x8514,     0x8515,
      0x8516,     0x8518,     0x8519,     0x851B,     0x851C,     0x851D,     0x851E,     0x8520,
      0x8522,     0x8523,     0x8524,     0x8525,     0x8526,     0x8527,     0x8528,     0x8529,
      0x852A,     0x852D,     0x852E,     0x852F,     0x8530,     0x8531,     0x8532,     0x8533,
      0x8534,     0x8535,     0x8536,     0x853E,     0x853F,     0x8540,     0x8541,     0x8542,
      0x8544,     0x8545,     0x8546,     0x8547,     0x854B,     0x854C,     0x854D,     0x854E,
      0x854F,     0x8550,     0x8551,     0x8552,     0x8553,     0x8554,     0x8555,
      /* GB 0xCA80..0xCAFE */
      0x8557,     0x8558,     0x855A,     0x855B,     0x855C,     0x855D,     0x855F,     0x8560,
      0x8561,     0x8562,     0x8563,     0x8565,     0x8566,     0x8567,     0x8569,     0x856A,
      0x856B,     0x856C,     0x856D,     0x856E,     0x856F,     0x8570,     0x8571,     0x8573,
      0x8575,     0x8576,     0x8577,     0x8578,     0x857C,     0x857D,     0x857F,     0x8580,
      0x8581,     0x7701,     0x76DB,     0x5269,     0x80DC,     0x5723,     0x5E08,     0x5931,
      0x72EE,     0x65BD,     0x6E7F,     0x8BD7,     0x5C38,     0x8671,     0x5341,     0x77F3,
      0x62FE,     0x65F6,     0x4EC0,     0x98DF,     0x8680,     0x5B9E,     0x8BC6,     0x53F2,
      0x77E2,     0x4F7F,     0x5C4E,     0x9A76,     0x59CB,     0x5F0F,     0x793A,     0x58EB,
      0x4E16,     0x67FF,     0x4E8B,     0x62ED,     0x8A93,     0x901D,     0x52BF,     0x662F,
      0x55DC,     0x566C,     0x9002,     0x4ED5,     0x4F8D,     0x91CA,     0x9970,     0x6C0F,
      0x5E02,     0x6043,     0x5BA4,     0x89C6,     0x8BD5,     0x6536,     0x624B,     0x9996,
      0x5B88,     0x5BFF,     0x6388,     0x552E,     0x53D7,     0x7626,     0x517D,     0x852C,
      0x67A2,     0x68B3,     0x6B8A,     0x6292,     0x8F93,     0x53D4,     0x8212,     0x6DD1,
      0x758F,     0x4E66,     0x8D4E,     0x5B70,     0x719F,     0x85AF,     0x6691,     0x66D9,
      0x7F72,     0x8700,     0x9ECD,     0x9F20,     0x5C5E,     0x672F,     0x8FF0,     0x6811,
      0x675F,     0x620D,     0x7AD6,     0x5885,     0x5EB6,     0x6570,     0x6F31,
      /* GB 0xCB40..0xCB7E */
      0x8582,     0x8583,     0x8586,     0x8588,     0x8589,     0x858A,     0x858B,     0x858C,
      0x858D,     0x858E,     0x8590,     0x8591,     0x8592,     0x8593,     0x8594,     0x8595,
      0x8596,     0x8597,     0x8598,     0x8599,     0x859A,     0x859D,     0x859E,     0x859F,
      0x85A0,     0x85A1,     0x85A2,     0x85A3,     0x85A5,     0x85A6,     0x85A7,     0x85A9,
      0x85AB,     0x85AC,     0x85AD,     0x85B1,     0x85B2,     0x85B3,     0x85B4,     0x85B5,
      0x85B6,     0x85B8,     0x85BA,     0x85BB,     0x85BC,     0x85BD,     0x85BE,     0x85BF,
      0x85C0,     0x85C2,     0x85C3,     0x85C4,     0x85C5,     0x85C6,     0x85C7,     0x85C8,
      0x85CA,     0x85CB,     0x85CC,     0x85CD,     0x85CE,     0x85D1,     0x85D2,
      /* GB 0xCB80..0xCBFE */
      0x85D4,     0x85D6,     0x85D7,     0x85D8,     0x85D9,     0x85DA,     0x85DB,     0x85DD,
      0x85DE,     0x85DF,     0x85E0,     0x85E1,     0x85E2,     0x85E3,     0x85E5,     0x85E6,
      0x85E7,     0x85E8,     0x85EA,     0x85EB,     0x85EC,     0x85ED,     0x85EE,     0x85EF,
      0x85F0,     0x85F1,     0x85F2,     0x85F3,     0x85F4,     0x85F5,     0x85F6,     0x85F7,
      0x85F8,     0x6055,     0x5237,     0x800D,     0x6454,     0x8870,     0x7529,     0x5E05,
      0x6813,     0x62F4,     0x971C,     0x53CC,     0x723D,     0x8C01,     0x6C34,     0x7761,
      0x7A0E,     0x542E,     0x77AC,     0x987A,     0x821C,     0x8BF4,     0x7855,     0x6714,
      0x70C1,     0x65AF,     0x6495,     0x5636,     0x601D,     0x79C1,     0x53F8,     0x4E1D,
      0x6B7B,     0x8086,     0x5BFA,     0x55E3,     0x56DB,     0x4F3A,     0x4F3C,     0x9972,
      0x5DF3,     0x677E,     0x8038,     0x6002,     0x9882,     0x9001,     0x5B8B,     0x8BBC,
      0x8BF5,     0x641C,     0x8258,     0x64DE,     0x55FD,     0x82CF,     0x9165,     0x4FD7,
      0x7D20,     0x901F,     0x7C9F,     0x50F3,     0x5851,     0x6EAF,     0x5BBF,     0x8BC9,
      0x8083,     0x9178,     0x849C,     0x7B97,     0x867D,     0x968B,     0x968F,     0x7EE5,
      0x9AD3,     0x788E,     0x5C81,     0x7A57,     0x9042,     0x96A7,     0x795F,     0x5B59,
      0x635F,     0x7B0B,     0x84D1,     0x68AD,     0x5506,     0x7F29,     0x7410,     0x7D22,
      0x9501,     0x6240,     0x584C,     0x4ED6,     0x5B83,     0x5979,     0x5854,
      /* GB 0xCC40..0xCC7E */
      0x85F9,     0x85FA,     0x85FC,     0x85FD,     0x85FE,     0x8600,     0x8601,     0x8602,
      0x8603,     0x8604,     0x8606,     0x8607,     0x8608,     0x8609,     0x860A,     0x860B,
      0x860C,     0x860D,     0x860E,     0x860F,     0x8610,     0x8612,     0x8613,     0x8614,
      0x8615,     0x8617,     0x8618,     0x8619,     0x861A,     0x861B,     0x861C,     0x861D,
      0x861E,     0x861F,     0x8620,     0x8621,     0x8622,     0x8623,     0x8624,     0x8625,
      0x8626,     0x8628,     0x862A,     0x862B,     0x862C,     0x862D,     0x862E,     0x862F,
      0x8630,     0x8631,     0x8632,     0x8633,     0x8634,     0x8635,     0x8636,     0x8637,
      0x8639,     0x863A,     0x863B,     0x863D,     0x863E,     0x863F,     0x8640,
      /* GB 0xCC80..0xCCFE */
      0x8641,     0x8642,     0x8643,     0x8644,     0x8645,     0x8646,     0x8647,     0x8648,
      0x8649,     0x864A,     0x864B,     0x864C,     0x8652,     0x8653,     0x8655,     0x8656,
      0x8657,     0x8658,     0x8659,     0x865B,     0x865C,     0x865D,     0x865F,     0x8660,
      0x8661,     0x8663,     0x8664,     0x8665,     0x8666,     0x8667,     0x8668,     0x8669,
      0x866A,     0x736D,     0x631E,     0x8E4B,     0x8E0F,     0x80CE,     0x82D4,     0x62AC,
      0x53F0,     0x6CF0,     0x915E,     0x592A,     0x6001,     0x6C70,     0x574D,     0x644A,
      0x8D2A,     0x762B,     0x6EE9,     0x575B,     0x6A80,     0x75F0,     0x6F6D,     0x8C2D,
      0x8C08,     0x5766,     0x6BEF,     0x8892,     0x78B3,     0x63A2,     0x53F9,     0x70AD,
      0x6C64,     0x5858,     0x642A,     0x5802,     0x68E0,     0x819B,     0x5510,     0x7CD6,
      0x5018,     0x8EBA,     0x6DCC,     0x8D9F,     0x70EB,     0x638F,     0x6D9B,     0x6ED4,
      0x7EE6,     0x8404,     0x6843,     0x9003,     0x6DD8,     0x9676,     0x8BA8,     0x5957,
      0x7279,     0x85E4,     0x817E,     0x75BC,     0x8A8A,     0x68AF,     0x5254,     0x8E22,
      0x9511,     0x63D0,     0x9898,     0x8E44,     0x557C,     0x4F53,     0x66FF,     0x568F,
      0x60D5,     0x6D95,     0x5243,     0x5C49,     0x5929,     0x6DFB,     0x586B,     0x7530,
      0x751C,     0x606C,     0x8214,     0x8146,     0x6311,     0x6761,     0x8FE2,     0x773A,
      0x8DF3,     0x8D34,     0x94C1,     0x5E16,     0x5385,     0x542C,     0x70C3,
      /* GB 0xCD40..0xCD7E */
      0x866D,     0x866F,     0x8670,     0x8672,     0x8673,     0x8674,     0x8675,     0x8676,
      0x8677,     0x8678,     0x8683,     0x8684,     0x8685,     0x8686,     0x8687,     0x8688,
      0x8689,     0x868E,     0x868F,     0x8690,     0x8691,     0x8692,     0x8694,     0x8696,
      0x8697,     0x8698,     0x8699,     0x869A,     0x869B,     0x869E,     0x869F,     0x86A0,
      0x86A1,     0x86A2,     0x86A5,     0x86A6,     0x86AB,     0x86AD,     0x86AE,     0x86B2,
      0x86B3,     0x86B7,     0x86B8,     0x86B9,     0x86BB,     0x86BC,     0x86BD,     0x86BE,
      0x86BF,     0x86C1,     0x86C2,     0x86C3,     0x86C5,     0x86C8,     0x86CC,     0x86CD,
      0x86D2,     0x86D3,     0x86D5,     0x86D6,     0x86D7,     0x86DA,     0x86DC,
      /* GB 0xCD80..0xCDFE */
      0x86DD,     0x86E0,     0x86E1,     0x86E2,     0x86E3,     0x86E5,     0x86E6,     0x86E7,
      0x86E8,     0x86EA,     0x86EB,     0x86EC,     0x86EF,     0x86F5,     0x86F6,     0x86F7,
      0x86FA,     0x86FB,     0x86FC,     0x86FD,     0x86FF,     0x8701,     0x8704,     0x8705,
      0x8706,     0x870B,     0x870C,     0x870E,     0x870F,     0x8710,     0x8711,     0x8714,
      0x8716,     0x6C40,     0x5EF7,     0x505C,     0x4EAD,     0x5EAD,     0x633A,     0x8247,
      0x901A,     0x6850,     0x916E,     0x77B3,     0x540C,     0x94DC,     0x5F64,     0x7AE5,
      0x6876,     0x6345,     0x7B52,     0x7EDF,     0x75DB,     0x5077,     0x6295,     0x5934,
      0x900F,     0x51F8,     0x79C3,     0x7A81,     0x56FE,     0x5F92,     0x9014,     0x6D82,
      0x5C60,     0x571F,     0x5410,     0x5154,     0x6E4D,     0x56E2,     0x63A8,     0x9893,
      0x817F,     0x8715,     0x892A,     0x9000,     0x541E,     0x5C6F,     0x81C0,     0x62D6,
      0x6258,     0x8131,     0x9E35,     0x9640,     0x9A6E,     0x9A7C,     0x692D,     0x59A5,
      0x62D3,     0x553E,     0x6316,     0x54C7,     0x86D9,     0x6D3C,     0x5A03,     0x74E6,
      0x889C,     0x6B6A,     0x5916,     0x8C4C,     0x5F2F,     0x6E7E,     0x73A9,     0x987D,
      0x4E38,     0x70F7,     0x5B8C,     0x7897,     0x633D,     0x665A,     0x7696,     0x60CB,
      0x5B9B,     0x5A49,     0x4E07,     0x8155,     0x6C6A,     0x738B,     0x4EA1,     0x6789,
      0x7F51,     0x5F80,     0x65FA,     0x671B,     0x5FD8,     0x5984,     0x5A01,
      /* GB 0xCE40..0xCE7E */
      0x8719,     0x871B,     0x871D,     0x871F,     0x8720,     0x8724,     0x8726,     0x8727,
      0x8728,     0x872A,     0x872B,     0x872C,     0x872D,     0x872F,     0x8730,     0x8732,
      0x8733,     0x8735,     0x8736,     0x8738,     0x8739,     0x873A,     0x873C,     0x873D,
      0x8740,     0x8741,     0x8742,     0x8743,     0x8744,     0x8745,     0x8746,     0x874A,
      0x874B,     0x874D,     0x874F,     0x8750,     0x8751,     0x8752,     0x8754,     0x8755,
      0x8756,     0x8758,     0x875A,     0x875B,     0x875C,     0x875D,     0x875E,     0x875F,
      0x8761,     0x8762,     0x8766,     0x8767,     0x8768,     0x8769,     0x876A,     0x876B,
      0x876C,     0x876D,     0x876F,     0x8771,     0x8772,     0x8773,     0x8775,
      /* GB 0xCE80..0xCEFE */
      0x8777,     0x8778,     0x8779,     0x877A,     0x877F,     0x8780,     0x8781,     0x8784,
      0x8786,     0x8787,     0x8789,     0x878A,     0x878C,     0x878E,     0x878F,     0x8790,
      0x8791,     0x8792,     0x8794,     0x8795,     0x8796,     0x8798,     0x8799,     0x879A,
      0x879B,     0x879C,     0x879D,     0x879E,     0x87A0,     0x87A1,     0x87A2,     0x87A3,
      0x87A4,     0x5DCD,     0x5FAE,     0x5371,     0x97E6,     0x8FDD,     0x6845,     0x56F4,
      0x552F,     0x60DF,     0x4E3A,     0x6F4D,     0x7EF4,     0x82C7,     0x840E,     0x59D4,
      0x4F1F,     0x4F2A,     0x5C3E,     0x7EAC,     0x672A,     0x851A,     0x5473,     0x754F,
      0x80C3,     0x5582,     0x9B4F,     0x4F4D,     0x6E2D,     0x8C13,     0x5C09,     0x6170,
      0x536B,     0x761F,     0x6E29,     0x868A,     0x6587,     0x95FB,     0x7EB9,     0x543B,
      0x7A33,     0x7D0A,     0x95EE,     0x55E1,     0x7FC1,     0x74EE,     0x631D,     0x8717,
      0x6DA1,     0x7A9D,     0x6211,     0x65A1,     0x5367,     0x63E1,     0x6C83,     0x5DEB,
      0x545C,     0x94A8,     0x4E4C,     0x6C61,     0x8BEC,     0x5C4B,     0x65E0,     0x829C,
      0x68A7,     0x543E,     0x5434,     0x6BCB,     0x6B66,     0x4E94,     0x6342,     0x5348,
      0x821E,     0x4F0D,     0x4FAE,     0x575E,     0x620A,     0x96FE,     0x6664,     0x7269,
      0x52FF,     0x52A1,     0x609F,     0x8BEF,     0x6614,     0x7199,     0x6790,     0x897F,
      0x7852,     0x77FD,     0x6670,     0x563B,     0x5438,     0x9521,     0x727A,
      /* GB 0xCF40..0xCF7E */
      0x87A5,     0x87A6,     0x87A7,     0x87A9,     0x87AA,     0x87AE,     0x87B0,     0x87B1,
      0x87B2,     0x87B4,     0x87B6,     0x87B7,     0x87B8,     0x87B9,     0x87BB,     0x87BC,
      0x87BE,     0x87BF,     0x87C1,     0x87C2,     0x87C3,     0x87C4,     0x87C5,     0x87C7,
      0x87C8,     0x87C9,     0x87CC,     0x87CD,     0x87CE,     0x87CF,     0x87D0,     0x87D4,
      0x87D5,     0x87D6,     0x87D7,     0x87D8,     0x87D9,     0x87DA,     0x87DC,     0x87DD,
      0x87DE,     0x87DF,     0x87E1,     0x87E2,     0x87E3,     0x87E4,     0x87E6,     0x87E7,
      0x87E8,     0x87E9,     0x87EB,     0x87EC,     0x87ED,     0x87EF,     0x87F0,     0x87F1,
      0x87F2,     0x87F3,     0x87F4,     0x87F5,     0x87F6,     0x87F7,     0x87F8,
      /* GB 0xCF80..0xCFFE */
      0x87FA,     0x87FB,     0x87FC,     0x87FD,     0x87FF,     0x8800,     0x8801,     0x8802,
      0x8804,     0x8805,     0x8806,     0x8807,     0x8808,     0x8809,     0x880B,     0x880C,
      0x880D,     0x880E,     0x880F,     0x8810,     0x8811,     0x8812,     0x8814,     0x8817,
      0x8818,     0x8819,     0x881A,     0x881C,     0x881D,     0x881E,     0x881F,     0x8820,
      0x8823,     0x7A00,     0x606F,     0x5E0C,     0x6089,     0x819D,     0x5915,     0x60DC,
      0x7184,     0x70EF,     0x6EAA,     0x6C50,     0x7280,     0x6A84,     0x88AD,     0x5E2D,
      0x4E60,     0x5AB3,     0x559C,     0x94E3,     0x6D17,     0x7CFB,     0x9699,     0x620F,
      0x7EC6,     0x778E,     0x867E,     0x5323,     0x971E,     0x8F96,     0x6687,     0x5CE1,
      0x4FA0,     0x72ED,     0x4E0B,     0x53A6,     0x590F,     0x5413,     0x6380,     0x9528,
      0x5148,     0x4ED9,     0x9C9C,     0x7EA4,     0x54B8,     0x8D24,     0x8854,     0x8237,
      0x95F2,     0x6D8E,     0x5F26,     0x5ACC,     0x663E,     0x9669,     0x73B0,     0x732E,
      0x53BF,     0x817A,     0x9985,     0x7FA1,     0x5BAA,     0x9677,     0x9650,     0x7EBF,
      0x76F8,     0x53A2,     0x9576,     0x9999,     0x7BB1,     0x8944,     0x6E58,     0x4E61,
      0x7FD4,     0x7965,     0x8BE6,     0x60F3,     0x54CD,     0x4EAB,     0x9879,     0x5DF7,
      0x6A61,     0x50CF,     0x5411,     0x8C61,     0x8427,     0x785D,     0x9704,     0x524A,
      0x54EE,     0x56A3,     0x9500,     0x6D88,     0x5BB5,     0x6DC6,     0x6653,
      /* GB 0xD040..0xD07E */
      0x8824,     0x8825,     0x8826,     0x8827,     0x8828,     0x8829,     0x882A,     0x882B,
      0x882C,     0x882D,     0x882E,     0x882F,     0x8830,     0x8831,     0x8833,     0x8834,
      0x8835,     0x8836,     0x8837,     0x8838,     0x883A,     0x883B,     0x883D,     0x883E,
      0x883F,     0x8841,     0x8842,     0x8843,     0x8846,     0x8847,     0x8848,     0x8849,
      0x884A,     0x884B,     0x884E,     0x884F,     0x8850,     0x8851,     0x8852,     0x8853,
      0x8855,     0x8856,     0x8858,     0x885A,     0x885B,     0x885C,     0x885D,     0x885E,
      0x885F,     0x8860,     0x8866,     0x8867,     0x886A,     0x886D,     0x886F,     0x8871,
      0x8873,     0x8874,     0x8875,     0x8876,     0x8878,     0x8879,     0x887A,
      /* GB 0xD080..0xD0FE */
      0x887B,     0x887C,     0x8880,     0x8883,     0x8886,     0x8887,     0x8889,     0x888A,
      0x888C,     0x888E,     0x888F,     0x8890,     0x8891,     0x8893,     0x8894,     0x8895,
      0x8897,     0x8898,     0x8899,     0x889A,     0x889B,     0x889D,     0x889E,     0x889F,
      0x88A0,     0x88A1,     0x88A3,     0x88A5,     0x88A6,     0x88A7,     0x88A8,     0x88A9,
      0x88AA,     0x5C0F,     0x5B5D,     0x6821,     0x8096,     0x5578,     0x7B11,     0x6548,
      0x6954,     0x4E9B,     0x6B47,     0x874E,     0x978B,     0x534F,     0x631F,     0x643A,
      0x90AA,     0x659C,     0x80C1,     0x8C10,     0x5199,     0x68B0,     0x5378,     0x87F9,
      0x61C8,     0x6CC4,     0x6CFB,     0x8C22,     0x5C51,     0x85AA,     0x82AF,     0x950C,
      0x6B23,     0x8F9B,     0x65B0,     0x5FFB,     0x5FC3,     0x4FE1,     0x8845,     0x661F,
      0x8165,     0x7329,     0x60FA,     0x5174,     0x5211,     0x578B,     0x5F62,     0x90A2,
      0x884C,     0x9192,     0x5E78,     0x674F,     0x6027,     0x59D3,     0x5144,     0x51F6,
      0x80F8,     0x5308,     0x6C79,     0x96C4,     0x718A,     0x4F11,     0x4FEE,     0x7F9E,
      0x673D,     0x55C5,     0x9508,     0x79C0,     0x8896,     0x7EE3,     0x589F,     0x620C,
      0x9700,     0x865A,     0x5618,     0x987B,     0x5F90,     0x8BB8,     0x84C4,     0x9157,
      0x53D9,     0x65ED,     0x5E8F,     0x755C,     0x6064,     0x7D6E,     0x5A7F,     0x7EEA,
      0x7EED,     0x8F69,     0x55A7,     0x5BA3,     0x60AC,     0x65CB,     0x7384,
      /* GB 0xD140..0xD17E */
      0x88AC,     0x88AE,     0x88AF,     0x88B0,     0x88B2,     0x88B3,     0x88B4,     0x88B5,
      0x88B6,     0x88B8,     0x88B9,     0x88BA,     0x88BB,     0x88BD,     0x88BE,     0x88BF,
      0x88C0,     0x88C3,     0x88C4,     0x88C7,     0x88C8,     0x88CA,     0x88CB,     0x88CC,
      0x88CD,     0x88CF,     0x88D0,     0x88D1,     0x88D3,     0x88D6,     0x88D7,     0x88DA,
      0x88DB,     0x88DC,     0x88DD,     0x88DE,     0x88E0,     0x88E1,     0x88E6,     0x88E7,
      0x88E9,     0x88EA,     0x88EB,     0x88EC,     0x88ED,     0x88EE,     0x88EF,     0x88F2,
      0x88F5,     0x88F6,     0x88F7,     0x88FA,     0x88FB,     0x88FD,     0x88FF,     0x8900,
      0x8901,     0x8903,     0x8904,     0x8905,     0x8906,     0x8907,     0x8908,
      /* GB 0xD180..0xD1FE */
      0x8909,     0x890B,     0x890C,     0x890D,     0x890E,     0x890F,     0x8911,     0x8914,
      0x8915,     0x8916,     0x8917,     0x8918,     0x891C,     0x891D,     0x891E,     0x891F,
      0x8920,     0x8922,     0x8923,     0x8924,     0x8926,     0x8927,     0x8928,     0x8929,
      0x892C,     0x892D,     0x892E,     0x892F,     0x8931,     0x8932,     0x8933,     0x8935,
      0x8937,     0x9009,     0x7663,     0x7729,     0x7EDA,     0x9774,     0x859B,     0x5B66,
      0x7A74,     0x96EA,     0x8840,     0x52CB,     0x718F,     0x5FAA,     0x65EC,     0x8BE2,
      0x5BFB,     0x9A6F,     0x5DE1,     0x6B89,     0x6C5B,     0x8BAD,     0x8BAF,     0x900A,
      0x8FC5,     0x538B,     0x62BC,     0x9E26,     0x9E2D,     0x5440,     0x4E2B,     0x82BD,
      0x7259,     0x869C,     0x5D16,     0x8859,     0x6DAF,     0x96C5,     0x54D1,     0x4E9A,
      0x8BB6,     0x7109,     0x54BD,     0x9609,     0x70DF,     0x6DF9,     0x76D0,     0x4E25,
      0x7814,     0x8712,     0x5CA9,     0x5EF6,     0x8A00,     0x989C,     0x960E,     0x708E,
      0x6CBF,     0x5944,     0x63A9,     0x773C,     0x884D,     0x6F14,     0x8273,     0x5830,
      0x71D5,     0x538C,     0x781A,     0x96C1,     0x5501,     0x5F66,     0x7130,     0x5BB4,
      0x8C1A,     0x9A8C,     0x6B83,     0x592E,     0x9E2F,     0x79E7,     0x6768,     0x626C,
      0x4F6F,     0x75A1,     0x7F8A,     0x6D0B,     0x9633,     0x6C27,     0x4EF0,     0x75D2,
      0x517B,     0x6837,     0x6F3E,     0x9080,     0x8170,     0x5996,     0x7476,
      /* GB 0xD240..0xD27E */
      0x8938,     0x8939,     0x893A,     0x893B,     0x893C,     0x893D,     0x893E,     0x893F,
      0x8940,     0x8942,     0x8943,     0x8945,     0x8946,     0x8947,     0x8948,     0x8949,
      0x894A,     0x894B,     0x894C,     0x894D,     0x894E,     0x894F,     0x8950,     0x8951,
      0x8952,     0x8953,     0x8954,     0x8955,     0x8956,     0x8957,     0x8958,     0x8959,
      0x895A,     0x895B,     0x895C,     0x895D,     0x8960,     0x8961,     0x8962,     0x8963,
      0x8964,     0x8965,     0x8967,     0x8968,     0x8969,     0x896A,     0x896B,     0x896C,
      0x896D,     0x896E,     0x896F,     0x8970,     0x8971,     0x8972,     0x8973,     0x8974,
      0x8975,     0x8976,     0x8977,     0x8978,     0x8979,     0x897A,     0x897C,
      /* GB 0xD280..0xD2FE */
      0x897D,     0x897E,     0x8980,     0x8982,     0x8984,     0x8985,     0x8987,     0x8988,
      0x8989,     0x898A,     0x898B,     0x898C,     0x898D,     0x898E,     0x898F,     0x8990,
      0x8991,     0x8992,     0x8993,     0x8994,     0x8995,     0x8996,     0x8997,     0x8998,
      0x8999,     0x899A,     0x899B,     0x899C,     0x899D,     0x899E,     0x899F,     0x89A0,
      0x89A1,     0x6447,     0x5C27,     0x9065,     0x7A91,     0x8C23,     0x59DA,     0x54AC,
      0x8200,     0x836F,     0x8981,     0x8000,     0x6930,     0x564E,     0x8036,     0x7237,
      0x91CE,     0x51B6,     0x4E5F,     0x9875,     0x6396,     0x4E1A,     0x53F6,     0x66F3,
      0x814B,     0x591C,     0x6DB2,     0x4E00,     0x58F9,     0x533B,     0x63D6,     0x94F1,
      0x4F9D,     0x4F0A,     0x8863,     0x9890,     0x5937,     0x9057,     0x79FB,     0x4EEA,
      0x80F0,     0x7591,     0x6C82,     0x5B9C,     0x59E8,     0x5F5D,     0x6905,     0x8681,
      0x501A,     0x5DF2,     0x4E59,     0x77E3,     0x4EE5,     0x827A,     0x6291,     0x6613,
      0x9091,     0x5C79,     0x4EBF,     0x5F79,     0x81C6,     0x9038,     0x8084,     0x75AB,
      0x4EA6,     0x88D4,     0x610F,     0x6BC5,     0x5FC6,     0x4E49,     0x76CA,     0x6EA2,
      0x8BE3,     0x8BAE,     0x8C0A,     0x8BD1,     0x5F02,     0x7FFC,     0x7FCC,     0x7ECE,
      0x8335,     0x836B,     0x56E0,     0x6BB7,     0x97F3,     0x9634,     0x59FB,     0x541F,
      0x94F6,     0x6DEB,     0x5BC5,     0x996E,     0x5C39,     0x5F15,     0x9690,
      /* GB 0xD340..0xD37E */
      0x89A2,     0x89A3,     0x89A4,     0x89A5,     0x89A6,     0x89A7,     0x89A8,     0x89A9,
      0x89AA,     0x89AB,     0x89AC,     0x89AD,     0x89AE,     0x89AF,     0x89B0,     0x89B1,
      0x89B2,     0x89B3,     0x89B4,     0x89B5,     0x89B6,     0x89B7,     0x89B8,     0x89B9,
      0x89BA,     0x89BB,     0x89BC,     0x89BD,     0x89BE,     0x89BF,     0x89C0,     0x89C3,
      0x89CD,     0x89D3,     0x89D4,     0x89D5,     0x89D7,     0x89D8,     0x89D9,     0x89DB,
      0x89DD,     0x89DF,     0x89E0,     0x89E1,     0x89E2,     0x89E4,     0x89E7,     0x89E8,
      0x89E9,     0x89EA,     0x89EC,     0x89ED,     0x89EE,     0x89F0,     0x89F1,     0x89F2,
      0x89F4,     0x89F5,     0x89F6,     0x89F7,     0x89F8,     0x89F9,     0x89FA,
      /* GB 0xD380..0xD3FE */
      0x89FB,     0x89FC,     0x89FD,     0x89FE,     0x89FF,     0x8A01,     0x8A02,     0x8A03,
      0x8A04,     0x8A05,     0x8A06,     0x8A08,     0x8A09,     0x8A0A,     0x8A0B,     0x8A0C,
      0x8A0D,     0x8A0E,     0x8A0F,     0x8A10,     0x8A11,     0x8A12,     0x8A13,     0x8A14,
      0x8A15,     0x8A16,     0x8A17,     0x8A18,     0x8A19,     0x8A1A,     0x8A1B,     0x8A1C,
      0x8A1D,     0x5370,     0x82F1,     0x6A31,     0x5A74,     0x9E70,     0x5E94,     0x7F28,
      0x83B9,     0x8424,     0x8425,     0x8367,     0x8747,     0x8FCE,     0x8D62,     0x76C8,
      0x5F71,     0x9896,     0x786C,     0x6620,     0x54DF,     0x62E5,     0x4F63,     0x81C3,
      0x75C8,     0x5EB8,     0x96CD,     0x8E0A,     0x86F9,     0x548F,     0x6CF3,     0x6D8C,
      0x6C38,     0x607F,     0x52C7,     0x7528,     0x5E7D,     0x4F18,     0x60A0,     0x5FE7,
      0x5C24,     0x7531,     0x90AE,     0x94C0,     0x72B9,     0x6CB9,     0x6E38,     0x9149,
      0x6709,     0x53CB,     0x53F3,     0x4F51,     0x91C9,     0x8BF1,     0x53C8,     0x5E7C,
      0x8FC2,     0x6DE4,     0x4E8E,     0x76C2,     0x6986,     0x865E,     0x611A,     0x8206,
      0x4F59,     0x4FDE,     0x903E,     0x9C7C,     0x6109,     0x6E1D,     0x6E14,     0x9685,
      0x4E88,     0x5A31,     0x96E8,     0x4E0E,     0x5C7F,     0x79B9,     0x5B87,     0x8BED,
      0x7FBD,     0x7389,     0x57DF,     0x828B,     0x90C1,     0x5401,     0x9047,     0x55BB,
      0x5CEA,     0x5FA1,     0x6108,     0x6B32,     0x72F1,     0x80B2,     0x8A89,
      /* GB 0xD440..0xD47E */
      0x8A1E,     0x8A1F,     0x8A20,     0x8A21,     0x8A22,     0x8A23,     0x8A24,     0x8A25,
      0x8A26,     0x8A27,     0x8A28,     0x8A29,     0x8A2A,     0x8A2B,     0x8A2C,     0x8A2D,
      0x8A2E,     0x8A2F,     0x8A30,     0x8A31,     0x8A32,     0x8A33,     0x8A34,     0x8A35,
      0x8A36,     0x8A37,     0x8A38,     0x8A39,     0x8A3A,     0x8A3B,     0x8A3C,     0x8A3D,
      0x8A3F,     0x8A40,     0x8A41,     0x8A42,     0x8A43,     0x8A44,     0x8A45,     0x8A46,
      0x8A47,     0x8A49,     0x8A4A,     0x8A4B,     0x8A4C,     0x8A4D,     0x8A4E,     0x8A4F,
      0x8A50,     0x8A51,     0x8A52,     0x8A53,     0x8A54,     0x8A55,     0x8A56,     0x8A57,
      0x8A58,     0x8A59,     0x8A5A,     0x8A5B,     0x8A5C,     0x8A5D,     0x8A5E,
      /* GB 0xD480..0xD4FE */
      0x8A5F,     0x8A60,     0x8A61,     0x8A62,     0x8A63,     0x8A64,     0x8A65,     0x8A66,
      0x8A67,     0x8A68,     0x8A69,     0x8A6A,     0x8A6B,     0x8A6C,     0x8A6D,     0x8A6E,
      0x8A6F,     0x8A70,     0x8A71,     0x8A72,     0x8A73,     0x8A74,     0x8A75,     0x8A76,
      0x8A77,     0x8A78,     0x8A7A,     0x8A7B,     0x8A7C,     0x8A7D,     0x8A7E,     0x8A7F,
      0x8A80,     0x6D74,     0x5BD3,     0x88D5,     0x9884,     0x8C6B,     0x9A6D,     0x9E33,
      0x6E0A,     0x51A4,     0x5143,     0x57A3,     0x8881,     0x539F,     0x63F4,     0x8F95,
      0x56ED,     0x5458,     0x5706,     0x733F,     0x6E90,     0x7F18,     0x8FDC,     0x82D1,
      0x613F,     0x6028,     0x9662,     0x66F0,     0x7EA6,     0x8D8A,     0x8DC3,     0x94A5,
      0x5CB3,     0x7CA4,     0x6708,     0x60A6,     0x9605,     0x8018,     0x4E91,     0x90E7,
      0x5300,     0x9668,     0x5141,     0x8FD0,     0x8574,     0x915D,     0x6655,     0x97F5,
      0x5B55,     0x531D,     0x7838,     0x6742,     0x683D,     0x54C9,     0x707E,     0x5BB0,
      0x8F7D,     0x518D,     0x5728,     0x54B1,     0x6512,     0x6682,     0x8D5E,     0x8D43,
      0x810F,     0x846C,     0x906D,     0x7CDF,     0x51FF,     0x85FB,     0x67A3,     0x65E9,
      0x6FA1,     0x86A4,     0x8E81,     0x566A,     0x9020,     0x7682,     0x7076,     0x71E5,
      0x8D23,     0x62E9,     0x5219,     0x6CFD,     0x8D3C,     0x600E,     0x589E,     0x618E,
      0x66FE,     0x8D60,     0x624E,     0x55B3,     0x6E23,     0x672D,     0x8F67,
      /* GB 0xD540..0xD57E */
      0x8A81,     0x8A82,     0x8A83,     0x8A84,     0x8A85,     0x8A86,     0x8A87,     0x8A88,
      0x8A8B,     0x8A8C,     0x8A8D,     0x8A8E,     0x8A8F,     0x8A90,     0x8A91,     0x8A92,
      0x8A94,     0x8A95,     0x8A96,     0x8A97,     0x8A98,     0x8A99,     0x8A9A,     0x8A9B,
      0x8A9C,     0x8A9D,     0x8A9E,     0x8A9F,     0x8AA0,     0x8AA1,     0x8AA2,     0x8AA3,
      0x8AA4,     0x8AA5,     0x8AA6,     0x8AA7,     0x8AA8,     0x8AA9,     0x8AAA,     0x8AAB,
      0x8AAC,     0x8AAD,     0x8AAE,     0x8AAF,     0x8AB0,     0x8AB1,     0x8AB2,     0x8AB3,
      0x8AB4,     0x8AB5,     0x8AB6,     0x8AB7,     0x8AB8,     0x8AB9,     0x8ABA,     0x8ABB,
      0x8ABC,     0x8ABD,     0x8ABE,     0x8ABF,     0x8AC0,     0x8AC1,     0x8AC2,
      /* GB 0xD580..0xD5FE */
      0x8AC3,     0x8AC4,     0x8AC5,     0x8AC6,     0x8AC7,     0x8AC8,     0x8AC9,     0x8ACA,
      0x8ACB,     0x8ACC,     0x8ACD,     0x8ACE,     0x8ACF,     0x8AD0,     0x8AD1,     0x8AD2,
      0x8AD3,     0x8AD4,     0x8AD5,     0x8AD6,     0x8AD7,     0x8AD8,     0x8AD9,     0x8ADA,
      0x8ADB,     0x8ADC,     0x8ADD,     0x8ADE,     0x8ADF,     0x8AE0,     0x8AE1,     0x8AE2,
      0x8AE3,     0x94E1,     0x95F8,     0x7728,     0x6805,     0x69A8,     0x548B,     0x4E4D,
      0x70B8,     0x8BC8,     0x6458,     0x658B,     0x5B85,     0x7A84,     0x503A,     0x5BE8,
      0x77BB,     0x6BE1,     0x8A79,     0x7C98,     0x6CBE,     0x76CF,     0x65A9,     0x8F97,
      0x5D2D,     0x5C55,     0x8638,     0x6808,     0x5360,     0x6218,     0x7AD9,     0x6E5B,
      0x7EFD,     0x6A1F,     0x7AE0,     0x5F70,     0x6F33,     0x5F20,     0x638C,     0x6DA8,
      0x6756,     0x4E08,     0x5E10,     0x8D26,     0x4ED7,     0x80C0,     0x7634,     0x969C,
      0x62DB,     0x662D,     0x627E,     0x6CBC,     0x8D75,     0x7167,     0x7F69,     0x5146,
      0x8087,     0x53EC,     0x906E,     0x6298,     0x54F2,     0x86F0,     0x8F99,     0x8005,
      0x9517,     0x8517,     0x8FD9,     0x6D59,     0x73CD,     0x659F,     0x771F,     0x7504,
      0x7827,     0x81FB,     0x8D1E,     0x9488,     0x4FA6,     0x6795,     0x75B9,     0x8BCA,
      0x9707,     0x632F,     0x9547,     0x9635,     0x84B8,     0x6323,     0x7741,     0x5F81,
      0x72F0,     0x4E89,     0x6014,     0x6574,     0x62EF,     0x6B63,     0x653F,
      /* GB 0xD640..0xD67E */
      0x8AE4,     0x8AE5,     0x8AE6,     0x8AE7,     0x8AE8,     0x8AE9,     0x8AEA,     0x8AEB,
      0x8AEC,     0x8AED,     0x8AEE,     0x8AEF,     0x8AF0,     0x8AF1,     0x8AF2,     0x8AF3,
      0x8AF4,     0x8AF5,     0x8AF6,     0x8AF7,     0x8AF8,     0x8AF9,     0x8AFA,     0x8AFB,
      0x8AFC,     0x8AFD,     0x8AFE,     0x8AFF,     0x8B00,     0x8B01,     0x8B02,     0x8B03,
      0x8B04,     0x8B05,     0x8B06,     0x8B08,     0x8B09,     0x8B0A,     0x8B0B,     0x8B0C,
      0x8B0D,     0x8B0E,     0x8B0F,     0x8B10,     0x8B11,     0x8B12,     0x8B13,     0x8B14,
      0x8B15,     0x8B16,     0x8B17,     0x8B18,     0x8B19,     0x8B1A,     0x8B1B,     0x8B1C,
      0x8B1D,     0x8B1E,     0x8B1F,     0x8B20,     0x8B21,     0x8B22,     0x8B23,
      /* GB 0xD680..0xD6FE */
      0x8B24,     0x8B25,     0x8B27,     0x8B28,     0x8B29,     0x8B2A,     0x8B2B,     0x8B2C,
      0x8B2D,     0x8B2E,     0x8B2F,     0x8B30,     0x8B31,     0x8B32,     0x8B33,     0x8B34,
      0x8B35,     0x8B36,     0x8B37,     0x8B38,     0x8B39,     0x8B3A,     0x8B3B,     0x8B3C,
      0x8B3D,     0x8B3E,     0x8B3F,     0x8B40,     0x8B41,     0x8B42,     0x8B43,     0x8B44,
      0x8B45,     0x5E27,     0x75C7,     0x90D1,     0x8BC1,     0x829D,     0x679D,     0x652F,
      0x5431,     0x8718,     0x77E5,     0x80A2,     0x8102,     0x6C41,     0x4E4B,     0x7EC7,
      0x804C,     0x76F4,     0x690D,     0x6B96,     0x6267,     0x503C,     0x4F84,     0x5740,
      0x6307,     0x6B62,     0x8DBE,     0x53EA,     0x65E8,     0x7EB8,     0x5FD7,     0x631A,
      0x63B7,     0x81F3,     0x81F4,     0x7F6E,     0x5E1C,     0x5CD9,     0x5236,     0x667A,
      0x79E9,     0x7A1A,     0x8D28,     0x7099,     0x75D4,     0x6EDE,     0x6CBB,     0x7A92,
      0x4E2D,     0x76C5,     0x5FE0,     0x949F,     0x8877,     0x7EC8,     0x79CD,     0x80BF,
      0x91CD,     0x4EF2,     0x4F17,     0x821F,     0x5468,     0x5DDE,     0x6D32,     0x8BCC,
      0x7CA5,     0x8F74,     0x8098,     0x5E1A,     0x5492,     0x76B1,     0x5B99,     0x663C,
      0x9AA4,     0x73E0,     0x682A,     0x86DB,     0x6731,     0x732A,     0x8BF8,     0x8BDB,
      0x9010,     0x7AF9,     0x70DB,     0x716E,     0x62C4,     0x77A9,     0x5631,     0x4E3B,
      0x8457,     0x67F1,     0x52A9,     0x86C0,     0x8D2E,     0x94F8,     0x7B51,
      /* GB 0xD740..0xD77E */
      0x8B46,     0x8B47,     0x8B48,     0x8B49,     0x8B4A,     0x8B4B,     0x8B4C,     0x8B4D,
      0x8B4E,     0x8B4F,     0x8B50,     0x8B51,     0x8B52,     0x8B53,     0x8B54,     0x8B55,
      0x8B56,     0x8B57,     0x8B58,     0x8B59,     0x8B5A,     0x8B5B,     0x8B5C,     0x8B5D,
      0x8B5E,     0x8B5F,     0x8B60,     0x8B61,     0x8B62,     0x8B63,     0x8B64,     0x8B65,
      0x8B67,     0x8B68,     0x8B69,     0x8B6A,     0x8B6B,     0x8B6D,     0x8B6E,     0x8B6F,
      0x8B70,     0x8B71,     0x8B72,     0x8B73,     0x8B74,     0x8B75,     0x8B76,     0x8B77,
      0x8B78,     0x8B79,     0x8B7A,     0x8B7B,     0x8B7C,     0x8B7D,     0x8B7E,     0x8B7F,
      0x8B80,     0x8B81,     0x8B82,     0x8B83,     0x8B84,     0x8B85,     0x8B86,
      /* GB 0xD780..0xD7FE */
      0x8B87,     0x8B88,     0x8B89,     0x8B8A,     0x8B8B,     0x8B8C,     0x8B8D,     0x8B8E,
      0x8B8F,     0x8B90,     0x8B91,     0x8B92,     0x8B93,     0x8B94,     0x8B95,     0x8B96,
      0x8B97,     0x8B98,     0x8B99,     0x8B9A,     0x8B9B,     0x8B9C,     0x8B9D,     0x8B9E,
      0x8B9F,     0x8BAC,     0x8BB1,     0x8BBB,     0x8BC7,     0x8BD0,     0x8BEA,     0x8C09,
      0x8C1E,     0x4F4F,     0x6CE8,     0x795D,     0x9A7B,     0x6293,     0x722A,     0x62FD,
      0x4E13,     0x7816,     0x8F6C,     0x64B0,     0x8D5A,     0x7BC6,     0x6869,     0x5E84,
      0x88C5,     0x5986,     0x649E,     0x58EE,     0x72B6,     0x690E,     0x9525,     0x8FFD,
      0x8D58,     0x5760,     0x7F00,     0x8C06,     0x51C6,     0x6349,     0x62D9,     0x5353,
      0x684C,     0x7422,     0x8301,     0x914C,     0x5544,     0x7740,     0x707C,     0x6D4A,
      0x5179,     0x54A8,     0x8D44,     0x59FF,     0x6ECB,     0x6DC4,     0x5B5C,     0x7D2B,
      0x4ED4,     0x7C7D,     0x6ED3,     0x5B50,     0x81EA,     0x6E0D,     0x5B57,     0x9B03,
      0x68D5,     0x8E2A,     0x5B97,     0x7EFC,     0x603B,     0x7EB5,     0x90B9,     0x8D70,
      0x594F,     0x63CD,     0x79DF,     0x8DB3,     0x5352,     0x65CF,     0x7956,     0x8BC5,
      0x963B,     0x7EC4,     0x94BB,     0x7E82,     0x5634,     0x9189,     0x6700,     0x7F6A,
      0x5C0A,     0x9075,     0x6628,     0x5DE6,     0x4F50,     0x67DE,     0x505A,     0x4F5C,
      0x5750,     0x5EA7,     0xE810,     0xE811,     0xE812,     0xE813,     0xE814,
      /* GB 0xD840..0xD87E */
      0x8C38,     0x8C39,     0x8C3A,     0x8C3B,     0x8C3C,     0x8C3D,     0x8C3E,     0x8C3F,
      0x8C40,     0x8C42,     0x8C43,     0x8C44,     0x8C45,     0x8C48,     0x8C4A,     0x8C4B,
      0x8C4D,     0x8C4E,     0x8C4F,     0x8C50,     0x8C51,     0x8C52,     0x8C53,     0x8C54,
      0x8C56,     0x8C57,     0x8C58,     0x8C59,     0x8C5B,     0x8C5C,     0x8C5D,     0x8C5E,
      0x8C5F,     0x8C60,     0x8C63,     0x8C64,     0x8C65,     0x8C66,     0x8C67,     0x8C68,
      0x8C69,     0x8C6C,     0x8C6D,     0x8C6E,     0x8C6F,     0x8C70,     0x8C71,     0x8C72,
      0x8C74,     0x8C75,     0x8C76,     0x8C77,     0x8C7B,     0x8C7C,     0x8C7D,     0x8C7E,
      0x8C7F,     0x8C80,     0x8C81,     0x8C83,     0x8C84,     0x8C86,     0x8C87,
      /* GB 0xD880..0xD8FE */
      0x8C88,     0x8C8B,     0x8C8D,     0x8C8E,     0x8C8F,     0x8C90,     0x8C91,     0x8C92,
      0x8C93,     0x8C95,     0x8C96,     0x8C97,     0x8C99,     0x8C9A,     0x8C9B,     0x8C9C,
      0x8C9D,     0x8C9E,     0x8C9F,     0x8CA0,     0x8CA1,     0x8CA2,     0x8CA3,     0x8CA4,
      0x8CA5,     0x8CA6,     0x8CA7,     0x8CA8,     0x8CA9,     0x8CAA,     0x8CAB,     0x8CAC,
      0x8CAD,     0x4E8D,     0x4E0C,     0x5140,     0x4E10,     0x5EFF,     0x5345,     0x4E15,
      0x4E98,     0x4E1E,     0x9B32,     0x5B6C,     0x5669,     0x4E28,     0x79BA,     0x4E3F,
      0x5315,     0x4E47,     0x592D,     0x723B,     0x536E,     0x6C10,     0x56DF,     0x80E4,
      0x9997,     0x6BD3,     0x777E,     0x9F17,     0x4E36,     0x4E9F,     0x9F10,     0x4E5C,
      0x4E69,     0x4E93,     0x8288,     0x5B5B,     0x556C,     0x560F,     0x4EC4,     0x538D,
      0x539D,     0x53A3,     0x53A5,     0x53AE,     0x9765,     0x8D5D,     0x531A,     0x53F5,
      0x5326,     0x532E,     0x533E,     0x8D5C,     0x5366,     0x5363,     0x5202,     0x5208,
      0x520E,     0x522D,     0x5233,     0x523F,     0x5240,     0x524C,     0x525E,     0x5261,
      0x525C,     0x84AF,     0x527D,     0x5282,     0x5281,     0x5290,     0x5293,     0x5182,
      0x7F54,     0x4EBB,     0x4EC3,     0x4EC9,     0x4EC2,     0x4EE8,     0x4EE1,     0x4EEB,
      0x4EDE,     0x4F1B,     0x4EF3,     0x4F22,     0x4F64,     0x4EF5,     0x4F25,     0x4F27,
      0x4F09,     0x4F2B,     0x4F5E,     0x4F67,     0x6538,     0x4F5A,     0x4F5D,
      /* GB 0xD940..0xD97E */
      0x8CAE,     0x8CAF,     0x8CB0,     0x8CB1,     0x8CB2,     0x8CB3,     0x8CB4,     0x8CB5,
      0x8CB6,     0x8CB7,     0x8CB8,     0x8CB9,     0x8CBA,     0x8CBB,     0x8CBC,     0x8CBD,
      0x8CBE,     0x8CBF,     0x8CC0,     0x8CC1,     0x8CC2,     0x8CC3,     0x8CC4,     0x8CC5,
      0x8CC6,     0x8CC7,     0x8CC8,     0x8CC9,     0x8CCA,     0x8CCB,     0x8CCC,     0x8CCD,
      0x8CCE,     0x8CCF,     0x8CD0,     0x8CD1,     0x8CD2,     0x8CD3,     0x8CD4,     0x8CD5,
      0x8CD6,     0x8CD7,     0x8CD8,     0x8CD9,     0x8CDA,     0x8CDB,     0x8CDC,     0x8CDD,
      0x8CDE,     0x8CDF,     0x8CE0,     0x8CE1,     0x8CE2,     0x8CE3,     0x8CE4,     0x8CE5,
      0x8CE6,     0x8CE7,     0x8CE8,     0x8CE9,     0x8CEA,     0x8CEB,     0x8CEC,
      /* GB 0xD980..0xD9FE */
      0x8CED,     0x8CEE,     0x8CEF,     0x8CF0,     0x8CF1,     0x8CF2,     0x8CF3,     0x8CF4,
      0x8CF5,     0x8CF6,     0x8CF7,     0x8CF8,     0x8CF9,     0x8CFA,     0x8CFB,     0x8CFC,
      0x8CFD,     0x8CFE,     0x8CFF,     0x8D00,     0x8D01,     0x8D02,     0x8D03,     0x8D04,
      0x8D05,     0x8D06,     0x8D07,     0x8D08,     0x8D09,     0x8D0A,     0x8D0B,     0x8D0C,
      0x8D0D,     0x4F5F,     0x4F57,     0x4F32,     0x4F3D,     0x4F76,     0x4F74,     0x4F91,
      0x4F89,     0x4F83,     0x4F8F,     0x4F7E,     0x4F7B,     0x4FAA,     0x4F7C,     0x4FAC,
      0x4F94,     0x4FE6,     0x4FE8,     0x4FEA,     0x4FC5,     0x4FDA,     0x4FE3,     0x4FDC,
      0x4FD1,     0x4FDF,     0x4FF8,     0x5029,     0x504C,     0x4FF3,     0x502C,     0x500F,
      0x502E,     0x502D,     0x4FFE,     0x501C,     0x500C,     0x5025,     0x5028,     0x507E,
      0x5043,     0x5055,     0x5048,     0x504E,     0x506C,     0x507B,     0x50A5,     0x50A7,
      0x50A9,     0x50BA,     0x50D6,     0x5106,     0x50ED,     0x50EC,     0x50E6,     0x50EE,
      0x5107,     0x510B,     0x4EDD,     0x6C3D,     0x4F58,     0x4F65,     0x4FCE,     0x9FA0,
      0x6C46,     0x7C74,     0x516E,     0x5DFD,     0x9EC9,     0x9998,     0x5181,     0x5914,
      0x52F9,     0x530D,     0x8A07,     0x5310,     0x51EB,     0x5919,     0x5155,     0x4EA0,
      0x5156,     0x4EB3,     0x886E,     0x88A4,     0x4EB5,     0x8114,     0x88D2,     0x7980,
      0x5B34,     0x8803,     0x7FB8,     0x51AB,     0x51B1,     0x51BD,     0x51BC,
      /* GB 0xDA40..0xDA7E */
      0x8D0E,     0x8D0F,     0x8D10,     0x8D11,     0x8D12,     0x8D13,     0x8D14,     0x8D15,
      0x8D16,     0x8D17,     0x8D18,     0x8D19,     0x8D1A,     0x8D1B,     0x8D1C,     0x8D20,
      0x8D51,     0x8D52,     0x8D57,     0x8D5F,     0x8D65,     0x8D68,     0x8D69,     0x8D6A,
      0x8D6C,     0x8D6E,     0x8D6F,     0x8D71,     0x8D72,     0x8D78,     0x8D79,     0x8D7A,
      0x8D7B,     0x8D7C,     0x8D7D,     0x8D7E,     0x8D7F,     0x8D80,     0x8D82,     0x8D83,
      0x8D86,     0x8D87,     0x8D88,     0x8D89,     0x8D8C,     0x8D8D,     0x8D8E,     0x8D8F,
      0x8D90,     0x8D92,     0x8D93,     0x8D95,     0x8D96,     0x8D97,     0x8D98,     0x8D99,
      0x8D9A,     0x8D9B,     0x8D9C,     0x8D9D,     0x8D9E,     0x8DA0,     0x8DA1,
      /* GB 0xDA80..0xDAFE */
      0x8DA2,     0x8DA4,     0x8DA5,     0x8DA6,     0x8DA7,     0x8DA8,     0x8DA9,     0x8DAA,
      0x8DAB,     0x8DAC,     0x8DAD,     0x8DAE,     0x8DAF,     0x8DB0,     0x8DB2,     0x8DB6,
      0x8DB7,     0x8DB9,     0x8DBB,     0x8DBD,     0x8DC0,     0x8DC1,     0x8DC2,     0x8DC5,
      0x8DC7,     0x8DC8,     0x8DC9,     0x8DCA,     0x8DCD,     0x8DD0,     0x8DD2,     0x8DD3,
      0x8DD4,     0x51C7,     0x5196,     0x51A2,     0x51A5,     0x8BA0,     0x8BA6,     0x8BA7,
      0x8BAA,     0x8BB4,     0x8BB5,     0x8BB7,     0x8BC2,     0x8BC3,     0x8BCB,     0x8BCF,
      0x8BCE,     0x8BD2,     0x8BD3,     0x8BD4,     0x8BD6,     0x8BD8,     0x8BD9,     0x8BDC,
      0x8BDF,     0x8BE0,     0x8BE4,     0x8BE8,     0x8BE9,     0x8BEE,     0x8BF0,     0x8BF3,
      0x8BF6,     0x8BF9,     0x8BFC,     0x8BFF,     0x8C00,     0x8C02,     0x8C04,     0x8C07,
      0x8C0C,     0x8C0F,     0x8C11,     0x8C12,     0x8C14,     0x8C15,     0x8C16,     0x8C19,
      0x8C1B,     0x8C18,     0x8C1D,     0x8C1F,     0x8C20,     0x8C21,     0x8C25,     0x8C27,
      0x8C2A,     0x8C2B,     0x8C2E,     0x8C2F,     0x8C32,     0x8C33,     0x8C35,     0x8C36,
      0x5369,     0x537A,     0x961D,     0x9622,     0x9621,     0x9631,     0x962A,     0x963D,
      0x963C,     0x9642,     0x9649,     0x9654,     0x965F,     0x9667,     0x966C,     0x9672,
      0x9674,     0x9688,     0x968D,     0x9697,     0x96B0,     0x9097,     0x909B,     0x909D,
      0x9099,     0x90AC,     0x90A1,     0x90B4,     0x90B3,     0x90B6,     0x90BA,
      /* GB 0xDB40..0xDB7E */
      0x8DD5,     0x8DD8,     0x8DD9,     0x8DDC,     0x8DE0,     0x8DE1,     0x8DE2,     0x8DE5,
      0x8DE6,     0x8DE7,     0x8DE9,     0x8DED,     0x8DEE,     0x8DF0,     0x8DF1,     0x8DF2,
      0x8DF4,     0x8DF6,     0x8DFC,     0x8DFE,     0x8DFF,     0x8E00,     0x8E01,     0x8E02,
      0x8E03,     0x8E04,     0x8E06,     0x8E07,     0x8E08,     0x8E0B,     0x8E0D,     0x8E0E,
      0x8E10,     0x8E11,     0x8E12,     0x8E13,     0x8E15,     0x8E16,     0x8E17,     0x8E18,
      0x8E19,     0x8E1A,     0x8E1B,     0x8E1C,     0x8E20,     0x8E21,     0x8E24,     0x8E25,
      0x8E26,     0x8E27,     0x8E28,     0x8E2B,     0x8E2D,     0x8E30,     0x8E32,     0x8E33,
      0x8E34,     0x8E36,     0x8E37,     0x8E38,     0x8E3B,     0x8E3C,     0x8E3E,
      /* GB 0xDB80..0xDBFE */
      0x8E3F,     0x8E43,     0x8E45,     0x8E46,     0x8E4C,     0x8E4D,     0x8E4E,     0x8E4F,
      0x8E50,     0x8E53,     0x8E54,     0x8E55,     0x8E56,     0x8E57,     0x8E58,     0x8E5A,
      0x8E5B,     0x8E5C,     0x8E5D,     0x8E5E,     0x8E5F,     0x8E60,     0x8E61,     0x8E62,
      0x8E63,     0x8E64,     0x8E65,     0x8E67,     0x8E68,     0x8E6A,     0x8E6B,     0x8E6E,
      0x8E71,     0x90B8,     0x90B0,     0x90CF,     0x90C5,     0x90BE,     0x90D0,     0x90C4,
      0x90C7,     0x90D3,     0x90E6,     0x90E2,     0x90DC,     0x90D7,     0x90DB,     0x90EB,
      0x90EF,     0x90FE,     0x9104,     0x9122,     0x911E,     0x9123,     0x9131,     0x912F,
      0x9139,     0x9143,     0x9146,     0x520D,     0x5942,     0x52A2,     0x52AC,     0x52AD,
      0x52BE,     0x54FF,     0x52D0,     0x52D6,     0x52F0,     0x53DF,     0x71EE,     0x77CD,
      0x5EF4,     0x51F5,     0x51FC,     0x9B2F,     0x53B6,     0x5F01,     0x755A,     0x5DEF,
      0x574C,     0x57A9,     0x57A1,     0x587E,     0x58BC,     0x58C5,     0x58D1,     0x5729,
      0x572C,     0x572A,     0x5733,     0x5739,     0x572E,     0x572F,     0x575C,     0x573B,
      0x5742,     0x5769,     0x5785,     0x576B,     0x5786,     0x577C,     0x577B,     0x5768,
      0x576D,     0x5776,     0x5773,     0x57AD,     0x57A4,     0x578C,     0x57B2,     0x57CF,
      0x57A7,     0x57B4,     0x5793,     0x57A0,     0x57D5,     0x57D8,     0x57DA,     0x57D9,
      0x57D2,     0x57B8,     0x57F4,     0x57EF,     0x57F8,     0x57E4,     0x57DD,
      /* GB 0xDC40..0xDC7E */
      0x8E73,     0x8E75,     0x8E77,     0x8E78,     0x8E79,     0x8E7A,     0x8E7B,     0x8E7D,
      0x8E7E,     0x8E80,     0x8E82,     0x8E83,     0x8E84,     0x8E86,     0x8E88,     0x8E89,
      0x8E8A,     0x8E8B,     0x8E8C,     0x8E8D,     0x8E8E,     0x8E91,     0x8E92,     0x8E93,
      0x8E95,     0x8E96,     0x8E97,     0x8E98,     0x8E99,     0x8E9A,     0x8E9B,     0x8E9D,
      0x8E9F,     0x8EA0,     0x8EA1,     0x8EA2,     0x8EA3,     0x8EA4,     0x8EA5,     0x8EA6,
      0x8EA7,     0x8EA8,     0x8EA9,     0x8EAA,     0x8EAD,     0x8EAE,     0x8EB0,     0x8EB1,
      0x8EB3,     0x8EB4,     0x8EB5,     0x8EB6,     0x8EB7,     0x8EB8,     0x8EB9,     0x8EBB,
      0x8EBC,     0x8EBD,     0x8EBE,     0x8EBF,     0x8EC0,     0x8EC1,     0x8EC2,
      /* GB 0xDC80..0xDCFE */
      0x8EC3,     0x8EC4,     0x8EC5,     0x8EC6,     0x8EC7,     0x8EC8,     0x8EC9,     0x8ECA,
      0x8ECB,     0x8ECC,     0x8ECD,     0x8ECF,     0x8ED0,     0x8ED1,     0x8ED2,     0x8ED3,
      0x8ED4,     0x8ED5,     0x8ED6,     0x8ED7,     0x8ED8,     0x8ED9,     0x8EDA,     0x8EDB,
      0x8EDC,     0x8EDD,     0x8EDE,     0x8EDF,     0x8EE0,     0x8EE1,     0x8EE2,     0x8EE3,
      0x8EE4,     0x580B,     0x580D,     0x57FD,     0x57ED,     0x5800,     0x581E,     0x5819,
      0x5844,     0x5820,     0x5865,     0x586C,     0x5881,     0x5889,     0x589A,     0x5880,
      0x99A8,     0x9F19,     0x61FF,     0x8279,     0x827D,     0x827F,     0x828F,     0x828A,
      0x82A8,     0x8284,     0x828E,     0x8291,     0x8297,     0x8299,     0x82AB,     0x82B8,
      0x82BE,     0x82B0,     0x82C8,     0x82CA,     0x82E3,     0x8298,     0x82B7,     0x82AE,
      0x82CB,     0x82CC,     0x82C1,     0x82A9,     0x82B4,     0x82A1,     0x82AA,     0x829F,
      0x82C4,     0x82CE,     0x82A4,     0x82E1,     0x8309,     0x82F7,     0x82E4,     0x830F,
      0x8307,     0x82DC,     0x82F4,     0x82D2,     0x82D8,     0x830C,     0x82FB,     0x82D3,
      0x8311,     0x831A,     0x8306,     0x8314,     0x8315,     0x82E0,     0x82D5,     0x831C,
      0x8351,     0x835B,     0x835C,     0x8308,     0x8392,     0x833C,     0x8334,     0x8331,
      0x839B,     0x835E,     0x832F,     0x834F,     0x8347,     0x8343,     0x835F,     0x8340,
      0x8317,     0x8360,     0x832D,     0x833A,     0x8333,     0x8366,     0x8365,
      /* GB 0xDD40..0xDD7E */
      0x8EE5,     0x8EE6,     0x8EE7,     0x8EE8,     0x8EE9,     0x8EEA,     0x8EEB,     0x8EEC,
      0x8EED,     0x8EEE,     0x8EEF,     0x8EF0,     0x8EF1,     0x8EF2,     0x8EF3,     0x8EF4,
      0x8EF5,     0x8EF6,     0x8EF7,     0x8EF8,     0x8EF9,     0x8EFA,     0x8EFB,     0x8EFC,
      0x8EFD,     0x8EFE,     0x8EFF,     0x8F00,     0x8F01,     0x8F02,     0x8F03,     0x8F04,
      0x8F05,     0x8F06,     0x8F07,     0x8F08,     0x8F09,     0x8F0A,     0x8F0B,     0x8F0C,
      0x8F0D,     0x8F0E,     0x8F0F,     0x8F10,     0x8F11,     0x8F12,     0x8F13,     0x8F14,
      0x8F15,     0x8F16,     0x8F17,     0x8F18,     0x8F19,     0x8F1A,     0x8F1B,     0x8F1C,
      0x8F1D,     0x8F1E,     0x8F1F,     0x8F20,     0x8F21,     0x8F22,     0x8F23,
      /* GB 0xDD80..0xDDFE */
      0x8F24,     0x8F25,     0x8F26,     0x8F27,     0x8F28,     0x8F29,     0x8F2A,     0x8F2B,
      0x8F2C,     0x8F2D,     0x8F2E,     0x8F2F,     0x8F30,     0x8F31,     0x8F32,     0x8F33,
      0x8F34,     0x8F35,     0x8F36,     0x8F37,     0x8F38,     0x8F39,     0x8F3A,     0x8F3B,
      0x8F3C,     0x8F3D,     0x8F3E,     0x8F3F,     0x8F40,     0x8F41,     0x8F42,     0x8F43,
      0x8F44,     0x8368,     0x831B,     0x8369,     0x836C,     0x836A,     0x836D,     0x836E,
      0x83B0,     0x8378,     0x83B3,     0x83B4,     0x83A0,     0x83AA,     0x8393,     0x839C,
      0x8385,     0x837C,     0x83B6,     0x83A9,     0x837D,     0x83B8,     0x837B,     0x8398,
      0x839E,     0x83A8,     0x83BA,     0x83BC,     0x83C1,     0x8401,     0x83E5,     0x83D8,
      0x5807,     0x8418,     0x840B,     0x83DD,     0x83FD,     0x83D6,     0x841C,     0x8438,
      0x8411,     0x8406,     0x83D4,     0x83DF,     0x840F,     0x8403,     0x83F8,     0x83F9,
      0x83EA,     0x83C5,     0x83C0,     0x8426,     0x83F0,     0x83E1,     0x845C,     0x8451,
      0x845A,     0x8459,     0x8473,     0x8487,     0x8488,     0x847A,     0x8489,     0x8478,
      0x843C,     0x8446,     0x8469,     0x8476,     0x848C,     0x848E,     0x8431,     0x846D,
      0x84C1,     0x84CD,     0x84D0,     0x84E6,     0x84BD,     0x84D3,     0x84CA,     0x84BF,
      0x84BA,     0x84E0,     0x84A1,     0x84B9,     0x84B4,     0x8497,     0x84E5,     0x84E3,
      0x850C,     0x750D,     0x8538,     0x84F0,     0x8539,     0x851F,     0x853A,
      /* GB 0xDE40..0xDE7E */
      0x8F45,     0x8F46,     0x8F47,     0x8F48,     0x8F49,     0x8F4A,     0x8F4B,     0x8F4C,
      0x8F4D,     0x8F4E,     0x8F4F,     0x8F50,     0x8F51,     0x8F52,     0x8F53,     0x8F54,
      0x8F55,     0x8F56,     0x8F57,     0x8F58,     0x8F59,     0x8F5A,     0x8F5B,     0x8F5C,
      0x8F5D,     0x8F5E,     0x8F5F,     0x8F60,     0x8F61,     0x8F62,     0x8F63,     0x8F64,
      0x8F65,     0x8F6A,     0x8F80,     0x8F8C,     0x8F92,     0x8F9D,     0x8FA0,     0x8FA1,
      0x8FA2,     0x8FA4,     0x8FA5,     0x8FA6,     0x8FA7,     0x8FAA,     0x8FAC,     0x8FAD,
      0x8FAE,     0x8FAF,     0x8FB2,     0x8FB3,     0x8FB4,     0x8FB5,     0x8FB7,     0x8FB8,
      0x8FBA,     0x8FBB,     0x8FBC,     0x8FBF,     0x8FC0,     0x8FC3,     0x8FC6,
      /* GB 0xDE80..0xDEFE */
      0x8FC9,     0x8FCA,     0x8FCB,     0x8FCC,     0x8FCD,     0x8FCF,     0x8FD2,     0x8FD6,
      0x8FD7,     0x8FDA,     0x8FE0,     0x8FE1,     0x8FE3,     0x8FE7,     0x8FEC,     0x8FEF,
      0x8FF1,     0x8FF2,     0x8FF4,     0x8FF5,     0x8FF6,     0x8FFA,     0x8FFB,     0x8FFC,
      0x8FFE,     0x8FFF,     0x9007,     0x9008,     0x900C,     0x900E,     0x9013,     0x9015,
      0x9018,     0x8556,     0x853B,     0x84FF,     0x84FC,     0x8559,     0x8548,     0x8568,
      0x8564,     0x855E,     0x857A,     0x77A2,     0x8543,     0x8572,     0x857B,     0x85A4,
      0x85A8,     0x8587,     0x858F,     0x8579,     0x85AE,     0x859C,     0x8585,     0x85B9,
      0x85B7,     0x85B0,     0x85D3,     0x85C1,     0x85DC,     0x85FF,     0x8627,     0x8605,
      0x8629,     0x8616,     0x863C,     0x5EFE,     0x5F08,     0x593C,     0x5941,     0x8037,
      0x5955,     0x595A,     0x5958,     0x530F,     0x5C22,     0x5C25,     0x5C2C,     0x5C34,
      0x624C,     0x626A,     0x629F,     0x62BB,     0x62CA,     0x62DA,     0x62D7,     0x62EE,
      0x6322,     0x62F6,     0x6339,     0x634B,     0x6343,     0x63AD,     0x63F6,     0x6371,
      0x637A,     0x638E,     0x63B4,     0x636D,     0x63AC,     0x638A,     0x6369,     0x63AE,
      0x63BC,     0x63F2,     0x63F8,     0x63E0,     0x63FF,     0x63C4,     0x63DE,     0x63CE,
      0x6452,     0x63C6,     0x63BE,     0x6445,     0x6441,     0x640B,     0x641B,     0x6420,
      0x640C,     0x6426,     0x6421,     0x645E,     0x6484,     0x646D,     0x6496,
      /* GB 0xDF40..0xDF7E */
      0x9019,     0x901C,     0x9023,     0x9024,     0x9025,     0x9027,     0x9028,     0x9029,
      0x902A,     0x902B,     0x902C,     0x9030,     0x9031,     0x9032,     0x9033,     0x9034,
      0x9037,     0x9039,     0x903A,     0x903D,     0x903F,     0x9040,     0x9043,     0x9045,
      0x9046,     0x9048,     0x9049,     0x904A,     0x904B,     0x904C,     0x904E,     0x9054,
      0x9055,     0x9056,     0x9059,     0x905A,     0x905C,     0x905D,     0x905E,     0x905F,
      0x9060,     0x9061,     0x9064,     0x9066,     0x9067,     0x9069,     0x906A,     0x906B,
      0x906C,     0x906F,     0x9070,     0x9071,     0x9072,     0x9073,     0x9076,     0x9077,
      0x9078,     0x9079,     0x907A,     0x907B,     0x907C,     0x907E,     0x9081,
      /* GB 0xDF80..0xDFFE */
      0x9084,     0x9085,     0x9086,     0x9087,     0x9089,     0x908A,     0x908C,     0x908D,
      0x908E,     0x908F,     0x9090,     0x9092,     0x9094,     0x9096,     0x9098,     0x909A,
      0x909C,     0x909E,     0x909F,     0x90A0,     0x90A4,     0x90A5,     0x90A7,     0x90A8,
      0x90A9,     0x90AB,     0x90AD,     0x90B2,     0x90B7,     0x90BC,     0x90BD,     0x90BF,
      0x90C0,     0x647A,     0x64B7,     0x64B8,     0x6499,     0x64BA,     0x64C0,     0x64D0,
      0x64D7,     0x64E4,     0x64E2,     0x6509,     0x6525,     0x652E,     0x5F0B,     0x5FD2,
      0x7519,     0x5F11,     0x535F,     0x53F1,     0x53FD,     0x53E9,     0x53E8,     0x53FB,
      0x5412,     0x5416,     0x5406,     0x544B,     0x5452,     0x5453,     0x5454,     0x5456,
      0x5443,     0x5421,     0x5457,     0x5459,     0x5423,     0x5432,     0x5482,     0x5494,
      0x5477,     0x5471,     0x5464,     0x549A,     0x549B,     0x5484,     0x5476,     0x5466,
      0x549D,     0x54D0,     0x54AD,     0x54C2,     0x54B4,     0x54D2,     0x54A7,     0x54A6,
      0x54D3,     0x54D4,     0x5472,     0x54A3,     0x54D5,     0x54BB,     0x54BF,     0x54CC,
      0x54D9,     0x54DA,     0x54DC,     0x54A9,     0x54AA,     0x54A4,     0x54DD,     0x54CF,
      0x54DE,     0x551B,     0x54E7,     0x5520,     0x54FD,     0x5514,     0x54F3,     0x5522,
      0x5523,     0x550F,     0x5511,     0x5527,     0x552A,     0x5567,     0x558F,     0x55B5,
      0x5549,     0x556D,     0x5541,     0x5555,     0x553F,     0x5550,     0x553C,
      /* GB 0xE040..0xE07E */
      0x90C2,     0x90C3,     0x90C6,     0x90C8,     0x90C9,     0x90CB,     0x90CC,     0x90CD,
      0x90D2,     0x90D4,     0x90D5,     0x90D6,     0x90D8,     0x90D9,     0x90DA,     0x90DE,
      0x90DF,     0x90E0,     0x90E3,     0x90E4,     0x90E5,     0x90E9,     0x90EA,     0x90EC,
      0x90EE,     0x90F0,     0x90F1,     0x90F2,     0x90F3,     0x90F5,     0x90F6,     0x90F7,
      0x90F9,     0x90FA,     0x90FB,     0x90FC,     0x90FF,     0x9100,     0x9101,     0x9103,
      0x9105,     0x9106,     0x9107,     0x9108,     0x9109,     0x910A,     0x910B,     0x910C,
      0x910D,     0x910E,     0x910F,     0x9110,     0x9111,     0x9112,     0x9113,     0x9114,
      0x9115,     0x9116,     0x9117,     0x9118,     0x911A,     0x911B,     0x911C,
      /* GB 0xE080..0xE0FE */
      0x911D,     0x911F,     0x9120,     0x9121,     0x9124,     0x9125,     0x9126,     0x9127,
      0x9128,     0x9129,     0x912A,     0x912B,     0x912C,     0x912D,     0x912E,     0x9130,
      0x9132,     0x9133,     0x9134,     0x9135,     0x9136,     0x9137,     0x9138,     0x913A,
      0x913B,     0x913C,     0x913D,     0x913E,     0x913F,     0x9140,     0x9141,     0x9142,
      0x9144,     0x5537,     0x5556,     0x5575,     0x5576,     0x5577,     0x5533,     0x5530,
      0x555C,     0x558B,     0x55D2,     0x5583,     0x55B1,     0x55B9,     0x5588,     0x5581,
      0x559F,     0x557E,     0x55D6,     0x5591,     0x557B,     0x55DF,     0x55BD,     0x55BE,
      0x5594,     0x5599,     0x55EA,     0x55F7,     0x55C9,     0x561F,     0x55D1,     0x55EB,
      0x55EC,     0x55D4,     0x55E6,     0x55DD,     0x55C4,     0x55EF,     0x55E5,     0x55F2,
      0x55F3,     0x55CC,     0x55CD,     0x55E8,     0x55F5,     0x55E4,     0x8F94,     0x561E,
      0x5608,     0x560C,     0x5601,     0x5624,     0x5623,     0x55FE,     0x5600,     0x5627,
      0x562D,     0x5658,     0x5639,     0x5657,     0x562C,     0x564D,     0x5662,     0x5659,
      0x565C,     0x564C,     0x5654,     0x5686,     0x5664,     0x5671,     0x566B,     0x567B,
      0x567C,     0x5685,     0x5693,     0x56AF,     0x56D4,     0x56D7,     0x56DD,     0x56E1,
      0x56F5,     0x56EB,     0x56F9,     0x56FF,     0x5704,     0x570A,     0x5709,     0x571C,
      0x5E0F,     0x5E19,     0x5E14,     0x5E11,     0x5E31,     0x5E3B,     0x5E3C,
      /* GB 0xE140..0xE17E */
      0x9145,     0x9147,     0x9148,     0x9151,     0x9153,     0x9154,     0x9155,     0x9156,
      0x9158,     0x9159,     0x915B,     0x915C,     0x915F,     0x9160,     0x9166,     0x9167,
      0x9168,     0x916B,     0x916D,     0x9173,     0x917A,     0x917B,     0x917C,     0x9180,
      0x9181,     0x9182,     0x9183,     0x9184,     0x9186,     0x9188,     0x918A,     0x918E,
      0x918F,     0x9193,     0x9194,     0x9195,     0x9196,     0x9197,     0x9198,     0x9199,
      0x919C,     0x919D,     0x919E,     0x919F,     0x91A0,     0x91A1,     0x91A4,     0x91A5,
      0x91A6,     0x91A7,     0x91A8,     0x91A9,     0x91AB,     0x91AC,     0x91B0,     0x91B1,
      0x91B2,     0x91B3,     0x91B6,     0x91B7,     0x91B8,     0x91B9,     0x91BB,
      /* GB 0xE180..0xE1FE */
      0x91BC,     0x91BD,     0x91BE,     0x91BF,     0x91C0,     0x91C1,     0x91C2,     0x91C3,
      0x91C4,     0x91C5,     0x91C6,     0x91C8,     0x91CB,     0x91D0,     0x91D2,     0x91D3,
      0x91D4,     0x91D5,     0x91D6,     0x91D7,     0x91D8,     0x91D9,     0x91DA,     0x91DB,
      0x91DD,     0x91DE,     0x91DF,     0x91E0,     0x91E1,     0x91E2,     0x91E3,     0x91E4,
      0x91E5,     0x5E37,     0x5E44,     0x5E54,     0x5E5B,     0x5E5E,     0x5E61,     0x5C8C,
      0x5C7A,     0x5C8D,     0x5C90,     0x5C96,     0x5C88,     0x5C98,     0x5C99,     0x5C91,
      0x5C9A,     0x5C9C,     0x5CB5,     0x5CA2,     0x5CBD,     0x5CAC,     0x5CAB,     0x5CB1,
      0x5CA3,     0x5CC1,     0x5CB7,     0x5CC4,     0x5CD2,     0x5CE4,     0x5CCB,     0x5CE5,
      0x5D02,     0x5D03,     0x5D27,     0x5D26,     0x5D2E,     0x5D24,     0x5D1E,     0x5D06,
      0x5D1B,     0x5D58,     0x5D3E,     0x5D34,     0x5D3D,     0x5D6C,     0x5D5B,     0x5D6F,
      0x5D5D,     0x5D6B,     0x5D4B,     0x5D4A,     0x5D69,     0x5D74,     0x5D82,     0x5D99,
      0x5D9D,     0x8C73,     0x5DB7,     0x5DC5,     0x5F73,     0x5F77,     0x5F82,     0x5F87,
      0x5F89,     0x5F8C,     0x5F95,     0x5F99,     0x5F9C,     0x5FA8,     0x5FAD,     0x5FB5,
      0x5FBC,     0x8862,     0x5F61,     0x72AD,     0x72B0,     0x72B4,     0x72B7,     0x72B8,
      0x72C3,     0x72C1,     0x72CE,     0x72CD,     0x72D2,     0x72E8,     0x72EF,     0x72E9,
      0x72F2,     0x72F4,     0x72F7,     0x7301,     0x72F3,     0x7303,     0x72FA,
      /* GB 0xE240..0xE27E */
      0x91E6,     0x91E7,     0x91E8,     0x91E9,     0x91EA,     0x91EB,     0x91EC,     0x91ED,
      0x91EE,     0x91EF,     0x91F0,     0x91F1,     0x91F2,     0x91F3,     0x91F4,     0x91F5,
      0x91F6,     0x91F7,     0x91F8,     0x91F9,     0x91FA,     0x91FB,     0x91FC,     0x91FD,
      0x91FE,     0x91FF,     0x9200,     0x9201,     0x9202,     0x9203,     0x9204,     0x9205,
      0x9206,     0x9207,     0x9208,     0x9209,     0x920A,     0x920B,     0x920C,     0x920D,
      0x920E,     0x920F,     0x9210,     0x9211,     0x9212,     0x9213,     0x9214,     0x9215,
      0x9216,     0x9217,     0x9218,     0x9219,     0x921A,     0x921B,     0x921C,     0x921D,
      0x921E,     0x921F,     0x9220,     0x9221,     0x9222,     0x9223,     0x9224,
      /* GB 0xE280..0xE2FE */
      0x9225,     0x9226,     0x9227,     0x9228,     0x9229,     0x922A,     0x922B,     0x922C,
      0x922D,     0x922E,     0x922F,     0x9230,     0x9231,     0x9232,     0x9233,     0x9234,
      0x9235,     0x9236,     0x9237,     0x9238,     0x9239,     0x923A,     0x923B,     0x923C,
      0x923D,     0x923E,     0x923F,     0x9240,     0x9241,     0x9242,     0x9243,     0x9244,
      0x9245,     0x72FB,     0x7317,     0x7313,     0x7321,     0x730A,     0x731E,     0x731D,
      0x7315,     0x7322,     0x7339,     0x7325,     0x732C,     0x7338,     0x7331,     0x7350,
      0x734D,     0x7357,     0x7360,     0x736C,     0x736F,     0x737E,     0x821B,     0x5925,
      0x98E7,     0x5924,     0x5902,     0x9963,     0x9967,     0x9968,     0x9969,     0x996A,
      0x996B,     0x996C,     0x9974,     0x9977,     0x997D,     0x9980,     0x9984,     0x9987,
      0x998A,     0x998D,     0x9990,     0x9991,     0x9993,     0x9994,     0x9995,     0x5E80,
      0x5E91,     0x5E8B,     0x5E96,     0x5EA5,     0x5EA0,     0x5EB9,     0x5EB5,     0x5EBE,
      0x5EB3,     0x8D53,     0x5ED2,     0x5ED1,     0x5EDB,     0x5EE8,     0x5EEA,     0x81BA,
      0x5FC4,     0x5FC9,     0x5FD6,     0x5FCF,     0x6003,     0x5FEE,     0x6004,     0x5FE1,
      0x5FE4,     0x5FFE,     0x6005,     0x6006,     0x5FEA,     0x5FED,     0x5FF8,     0x6019,
      0x6035,     0x6026,     0x601B,     0x600F,     0x600D,     0x6029,     0x602B,     0x600A,
      0x603F,     0x6021,     0x6078,     0x6079,     0x607B,     0x607A,     0x6042,
      /* GB 0xE340..0xE37E */
      0x9246,     0x9247,     0x9248,     0x9249,     0x924A,     0x924B,     0x924C,     0x924D,
      0x924E,     0x924F,     0x9250,     0x9251,     0x9252,     0x9253,     0x9254,     0x9255,
      0x9256,     0x9257,     0x9258,     0x9259,     0x925A,     0x925B,     0x925C,     0x925D,
      0x925E,     0x925F,     0x9260,     0x9261,     0x9262,     0x9263,     0x9264,     0x9265,
      0x9266,     0x9267,     0x9268,     0x9269,     0x926A,     0x926B,     0x926C,     0x926D,
      0x926E,     0x926F,     0x9270,     0x9271,     0x9272,     0x9273,     0x9275,     0x9276,
      0x9277,     0x9278,     0x9279,     0x927A,     0x927B,     0x927C,     0x927D,     0x927E,
      0x927F,     0x9280,     0x9281,     0x9282,     0x9283,     0x9284,     0x9285,
      /* GB 0xE380..0xE3FE */
      0x9286,     0x9287,     0x9288,     0x9289,     0x928A,     0x928B,     0x928C,     0x928D,
      0x928F,     0x9290,     0x9291,     0x9292,     0x9293,     0x9294,     0x9295,     0x9296,
      0x9297,     0x9298,     0x9299,     0x929A,     0x929B,     0x929C,     0x929D,     0x929E,
      0x929F,     0x92A0,     0x92A1,     0x92A2,     0x92A3,     0x92A4,     0x92A5,     0x92A6,
      0x92A7,     0x606A,     0x607D,     0x6096,     0x609A,     0x60AD,     0x609D,     0x6083,
      0x6092,     0x608C,     0x609B,     0x60EC,     0x60BB,     0x60B1,     0x60DD,     0x60D8,
      0x60C6,     0x60DA,     0x60B4,     0x6120,     0x6126,     0x6115,     0x6123,     0x60F4,
      0x6100,     0x610E,     0x612B,     0x614A,     0x6175,     0x61AC,     0x6194,     0x61A7,
      0x61B7,     0x61D4,     0x61F5,     0x5FDD,     0x96B3,     0x95E9,     0x95EB,     0x95F1,
      0x95F3,     0x95F5,     0x95F6,     0x95FC,     0x95FE,     0x9603,     0x9604,     0x9606,
      0x9608,     0x960A,     0x960B,     0x960C,     0x960D,     0x960F,     0x9612,     0x9615,
      0x9616,     0x9617,     0x9619,     0x961A,     0x4E2C,     0x723F,     0x6215,     0x6C35,
      0x6C54,     0x6C5C,     0x6C4A,     0x6CA3,     0x6C85,     0x6C90,     0x6C94,     0x6C8C,
      0x6C68,     0x6C69,     0x6C74,     0x6C76,     0x6C86,     0x6CA9,     0x6CD0,     0x6CD4,
      0x6CAD,     0x6CF7,     0x6CF8,     0x6CF1,     0x6CD7,     0x6CB2,     0x6CE0,     0x6CD6,
      0x6CFA,     0x6CEB,     0x6CEE,     0x6CB1,     0x6CD3,     0x6CEF,     0x6CFE,
      /* GB 0xE440..0xE47E */
      0x92A8,     0x92A9,     0x92AA,     0x92AB,     0x92AC,     0x92AD,     0x92AF,     0x92B0,
      0x92B1,     0x92B2,     0x92B3,     0x92B4,     0x92B5,     0x92B6,     0x92B7,     0x92B8,
      0x92B9,     0x92BA,     0x92BB,     0x92BC,     0x92BD,     0x92BE,     0x92BF,     0x92C0,
      0x92C1,     0x92C2,     0x92C3,     0x92C4,     0x92C5,     0x92C6,     0x92C7,     0x92C9,
      0x92CA,     0x92CB,     0x92CC,     0x92CD,     0x92CE,     0x92CF,     0x92D0,     0x92D1,
      0x92D2,     0x92D3,     0x92D4,     0x92D5,     0x92D6,     0x92D7,     0x92D8,     0x92D9,
      0x92DA,     0x92DB,     0x92DC,     0x92DD,     0x92DE,     0x92DF,     0x92E0,     0x92E1,
      0x92E2,     0x92E3,     0x92E4,     0x92E5,     0x92E6,     0x92E7,     0x92E8,
      /* GB 0xE480..0xE4FE */
      0x92E9,     0x92EA,     0x92EB,     0x92EC,     0x92ED,     0x92EE,     0x92EF,     0x92F0,
      0x92F1,     0x92F2,     0x92F3,     0x92F4,     0x92F5,     0x92F6,     0x92F7,     0x92F8,
      0x92F9,     0x92FA,     0x92FB,     0x92FC,     0x92FD,     0x92FE,     0x92FF,     0x9300,
      0x9301,     0x9302,     0x9303,     0x9304,     0x9305,     0x9306,     0x9307,     0x9308,
      0x9309,     0x6D39,     0x6D27,     0x6D0C,     0x6D43,     0x6D48,     0x6D07,     0x6D04,
      0x6D19,     0x6D0E,     0x6D2B,     0x6D4D,     0x6D2E,     0x6D35,     0x6D1A,     0x6D4F,
      0x6D52,     0x6D54,     0x6D33,     0x6D91,     0x6D6F,     0x6D9E,     0x6DA0,     0x6D5E,
      0x6D93,     0x6D94,     0x6D5C,     0x6D60,     0x6D7C,     0x6D63,     0x6E1A,     0x6DC7,
      0x6DC5,     0x6DDE,     0x6E0E,     0x6DBF,     0x6DE0,     0x6E11,     0x6DE6,     0x6DDD,
      0x6DD9,     0x6E16,     0x6DAB,     0x6E0C,     0x6DAE,     0x6E2B,     0x6E6E,     0x6E4E,
      0x6E6B,     0x6EB2,     0x6E5F,     0x6E86,     0x6E53,     0x6E54,     0x6E32,     0x6E25,
      0x6E44,     0x6EDF,     0x6EB1,     0x6E98,     0x6EE0,     0x6F2D,     0x6EE2,     0x6EA5,
      0x6EA7,     0x6EBD,     0x6EBB,     0x6EB7,     0x6ED7,     0x6EB4,     0x6ECF,     0x6E8F,
      0x6EC2,     0x6E9F,     0x6F62,     0x6F46,     0x6F47,     0x6F24,     0x6F15,     0x6EF9,
      0x6F2F,     0x6F36,     0x6F4B,     0x6F74,     0x6F2A,     0x6F09,     0x6F29,     0x6F89,
      0x6F8D,     0x6F8C,     0x6F78,     0x6F72,     0x6F7C,     0x6F7A,     0x6FD1,
      /* GB 0xE540..0xE57E */
      0x930A,     0x930B,     0x930C,     0x930D,     0x930E,     0x930F,     0x9310,     0x9311,
      0x9312,     0x9313,     0x9314,     0x9315,     0x9316,     0x9317,     0x9318,     0x9319,
      0x931A,     0x931B,     0x931C,     0x931D,     0x931E,     0x931F,     0x9320,     0x9321,
      0x9322,     0x9323,     0x9324,     0x9325,     0x9326,     0x9327,     0x9328,     0x9329,
      0x932A,     0x932B,     0x932C,     0x932D,     0x932E,     0x932F,     0x9330,     0x9331,
      0x9332,     0x9333,     0x9334,     0x9335,     0x9336,     0x9337,     0x9338,     0x9339,
      0x933A,     0x933B,     0x933C,     0x933D,     0x933F,     0x9340,     0x9341,     0x9342,
      0x9343,     0x9344,     0x9345,     0x9346,     0x9347,     0x9348,     0x9349,
      /* GB 0xE580..0xE5FE */
      0x934A,     0x934B,     0x934C,     0x934D,     0x934E,     0x934F,     0x9350,     0x9351,
      0x9352,     0x9353,     0x9354,     0x9355,     0x9356,     0x9357,     0x9358,     0x9359,
      0x935A,     0x935B,     0x935C,     0x935D,     0x935E,     0x935F,     0x9360,     0x9361,
      0x9362,     0x9363,     0x9364,     0x9365,     0x9366,     0x9367,     0x9368,     0x9369,
      0x936B,     0x6FC9,     0x6FA7,     0x6FB9,     0x6FB6,     0x6FC2,     0x6FE1,     0x6FEE,
      0x6FDE,     0x6FE0,     0x6FEF,     0x701A,     0x7023,     0x701B,     0x7039,     0x7035,
      0x704F,     0x705E,     0x5B80,     0x5B84,     0x5B95,     0x5B93,     0x5BA5,     0x5BB8,
      0x752F,     0x9A9E,     0x6434,     0x5BE4,     0x5BEE,     0x8930,     0x5BF0,     0x8E47,
      0x8B07,     0x8FB6,     0x8FD3,     0x8FD5,     0x8FE5,     0x8FEE,     0x8FE4,     0x8FE9,
      0x8FE6,     0x8FF3,     0x8FE8,     0x9005,     0x9004,     0x900B,     0x9026,     0x9011,
      0x900D,     0x9016,     0x9021,     0x9035,     0x9036,     0x902D,     0x902F,     0x9044,
      0x9051,     0x9052,     0x9050,     0x9068,     0x9058,     0x9062,     0x905B,     0x66B9,
      0x9074,     0x907D,     0x9082,     0x9088,     0x9083,     0x908B,     0x5F50,     0x5F57,
      0x5F56,     0x5F58,     0x5C3B,     0x54AB,     0x5C50,     0x5C59,     0x5B71,     0x5C63,
      0x5C66,     0x7FBC,     0x5F2A,     0x5F29,     0x5F2D,     0x8274,     0x5F3C,     0x9B3B,
      0x5C6E,     0x5981,     0x5983,     0x598D,     0x59A9,     0x59AA,     0x59A3,
      /* GB 0xE640..0xE67E */
      0x936C,     0x936D,     0x936E,     0x936F,     0x9370,     0x9371,     0x9372,     0x9373,
      0x9374,     0x9375,     0x9376,     0x9377,     0x9378,     0x9379,     0x937A,     0x937B,
      0x937C,     0x937D,     0x937E,     0x937F,     0x9380,     0x9381,     0x9382,     0x9383,
      0x9384,     0x9385,     0x9386,     0x9387,     0x9388,     0x9389,     0x938A,     0x938B,
      0x938C,     0x938D,     0x938E,     0x9390,     0x9391,     0x9392,     0x9393,     0x9394,
      0x9395,     0x9396,     0x9397,     0x9398,     0x9399,     0x939A,     0x939B,     0x939C,
      0x939D,     0x939E,     0x939F,     0x93A0,     0x93A1,     0x93A2,     0x93A3,     0x93A4,
      0x93A5,     0x93A6,     0x93A7,     0x93A8,     0x93A9,     0x93AA,     0x93AB,
      /* GB 0xE680..0xE6FE */
      0x93AC,     0x93AD,     0x93AE,     0x93AF,     0x93B0,     0x93B1,     0x93B2,     0x93B3,
      0x93B4,     0x93B5,     0x93B6,     0x93B7,     0x93B8,     0x93B9,     0x93BA,     0x93BB,
      0x93BC,     0x93BD,     0x93BE,     0x93BF,     0x93C0,     0x93C1,     0x93C2,     0x93C3,
      0x93C4,     0x93C5,     0x93C6,     0x93C7,     0x93C8,     0x93C9,     0x93CB,     0x93CC,
      0x93CD,     0x5997,     0x59CA,     0x59AB,     0x599E,     0x59A4,     0x59D2,     0x59B2,
      0x59AF,     0x59D7,     0x59BE,     0x5A05,     0x5A06,     0x59DD,     0x5A08,     0x59E3,
      0x59D8,     0x59F9,     0x5A0C,     0x5A09,     0x5A32,     0x5A34,     0x5A11,     0x5A23,
      0x5A13,     0x5A40,     0x5A67,     0x5A4A,     0x5A55,     0x5A3C,     0x5A62,     0x5A75,
      0x80EC,     0x5AAA,     0x5A9B,     0x5A77,     0x5A7A,     0x5ABE,     0x5AEB,     0x5AB2,
      0x5AD2,     0x5AD4,     0x5AB8,     0x5AE0,     0x5AE3,     0x5AF1,     0x5AD6,     0x5AE6,
      0x5AD8,     0x5ADC,     0x5B09,     0x5B17,     0x5B16,     0x5B32,     0x5B37,     0x5B40,
      0x5C15,     0x5C1C,     0x5B5A,     0x5B65,     0x5B73,     0x5B51,     0x5B53,     0x5B62,
      0x9A75,     0x9A77,     0x9A78,     0x9A7A,     0x9A7F,     0x9A7D,     0x9A80,     0x9A81,
      0x9A85,     0x9A88,     0x9A8A,     0x9A90,     0x9A92,     0x9A93,     0x9A96,     0x9A98,
      0x9A9B,     0x9A9C,     0x9A9D,     0x9A9F,     0x9AA0,     0x9AA2,     0x9AA3,     0x9AA5,
      0x9AA7,     0x7E9F,     0x7EA1,     0x7EA3,     0x7EA5,     0x7EA8,     0x7EA9,
      /* GB 0xE740..0xE77E */
      0x93CE,     0x93CF,     0x93D0,     0x93D1,     0x93D2,     0x93D3,     0x93D4,     0x93D5,
      0x93D7,     0x93D8,     0x93D9,     0x93DA,     0x93DB,     0x93DC,     0x93DD,     0x93DE,
      0x93DF,     0x93E0,     0x93E1,     0x93E2,     0x93E3,     0x93E4,     0x93E5,     0x93E6,
      0x93E7,     0x93E8,     0x93E9,     0x93EA,     0x93EB,     0x93EC,     0x93ED,     0x93EE,
      0x93EF,     0x93F0,     0x93F1,     0x93F2,     0x93F3,     0x93F4,     0x93F5,     0x93F6,
      0x93F7,     0x93F8,     0x93F9,     0x93FA,     0x93FB,     0x93FC,     0x93FD,     0x93FE,
      0x93FF,     0x9400,     0x9401,     0x9402,     0x9403,     0x9404,     0x9405,     0x9406,
      0x9407,     0x9408,     0x9409,     0x940A,     0x940B,     0x940C,     0x940D,
      /* GB 0xE780..0xE7FE */
      0x940E,     0x940F,     0x9410,     0x9411,     0x9412,     0x9413,     0x9414,     0x9415,
      0x9416,     0x9417,     0x9418,     0x9419,     0x941A,     0x941B,     0x941C,     0x941D,
      0x941E,     0x941F,     0x9420,     0x9421,     0x9422,     0x9423,     0x9424,     0x9425,
      0x9426,     0x9427,     0x9428,     0x9429,     0x942A,     0x942B,     0x942C,     0x942D,
      0x942E,     0x7EAD,     0x7EB0,     0x7EBE,     0x7EC0,     0x7EC1,     0x7EC2,     0x7EC9,
      0x7ECB,     0x7ECC,     0x7ED0,     0x7ED4,     0x7ED7,     0x7EDB,     0x7EE0,     0x7EE1,
      0x7EE8,     0x7EEB,     0x7EEE,     0x7EEF,     0x7EF1,     0x7EF2,     0x7F0D,     0x7EF6,
      0x7EFA,     0x7EFB,     0x7EFE,     0x7F01,     0x7F02,     0x7F03,     0x7F07,     0x7F08,
      0x7F0B,     0x7F0C,     0x7F0F,     0x7F11,     0x7F12,     0x7F17,     0x7F19,     0x7F1C,
      0x7F1B,     0x7F1F,     0x7F21,     0x7F22,     0x7F23,     0x7F24,     0x7F25,     0x7F26,
      0x7F27,     0x7F2A,     0x7F2B,     0x7F2C,     0x7F2D,     0x7F2F,     0x7F30,     0x7F31,
      0x7F32,     0x7F33,     0x7F35,     0x5E7A,     0x757F,     0x5DDB,     0x753E,     0x9095,
      0x738E,     0x7391,     0x73AE,     0x73A2,     0x739F,     0x73CF,     0x73C2,     0x73D1,
      0x73B7,     0x73B3,     0x73C0,     0x73C9,     0x73C8,     0x73E5,     0x73D9,     0x987C,
      0x740A,     0x73E9,     0x73E7,     0x73DE,     0x73BA,     0x73F2,     0x740F,     0x742A,
      0x745B,     0x7426,     0x7425,     0x7428,     0x7430,     0x742E,     0x742C,
      /* GB 0xE840..0xE87E */
      0x942F,     0x9430,     0x9431,     0x9432,     0x9433,     0x9434,     0x9435,     0x9436,
      0x9437,     0x9438,     0x9439,     0x943A,     0x943B,     0x943C,     0x943D,     0x943F,
      0x9440,     0x9441,     0x9442,     0x9443,     0x9444,     0x9445,     0x9446,     0x9447,
      0x9448,     0x9449,     0x944A,     0x944B,     0x944C,     0x944D,     0x944E,     0x944F,
      0x9450,     0x9451,     0x9452,     0x9453,     0x9454,     0x9455,     0x9456,     0x9457,
      0x9458,     0x9459,     0x945A,     0x945B,     0x945C,     0x945D,     0x945E,     0x945F,
      0x9460,     0x9461,     0x9462,     0x9463,     0x9464,     0x9465,     0x9466,     0x9467,
      0x9468,     0x9469,     0x946A,     0x946C,     0x946D,     0x946E,     0x946F,
      /* GB 0xE880..0xE8FE */
      0x9470,     0x9471,     0x9472,     0x9473,     0x9474,     0x9475,     0x9476,     0x9477,
      0x9478,     0x9479,     0x947A,     0x947B,     0x947C,     0x947D,     0x947E,     0x947F,
      0x9480,     0x9481,     0x9482,     0x9483,     0x9484,     0x9491,     0x9496,     0x9498,
      0x94C7,     0x94CF,     0x94D3,     0x94D4,     0x94DA,     0x94E6,     0x94FB,     0x951C,
      0x9520,     0x741B,     0x741A,     0x7441,     0x745C,     0x7457,     0x7455,     0x7459,
      0x7477,     0x746D,     0x747E,     0x749C,     0x748E,     0x7480,     0x7481,     0x7487,
      0x748B,     0x749E,     0x74A8,     0x74A9,     0x7490,     0x74A7,     0x74D2,     0x74BA,
      0x97EA,     0x97EB,     0x97EC,     0x674C,     0x6753,     0x675E,     0x6748,     0x6769,
      0x67A5,     0x6787,     0x676A,     0x6773,     0x6798,     0x67A7,     0x6775,     0x67A8,
      0x679E,     0x67AD,     0x678B,     0x6777,     0x677C,     0x67F0,     0x6809,     0x67D8,
      0x680A,     0x67E9,     0x67B0,     0x680C,     0x67D9,     0x67B5,     0x67DA,     0x67B3,
      0x67DD,     0x6800,     0x67C3,     0x67B8,     0x67E2,     0x680E,     0x67C1,     0x67FD,
      0x6832,     0x6833,     0x6860,     0x6861,     0x684E,     0x6862,     0x6844,     0x6864,
      0x6883,     0x681D,     0x6855,     0x6866,     0x6841,     0x6867,     0x6840,     0x683E,
      0x684A,     0x6849,     0x6829,     0x68B5,     0x688F,     0x6874,     0x6877,     0x6893,
      0x686B,     0x68C2,     0x696E,     0x68FC,     0x691F,     0x6920,     0x68F9,
      /* GB 0xE940..0xE97E */
      0x9527,     0x9533,     0x953D,     0x9543,     0x9548,     0x954B,     0x9555,     0x955A,
      0x9560,     0x956E,     0x9574,     0x9575,     0x9577,     0x9578,     0x9579,     0x957A,
      0x957B,     0x957C,     0x957D,     0x957E,     0x9580,     0x9581,     0x9582,     0x9583,
      0x9584,     0x9585,     0x9586,     0x9587,     0x9588,     0x9589,     0x958A,     0x958B,
      0x958C,     0x958D,     0x958E,     0x958F,     0x9590,     0x9591,     0x9592,     0x9593,
      0x9594,     0x9595,     0x9596,     0x9597,     0x9598,     0x9599,     0x959A,     0x959B,
      0x959C,     0x959D,     0x959E,     0x959F,     0x95A0,     0x95A1,     0x95A2,     0x95A3,
      0x95A4,     0x95A5,     0x95A6,     0x95A7,     0x95A8,     0x95A9,     0x95AA,
      /* GB 0xE980..0xE9FE */
      0x95AB,     0x95AC,     0x95AD,     0x95AE,     0x95AF,     0x95B0,     0x95B1,     0x95B2,
      0x95B3,     0x95B4,     0x95B5,     0x95B6,     0x95B7,     0x95B8,     0x95B9,     0x95BA,
      0x95BB,     0x95BC,     0x95BD,     0x95BE,     0x95BF,     0x95C0,     0x95C1,     0x95C2,
      0x95C3,     0x95C4,     0x95C5,     0x95C6,     0x95C7,     0x95C8,     0x95C9,     0x95CA,
      0x95CB,     0x6924,     0x68F0,     0x690B,     0x6901,     0x6957,     0x68E3,     0x6910,
      0x6971,     0x6939,     0x6960,     0x6942,     0x695D,     0x6984,     0x696B,     0x6980,
      0x6998,     0x6978,     0x6934,     0x69CC,     0x6987,     0x6988,     0x69CE,     0x6989,
      0x6966,     0x6963,     0x6979,     0x699B,     0x69A7,     0x69BB,     0x69AB,     0x69AD,
      0x69D4,     0x69B1,     0x69C1,     0x69CA,     0x69DF,     0x6995,     0x69E0,     0x698D,
      0x69FF,     0x6A2F,     0x69ED,     0x6A17,     0x6A18,     0x6A65,     0x69F2,     0x6A44,
      0x6A3E,     0x6AA0,     0x6A50,     0x6A5B,     0x6A35,     0x6A8E,     0x6A79,     0x6A3D,
      0x6A28,     0x6A58,     0x6A7C,     0x6A91,     0x6A90,     0x6AA9,     0x6A97,     0x6AAB,
      0x7337,     0x7352,     0x6B81,     0x6B82,     0x6B87,     0x6B84,     0x6B92,     0x6B93,
      0x6B8D,     0x6B9A,     0x6B9B,     0x6BA1,     0x6BAA,     0x8F6B,     0x8F6D,     0x8F71,
      0x8F72,     0x8F73,     0x8F75,     0x8F76,     0x8F78,     0x8F77,     0x8F79,     0x8F7A,
      0x8F7C,     0x8F7E,     0x8F81,     0x8F82,     0x8F84,     0x8F87,     0x8F8B,
      /* GB 0xEA40..0xEA7E */
      0x95CC,     0x95CD,     0x95CE,     0x95CF,     0x95D0,     0x95D1,     0x95D2,     0x95D3,
      0x95D4,     0x95D5,     0x95D6,     0x95D7,     0x95D8,     0x95D9,     0x95DA,     0x95DB,
      0x95DC,     0x95DD,     0x95DE,     0x95DF,     0x95E0,     0x95E1,     0x95E2,     0x95E3,
      0x95E4,     0x95E5,     0x95E6,     0x95E7,     0x95EC,     0x95FF,     0x9607,     0x9613,
      0x9618,     0x961B,     0x961E,     0x9620,     0x9623,     0x9624,     0x9625,     0x9626,
      0x9627,     0x9628,     0x9629,     0x962B,     0x962C,     0x962D,     0x962F,     0x9630,
      0x9637,     0x9638,     0x9639,     0x963A,     0x963E,     0x9641,     0x9643,     0x964A,
      0x964E,     0x964F,     0x9651,     0x9652,     0x9653,     0x9656,     0x9657,
      /* GB 0xEA80..0xEAFE */
      0x9658,     0x9659,     0x965A,     0x965C,     0x965D,     0x965E,     0x9660,     0x9663,
      0x9665,     0x9666,     0x966B,     0x966D,     0x966E,     0x966F,     0x9670,     0x9671,
      0x9673,     0x9678,     0x9679,     0x967A,     0x967B,     0x967C,     0x967D,     0x967E,
      0x967F,     0x9680,     0x9681,     0x9682,     0x9683,     0x9684,     0x9687,     0x9689,
      0x968A,     0x8F8D,     0x8F8E,     0x8F8F,     0x8F98,     0x8F9A,     0x8ECE,     0x620B,
      0x6217,     0x621B,     0x621F,     0x6222,     0x6221,     0x6225,     0x6224,     0x622C,
      0x81E7,     0x74EF,     0x74F4,     0x74FF,     0x750F,     0x7511,     0x7513,     0x6534,
      0x65EE,     0x65EF,     0x65F0,     0x660A,     0x6619,     0x6772,     0x6603,     0x6615,
      0x6600,     0x7085,     0x66F7,     0x661D,     0x6634,     0x6631,     0x6636,     0x6635,
      0x8006,     0x665F,     0x6654,     0x6641,     0x664F,     0x6656,     0x6661,     0x6657,
      0x6677,     0x6684,     0x668C,     0x66A7,     0x669D,     0x66BE,     0x66DB,     0x66DC,
      0x66E6,     0x66E9,     0x8D32,     0x8D33,     0x8D36,     0x8D3B,     0x8D3D,     0x8D40,
      0x8D45,     0x8D46,     0x8D48,     0x8D49,     0x8D47,     0x8D4D,     0x8D55,     0x8D59,
      0x89C7,     0x89CA,     0x89CB,     0x89CC,     0x89CE,     0x89CF,     0x89D0,     0x89D1,
      0x726E,     0x729F,     0x725D,     0x7266,     0x726F,     0x727E,     0x727F,     0x7284,
      0x728B,     0x728D,     0x728F,     0x7292,     0x6308,     0x6332,     0x63B0,
      /* GB 0xEB40..0xEB7E */
      0x968C,     0x968E,     0x9691,     0x9692,     0x9693,     0x9695,     0x9696,     0x969A,
      0x969B,     0x969D,     0x969E,     0x969F,     0x96A0,     0x96A1,     0x96A2,     0x96A3,
      0x96A4,     0x96A5,     0x96A6,     0x96A8,     0x96A9,     0x96AA,     0x96AB,     0x96AC,
      0x96AD,     0x96AE,     0x96AF,     0x96B1,     0x96B2,     0x96B4,     0x96B5,     0x96B7,
      0x96B8,     0x96BA,     0x96BB,     0x96BF,     0x96C2,     0x96C3,     0x96C8,     0x96CA,
      0x96CB,     0x96D0,     0x96D1,     0x96D3,     0x96D4,     0x96D6,     0x96D7,     0x96D8,
      0x96D9,     0x96DA,     0x96DB,     0x96DC,     0x96DD,     0x96DE,     0x96DF,     0x96E1,
      0x96E2,     0x96E3,     0x96E4,     0x96E5,     0x96E6,     0x96E7,     0x96EB,
      /* GB 0xEB80..0xEBFE */
      0x96EC,     0x96ED,     0x96EE,     0x96F0,     0x96F1,     0x96F2,     0x96F4,     0x96F5,
      0x96F8,     0x96FA,     0x96FB,     0x96FC,     0x96FD,     0x96FF,     0x9702,     0x9703,
      0x9705,     0x970A,     0x970B,     0x970C,     0x9710,     0x9711,     0x9712,     0x9714,
      0x9715,     0x9717,     0x9718,     0x9719,     0x971A,     0x971B,     0x971D,     0x971F,
      0x9720,     0x643F,     0x64D8,     0x8004,     0x6BEA,     0x6BF3,     0x6BFD,     0x6BF5,
      0x6BF9,     0x6C05,     0x6C07,     0x6C06,     0x6C0D,     0x6C15,     0x6C18,     0x6C19,
      0x6C1A,     0x6C21,     0x6C29,     0x6C24,     0x6C2A,     0x6C32,     0x6535,     0x6555,
      0x656B,     0x724D,     0x7252,     0x7256,     0x7230,     0x8662,     0x5216,     0x809F,
      0x809C,     0x8093,     0x80BC,     0x670A,     0x80BD,     0x80B1,     0x80AB,     0x80AD,
      0x80B4,     0x80B7,     0x80E7,     0x80E8,     0x80E9,     0x80EA,     0x80DB,     0x80C2,
      0x80C4,     0x80D9,     0x80CD,     0x80D7,     0x6710,     0x80DD,     0x80EB,     0x80F1,
      0x80F4,     0x80ED,     0x810D,     0x810E,     0x80F2,     0x80FC,     0x6715,     0x8112,
      0x8C5A,     0x8136,     0x811E,     0x812C,     0x8118,     0x8132,     0x8148,     0x814C,
      0x8153,     0x8174,     0x8159,     0x815A,     0x8171,     0x8160,     0x8169,     0x817C,
      0x817D,     0x816D,     0x8167,     0x584D,     0x5AB5,     0x8188,     0x8182,     0x8191,
      0x6ED5,     0x81A3,     0x81AA,     0x81CC,     0x6726,     0x81CA,     0x81BB,
      /* GB 0xEC40..0xEC7E */
      0x9721,     0x9722,     0x9723,     0x9724,     0x9725,     0x9726,     0x9727,     0x9728,
      0x9729,     0x972B,     0x972C,     0x972E,     0x972F,     0x9731,     0x9733,     0x9734,
      0x9735,     0x9736,     0x9737,     0x973A,     0x973B,     0x973C,     0x973D,     0x973F,
      0x9740,     0x9741,     0x9742,     0x9743,     0x9744,     0x9745,     0x9746,     0x9747,
      0x9748,     0x9749,     0x974A,     0x974B,     0x974C,     0x974D,     0x974E,     0x974F,
      0x9750,     0x9751,     0x9754,     0x9755,     0x9757,     0x9758,     0x975A,     0x975C,
      0x975D,     0x975F,     0x9763,     0x9764,     0x9766,     0x9767,     0x9768,     0x976A,
      0x976B,     0x976C,     0x976D,     0x976E,     0x976F,     0x9770,     0x9771,
      /* GB 0xEC80..0xECFE */
      0x9772,     0x9775,     0x9777,     0x9778,     0x9779,     0x977A,     0x977B,     0x977D,
      0x977E,     0x977F,     0x9780,     0x9781,     0x9782,     0x9783,     0x9784,     0x9786,
      0x9787,     0x9788,     0x9789,     0x978A,     0x978C,     0x978E,     0x978F,     0x9790,
      0x9793,     0x9795,     0x9796,     0x9797,     0x9799,     0x979A,     0x979B,     0x979C,
      0x979D,     0x81C1,     0x81A6,     0x6B24,     0x6B37,     0x6B39,     0x6B43,     0x6B46,
      0x6B59,     0x98D1,     0x98D2,     0x98D3,     0x98D5,     0x98D9,     0x98DA,     0x6BB3,
      0x5F40,     0x6BC2,     0x89F3,     0x6590,     0x9F51,     0x6593,     0x65BC,     0x65C6,
      0x65C4,     0x65C3,     0x65CC,     0x65CE,     0x65D2,     0x65D6,     0x7080,     0x709C,
      0x7096,     0x709D,     0x70BB,     0x70C0,     0x70B7,     0x70AB,     0x70B1,     0x70E8,
      0x70CA,     0x7110,     0x7113,     0x7116,     0x712F,     0x7131,     0x7173,     0x715C,
      0x7168,     0x7145,     0x7172,     0x714A,     0x7178,     0x717A,     0x7198,     0x71B3,
      0x71B5,     0x71A8,     0x71A0,     0x71E0,     0x71D4,     0x71E7,     0x71F9,     0x721D,
      0x7228,     0x706C,     0x7118,     0x7166,     0x71B9,     0x623E,     0x623D,     0x6243,
      0x6248,     0x6249,     0x793B,     0x7940,     0x7946,     0x7949,     0x795B,     0x795C,
      0x7953,     0x795A,     0x7962,     0x7957,     0x7960,     0x796F,     0x7967,     0x797A,
      0x7985,     0x798A,     0x799A,     0x79A7,     0x79B3,     0x5FD1,     0x5FD0,
      /* GB 0xED40..0xED7E */
      0x979E,     0x979F,     0x97A1,     0x97A2,     0x97A4,     0x97A5,     0x97A6,     0x97A7,
      0x97A8,     0x97A9,     0x97AA,     0x97AC,     0x97AE,     0x97B0,     0x97B1,     0x97B3,
      0x97B5,     0x97B6,     0x97B7,     0x97B8,     0x97B9,     0x97BA,     0x97BB,     0x97BC,
      0x97BD,     0x97BE,     0x97BF,     0x97C0,     0x97C1,     0x97C2,     0x97C3,     0x97C4,
      0x97C5,     0x97C6,     0x97C7,     0x97C8,     0x97C9,     0x97CA,     0x97CB,     0x97CC,
      0x97CD,     0x97CE,     0x97CF,     0x97D0,     0x97D1,     0x97D2,     0x97D3,     0x97D4,
      0x97D5,     0x97D6,     0x97D7,     0x97D8,     0x97D9,     0x97DA,     0x97DB,     0x97DC,
      0x97DD,     0x97DE,     0x97DF,     0x97E0,     0x97E1,     0x97E2,     0x97E3,
      /* GB 0xED80..0xEDFE */
      0x97E4,     0x97E5,     0x97E8,     0x97EE,     0x97EF,     0x97F0,     0x97F1,     0x97F2,
      0x97F4,     0x97F7,     0x97F8,     0x97F9,     0x97FA,     0x97FB,     0x97FC,     0x97FD,
      0x97FE,     0x97FF,     0x9800,     0x9801,     0x9802,     0x9803,     0x9804,     0x9805,
      0x9806,     0x9807,     0x9808,     0x9809,     0x980A,     0x980B,     0x980C,     0x980D,
      0x980E,     0x603C,     0x605D,     0x605A,     0x6067,     0x6041,     0x6059,     0x6063,
      0x60AB,     0x6106,     0x610D,     0x615D,     0x61A9,     0x619D,     0x61CB,     0x61D1,
      0x6206,     0x8080,     0x807F,     0x6C93,     0x6CF6,     0x6DFC,     0x77F6,     0x77F8,
      0x7800,     0x7809,     0x7817,     0x7818,     0x7811,     0x65AB,     0x782D,     0x781C,
      0x781D,     0x7839,     0x783A,     0x783B,     0x781F,     0x783C,     0x7825,     0x782C,
      0x7823,     0x7829,     0x784E,     0x786D,     0x7856,     0x7857,     0x7826,     0x7850,
      0x7847,     0x784C,     0x786A,     0x789B,     0x7893,     0x789A,     0x7887,     0x789C,
      0x78A1,     0x78A3,     0x78B2,     0x78B9,     0x78A5,     0x78D4,     0x78D9,     0x78C9,
      0x78EC,     0x78F2,     0x7905,     0x78F4,     0x7913,     0x7924,     0x791E,     0x7934,
      0x9F9B,     0x9EF9,     0x9EFB,     0x9EFC,     0x76F1,     0x7704,     0x770D,     0x76F9,
      0x7707,     0x7708,     0x771A,     0x7722,     0x7719,     0x772D,     0x7726,     0x7735,
      0x7738,     0x7750,     0x7751,     0x7747,     0x7743,     0x775A,     0x7768,
      /* GB 0xEE40..0xEE7E */
      0x980F,     0x9810,     0x9811,     0x9812,     0x9813,     0x9814,     0x9815,     0x9816,
      0x9817,     0x9818,     0x9819,     0x981A,     0x981B,     0x981C,     0x981D,     0x981E,
      0x981F,     0x9820,     0x9821,     0x9822,     0x9823,     0x9824,     0x9825,     0x9826,
      0x9827,     0x9828,     0x9829,     0x982A,     0x982B,     0x982C,     0x982D,     0x982E,
      0x982F,     0x9830,     0x9831,     0x9832,     0x9833,     0x9834,     0x9835,     0x9836,
      0x9837,     0x9838,     0x9839,     0x983A,     0x983B,     0x983C,     0x983D,     0x983E,
      0x983F,     0x9840,     0x9841,     0x9842,     0x9843,     0x9844,     0x9845,     0x9846,
      0x9847,     0x9848,     0x9849,     0x984A,     0x984B,     0x984C,     0x984D,
      /* GB 0xEE80..0xEEFE */
      0x984E,     0x984F,     0x9850,     0x9851,     0x9852,     0x9853,     0x9854,     0x9855,
      0x9856,     0x9857,     0x9858,     0x9859,     0x985A,     0x985B,     0x985C,     0x985D,
      0x985E,     0x985F,     0x9860,     0x9861,     0x9862,     0x9863,     0x9864,     0x9865,
      0x9866,     0x9867,     0x9868,     0x9869,     0x986A,     0x986B,     0x986C,     0x986D,
      0x986E,     0x7762,     0x7765,     0x777F,     0x778D,     0x777D,     0x7780,     0x778C,
      0x7791,     0x779F,     0x77A0,     0x77B0,     0x77B5,     0x77BD,     0x753A,     0x7540,
      0x754E,     0x754B,     0x7548,     0x755B,     0x7572,     0x7579,     0x7583,     0x7F58,
      0x7F61,     0x7F5F,     0x8A48,     0x7F68,     0x7F74,     0x7F71,     0x7F79,     0x7F81,
      0x7F7E,     0x76CD,     0x76E5,     0x8832,     0x9485,     0x9486,     0x9487,     0x948B,
      0x948A,     0x948C,     0x948D,     0x948F,     0x9490,     0x9494,     0x9497,     0x9495,
      0x949A,     0x949B,     0x949C,     0x94A3,     0x94A4,     0x94AB,     0x94AA,     0x94AD,
      0x94AC,     0x94AF,     0x94B0,     0x94B2,     0x94B4,     0x94B6,     0x94B7,     0x94B8,
      0x94B9,     0x94BA,     0x94BC,     0x94BD,     0x94BF,     0x94C4,     0x94C8,     0x94C9,
      0x94CA,     0x94CB,     0x94CC,     0x94CD,     0x94CE,     0x94D0,     0x94D1,     0x94D2,
      0x94D5,     0x94D6,     0x94D7,     0x94D9,     0x94D8,     0x94DB,     0x94DE,     0x94DF,
      0x94E0,     0x94E2,     0x94E4,     0x94E5,     0x94E7,     0x94E8,     0x94EA,
      /* GB 0xEF40..0xEF7E */
      0x986F,     0x9870,     0x9871,     0x9872,     0x9873,     0x9874,     0x988B,     0x988E,
      0x9892,     0x9895,     0x9899,     0x98A3,     0x98A8,     0x98A9,     0x98AA,     0x98AB,
      0x98AC,     0x98AD,     0x98AE,     0x98AF,     0x98B0,     0x98B1,     0x98B2,     0x98B3,
      0x98B4,     0x98B5,     0x98B6,     0x98B7,     0x98B8,     0x98B9,     0x98BA,     0x98BB,
      0x98BC,     0x98BD,     0x98BE,     0x98BF,     0x98C0,     0x98C1,     0x98C2,     0x98C3,
      0x98C4,     0x98C5,     0x98C6,     0x98C7,     0x98C8,     0x98C9,     0x98CA,     0x98CB,
      0x98CC,     0x98CD,     0x98CF,     0x98D0,     0x98D4,     0x98D6,     0x98D7,     0x98DB,
      0x98DC,     0x98DD,     0x98E0,     0x98E1,     0x98E2,     0x98E3,     0x98E4,
      /* GB 0xEF80..0xEFFE */
      0x98E5,     0x98E6,     0x98E9,     0x98EA,     0x98EB,     0x98EC,     0x98ED,     0x98EE,
      0x98EF,     0x98F0,     0x98F1,     0x98F2,     0x98F3,     0x98F4,     0x98F5,     0x98F6,
      0x98F7,     0x98F8,     0x98F9,     0x98FA,     0x98FB,     0x98FC,     0x98FD,     0x98FE,
      0x98FF,     0x9900,     0x9901,     0x9902,     0x9903,     0x9904,     0x9905,     0x9906,
      0x9907,     0x94E9,     0x94EB,     0x94EE,     0x94EF,     0x94F3,     0x94F4,     0x94F5,
      0x94F7,     0x94F9,     0x94FC,     0x94FD,     0x94FF,     0x9503,     0x9502,     0x9506,
      0x9507,     0x9509,     0x950A,     0x950D,     0x950E,     0x950F,     0x9512,     0x9513,
      0x9514,     0x9515,     0x9516,     0x9518,     0x951B,     0x951D,     0x951E,     0x951F,
      0x9522,     0x952A,     0x952B,     0x9529,     0x952C,     0x9531,     0x9532,     0x9534,
      0x9536,     0x9537,     0x9538,     0x953C,     0x953E,     0x953F,     0x9542,     0x9535,
      0x9544,     0x9545,     0x9546,     0x9549,     0x954C,     0x954E,     0x954F,     0x9552,
      0x9553,     0x9554,     0x9556,     0x9557,     0x9558,     0x9559,     0x955B,     0x955E,
      0x955F,     0x955D,     0x9561,     0x9562,     0x9564,     0x9565,     0x9566,     0x9567,
      0x9568,     0x9569,     0x956A,     0x956B,     0x956C,     0x956F,     0x9571,     0x9572,
      0x9573,     0x953A,     0x77E7,     0x77EC,     0x96C9,     0x79D5,     0x79ED,     0x79E3,
      0x79EB,     0x7A06,     0x5D47,     0x7A03,     0x7A02,     0x7A1E,     0x7A14,
      /* GB 0xF040..0xF07E */
      0x9908,     0x9909,     0x990A,     0x990B,     0x990C,     0x990E,     0x990F,     0x9911,
      0x9912,     0x9913,     0x9914,     0x9915,     0x9916,     0x9917,     0x9918,     0x9919,
      0x991A,     0x991B,     0x991C,     0x991D,     0x991E,     0x991F,     0x9920,     0x9921,
      0x9922,     0x9923,     0x9924,     0x9925,     0x9926,     0x9927,     0x9928,     0x9929,
      0x992A,     0x992B,     0x992C,     0x992D,     0x992F,     0x9930,     0x9931,     0x9932,
      0x9933,     0x9934,     0x9935,     0x9936,     0x9937,     0x9938,     0x9939,     0x993A,
      0x993B,     0x993C,     0x993D,     0x993E,     0x993F,     0x9940,     0x9941,     0x9942,
      0x9943,     0x9944,     0x9945,     0x9946,     0x9947,     0x9948,     0x9949,
      /* GB 0xF080..0xF0FE */
      0x994A,     0x994B,     0x994C,     0x994D,     0x994E,     0x994F,     0x9950,     0x9951,
      0x9952,     0x9953,     0x9956,     0x9957,     0x9958,     0x9959,     0x995A,     0x995B,
      0x995C,     0x995D,     0x995E,     0x995F,     0x9960,     0x9961,     0x9962,     0x9964,
      0x9966,     0x9973,     0x9978,     0x9979,     0x997B,     0x997E,     0x9982,     0x9983,
      0x9989,     0x7A39,     0x7A37,     0x7A51,     0x9ECF,     0x99A5,     0x7A70,     0x7688,
      0x768E,     0x7693,     0x7699,     0x76A4,     0x74DE,     0x74E0,     0x752C,     0x9E20,
      0x9E22,     0x9E28,     0x9E29,     0x9E2A,     0x9E2B,     0x9E2C,     0x9E32,     0x9E31,
      0x9E36,     0x9E38,     0x9E37,     0x9E39,     0x9E3A,     0x9E3E,     0x9E41,     0x9E42,
      0x9E44,     0x9E46,     0x9E47,     0x9E48,     0x9E49,     0x9E4B,     0x9E4C,     0x9E4E,
      0x9E51,     0x9E55,     0x9E57,     0x9E5A,     0x9E5B,     0x9E5C,     0x9E5E,     0x9E63,
      0x9E66,     0x9E67,     0x9E68,     0x9E69,     0x9E6A,     0x9E6B,     0x9E6C,     0x9E71,
      0x9E6D,     0x9E73,     0x7592,     0x7594,     0x7596,     0x75A0,     0x759D,     0x75AC,
      0x75A3,     0x75B3,     0x75B4,     0x75B8,     0x75C4,     0x75B1,     0x75B0,     0x75C3,
      0x75C2,     0x75D6,     0x75CD,     0x75E3,     0x75E8,     0x75E6,     0x75E4,     0x75EB,
      0x75E7,     0x7603,     0x75F1,     0x75FC,     0x75FF,     0x7610,     0x7600,     0x7605,
      0x760C,     0x7617,     0x760A,     0x7625,     0x7618,     0x7615,     0x7619,
      /* GB 0xF140..0xF17E */
      0x998C,     0x998E,     0x999A,     0x999B,     0x999C,     0x999D,     0x999E,     0x999F,
      0x99A0,     0x99A1,     0x99A2,     0x99A3,     0x99A4,     0x99A6,     0x99A7,     0x99A9,
      0x99AA,     0x99AB,     0x99AC,     0x99AD,     0x99AE,     0x99AF,     0x99B0,     0x99B1,
      0x99B2,     0x99B3,     0x99B4,     0x99B5,     0x99B6,     0x99B7,     0x99B8,     0x99B9,
      0x99BA,     0x99BB,     0x99BC,     0x99BD,     0x99BE,     0x99BF,     0x99C0,     0x99C1,
      0x99C2,     0x99C3,     0x99C4,     0x99C5,     0x99C6,     0x99C7,     0x99C8,     0x99C9,
      0x99CA,     0x99CB,     0x99CC,     0x99CD,     0x99CE,     0x99CF,     0x99D0,     0x99D1,
      0x99D2,     0x99D3,     0x99D4,     0x99D5,     0x99D6,     0x99D7,     0x99D8,
      /* GB 0xF180..0xF1FE */
      0x99D9,     0x99DA,     0x99DB,     0x99DC,     0x99DD,     0x99DE,     0x99DF,     0x99E0,
      0x99E1,     0x99E2,     0x99E3,     0x99E4,     0x99E5,     0x99E6,     0x99E7,     0x99E8,
      0x99E9,     0x99EA,     0x99EB,     0x99EC,     0x99ED,     0x99EE,     0x99EF,     0x99F0,
      0x99F1,     0x99F2,     0x99F3,     0x99F4,     0x99F5,     0x99F6,     0x99F7,     0x99F8,
      0x99F9,     0x761B,     0x763C,     0x7622,     0x7620,     0x7640,     0x762D,     0x7630,
      0x763F,     0x7635,     0x7643,     0x763E,     0x7633,     0x764D,     0x765E,     0x7654,
      0x765C,     0x7656,     0x766B,     0x766F,     0x7FCA,     0x7AE6,     0x7A78,     0x7A79,
      0x7A80,     0x7A86,     0x7A88,     0x7A95,     0x7AA6,     0x7AA0,     0x7AAC,     0x7AA8,
      0x7AAD,     0x7AB3,     0x8864,     0x8869,     0x8872,     0x887D,     0x887F,     0x8882,
      0x88A2,     0x88C6,     0x88B7,     0x88BC,     0x88C9,     0x88E2,     0x88CE,     0x88E3,
      0x88E5,     0x88F1,     0x891A,     0x88FC,     0x88E8,     0x88FE,     0x88F0,     0x8921,
      0x8919,     0x8913,     0x891B,     0x890A,     0x8934,     0x892B,     0x8936,     0x8941,
      0x8966,     0x897B,     0x758B,     0x80E5,     0x76B2,     0x76B4,     0x77DC,     0x8012,
      0x8014,     0x8016,     0x801C,     0x8020,     0x8022,     0x8025,     0x8026,     0x8027,
      0x8029,     0x8028,     0x8031,     0x800B,     0x8035,     0x8043,     0x8046,     0x804D,
      0x8052,     0x8069,     0x8071,     0x8983,     0x9878,     0x9880,     0x9883,
      /* GB 0xF240..0xF27E */
      0x99FA,     0x99FB,     0x99FC,     0x99FD,     0x99FE,     0x99FF,     0x9A00,     0x9A01,
      0x9A02,     0x9A03,     0x9A04,     0x9A05,     0x9A06,     0x9A07,     0x9A08,     0x9A09,
      0x9A0A,     0x9A0B,     0x9A0C,     0x9A0D,     0x9A0E,     0x9A0F,     0x9A10,     0x9A11,
      0x9A12,     0x9A13,     0x9A14,     0x9A15,     0x9A16,     0x9A17,     0x9A18,     0x9A19,
      0x9A1A,     0x9A1B,     0x9A1C,     0x9A1D,     0x9A1E,     0x9A1F,     0x9A20,     0x9A21,
      0x9A22,     0x9A23,     0x9A24,     0x9A25,     0x9A26,     0x9A27,     0x9A28,     0x9A29,
      0x9A2A,     0x9A2B,     0x9A2C,     0x9A2D,     0x9A2E,     0x9A2F,     0x9A30,     0x9A31,
      0x9A32,     0x9A33,     0x9A34,     0x9A35,     0x9A36,     0x9A37,     0x9A38,
      /* GB 0xF280..0xF2FE */
      0x9A39,     0x9A3A,     0x9A3B,     0x9A3C,     0x9A3D,     0x9A3E,     0x9A3F,     0x9A40,
      0x9A41,     0x9A42,     0x9A43,     0x9A44,     0x9A45,     0x9A46,     0x9A47,     0x9A48,
      0x9A49,     0x9A4A,     0x9A4B,     0x9A4C,     0x9A4D,     0x9A4E,     0x9A4F,     0x9A50,
      0x9A51,     0x9A52,     0x9A53,     0x9A54,     0x9A55,     0x9A56,     0x9A57,     0x9A58,
      0x9A59,     0x9889,     0x988C,     0x988D,     0x988F,     0x9894,     0x989A,     0x989B,
      0x989E,     0x989F,     0x98A1,     0x98A2,     0x98A5,     0x98A6,     0x864D,     0x8654,
      0x866C,     0x866E,     0x867F,     0x867A,     0x867C,     0x867B,     0x86A8,     0x868D,
      0x868B,     0x86AC,     0x869D,     0x86A7,     0x86A3,     0x86AA,     0x8693,     0x86A9,
      0x86B6,     0x86C4,     0x86B5,     0x86CE,     0x86B0,     0x86BA,     0x86B1,     0x86AF,
      0x86C9,     0x86CF,     0x86B4,     0x86E9,     0x86F1,     0x86F2,     0x86ED,     0x86F3,
      0x86D0,     0x8713,     0x86DE,     0x86F4,     0x86DF,     0x86D8,     0x86D1,     0x8703,
      0x8707,     0x86F8,     0x8708,     0x870A,     0x870D,     0x8709,     0x8723,     0x873B,
      0x871E,     0x8725,     0x872E,     0x871A,     0x873E,     0x8748,     0x8734,     0x8731,
      0x8729,     0x8737,     0x873F,     0x8782,     0x8722,     0x877D,     0x877E,     0x877B,
      0x8760,     0x8770,     0x874C,     0x876E,     0x878B,     0x8753,     0x8763,     0x877C,
      0x8764,     0x8759,     0x8765,     0x8793,     0x87AF,     0x87A8,     0x87D2,
      /* GB 0xF340..0xF37E */
      0x9A5A,     0x9A5B,     0x9A5C,     0x9A5D,     0x9A5E,     0x9A5F,     0x9A60,     0x9A61,
      0x9A62,     0x9A63,     0x9A64,     0x9A65,     0x9A66,     0x9A67,     0x9A68,     0x9A69,
      0x9A6A,     0x9A6B,     0x9A72,     0x9A83,     0x9A89,     0x9A8D,     0x9A8E,     0x9A94,
      0x9A95,     0x9A99,     0x9AA6,     0x9AA9,     0x9AAA,     0x9AAB,     0x9AAC,     0x9AAD,
      0x9AAE,     0x9AAF,     0x9AB2,     0x9AB3,     0x9AB4,     0x9AB5,     0x9AB9,     0x9ABB,
      0x9ABD,     0x9ABE,     0x9ABF,     0x9AC3,     0x9AC4,     0x9AC6,     0x9AC7,     0x9AC8,
      0x9AC9,     0x9ACA,     0x9ACD,     0x9ACE,     0x9ACF,     0x9AD0,     0x9AD2,     0x9AD4,
      0x9AD5,     0x9AD6,     0x9AD7,     0x9AD9,     0x9ADA,     0x9ADB,     0x9ADC,
      /* GB 0xF380..0xF3FE */
      0x9ADD,     0x9ADE,     0x9AE0,     0x9AE2,     0x9AE3,     0x9AE4,     0x9AE5,     0x9AE7,
      0x9AE8,     0x9AE9,     0x9AEA,     0x9AEC,     0x9AEE,     0x9AF0,     0x9AF1,     0x9AF2,
      0x9AF3,     0x9AF4,     0x9AF5,     0x9AF6,     0x9AF7,     0x9AF8,     0x9AFA,     0x9AFC,
      0x9AFD,     0x9AFE,     0x9AFF,     0x9B00,     0x9B01,     0x9B02,     0x9B04,     0x9B05,
      0x9B06,     0x87C6,     0x8788,     0x8785,     0x87AD,     0x8797,     0x8783,     0x87AB,
      0x87E5,     0x87AC,     0x87B5,     0x87B3,     0x87CB,     0x87D3,     0x87BD,     0x87D1,
      0x87C0,     0x87CA,     0x87DB,     0x87EA,     0x87E0,     0x87EE,     0x8816,     0x8813,
      0x87FE,     0x880A,     0x881B,     0x8821,     0x8839,     0x883C,     0x7F36,     0x7F42,
      0x7F44,     0x7F45,     0x8210,     0x7AFA,     0x7AFD,     0x7B08,     0x7B03,     0x7B04,
      0x7B15,     0x7B0A,     0x7B2B,     0x7B0F,     0x7B47,     0x7B38,     0x7B2A,     0x7B19,
      0x7B2E,     0x7B31,     0x7B20,     0x7B25,     0x7B24,     0x7B33,     0x7B3E,     0x7B1E,
      0x7B58,     0x7B5A,     0x7B45,     0x7B75,     0x7B4C,     0x7B5D,     0x7B60,     0x7B6E,
      0x7B7B,     0x7B62,     0x7B72,     0x7B71,     0x7B90,     0x7BA6,     0x7BA7,     0x7BB8,
      0x7BAC,     0x7B9D,     0x7BA8,     0x7B85,     0x7BAA,     0x7B9C,     0x7BA2,     0x7BAB,
      0x7BB4,     0x7BD1,     0x7BC1,     0x7BCC,     0x7BDD,     0x7BDA,     0x7BE5,     0x7BE6,
      0x7BEA,     0x7C0C,     0x7BFE,     0x7BFC,     0x7C0F,     0x7C16,     0x7C0B,
      /* GB 0xF440..0xF47E */
      0x9B07,     0x9B09,     0x9B0A,     0x9B0B,     0x9B0C,     0x9B0D,     0x9B0E,     0x9B10,
      0x9B11,     0x9B12,     0x9B14,     0x9B15,     0x9B16,     0x9B17,     0x9B18,     0x9B19,
      0x9B1A,     0x9B1B,     0x9B1C,     0x9B1D,     0x9B1E,     0x9B20,     0x9B21,     0x9B22,
      0x9B24,     0x9B25,     0x9B26,     0x9B27,     0x9B28,     0x9B29,     0x9B2A,     0x9B2B,
      0x9B2C,     0x9B2D,     0x9B2E,     0x9B30,     0x9B31,     0x9B33,     0x9B34,     0x9B35,
      0x9B36,     0x9B37,     0x9B38,     0x9B39,     0x9B3A,     0x9B3D,     0x9B3E,     0x9B3F,
      0x9B40,     0x9B46,     0x9B4A,     0x9B4B,     0x9B4C,     0x9B4E,     0x9B50,     0x9B52,
      0x9B53,     0x9B55,     0x9B56,     0x9B57,     0x9B58,     0x9B59,     0x9B5A,
      /* GB 0xF480..0xF4FE */
      0x9B5B,     0x9B5C,     0x9B5D,     0x9B5E,     0x9B5F,     0x9B60,     0x9B61,     0x9B62,
      0x9B63,     0x9B64,     0x9B65,     0x9B66,     0x9B67,     0x9B68,     0x9B69,     0x9B6A,
      0x9B6B,     0x9B6C,     0x9B6D,     0x9B6E,     0x9B6F,     0x9B70,     0x9B71,     0x9B72,
      0x9B73,     0x9B74,     0x9B75,     0x9B76,     0x9B77,     0x9B78,     0x9B79,     0x9B7A,
      0x9B7B,     0x7C1F,     0x7C2A,     0x7C26,     0x7C38,     0x7C41,     0x7C40,     0x81FE,
      0x8201,     0x8202,     0x8204,     0x81EC,     0x8844,     0x8221,     0x8222,     0x8223,
      0x822D,     0x822F,     0x8228,     0x822B,     0x8238,     0x823B,     0x8233,     0x8234,
      0x823E,     0x8244,     0x8249,     0x824B,     0x824F,     0x825A,     0x825F,     0x8268,
      0x887E,     0x8885,     0x8888,     0x88D8,     0x88DF,     0x895E,     0x7F9D,     0x7F9F,
      0x7FA7,     0x7FAF,     0x7FB0,     0x7FB2,     0x7C7C,     0x6549,     0x7C91,     0x7C9D,
      0x7C9C,     0x7C9E,     0x7CA2,     0x7CB2,     0x7CBC,     0x7CBD,     0x7CC1,     0x7CC7,
      0x7CCC,     0x7CCD,     0x7CC8,     0x7CC5,     0x7CD7,     0x7CE8,     0x826E,     0x66A8,
      0x7FBF,     0x7FCE,     0x7FD5,     0x7FE5,     0x7FE1,     0x7FE6,     0x7FE9,     0x7FEE,
      0x7FF3,     0x7CF8,     0x7D77,     0x7DA6,     0x7DAE,     0x7E47,     0x7E9B,     0x9EB8,
      0x9EB4,     0x8D73,     0x8D84,     0x8D94,     0x8D91,     0x8DB1,     0x8D67,     0x8D6D,
      0x8C47,     0x8C49,     0x914A,     0x9150,     0x914E,     0x914F,     0x9164,
      /* GB 0xF540..0xF57E */
      0x9B7C,     0x9B7D,     0x9B7E,     0x9B7F,     0x9B80,     0x9B81,     0x9B82,     0x9B83,
      0x9B84,     0x9B85,     0x9B86,     0x9B87,     0x9B88,     0x9B89,     0x9B8A,     0x9B8B,
      0x9B8C,     0x9B8D,     0x9B8E,     0x9B8F,     0x9B90,     0x9B91,     0x9B92,     0x9B93,
      0x9B94,     0x9B95,     0x9B96,     0x9B97,     0x9B98,     0x9B99,     0x9B9A,     0x9B9B,
      0x9B9C,     0x9B9D,     0x9B9E,     0x9B9F,     0x9BA0,     0x9BA1,     0x9BA2,     0x9BA3,
      0x9BA4,     0x9BA5,     0x9BA6,     0x9BA7,     0x9BA8,     0x9BA9,     0x9BAA,     0x9BAB,
      0x9BAC,     0x9BAD,     0x9BAE,     0x9BAF,     0x9BB0,     0x9BB1,     0x9BB2,     0x9BB3,
      0x9BB4,     0x9BB5,     0x9BB6,     0x9BB7,     0x9BB8,     0x9BB9,     0x9BBA,
      /* GB 0xF580..0xF5FE */
      0x9BBB,     0x9BBC,     0x9BBD,     0x9BBE,     0x9BBF,     0x9BC0,     0x9BC1,     0x9BC2,
      0x9BC3,     0x9BC4,     0x9BC5,     0x9BC6,     0x9BC7,     0x9BC8,     0x9BC9,     0x9BCA,
      0x9BCB,     0x9BCC,     0x9BCD,     0x9BCE,     0x9BCF,     0x9BD0,     0x9BD1,     0x9BD2,
      0x9BD3,     0x9BD4,     0x9BD5,     0x9BD6,     0x9BD7,     0x9BD8,     0x9BD9,     0x9BDA,
      0x9BDB,     0x9162,     0x9161,     0x9170,     0x9169,     0x916F,     0x917D,     0x917E,
      0x9172,     0x9174,     0x9179,     0x918C,     0x9185,     0x9190,     0x918D,     0x9191,
      0x91A2,     0x91A3,     0x91AA,     0x91AD,     0x91AE,     0x91AF,     0x91B5,     0x91B4,
      0x91BA,     0x8C55,     0x9E7E,     0x8DB8,     0x8DEB,     0x8E05,     0x8E59,     0x8E69,
      0x8DB5,     0x8DBF,     0x8DBC,     0x8DBA,     0x8DC4,     0x8DD6,     0x8DD7,     0x8DDA,
      0x8DDE,     0x8DCE,     0x8DCF,     0x8DDB,     0x8DC6,     0x8DEC,     0x8DF7,     0x8DF8,
      0x8DE3,     0x8DF9,     0x8DFB,     0x8DE4,     0x8E09,     0x8DFD,     0x8E14,     0x8E1D,
      0x8E1F,     0x8E2C,     0x8E2E,     0x8E23,     0x8E2F,     0x8E3A,     0x8E40,     0x8E39,
      0x8E35,     0x8E3D,     0x8E31,     0x8E49,     0x8E41,     0x8E42,     0x8E51,     0x8E52,
      0x8E4A,     0x8E70,     0x8E76,     0x8E7C,     0x8E6F,     0x8E74,     0x8E85,     0x8E8F,
      0x8E94,     0x8E90,     0x8E9C,     0x8E9E,     0x8C78,     0x8C82,     0x8C8A,     0x8C85,
      0x8C98,     0x8C94,     0x659B,     0x89D6,     0x89DE,     0x89DA,     0x89DC,
      /* GB 0xF640..0xF67E */
      0x9BDC,     0x9BDD,     0x9BDE,     0x9BDF,     0x9BE0,     0x9BE1,     0x9BE2,     0x9BE3,
      0x9BE4,     0x9BE5,     0x9BE6,     0x9BE7,     0x9BE8,     0x9BE9,     0x9BEA,     0x9BEB,
      0x9BEC,     0x9BED,     0x9BEE,     0x9BEF,     0x9BF0,     0x9BF1,     0x9BF2,     0x9BF3,
      0x9BF4,     0x9BF5,     0x9BF6,     0x9BF7,     0x9BF8,     0x9BF9,     0x9BFA,     0x9BFB,
      0x9BFC,     0x9BFD,     0x9BFE,     0x9BFF,     0x9C00,     0x9C01,     0x9C02,     0x9C03,
      0x9C04,     0x9C05,     0x9C06,     0x9C07,     0x9C08,     0x9C09,     0x9C0A,     0x9C0B,
      0x9C0C,     0x9C0D,     0x9C0E,     0x9C0F,     0x9C10,     0x9C11,     0x9C12,     0x9C13,
      0x9C14,     0x9C15,     0x9C16,     0x9C17,     0x9C18,     0x9C19,     0x9C1A,
      /* GB 0xF680..0xF6FE */
      0x9C1B,     0x9C1C,     0x9C1D,     0x9C1E,     0x9C1F,     0x9C20,     0x9C21,     0x9C22,
      0x9C23,     0x9C24,     0x9C25,     0x9C26,     0x9C27,     0x9C28,     0x9C29,     0x9C2A,
      0x9C2B,     0x9C2C,     0x9C2D,     0x9C2E,     0x9C2F,     0x9C30,     0x9C31,     0x9C32,
      0x9C33,     0x9C34,     0x9C35,     0x9C36,     0x9C37,     0x9C38,     0x9C39,     0x9C3A,
      0x9C3B,     0x89E5,     0x89EB,     0x89EF,     0x8A3E,     0x8B26,     0x9753,     0x96E9,
      0x96F3,     0x96EF,     0x9706,     0x9701,     0x9708,     0x970F,     0x970E,     0x972A,
      0x972D,     0x9730,     0x973E,     0x9F80,     0x9F83,     0x9F85,     0x9F86,     0x9F87,
      0x9F88,     0x9F89,     0x9F8A,     0x9F8C,     0x9EFE,     0x9F0B,     0x9F0D,     0x96B9,
      0x96BC,     0x96BD,     0x96CE,     0x96D2,     0x77BF,     0x96E0,     0x928E,     0x92AE,
      0x92C8,     0x933E,     0x936A,     0x93CA,     0x938F,     0x943E,     0x946B,     0x9C7F,
      0x9C82,     0x9C85,     0x9C86,     0x9C87,     0x9C88,     0x7A23,     0x9C8B,     0x9C8E,
      0x9C90,     0x9C91,     0x9C92,     0x9C94,     0x9C95,     0x9C9A,     0x9C9B,     0x9C9E,
      0x9C9F,     0x9CA0,     0x9CA1,     0x9CA2,     0x9CA3,     0x9CA5,     0x9CA6,     0x9CA7,
      0x9CA8,     0x9CA9,     0x9CAB,     0x9CAD,     0x9CAE,     0x9CB0,     0x9CB1,     0x9CB2,
      0x9CB3,     0x9CB4,     0x9CB5,     0x9CB6,     0x9CB7,     0x9CBA,     0x9CBB,     0x9CBC,
      0x9CBD,     0x9CC4,     0x9CC5,     0x9CC6,     0x9CC7,     0x9CCA,     0x9CCB,
      /* GB 0xF740..0xF77E */
      0x9C3C,     0x9C3D,     0x9C3E,     0x9C3F,     0x9C40,     0x9C41,     0x9C42,     0x9C43,
      0x9C44,     0x9C45,     0x9C46,     0x9C47,     0x9C48,     0x9C49,     0x9C4A,     0x9C4B,
      0x9C4C,     0x9C4D,     0x9C4E,     0x9C4F,     0x9C50,     0x9C51,     0x9C52,     0x9C53,
      0x9C54,     0x9C55,     0x9C56,     0x9C57,     0x9C58,     0x9C59,     0x9C5A,     0x9C5B,
      0x9C5C,     0x9C5D,     0x9C5E,     0x9C5F,     0x9C60,     0x9C61,     0x9C62,     0x9C63,
      0x9C64,     0x9C65,     0x9C66,     0x9C67,     0x9C68,     0x9C69,     0x9C6A,     0x9C6B,
      0x9C6C,     0x9C6D,     0x9C6E,     0x9C6F,     0x9C70,     0x9C71,     0x9C72,     0x9C73,
      0x9C74,     0x9C75,     0x9C76,     0x9C77,     0x9C78,     0x9C79,     0x9C7A,
      /* GB 0xF780..0xF7FE */
      0x9C7B,     0x9C7D,     0x9C7E,     0x9C80,     0x9C83,     0x9C84,     0x9C89,     0x9C8A,
      0x9C8C,     0x9C8F,     0x9C93,     0x9C96,     0x9C97,     0x9C98,     0x9C99,     0x9C9D,
      0x9CAA,     0x9CAC,     0x9CAF,     0x9CB9,     0x9CBE,     0x9CBF,     0x9CC0,     0x9CC1,
      0x9CC2,     0x9CC8,     0x9CC9,     0x9CD1,     0x9CD2,     0x9CDA,     0x9CDB,     0x9CE0,
      0x9CE1,     0x9CCC,     0x9CCD,     0x9CCE,     0x9CCF,     0x9CD0,     0x9CD3,     0x9CD4,
      0x9CD5,     0x9CD7,     0x9CD8,     0x9CD9,     0x9CDC,     0x9CDD,     0x9CDF,     0x9CE2,
      0x977C,     0x9785,     0x9791,     0x9792,     0x9794,     0x97AF,     0x97AB,     0x97A3,
      0x97B2,     0x97B4,     0x9AB1,     0x9AB0,     0x9AB7,     0x9E58,     0x9AB6,     0x9ABA,
      0x9ABC,     0x9AC1,     0x9AC0,     0x9AC5,     0x9AC2,     0x9ACB,     0x9ACC,     0x9AD1,
      0x9B45,     0x9B43,     0x9B47,     0x9B49,     0x9B48,     0x9B4D,     0x9B51,     0x98E8,
      0x990D,     0x992E,     0x9955,     0x9954,     0x9ADF,     0x9AE1,     0x9AE6,     0x9AEF,
      0x9AEB,     0x9AFB,     0x9AED,     0x9AF9,     0x9B08,     0x9B0F,     0x9B13,     0x9B1F,
      0x9B23,     0x9EBD,     0x9EBE,     0x7E3B,     0x9E82,     0x9E87,     0x9E88,     0x9E8B,
      0x9E92,     0x93D6,     0x9E9D,     0x9E9F,     0x9EDB,     0x9EDC,     0x9EDD,     0x9EE0,
      0x9EDF,     0x9EE2,     0x9EE9,     0x9EE7,     0x9EE5,     0x9EEA,     0x9EEF,     0x9F22,
      0x9F2C,     0x9F2F,     0x9F39,     0x9F37,     0x9F3D,     0x9F3E,     0x9F44,
      /* GB 0xF840..0xF87E */
      0x9CE3,     0x9CE4,     0x9CE5,     0x9CE6,     0x9CE7,     0x9CE8,     0x9CE9,     0x9CEA,
      0x9CEB,     0x9CEC,     0x9CED,     0x9CEE,     0x9CEF,     0x9CF0,     0x9CF1,     0x9CF2,
      0x9CF3,     0x9CF4,     0x9CF5,     0x9CF6,     0x9CF7,     0x9CF8,     0x9CF9,     0x9CFA,
      0x9CFB,     0x9CFC,     0x9CFD,     0x9CFE,     0x9CFF,     0x9D00,     0x9D01,     0x9D02,
      0x9D03,     0x9D04,     0x9D05,     0x9D06,     0x9D07,     0x9D08,     0x9D09,     0x9D0A,
      0x9D0B,     0x9D0C,     0x9D0D,     0x9D0E,     0x9D0F,     0x9D10,     0x9D11,     0x9D12,
      0x9D13,     0x9D14,     0x9D15,     0x9D16,     0x9D17,     0x9D18,     0x9D19,     0x9D1A,
      0x9D1B,     0x9D1C,     0x9D1D,     0x9D1E,     0x9D1F,     0x9D20,     0x9D21,
      /* GB 0xF880..0xF8A0 */
      0x9D22,     0x9D23,     0x9D24,     0x9D25,     0x9D26,     0x9D27,     0x9D28,     0x9D29,
      0x9D2A,     0x9D2B,     0x9D2C,     0x9D2D,     0x9D2E,     0x9D2F,     0x9D30,     0x9D31,
      0x9D32,     0x9D33,     0x9D34,     0x9D35,     0x9D36,     0x9D37,     0x9D38,     0x9D39,
      0x9D3A,     0x9D3B,     0x9D3C,     0x9D3D,     0x9D3E,     0x9D3F,     0x9D40,     0x9D41,
      0x9D42,                 /* Skip: GB 0xF8A1..0xF8FE (UDA 2) */
      /* GB 0xF940..0xF97E */
      0x9D43,     0x9D44,     0x9D45,     0x9D46,     0x9D47,     0x9D48,     0x9D49,     0x9D4A,
      0x9D4B,     0x9D4C,     0x9D4D,     0x9D4E,     0x9D4F,     0x9D50,     0x9D51,     0x9D52,
      0x9D53,     0x9D54,     0x9D55,     0x9D56,     0x9D57,     0x9D58,     0x9D59,     0x9D5A,
      0x9D5B,     0x9D5C,     0x9D5D,     0x9D5E,     0x9D5F,     0x9D60,     0x9D61,     0x9D62,
      0x9D63,     0x9D64,     0x9D65,     0x9D66,     0x9D67,     0x9D68,     0x9D69,     0x9D6A,
      0x9D6B,     0x9D6C,     0x9D6D,     0x9D6E,     0x9D6F,     0x9D70,     0x9D71,     0x9D72,
      0x9D73,     0x9D74,     0x9D75,     0x9D76,     0x9D77,     0x9D78,     0x9D79,     0x9D7A,
      0x9D7B,     0x9D7C,     0x9D7D,     0x9D7E,     0x9D7F,     0x9D80,     0x9D81,
      /* GB 0xF980..0xF9A0 */
      0x9D82,     0x9D83,     0x9D84,     0x9D85,     0x9D86,     0x9D87,     0x9D88,     0x9D89,
      0x9D8A,     0x9D8B,     0x9D8C,     0x9D8D,     0x9D8E,     0x9D8F,     0x9D90,     0x9D91,
      0x9D92,     0x9D93,     0x9D94,     0x9D95,     0x9D96,     0x9D97,     0x9D98,     0x9D99,
      0x9D9A,     0x9D9B,     0x9D9C,     0x9D9D,     0x9D9E,     0x9D9F,     0x9DA0,     0x9DA1,
      0x9DA2,                 /* Skip: GB 0xF9A1..0xF9FE (UDA 2) */
      /* GB 0xFA40..0xFA7E */
      0x9DA3,     0x9DA4,     0x9DA5,     0x9DA6,     0x9DA7,     0x9DA8,     0x9DA9,     0x9DAA,
      0x9DAB,     0x9DAC,     0x9DAD,     0x9DAE,     0x9DAF,     0x9DB0,     0x9DB1,     0x9DB2,
      0x9DB3,     0x9DB4,     0x9DB5,     0x9DB6,     0x9DB7,     0x9DB8,     0x9DB9,     0x9DBA,
      0x9DBB,     0x9DBC,     0x9DBD,     0x9DBE,     0x9DBF,     0x9DC0,     0x9DC1,     0x9DC2,
      0x9DC3,     0x9DC4,     0x9DC5,     0x9DC6,     0x9DC7,     0x9DC8,     0x9DC9,     0x9DCA,
      0x9DCB,     0x9DCC,     0x9DCD,     0x9DCE,     0x9DCF,     0x9DD0,     0x9DD1,     0x9DD2,
      0x9DD3,     0x9DD4,     0x9DD5,     0x9DD6,     0x9DD7,     0x9DD8,     0x9DD9,     0x9DDA,
      0x9DDB,     0x9DDC,     0x9DDD,     0x9DDE,     0x9DDF,     0x9DE0,     0x9DE1,
      /* GB 0xFA80..0xFAA0 */
      0x9DE2,     0x9DE3,     0x9DE4,     0x9DE5,     0x9DE6,     0x9DE7,     0x9DE8,     0x9DE9,
      0x9DEA,     0x9DEB,     0x9DEC,     0x9DED,     0x9DEE,     0x9DEF,     0x9DF0,     0x9DF1,
      0x9DF2,     0x9DF3,     0x9DF4,     0x9DF5,     0x9DF6,     0x9DF7,     0x9DF8,     0x9DF9,
      0x9DFA,     0x9DFB,     0x9DFC,     0x9DFD,     0x9DFE,     0x9DFF,     0x9E00,     0x9E01,
      0x9E02,                 /* Skip: GB 0xFAA1..0xFAFE (UDA 2) */
      /* GB 0xFB40..0xFB7E */
      0x9E03,     0x9E04,     0x9E05,     0x9E06,     0x9E07,     0x9E08,     0x9E09,     0x9E0A,
      0x9E0B,     0x9E0C,     0x9E0D,     0x9E0E,     0x9E0F,     0x9E10,     0x9E11,     0x9E12,
      0x9E13,     0x9E14,     0x9E15,     0x9E16,     0x9E17,     0x9E18,     0x9E19,     0x9E1A,
      0x9E1B,     0x9E1C,     0x9E1D,     0x9E1E,     0x9E24,     0x9E27,     0x9E2E,     0x9E30,
      0x9E34,     0x9E3B,     0x9E3C,     0x9E40,     0x9E4D,     0x9E50,     0x9E52,     0x9E53,
      0x9E54,     0x9E56,     0x9E59,     0x9E5D,     0x9E5F,     0x9E60,     0x9E61,     0x9E62,
      0x9E65,     0x9E6E,     0x9E6F,     0x9E72,     0x9E74,     0x9E75,     0x9E76,     0x9E77,
      0x9E78,     0x9E79,     0x9E7A,     0x9E7B,     0x9E7C,     0x9E7D,     0x9E80,
      /* GB 0xFB80..0xFBA0 */
      0x9E81,     0x9E83,     0x9E84,     0x9E85,     0x9E86,     0x9E89,     0x9E8A,     0x9E8C,
      0x9E8D,     0x9E8E,     0x9E8F,     0x9E90,     0x9E91,     0x9E94,     0x9E95,     0x9E96,
      0x9E97,     0x9E98,     0x9E99,     0x9E9A,     0x9E9B,     0x9E9C,     0x9E9E,     0x9EA0,
      0x9EA1,     0x9EA2,     0x9EA3,     0x9EA4,     0x9EA5,     0x9EA7,     0x9EA8,     0x9EA9,
      0x9EAA,                 /* Skip: GB 0xFBA1..0xFBFE (UDA 2) */
      /* GB 0xFC40..0xFC7E */
      0x9EAB,     0x9EAC,     0x9EAD,     0x9EAE,     0x9EAF,     0x9EB0,     0x9EB1,     0x9EB2,
      0x9EB3,     0x9EB5,     0x9EB6,     0x9EB7,     0x9EB9,     0x9EBA,     0x9EBC,     0x9EBF,
      0x9EC0,     0x9EC1,     0x9EC2,     0x9EC3,     0x9EC5,     0x9EC6,     0x9EC7,     0x9EC8,
      0x9ECA,     0x9ECB,     0x9ECC,     0x9ED0,     0x9ED2,     0x9ED3,     0x9ED5,     0x9ED6,
      0x9ED7,     0x9ED9,     0x9EDA,     0x9EDE,     0x9EE1,     0x9EE3,     0x9EE4,     0x9EE6,
      0x9EE8,     0x9EEB,     0x9EEC,     0x9EED,     0x9EEE,     0x9EF0,     0x9EF1,     0x9EF2,
      0x9EF3,     0x9EF4,     0x9EF5,     0x9EF6,     0x9EF7,     0x9EF8,     0x9EFA,     0x9EFD,
      0x9EFF,     0x9F00,     0x9F01,     0x9F02,     0x9F03,     0x9F04,     0x9F05,
      /* GB 0xFC80..0xFCA0 */
      0x9F06,     0x9F07,     0x9F08,     0x9F09,     0x9F0A,     0x9F0C,     0x9F0F,     0x9F11,
      0x9F12,     0x9F14,     0x9F15,     0x9F16,     0x9F18,     0x9F1A,     0x9F1B,     0x9F1C,
      0x9F1D,     0x9F1E,     0x9F1F,     0x9F21,     0x9F23,     0x9F24,     0x9F25,     0x9F26,
      0x9F27,     0x9F28,     0x9F29,     0x9F2A,     0x9F2B,     0x9F2D,     0x9F2E,     0x9F30,
      0x9F31,                 /* Skip: GB 0xFCA1..0xFCFE (UDA 2) */
      /* GB 0xFD40..0xFD7E */
      0x9F32,     0x9F33,     0x9F34,     0x9F35,     0x9F36,     0x9F38,     0x9F3A,     0x9F3C,
      0x9F3F,     0x9F40,     0x9F41,     0x9F42,     0x9F43,     0x9F45,     0x9F46,     0x9F47,
      0x9F48,     0x9F49,     0x9F4A,     0x9F4B,     0x9F4C,     0x9F4D,     0x9F4E,     0x9F4F,
      0x9F52,     0x9F53,     0x9F54,     0x9F55,     0x9F56,     0x9F57,     0x9F58,     0x9F59,
      0x9F5A,     0x9F5B,     0x9F5C,     0x9F5D,     0x9F5E,     0x9F5F,     0x9F60,     0x9F61,
      0x9F62,     0x9F63,     0x9F64,     0x9F65,     0x9F66,     0x9F67,     0x9F68,     0x9F69,
      0x9F6A,     0x9F6B,     0x9F6C,     0x9F6D,     0x9F6E,     0x9F6F,     0x9F70,     0x9F71,
      0x9F72,     0x9F73,     0x9F74,     0x9F75,     0x9F76,     0x9F77,     0x9F78,
      /* GB 0xFD80..0xFDA0 */
      0x9F79,     0x9F7A,     0x9F7B,     0x9F7C,     0x9F7D,     0x9F7E,     0x9F81,     0x9F82,
      0x9F8D,     0x9F8E,     0x9F8F,     0x9F90,     0x9F91,     0x9F92,     0x9F93,     0x9F94,
      0x9F95,     0x9F96,     0x9F97,     0x9F98,     0x9F9C,     0x9F9D,     0x9F9E,     0x9FA1,
      0x9FA2,     0x9FA3,     0x9FA4,     0x9FA5,     0xF92C,     0xF979,     0xF995,     0xF9E7,
      0xF9F1,                 /* Skip: GB 0xFDA1..0xFDFE (UDA 2) */
      /* GB 0xFE40..0xFE7E */
      0xFA0C,     0xFA0D,     0xFA0E,     0xFA0F,     0xFA11,     0xFA13,     0xFA14,     0xFA18,
      0xFA1F,     0xFA20,     0xFA21,     0xFA23,     0xFA24,     0xFA27,     0xFA28,     0xFA29,
      0x2E81,     0xE816,     0xE817,     0xE818,     0x2E84,     0x3473,     0x3447,     0x2E88,
      0x2E8B,     0xE81E,     0x359E,     0x361A,     0x360E,     0x2E8C,     0x2E97,     0x396E,
      0x3918,     0xE826,     0x39CF,     0x39DF,     0x3A73,     0x39D0,     0xE82B,     0xE82C,
      0x3B4E,     0x3C6E,     0x3CE0,     0x2EA7,     0xE831,     0xE832,     0x2EAA,     0x4056,
      0x415F,     0x2EAE,     0x4337,     0x2EB3,     0x2EB6,     0x2EB7,     0xE83B,     0x43B1,
      0x43AC,     0x2EBB,     0x43DD,     0x44D6,     0x4661,     0x464C,     0xE843,
      /* GB 0xFE80..0xFEA0 */
      0x4723,     0x4729,     0x477C,     0x478D,     0x2ECA,     0x4947,     0x497A,     0x497D,
      0x4982,     0x4983,     0x4985,     0x4986,     0x499F,     0x499B,     0x49B7,     0x49B6,
      0xE854,     0xE855,     0x4CA3,     0x4C9F,     0x4CA0,     0x4CA1,     0x4C77,     0x4CA2,
      0x4D13,     0x4D14,     0x4D15,     0x4D16,     0x4D17,     0x4D18,     0x4D19,     0x4DAE,
      0xE864,                 /* Skip: GB 0xFEA1..0xFEFE (UDA 2) */

static Q_UINT16 const gb18030_4byte_to_ucs[6793] = {
  /* Contiguous area: GB+81 30 81 30 .. GB+81 30 D2 39 */
  /* GB+81 30 81 30 */  0x0080,     0x0081,     0x0082,     0x0083,     0x0084,
  /* GB+81 30 81 35 */  0x0085,     0x0086,     0x0087,     0x0088,     0x0089,
  /* GB+81 30 82 30 */  0x008A,     0x008B,     0x008C,     0x008D,     0x008E,
  /* GB+81 30 82 35 */  0x008F,     0x0090,     0x0091,     0x0092,     0x0093,
  /* GB+81 30 83 30 */  0x0094,     0x0095,     0x0096,     0x0097,     0x0098,
  /* GB+81 30 83 35 */  0x0099,     0x009A,     0x009B,     0x009C,     0x009D,
  /* GB+81 30 84 30 */  0x009E,     0x009F,     0x00A0,     0x00A1,     0x00A2,
  /* GB+81 30 84 35 */  0x00A3,     0x00A5,     0x00A6,     0x00A9,     0x00AA,
  /* GB+81 30 85 30 */  0x00AB,     0x00AC,     0x00AD,     0x00AE,     0x00AF,
  /* GB+81 30 85 35 */  0x00B2,     0x00B3,     0x00B4,     0x00B5,     0x00B6,
  /* GB+81 30 86 30 */  0x00B8,     0x00B9,     0x00BA,     0x00BB,     0x00BC,
  /* GB+81 30 86 35 */  0x00BD,     0x00BE,     0x00BF,     0x00C0,     0x00C1,
  /* GB+81 30 87 30 */  0x00C2,     0x00C3,     0x00C4,     0x00C5,     0x00C6,
  /* GB+81 30 87 35 */  0x00C7,     0x00C8,     0x00C9,     0x00CA,     0x00CB,
  /* GB+81 30 88 30 */  0x00CC,     0x00CD,     0x00CE,     0x00CF,     0x00D0,
  /* GB+81 30 88 35 */  0x00D1,     0x00D2,     0x00D3,     0x00D4,     0x00D5,
  /* GB+81 30 89 30 */  0x00D6,     0x00D8,     0x00D9,     0x00DA,     0x00DB,
  /* GB+81 30 89 35 */  0x00DC,     0x00DD,     0x00DE,     0x00DF,     0x00E2,
  /* GB+81 30 8A 30 */  0x00E3,     0x00E4,     0x00E5,     0x00E6,     0x00E7,
  /* GB+81 30 8A 35 */  0x00EB,     0x00EE,     0x00EF,     0x00F0,     0x00F1,
  /* GB+81 30 8B 30 */  0x00F4,     0x00F5,     0x00F6,     0x00F8,     0x00FB,
  /* GB+81 30 8B 35 */  0x00FD,     0x00FE,     0x00FF,     0x0100,     0x0102,
  /* GB+81 30 8C 30 */  0x0103,     0x0104,     0x0105,     0x0106,     0x0107,
  /* GB+81 30 8C 35 */  0x0108,     0x0109,     0x010A,     0x010B,     0x010C,
  /* GB+81 30 8D 30 */  0x010D,     0x010E,     0x010F,     0x0110,     0x0111,
  /* GB+81 30 8D 35 */  0x0112,     0x0114,     0x0115,     0x0116,     0x0117,
  /* GB+81 30 8E 30 */  0x0118,     0x0119,     0x011A,     0x011C,     0x011D,
  /* GB+81 30 8E 35 */  0x011E,     0x011F,     0x0120,     0x0121,     0x0122,
  /* GB+81 30 8F 30 */  0x0123,     0x0124,     0x0125,     0x0126,     0x0127,
  /* GB+81 30 8F 35 */  0x0128,     0x0129,     0x012A,     0x012C,     0x012D,
  /* GB+81 30 90 30 */  0x012E,     0x012F,     0x0130,     0x0131,     0x0132,
  /* GB+81 30 90 35 */  0x0133,     0x0134,     0x0135,     0x0136,     0x0137,
  /* GB+81 30 91 30 */  0x0138,     0x0139,     0x013A,     0x013B,     0x013C,
  /* GB+81 30 91 35 */  0x013D,     0x013E,     0x013F,     0x0140,     0x0141,
  /* GB+81 30 92 30 */  0x0142,     0x0143,     0x0145,     0x0146,     0x0147,
  /* GB+81 30 92 35 */  0x0149,     0x014A,     0x014B,     0x014C,     0x014E,
  /* GB+81 30 93 30 */  0x014F,     0x0150,     0x0151,     0x0152,     0x0153,
  /* GB+81 30 93 35 */  0x0154,     0x0155,     0x0156,     0x0157,     0x0158,
  /* GB+81 30 94 30 */  0x0159,     0x015A,     0x015B,     0x015C,     0x015D,
  /* GB+81 30 94 35 */  0x015E,     0x015F,     0x0160,     0x0161,     0x0162,
  /* GB+81 30 95 30 */  0x0163,     0x0164,     0x0165,     0x0166,     0x0167,
  /* GB+81 30 95 35 */  0x0168,     0x0169,     0x016A,     0x016C,     0x016D,
  /* GB+81 30 96 30 */  0x016E,     0x016F,     0x0170,     0x0171,     0x0172,
  /* GB+81 30 96 35 */  0x0173,     0x0174,     0x0175,     0x0176,     0x0177,
  /* GB+81 30 97 30 */  0x0178,     0x0179,     0x017A,     0x017B,     0x017C,
  /* GB+81 30 97 35 */  0x017D,     0x017E,     0x017F,     0x0180,     0x0181,
  /* GB+81 30 98 30 */  0x0182,     0x0183,     0x0184,     0x0185,     0x0186,
  /* GB+81 30 98 35 */  0x0187,     0x0188,     0x0189,     0x018A,     0x018B,
  /* GB+81 30 99 30 */  0x018C,     0x018D,     0x018E,     0x018F,     0x0190,
  /* GB+81 30 99 35 */  0x0191,     0x0192,     0x0193,     0x0194,     0x0195,
  /* GB+81 30 9A 30 */  0x0196,     0x0197,     0x0198,     0x0199,     0x019A,
  /* GB+81 30 9A 35 */  0x019B,     0x019C,     0x019D,     0x019E,     0x019F,
  /* GB+81 30 9B 30 */  0x01A0,     0x01A1,     0x01A2,     0x01A3,     0x01A4,
  /* GB+81 30 9B 35 */  0x01A5,     0x01A6,     0x01A7,     0x01A8,     0x01A9,
  /* GB+81 30 9C 30 */  0x01AA,     0x01AB,     0x01AC,     0x01AD,     0x01AE,
  /* GB+81 30 9C 35 */  0x01AF,     0x01B0,     0x01B1,     0x01B2,     0x01B3,
  /* GB+81 30 9D 30 */  0x01B4,     0x01B5,     0x01B6,     0x01B7,     0x01B8,
  /* GB+81 30 9D 35 */  0x01B9,     0x01BA,     0x01BB,     0x01BC,     0x01BD,
  /* GB+81 30 9E 30 */  0x01BE,     0x01BF,     0x01C0,     0x01C1,     0x01C2,
  /* GB+81 30 9E 35 */  0x01C3,     0x01C4,     0x01C5,     0x01C6,     0x01C7,
  /* GB+81 30 9F 30 */  0x01C8,     0x01C9,     0x01CA,     0x01CB,     0x01CC,
  /* GB+81 30 9F 35 */  0x01CD,     0x01CF,     0x01D1,     0x01D3,     0x01D5,
  /* GB+81 30 A0 30 */  0x01D7,     0x01D9,     0x01DB,     0x01DD,     0x01DE,
  /* GB+81 30 A0 35 */  0x01DF,     0x01E0,     0x01E1,     0x01E2,     0x01E3,
  /* GB+81 30 A1 30 */  0x01E4,     0x01E5,     0x01E6,     0x01E7,     0x01E8,
  /* GB+81 30 A1 35 */  0x01E9,     0x01EA,     0x01EB,     0x01EC,     0x01ED,
  /* GB+81 30 A2 30 */  0x01EE,     0x01EF,     0x01F0,     0x01F1,     0x01F2,
  /* GB+81 30 A2 35 */  0x01F3,     0x01F4,     0x01F5,     0x01F6,     0x01F7,
  /* GB+81 30 A3 30 */  0x01F8,     0x01FA,     0x01FB,     0x01FC,     0x01FD,
  /* GB+81 30 A3 35 */  0x01FE,     0x01FF,     0x0200,     0x0201,     0x0202,
  /* GB+81 30 A4 30 */  0x0203,     0x0204,     0x0205,     0x0206,     0x0207,
  /* GB+81 30 A4 35 */  0x0208,     0x0209,     0x020A,     0x020B,     0x020C,
  /* GB+81 30 A5 30 */  0x020D,     0x020E,     0x020F,     0x0210,     0x0211,
  /* GB+81 30 A5 35 */  0x0212,     0x0213,     0x0214,     0x0215,     0x0216,
  /* GB+81 30 A6 30 */  0x0217,     0x0218,     0x0219,     0x021A,     0x021B,
  /* GB+81 30 A6 35 */  0x021C,     0x021D,     0x021E,     0x021F,     0x0220,
  /* GB+81 30 A7 30 */  0x0221,     0x0222,     0x0223,     0x0224,     0x0225,
  /* GB+81 30 A7 35 */  0x0226,     0x0227,     0x0228,     0x0229,     0x022A,
  /* GB+81 30 A8 30 */  0x022B,     0x022C,     0x022D,     0x022E,     0x022F,
  /* GB+81 30 A8 35 */  0x0230,     0x0231,     0x0232,     0x0233,     0x0234,
  /* GB+81 30 A9 30 */  0x0235,     0x0236,     0x0237,     0x0238,     0x0239,
  /* GB+81 30 A9 35 */  0x023A,     0x023B,     0x023C,     0x023D,     0x023E,
  /* GB+81 30 AA 30 */  0x023F,     0x0240,     0x0241,     0x0242,     0x0243,
  /* GB+81 30 AA 35 */  0x0244,     0x0245,     0x0246,     0x0247,     0x0248,
  /* GB+81 30 AB 30 */  0x0249,     0x024A,     0x024B,     0x024C,     0x024D,
  /* GB+81 30 AB 35 */  0x024E,     0x024F,     0x0250,     0x0252,     0x0253,
  /* GB+81 30 AC 30 */  0x0254,     0x0255,     0x0256,     0x0257,     0x0258,
  /* GB+81 30 AC 35 */  0x0259,     0x025A,     0x025B,     0x025C,     0x025D,
  /* GB+81 30 AD 30 */  0x025E,     0x025F,     0x0260,     0x0262,     0x0263,
  /* GB+81 30 AD 35 */  0x0264,     0x0265,     0x0266,     0x0267,     0x0268,
  /* GB+81 30 AE 30 */  0x0269,     0x026A,     0x026B,     0x026C,     0x026D,
  /* GB+81 30 AE 35 */  0x026E,     0x026F,     0x0270,     0x0271,     0x0272,
  /* GB+81 30 AF 30 */  0x0273,     0x0274,     0x0275,     0x0276,     0x0277,
  /* GB+81 30 AF 35 */  0x0278,     0x0279,     0x027A,     0x027B,     0x027C,
  /* GB+81 30 B0 30 */  0x027D,     0x027E,     0x027F,     0x0280,     0x0281,
  /* GB+81 30 B0 35 */  0x0282,     0x0283,     0x0284,     0x0285,     0x0286,
  /* GB+81 30 B1 30 */  0x0287,     0x0288,     0x0289,     0x028A,     0x028B,
  /* GB+81 30 B1 35 */  0x028C,     0x028D,     0x028E,     0x028F,     0x0290,
  /* GB+81 30 B2 30 */  0x0291,     0x0292,     0x0293,     0x0294,     0x0295,
  /* GB+81 30 B2 35 */  0x0296,     0x0297,     0x0298,     0x0299,     0x029A,
  /* GB+81 30 B3 30 */  0x029B,     0x029C,     0x029D,     0x029E,     0x029F,
  /* GB+81 30 B3 35 */  0x02A0,     0x02A1,     0x02A2,     0x02A3,     0x02A4,
  /* GB+81 30 B4 30 */  0x02A5,     0x02A6,     0x02A7,     0x02A8,     0x02A9,
  /* GB+81 30 B4 35 */  0x02AA,     0x02AB,     0x02AC,     0x02AD,     0x02AE,
  /* GB+81 30 B5 30 */  0x02AF,     0x02B0,     0x02B1,     0x02B2,     0x02B3,
  /* GB+81 30 B5 35 */  0x02B4,     0x02B5,     0x02B6,     0x02B7,     0x02B8,
  /* GB+81 30 B6 30 */  0x02B9,     0x02BA,     0x02BB,     0x02BC,     0x02BD,
  /* GB+81 30 B6 35 */  0x02BE,     0x02BF,     0x02C0,     0x02C1,     0x02C2,
  /* GB+81 30 B7 30 */  0x02C3,     0x02C4,     0x02C5,     0x02C6,     0x02C8,
  /* GB+81 30 B7 35 */  0x02CC,     0x02CD,     0x02CE,     0x02CF,     0x02D0,
  /* GB+81 30 B8 30 */  0x02D1,     0x02D2,     0x02D3,     0x02D4,     0x02D5,
  /* GB+81 30 B8 35 */  0x02D6,     0x02D7,     0x02D8,     0x02DA,     0x02DB,
  /* GB+81 30 B9 30 */  0x02DC,     0x02DD,     0x02DE,     0x02DF,     0x02E0,
  /* GB+81 30 B9 35 */  0x02E1,     0x02E2,     0x02E3,     0x02E4,     0x02E5,
  /* GB+81 30 BA 30 */  0x02E6,     0x02E7,     0x02E8,     0x02E9,     0x02EA,
  /* GB+81 30 BA 35 */  0x02EB,     0x02EC,     0x02ED,     0x02EE,     0x02EF,
  /* GB+81 30 BB 30 */  0x02F0,     0x02F1,     0x02F2,     0x02F3,     0x02F4,
  /* GB+81 30 BB 35 */  0x02F5,     0x02F6,     0x02F7,     0x02F8,     0x02F9,
  /* GB+81 30 BC 30 */  0x02FA,     0x02FB,     0x02FC,     0x02FD,     0x02FE,
  /* GB+81 30 BC 35 */  0x02FF,     0x0300,     0x0301,     0x0302,     0x0303,
  /* GB+81 30 BD 30 */  0x0304,     0x0305,     0x0306,     0x0307,     0x0308,
  /* GB+81 30 BD 35 */  0x0309,     0x030A,     0x030B,     0x030C,     0x030D,
  /* GB+81 30 BE 30 */  0x030E,     0x030F,     0x0310,     0x0311,     0x0312,
  /* GB+81 30 BE 35 */  0x0313,     0x0314,     0x0315,     0x0316,     0x0317,
  /* GB+81 30 BF 30 */  0x0318,     0x0319,     0x031A,     0x031B,     0x031C,
  /* GB+81 30 BF 35 */  0x031D,     0x031E,     0x031F,     0x0320,     0x0321,
  /* GB+81 30 C0 30 */  0x0322,     0x0323,     0x0324,     0x0325,     0x0326,
  /* GB+81 30 C0 35 */  0x0327,     0x0328,     0x0329,     0x032A,     0x032B,
  /* GB+81 30 C1 30 */  0x032C,     0x032D,     0x032E,     0x032F,     0x0330,
  /* GB+81 30 C1 35 */  0x0331,     0x0332,     0x0333,     0x0334,     0x0335,
  /* GB+81 30 C2 30 */  0x0336,     0x0337,     0x0338,     0x0339,     0x033A,
  /* GB+81 30 C2 35 */  0x033B,     0x033C,     0x033D,     0x033E,     0x033F,
  /* GB+81 30 C3 30 */  0x0340,     0x0341,     0x0342,     0x0343,     0x0344,
  /* GB+81 30 C3 35 */  0x0345,     0x0346,     0x0347,     0x0348,     0x0349,
  /* GB+81 30 C4 30 */  0x034A,     0x034B,     0x034C,     0x034D,     0x034E,
  /* GB+81 30 C4 35 */  0x034F,     0x0350,     0x0351,     0x0352,     0x0353,
  /* GB+81 30 C5 30 */  0x0354,     0x0355,     0x0356,     0x0357,     0x0358,
  /* GB+81 30 C5 35 */  0x0359,     0x035A,     0x035B,     0x035C,     0x035D,
  /* GB+81 30 C6 30 */  0x035E,     0x035F,     0x0360,     0x0361,     0x0362,
  /* GB+81 30 C6 35 */  0x0363,     0x0364,     0x0365,     0x0366,     0x0367,
  /* GB+81 30 C7 30 */  0x0368,     0x0369,     0x036A,     0x036B,     0x036C,
  /* GB+81 30 C7 35 */  0x036D,     0x036E,     0x036F,     0x0370,     0x0371,
  /* GB+81 30 C8 30 */  0x0372,     0x0373,     0x0374,     0x0375,     0x0376,
  /* GB+81 30 C8 35 */  0x0377,     0x0378,     0x0379,     0x037A,     0x037B,
  /* GB+81 30 C9 30 */  0x037C,     0x037D,     0x037E,     0x037F,     0x0380,
  /* GB+81 30 C9 35 */  0x0381,     0x0382,     0x0383,     0x0384,     0x0385,
  /* GB+81 30 CA 30 */  0x0386,     0x0387,     0x0388,     0x0389,     0x038A,
  /* GB+81 30 CA 35 */  0x038B,     0x038C,     0x038D,     0x038E,     0x038F,
  /* GB+81 30 CB 30 */  0x0390,     0x03A2,     0x03AA,     0x03AB,     0x03AC,
  /* GB+81 30 CB 35 */  0x03AD,     0x03AE,     0x03AF,     0x03B0,     0x03C2,
  /* GB+81 30 CC 30 */  0x03CA,     0x03CB,     0x03CC,     0x03CD,     0x03CE,
  /* GB+81 30 CC 35 */  0x03CF,     0x03D0,     0x03D1,     0x03D2,     0x03D3,
  /* GB+81 30 CD 30 */  0x03D4,     0x03D5,     0x03D6,     0x03D7,     0x03D8,
  /* GB+81 30 CD 35 */  0x03D9,     0x03DA,     0x03DB,     0x03DC,     0x03DD,
  /* GB+81 30 CE 30 */  0x03DE,     0x03DF,     0x03E0,     0x03E1,     0x03E2,
  /* GB+81 30 CE 35 */  0x03E3,     0x03E4,     0x03E5,     0x03E6,     0x03E7,
  /* GB+81 30 CF 30 */  0x03E8,     0x03E9,     0x03EA,     0x03EB,     0x03EC,
  /* GB+81 30 CF 35 */  0x03ED,     0x03EE,     0x03EF,     0x03F0,     0x03F1,
  /* GB+81 30 D0 30 */  0x03F2,     0x03F3,     0x03F4,     0x03F5,     0x03F6,
  /* GB+81 30 D0 35 */  0x03F7,     0x03F8,     0x03F9,     0x03FA,     0x03FB,
  /* GB+81 30 D1 30 */  0x03FC,     0x03FD,     0x03FE,     0x03FF,     0x0400,
  /* GB+81 30 D1 35 */  0x0402,     0x0403,     0x0404,     0x0405,     0x0406,
  /* GB+81 30 D2 30 */  0x0407,     0x0408,     0x0409,     0x040A,     0x040B,
  /* GB+81 30 D2 35 */  0x040C,     0x040D,     0x040E,     0x040F,     0x0450,
  /* Contiguous area: GB+81 36 A5 32 .. GB+81 37 A8 38 */
  /* GB+81 36 A5 32 */              0x2011,     0x2012,     0x2017,
  /* GB+81 36 A5 35 */  0x201A,     0x201B,     0x201E,     0x201F,     0x2020,
  /* GB+81 36 A6 30 */  0x2021,     0x2022,     0x2023,     0x2024,     0x2027,
  /* GB+81 36 A6 35 */  0x2028,     0x2029,     0x202A,     0x202B,     0x202C,
  /* GB+81 36 A7 30 */  0x202D,     0x202E,     0x202F,     0x2031,     0x2034,
  /* GB+81 36 A7 35 */  0x2036,     0x2037,     0x2038,     0x2039,     0x203A,
  /* GB+81 36 A8 30 */  0x203C,     0x203D,     0x203E,     0x203F,     0x2040,
  /* GB+81 36 A8 35 */  0x2041,     0x2042,     0x2043,     0x2044,     0x2045,
  /* GB+81 36 A9 30 */  0x2046,     0x2047,     0x2048,     0x2049,     0x204A,
  /* GB+81 36 A9 35 */  0x204B,     0x204C,     0x204D,     0x204E,     0x204F,
  /* GB+81 36 AA 30 */  0x2050,     0x2051,     0x2052,     0x2053,     0x2054,
  /* GB+81 36 AA 35 */  0x2055,     0x2056,     0x2057,     0x2058,     0x2059,
  /* GB+81 36 AB 30 */  0x205A,     0x205B,     0x205C,     0x205D,     0x205E,
  /* GB+81 36 AB 35 */  0x205F,     0x2060,     0x2061,     0x2062,     0x2063,
  /* GB+81 36 AC 30 */  0x2064,     0x2065,     0x2066,     0x2067,     0x2068,
  /* GB+81 36 AC 35 */  0x2069,     0x206A,     0x206B,     0x206C,     0x206D,
  /* GB+81 36 AD 30 */  0x206E,     0x206F,     0x2070,     0x2071,     0x2072,
  /* GB+81 36 AD 35 */  0x2073,     0x2074,     0x2075,     0x2076,     0x2077,
  /* GB+81 36 AE 30 */  0x2078,     0x2079,     0x207A,     0x207B,     0x207C,
  /* GB+81 36 AE 35 */  0x207D,     0x207E,     0x207F,     0x2080,     0x2081,
  /* GB+81 36 AF 30 */  0x2082,     0x2083,     0x2084,     0x2085,     0x2086,
  /* GB+81 36 AF 35 */  0x2087,     0x2088,     0x2089,     0x208A,     0x208B,
  /* GB+81 36 B0 30 */  0x208C,     0x208D,     0x208E,     0x208F,     0x2090,
  /* GB+81 36 B0 35 */  0x2091,     0x2092,     0x2093,     0x2094,     0x2095,
  /* GB+81 36 B1 30 */  0x2096,     0x2097,     0x2098,     0x2099,     0x209A,
  /* GB+81 36 B1 35 */  0x209B,     0x209C,     0x209D,     0x209E,     0x209F,
  /* GB+81 36 B2 30 */  0x20A0,     0x20A1,     0x20A2,     0x20A3,     0x20A4,
  /* GB+81 36 B2 35 */  0x20A5,     0x20A6,     0x20A7,     0x20A8,     0x20A9,
  /* GB+81 36 B3 30 */  0x20AA,     0x20AB,     0x20AD,     0x20AE,     0x20AF,
  /* GB+81 36 B3 35 */  0x20B0,     0x20B1,     0x20B2,     0x20B3,     0x20B4,
  /* GB+81 36 B4 30 */  0x20B5,     0x20B6,     0x20B7,     0x20B8,     0x20B9,
  /* GB+81 36 B4 35 */  0x20BA,     0x20BB,     0x20BC,     0x20BD,     0x20BE,
  /* GB+81 36 B5 30 */  0x20BF,     0x20C0,     0x20C1,     0x20C2,     0x20C3,
  /* GB+81 36 B5 35 */  0x20C4,     0x20C5,     0x20C6,     0x20C7,     0x20C8,
  /* GB+81 36 B6 30 */  0x20C9,     0x20CA,     0x20CB,     0x20CC,     0x20CD,
  /* GB+81 36 B6 35 */  0x20CE,     0x20CF,     0x20D0,     0x20D1,     0x20D2,
  /* GB+81 36 B7 30 */  0x20D3,     0x20D4,     0x20D5,     0x20D6,     0x20D7,
  /* GB+81 36 B7 35 */  0x20D8,     0x20D9,     0x20DA,     0x20DB,     0x20DC,
  /* GB+81 36 B8 30 */  0x20DD,     0x20DE,     0x20DF,     0x20E0,     0x20E1,
  /* GB+81 36 B8 35 */  0x20E2,     0x20E3,     0x20E4,     0x20E5,     0x20E6,
  /* GB+81 36 B9 30 */  0x20E7,     0x20E8,     0x20E9,     0x20EA,     0x20EB,
  /* GB+81 36 B9 35 */  0x20EC,     0x20ED,     0x20EE,     0x20EF,     0x20F0,
  /* GB+81 36 BA 30 */  0x20F1,     0x20F2,     0x20F3,     0x20F4,     0x20F5,
  /* GB+81 36 BA 35 */  0x20F6,     0x20F7,     0x20F8,     0x20F9,     0x20FA,
  /* GB+81 36 BB 30 */  0x20FB,     0x20FC,     0x20FD,     0x20FE,     0x20FF,
  /* GB+81 36 BB 35 */  0x2100,     0x2101,     0x2102,     0x2104,     0x2106,
  /* GB+81 36 BC 30 */  0x2107,     0x2108,     0x210A,     0x210B,     0x210C,
  /* GB+81 36 BC 35 */  0x210D,     0x210E,     0x210F,     0x2110,     0x2111,
  /* GB+81 36 BD 30 */  0x2112,     0x2113,     0x2114,     0x2115,     0x2117,
  /* GB+81 36 BD 35 */  0x2118,     0x2119,     0x211A,     0x211B,     0x211C,
  /* GB+81 36 BE 30 */  0x211D,     0x211E,     0x211F,     0x2120,     0x2122,
  /* GB+81 36 BE 35 */  0x2123,     0x2124,     0x2125,     0x2126,     0x2127,
  /* GB+81 36 BF 30 */  0x2128,     0x2129,     0x212A,     0x212B,     0x212C,
  /* GB+81 36 BF 35 */  0x212D,     0x212E,     0x212F,     0x2130,     0x2131,
  /* GB+81 36 C0 30 */  0x2132,     0x2133,     0x2134,     0x2135,     0x2136,
  /* GB+81 36 C0 35 */  0x2137,     0x2138,     0x2139,     0x213A,     0x213B,
  /* GB+81 36 C1 30 */  0x213C,     0x213D,     0x213E,     0x213F,     0x2140,
  /* GB+81 36 C1 35 */  0x2141,     0x2142,     0x2143,     0x2144,     0x2145,
  /* GB+81 36 C2 30 */  0x2146,     0x2147,     0x2148,     0x2149,     0x214A,
  /* GB+81 36 C2 35 */  0x214B,     0x214C,     0x214D,     0x214E,     0x214F,
  /* GB+81 36 C3 30 */  0x2150,     0x2151,     0x2152,     0x2153,     0x2154,
  /* GB+81 36 C3 35 */  0x2155,     0x2156,     0x2157,     0x2158,     0x2159,
  /* GB+81 36 C4 30 */  0x215A,     0x215B,     0x215C,     0x215D,     0x215E,
  /* GB+81 36 C4 35 */  0x215F,     0x216C,     0x216D,     0x216E,     0x216F,
  /* GB+81 36 C5 30 */  0x217A,     0x217B,     0x217C,     0x217D,     0x217E,
  /* GB+81 36 C5 35 */  0x217F,     0x2180,     0x2181,     0x2182,     0x2183,
  /* GB+81 36 C6 30 */  0x2184,     0x2185,     0x2186,     0x2187,     0x2188,
  /* GB+81 36 C6 35 */  0x2189,     0x218A,     0x218B,     0x218C,     0x218D,
  /* GB+81 36 C7 30 */  0x218E,     0x218F,     0x2194,     0x2195,     0x219A,
  /* GB+81 36 C7 35 */  0x219B,     0x219C,     0x219D,     0x219E,     0x219F,
  /* GB+81 36 C8 30 */  0x21A0,     0x21A1,     0x21A2,     0x21A3,     0x21A4,
  /* GB+81 36 C8 35 */  0x21A5,     0x21A6,     0x21A7,     0x21A8,     0x21A9,
  /* GB+81 36 C9 30 */  0x21AA,     0x21AB,     0x21AC,     0x21AD,     0x21AE,
  /* GB+81 36 C9 35 */  0x21AF,     0x21B0,     0x21B1,     0x21B2,     0x21B3,
  /* GB+81 36 CA 30 */  0x21B4,     0x21B5,     0x21B6,     0x21B7,     0x21B8,
  /* GB+81 36 CA 35 */  0x21B9,     0x21BA,     0x21BB,     0x21BC,     0x21BD,
  /* GB+81 36 CB 30 */  0x21BE,     0x21BF,     0x21C0,     0x21C1,     0x21C2,
  /* GB+81 36 CB 35 */  0x21C3,     0x21C4,     0x21C5,     0x21C6,     0x21C7,
  /* GB+81 36 CC 30 */  0x21C8,     0x21C9,     0x21CA,     0x21CB,     0x21CC,
  /* GB+81 36 CC 35 */  0x21CD,     0x21CE,     0x21CF,     0x21D0,     0x21D1,
  /* GB+81 36 CD 30 */  0x21D2,     0x21D3,     0x21D4,     0x21D5,     0x21D6,
  /* GB+81 36 CD 35 */  0x21D7,     0x21D8,     0x21D9,     0x21DA,     0x21DB,
  /* GB+81 36 CE 30 */  0x21DC,     0x21DD,     0x21DE,     0x21DF,     0x21E0,
  /* GB+81 36 CE 35 */  0x21E1,     0x21E2,     0x21E3,     0x21E4,     0x21E5,
  /* GB+81 36 CF 30 */  0x21E6,     0x21E7,     0x21E8,     0x21E9,     0x21EA,
  /* GB+81 36 CF 35 */  0x21EB,     0x21EC,     0x21ED,     0x21EE,     0x21EF,
  /* GB+81 36 D0 30 */  0x21F0,     0x21F1,     0x21F2,     0x21F3,     0x21F4,
  /* GB+81 36 D0 35 */  0x21F5,     0x21F6,     0x21F7,     0x21F8,     0x21F9,
  /* GB+81 36 D1 30 */  0x21FA,     0x21FB,     0x21FC,     0x21FD,     0x21FE,
  /* GB+81 36 D1 35 */  0x21FF,     0x2200,     0x2201,     0x2202,     0x2203,
  /* GB+81 36 D2 30 */  0x2204,     0x2205,     0x2206,     0x2207,     0x2209,
  /* GB+81 36 D2 35 */  0x220A,     0x220B,     0x220C,     0x220D,     0x220E,
  /* GB+81 36 D3 30 */  0x2210,     0x2212,     0x2213,     0x2214,     0x2216,
  /* GB+81 36 D3 35 */  0x2217,     0x2218,     0x2219,     0x221B,     0x221C,
  /* GB+81 36 D4 30 */  0x2221,     0x2222,     0x2224,     0x2226,     0x222C,
  /* GB+81 36 D4 35 */  0x222D,     0x222F,     0x2230,     0x2231,     0x2232,
  /* GB+81 36 D5 30 */  0x2233,     0x2238,     0x2239,     0x223A,     0x223B,
  /* GB+81 36 D5 35 */  0x223C,     0x223E,     0x223F,     0x2240,     0x2241,
  /* GB+81 36 D6 30 */  0x2242,     0x2243,     0x2244,     0x2245,     0x2246,
  /* GB+81 36 D6 35 */  0x2247,     0x2249,     0x224A,     0x224B,     0x224D,
  /* GB+81 36 D7 30 */  0x224E,     0x224F,     0x2250,     0x2251,     0x2253,
  /* GB+81 36 D7 35 */  0x2254,     0x2255,     0x2256,     0x2257,     0x2258,
  /* GB+81 36 D8 30 */  0x2259,     0x225A,     0x225B,     0x225C,     0x225D,
  /* GB+81 36 D8 35 */  0x225E,     0x225F,     0x2262,     0x2263,     0x2268,
  /* GB+81 36 D9 30 */  0x2269,     0x226A,     0x226B,     0x226C,     0x226D,
  /* GB+81 36 D9 35 */  0x2270,     0x2271,     0x2272,     0x2273,     0x2274,
  /* GB+81 36 DA 30 */  0x2275,     0x2276,     0x2277,     0x2278,     0x2279,
  /* GB+81 36 DA 35 */  0x227A,     0x227B,     0x227C,     0x227D,     0x227E,
  /* GB+81 36 DB 30 */  0x227F,     0x2280,     0x2281,     0x2282,     0x2283,
  /* GB+81 36 DB 35 */  0x2284,     0x2285,     0x2286,     0x2287,     0x2288,
  /* GB+81 36 DC 30 */  0x2289,     0x228A,     0x228B,     0x228C,     0x228D,
  /* GB+81 36 DC 35 */  0x228E,     0x228F,     0x2290,     0x2291,     0x2292,
  /* GB+81 36 DD 30 */  0x2293,     0x2294,     0x2296,     0x2297,     0x2298,
  /* GB+81 36 DD 35 */  0x229A,     0x229B,     0x229C,     0x229D,     0x229E,
  /* GB+81 36 DE 30 */  0x229F,     0x22A0,     0x22A1,     0x22A2,     0x22A3,
  /* GB+81 36 DE 35 */  0x22A4,     0x22A6,     0x22A7,     0x22A8,     0x22A9,
  /* GB+81 36 DF 30 */  0x22AA,     0x22AB,     0x22AC,     0x22AD,     0x22AE,
  /* GB+81 36 DF 35 */  0x22AF,     0x22B0,     0x22B1,     0x22B2,     0x22B3,
  /* GB+81 36 E0 30 */  0x22B4,     0x22B5,     0x22B6,     0x22B7,     0x22B8,
  /* GB+81 36 E0 35 */  0x22B9,     0x22BA,     0x22BB,     0x22BC,     0x22BD,
  /* GB+81 36 E1 30 */  0x22BE,     0x22C0,     0x22C1,     0x22C2,     0x22C3,
  /* GB+81 36 E1 35 */  0x22C4,     0x22C5,     0x22C6,     0x22C7,     0x22C8,
  /* GB+81 36 E2 30 */  0x22C9,     0x22CA,     0x22CB,     0x22CC,     0x22CD,
  /* GB+81 36 E2 35 */  0x22CE,     0x22CF,     0x22D0,     0x22D1,     0x22D2,
  /* GB+81 36 E3 30 */  0x22D3,     0x22D4,     0x22D5,     0x22D6,     0x22D7,
  /* GB+81 36 E3 35 */  0x22D8,     0x22D9,     0x22DA,     0x22DB,     0x22DC,
  /* GB+81 36 E4 30 */  0x22DD,     0x22DE,     0x22DF,     0x22E0,     0x22E1,
  /* GB+81 36 E4 35 */  0x22E2,     0x22E3,     0x22E4,     0x22E5,     0x22E6,
  /* GB+81 36 E5 30 */  0x22E7,     0x22E8,     0x22E9,     0x22EA,     0x22EB,
  /* GB+81 36 E5 35 */  0x22EC,     0x22ED,     0x22EE,     0x22EF,     0x22F0,
  /* GB+81 36 E6 30 */  0x22F1,     0x22F2,     0x22F3,     0x22F4,     0x22F5,
  /* GB+81 36 E6 35 */  0x22F6,     0x22F7,     0x22F8,     0x22F9,     0x22FA,
  /* GB+81 36 E7 30 */  0x22FB,     0x22FC,     0x22FD,     0x22FE,     0x22FF,
  /* GB+81 36 E7 35 */  0x2300,     0x2301,     0x2302,     0x2303,     0x2304,
  /* GB+81 36 E8 30 */  0x2305,     0x2306,     0x2307,     0x2308,     0x2309,
  /* GB+81 36 E8 35 */  0x230A,     0x230B,     0x230C,     0x230D,     0x230E,
  /* GB+81 36 E9 30 */  0x230F,     0x2310,     0x2311,     0x2313,     0x2314,
  /* GB+81 36 E9 35 */  0x2315,     0x2316,     0x2317,     0x2318,     0x2319,
  /* GB+81 36 EA 30 */  0x231A,     0x231B,     0x231C,     0x231D,     0x231E,
  /* GB+81 36 EA 35 */  0x231F,     0x2320,     0x2321,     0x2322,     0x2323,
  /* GB+81 36 EB 30 */  0x2324,     0x2325,     0x2326,     0x2327,     0x2328,
  /* GB+81 36 EB 35 */  0x2329,     0x232A,     0x232B,     0x232C,     0x232D,
  /* GB+81 36 EC 30 */  0x232E,     0x232F,     0x2330,     0x2331,     0x2332,
  /* GB+81 36 EC 35 */  0x2333,     0x2334,     0x2335,     0x2336,     0x2337,
  /* GB+81 36 ED 30 */  0x2338,     0x2339,     0x233A,     0x233B,     0x233C,
  /* GB+81 36 ED 35 */  0x233D,     0x233E,     0x233F,     0x2340,     0x2341,
  /* GB+81 36 EE 30 */  0x2342,     0x2343,     0x2344,     0x2345,     0x2346,
  /* GB+81 36 EE 35 */  0x2347,     0x2348,     0x2349,     0x234A,     0x234B,
  /* GB+81 36 EF 30 */  0x234C,     0x234D,     0x234E,     0x234F,     0x2350,
  /* GB+81 36 EF 35 */  0x2351,     0x2352,     0x2353,     0x2354,     0x2355,
  /* GB+81 36 F0 30 */  0x2356,     0x2357,     0x2358,     0x2359,     0x235A,
  /* GB+81 36 F0 35 */  0x235B,     0x235C,     0x235D,     0x235E,     0x235F,
  /* GB+81 36 F1 30 */  0x2360,     0x2361,     0x2362,     0x2363,     0x2364,
  /* GB+81 36 F1 35 */  0x2365,     0x2366,     0x2367,     0x2368,     0x2369,
  /* GB+81 36 F2 30 */  0x236A,     0x236B,     0x236C,     0x236D,     0x236E,
  /* GB+81 36 F2 35 */  0x236F,     0x2370,     0x2371,     0x2372,     0x2373,
  /* GB+81 36 F3 30 */  0x2374,     0x2375,     0x2376,     0x2377,     0x2378,
  /* GB+81 36 F3 35 */  0x2379,     0x237A,     0x237B,     0x237C,     0x237D,
  /* GB+81 36 F4 30 */  0x237E,     0x237F,     0x2380,     0x2381,     0x2382,
  /* GB+81 36 F4 35 */  0x2383,     0x2384,     0x2385,     0x2386,     0x2387,
  /* GB+81 36 F5 30 */  0x2388,     0x2389,     0x238A,     0x238B,     0x238C,
  /* GB+81 36 F5 35 */  0x238D,     0x238E,     0x238F,     0x2390,     0x2391,
  /* GB+81 36 F6 30 */  0x2392,     0x2393,     0x2394,     0x2395,     0x2396,
  /* GB+81 36 F6 35 */  0x2397,     0x2398,     0x2399,     0x239A,     0x239B,
  /* GB+81 36 F7 30 */  0x239C,     0x239D,     0x239E,     0x239F,     0x23A0,
  /* GB+81 36 F7 35 */  0x23A1,     0x23A2,     0x23A3,     0x23A4,     0x23A5,
  /* GB+81 36 F8 30 */  0x23A6,     0x23A7,     0x23A8,     0x23A9,     0x23AA,
  /* GB+81 36 F8 35 */  0x23AB,     0x23AC,     0x23AD,     0x23AE,     0x23AF,
  /* GB+81 36 F9 30 */  0x23B0,     0x23B1,     0x23B2,     0x23B3,     0x23B4,
  /* GB+81 36 F9 35 */  0x23B5,     0x23B6,     0x23B7,     0x23B8,     0x23B9,
  /* GB+81 36 FA 30 */  0x23BA,     0x23BB,     0x23BC,     0x23BD,     0x23BE,
  /* GB+81 36 FA 35 */  0x23BF,     0x23C0,     0x23C1,     0x23C2,     0x23C3,
  /* GB+81 36 FB 30 */  0x23C4,     0x23C5,     0x23C6,     0x23C7,     0x23C8,
  /* GB+81 36 FB 35 */  0x23C9,     0x23CA,     0x23CB,     0x23CC,     0x23CD,
  /* GB+81 36 FC 30 */  0x23CE,     0x23CF,     0x23D0,     0x23D1,     0x23D2,
  /* GB+81 36 FC 35 */  0x23D3,     0x23D4,     0x23D5,     0x23D6,     0x23D7,
  /* GB+81 36 FD 30 */  0x23D8,     0x23D9,     0x23DA,     0x23DB,     0x23DC,
  /* GB+81 36 FD 35 */  0x23DD,     0x23DE,     0x23DF,     0x23E0,     0x23E1,
  /* GB+81 36 FE 30 */  0x23E2,     0x23E3,     0x23E4,     0x23E5,     0x23E6,
  /* GB+81 36 FE 35 */  0x23E7,     0x23E8,     0x23E9,     0x23EA,     0x23EB,
  /* GB+81 37 81 30 */  0x23EC,     0x23ED,     0x23EE,     0x23EF,     0x23F0,
  /* GB+81 37 81 35 */  0x23F1,     0x23F2,     0x23F3,     0x23F4,     0x23F5,
  /* GB+81 37 82 30 */  0x23F6,     0x23F7,     0x23F8,     0x23F9,     0x23FA,
  /* GB+81 37 82 35 */  0x23FB,     0x23FC,     0x23FD,     0x23FE,     0x23FF,
  /* GB+81 37 83 30 */  0x2400,     0x2401,     0x2402,     0x2403,     0x2404,
  /* GB+81 37 83 35 */  0x2405,     0x2406,     0x2407,     0x2408,     0x2409,
  /* GB+81 37 84 30 */  0x240A,     0x240B,     0x240C,     0x240D,     0x240E,
  /* GB+81 37 84 35 */  0x240F,     0x2410,     0x2411,     0x2412,     0x2413,
  /* GB+81 37 85 30 */  0x2414,     0x2415,     0x2416,     0x2417,     0x2418,
  /* GB+81 37 85 35 */  0x2419,     0x241A,     0x241B,     0x241C,     0x241D,
  /* GB+81 37 86 30 */  0x241E,     0x241F,     0x2420,     0x2421,     0x2422,
  /* GB+81 37 86 35 */  0x2423,     0x2424,     0x2425,     0x2426,     0x2427,
  /* GB+81 37 87 30 */  0x2428,     0x2429,     0x242A,     0x242B,     0x242C,
  /* GB+81 37 87 35 */  0x242D,     0x242E,     0x242F,     0x2430,     0x2431,
  /* GB+81 37 88 30 */  0x2432,     0x2433,     0x2434,     0x2435,     0x2436,
  /* GB+81 37 88 35 */  0x2437,     0x2438,     0x2439,     0x243A,     0x243B,
  /* GB+81 37 89 30 */  0x243C,     0x243D,     0x243E,     0x243F,     0x2440,
  /* GB+81 37 89 35 */  0x2441,     0x2442,     0x2443,     0x2444,     0x2445,
  /* GB+81 37 8A 30 */  0x2446,     0x2447,     0x2448,     0x2449,     0x244A,
  /* GB+81 37 8A 35 */  0x244B,     0x244C,     0x244D,     0x244E,     0x244F,
  /* GB+81 37 8B 30 */  0x2450,     0x2451,     0x2452,     0x2453,     0x2454,
  /* GB+81 37 8B 35 */  0x2455,     0x2456,     0x2457,     0x2458,     0x2459,
  /* GB+81 37 8C 30 */  0x245A,     0x245B,     0x245C,     0x245D,     0x245E,
  /* GB+81 37 8C 35 */  0x245F,     0x246A,     0x246B,     0x246C,     0x246D,
  /* GB+81 37 8D 30 */  0x246E,     0x246F,     0x2470,     0x2471,     0x2472,
  /* GB+81 37 8D 35 */  0x2473,     0x249C,     0x249D,     0x249E,     0x249F,
  /* GB+81 37 8E 30 */  0x24A0,     0x24A1,     0x24A2,     0x24A3,     0x24A4,
  /* GB+81 37 8E 35 */  0x24A5,     0x24A6,     0x24A7,     0x24A8,     0x24A9,
  /* GB+81 37 8F 30 */  0x24AA,     0x24AB,     0x24AC,     0x24AD,     0x24AE,
  /* GB+81 37 8F 35 */  0x24AF,     0x24B0,     0x24B1,     0x24B2,     0x24B3,
  /* GB+81 37 90 30 */  0x24B4,     0x24B5,     0x24B6,     0x24B7,     0x24B8,
  /* GB+81 37 90 35 */  0x24B9,     0x24BA,     0x24BB,     0x24BC,     0x24BD,
  /* GB+81 37 91 30 */  0x24BE,     0x24BF,     0x24C0,     0x24C1,     0x24C2,
  /* GB+81 37 91 35 */  0x24C3,     0x24C4,     0x24C5,     0x24C6,     0x24C7,
  /* GB+81 37 92 30 */  0x24C8,     0x24C9,     0x24CA,     0x24CB,     0x24CC,
  /* GB+81 37 92 35 */  0x24CD,     0x24CE,     0x24CF,     0x24D0,     0x24D1,
  /* GB+81 37 93 30 */  0x24D2,     0x24D3,     0x24D4,     0x24D5,     0x24D6,
  /* GB+81 37 93 35 */  0x24D7,     0x24D8,     0x24D9,     0x24DA,     0x24DB,
  /* GB+81 37 94 30 */  0x24DC,     0x24DD,     0x24DE,     0x24DF,     0x24E0,
  /* GB+81 37 94 35 */  0x24E1,     0x24E2,     0x24E3,     0x24E4,     0x24E5,
  /* GB+81 37 95 30 */  0x24E6,     0x24E7,     0x24E8,     0x24E9,     0x24EA,
  /* GB+81 37 95 35 */  0x24EB,     0x24EC,     0x24ED,     0x24EE,     0x24EF,
  /* GB+81 37 96 30 */  0x24F0,     0x24F1,     0x24F2,     0x24F3,     0x24F4,
  /* GB+81 37 96 35 */  0x24F5,     0x24F6,     0x24F7,     0x24F8,     0x24F9,
  /* GB+81 37 97 30 */  0x24FA,     0x24FB,     0x24FC,     0x24FD,     0x24FE,
  /* GB+81 37 97 35 */  0x24FF,     0x254C,     0x254D,     0x254E,     0x254F,
  /* GB+81 37 98 30 */  0x2574,     0x2575,     0x2576,     0x2577,     0x2578,
  /* GB+81 37 98 35 */  0x2579,     0x257A,     0x257B,     0x257C,     0x257D,
  /* GB+81 37 99 30 */  0x257E,     0x257F,     0x2580,     0x2590,     0x2591,
  /* GB+81 37 99 35 */  0x2592,     0x2596,     0x2597,     0x2598,     0x2599,
  /* GB+81 37 9A 30 */  0x259A,     0x259B,     0x259C,     0x259D,     0x259E,
  /* GB+81 37 9A 35 */  0x259F,     0x25A2,     0x25A3,     0x25A4,     0x25A5,
  /* GB+81 37 9B 30 */  0x25A6,     0x25A7,     0x25A8,     0x25A9,     0x25AA,
  /* GB+81 37 9B 35 */  0x25AB,     0x25AC,     0x25AD,     0x25AE,     0x25AF,
  /* GB+81 37 9C 30 */  0x25B0,     0x25B1,     0x25B4,     0x25B5,     0x25B6,
  /* GB+81 37 9C 35 */  0x25B7,     0x25B8,     0x25B9,     0x25BA,     0x25BB,
  /* GB+81 37 9D 30 */  0x25BE,     0x25BF,     0x25C0,     0x25C1,     0x25C2,
  /* GB+81 37 9D 35 */  0x25C3,     0x25C4,     0x25C5,     0x25C8,     0x25C9,
  /* GB+81 37 9E 30 */  0x25CA,     0x25CC,     0x25CD,     0x25D0,     0x25D1,
  /* GB+81 37 9E 35 */  0x25D2,     0x25D3,     0x25D4,     0x25D5,     0x25D6,
  /* GB+81 37 9F 30 */  0x25D7,     0x25D8,     0x25D9,     0x25DA,     0x25DB,
  /* GB+81 37 9F 35 */  0x25DC,     0x25DD,     0x25DE,     0x25DF,     0x25E0,
  /* GB+81 37 A0 30 */  0x25E1,     0x25E6,     0x25E7,     0x25E8,     0x25E9,
  /* GB+81 37 A0 35 */  0x25EA,     0x25EB,     0x25EC,     0x25ED,     0x25EE,
  /* GB+81 37 A1 30 */  0x25EF,     0x25F0,     0x25F1,     0x25F2,     0x25F3,
  /* GB+81 37 A1 35 */  0x25F4,     0x25F5,     0x25F6,     0x25F7,     0x25F8,
  /* GB+81 37 A2 30 */  0x25F9,     0x25FA,     0x25FB,     0x25FC,     0x25FD,
  /* GB+81 37 A2 35 */  0x25FE,     0x25FF,     0x2600,     0x2601,     0x2602,
  /* GB+81 37 A3 30 */  0x2603,     0x2604,     0x2607,     0x2608,     0x260A,
  /* GB+81 37 A3 35 */  0x260B,     0x260C,     0x260D,     0x260E,     0x260F,
  /* GB+81 37 A4 30 */  0x2610,     0x2611,     0x2612,     0x2613,     0x2614,
  /* GB+81 37 A4 35 */  0x2615,     0x2616,     0x2617,     0x2618,     0x2619,
  /* GB+81 37 A5 30 */  0x261A,     0x261B,     0x261C,     0x261D,     0x261E,
  /* GB+81 37 A5 35 */  0x261F,     0x2620,     0x2621,     0x2622,     0x2623,
  /* GB+81 37 A6 30 */  0x2624,     0x2625,     0x2626,     0x2627,     0x2628,
  /* GB+81 37 A6 35 */  0x2629,     0x262A,     0x262B,     0x262C,     0x262D,
  /* GB+81 37 A7 30 */  0x262E,     0x262F,     0x2630,     0x2631,     0x2632,
  /* GB+81 37 A7 35 */  0x2633,     0x2634,     0x2635,     0x2636,     0x2637,
  /* GB+81 37 A8 30 */  0x2638,     0x2639,     0x263A,     0x263B,     0x263C,
  /* GB+81 37 A8 35 */  0x263D,     0x263E,     0x263F,     0x2641,
  /* Contiguous area: GB+81 38 FD 39 .. GB+82 30 A6 32 */
  /* GB+81 38 FD 39 */                          0x2E82,
  /* GB+81 38 FE 30 */  0x2E83,     0x2E85,     0x2E86,     0x2E87,     0x2E89,
  /* GB+81 38 FE 35 */  0x2E8A,     0x2E8D,     0x2E8E,     0x2E8F,     0x2E90,
  /* GB+81 39 81 30 */  0x2E91,     0x2E92,     0x2E93,     0x2E94,     0x2E95,
  /* GB+81 39 81 35 */  0x2E96,     0x2E98,     0x2E99,     0x2E9A,     0x2E9B,
  /* GB+81 39 82 30 */  0x2E9C,     0x2E9D,     0x2E9E,     0x2E9F,     0x2EA0,
  /* GB+81 39 82 35 */  0x2EA1,     0x2EA2,     0x2EA3,     0x2EA4,     0x2EA5,
  /* GB+81 39 83 30 */  0x2EA6,     0x2EA8,     0x2EA9,     0x2EAB,     0x2EAC,
  /* GB+81 39 83 35 */  0x2EAD,     0x2EAF,     0x2EB0,     0x2EB1,     0x2EB2,
  /* GB+81 39 84 30 */  0x2EB4,     0x2EB5,     0x2EB8,     0x2EB9,     0x2EBA,
  /* GB+81 39 84 35 */  0x2EBC,     0x2EBD,     0x2EBE,     0x2EBF,     0x2EC0,
  /* GB+81 39 85 30 */  0x2EC1,     0x2EC2,     0x2EC3,     0x2EC4,     0x2EC5,
  /* GB+81 39 85 35 */  0x2EC6,     0x2EC7,     0x2EC8,     0x2EC9,     0x2ECB,
  /* GB+81 39 86 30 */  0x2ECC,     0x2ECD,     0x2ECE,     0x2ECF,     0x2ED0,
  /* GB+81 39 86 35 */  0x2ED1,     0x2ED2,     0x2ED3,     0x2ED4,     0x2ED5,
  /* GB+81 39 87 30 */  0x2ED6,     0x2ED7,     0x2ED8,     0x2ED9,     0x2EDA,
  /* GB+81 39 87 35 */  0x2EDB,     0x2EDC,     0x2EDD,     0x2EDE,     0x2EDF,
  /* GB+81 39 88 30 */  0x2EE0,     0x2EE1,     0x2EE2,     0x2EE3,     0x2EE4,
  /* GB+81 39 88 35 */  0x2EE5,     0x2EE6,     0x2EE7,     0x2EE8,     0x2EE9,
  /* GB+81 39 89 30 */  0x2EEA,     0x2EEB,     0x2EEC,     0x2EED,     0x2EEE,
  /* GB+81 39 89 35 */  0x2EEF,     0x2EF0,     0x2EF1,     0x2EF2,     0x2EF3,
  /* GB+81 39 8A 30 */  0x2EF4,     0x2EF5,     0x2EF6,     0x2EF7,     0x2EF8,
  /* GB+81 39 8A 35 */  0x2EF9,     0x2EFA,     0x2EFB,     0x2EFC,     0x2EFD,
  /* GB+81 39 8B 30 */  0x2EFE,     0x2EFF,     0x2F00,     0x2F01,     0x2F02,
  /* GB+81 39 8B 35 */  0x2F03,     0x2F04,     0x2F05,     0x2F06,     0x2F07,
  /* GB+81 39 8C 30 */  0x2F08,     0x2F09,     0x2F0A,     0x2F0B,     0x2F0C,
  /* GB+81 39 8C 35 */  0x2F0D,     0x2F0E,     0x2F0F,     0x2F10,     0x2F11,
  /* GB+81 39 8D 30 */  0x2F12,     0x2F13,     0x2F14,     0x2F15,     0x2F16,
  /* GB+81 39 8D 35 */  0x2F17,     0x2F18,     0x2F19,     0x2F1A,     0x2F1B,
  /* GB+81 39 8E 30 */  0x2F1C,     0x2F1D,     0x2F1E,     0x2F1F,     0x2F20,
  /* GB+81 39 8E 35 */  0x2F21,     0x2F22,     0x2F23,     0x2F24,     0x2F25,
  /* GB+81 39 8F 30 */  0x2F26,     0x2F27,     0x2F28,     0x2F29,     0x2F2A,
  /* GB+81 39 8F 35 */  0x2F2B,     0x2F2C,     0x2F2D,     0x2F2E,     0x2F2F,
  /* GB+81 39 90 30 */  0x2F30,     0x2F31,     0x2F32,     0x2F33,     0x2F34,
  /* GB+81 39 90 35 */  0x2F35,     0x2F36,     0x2F37,     0x2F38,     0x2F39,
  /* GB+81 39 91 30 */  0x2F3A,     0x2F3B,     0x2F3C,     0x2F3D,     0x2F3E,
  /* GB+81 39 91 35 */  0x2F3F,     0x2F40,     0x2F41,     0x2F42,     0x2F43,
  /* GB+81 39 92 30 */  0x2F44,     0x2F45,     0x2F46,     0x2F47,     0x2F48,
  /* GB+81 39 92 35 */  0x2F49,     0x2F4A,     0x2F4B,     0x2F4C,     0x2F4D,
  /* GB+81 39 93 30 */  0x2F4E,     0x2F4F,     0x2F50,     0x2F51,     0x2F52,
  /* GB+81 39 93 35 */  0x2F53,     0x2F54,     0x2F55,     0x2F56,     0x2F57,
  /* GB+81 39 94 30 */  0x2F58,     0x2F59,     0x2F5A,     0x2F5B,     0x2F5C,
  /* GB+81 39 94 35 */  0x2F5D,     0x2F5E,     0x2F5F,     0x2F60,     0x2F61,
  /* GB+81 39 95 30 */  0x2F62,     0x2F63,     0x2F64,     0x2F65,     0x2F66,
  /* GB+81 39 95 35 */  0x2F67,     0x2F68,     0x2F69,     0x2F6A,     0x2F6B,
  /* GB+81 39 96 30 */  0x2F6C,     0x2F6D,     0x2F6E,     0x2F6F,     0x2F70,
  /* GB+81 39 96 35 */  0x2F71,     0x2F72,     0x2F73,     0x2F74,     0x2F75,
  /* GB+81 39 97 30 */  0x2F76,     0x2F77,     0x2F78,     0x2F79,     0x2F7A,
  /* GB+81 39 97 35 */  0x2F7B,     0x2F7C,     0x2F7D,     0x2F7E,     0x2F7F,
  /* GB+81 39 98 30 */  0x2F80,     0x2F81,     0x2F82,     0x2F83,     0x2F84,
  /* GB+81 39 98 35 */  0x2F85,     0x2F86,     0x2F87,     0x2F88,     0x2F89,
  /* GB+81 39 99 30 */  0x2F8A,     0x2F8B,     0x2F8C,     0x2F8D,     0x2F8E,
  /* GB+81 39 99 35 */  0x2F8F,     0x2F90,     0x2F91,     0x2F92,     0x2F93,
  /* GB+81 39 9A 30 */  0x2F94,     0x2F95,     0x2F96,     0x2F97,     0x2F98,
  /* GB+81 39 9A 35 */  0x2F99,     0x2F9A,     0x2F9B,     0x2F9C,     0x2F9D,
  /* GB+81 39 9B 30 */  0x2F9E,     0x2F9F,     0x2FA0,     0x2FA1,     0x2FA2,
  /* GB+81 39 9B 35 */  0x2FA3,     0x2FA4,     0x2FA5,     0x2FA6,     0x2FA7,
  /* GB+81 39 9C 30 */  0x2FA8,     0x2FA9,     0x2FAA,     0x2FAB,     0x2FAC,
  /* GB+81 39 9C 35 */  0x2FAD,     0x2FAE,     0x2FAF,     0x2FB0,     0x2FB1,
  /* GB+81 39 9D 30 */  0x2FB2,     0x2FB3,     0x2FB4,     0x2FB5,     0x2FB6,
  /* GB+81 39 9D 35 */  0x2FB7,     0x2FB8,     0x2FB9,     0x2FBA,     0x2FBB,
  /* GB+81 39 9E 30 */  0x2FBC,     0x2FBD,     0x2FBE,     0x2FBF,     0x2FC0,
  /* GB+81 39 9E 35 */  0x2FC1,     0x2FC2,     0x2FC3,     0x2FC4,     0x2FC5,
  /* GB+81 39 9F 30 */  0x2FC6,     0x2FC7,     0x2FC8,     0x2FC9,     0x2FCA,
  /* GB+81 39 9F 35 */  0x2FCB,     0x2FCC,     0x2FCD,     0x2FCE,     0x2FCF,
  /* GB+81 39 A0 30 */  0x2FD0,     0x2FD1,     0x2FD2,     0x2FD3,     0x2FD4,
  /* GB+81 39 A0 35 */  0x2FD5,     0x2FD6,     0x2FD7,     0x2FD8,     0x2FD9,
  /* GB+81 39 A1 30 */  0x2FDA,     0x2FDB,     0x2FDC,     0x2FDD,     0x2FDE,
  /* GB+81 39 A1 35 */  0x2FDF,     0x2FE0,     0x2FE1,     0x2FE2,     0x2FE3,
  /* GB+81 39 A2 30 */  0x2FE4,     0x2FE5,     0x2FE6,     0x2FE7,     0x2FE8,
  /* GB+81 39 A2 35 */  0x2FE9,     0x2FEA,     0x2FEB,     0x2FEC,     0x2FED,
  /* GB+81 39 A3 30 */  0x2FEE,     0x2FEF,     0x2FFC,     0x2FFD,     0x2FFE,
  /* GB+81 39 A3 35 */  0x2FFF,     0x3004,     0x3018,     0x3019,     0x301A,
  /* GB+81 39 A4 30 */  0x301B,     0x301C,     0x301F,     0x3020,     0x302A,
  /* GB+81 39 A4 35 */  0x302B,     0x302C,     0x302D,     0x302E,     0x302F,
  /* GB+81 39 A5 30 */  0x3030,     0x3031,     0x3032,     0x3033,     0x3034,
  /* GB+81 39 A5 35 */  0x3035,     0x3036,     0x3037,     0x3038,     0x3039,
  /* GB+81 39 A6 30 */  0x303A,     0x303B,     0x303C,     0x303D,     0x303F,
  /* GB+81 39 A6 35 */  0x3040,     0x3094,     0x3095,     0x3096,     0x3097,
  /* GB+81 39 A7 30 */  0x3098,     0x3099,     0x309A,     0x309F,     0x30A0,
  /* GB+81 39 A7 35 */  0x30F7,     0x30F8,     0x30F9,     0x30FA,     0x30FB,
  /* GB+81 39 A8 30 */  0x30FF,     0x3100,     0x3101,     0x3102,     0x3103,
  /* GB+81 39 A8 35 */  0x3104,     0x312A,     0x312B,     0x312C,     0x312D,
  /* GB+81 39 A9 30 */  0x312E,     0x312F,     0x3130,     0x3131,     0x3132,
  /* GB+81 39 A9 35 */  0x3133,     0x3134,     0x3135,     0x3136,     0x3137,
  /* GB+81 39 AA 30 */  0x3138,     0x3139,     0x313A,     0x313B,     0x313C,
  /* GB+81 39 AA 35 */  0x313D,     0x313E,     0x313F,     0x3140,     0x3141,
  /* GB+81 39 AB 30 */  0x3142,     0x3143,     0x3144,     0x3145,     0x3146,
  /* GB+81 39 AB 35 */  0x3147,     0x3148,     0x3149,     0x314A,     0x314B,
  /* GB+81 39 AC 30 */  0x314C,     0x314D,     0x314E,     0x314F,     0x3150,
  /* GB+81 39 AC 35 */  0x3151,     0x3152,     0x3153,     0x3154,     0x3155,
  /* GB+81 39 AD 30 */  0x3156,     0x3157,     0x3158,     0x3159,     0x315A,
  /* GB+81 39 AD 35 */  0x315B,     0x315C,     0x315D,     0x315E,     0x315F,
  /* GB+81 39 AE 30 */  0x3160,     0x3161,     0x3162,     0x3163,     0x3164,
  /* GB+81 39 AE 35 */  0x3165,     0x3166,     0x3167,     0x3168,     0x3169,
  /* GB+81 39 AF 30 */  0x316A,     0x316B,     0x316C,     0x316D,     0x316E,
  /* GB+81 39 AF 35 */  0x316F,     0x3170,     0x3171,     0x3172,     0x3173,
  /* GB+81 39 B0 30 */  0x3174,     0x3175,     0x3176,     0x3177,     0x3178,
  /* GB+81 39 B0 35 */  0x3179,     0x317A,     0x317B,     0x317C,     0x317D,
  /* GB+81 39 B1 30 */  0x317E,     0x317F,     0x3180,     0x3181,     0x3182,
  /* GB+81 39 B1 35 */  0x3183,     0x3184,     0x3185,     0x3186,     0x3187,
  /* GB+81 39 B2 30 */  0x3188,     0x3189,     0x318A,     0x318B,     0x318C,
  /* GB+81 39 B2 35 */  0x318D,     0x318E,     0x318F,     0x3190,     0x3191,
  /* GB+81 39 B3 30 */  0x3192,     0x3193,     0x3194,     0x3195,     0x3196,
  /* GB+81 39 B3 35 */  0x3197,     0x3198,     0x3199,     0x319A,     0x319B,
  /* GB+81 39 B4 30 */  0x319C,     0x319D,     0x319E,     0x319F,     0x31A0,
  /* GB+81 39 B4 35 */  0x31A1,     0x31A2,     0x31A3,     0x31A4,     0x31A5,
  /* GB+81 39 B5 30 */  0x31A6,     0x31A7,     0x31A8,     0x31A9,     0x31AA,
  /* GB+81 39 B5 35 */  0x31AB,     0x31AC,     0x31AD,     0x31AE,     0x31AF,
  /* GB+81 39 B6 30 */  0x31B0,     0x31B1,     0x31B2,     0x31B3,     0x31B4,
  /* GB+81 39 B6 35 */  0x31B5,     0x31B6,     0x31B7,     0x31B8,     0x31B9,
  /* GB+81 39 B7 30 */  0x31BA,     0x31BB,     0x31BC,     0x31BD,     0x31BE,
  /* GB+81 39 B7 35 */  0x31BF,     0x31C0,     0x31C1,     0x31C2,     0x31C3,
  /* GB+81 39 B8 30 */  0x31C4,     0x31C5,     0x31C6,     0x31C7,     0x31C8,
  /* GB+81 39 B8 35 */  0x31C9,     0x31CA,     0x31CB,     0x31CC,     0x31CD,
  /* GB+81 39 B9 30 */  0x31CE,     0x31CF,     0x31D0,     0x31D1,     0x31D2,
  /* GB+81 39 B9 35 */  0x31D3,     0x31D4,     0x31D5,     0x31D6,     0x31D7,
  /* GB+81 39 BA 30 */  0x31D8,     0x31D9,     0x31DA,     0x31DB,     0x31DC,
  /* GB+81 39 BA 35 */  0x31DD,     0x31DE,     0x31DF,     0x31E0,     0x31E1,
  /* GB+81 39 BB 30 */  0x31E2,     0x31E3,     0x31E4,     0x31E5,     0x31E6,
  /* GB+81 39 BB 35 */  0x31E7,     0x31E8,     0x31E9,     0x31EA,     0x31EB,
  /* GB+81 39 BC 30 */  0x31EC,     0x31ED,     0x31EE,     0x31EF,     0x31F0,
  /* GB+81 39 BC 35 */  0x31F1,     0x31F2,     0x31F3,     0x31F4,     0x31F5,
  /* GB+81 39 BD 30 */  0x31F6,     0x31F7,     0x31F8,     0x31F9,     0x31FA,
  /* GB+81 39 BD 35 */  0x31FB,     0x31FC,     0x31FD,     0x31FE,     0x31FF,
  /* GB+81 39 BE 30 */  0x3200,     0x3201,     0x3202,     0x3203,     0x3204,
  /* GB+81 39 BE 35 */  0x3205,     0x3206,     0x3207,     0x3208,     0x3209,
  /* GB+81 39 BF 30 */  0x320A,     0x320B,     0x320C,     0x320D,     0x320E,
  /* GB+81 39 BF 35 */  0x320F,     0x3210,     0x3211,     0x3212,     0x3213,
  /* GB+81 39 C0 30 */  0x3214,     0x3215,     0x3216,     0x3217,     0x3218,
  /* GB+81 39 C0 35 */  0x3219,     0x321A,     0x321B,     0x321C,     0x321D,
  /* GB+81 39 C1 30 */  0x321E,     0x321F,     0x322A,     0x322B,     0x322C,
  /* GB+81 39 C1 35 */  0x322D,     0x322E,     0x322F,     0x3230,     0x3232,
  /* GB+81 39 C2 30 */  0x3233,     0x3234,     0x3235,     0x3236,     0x3237,
  /* GB+81 39 C2 35 */  0x3238,     0x3239,     0x323A,     0x323B,     0x323C,
  /* GB+81 39 C3 30 */  0x323D,     0x323E,     0x323F,     0x3240,     0x3241,
  /* GB+81 39 C3 35 */  0x3242,     0x3243,     0x3244,     0x3245,     0x3246,
  /* GB+81 39 C4 30 */  0x3247,     0x3248,     0x3249,     0x324A,     0x324B,
  /* GB+81 39 C4 35 */  0x324C,     0x324D,     0x324E,     0x324F,     0x3250,
  /* GB+81 39 C5 30 */  0x3251,     0x3252,     0x3253,     0x3254,     0x3255,
  /* GB+81 39 C5 35 */  0x3256,     0x3257,     0x3258,     0x3259,     0x325A,
  /* GB+81 39 C6 30 */  0x325B,     0x325C,     0x325D,     0x325E,     0x325F,
  /* GB+81 39 C6 35 */  0x3260,     0x3261,     0x3262,     0x3263,     0x3264,
  /* GB+81 39 C7 30 */  0x3265,     0x3266,     0x3267,     0x3268,     0x3269,
  /* GB+81 39 C7 35 */  0x326A,     0x326B,     0x326C,     0x326D,     0x326E,
  /* GB+81 39 C8 30 */  0x326F,     0x3270,     0x3271,     0x3272,     0x3273,
  /* GB+81 39 C8 35 */  0x3274,     0x3275,     0x3276,     0x3277,     0x3278,
  /* GB+81 39 C9 30 */  0x3279,     0x327A,     0x327B,     0x327C,     0x327D,
  /* GB+81 39 C9 35 */  0x327E,     0x327F,     0x3280,     0x3281,     0x3282,
  /* GB+81 39 CA 30 */  0x3283,     0x3284,     0x3285,     0x3286,     0x3287,
  /* GB+81 39 CA 35 */  0x3288,     0x3289,     0x328A,     0x328B,     0x328C,
  /* GB+81 39 CB 30 */  0x328D,     0x328E,     0x328F,     0x3290,     0x3291,
  /* GB+81 39 CB 35 */  0x3292,     0x3293,     0x3294,     0x3295,     0x3296,
  /* GB+81 39 CC 30 */  0x3297,     0x3298,     0x3299,     0x329A,     0x329B,
  /* GB+81 39 CC 35 */  0x329C,     0x329D,     0x329E,     0x329F,     0x32A0,
  /* GB+81 39 CD 30 */  0x32A1,     0x32A2,     0x32A4,     0x32A5,     0x32A6,
  /* GB+81 39 CD 35 */  0x32A7,     0x32A8,     0x32A9,     0x32AA,     0x32AB,
  /* GB+81 39 CE 30 */  0x32AC,     0x32AD,     0x32AE,     0x32AF,     0x32B0,
  /* GB+81 39 CE 35 */  0x32B1,     0x32B2,     0x32B3,     0x32B4,     0x32B5,
  /* GB+81 39 CF 30 */  0x32B6,     0x32B7,     0x32B8,     0x32B9,     0x32BA,
  /* GB+81 39 CF 35 */  0x32BB,     0x32BC,     0x32BD,     0x32BE,     0x32BF,
  /* GB+81 39 D0 30 */  0x32C0,     0x32C1,     0x32C2,     0x32C3,     0x32C4,
  /* GB+81 39 D0 35 */  0x32C5,     0x32C6,     0x32C7,     0x32C8,     0x32C9,
  /* GB+81 39 D1 30 */  0x32CA,     0x32CB,     0x32CC,     0x32CD,     0x32CE,
  /* GB+81 39 D1 35 */  0x32CF,     0x32D0,     0x32D1,     0x32D2,     0x32D3,
  /* GB+81 39 D2 30 */  0x32D4,     0x32D5,     0x32D6,     0x32D7,     0x32D8,
  /* GB+81 39 D2 35 */  0x32D9,     0x32DA,     0x32DB,     0x32DC,     0x32DD,
  /* GB+81 39 D3 30 */  0x32DE,     0x32DF,     0x32E0,     0x32E1,     0x32E2,
  /* GB+81 39 D3 35 */  0x32E3,     0x32E4,     0x32E5,     0x32E6,     0x32E7,
  /* GB+81 39 D4 30 */  0x32E8,     0x32E9,     0x32EA,     0x32EB,     0x32EC,
  /* GB+81 39 D4 35 */  0x32ED,     0x32EE,     0x32EF,     0x32F0,     0x32F1,
  /* GB+81 39 D5 30 */  0x32F2,     0x32F3,     0x32F4,     0x32F5,     0x32F6,
  /* GB+81 39 D5 35 */  0x32F7,     0x32F8,     0x32F9,     0x32FA,     0x32FB,
  /* GB+81 39 D6 30 */  0x32FC,     0x32FD,     0x32FE,     0x32FF,     0x3300,
  /* GB+81 39 D6 35 */  0x3301,     0x3302,     0x3303,     0x3304,     0x3305,
  /* GB+81 39 D7 30 */  0x3306,     0x3307,     0x3308,     0x3309,     0x330A,
  /* GB+81 39 D7 35 */  0x330B,     0x330C,     0x330D,     0x330E,     0x330F,
  /* GB+81 39 D8 30 */  0x3310,     0x3311,     0x3312,     0x3313,     0x3314,
  /* GB+81 39 D8 35 */  0x3315,     0x3316,     0x3317,     0x3318,     0x3319,
  /* GB+81 39 D9 30 */  0x331A,     0x331B,     0x331C,     0x331D,     0x331E,
  /* GB+81 39 D9 35 */  0x331F,     0x3320,     0x3321,     0x3322,     0x3323,
  /* GB+81 39 DA 30 */  0x3324,     0x3325,     0x3326,     0x3327,     0x3328,
  /* GB+81 39 DA 35 */  0x3329,     0x332A,     0x332B,     0x332C,     0x332D,
  /* GB+81 39 DB 30 */  0x332E,     0x332F,     0x3330,     0x3331,     0x3332,
  /* GB+81 39 DB 35 */  0x3333,     0x3334,     0x3335,     0x3336,     0x3337,
  /* GB+81 39 DC 30 */  0x3338,     0x3339,     0x333A,     0x333B,     0x333C,
  /* GB+81 39 DC 35 */  0x333D,     0x333E,     0x333F,     0x3340,     0x3341,
  /* GB+81 39 DD 30 */  0x3342,     0x3343,     0x3344,     0x3345,     0x3346,
  /* GB+81 39 DD 35 */  0x3347,     0x3348,     0x3349,     0x334A,     0x334B,
  /* GB+81 39 DE 30 */  0x334C,     0x334D,     0x334E,     0x334F,     0x3350,
  /* GB+81 39 DE 35 */  0x3351,     0x3352,     0x3353,     0x3354,     0x3355,
  /* GB+81 39 DF 30 */  0x3356,     0x3357,     0x3358,     0x3359,     0x335A,
  /* GB+81 39 DF 35 */  0x335B,     0x335C,     0x335D,     0x335E,     0x335F,
  /* GB+81 39 E0 30 */  0x3360,     0x3361,     0x3362,     0x3363,     0x3364,
  /* GB+81 39 E0 35 */  0x3365,     0x3366,     0x3367,     0x3368,     0x3369,
  /* GB+81 39 E1 30 */  0x336A,     0x336B,     0x336C,     0x336D,     0x336E,
  /* GB+81 39 E1 35 */  0x336F,     0x3370,     0x3371,     0x3372,     0x3373,
  /* GB+81 39 E2 30 */  0x3374,     0x3375,     0x3376,     0x3377,     0x3378,
  /* GB+81 39 E2 35 */  0x3379,     0x337A,     0x337B,     0x337C,     0x337D,
  /* GB+81 39 E3 30 */  0x337E,     0x337F,     0x3380,     0x3381,     0x3382,
  /* GB+81 39 E3 35 */  0x3383,     0x3384,     0x3385,     0x3386,     0x3387,
  /* GB+81 39 E4 30 */  0x3388,     0x3389,     0x338A,     0x338B,     0x338C,
  /* GB+81 39 E4 35 */  0x338D,     0x3390,     0x3391,     0x3392,     0x3393,
  /* GB+81 39 E5 30 */  0x3394,     0x3395,     0x3396,     0x3397,     0x3398,
  /* GB+81 39 E5 35 */  0x3399,     0x339A,     0x339B,     0x339F,     0x33A0,
  /* GB+81 39 E6 30 */  0x33A2,     0x33A3,     0x33A4,     0x33A5,     0x33A6,
  /* GB+81 39 E6 35 */  0x33A7,     0x33A8,     0x33A9,     0x33AA,     0x33AB,
  /* GB+81 39 E7 30 */  0x33AC,     0x33AD,     0x33AE,     0x33AF,     0x33B0,
  /* GB+81 39 E7 35 */  0x33B1,     0x33B2,     0x33B3,     0x33B4,     0x33B5,
  /* GB+81 39 E8 30 */  0x33B6,     0x33B7,     0x33B8,     0x33B9,     0x33BA,
  /* GB+81 39 E8 35 */  0x33BB,     0x33BC,     0x33BD,     0x33BE,     0x33BF,
  /* GB+81 39 E9 30 */  0x33C0,     0x33C1,     0x33C2,     0x33C3,     0x33C5,
  /* GB+81 39 E9 35 */  0x33C6,     0x33C7,     0x33C8,     0x33C9,     0x33CA,
  /* GB+81 39 EA 30 */  0x33CB,     0x33CC,     0x33CD,     0x33CF,     0x33D0,
  /* GB+81 39 EA 35 */  0x33D3,     0x33D4,     0x33D6,     0x33D7,     0x33D8,
  /* GB+81 39 EB 30 */  0x33D9,     0x33DA,     0x33DB,     0x33DC,     0x33DD,
  /* GB+81 39 EB 35 */  0x33DE,     0x33DF,     0x33E0,     0x33E1,     0x33E2,
  /* GB+81 39 EC 30 */  0x33E3,     0x33E4,     0x33E5,     0x33E6,     0x33E7,
  /* GB+81 39 EC 35 */  0x33E8,     0x33E9,     0x33EA,     0x33EB,     0x33EC,
  /* GB+81 39 ED 30 */  0x33ED,     0x33EE,     0x33EF,     0x33F0,     0x33F1,
  /* GB+81 39 ED 35 */  0x33F2,     0x33F3,     0x33F4,     0x33F5,     0x33F6,
  /* GB+81 39 EE 30 */  0x33F7,     0x33F8,     0x33F9,     0x33FA,     0x33FB,
  /* GB+81 39 EE 35 */  0x33FC,     0x33FD,     0x33FE,     0x33FF,     0x3400,
  /* GB+81 39 EF 30 */  0x3401,     0x3402,     0x3403,     0x3404,     0x3405,
  /* GB+81 39 EF 35 */  0x3406,     0x3407,     0x3408,     0x3409,     0x340A,
  /* GB+81 39 F0 30 */  0x340B,     0x340C,     0x340D,     0x340E,     0x340F,
  /* GB+81 39 F0 35 */  0x3410,     0x3411,     0x3412,     0x3413,     0x3414,
  /* GB+81 39 F1 30 */  0x3415,     0x3416,     0x3417,     0x3418,     0x3419,
  /* GB+81 39 F1 35 */  0x341A,     0x341B,     0x341C,     0x341D,     0x341E,
  /* GB+81 39 F2 30 */  0x341F,     0x3420,     0x3421,     0x3422,     0x3423,
  /* GB+81 39 F2 35 */  0x3424,     0x3425,     0x3426,     0x3427,     0x3428,
  /* GB+81 39 F3 30 */  0x3429,     0x342A,     0x342B,     0x342C,     0x342D,
  /* GB+81 39 F3 35 */  0x342E,     0x342F,     0x3430,     0x3431,     0x3432,
  /* GB+81 39 F4 30 */  0x3433,     0x3434,     0x3435,     0x3436,     0x3437,
  /* GB+81 39 F4 35 */  0x3438,     0x3439,     0x343A,     0x343B,     0x343C,
  /* GB+81 39 F5 30 */  0x343D,     0x343E,     0x343F,     0x3440,     0x3441,
  /* GB+81 39 F5 35 */  0x3442,     0x3443,     0x3444,     0x3445,     0x3446,
  /* GB+81 39 F6 30 */  0x3448,     0x3449,     0x344A,     0x344B,     0x344C,
  /* GB+81 39 F6 35 */  0x344D,     0x344E,     0x344F,     0x3450,     0x3451,
  /* GB+81 39 F7 30 */  0x3452,     0x3453,     0x3454,     0x3455,     0x3456,
  /* GB+81 39 F7 35 */  0x3457,     0x3458,     0x3459,     0x345A,     0x345B,
  /* GB+81 39 F8 30 */  0x345C,     0x345D,     0x345E,     0x345F,     0x3460,
  /* GB+81 39 F8 35 */  0x3461,     0x3462,     0x3463,     0x3464,     0x3465,
  /* GB+81 39 F9 30 */  0x3466,     0x3467,     0x3468,     0x3469,     0x346A,
  /* GB+81 39 F9 35 */  0x346B,     0x346C,     0x346D,     0x346E,     0x346F,
  /* GB+81 39 FA 30 */  0x3470,     0x3471,     0x3472,     0x3474,     0x3475,
  /* GB+81 39 FA 35 */  0x3476,     0x3477,     0x3478,     0x3479,     0x347A,
  /* GB+81 39 FB 30 */  0x347B,     0x347C,     0x347D,     0x347E,     0x347F,
  /* GB+81 39 FB 35 */  0x3480,     0x3481,     0x3482,     0x3483,     0x3484,
  /* GB+81 39 FC 30 */  0x3485,     0x3486,     0x3487,     0x3488,     0x3489,
  /* GB+81 39 FC 35 */  0x348A,     0x348B,     0x348C,     0x348D,     0x348E,
  /* GB+81 39 FD 30 */  0x348F,     0x3490,     0x3491,     0x3492,     0x3493,
  /* GB+81 39 FD 35 */  0x3494,     0x3495,     0x3496,     0x3497,     0x3498,
  /* GB+81 39 FE 30 */  0x3499,     0x349A,     0x349B,     0x349C,     0x349D,
  /* GB+81 39 FE 35 */  0x349E,     0x349F,     0x34A0,     0x34A1,     0x34A2,
  /* GB+82 30 81 30 */  0x34A3,     0x34A4,     0x34A5,     0x34A6,     0x34A7,
  /* GB+82 30 81 35 */  0x34A8,     0x34A9,     0x34AA,     0x34AB,     0x34AC,
  /* GB+82 30 82 30 */  0x34AD,     0x34AE,     0x34AF,     0x34B0,     0x34B1,
  /* GB+82 30 82 35 */  0x34B2,     0x34B3,     0x34B4,     0x34B5,     0x34B6,
  /* GB+82 30 83 30 */  0x34B7,     0x34B8,     0x34B9,     0x34BA,     0x34BB,
  /* GB+82 30 83 35 */  0x34BC,     0x34BD,     0x34BE,     0x34BF,     0x34C0,
  /* GB+82 30 84 30 */  0x34C1,     0x34C2,     0x34C3,     0x34C4,     0x34C5,
  /* GB+82 30 84 35 */  0x34C6,     0x34C7,     0x34C8,     0x34C9,     0x34CA,
  /* GB+82 30 85 30 */  0x34CB,     0x34CC,     0x34CD,     0x34CE,     0x34CF,
  /* GB+82 30 85 35 */  0x34D0,     0x34D1,     0x34D2,     0x34D3,     0x34D4,
  /* GB+82 30 86 30 */  0x34D5,     0x34D6,     0x34D7,     0x34D8,     0x34D9,
  /* GB+82 30 86 35 */  0x34DA,     0x34DB,     0x34DC,     0x34DD,     0x34DE,
  /* GB+82 30 87 30 */  0x34DF,     0x34E0,     0x34E1,     0x34E2,     0x34E3,
  /* GB+82 30 87 35 */  0x34E4,     0x34E5,     0x34E6,     0x34E7,     0x34E8,
  /* GB+82 30 88 30 */  0x34E9,     0x34EA,     0x34EB,     0x34EC,     0x34ED,
  /* GB+82 30 88 35 */  0x34EE,     0x34EF,     0x34F0,     0x34F1,     0x34F2,
  /* GB+82 30 89 30 */  0x34F3,     0x34F4,     0x34F5,     0x34F6,     0x34F7,
  /* GB+82 30 89 35 */  0x34F8,     0x34F9,     0x34FA,     0x34FB,     0x34FC,
  /* GB+82 30 8A 30 */  0x34FD,     0x34FE,     0x34FF,     0x3500,     0x3501,
  /* GB+82 30 8A 35 */  0x3502,     0x3503,     0x3504,     0x3505,     0x3506,
  /* GB+82 30 8B 30 */  0x3507,     0x3508,     0x3509,     0x350A,     0x350B,
  /* GB+82 30 8B 35 */  0x350C,     0x350D,     0x350E,     0x350F,     0x3510,
  /* GB+82 30 8C 30 */  0x3511,     0x3512,     0x3513,     0x3514,     0x3515,
  /* GB+82 30 8C 35 */  0x3516,     0x3517,     0x3518,     0x3519,     0x351A,
  /* GB+82 30 8D 30 */  0x351B,     0x351C,     0x351D,     0x351E,     0x351F,
  /* GB+82 30 8D 35 */  0x3520,     0x3521,     0x3522,     0x3523,     0x3524,
  /* GB+82 30 8E 30 */  0x3525,     0x3526,     0x3527,     0x3528,     0x3529,
  /* GB+82 30 8E 35 */  0x352A,     0x352B,     0x352C,     0x352D,     0x352E,
  /* GB+82 30 8F 30 */  0x352F,     0x3530,     0x3531,     0x3532,     0x3533,
  /* GB+82 30 8F 35 */  0x3534,     0x3535,     0x3536,     0x3537,     0x3538,
  /* GB+82 30 90 30 */  0x3539,     0x353A,     0x353B,     0x353C,     0x353D,
  /* GB+82 30 90 35 */  0x353E,     0x353F,     0x3540,     0x3541,     0x3542,
  /* GB+82 30 91 30 */  0x3543,     0x3544,     0x3545,     0x3546,     0x3547,
  /* GB+82 30 91 35 */  0x3548,     0x3549,     0x354A,     0x354B,     0x354C,
  /* GB+82 30 92 30 */  0x354D,     0x354E,     0x354F,     0x3550,     0x3551,
  /* GB+82 30 92 35 */  0x3552,     0x3553,     0x3554,     0x3555,     0x3556,
  /* GB+82 30 93 30 */  0x3557,     0x3558,     0x3559,     0x355A,     0x355B,
  /* GB+82 30 93 35 */  0x355C,     0x355D,     0x355E,     0x355F,     0x3560,
  /* GB+82 30 94 30 */  0x3561,     0x3562,     0x3563,     0x3564,     0x3565,
  /* GB+82 30 94 35 */  0x3566,     0x3567,     0x3568,     0x3569,     0x356A,
  /* GB+82 30 95 30 */  0x356B,     0x356C,     0x356D,     0x356E,     0x356F,
  /* GB+82 30 95 35 */  0x3570,     0x3571,     0x3572,     0x3573,     0x3574,
  /* GB+82 30 96 30 */  0x3575,     0x3576,     0x3577,     0x3578,     0x3579,
  /* GB+82 30 96 35 */  0x357A,     0x357B,     0x357C,     0x357D,     0x357E,
  /* GB+82 30 97 30 */  0x357F,     0x3580,     0x3581,     0x3582,     0x3583,
  /* GB+82 30 97 35 */  0x3584,     0x3585,     0x3586,     0x3587,     0x3588,
  /* GB+82 30 98 30 */  0x3589,     0x358A,     0x358B,     0x358C,     0x358D,
  /* GB+82 30 98 35 */  0x358E,     0x358F,     0x3590,     0x3591,     0x3592,
  /* GB+82 30 99 30 */  0x3593,     0x3594,     0x3595,     0x3596,     0x3597,
  /* GB+82 30 99 35 */  0x3598,     0x3599,     0x359A,     0x359B,     0x359C,
  /* GB+82 30 9A 30 */  0x359D,     0x359F,     0x35A0,     0x35A1,     0x35A2,
  /* GB+82 30 9A 35 */  0x35A3,     0x35A4,     0x35A5,     0x35A6,     0x35A7,
  /* GB+82 30 9B 30 */  0x35A8,     0x35A9,     0x35AA,     0x35AB,     0x35AC,
  /* GB+82 30 9B 35 */  0x35AD,     0x35AE,     0x35AF,     0x35B0,     0x35B1,
  /* GB+82 30 9C 30 */  0x35B2,     0x35B3,     0x35B4,     0x35B5,     0x35B6,
  /* GB+82 30 9C 35 */  0x35B7,     0x35B8,     0x35B9,     0x35BA,     0x35BB,
  /* GB+82 30 9D 30 */  0x35BC,     0x35BD,     0x35BE,     0x35BF,     0x35C0,
  /* GB+82 30 9D 35 */  0x35C1,     0x35C2,     0x35C3,     0x35C4,     0x35C5,
  /* GB+82 30 9E 30 */  0x35C6,     0x35C7,     0x35C8,     0x35C9,     0x35CA,
  /* GB+82 30 9E 35 */  0x35CB,     0x35CC,     0x35CD,     0x35CE,     0x35CF,
  /* GB+82 30 9F 30 */  0x35D0,     0x35D1,     0x35D2,     0x35D3,     0x35D4,
  /* GB+82 30 9F 35 */  0x35D5,     0x35D6,     0x35D7,     0x35D8,     0x35D9,
  /* GB+82 30 A0 30 */  0x35DA,     0x35DB,     0x35DC,     0x35DD,     0x35DE,
  /* GB+82 30 A0 35 */  0x35DF,     0x35E0,     0x35E1,     0x35E2,     0x35E3,
  /* GB+82 30 A1 30 */  0x35E4,     0x35E5,     0x35E6,     0x35E7,     0x35E8,
  /* GB+82 30 A1 35 */  0x35E9,     0x35EA,     0x35EB,     0x35EC,     0x35ED,
  /* GB+82 30 A2 30 */  0x35EE,     0x35EF,     0x35F0,     0x35F1,     0x35F2,
  /* GB+82 30 A2 35 */  0x35F3,     0x35F4,     0x35F5,     0x35F6,     0x35F7,
  /* GB+82 30 A3 30 */  0x35F8,     0x35F9,     0x35FA,     0x35FB,     0x35FC,
  /* GB+82 30 A3 35 */  0x35FD,     0x35FE,     0x35FF,     0x3600,     0x3601,
  /* GB+82 30 A4 30 */  0x3602,     0x3603,     0x3604,     0x3605,     0x3606,
  /* GB+82 30 A4 35 */  0x3607,     0x3608,     0x3609,     0x360A,     0x360B,
  /* GB+82 30 A5 30 */  0x360C,     0x360D,     0x360F,     0x3610,     0x3611,
  /* GB+82 30 A5 35 */  0x3612,     0x3613,     0x3614,     0x3615,     0x3616,
  /* GB+82 30 A6 30 */  0x3617,     0x3618,     0x3619,
  /* Contiguous area: GB+82 30 F2 38 .. GB+82 31 D4 37 */
  /* GB+82 30 F2 38 */                    0x3919,     0x391A,
  /* GB+82 30 F3 30 */  0x391B,     0x391C,     0x391D,     0x391E,     0x391F,
  /* GB+82 30 F3 35 */  0x3920,     0x3921,     0x3922,     0x3923,     0x3924,
  /* GB+82 30 F4 30 */  0x3925,     0x3926,     0x3927,     0x3928,     0x3929,
  /* GB+82 30 F4 35 */  0x392A,     0x392B,     0x392C,     0x392D,     0x392E,
  /* GB+82 30 F5 30 */  0x392F,     0x3930,     0x3931,     0x3932,     0x3933,
  /* GB+82 30 F5 35 */  0x3934,     0x3935,     0x3936,     0x3937,     0x3938,
  /* GB+82 30 F6 30 */  0x3939,     0x393A,     0x393B,     0x393C,     0x393D,
  /* GB+82 30 F6 35 */  0x393E,     0x393F,     0x3940,     0x3941,     0x3942,
  /* GB+82 30 F7 30 */  0x3943,     0x3944,     0x3945,     0x3946,     0x3947,
  /* GB+82 30 F7 35 */  0x3948,     0x3949,     0x394A,     0x394B,     0x394C,
  /* GB+82 30 F8 30 */  0x394D,     0x394E,     0x394F,     0x3950,     0x3951,
  /* GB+82 30 F8 35 */  0x3952,     0x3953,     0x3954,     0x3955,     0x3956,
  /* GB+82 30 F9 30 */  0x3957,     0x3958,     0x3959,     0x395A,     0x395B,
  /* GB+82 30 F9 35 */  0x395C,     0x395D,     0x395E,     0x395F,     0x3960,
  /* GB+82 30 FA 30 */  0x3961,     0x3962,     0x3963,     0x3964,     0x3965,
  /* GB+82 30 FA 35 */  0x3966,     0x3967,     0x3968,     0x3969,     0x396A,
  /* GB+82 30 FB 30 */  0x396B,     0x396C,     0x396D,     0x396F,     0x3970,
  /* GB+82 30 FB 35 */  0x3971,     0x3972,     0x3973,     0x3974,     0x3975,
  /* GB+82 30 FC 30 */  0x3976,     0x3977,     0x3978,     0x3979,     0x397A,
  /* GB+82 30 FC 35 */  0x397B,     0x397C,     0x397D,     0x397E,     0x397F,
  /* GB+82 30 FD 30 */  0x3980,     0x3981,     0x3982,     0x3983,     0x3984,
  /* GB+82 30 FD 35 */  0x3985,     0x3986,     0x3987,     0x3988,     0x3989,
  /* GB+82 30 FE 30 */  0x398A,     0x398B,     0x398C,     0x398D,     0x398E,
  /* GB+82 30 FE 35 */  0x398F,     0x3990,     0x3991,     0x3992,     0x3993,
  /* GB+82 31 81 30 */  0x3994,     0x3995,     0x3996,     0x3997,     0x3998,
  /* GB+82 31 81 35 */  0x3999,     0x399A,     0x399B,     0x399C,     0x399D,
  /* GB+82 31 82 30 */  0x399E,     0x399F,     0x39A0,     0x39A1,     0x39A2,
  /* GB+82 31 82 35 */  0x39A3,     0x39A4,     0x39A5,     0x39A6,     0x39A7,
  /* GB+82 31 83 30 */  0x39A8,     0x39A9,     0x39AA,     0x39AB,     0x39AC,
  /* GB+82 31 83 35 */  0x39AD,     0x39AE,     0x39AF,     0x39B0,     0x39B1,
  /* GB+82 31 84 30 */  0x39B2,     0x39B3,     0x39B4,     0x39B5,     0x39B6,
  /* GB+82 31 84 35 */  0x39B7,     0x39B8,     0x39B9,     0x39BA,     0x39BB,
  /* GB+82 31 85 30 */  0x39BC,     0x39BD,     0x39BE,     0x39BF,     0x39C0,
  /* GB+82 31 85 35 */  0x39C1,     0x39C2,     0x39C3,     0x39C4,     0x39C5,
  /* GB+82 31 86 30 */  0x39C6,     0x39C7,     0x39C8,     0x39C9,     0x39CA,
  /* GB+82 31 86 35 */  0x39CB,     0x39CC,     0x39CD,     0x39CE,     0x39D1,
  /* GB+82 31 87 30 */  0x39D2,     0x39D3,     0x39D4,     0x39D5,     0x39D6,
  /* GB+82 31 87 35 */  0x39D7,     0x39D8,     0x39D9,     0x39DA,     0x39DB,
  /* GB+82 31 88 30 */  0x39DC,     0x39DD,     0x39DE,     0x39E0,     0x39E1,
  /* GB+82 31 88 35 */  0x39E2,     0x39E3,     0x39E4,     0x39E5,     0x39E6,
  /* GB+82 31 89 30 */  0x39E7,     0x39E8,     0x39E9,     0x39EA,     0x39EB,
  /* GB+82 31 89 35 */  0x39EC,     0x39ED,     0x39EE,     0x39EF,     0x39F0,
  /* GB+82 31 8A 30 */  0x39F1,     0x39F2,     0x39F3,     0x39F4,     0x39F5,
  /* GB+82 31 8A 35 */  0x39F6,     0x39F7,     0x39F8,     0x39F9,     0x39FA,
  /* GB+82 31 8B 30 */  0x39FB,     0x39FC,     0x39FD,     0x39FE,     0x39FF,
  /* GB+82 31 8B 35 */  0x3A00,     0x3A01,     0x3A02,     0x3A03,     0x3A04,
  /* GB+82 31 8C 30 */  0x3A05,     0x3A06,     0x3A07,     0x3A08,     0x3A09,
  /* GB+82 31 8C 35 */  0x3A0A,     0x3A0B,     0x3A0C,     0x3A0D,     0x3A0E,
  /* GB+82 31 8D 30 */  0x3A0F,     0x3A10,     0x3A11,     0x3A12,     0x3A13,
  /* GB+82 31 8D 35 */  0x3A14,     0x3A15,     0x3A16,     0x3A17,     0x3A18,
  /* GB+82 31 8E 30 */  0x3A19,     0x3A1A,     0x3A1B,     0x3A1C,     0x3A1D,
  /* GB+82 31 8E 35 */  0x3A1E,     0x3A1F,     0x3A20,     0x3A21,     0x3A22,
  /* GB+82 31 8F 30 */  0x3A23,     0x3A24,     0x3A25,     0x3A26,     0x3A27,
  /* GB+82 31 8F 35 */  0x3A28,     0x3A29,     0x3A2A,     0x3A2B,     0x3A2C,
  /* GB+82 31 90 30 */  0x3A2D,     0x3A2E,     0x3A2F,     0x3A30,     0x3A31,
  /* GB+82 31 90 35 */  0x3A32,     0x3A33,     0x3A34,     0x3A35,     0x3A36,
  /* GB+82 31 91 30 */  0x3A37,     0x3A38,     0x3A39,     0x3A3A,     0x3A3B,
  /* GB+82 31 91 35 */  0x3A3C,     0x3A3D,     0x3A3E,     0x3A3F,     0x3A40,
  /* GB+82 31 92 30 */  0x3A41,     0x3A42,     0x3A43,     0x3A44,     0x3A45,
  /* GB+82 31 92 35 */  0x3A46,     0x3A47,     0x3A48,     0x3A49,     0x3A4A,
  /* GB+82 31 93 30 */  0x3A4B,     0x3A4C,     0x3A4D,     0x3A4E,     0x3A4F,
  /* GB+82 31 93 35 */  0x3A50,     0x3A51,     0x3A52,     0x3A53,     0x3A54,
  /* GB+82 31 94 30 */  0x3A55,     0x3A56,     0x3A57,     0x3A58,     0x3A59,
  /* GB+82 31 94 35 */  0x3A5A,     0x3A5B,     0x3A5C,     0x3A5D,     0x3A5E,
  /* GB+82 31 95 30 */  0x3A5F,     0x3A60,     0x3A61,     0x3A62,     0x3A63,
  /* GB+82 31 95 35 */  0x3A64,     0x3A65,     0x3A66,     0x3A67,     0x3A68,
  /* GB+82 31 96 30 */  0x3A69,     0x3A6A,     0x3A6B,     0x3A6C,     0x3A6D,
  /* GB+82 31 96 35 */  0x3A6E,     0x3A6F,     0x3A70,     0x3A71,     0x3A72,
  /* GB+82 31 97 30 */  0x3A74,     0x3A75,     0x3A76,     0x3A77,     0x3A78,
  /* GB+82 31 97 35 */  0x3A79,     0x3A7A,     0x3A7B,     0x3A7C,     0x3A7D,
  /* GB+82 31 98 30 */  0x3A7E,     0x3A7F,     0x3A80,     0x3A81,     0x3A82,
  /* GB+82 31 98 35 */  0x3A83,     0x3A84,     0x3A85,     0x3A86,     0x3A87,
  /* GB+82 31 99 30 */  0x3A88,     0x3A89,     0x3A8A,     0x3A8B,     0x3A8C,
  /* GB+82 31 99 35 */  0x3A8D,     0x3A8E,     0x3A8F,     0x3A90,     0x3A91,
  /* GB+82 31 9A 30 */  0x3A92,     0x3A93,     0x3A94,     0x3A95,     0x3A96,
  /* GB+82 31 9A 35 */  0x3A97,     0x3A98,     0x3A99,     0x3A9A,     0x3A9B,
  /* GB+82 31 9B 30 */  0x3A9C,     0x3A9D,     0x3A9E,     0x3A9F,     0x3AA0,
  /* GB+82 31 9B 35 */  0x3AA1,     0x3AA2,     0x3AA3,     0x3AA4,     0x3AA5,
  /* GB+82 31 9C 30 */  0x3AA6,     0x3AA7,     0x3AA8,     0x3AA9,     0x3AAA,
  /* GB+82 31 9C 35 */  0x3AAB,     0x3AAC,     0x3AAD,     0x3AAE,     0x3AAF,
  /* GB+82 31 9D 30 */  0x3AB0,     0x3AB1,     0x3AB2,     0x3AB3,     0x3AB4,
  /* GB+82 31 9D 35 */  0x3AB5,     0x3AB6,     0x3AB7,     0x3AB8,     0x3AB9,
  /* GB+82 31 9E 30 */  0x3ABA,     0x3ABB,     0x3ABC,     0x3ABD,     0x3ABE,
  /* GB+82 31 9E 35 */  0x3ABF,     0x3AC0,     0x3AC1,     0x3AC2,     0x3AC3,
  /* GB+82 31 9F 30 */  0x3AC4,     0x3AC5,     0x3AC6,     0x3AC7,     0x3AC8,
  /* GB+82 31 9F 35 */  0x3AC9,     0x3ACA,     0x3ACB,     0x3ACC,     0x3ACD,
  /* GB+82 31 A0 30 */  0x3ACE,     0x3ACF,     0x3AD0,     0x3AD1,     0x3AD2,
  /* GB+82 31 A0 35 */  0x3AD3,     0x3AD4,     0x3AD5,     0x3AD6,     0x3AD7,
  /* GB+82 31 A1 30 */  0x3AD8,     0x3AD9,     0x3ADA,     0x3ADB,     0x3ADC,
  /* GB+82 31 A1 35 */  0x3ADD,     0x3ADE,     0x3ADF,     0x3AE0,     0x3AE1,
  /* GB+82 31 A2 30 */  0x3AE2,     0x3AE3,     0x3AE4,     0x3AE5,     0x3AE6,
  /* GB+82 31 A2 35 */  0x3AE7,     0x3AE8,     0x3AE9,     0x3AEA,     0x3AEB,
  /* GB+82 31 A3 30 */  0x3AEC,     0x3AED,     0x3AEE,     0x3AEF,     0x3AF0,
  /* GB+82 31 A3 35 */  0x3AF1,     0x3AF2,     0x3AF3,     0x3AF4,     0x3AF5,
  /* GB+82 31 A4 30 */  0x3AF6,     0x3AF7,     0x3AF8,     0x3AF9,     0x3AFA,
  /* GB+82 31 A4 35 */  0x3AFB,     0x3AFC,     0x3AFD,     0x3AFE,     0x3AFF,
  /* GB+82 31 A5 30 */  0x3B00,     0x3B01,     0x3B02,     0x3B03,     0x3B04,
  /* GB+82 31 A5 35 */  0x3B05,     0x3B06,     0x3B07,     0x3B08,     0x3B09,
  /* GB+82 31 A6 30 */  0x3B0A,     0x3B0B,     0x3B0C,     0x3B0D,     0x3B0E,
  /* GB+82 31 A6 35 */  0x3B0F,     0x3B10,     0x3B11,     0x3B12,     0x3B13,
  /* GB+82 31 A7 30 */  0x3B14,     0x3B15,     0x3B16,     0x3B17,     0x3B18,
  /* GB+82 31 A7 35 */  0x3B19,     0x3B1A,     0x3B1B,     0x3B1C,     0x3B1D,
  /* GB+82 31 A8 30 */  0x3B1E,     0x3B1F,     0x3B20,     0x3B21,     0x3B22,
  /* GB+82 31 A8 35 */  0x3B23,     0x3B24,     0x3B25,     0x3B26,     0x3B27,
  /* GB+82 31 A9 30 */  0x3B28,     0x3B29,     0x3B2A,     0x3B2B,     0x3B2C,
  /* GB+82 31 A9 35 */  0x3B2D,     0x3B2E,     0x3B2F,     0x3B30,     0x3B31,
  /* GB+82 31 AA 30 */  0x3B32,     0x3B33,     0x3B34,     0x3B35,     0x3B36,
  /* GB+82 31 AA 35 */  0x3B37,     0x3B38,     0x3B39,     0x3B3A,     0x3B3B,
  /* GB+82 31 AB 30 */  0x3B3C,     0x3B3D,     0x3B3E,     0x3B3F,     0x3B40,
  /* GB+82 31 AB 35 */  0x3B41,     0x3B42,     0x3B43,     0x3B44,     0x3B45,
  /* GB+82 31 AC 30 */  0x3B46,     0x3B47,     0x3B48,     0x3B49,     0x3B4A,
  /* GB+82 31 AC 35 */  0x3B4B,     0x3B4C,     0x3B4D,     0x3B4F,     0x3B50,
  /* GB+82 31 AD 30 */  0x3B51,     0x3B52,     0x3B53,     0x3B54,     0x3B55,
  /* GB+82 31 AD 35 */  0x3B56,     0x3B57,     0x3B58,     0x3B59,     0x3B5A,
  /* GB+82 31 AE 30 */  0x3B5B,     0x3B5C,     0x3B5D,     0x3B5E,     0x3B5F,
  /* GB+82 31 AE 35 */  0x3B60,     0x3B61,     0x3B62,     0x3B63,     0x3B64,
  /* GB+82 31 AF 30 */  0x3B65,     0x3B66,     0x3B67,     0x3B68,     0x3B69,
  /* GB+82 31 AF 35 */  0x3B6A,     0x3B6B,     0x3B6C,     0x3B6D,     0x3B6E,
  /* GB+82 31 B0 30 */  0x3B6F,     0x3B70,     0x3B71,     0x3B72,     0x3B73,
  /* GB+82 31 B0 35 */  0x3B74,     0x3B75,     0x3B76,     0x3B77,     0x3B78,
  /* GB+82 31 B1 30 */  0x3B79,     0x3B7A,     0x3B7B,     0x3B7C,     0x3B7D,
  /* GB+82 31 B1 35 */  0x3B7E,     0x3B7F,     0x3B80,     0x3B81,     0x3B82,
  /* GB+82 31 B2 30 */  0x3B83,     0x3B84,     0x3B85,     0x3B86,     0x3B87,
  /* GB+82 31 B2 35 */  0x3B88,     0x3B89,     0x3B8A,     0x3B8B,     0x3B8C,
  /* GB+82 31 B3 30 */  0x3B8D,     0x3B8E,     0x3B8F,     0x3B90,     0x3B91,
  /* GB+82 31 B3 35 */  0x3B92,     0x3B93,     0x3B94,     0x3B95,     0x3B96,
  /* GB+82 31 B4 30 */  0x3B97,     0x3B98,     0x3B99,     0x3B9A,     0x3B9B,
  /* GB+82 31 B4 35 */  0x3B9C,     0x3B9D,     0x3B9E,     0x3B9F,     0x3BA0,
  /* GB+82 31 B5 30 */  0x3BA1,     0x3BA2,     0x3BA3,     0x3BA4,     0x3BA5,
  /* GB+82 31 B5 35 */  0x3BA6,     0x3BA7,     0x3BA8,     0x3BA9,     0x3BAA,
  /* GB+82 31 B6 30 */  0x3BAB,     0x3BAC,     0x3BAD,     0x3BAE,     0x3BAF,
  /* GB+82 31 B6 35 */  0x3BB0,     0x3BB1,     0x3BB2,     0x3BB3,     0x3BB4,
  /* GB+82 31 B7 30 */  0x3BB5,     0x3BB6,     0x3BB7,     0x3BB8,     0x3BB9,
  /* GB+82 31 B7 35 */  0x3BBA,     0x3BBB,     0x3BBC,     0x3BBD,     0x3BBE,
  /* GB+82 31 B8 30 */  0x3BBF,     0x3BC0,     0x3BC1,     0x3BC2,     0x3BC3,
  /* GB+82 31 B8 35 */  0x3BC4,     0x3BC5,     0x3BC6,     0x3BC7,     0x3BC8,
  /* GB+82 31 B9 30 */  0x3BC9,     0x3BCA,     0x3BCB,     0x3BCC,     0x3BCD,
  /* GB+82 31 B9 35 */  0x3BCE,     0x3BCF,     0x3BD0,     0x3BD1,     0x3BD2,
  /* GB+82 31 BA 30 */  0x3BD3,     0x3BD4,     0x3BD5,     0x3BD6,     0x3BD7,
  /* GB+82 31 BA 35 */  0x3BD8,     0x3BD9,     0x3BDA,     0x3BDB,     0x3BDC,
  /* GB+82 31 BB 30 */  0x3BDD,     0x3BDE,     0x3BDF,     0x3BE0,     0x3BE1,
  /* GB+82 31 BB 35 */  0x3BE2,     0x3BE3,     0x3BE4,     0x3BE5,     0x3BE6,
  /* GB+82 31 BC 30 */  0x3BE7,     0x3BE8,     0x3BE9,     0x3BEA,     0x3BEB,
  /* GB+82 31 BC 35 */  0x3BEC,     0x3BED,     0x3BEE,     0x3BEF,     0x3BF0,
  /* GB+82 31 BD 30 */  0x3BF1,     0x3BF2,     0x3BF3,     0x3BF4,     0x3BF5,
  /* GB+82 31 BD 35 */  0x3BF6,     0x3BF7,     0x3BF8,     0x3BF9,     0x3BFA,
  /* GB+82 31 BE 30 */  0x3BFB,     0x3BFC,     0x3BFD,     0x3BFE,     0x3BFF,
  /* GB+82 31 BE 35 */  0x3C00,     0x3C01,     0x3C02,     0x3C03,     0x3C04,
  /* GB+82 31 BF 30 */  0x3C05,     0x3C06,     0x3C07,     0x3C08,     0x3C09,
  /* GB+82 31 BF 35 */  0x3C0A,     0x3C0B,     0x3C0C,     0x3C0D,     0x3C0E,
  /* GB+82 31 C0 30 */  0x3C0F,     0x3C10,     0x3C11,     0x3C12,     0x3C13,
  /* GB+82 31 C0 35 */  0x3C14,     0x3C15,     0x3C16,     0x3C17,     0x3C18,
  /* GB+82 31 C1 30 */  0x3C19,     0x3C1A,     0x3C1B,     0x3C1C,     0x3C1D,
  /* GB+82 31 C1 35 */  0x3C1E,     0x3C1F,     0x3C20,     0x3C21,     0x3C22,
  /* GB+82 31 C2 30 */  0x3C23,     0x3C24,     0x3C25,     0x3C26,     0x3C27,
  /* GB+82 31 C2 35 */  0x3C28,     0x3C29,     0x3C2A,     0x3C2B,     0x3C2C,
  /* GB+82 31 C3 30 */  0x3C2D,     0x3C2E,     0x3C2F,     0x3C30,     0x3C31,
  /* GB+82 31 C3 35 */  0x3C32,     0x3C33,     0x3C34,     0x3C35,     0x3C36,
  /* GB+82 31 C4 30 */  0x3C37,     0x3C38,     0x3C39,     0x3C3A,     0x3C3B,
  /* GB+82 31 C4 35 */  0x3C3C,     0x3C3D,     0x3C3E,     0x3C3F,     0x3C40,
  /* GB+82 31 C5 30 */  0x3C41,     0x3C42,     0x3C43,     0x3C44,     0x3C45,
  /* GB+82 31 C5 35 */  0x3C46,     0x3C47,     0x3C48,     0x3C49,     0x3C4A,
  /* GB+82 31 C6 30 */  0x3C4B,     0x3C4C,     0x3C4D,     0x3C4E,     0x3C4F,
  /* GB+82 31 C6 35 */  0x3C50,     0x3C51,     0x3C52,     0x3C53,     0x3C54,
  /* GB+82 31 C7 30 */  0x3C55,     0x3C56,     0x3C57,     0x3C58,     0x3C59,
  /* GB+82 31 C7 35 */  0x3C5A,     0x3C5B,     0x3C5C,     0x3C5D,     0x3C5E,
  /* GB+82 31 C8 30 */  0x3C5F,     0x3C60,     0x3C61,     0x3C62,     0x3C63,
  /* GB+82 31 C8 35 */  0x3C64,     0x3C65,     0x3C66,     0x3C67,     0x3C68,
  /* GB+82 31 C9 30 */  0x3C69,     0x3C6A,     0x3C6B,     0x3C6C,     0x3C6D,
  /* GB+82 31 C9 35 */  0x3C6F,     0x3C70,     0x3C71,     0x3C72,     0x3C73,
  /* GB+82 31 CA 30 */  0x3C74,     0x3C75,     0x3C76,     0x3C77,     0x3C78,
  /* GB+82 31 CA 35 */  0x3C79,     0x3C7A,     0x3C7B,     0x3C7C,     0x3C7D,
  /* GB+82 31 CB 30 */  0x3C7E,     0x3C7F,     0x3C80,     0x3C81,     0x3C82,
  /* GB+82 31 CB 35 */  0x3C83,     0x3C84,     0x3C85,     0x3C86,     0x3C87,
  /* GB+82 31 CC 30 */  0x3C88,     0x3C89,     0x3C8A,     0x3C8B,     0x3C8C,
  /* GB+82 31 CC 35 */  0x3C8D,     0x3C8E,     0x3C8F,     0x3C90,     0x3C91,
  /* GB+82 31 CD 30 */  0x3C92,     0x3C93,     0x3C94,     0x3C95,     0x3C96,
  /* GB+82 31 CD 35 */  0x3C97,     0x3C98,     0x3C99,     0x3C9A,     0x3C9B,
  /* GB+82 31 CE 30 */  0x3C9C,     0x3C9D,     0x3C9E,     0x3C9F,     0x3CA0,
  /* GB+82 31 CE 35 */  0x3CA1,     0x3CA2,     0x3CA3,     0x3CA4,     0x3CA5,
  /* GB+82 31 CF 30 */  0x3CA6,     0x3CA7,     0x3CA8,     0x3CA9,     0x3CAA,
  /* GB+82 31 CF 35 */  0x3CAB,     0x3CAC,     0x3CAD,     0x3CAE,     0x3CAF,
  /* GB+82 31 D0 30 */  0x3CB0,     0x3CB1,     0x3CB2,     0x3CB3,     0x3CB4,
  /* GB+82 31 D0 35 */  0x3CB5,     0x3CB6,     0x3CB7,     0x3CB8,     0x3CB9,
  /* GB+82 31 D1 30 */  0x3CBA,     0x3CBB,     0x3CBC,     0x3CBD,     0x3CBE,
  /* GB+82 31 D1 35 */  0x3CBF,     0x3CC0,     0x3CC1,     0x3CC2,     0x3CC3,
  /* GB+82 31 D2 30 */  0x3CC4,     0x3CC5,     0x3CC6,     0x3CC7,     0x3CC8,
  /* GB+82 31 D2 35 */  0x3CC9,     0x3CCA,     0x3CCB,     0x3CCC,     0x3CCD,
  /* GB+82 31 D3 30 */  0x3CCE,     0x3CCF,     0x3CD0,     0x3CD1,     0x3CD2,
  /* GB+82 31 D3 35 */  0x3CD3,     0x3CD4,     0x3CD5,     0x3CD6,     0x3CD7,
  /* GB+82 31 D4 30 */  0x3CD8,     0x3CD9,     0x3CDA,     0x3CDB,     0x3CDC,
  /* GB+82 31 D4 35 */  0x3CDD,     0x3CDE,     0x3CDF,
  /* Contiguous area: GB+82 32 AF 33 .. GB+82 32 C9 36 */
  /* GB+82 32 AF 33 */                    0x4057,     0x4058,
  /* GB+82 32 AF 35 */  0x4059,     0x405A,     0x405B,     0x405C,     0x405D,
  /* GB+82 32 B0 30 */  0x405E,     0x405F,     0x4060,     0x4061,     0x4062,
  /* GB+82 32 B0 35 */  0x4063,     0x4064,     0x4065,     0x4066,     0x4067,
  /* GB+82 32 B1 30 */  0x4068,     0x4069,     0x406A,     0x406B,     0x406C,
  /* GB+82 32 B1 35 */  0x406D,     0x406E,     0x406F,     0x4070,     0x4071,
  /* GB+82 32 B2 30 */  0x4072,     0x4073,     0x4074,     0x4075,     0x4076,
  /* GB+82 32 B2 35 */  0x4077,     0x4078,     0x4079,     0x407A,     0x407B,
  /* GB+82 32 B3 30 */  0x407C,     0x407D,     0x407E,     0x407F,     0x4080,
  /* GB+82 32 B3 35 */  0x4081,     0x4082,     0x4083,     0x4084,     0x4085,
  /* GB+82 32 B4 30 */  0x4086,     0x4087,     0x4088,     0x4089,     0x408A,
  /* GB+82 32 B4 35 */  0x408B,     0x408C,     0x408D,     0x408E,     0x408F,
  /* GB+82 32 B5 30 */  0x4090,     0x4091,     0x4092,     0x4093,     0x4094,
  /* GB+82 32 B5 35 */  0x4095,     0x4096,     0x4097,     0x4098,     0x4099,
  /* GB+82 32 B6 30 */  0x409A,     0x409B,     0x409C,     0x409D,     0x409E,
  /* GB+82 32 B6 35 */  0x409F,     0x40A0,     0x40A1,     0x40A2,     0x40A3,
  /* GB+82 32 B7 30 */  0x40A4,     0x40A5,     0x40A6,     0x40A7,     0x40A8,
  /* GB+82 32 B7 35 */  0x40A9,     0x40AA,     0x40AB,     0x40AC,     0x40AD,
  /* GB+82 32 B8 30 */  0x40AE,     0x40AF,     0x40B0,     0x40B1,     0x40B2,
  /* GB+82 32 B8 35 */  0x40B3,     0x40B4,     0x40B5,     0x40B6,     0x40B7,
  /* GB+82 32 B9 30 */  0x40B8,     0x40B9,     0x40BA,     0x40BB,     0x40BC,
  /* GB+82 32 B9 35 */  0x40BD,     0x40BE,     0x40BF,     0x40C0,     0x40C1,
  /* GB+82 32 BA 30 */  0x40C2,     0x40C3,     0x40C4,     0x40C5,     0x40C6,
  /* GB+82 32 BA 35 */  0x40C7,     0x40C8,     0x40C9,     0x40CA,     0x40CB,
  /* GB+82 32 BB 30 */  0x40CC,     0x40CD,     0x40CE,     0x40CF,     0x40D0,
  /* GB+82 32 BB 35 */  0x40D1,     0x40D2,     0x40D3,     0x40D4,     0x40D5,
  /* GB+82 32 BC 30 */  0x40D6,     0x40D7,     0x40D8,     0x40D9,     0x40DA,
  /* GB+82 32 BC 35 */  0x40DB,     0x40DC,     0x40DD,     0x40DE,     0x40DF,
  /* GB+82 32 BD 30 */  0x40E0,     0x40E1,     0x40E2,     0x40E3,     0x40E4,
  /* GB+82 32 BD 35 */  0x40E5,     0x40E6,     0x40E7,     0x40E8,     0x40E9,
  /* GB+82 32 BE 30 */  0x40EA,     0x40EB,     0x40EC,     0x40ED,     0x40EE,
  /* GB+82 32 BE 35 */  0x40EF,     0x40F0,     0x40F1,     0x40F2,     0x40F3,
  /* GB+82 32 BF 30 */  0x40F4,     0x40F5,     0x40F6,     0x40F7,     0x40F8,
  /* GB+82 32 BF 35 */  0x40F9,     0x40FA,     0x40FB,     0x40FC,     0x40FD,
  /* GB+82 32 C0 30 */  0x40FE,     0x40FF,     0x4100,     0x4101,     0x4102,
  /* GB+82 32 C0 35 */  0x4103,     0x4104,     0x4105,     0x4106,     0x4107,
  /* GB+82 32 C1 30 */  0x4108,     0x4109,     0x410A,     0x410B,     0x410C,
  /* GB+82 32 C1 35 */  0x410D,     0x410E,     0x410F,     0x4110,     0x4111,
  /* GB+82 32 C2 30 */  0x4112,     0x4113,     0x4114,     0x4115,     0x4116,
  /* GB+82 32 C2 35 */  0x4117,     0x4118,     0x4119,     0x411A,     0x411B,
  /* GB+82 32 C3 30 */  0x411C,     0x411D,     0x411E,     0x411F,     0x4120,
  /* GB+82 32 C3 35 */  0x4121,     0x4122,     0x4123,     0x4124,     0x4125,
  /* GB+82 32 C4 30 */  0x4126,     0x4127,     0x4128,     0x4129,     0x412A,
  /* GB+82 32 C4 35 */  0x412B,     0x412C,     0x412D,     0x412E,     0x412F,
  /* GB+82 32 C5 30 */  0x4130,     0x4131,     0x4132,     0x4133,     0x4134,
  /* GB+82 32 C5 35 */  0x4135,     0x4136,     0x4137,     0x4138,     0x4139,
  /* GB+82 32 C6 30 */  0x413A,     0x413B,     0x413C,     0x413D,     0x413E,
  /* GB+82 32 C6 35 */  0x413F,     0x4140,     0x4141,     0x4142,     0x4143,
  /* GB+82 32 C7 30 */  0x4144,     0x4145,     0x4146,     0x4147,     0x4148,
  /* GB+82 32 C7 35 */  0x4149,     0x414A,     0x414B,     0x414C,     0x414D,
  /* GB+82 32 C8 30 */  0x414E,     0x414F,     0x4150,     0x4151,     0x4152,
  /* GB+82 32 C8 35 */  0x4153,     0x4154,     0x4155,     0x4156,     0x4157,
  /* GB+82 32 C9 30 */  0x4158,     0x4159,     0x415A,     0x415B,     0x415C,
  /* GB+82 32 C9 35 */  0x415D,     0x415E,
  /* Contiguous area: GB+82 32 F8 38 .. GB+82 33 A3 38 */
  /* GB+82 32 F8 38 */                    0x4338,     0x4339,
  /* GB+82 32 F9 30 */  0x433A,     0x433B,     0x433C,     0x433D,     0x433E,
  /* GB+82 32 F9 35 */  0x433F,     0x4340,     0x4341,     0x4342,     0x4343,
  /* GB+82 32 FA 30 */  0x4344,     0x4345,     0x4346,     0x4347,     0x4348,
  /* GB+82 32 FA 35 */  0x4349,     0x434A,     0x434B,     0x434C,     0x434D,
  /* GB+82 32 FB 30 */  0x434E,     0x434F,     0x4350,     0x4351,     0x4352,
  /* GB+82 32 FB 35 */  0x4353,     0x4354,     0x4355,     0x4356,     0x4357,
  /* GB+82 32 FC 30 */  0x4358,     0x4359,     0x435A,     0x435B,     0x435C,
  /* GB+82 32 FC 35 */  0x435D,     0x435E,     0x435F,     0x4360,     0x4361,
  /* GB+82 32 FD 30 */  0x4362,     0x4363,     0x4364,     0x4365,     0x4366,
  /* GB+82 32 FD 35 */  0x4367,     0x4368,     0x4369,     0x436A,     0x436B,
  /* GB+82 32 FE 30 */  0x436C,     0x436D,     0x436E,     0x436F,     0x4370,
  /* GB+82 32 FE 35 */  0x4371,     0x4372,     0x4373,     0x4374,     0x4375,
  /* GB+82 33 81 30 */  0x4376,     0x4377,     0x4378,     0x4379,     0x437A,
  /* GB+82 33 81 35 */  0x437B,     0x437C,     0x437D,     0x437E,     0x437F,
  /* GB+82 33 82 30 */  0x4380,     0x4381,     0x4382,     0x4383,     0x4384,
  /* GB+82 33 82 35 */  0x4385,     0x4386,     0x4387,     0x4388,     0x4389,
  /* GB+82 33 83 30 */  0x438A,     0x438B,     0x438C,     0x438D,     0x438E,
  /* GB+82 33 83 35 */  0x438F,     0x4390,     0x4391,     0x4392,     0x4393,
  /* GB+82 33 84 30 */  0x4394,     0x4395,     0x4396,     0x4397,     0x4398,
  /* GB+82 33 84 35 */  0x4399,     0x439A,     0x439B,     0x439C,     0x439D,
  /* GB+82 33 85 30 */  0x439E,     0x439F,     0x43A0,     0x43A1,     0x43A2,
  /* GB+82 33 85 35 */  0x43A3,     0x43A4,     0x43A5,     0x43A6,     0x43A7,
  /* GB+82 33 86 30 */  0x43A8,     0x43A9,     0x43AA,     0x43AB,     0x43AD,
  /* GB+82 33 86 35 */  0x43AE,     0x43AF,     0x43B0,     0x43B2,     0x43B3,
  /* GB+82 33 87 30 */  0x43B4,     0x43B5,     0x43B6,     0x43B7,     0x43B8,
  /* GB+82 33 87 35 */  0x43B9,     0x43BA,     0x43BB,     0x43BC,     0x43BD,
  /* GB+82 33 88 30 */  0x43BE,     0x43BF,     0x43C0,     0x43C1,     0x43C2,
  /* GB+82 33 88 35 */  0x43C3,     0x43C4,     0x43C5,     0x43C6,     0x43C7,
  /* GB+82 33 89 30 */  0x43C8,     0x43C9,     0x43CA,     0x43CB,     0x43CC,
  /* GB+82 33 89 35 */  0x43CD,     0x43CE,     0x43CF,     0x43D0,     0x43D1,
  /* GB+82 33 8A 30 */  0x43D2,     0x43D3,     0x43D4,     0x43D5,     0x43D6,
  /* GB+82 33 8A 35 */  0x43D7,     0x43D8,     0x43D9,     0x43DA,     0x43DB,
  /* GB+82 33 8B 30 */  0x43DC,     0x43DE,     0x43DF,     0x43E0,     0x43E1,
  /* GB+82 33 8B 35 */  0x43E2,     0x43E3,     0x43E4,     0x43E5,     0x43E6,
  /* GB+82 33 8C 30 */  0x43E7,     0x43E8,     0x43E9,     0x43EA,     0x43EB,
  /* GB+82 33 8C 35 */  0x43EC,     0x43ED,     0x43EE,     0x43EF,     0x43F0,
  /* GB+82 33 8D 30 */  0x43F1,     0x43F2,     0x43F3,     0x43F4,     0x43F5,
  /* GB+82 33 8D 35 */  0x43F6,     0x43F7,     0x43F8,     0x43F9,     0x43FA,
  /* GB+82 33 8E 30 */  0x43FB,     0x43FC,     0x43FD,     0x43FE,     0x43FF,
  /* GB+82 33 8E 35 */  0x4400,     0x4401,     0x4402,     0x4403,     0x4404,
  /* GB+82 33 8F 30 */  0x4405,     0x4406,     0x4407,     0x4408,     0x4409,
  /* GB+82 33 8F 35 */  0x440A,     0x440B,     0x440C,     0x440D,     0x440E,
  /* GB+82 33 90 30 */  0x440F,     0x4410,     0x4411,     0x4412,     0x4413,
  /* GB+82 33 90 35 */  0x4414,     0x4415,     0x4416,     0x4417,     0x4418,
  /* GB+82 33 91 30 */  0x4419,     0x441A,     0x441B,     0x441C,     0x441D,
  /* GB+82 33 91 35 */  0x441E,     0x441F,     0x4420,     0x4421,     0x4422,
  /* GB+82 33 92 30 */  0x4423,     0x4424,     0x4425,     0x4426,     0x4427,
  /* GB+82 33 92 35 */  0x4428,     0x4429,     0x442A,     0x442B,     0x442C,
  /* GB+82 33 93 30 */  0x442D,     0x442E,     0x442F,     0x4430,     0x4431,
  /* GB+82 33 93 35 */  0x4432,     0x4433,     0x4434,     0x4435,     0x4436,
  /* GB+82 33 94 30 */  0x4437,     0x4438,     0x4439,     0x443A,     0x443B,
  /* GB+82 33 94 35 */  0x443C,     0x443D,     0x443E,     0x443F,     0x4440,
  /* GB+82 33 95 30 */  0x4441,     0x4442,     0x4443,     0x4444,     0x4445,
  /* GB+82 33 95 35 */  0x4446,     0x4447,     0x4448,     0x4449,     0x444A,
  /* GB+82 33 96 30 */  0x444B,     0x444C,     0x444D,     0x444E,     0x444F,
  /* GB+82 33 96 35 */  0x4450,     0x4451,     0x4452,     0x4453,     0x4454,
  /* GB+82 33 97 30 */  0x4455,     0x4456,     0x4457,     0x4458,     0x4459,
  /* GB+82 33 97 35 */  0x445A,     0x445B,     0x445C,     0x445D,     0x445E,
  /* GB+82 33 98 30 */  0x445F,     0x4460,     0x4461,     0x4462,     0x4463,
  /* GB+82 33 98 35 */  0x4464,     0x4465,     0x4466,     0x4467,     0x4468,
  /* GB+82 33 99 30 */  0x4469,     0x446A,     0x446B,     0x446C,     0x446D,
  /* GB+82 33 99 35 */  0x446E,     0x446F,     0x4470,     0x4471,     0x4472,
  /* GB+82 33 9A 30 */  0x4473,     0x4474,     0x4475,     0x4476,     0x4477,
  /* GB+82 33 9A 35 */  0x4478,     0x4479,     0x447A,     0x447B,     0x447C,
  /* GB+82 33 9B 30 */  0x447D,     0x447E,     0x447F,     0x4480,     0x4481,
  /* GB+82 33 9B 35 */  0x4482,     0x4483,     0x4484,     0x4485,     0x4486,
  /* GB+82 33 9C 30 */  0x4487,     0x4488,     0x4489,     0x448A,     0x448B,
  /* GB+82 33 9C 35 */  0x448C,     0x448D,     0x448E,     0x448F,     0x4490,
  /* GB+82 33 9D 30 */  0x4491,     0x4492,     0x4493,     0x4494,     0x4495,
  /* GB+82 33 9D 35 */  0x4496,     0x4497,     0x4498,     0x4499,     0x449A,
  /* GB+82 33 9E 30 */  0x449B,     0x449C,     0x449D,     0x449E,     0x449F,
  /* GB+82 33 9E 35 */  0x44A0,     0x44A1,     0x44A2,     0x44A3,     0x44A4,
  /* GB+82 33 9F 30 */  0x44A5,     0x44A6,     0x44A7,     0x44A8,     0x44A9,
  /* GB+82 33 9F 35 */  0x44AA,     0x44AB,     0x44AC,     0x44AD,     0x44AE,
  /* GB+82 33 A0 30 */  0x44AF,     0x44B0,     0x44B1,     0x44B2,     0x44B3,
  /* GB+82 33 A0 35 */  0x44B4,     0x44B5,     0x44B6,     0x44B7,     0x44B8,
  /* GB+82 33 A1 30 */  0x44B9,     0x44BA,     0x44BB,     0x44BC,     0x44BD,
  /* GB+82 33 A1 35 */  0x44BE,     0x44BF,     0x44C0,     0x44C1,     0x44C2,
  /* GB+82 33 A2 30 */  0x44C3,     0x44C4,     0x44C5,     0x44C6,     0x44C7,
  /* GB+82 33 A2 35 */  0x44C8,     0x44C9,     0x44CA,     0x44CB,     0x44CC,
  /* GB+82 33 A3 30 */  0x44CD,     0x44CE,     0x44CF,     0x44D0,     0x44D1,
  /* GB+82 33 A3 35 */  0x44D2,     0x44D3,     0x44D4,     0x44D5,
  /* Contiguous area: GB+82 33 C9 32 .. GB+82 33 E8 37 */
  /* GB+82 33 C9 32 */              0x464D,     0x464E,     0x464F,
  /* GB+82 33 C9 35 */  0x4650,     0x4651,     0x4652,     0x4653,     0x4654,
  /* GB+82 33 CA 30 */  0x4655,     0x4656,     0x4657,     0x4658,     0x4659,
  /* GB+82 33 CA 35 */  0x465A,     0x465B,     0x465C,     0x465D,     0x465E,
  /* GB+82 33 CB 30 */  0x465F,     0x4660,     0x4662,     0x4663,     0x4664,
  /* GB+82 33 CB 35 */  0x4665,     0x4666,     0x4667,     0x4668,     0x4669,
  /* GB+82 33 CC 30 */  0x466A,     0x466B,     0x466C,     0x466D,     0x466E,
  /* GB+82 33 CC 35 */  0x466F,     0x4670,     0x4671,     0x4672,     0x4673,
  /* GB+82 33 CD 30 */  0x4674,     0x4675,     0x4676,     0x4677,     0x4678,
  /* GB+82 33 CD 35 */  0x4679,     0x467A,     0x467B,     0x467C,     0x467D,
  /* GB+82 33 CE 30 */  0x467E,     0x467F,     0x4680,     0x4681,     0x4682,
  /* GB+82 33 CE 35 */  0x4683,     0x4684,     0x4685,     0x4686,     0x4687,
  /* GB+82 33 CF 30 */  0x4688,     0x4689,     0x468A,     0x468B,     0x468C,
  /* GB+82 33 CF 35 */  0x468D,     0x468E,     0x468F,     0x4690,     0x4691,
  /* GB+82 33 D0 30 */  0x4692,     0x4693,     0x4694,     0x4695,     0x4696,
  /* GB+82 33 D0 35 */  0x4697,     0x4698,     0x4699,     0x469A,     0x469B,
  /* GB+82 33 D1 30 */  0x469C,     0x469D,     0x469E,     0x469F,     0x46A0,
  /* GB+82 33 D1 35 */  0x46A1,     0x46A2,     0x46A3,     0x46A4,     0x46A5,
  /* GB+82 33 D2 30 */  0x46A6,     0x46A7,     0x46A8,     0x46A9,     0x46AA,
  /* GB+82 33 D2 35 */  0x46AB,     0x46AC,     0x46AD,     0x46AE,     0x46AF,
  /* GB+82 33 D3 30 */  0x46B0,     0x46B1,     0x46B2,     0x46B3,     0x46B4,
  /* GB+82 33 D3 35 */  0x46B5,     0x46B6,     0x46B7,     0x46B8,     0x46B9,
  /* GB+82 33 D4 30 */  0x46BA,     0x46BB,     0x46BC,     0x46BD,     0x46BE,
  /* GB+82 33 D4 35 */  0x46BF,     0x46C0,     0x46C1,     0x46C2,     0x46C3,
  /* GB+82 33 D5 30 */  0x46C4,     0x46C5,     0x46C6,     0x46C7,     0x46C8,
  /* GB+82 33 D5 35 */  0x46C9,     0x46CA,     0x46CB,     0x46CC,     0x46CD,
  /* GB+82 33 D6 30 */  0x46CE,     0x46CF,     0x46D0,     0x46D1,     0x46D2,
  /* GB+82 33 D6 35 */  0x46D3,     0x46D4,     0x46D5,     0x46D6,     0x46D7,
  /* GB+82 33 D7 30 */  0x46D8,     0x46D9,     0x46DA,     0x46DB,     0x46DC,
  /* GB+82 33 D7 35 */  0x46DD,     0x46DE,     0x46DF,     0x46E0,     0x46E1,
  /* GB+82 33 D8 30 */  0x46E2,     0x46E3,     0x46E4,     0x46E5,     0x46E6,
  /* GB+82 33 D8 35 */  0x46E7,     0x46E8,     0x46E9,     0x46EA,     0x46EB,
  /* GB+82 33 D9 30 */  0x46EC,     0x46ED,     0x46EE,     0x46EF,     0x46F0,
  /* GB+82 33 D9 35 */  0x46F1,     0x46F2,     0x46F3,     0x46F4,     0x46F5,
  /* GB+82 33 DA 30 */  0x46F6,     0x46F7,     0x46F8,     0x46F9,     0x46FA,
  /* GB+82 33 DA 35 */  0x46FB,     0x46FC,     0x46FD,     0x46FE,     0x46FF,
  /* GB+82 33 DB 30 */  0x4700,     0x4701,     0x4702,     0x4703,     0x4704,
  /* GB+82 33 DB 35 */  0x4705,     0x4706,     0x4707,     0x4708,     0x4709,
  /* GB+82 33 DC 30 */  0x470A,     0x470B,     0x470C,     0x470D,     0x470E,
  /* GB+82 33 DC 35 */  0x470F,     0x4710,     0x4711,     0x4712,     0x4713,
  /* GB+82 33 DD 30 */  0x4714,     0x4715,     0x4716,     0x4717,     0x4718,
  /* GB+82 33 DD 35 */  0x4719,     0x471A,     0x471B,     0x471C,     0x471D,
  /* GB+82 33 DE 30 */  0x471E,     0x471F,     0x4720,     0x4721,     0x4722,
  /* GB+82 33 DE 35 */  0x4724,     0x4725,     0x4726,     0x4727,     0x4728,
  /* GB+82 33 DF 30 */  0x472A,     0x472B,     0x472C,     0x472D,     0x472E,
  /* GB+82 33 DF 35 */  0x472F,     0x4730,     0x4731,     0x4732,     0x4733,
  /* GB+82 33 E0 30 */  0x4734,     0x4735,     0x4736,     0x4737,     0x4738,
  /* GB+82 33 E0 35 */  0x4739,     0x473A,     0x473B,     0x473C,     0x473D,
  /* GB+82 33 E1 30 */  0x473E,     0x473F,     0x4740,     0x4741,     0x4742,
  /* GB+82 33 E1 35 */  0x4743,     0x4744,     0x4745,     0x4746,     0x4747,
  /* GB+82 33 E2 30 */  0x4748,     0x4749,     0x474A,     0x474B,     0x474C,
  /* GB+82 33 E2 35 */  0x474D,     0x474E,     0x474F,     0x4750,     0x4751,
  /* GB+82 33 E3 30 */  0x4752,     0x4753,     0x4754,     0x4755,     0x4756,
  /* GB+82 33 E3 35 */  0x4757,     0x4758,     0x4759,     0x475A,     0x475B,
  /* GB+82 33 E4 30 */  0x475C,     0x475D,     0x475E,     0x475F,     0x4760,
  /* GB+82 33 E4 35 */  0x4761,     0x4762,     0x4763,     0x4764,     0x4765,
  /* GB+82 33 E5 30 */  0x4766,     0x4767,     0x4768,     0x4769,     0x476A,
  /* GB+82 33 E5 35 */  0x476B,     0x476C,     0x476D,     0x476E,     0x476F,
  /* GB+82 33 E6 30 */  0x4770,     0x4771,     0x4772,     0x4773,     0x4774,
  /* GB+82 33 E6 35 */  0x4775,     0x4776,     0x4777,     0x4778,     0x4779,
  /* GB+82 33 E7 30 */  0x477A,     0x477B,     0x477D,     0x477E,     0x477F,
  /* GB+82 33 E7 35 */  0x4780,     0x4781,     0x4782,     0x4783,     0x4784,
  /* GB+82 33 E8 30 */  0x4785,     0x4786,     0x4787,     0x4788,     0x4789,
  /* GB+82 33 E8 35 */  0x478A,     0x478B,     0x478C,
  /* Contiguous area: GB+82 34 96 39 .. GB+82 34 A1 30 */
  /* GB+82 34 96 39 */                          0x4948,
  /* GB+82 34 97 30 */  0x4949,     0x494A,     0x494B,     0x494C,     0x494D,
  /* GB+82 34 97 35 */  0x494E,     0x494F,     0x4950,     0x4951,     0x4952,
  /* GB+82 34 98 30 */  0x4953,     0x4954,     0x4955,     0x4956,     0x4957,
  /* GB+82 34 98 35 */  0x4958,     0x4959,     0x495A,     0x495B,     0x495C,
  /* GB+82 34 99 30 */  0x495D,     0x495E,     0x495F,     0x4960,     0x4961,
  /* GB+82 34 99 35 */  0x4962,     0x4963,     0x4964,     0x4965,     0x4966,
  /* GB+82 34 9A 30 */  0x4967,     0x4968,     0x4969,     0x496A,     0x496B,
  /* GB+82 34 9A 35 */  0x496C,     0x496D,     0x496E,     0x496F,     0x4970,
  /* GB+82 34 9B 30 */  0x4971,     0x4972,     0x4973,     0x4974,     0x4975,
  /* GB+82 34 9B 35 */  0x4976,     0x4977,     0x4978,     0x4979,     0x497B,
  /* GB+82 34 9C 30 */  0x497C,     0x497E,     0x497F,     0x4980,     0x4981,
  /* GB+82 34 9C 35 */  0x4984,     0x4987,     0x4988,     0x4989,     0x498A,
  /* GB+82 34 9D 30 */  0x498B,     0x498C,     0x498D,     0x498E,     0x498F,
  /* GB+82 34 9D 35 */  0x4990,     0x4991,     0x4992,     0x4993,     0x4994,
  /* GB+82 34 9E 30 */  0x4995,     0x4996,     0x4997,     0x4998,     0x4999,
  /* GB+82 34 9E 35 */  0x499A,     0x499C,     0x499D,     0x499E,     0x49A0,
  /* GB+82 34 9F 30 */  0x49A1,     0x49A2,     0x49A3,     0x49A4,     0x49A5,
  /* GB+82 34 9F 35 */  0x49A6,     0x49A7,     0x49A8,     0x49A9,     0x49AA,
  /* GB+82 34 A0 30 */  0x49AB,     0x49AC,     0x49AD,     0x49AE,     0x49AF,
  /* GB+82 34 A0 35 */  0x49B0,     0x49B1,     0x49B2,     0x49B3,     0x49B4,
  /* GB+82 34 A1 30 */  0x49B5,
  /* Contiguous area: GB+82 34 E7 34 .. GB+82 35 8F 32 */
  /* GB+82 34 E7 34 */                          0x4C78,
  /* GB+82 34 E7 35 */  0x4C79,     0x4C7A,     0x4C7B,     0x4C7C,     0x4C7D,
  /* GB+82 34 E8 30 */  0x4C7E,     0x4C7F,     0x4C80,     0x4C81,     0x4C82,
  /* GB+82 34 E8 35 */  0x4C83,     0x4C84,     0x4C85,     0x4C86,     0x4C87,
  /* GB+82 34 E9 30 */  0x4C88,     0x4C89,     0x4C8A,     0x4C8B,     0x4C8C,
  /* GB+82 34 E9 35 */  0x4C8D,     0x4C8E,     0x4C8F,     0x4C90,     0x4C91,
  /* GB+82 34 EA 30 */  0x4C92,     0x4C93,     0x4C94,     0x4C95,     0x4C96,
  /* GB+82 34 EA 35 */  0x4C97,     0x4C98,     0x4C99,     0x4C9A,     0x4C9B,
  /* GB+82 34 EB 30 */  0x4C9C,     0x4C9D,     0x4C9E,     0x4CA4,     0x4CA5,
  /* GB+82 34 EB 35 */  0x4CA6,     0x4CA7,     0x4CA8,     0x4CA9,     0x4CAA,
  /* GB+82 34 EC 30 */  0x4CAB,     0x4CAC,     0x4CAD,     0x4CAE,     0x4CAF,
  /* GB+82 34 EC 35 */  0x4CB0,     0x4CB1,     0x4CB2,     0x4CB3,     0x4CB4,
  /* GB+82 34 ED 30 */  0x4CB5,     0x4CB6,     0x4CB7,     0x4CB8,     0x4CB9,
  /* GB+82 34 ED 35 */  0x4CBA,     0x4CBB,     0x4CBC,     0x4CBD,     0x4CBE,
  /* GB+82 34 EE 30 */  0x4CBF,     0x4CC0,     0x4CC1,     0x4CC2,     0x4CC3,
  /* GB+82 34 EE 35 */  0x4CC4,     0x4CC5,     0x4CC6,     0x4CC7,     0x4CC8,
  /* GB+82 34 EF 30 */  0x4CC9,     0x4CCA,     0x4CCB,     0x4CCC,     0x4CCD,
  /* GB+82 34 EF 35 */  0x4CCE,     0x4CCF,     0x4CD0,     0x4CD1,     0x4CD2,
  /* GB+82 34 F0 30 */  0x4CD3,     0x4CD4,     0x4CD5,     0x4CD6,     0x4CD7,
  /* GB+82 34 F0 35 */  0x4CD8,     0x4CD9,     0x4CDA,     0x4CDB,     0x4CDC,
  /* GB+82 34 F1 30 */  0x4CDD,     0x4CDE,     0x4CDF,     0x4CE0,     0x4CE1,
  /* GB+82 34 F1 35 */  0x4CE2,     0x4CE3,     0x4CE4,     0x4CE5,     0x4CE6,
  /* GB+82 34 F2 30 */  0x4CE7,     0x4CE8,     0x4CE9,     0x4CEA,     0x4CEB,
  /* GB+82 34 F2 35 */  0x4CEC,     0x4CED,     0x4CEE,     0x4CEF,     0x4CF0,
  /* GB+82 34 F3 30 */  0x4CF1,     0x4CF2,     0x4CF3,     0x4CF4,     0x4CF5,
  /* GB+82 34 F3 35 */  0x4CF6,     0x4CF7,     0x4CF8,     0x4CF9,     0x4CFA,
  /* GB+82 34 F4 30 */  0x4CFB,     0x4CFC,     0x4CFD,     0x4CFE,     0x4CFF,
  /* GB+82 34 F4 35 */  0x4D00,     0x4D01,     0x4D02,     0x4D03,     0x4D04,
  /* GB+82 34 F5 30 */  0x4D05,     0x4D06,     0x4D07,     0x4D08,     0x4D09,
  /* GB+82 34 F5 35 */  0x4D0A,     0x4D0B,     0x4D0C,     0x4D0D,     0x4D0E,
  /* GB+82 34 F6 30 */  0x4D0F,     0x4D10,     0x4D11,     0x4D12,     0x4D1A,
  /* GB+82 34 F6 35 */  0x4D1B,     0x4D1C,     0x4D1D,     0x4D1E,     0x4D1F,
  /* GB+82 34 F7 30 */  0x4D20,     0x4D21,     0x4D22,     0x4D23,     0x4D24,
  /* GB+82 34 F7 35 */  0x4D25,     0x4D26,     0x4D27,     0x4D28,     0x4D29,
  /* GB+82 34 F8 30 */  0x4D2A,     0x4D2B,     0x4D2C,     0x4D2D,     0x4D2E,
  /* GB+82 34 F8 35 */  0x4D2F,     0x4D30,     0x4D31,     0x4D32,     0x4D33,
  /* GB+82 34 F9 30 */  0x4D34,     0x4D35,     0x4D36,     0x4D37,     0x4D38,
  /* GB+82 34 F9 35 */  0x4D39,     0x4D3A,     0x4D3B,     0x4D3C,     0x4D3D,
  /* GB+82 34 FA 30 */  0x4D3E,     0x4D3F,     0x4D40,     0x4D41,     0x4D42,
  /* GB+82 34 FA 35 */  0x4D43,     0x4D44,     0x4D45,     0x4D46,     0x4D47,
  /* GB+82 34 FB 30 */  0x4D48,     0x4D49,     0x4D4A,     0x4D4B,     0x4D4C,
  /* GB+82 34 FB 35 */  0x4D4D,     0x4D4E,     0x4D4F,     0x4D50,     0x4D51,
  /* GB+82 34 FC 30 */  0x4D52,     0x4D53,     0x4D54,     0x4D55,     0x4D56,
  /* GB+82 34 FC 35 */  0x4D57,     0x4D58,     0x4D59,     0x4D5A,     0x4D5B,
  /* GB+82 34 FD 30 */  0x4D5C,     0x4D5D,     0x4D5E,     0x4D5F,     0x4D60,
  /* GB+82 34 FD 35 */  0x4D61,     0x4D62,     0x4D63,     0x4D64,     0x4D65,
  /* GB+82 34 FE 30 */  0x4D66,     0x4D67,     0x4D68,     0x4D69,     0x4D6A,
  /* GB+82 34 FE 35 */  0x4D6B,     0x4D6C,     0x4D6D,     0x4D6E,     0x4D6F,
  /* GB+82 35 81 30 */  0x4D70,     0x4D71,     0x4D72,     0x4D73,     0x4D74,
  /* GB+82 35 81 35 */  0x4D75,     0x4D76,     0x4D77,     0x4D78,     0x4D79,
  /* GB+82 35 82 30 */  0x4D7A,     0x4D7B,     0x4D7C,     0x4D7D,     0x4D7E,
  /* GB+82 35 82 35 */  0x4D7F,     0x4D80,     0x4D81,     0x4D82,     0x4D83,
  /* GB+82 35 83 30 */  0x4D84,     0x4D85,     0x4D86,     0x4D87,     0x4D88,
  /* GB+82 35 83 35 */  0x4D89,     0x4D8A,     0x4D8B,     0x4D8C,     0x4D8D,
  /* GB+82 35 84 30 */  0x4D8E,     0x4D8F,     0x4D90,     0x4D91,     0x4D92,
  /* GB+82 35 84 35 */  0x4D93,     0x4D94,     0x4D95,     0x4D96,     0x4D97,
  /* GB+82 35 85 30 */  0x4D98,     0x4D99,     0x4D9A,     0x4D9B,     0x4D9C,
  /* GB+82 35 85 35 */  0x4D9D,     0x4D9E,     0x4D9F,     0x4DA0,     0x4DA1,
  /* GB+82 35 86 30 */  0x4DA2,     0x4DA3,     0x4DA4,     0x4DA5,     0x4DA6,
  /* GB+82 35 86 35 */  0x4DA7,     0x4DA8,     0x4DA9,     0x4DAA,     0x4DAB,
  /* GB+82 35 87 30 */  0x4DAC,     0x4DAD,     0x4DAF,     0x4DB0,     0x4DB1,
  /* GB+82 35 87 35 */  0x4DB2,     0x4DB3,     0x4DB4,     0x4DB5,     0x4DB6,
  /* GB+82 35 88 30 */  0x4DB7,     0x4DB8,     0x4DB9,     0x4DBA,     0x4DBB,
  /* GB+82 35 88 35 */  0x4DBC,     0x4DBD,     0x4DBE,     0x4DBF,     0x4DC0,
  /* GB+82 35 89 30 */  0x4DC1,     0x4DC2,     0x4DC3,     0x4DC4,     0x4DC5,
  /* GB+82 35 89 35 */  0x4DC6,     0x4DC7,     0x4DC8,     0x4DC9,     0x4DCA,
  /* GB+82 35 8A 30 */  0x4DCB,     0x4DCC,     0x4DCD,     0x4DCE,     0x4DCF,
  /* GB+82 35 8A 35 */  0x4DD0,     0x4DD1,     0x4DD2,     0x4DD3,     0x4DD4,
  /* GB+82 35 8B 30 */  0x4DD5,     0x4DD6,     0x4DD7,     0x4DD8,     0x4DD9,
  /* GB+82 35 8B 35 */  0x4DDA,     0x4DDB,     0x4DDC,     0x4DDD,     0x4DDE,
  /* GB+82 35 8C 30 */  0x4DDF,     0x4DE0,     0x4DE1,     0x4DE2,     0x4DE3,
  /* GB+82 35 8C 35 */  0x4DE4,     0x4DE5,     0x4DE6,     0x4DE7,     0x4DE8,
  /* GB+82 35 8D 30 */  0x4DE9,     0x4DEA,     0x4DEB,     0x4DEC,     0x4DED,
  /* GB+82 35 8D 35 */  0x4DEE,     0x4DEF,     0x4DF0,     0x4DF1,     0x4DF2,
  /* GB+82 35 8E 30 */  0x4DF3,     0x4DF4,     0x4DF5,     0x4DF6,     0x4DF7,
  /* GB+82 35 8E 35 */  0x4DF8,     0x4DF9,     0x4DFA,     0x4DFB,     0x4DFC,
  /* GB+82 35 8F 30 */  0x4DFD,     0x4DFE,     0x4DFF,
  /* Contiguous area: GB+83 36 C7 39 .. GB+83 36 CF 39 */
  /* GB+83 36 C7 39 */                          0xE76C,
  /* GB+83 36 C8 30 */  0xE7C8,     0xE7E7,     0xE7E8,     0xE7E9,     0xE7EA,
  /* GB+83 36 C8 35 */  0xE7EB,     0xE7EC,     0xE7ED,     0xE7EE,     0xE7EF,
  /* GB+83 36 C9 30 */  0xE7F0,     0xE7F1,     0xE7F2,     0xE7F3,     0xE815,
  /* GB+83 36 C9 35 */  0xE819,     0xE81A,     0xE81B,     0xE81C,     0xE81D,
  /* GB+83 36 CA 30 */  0xE81F,     0xE820,     0xE821,     0xE822,     0xE823,
  /* GB+83 36 CA 35 */  0xE824,     0xE825,     0xE827,     0xE828,     0xE829,
  /* GB+83 36 CB 30 */  0xE82A,     0xE82D,     0xE82E,     0xE82F,     0xE830,
  /* GB+83 36 CB 35 */  0xE833,     0xE834,     0xE835,     0xE836,     0xE837,
  /* GB+83 36 CC 30 */  0xE838,     0xE839,     0xE83A,     0xE83C,     0xE83D,
  /* GB+83 36 CC 35 */  0xE83E,     0xE83F,     0xE840,     0xE841,     0xE842,
  /* GB+83 36 CD 30 */  0xE844,     0xE845,     0xE846,     0xE847,     0xE848,
  /* GB+83 36 CD 35 */  0xE849,     0xE84A,     0xE84B,     0xE84C,     0xE84D,
  /* GB+83 36 CE 30 */  0xE84E,     0xE84F,     0xE850,     0xE851,     0xE852,
  /* GB+83 36 CE 35 */  0xE853,     0xE856,     0xE857,     0xE858,     0xE859,
  /* GB+83 36 CF 30 */  0xE85A,     0xE85B,     0xE85C,     0xE85D,     0xE85E,
  /* GB+83 36 CF 35 */  0xE85F,     0xE860,     0xE861,     0xE862,     0xE863,
  /* Contiguous area: GB+84 30 85 35 .. GB+84 30 9C 37 */
  /* GB+84 30 85 35 */  0xF92D,     0xF92E,     0xF92F,     0xF930,     0xF931,
  /* GB+84 30 86 30 */  0xF932,     0xF933,     0xF934,     0xF935,     0xF936,
  /* GB+84 30 86 35 */  0xF937,     0xF938,     0xF939,     0xF93A,     0xF93B,
  /* GB+84 30 87 30 */  0xF93C,     0xF93D,     0xF93E,     0xF93F,     0xF940,
  /* GB+84 30 87 35 */  0xF941,     0xF942,     0xF943,     0xF944,     0xF945,
  /* GB+84 30 88 30 */  0xF946,     0xF947,     0xF948,     0xF949,     0xF94A,
  /* GB+84 30 88 35 */  0xF94B,     0xF94C,     0xF94D,     0xF94E,     0xF94F,
  /* GB+84 30 89 30 */  0xF950,     0xF951,     0xF952,     0xF953,     0xF954,
  /* GB+84 30 89 35 */  0xF955,     0xF956,     0xF957,     0xF958,     0xF959,
  /* GB+84 30 8A 30 */  0xF95A,     0xF95B,     0xF95C,     0xF95D,     0xF95E,
  /* GB+84 30 8A 35 */  0xF95F,     0xF960,     0xF961,     0xF962,     0xF963,
  /* GB+84 30 8B 30 */  0xF964,     0xF965,     0xF966,     0xF967,     0xF968,
  /* GB+84 30 8B 35 */  0xF969,     0xF96A,     0xF96B,     0xF96C,     0xF96D,
  /* GB+84 30 8C 30 */  0xF96E,     0xF96F,     0xF970,     0xF971,     0xF972,
  /* GB+84 30 8C 35 */  0xF973,     0xF974,     0xF975,     0xF976,     0xF977,
  /* GB+84 30 8D 30 */  0xF978,     0xF97A,     0xF97B,     0xF97C,     0xF97D,
  /* GB+84 30 8D 35 */  0xF97E,     0xF97F,     0xF980,     0xF981,     0xF982,
  /* GB+84 30 8E 30 */  0xF983,     0xF984,     0xF985,     0xF986,     0xF987,
  /* GB+84 30 8E 35 */  0xF988,     0xF989,     0xF98A,     0xF98B,     0xF98C,
  /* GB+84 30 8F 30 */  0xF98D,     0xF98E,     0xF98F,     0xF990,     0xF991,
  /* GB+84 30 8F 35 */  0xF992,     0xF993,     0xF994,     0xF996,     0xF997,
  /* GB+84 30 90 30 */  0xF998,     0xF999,     0xF99A,     0xF99B,     0xF99C,
  /* GB+84 30 90 35 */  0xF99D,     0xF99E,     0xF99F,     0xF9A0,     0xF9A1,
  /* GB+84 30 91 30 */  0xF9A2,     0xF9A3,     0xF9A4,     0xF9A5,     0xF9A6,
  /* GB+84 30 91 35 */  0xF9A7,     0xF9A8,     0xF9A9,     0xF9AA,     0xF9AB,
  /* GB+84 30 92 30 */  0xF9AC,     0xF9AD,     0xF9AE,     0xF9AF,     0xF9B0,
  /* GB+84 30 92 35 */  0xF9B1,     0xF9B2,     0xF9B3,     0xF9B4,     0xF9B5,
  /* GB+84 30 93 30 */  0xF9B6,     0xF9B7,     0xF9B8,     0xF9B9,     0xF9BA,
  /* GB+84 30 93 35 */  0xF9BB,     0xF9BC,     0xF9BD,     0xF9BE,     0xF9BF,
  /* GB+84 30 94 30 */  0xF9C0,     0xF9C1,     0xF9C2,     0xF9C3,     0xF9C4,
  /* GB+84 30 94 35 */  0xF9C5,     0xF9C6,     0xF9C7,     0xF9C8,     0xF9C9,
  /* GB+84 30 95 30 */  0xF9CA,     0xF9CB,     0xF9CC,     0xF9CD,     0xF9CE,
  /* GB+84 30 95 35 */  0xF9CF,     0xF9D0,     0xF9D1,     0xF9D2,     0xF9D3,
  /* GB+84 30 96 30 */  0xF9D4,     0xF9D5,     0xF9D6,     0xF9D7,     0xF9D8,
  /* GB+84 30 96 35 */  0xF9D9,     0xF9DA,     0xF9DB,     0xF9DC,     0xF9DD,
  /* GB+84 30 97 30 */  0xF9DE,     0xF9DF,     0xF9E0,     0xF9E1,     0xF9E2,
  /* GB+84 30 97 35 */  0xF9E3,     0xF9E4,     0xF9E5,     0xF9E6,     0xF9E8,
  /* GB+84 30 98 30 */  0xF9E9,     0xF9EA,     0xF9EB,     0xF9EC,     0xF9ED,
  /* GB+84 30 98 35 */  0xF9EE,     0xF9EF,     0xF9F0,     0xF9F2,     0xF9F3,
  /* GB+84 30 99 30 */  0xF9F4,     0xF9F5,     0xF9F6,     0xF9F7,     0xF9F8,
  /* GB+84 30 99 35 */  0xF9F9,     0xF9FA,     0xF9FB,     0xF9FC,     0xF9FD,
  /* GB+84 30 9A 30 */  0xF9FE,     0xF9FF,     0xFA00,     0xFA01,     0xFA02,
  /* GB+84 30 9A 35 */  0xFA03,     0xFA04,     0xFA05,     0xFA06,     0xFA07,
  /* GB+84 30 9B 30 */  0xFA08,     0xFA09,     0xFA0A,     0xFA0B,     0xFA10,
  /* GB+84 30 9B 35 */  0xFA12,     0xFA15,     0xFA16,     0xFA17,     0xFA19,
  /* GB+84 30 9C 30 */  0xFA1A,     0xFA1B,     0xFA1C,     0xFA1D,     0xFA1E,
  /* GB+84 30 9C 35 */  0xFA22,     0xFA25,     0xFA26,
  /* Contiguous area: GB+84 31 85 38 .. GB+84 31 A2 33 */
  /* GB+84 31 85 38 */                    0xFE32,     0xFE45,
  /* GB+84 31 86 30 */  0xFE46,     0xFE47,     0xFE48,     0xFE53,     0xFE58,
  /* GB+84 31 86 35 */  0xFE67,     0xFE6C,     0xFE6D,     0xFE6E,     0xFE6F,
  /* GB+84 31 87 30 */  0xFE70,     0xFE71,     0xFE72,     0xFE73,     0xFE74,
  /* GB+84 31 87 35 */  0xFE75,     0xFE76,     0xFE77,     0xFE78,     0xFE79,
  /* GB+84 31 88 30 */  0xFE7A,     0xFE7B,     0xFE7C,     0xFE7D,     0xFE7E,
  /* GB+84 31 88 35 */  0xFE7F,     0xFE80,     0xFE81,     0xFE82,     0xFE83,
  /* GB+84 31 89 30 */  0xFE84,     0xFE85,     0xFE86,     0xFE87,     0xFE88,
  /* GB+84 31 89 35 */  0xFE89,     0xFE8A,     0xFE8B,     0xFE8C,     0xFE8D,
  /* GB+84 31 8A 30 */  0xFE8E,     0xFE8F,     0xFE90,     0xFE91,     0xFE92,
  /* GB+84 31 8A 35 */  0xFE93,     0xFE94,     0xFE95,     0xFE96,     0xFE97,
  /* GB+84 31 8B 30 */  0xFE98,     0xFE99,     0xFE9A,     0xFE9B,     0xFE9C,
  /* GB+84 31 8B 35 */  0xFE9D,     0xFE9E,     0xFE9F,     0xFEA0,     0xFEA1,
  /* GB+84 31 8C 30 */  0xFEA2,     0xFEA3,     0xFEA4,     0xFEA5,     0xFEA6,
  /* GB+84 31 8C 35 */  0xFEA7,     0xFEA8,     0xFEA9,     0xFEAA,     0xFEAB,
  /* GB+84 31 8D 30 */  0xFEAC,     0xFEAD,     0xFEAE,     0xFEAF,     0xFEB0,
  /* GB+84 31 8D 35 */  0xFEB1,     0xFEB2,     0xFEB3,     0xFEB4,     0xFEB5,
  /* GB+84 31 8E 30 */  0xFEB6,     0xFEB7,     0xFEB8,     0xFEB9,     0xFEBA,
  /* GB+84 31 8E 35 */  0xFEBB,     0xFEBC,     0xFEBD,     0xFEBE,     0xFEBF,
  /* GB+84 31 8F 30 */  0xFEC0,     0xFEC1,     0xFEC2,     0xFEC3,     0xFEC4,
  /* GB+84 31 8F 35 */  0xFEC5,     0xFEC6,     0xFEC7,     0xFEC8,     0xFEC9,
  /* GB+84 31 90 30 */  0xFECA,     0xFECB,     0xFECC,     0xFECD,     0xFECE,
  /* GB+84 31 90 35 */  0xFECF,     0xFED0,     0xFED1,     0xFED2,     0xFED3,
  /* GB+84 31 91 30 */  0xFED4,     0xFED5,     0xFED6,     0xFED7,     0xFED8,
  /* GB+84 31 91 35 */  0xFED9,     0xFEDA,     0xFEDB,     0xFEDC,     0xFEDD,
  /* GB+84 31 92 30 */  0xFEDE,     0xFEDF,     0xFEE0,     0xFEE1,     0xFEE2,
  /* GB+84 31 92 35 */  0xFEE3,     0xFEE4,     0xFEE5,     0xFEE6,     0xFEE7,
  /* GB+84 31 93 30 */  0xFEE8,     0xFEE9,     0xFEEA,     0xFEEB,     0xFEEC,
  /* GB+84 31 93 35 */  0xFEED,     0xFEEE,     0xFEEF,     0xFEF0,     0xFEF1,
  /* GB+84 31 94 30 */  0xFEF2,     0xFEF3,     0xFEF4,     0xFEF5,     0xFEF6,
  /* GB+84 31 94 35 */  0xFEF7,     0xFEF8,     0xFEF9,     0xFEFA,     0xFEFB,
  /* GB+84 31 95 30 */  0xFEFC,     0xFEFD,     0xFEFE,     0xFEFF,     0xFF00,
  /* GB+84 31 95 35 */  0xFF5F,     0xFF60,     0xFF61,     0xFF62,     0xFF63,
  /* GB+84 31 96 30 */  0xFF64,     0xFF65,     0xFF66,     0xFF67,     0xFF68,
  /* GB+84 31 96 35 */  0xFF69,     0xFF6A,     0xFF6B,     0xFF6C,     0xFF6D,
  /* GB+84 31 97 30 */  0xFF6E,     0xFF6F,     0xFF70,     0xFF71,     0xFF72,
  /* GB+84 31 97 35 */  0xFF73,     0xFF74,     0xFF75,     0xFF76,     0xFF77,
  /* GB+84 31 98 30 */  0xFF78,     0xFF79,     0xFF7A,     0xFF7B,     0xFF7C,
  /* GB+84 31 98 35 */  0xFF7D,     0xFF7E,     0xFF7F,     0xFF80,     0xFF81,
  /* GB+84 31 99 30 */  0xFF82,     0xFF83,     0xFF84,     0xFF85,     0xFF86,
  /* GB+84 31 99 35 */  0xFF87,     0xFF88,     0xFF89,     0xFF8A,     0xFF8B,
  /* GB+84 31 9A 30 */  0xFF8C,     0xFF8D,     0xFF8E,     0xFF8F,     0xFF90,
  /* GB+84 31 9A 35 */  0xFF91,     0xFF92,     0xFF93,     0xFF94,     0xFF95,
  /* GB+84 31 9B 30 */  0xFF96,     0xFF97,     0xFF98,     0xFF99,     0xFF9A,
  /* GB+84 31 9B 35 */  0xFF9B,     0xFF9C,     0xFF9D,     0xFF9E,     0xFF9F,
  /* GB+84 31 9C 30 */  0xFFA0,     0xFFA1,     0xFFA2,     0xFFA3,     0xFFA4,
  /* GB+84 31 9C 35 */  0xFFA5,     0xFFA6,     0xFFA7,     0xFFA8,     0xFFA9,
  /* GB+84 31 9D 30 */  0xFFAA,     0xFFAB,     0xFFAC,     0xFFAD,     0xFFAE,
  /* GB+84 31 9D 35 */  0xFFAF,     0xFFB0,     0xFFB1,     0xFFB2,     0xFFB3,
  /* GB+84 31 9E 30 */  0xFFB4,     0xFFB5,     0xFFB6,     0xFFB7,     0xFFB8,
  /* GB+84 31 9E 35 */  0xFFB9,     0xFFBA,     0xFFBB,     0xFFBC,     0xFFBD,
  /* GB+84 31 9F 30 */  0xFFBE,     0xFFBF,     0xFFC0,     0xFFC1,     0xFFC2,
  /* GB+84 31 9F 35 */  0xFFC3,     0xFFC4,     0xFFC5,     0xFFC6,     0xFFC7,
  /* GB+84 31 A0 30 */  0xFFC8,     0xFFC9,     0xFFCA,     0xFFCB,     0xFFCC,
  /* GB+84 31 A0 35 */  0xFFCD,     0xFFCE,     0xFFCF,     0xFFD0,     0xFFD1,
  /* GB+84 31 A1 30 */  0xFFD2,     0xFFD3,     0xFFD4,     0xFFD5,     0xFFD6,
  /* GB+84 31 A1 35 */  0xFFD7,     0xFFD8,     0xFFD9,     0xFFDA,     0xFFDB,
  /* GB+84 31 A2 30 */  0xFFDC,     0xFFDD,     0xFFDE,     0xFFDF,

static inline uint gb4lin_to_gb(uint gb4lin) {
    uchar   a, b, c, d;
    a = 0x81 + gb4lin / 12600;
    b = 0x30 + (gb4lin / 1260) % 10;
    c = 0x81 + (gb4lin / 10) % 126;
    d = 0x30 + gb4lin % 10;
    return ( (a << 24) | (b << 16) | (c << 8) | d);

static uint qt_Gb18030ToUnicode(const uchar *gbstr, int& len) {
    /* Returns Unicode. */
    uint    uni;
    uchar   first = *gbstr;

    if ( IsLatin(first) ) {
      len = 1;
      uni = (uint)first;
    else if ( Is1stByte(first) && len >= 2 ) {
      uchar second = gbstr[1];

      if ( Is2ndByteIn2Bytes(second) ) {
          len = 2;

          if (IsUDA1(first, second))
            uni = 0xE000 + (first - 0xAA) * 94 + (second - 0xA1);
          else if (IsUDA2(first, second))
            uni = 0xE234 + (first - 0xF8) * 94 + (second - 0xA1);
          else if (IsUDA3(first, second))
            uni = 0xE4C6 + (first - 0xA1) * 96 + (second - 0x40)
                       - ((second >= 0x80) ? 1 : 0);
          else {
            // Use the mapping table
            uint i;

            i = (first - 0x81) * 190 + (second - 0x40)
                               - ((second >= 0x80) ? 1 : 0);

            if (InRange(first, 0xA1, 0xA7))
                i -= (first - 0xA0) * 96;
            if (first > 0xA7)
                i -= 672;
            if (InRange(first, 0xAA, 0xAF))
                i -= (first - 0xAA) * 94;
            if (first > 0xAF)
                i -= 564;
            if (first >= 0xF8)
                i -= (first - 0xF8) * 94;

            uni = (uint)gb18030_2byte_to_ucs[i];
      else if ( Is2ndByteIn4Bytes(second) && len >= 4 ) {
          uchar   third  = gbstr[2],
                fourth = gbstr[3];

          if ( Is3rdByte(third) && Is4thByte(fourth) ) {
            // Valid 4-byte GB18030, whether defined or not
            uint      gb4lin;
            indexTbl_t  g2u;

            gb4lin = (first - 0x81) * 12600 + (second - 0x30) * 1260
                    + (third - 0x81) * 10 + (fourth - 0x30);

            len = 4;
            if ( gb4lin <= 0x99FB ) {
                /* GB+81308130 - GB+8431A439 */
                g2u = gb18030_to_ucs_index[gb4lin >> 8];

                if ((Q_UINT8)(gb4lin & 0xFF) >= g2u.tblBegin &&
                  (Q_UINT8)(gb4lin & 0xFF) <= g2u.tblEnd) {

                  uni = (uint)gb18030_4byte_to_ucs[gb4lin - g2u.tblOffset];
                else {
                  uni = g2u.algOffset + (gb4lin & 0xFF);
            } else if (InRange(gb4lin, 0x2E248, 0x12E247)) {
                /* GB+90308130 - GB+E3329A35 */
                uni = gb4lin - 0x1E248;
            } else {
                /* undefined or reserved area */
                len = 1;
                uni = QChar::replacement.unicode();
          else {
            len = 1;
            uni = QChar::replacement.unicode();
      else {
          len = 1;
          uni = QChar::replacement.unicode();
    else {
      len = 1;
      uni = QChar::replacement.unicode();
    return uni;

int qt_UnicodeToGb18030(uint uni, uchar *gbchar) {
    /* Returns the bytesize of the GB18030 character. */
    uint    gb, gb4lin;
    indexTbl_t    u2g;

    if ( IsLatin(uni) ) {
      *gbchar = (uchar)uni;
      return 1;
    else if (uni <= 0xD7FF || InRange(uni, 0xE766, 0xFFFF)) {
      u2g = ucs_to_gb18030_index[uni >> 8];

      if ((Q_UINT8)(uni & 0xFF) >= u2g.tblBegin && (Q_UINT8)(uni & 0xFF) <= u2g.tblEnd) {
          // Use mapping table (2-byte or 4-byte GB18030)
          uint tblEntry;

          tblEntry = ucs_to_gb18030[uni - u2g.tblOffset];

          if (tblEntry > 0x8000) {
            // 2-byte GB18030
            gb = tblEntry;
          else {
            // 4-byte GB18030 stored in a special compact format
            uchar a, b;
            a = 0x81;
            b = 0x30 + (tblEntry >> 11);
            if (tblEntry >= 0x7000) {
                a += 3;
                b -= 14;
            } else if (tblEntry >= 0x6000) {
                a += 2;
                b -= 6;
            } else if (tblEntry >= 0x3000) {
                a += 1;
                b -= 6;
            } else if (b >= 0x31) {
                b += 5;
            gbchar[0] = a;
            gbchar[1] = b;
            gbchar[2] = 0x81 + ( (tblEntry >> 4) & 0x7F );
            gbchar[3] = 0x30 + (tblEntry & 0xF);
            return 4;
      else {
          // 4-byte GB18030 calculated algorithmically
          gb4lin = u2g.algOffset + (uni & 0xFF);
          // Yikes, my index table could not cover all the bases...
          if (InRange(uni, 0x49B8, 0x49FF))
            gb4lin -= 11;
          gb = gb4lin_to_gb(gb4lin);
    else if (InRange(uni, 0xE000, 0xE765)) {
      // User-defined areas in GB18030 (2-byte)
      if (uni <= 0xE233)
          gb = 0xAAA1 + (((uni - 0xE000) / 94) << 8) + (uni - 0xE000) % 94;
      else if (uni <= 0xE4C5)
          gb = 0xF8A1 + (((uni - 0xE234) / 94) << 8) + (uni - 0xE234) % 94;
      else {
          gb = 0xA140 + (((uni - 0xE4C6) / 96) << 8) + (uni - 0xE4C6) % 96;
          // Skip the gap at 0x7F
          if ((gb & 0xFF) >= 0x7F)
    else if (InRange(uni, 0x10000, 0x10FFFF)) {
      // Qt 3.x does not support beyond BMP yet, but what the heck...
      // (U+10000 = GB+90308130) to (U+10FFFF = GB+E3329A35)
      gb = gb4lin_to_gb(0x1E248 + uni);
    else {
      // Surrogate area and other undefined/reserved areas (discard)
      *gbchar = 0;
      return 0;

    if (gb <= 0xFFFF) {
      gbchar[0] = (uchar)((gb >> 8) & 0xFF);
      gbchar[1] = (uchar)(gb & 0xFF);
      return 2;
    } else {
      gbchar[0] = (uchar)((gb >> 24) & 0xFF);
      gbchar[1] = (uchar)((gb >> 16) & 0xFF);
      gbchar[2] = (uchar)((gb >> 8) & 0xFF);
      gbchar[3] = (uchar)(gb & 0xFF);
      return 4;

int qt_UnicodeToGbk(uint uni, uchar *gbchar) {
    /* Returns the bytesize of the GBK character. */
    /* Intended for improving performance of GB2312 and GBK functions. */
    uint    gb;
    indexTbl_t    u2g;

    if ( IsLatin(uni) ) {
      *gbchar = (uchar)uni;
      return 1;
    else if (uni <= 0xD7FF || InRange(uni, 0xE766, 0xFFFF)) {
      u2g = ucs_to_gb18030_index[uni >> 8];

      if ( (Q_UINT8)(uni & 0xFF) >= u2g.tblBegin && (Q_UINT8)(uni & 0xFF) <= u2g.tblEnd ) {
          // Use mapping table (2-byte GBK or 4-byte GB18030)
          uint tblEntry;

          tblEntry = ucs_to_gb18030[uni - u2g.tblOffset];

          if (tblEntry > 0x8000) {
            // GBK
            gb = tblEntry;
          else {
              // 4-byte GB18030 stored in a special compact format (discard)
            *gbchar = 0;
            return 0;
      else {
          // 4-byte GB18030 calculated algorithmically (discard)
          *gbchar = 0;
          return 0;
    else if (InRange(uni, 0xE000, 0xE765)) {
      // User-defined areas in GB18030 (2-byte)
      if (uni <= 0xE233)
          gb = 0xAAA1 + (((uni - 0xE000) / 94) << 8) + (uni - 0xE000) % 94;
      else if (uni <= 0xE4C5)
          gb = 0xF8A1 + (((uni - 0xE234) / 94) << 8) + (uni - 0xE234) % 94;
      else {
          gb = 0xA140 + (((uni - 0xE4C6) / 96) << 8) + (uni - 0xE4C6) % 96;
          // Skip the gap at 0x7F
          if ((gb & 0xFF) >= 0x7F)
    else {
      // Surrogate area and other undefined/reserved areas (discard)
      *gbchar = 0;
      return 0;

    gbchar[0] = (uchar)((gb >> 8) & 0xFF);
    gbchar[1] = (uchar)(gb & 0xFF);
    return 2;


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